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31 CENTRAL AVE, Ayer, MA 1432


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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We are a non-profit Massachusetts Registered Marijuana Dispensary committed to providing the best quality cannabis and cannabis infused products to registered patients. We are located at 31 Central Ave in Ayer, MA 01432


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147 reviews for “Central Ave Compassionate Care

  1. 19YrOldMedPatient

    This is my regular shop. As the attitudes and customs surrounding cannabis shift in our culture, Compassionate Care hits the scene swinging with the most comprehensive and caring staff I’ve ever encountered. Their product and service is unparalleled. They understand the needs and wants of their patients and meet every request with integrity. I beg you, if you’re looking to experience a different world cannabis and the revolution it can have on your life, stop by and see my friends at CACCI.

  2. lovelifenow

    Everyone at CACCI is superb! Excellent,friendly, knowledgeable,HAPPY, people. The owners are LOCAL FOLKS and so down-to-earth and want to make a difference, not a buck – no Corporate crap here.

    I have been to other dispensaries but they just aren’t the same. It’s an experience that you have to have yourself.

  3. urbanstrings

    Used to be a regular. Now that they have wax I’ll be b as close more. Always a good experience all around.

  4. JiggyJack

    Not the worst of the four currently open dispensaries but next up from the bottom. Granted they are the newest.

  5. Bnizle

    Good bud the service could be faster and the pax pods are outrageously overpriced.If they came down on there prices I think more people would come out to there dispensary

  6. TheITGui

    This was stop #2 from up by NH to Central MA on December 8th. The atmosphere here was substantially better than Patriot Care Lowell but still a bit unwelcoming. Rather than feeling like you can look around, it was more of a “have a seat, we’ll get to you”. The staff were friendly and there were no issues but it didn’t feel as open or welcoming as other places we’ve been to.

  7. chuck617

    Prices are insane for aEURoequality floweraEUR, they had one bud tender working and another one or two people just shuffling papers. I had to wait to tell them what I wanted after getting skipped in line by 2-3 patients and then had to wait another 15-20 mins for them to get the pre-packaged products. Things moved very slow for only having 2-3 patients in the store. They need to establish some type of line or a number system like a deli lol. After waiting another 15 mins I just had enough and told them aEURoeI have an emergency and need to cancel my orderaEUR, let them keep my $50 off coupon and left very unhappy. They wouldn’t let me combine that coupon with the first time patient ($25 off) and do not offer a mass health discount (they offer a discount program but didn’t care to look into it).

    By far the worst dispensary in the state out of the 15-20+ I have been to in the last 3 years.

  8. Grammajojo

    They put up with all my dumb old lady questions with a smile and always have answers I can understand

  9. SirSurly

    staff is great had everything I wanted, wish the prices were in line with other dispensaries

  10. Lights28

    I cant believe the price gouging dispensaries have going on. News worthy i know that. Compassionate care in Ayer is on of the worst offenders! The price of the cartridge(old style) was $55. Now because cartridges are different(Ccell.) Been using for over a yr and not one other place has upped their prices because they switched to Ccell cartridges! $10 more just because the cartridge changed!. Thats just ROBBING UR PATIENTS! Everyone look on line for Ccell carts and the prices we would get for buying a 100 carts or more. They’re under $1. When bought in bulk and thats not wholesale like getting directly from the manufacturer! Should’ve kept tje carts at the same price. At sira the same ones are $10-20 cheaper! I know for sure it’s the same premium carts Ayer sells for $65!!! Charging $60 for $250 mgs of oil is insane as well! A 500mg cart is only a eighth of flower, a lil less actually. But they dont last long at all if you actually want to enjoy it that is and be able to take a few puffs 5-6 a night maybe and you’ll be out in less than a week for that much cash! Ridiculous! U can get these cannabis derived carts(Best tasting pure flower profile and effect that I’ve had to date from sira) for$65 and they are Ccell and def worth the $65! The carts are better than the glass carts but not $10 more better. Its like it’s their excuse to charge way more than its worth! I gurantee that they’re not paying more than $1 a cart in bulk buying.. $55 was fair. U can get the same ones at sire for $55 or spend $10 more for the cannabis derived carts that are almost well worth it! I say that just because i go through them so fast because they taste so natural and good that u keep just wanting a taste of what the real flower would actually taste like! Best carts hands down except for the price. U can get a gram distillate cart at Neta for $100. But CACC IN AYER IS PRICE GOUGING ON THEIR CARTRIDGES! They lowered the prices of all their (Bakked)DISTILLATE PRODUCT BESIDES THEIR DABARATTUS WHICH HAS STAYED THE SAME PRICE FROM DAY ONE. How about lowering the prices where ir not being a greedy lil dispensary and do whats right for patients and you will sell so many mlre you’ll make your money still so don’t worry you can still afford ur maid and Gumar… STOP THE PRICE GOUGING!!! A cartridge change does not make the product $10 more expensive??!!????? Expain yourselves???

  11. Sweet4

    I’m loyal to C. A. C. C. I. Because they stand by their name. Compassionate care is what I have received each and every time I go. The staff, from the fair but stern security, to the patient advocates are professional, provide an important service and do a quality job.

  12. Briannaraem

    The people make this place amazing. They are truly invested in making sure you are using the products that are right for you. They are knowledgeable and take the time to get to know you. Again, great people. I see great things for them as they continue to grow

  13. Obsessiontomb

    Kind people. Easy to make an appointment. Nice variety.

  14. Mroux

    Great service and products

  15. dondizzy19

    Central Ave Compassionate Care Inc is great. The staff are all knowledgeable and welcoming. The quality of their products is high, and their menu has been expanding greatly in the last couple months. Highly recommend

  16. TheCobbler

    Purchased a quarter of of Cobbler (its my favorite strain hence) it wasn’t the best right out of the bag but it was just a little to dry for my taste. After an over night in a mason jar with a boveda pack it popped right back! Great taste and incredible strength! Im heading back today for some captains cake.

  17. megzlacass

    Not a bad first time experience. Had a few questions and felt like I was a burden asking them when it could have been more personal but overall good experience.

  18. 420_iceream

    Very knowledgeable staff and great bud. Will be back! Thanks CACCI!

  19. ErickLepkowski55

    The staff are very helpful and willing to answer any questions about product. Appointment only keeps everything running smoothly and orderly. Great location and product!

  20. whoamIreallywhoRU

    I was a person who was not very educated on the facts of mmj, and was reluctant to give it a try. After suffering for years from lower back pain, a friend recommended I speak to a doctor and get certified for mmj.

    I was very scared at first. But, with the guidance of my friend, I medicated with mmj for the first time.

    I can confirm that mmj has drastically improved the lower back condition. I can move around all day without discomfort. Just yesterday, I medicated with a small pre-roll, then proceeded to clean the whole house, do some quick shopping, communicate with a local squirrel that rides around my neighborhood on a magic bicycle, saw God, the Devil, and all of creation, and had a nice day at the park /w my golden retriever, Nikki. It was great.
    Who said that?
    Cocaine is a hell of a drug…

    What a blessing mmj has turned out to be. And Central Ave has been great. The staff is very help. The choices in medication is also great.

  21. Fcheese217

    Great laid back dispensary that’s never overly busy and produces awesome products. Their pickup is easy and very efficient. The staff is always very accommodating and friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

  22. Newjessica

    SO DISAPPOINTED. I am a 40 year old newbie with severe depression and anxiety. First time and have no clue what I am looking at on the menu. And I keep reading that the employees in the dispensary are extremely knowledgeable. I went in and i immediately felt rushed because there were only 2 people working and around 10 people waiting for their orders to be taken. Long story short, I left with blueberry 1:1 terp. That night after 2 puffs, was one of the worst nights of my life. Total panic in my head, feeling of falling backwards for 2 HOURS, face was on fire and felt like it my face was peeling off. Took a shower with my pants on. So basically I spent $75 on something I will never touch again and I’m on disability so I can’t afford anything else right nw. I called them today and they basically said aEURoesorry can’t help youaEUR So unless you are already knowledgeable, I wouldn’t suggest going there for your first time

  23. Osmond03

    Overall very friendly atmosphere with a great knowledgeable staff. Great variety at nice prices.

  24. butterboy420

    The potency of actual product was less than advertised. THC percentages still very low in comparison to other dispensaries, pricing still comparable with less options.

  25. lnelson121

    Very good quality products and excellent service. I’d rate them higher if they had more strains available on a consistent basis. The menu varies a lot and is unpredictable. Check their latest online before you go.

  26. katiembrodeur

    Wow. Absolutely lovely in here. The inside is like you’re waiting for a spa treatment. You don’t have to wait in line, the super friendly and knowledgeable staff come to you for your order! When it’s ready they call you. For people like me who have a hard time standing for long, this is awesome. They also now deliver. I will 100% return again and after visiting most of the dispensaries in MA I think I’ve met my match!

  27. fareastside_

    Friendly people and excellent medicine with changing variety. Prices are a little steep but they offer a bunch of promos almost weekly and have a rewards plan.

  28. budbaddie42069

    Everything about this place made me feel comfortable and very satisfied.

  29. Sabre231

    A very good dispensary with super nice employees, a pleasant atmosphere, and potent effective products. Their Girl Scout Cookies brand and also Jack Herer do the job well. This is the one to visit.

  30. katran

    My favorite place a$?i, love the staff & changes are great improvements! I’d like to see more pre-rolls, more variety on those & bring back the travel packs dY~%0 of course love the captains cake!!!

  31. Mandb13

    very freindly and helpful ! free parking good selection.

  32. MFlisher

    This place is great! Everyone is super nice, good products too

  33. Coach411

    They seem to be a work in progress joint.
    Only use in a pinch.

  34. bd25

    Great place, friendly people, like the product… can’t go wrong!

  35. stevezappala

    My favourite dispensary. I have been to most in mass. Great quality and really nice and helpful attendants.

  36. ThurstyAlpaca

    Let the stars speak for themselves!

  37. ancientaa

    Well, for a first timer, I felt ok taking to them, but they have very limited strains and I tried the gorilla glue vape pen, it gave me a freaking migraine headache

  38. sdgabriel

    Super great staff. Very friendly and down to earth plus I love your space. All the wood elements give your dispensary a warm cozy feel. Thanks for the amazing costumer service (steph from Medwell health and wellness)

  39. etrweb

    Overpriced low quality meds. Look elsewhere.

  40. FrankShaw

    I appreciated the staff taking time to explain all the services and products available. They offer a sliding scale financial hardship program which is great. It is a lengthy application, but it’s worth the time you put into it. They also offer a referral deal and weekly Sunday specials. I look forward to taking full advantage of what they have to offer.

  41. jiffiner

    So easy to use Leafly and this is a terrific dispensary. This location was an immediate favorite – and it’s not even convenient for me. The people are friendly and knowledgeable and the service is top notch. Today I was asked if I minded waiting a minute to make sure the manager wasn’t missing any discounts. Well yes please! Superior all around. The best new patient discount I’ve heard about.

  42. tony3daddy

    This place is getting better everyday. Great flower selection and bubblehash.

  43. jimboslice79

    Nice location, not over crowded. The dispensary has a great feel to it. Like the lobby to a fancy spa or coffee shop. I chose 2 strains and both were effective when i got to try at home. Price is about the same as other dispensary, meaning a bit higher than the gifting method. I will return to try some shatter.

  44. macusick27

    very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. secure as well. somewhat pricey and only 2 strains, but good quality. highly recommended and I’ll be a regular.

  45. masscannaman

    I love this place and the people and the product!! I’ll be there soon! Like today soon lol

  46. simba47

    Over priced and not good quality had seeds in my jack herra and I can say for a fact this is not quality medicine for the price not to mention they are 5 years behind everyone technology wise and mentally wise

  47. Maymers

    Great location, easy access, and very kind, knowledgeable staff. This is my new place to go and I’m happy I found them! Not least of all, great products!

  48. gamestergirl2

    The staff was very helpful the few times I’ve gone in, especially the girl named Robin. She was a great help with choosing the correct strains that would help my fibromyalgia. For that kind of care I’m definitely going back.

  49. HappyCooleyCamper

    I just received my medical card this month. I was unsure and nervous on my first visit. I chose Central Ave Compassionate Care simply because it was close to my house and got good reviews. Now I would never go anywhere else. The private counsel session to review my health issues and try to match the strain that may help was very important to me. The session was extremely professional and very helpful. She answered all of my questions and made me feel safe and comfortable. I was very impressed with the professionalism, and atmosphere. I would recommend Central Ave Compassionate Care to anyone. CACCI Provided me with a patient journal to keep track of what is working and what is not. I find the journal very helpful when tailoring my personal medical needs. Thank you for providing a safe, comfortable, knowledgeable, environment.

  50. KDH75

    I was initially drawn in out of curiosity as this is one of the closer providers to me. I get the appointment thing and it’s no hassle at all.

    I’ve had good luck there: no line or wait, specials, know their products and the initial consult turned me on to the o.pen. Those cartridge varieties have been solid.

    They’re building out their kitchen so there is promise here!

  51. Lit978

    The shatter is complete garbage. I even brought some back complaining that it tasted moldy and didn’t get me high. The man told me I would receive a discount the next time I came in. Why couldn’t I just receive the discount then??? Of course the next time I went back I did not receive any discount just more inferior product. And the same guy helped me both times! I fell like people who love this place haven’t tried other dispensaries. Seriously try any other dispensary in the state, you will be shocked at how much compassionate care blows.

  52. Onegoldfish

    This is the closest dispensary to me. I wanted to love it but the reality is, I don’t even like it. Compared to the other dispensaries in the area, I find CACC to be totally lacking in warmth and friendliness ; the whole experience there feels very sterile and uptight. In additions, I find the way it is run to be incredibly time consuming and inefficient. You enter, show your id’s to get checked in and then go sit on a couch until someone approaches you to take your order. They then go around taking several other orders and you just sit and wait til they call you up to pay. It’s all business, which is fine, I guess. Last weekend I was there, I sat and waited, gave my order and sat and waited some more. A couple people were ahead of me and every time one of them was called, a gentleman (who came in after me) jumped up, approached the counter with aEURoejust a quick questionaEUR and proceeded to stand there and monopolize the two employees attention to discuss his weekend and smoking habits. Instead of handling this in a professional manner, they let the people who had already waited and waited wait some more, instead of telling this guy that he could ask all his aEURoequestionsaEUR when he was called. When he did this to me, I stood there – waiting – for five minutes until I caught one of their eyes (about 5 minutes) and said that I wasn’t able to wait any longer (I was at 45 minutes by this time). The girl rolled her eyes at me and finally asked him to step to the side so I could check out. The product is good, though the edible selection is sorely lacking but I’ll drive to Lowell every time after that debacle.

  53. dcole2326

    Really enjoy visiting. Great service, great products, great staff.

  54. HeatSeizure

    Great service. Selection isn’t huge. Staff is always very helpful.

  55. JesseLack

    Awesome placed staffed by awesome people. Selection was vast, albeit a bit pricey. Either way, they only sell top shelf product and they understand customer service. Staff was friendly, place was clean, will definitely be coming back.

  56. SolarYelowTJ

    The staff is fantastic. I’m welcomed by my first name. They take the time to make sure you get everything you need. Product quality is first rate and the atmosphere is very inviting. Love this place.

  57. tomrheault

    Love this spot, my go to dispensary in MA!

  58. eyelish

    The staff here is great, very knowledgeable and helpful and very nice. I’ve been told they’re working on adding more products, right now the selection is kind of limited. The only complaint I have is that you have to purchase in set amounts, which isn’t an issue for most but you usually can’t get less than 1/8th and that makes it difficult if you just want to sample a strain, I sometimes feel reluctant to spend $50+ on something if I’m not sure if it’s for me, but the staff is great and can tell you all about what you’re getting and if it’s right for you.

  59. joefatmamma

    Go to place for cartridges, occasionally I’ll get bud. For some reason it’s never stinky and dank. I swear it all smells the same, not sure why. They’ve struggled with potency which ultimately is why I rarely purchase bud there.

  60. rottenwrld

    not allot to chose from .staff was freindly. price was a bit high

  61. Jwg3bird

    I enjoy going in the door and enjoying the new decor . Having a seat and picking up a menu. This is my home away from home. I am the patient they are the doctors. The Durban Poison is fantastic. Can’t wait to get some more. Very chill place . dY’dY3/4.

  62. BuddyNuggets

    I’ve Been in the marijuana industry for almost 17 years now…. Consulted for and ran collectives all through the Los Angeles and San Diego County.
    I worked, grew and won awards for Grand Daddy Purp and have a lot of credentials…
    also what I can tell you is that this is one of the worst run places I’ve ever seen in my life… Staff consists of people who know how to grow rosebushes, trees and other ornamentals and told me ” no one on staff knows how to grow cannabis” in fact the security guard here tends to the garden in his early hours of the shift.
    absolutely ridiculous that patients that have such a hard time finding good quality medicine has to pay this type of money and deal with such a high level of ignorance to the medicine in which is being disbursed to them.
    in no way shape or form would I EVER recommend this place to anybody for any reason…

  63. daviddube

    Easy to find, just behind the Post Office. Employees are very knowledgeable. Been several times in the past 3 weeks.

  64. Jonzy246

    Couldn’t even smoke or vaporize the kucka bud they sold me. Stunk and tasted of ammonia like a kid did something in his closet with miracle grow. They obviously have no clue whatsoever. Don’t waste your time and money.

  65. TylerAbstract

    Amazing staff, calm environment, excellent customer service, great products!! Easy in, easy out.

  66. paysfan29

    Really convenient location only minutes from route 2. They have a very comfortable waiting area with big leather chairs and plenty of staff on hand to greet you and go over any questions.

  67. spiralchaser

    Very attentive, professional, and safe. All my questions were answered and the medicine is great. Will be looking forward to my next visit.

  68. campbell88

    Only dispensary I go to. It is locally owned and operated unlike every other dispensary around mass. Most are backed by big corporations and this is the opposite. They give great deals too. Sunday specials are always nice.

  69. lightning89

    I have visited Central Ave a handful of times and wanted it to be at least ok since it’s the closest to my house. To put it simple they are progressively getting worse each visit. Though the wait time is very short (if any at all), the consistency of the product is very poor. There is long stretches of time when items (not specific to strains) will be sold out/out of stock, and there estimated back in stock times have been way out of reality. Once finally back in stock you never really know if you are actually getting the same thing as last time and from my experiences it is unlikely that you will. I have tried a few different flowers and took a liking to 2 specific strains (GSC and Dakini). Of course when I saw the strains were back in stock I stopped in to get more. The variation from batch to batch is baffling and I am hard pressed to believe they were actually the same at all. From color to flavor they were not even similar, and of course you can’t see a sample or anything before you purchase it. I honestly can’t comment on their knowledge of medicinal uses, as I have yet to speak to anyone about anything on the topic. I can however say that I don’t suggest asking anyone if they will be adding any new deals or discounts as they will just tell you off. All in all I would suggest to spend the time waiting elsewhere as after visiting almost all the other dispensaries in MA Central Ave is certainly higher priced, and seems to be more of someone’s hobby than an attempt at operating a successfully competitive business. To be honest, I would not recommend anyone else to go here, but will continue to stop in on the very rare occasion to see if they get any better and will update accordingly.

  70. RonaldRegan

    I was in the neighborhood one day, and I found this place. With my trusty medical card in hand I stopped in. The choices were off the chain. I got myself Girl Scout Cookies and I was so high, I thought I was a little Girl Scout selling cookies. Awesome atmosphere, very welcoming. If I lived near there I would go more.


    Excellent In All Of My Experiences There
    Easy Parking Right Out Front
    Open 10-7 Seven Days A Week
    No Appointment Needed
    Friendly And Knowledgeable Staff
    Great Variety Of High Quality Products
    Free Delivery Service Available
    Cash Only

  72. Gameshow420

    Sorry man but you charge too much..because you can…sad
    Reminds of old days of dealers from ny trying to charge wayyyyy to much because it’s good
    So I got French King (excellent work rise) delivered and loved it
    But then I was depressed because I paid way too much over 4 hondo
    Poultry military discount…. the lowest
    Next time got the French King elsewhere for $300 and with excellent military discount it was $250
    So up yours at $480! That’s right, up urs
    No rewards at all for delivery to top it off
    Btw 20% military would help your karma

  73. MC2002

    CACCI has a great staff that answers all of your questions. The variety of strains is increasing. I always get in and out quickly and there is plenty of parking. The location is conveniently near the center of town.This is my first choice dispensary.

  74. gangagal

    Now that they are receiving another dispensaries product instead of harvesting everything themselves, CACCI is a contender. The first locally owned and supported is helping another. Sticking it to the man and providing patients with superior quality flower.

  75. Carnage29

    I have been to this dispensary many times as it is the one of the only two within distance, as I have Epilepsy and can’t drive. The staff at this location is always very friendly and helpful. The quality of the product if pretty good as well. I personally think that the flower is a little dry but that may just be me. It still is very good, I especially like their Girl Scout Cookies. Overall I would recommend this dispensary to anyone who hasn’t ever been. This is my go to place when my caregiver is on vacation or can not make it to me within time.

  76. goodfootjb

    Run of the mill, nothing extraordinary here. Same products as any other place and the prices are not competitive at all. The vibe inside is weird too. The awkward waiting/standing around is lame. I saw one lady freak out bc it was her first time and she didn’t know what the protocol was and no one told her. And PLEASE stop announcing out loud what my order is so everybody in the room can hear it. Some of us value our privacy.

  77. epearson13

    A bit hard to find at first, this clean, quiet dispensary has a nice local feel. Akin to visiting your local deli or bakery, these folks are super helpful & friendly. Better than all that though is the quality of tinctures & Flower. Second to none!

  78. suziecue

    Living in town makes this an awesome location to get high quality cannabis, concentrates, tinctures, and whatever else you can find. I have yet to meet a grumpy employee yet. They are very knowledgeable and are super willing to stay with you until you have all the answers you need.

  79. HoneyBeanFlower

    This dispensary told to make an appointment, so I made an appointment and came in. I spent at least 30 minuets going over the edible list with a women working behind the counter and talking about my very serious food allergies. She seemed knowledgeable bringing out a printed list showing which products have what ingredients in them and taking another 30 minuets going over what edibles would be safe for me. After everything I ended up leaving happy(so I thought). ONLY when I got home I went to eat one of the new edibles, as I am about to put the edible in my mouth I reed the package the edible came in (habit that has saved me many times!) and the package clear as day had something I would of had an Anaphylactic reaction to! I almost had to go to the hospital because the edibles they assured me would be safe were in fact NOT safe! Realizing this I checked the other edibles, this dispensary sold me 4 Different products that would have landed me in the hospital for an Anaphylactic allergic reaction!!! The worst part of all this is when I called the dispensary to tell them what had just happened they did NOT care at all and offered me nothing! Do NOT go here! They do not care about you as a medical patient! Extremely scary and shocking that a medical dispensary would do something so dangerous and not even care! Please do NOT go here! Please do your research and go to a dispensary that is more medical and less recreational.

  80. colburnotano

    I went to Central Ave for the first time today . I really liked the appointments . it was a fast in and out !

  81. mindst0rm

    One of my go-tos. Farm-to-table restaurant atmosphere. Staff is friendly and eager to help. Great CBD options if you’re an MMJ patient. And CBD tincture in case you “green out”. The honey sticks are awesome in a cup of chamomile tea before bed. One of the few dispos that carry Richard Simpson Oil.

    CACC seems to focus on providing MMJ patient therapeutic options. More strains of indica than other local dispos.

    I’m a concentrate guy so I haven’t tried the flower.

    Not so great: dark chocolates taste tart and “weird”. Not as good as GR. Tincture potency can be hit or miss.

  82. jerlew

    Excellent service. Large selection of products. Visits are quick.

  83. BJMP


  84. baliew

    Ok prices.
    Great people that work there.
    Very Informative.
    Great rotating menu.

    I am a person who needs to medicate literally 24/7 I love this dispensary and everyone who works there. They are always so helpful and seriously when people say they treat you like family. I have raved to everyone I know who uses this wonderful medication that Central ave Compationate Care is the place to go.

  85. kfleurant

    I use this dispensary ALL the time! This is the BEST place to go for medicine out of all of the places I’ve been. The staff is super caring and knowledgeable and the product is the BEST out there in my opinion. If you are looking for a dispensary that can really offer individualized care, this is the place for you!!! BEST DISPENSARY AROUND!!!!

  86. sorencampbell

    Wonderful experience. Knowledgeable, helpful staff with a support care level demeanor. I can’t recommend this place enough.

    – Soren Campbell

  87. Riclicious7

    Best Dispensary I have tried. The best Flower quality I have seen. The customer service is exceptional, very friendly, and informative. The prices are steep is the only drawback. The best all around I highly recommend!

  88. KingOfCat

    The weed is decent, but overpriced. They need to tone down the pricing, hire a designer, and educate their employees more on the medical usage of their product; it also wouldn’t hurt if they knew anything about their own vaporizers and glass. Still the only place around, so it deserves recognition for that.

  89. Evanspann8

    Really liked this place. Staff was very friendly, product is great and the variety is only gonna get better

  90. lexpagan45

    Little on the pricey side but good product

  91. Weggie1

    CACCI is very knowledgeable and easy in and out. Always great customer service

  92. loudog5588

    service was great, workers are polite. unfortunately the critical mass had botrytis no bueno 🙁

  93. JustJo

    Nice place. Good product and friendly staff. Not as busy as other local dispensaries making it my number one choice!

  94. Str8ArrowAZ

    Great staff with good foundation in strains and indications. Good at matching needs with products.

  95. Jen1990

    I loved how i was greeted by nice and friendly staffs and everything was explained to me in a way i felt confident about the products that was purchased

  96. Meowolf42

    great little store with a wide range of medicine, helpful staff, and good prices. laid back place.

  97. corvidae19

    Excellent service. Excellent personalized attention and consultations if you need them. I really enjoy their Dakini Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

  98. LuckyAlbatross60

    The location was fine. The people and system the employ is not.

  99. Astone1820

    2 thumbs up for this dispensary. I’ve been to many of them but compassionate Care is one of my favorites. I used the online order through Leafly and it was very convenient. In and out in 5 minutes even with filling out 1st time paperwork. Highly recommend.

  100. CannaMAnster

    Nice location. Well lit

  101. Mayerm

    I haven’t been to any other dispensaries and Massachusetts, but going here makes me feel like I don’t need to go to any other ones. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly And the prices are very reasonable

  102. Ki3gdome

    I think the team is awesome very knowledgeable about the meds they are dispensing

  103. FeelNew

    very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Staff provides valuable information regarding the use of medicine according to specific needs. I’ve often wondered over the years, why I had different results and now thanks to the wonderful staff, I fully understand. Thank you

  104. HempHead22

    How come you went up $10 extra for your plain distillate?? The one thing that was fair priced. Go figure. Greedy.. It’s not like the distillate is better or different or cost more to make. So why up the prices so much?? Already charge $60 for a 250mg of oil which equals half a eighth of flower for $60?! Insane. Same carts u sell for 75, Sira charges 55 and 65 for the best ones going. But u struggle w getting n keeping ur THC in then20s even. I bought a brownie the other day that was supposed to be 70mg! Instead it was 67!? What’s up w that? I paid the price for what the menu said was 70mg not less. Should’ve been cheaper or throw a preroll in to make up for shorting the patient.

  105. 1704Darkstar1

    Very secure. Was like going in a medium or max prison except no pat search. Only three strains available. A good dominate Sativa, Indica and mix. Bud tried The Indica and Sativa. Good quality but price was higher than I usually pay. Staff was friendly and helpful. Considering the minefield they had to navigate to finally open willing to pay a little more until things stabilize here in massachusetts. Would recommend my friends.

  106. Mr.Robinson

    I loved this place, there were super friendly, knowledgeable, and had some wicked good bud. The most smelly tangie ever and the critical mass put me right to bed

  107. Steve578

    Very nice place and so comfortable. I went in nervous not knowing what to purchase and the staff quickly recommended two products that help me very much.

  108. BOram

    As a new patient, I’ve been visiting all my local dispensaries, looking for a home base. On the fifth try I finally found it at Central Ave. I felt comfortable from the minute I stepped up to the door and was greeted, and Jenna made it so easy to talk about what I needed and why. Plus they carry my all time favorite strain which no one else seems to have. The whole experience was a win for me, and even though it’s further away from my house than others, Central Ave will be my place.

  109. Krebstar

    This was my first experience purchasing medical marijuana and it was a dream. I was welcomed, sat down, and handed a menu. A bud tender worked with me through the menu to select the best products for treatment. I’ve been relaxed and not overwhelmed by the effects. Currently smoking blue dream(flower) lemon drop (pod era vape) and I picked up some 1;1 ratio caramels. All have been extremely high quality and the flower is manicured to perfection. I’ll be back for sure.

  110. Pre Roll Girl

    Great atmosphere and service. Love the smooth flow. Never have to wait. Tried; RSO- great stuff!, Flower-always cured to perfection, PrerRolls- love of course, Terp cartridges with reintroduce terpenes -tasty, Honey sticks- perfect in tea or as a snack. What else can I say, the place is great! Keep on doing what you do!

  111. dangerpaws

    Central ave Compassionate Care is an awesome dispensary! They have a great variety of product and knowledgeable and friendly staff. They also have a first time patients deal that makes the cost of getting a medical card worth it! 5 stars all around!

  112. L1NT

    This place sucks. Thc levels suck, their Jack herer has 10% less thc than Neta (at least) for more money. Lol. Thanks for the laughs. Never!!! Demand better people!!!

  113. deerman897

    Great store would recommend it to anyone!

  114. datorno3

    Super friendly, great bud; 10/10 recommend.

  115. wellfleetion

    Expensive but if you get their emails they often have “Happy Hour” specials with 20% off flower. When they 1st opened they had black sticky stamped grams of lebanese like hash. It wasn’t on the menu long, however. I’m surprised they haven’t brought it back. That would be worth the drive.

  116. registeredbutanonymous

    Can anyone shed light on the cost of o.pen cartridges compared to the price at atg in Salem? This place and atg are the only ones who seem to carry them. I’m giving them 4 stars just because o.pen cartridges are the highest quality imo.

  117. Rachiejakes

    Best dispensary experience by far. Extremely knowledgeable staff – very patient when answering questions. Everyone is so friendly and inviting creating a non intimidating environment. I look forward to my visits to the dispensary and I always get top quality product. Highly recommended!!!!!

  118. TheTravelingBrewer

    I’ve been to this dispensary a couple times now. The amount of product seems to grow every time. Huge selection. Great quality on all the flower and edibles I’ve tried. Friendly staff and easy to get in and out quick.

  119. maggs813

    I love the vibe in this store. From the door staff to the budtenders, everyone is quick with a smile and more than happy to answer questions. These are my people

  120. KN0TTY

    appointment only but you’ll never have to wait in line and also makes it very discrete if thats your thing.
    quality and quantity isnt like others ive been to now but i asaume they will have more eventually.

  121. omegamonkey

    I have not visited other dispensaries to compare this to, but the people, service and product have been great. Easy parking, convenient hours and knowledgeable staff.

  122. sliceoferin

    Lovely staff that are extremely knowledgeable, easy to access with plenty of parking! The o.pen vape cartridges are amazing, so glad they finally added topicals and tinctures!

  123. Fireyredvolcano

    I don’t like that you have to buy a whole ounce to get the same price other places charge for an ounce of different strains but the quality is beyond compare which is why it’s my go to dispensary

  124. mattyb44

    Most of the budtenders are extremely helpful.

  125. tmichna

    I like Central Ave for many reasons. They have a very nice facility. It is run a little different, more personal than other dispensaries. I don’t find this to be a bad thing. I have found that unlike other dispensaries I have gone to, you get what you pay for so to speak, their discounted strains are not typically because of an abundance of product. It is discounted because of quality, so go for the higher priced product. I very much dislike their packaging choice of pouches, and I love the fact that you can stack discounts.

  126. WildBill82

    1st time going in and appointment was easy and convenient!! The ladies and Mark were all nice and knowledgeable! Also thank you for the 10% veterans discount!! Great medicine and some good deals they had flower real cheap then top notch at reasonable prices as well. Dakini Kush at 30%+ THC. Thanks see you soon

  127. shaunathestoner19

    they are amazing and very helpful. I am always satisfied with their products!

  128. bgotthelf

    This has become my go to dispensary in the area. The staff is really pleasant and the variety increases every week.

  129. bryan978

    this was my first visit to this dispensary on sat 11/18/17 and it wasnt good i asked the lady for something potent on the menu so i order an eighth of kushberry it came in a medicine container the bud looked dry and old and wasnt sure if was exactly 3.5 grams i checked the label it was inspected on 7/17 in the summertime and packaged on 10/25/17 thats about 2 months old with a fresh pack in it to try and keep it fresh like really how u think that kind of bud would taste very poor and thats unacceptable like i am a paying medical customer like everyone else that walks thru that door or any dispensary for that matter its the principle first impressions are everything and for this reason i would really suggest to avoid this dispensary at all costs if they sell u garbage for bud once then it would surely happen again again plain and simple its not right if they give refunds i would surely get 1 for the horrible old bud they sold me

  130. theoldhippie

    Great service, and product. My go to place.

  131. FattsB

    This is a great example of how a dispensary should be run in order to show the community that medical marijuana is not a thing to fear. CACCI is a very clean, pleasant business, with excellent quality products and a staff that never fails to make you feel comfortable and confident in decisions. The prices are a little high, but the selection of flower is awesome. Service is a quick and easy.

  132. Richard-M

    I went to the CACCI dispensary today and was very pleased with the service provided! The location is nice, and it’s kind of quiet around there and the parking is good. I use a wheelchair and I was happy to see the place is accessible. I spoke to a really nice guy who did my intake and he was very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. He wasn’t just trying to make a sale, he was trying to do what was best for me. He counseled me about their products and the best way to take them. The other staff I spoke to were very nice too. I was really impressed how the place is run like a pharmacy in many ways. The products are package very similar to a pharmacy. The selection of products and the prices are good. This is definitely the dispensary I plan on using going forward.

  133. flipBiscuit

    I decided to check out Compassionate Care in Ayer, Ma on Central Ave a few days ago. It was an enjoyable 25 min all back road drive. The drive to them was one of the best drives I have had in a while going through a few small Massachusetts Towns. I finally saw the building and pulled into the parking lot that offers free parking and is monitored with a camera, very safe. I entered through the door, showed my medical card to the nice man at the window, grabbed a new patient paper pocket to fill out and proceed to the main dispensary room. I remember noticing the nice unique lighting on the ceiling and then the dark leather individual chairs. I took a seat and filled out my paper work. As I was filling it out I noticed the staff and the patients talking and how polite everybody were. I finally filled out my packet and then a nice man named David I believe came over and introduced himself to me and a nice warm welcome to the dispensary. He handed me a menu to look over and he helped me locate the products I specifically need. He took the time to listen and inform me on what they have to offer for specific conditions. I ended up picking up many prerolls and an eighth of Pineapple Express. The checkout system was fast and easy. After a fond goodbye it was not long after I was back on the road driving back home. When I got home I checked the dates on all the products. Everything was great except the date tested date on the Pineapple Express eighth was tested September of 2017 and packaged on September 2018. After looking at the flower in the container, it was very dry, crumbled very easy by touching it, and had no green color, all the nuggets looked like a yellow/white. The prerolls on the other hand were dated more recently.

    Compassionate care is a very nice dispensary, if they offered slightly better quality this place would be perfect.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Have a nice day.

  134. Orangej19

    Just stopped in for the first time. Easy to get to, and Service was quick and friendly. Price is a little high, but I am very impressed with quality and selection. This will become one of my go-to dispensaries!

  135. babbalooeybooey

    I’m writing another review based on my recent experience at Central Ave. I’ve always been a fan, but have been going to other dispensaries based on pricing and quality of particular vape cartridges.

    First, I recently renewed my medical card and the deal they have for new and renewal patients is 20% off first visit then 4 coupons good for $50 off a $100 purchase (one per use).

    Today I went back to get some of the new expansive vape menu. I was having an issue with a cartridge and I was given a new battery at no charge and a promise to fully replace the (unused) cartridge if the battery does work. Just a good customer service practice.

  136. 123321

    Excellent quality medication . Helpful and informative staff. Great location with minimal waiting time .

  137. annakk81

    This was my first time coming out to this dispensary and I was very disappointed with the way my appointment went. My actual appointment was at 4:00 and the doctor didn’t call me into his office until a little after 4:10. After I spoke to him, I had no idea what was going to happen next. So I went out and sat down and the woman that checked me in came over to me and asked me for my order which I thought was weird. I was really hoping I would get to see the product before I went and purchased it. And as soon as I got home I checked my purchase out, and it didn’t feel too fresh. So I checked out the label on the bottle and it said packaged date: 3/22/17. And my appointment was on 4/8/17..not a fan of prepackaged flower…I like to see it being weighed out in front of me to know I’m actually getting what I paid for. I’m VERY disappointed with Central Ave Compassionate Care. I would not recommend anyone going there, especially for their first time.

    First time patient visiting and the doctor tells you you’re getting a complimentary pre roll for being a new patient and the employee checking out my order never gives it to you…way to drop the ball guys!!

  138. Abc1234567

    Fantastic staff and products! Short wait time and very welcoming environment

  139. MAJ54

    Everyone is very helpful and kind.It is a quick in and out if you know what you want. Happy that their product line is expanding.

  140. mi55y

    I had a great first experience here. The prices are reasonable, with quality medicine. CACCI is accommodating for scheduling, and very kind! Well worth checking out! I will definitely be back, thank you!

  141. WindOnWater

    Really liked being able to book an appointment online. At first I was a bit annoyed by the having to book appointment thing — until I arrived. Easy to park, nice man greeted me at the door. Once I was inside a helpful person at a desk made me feel welcomed. I was early but they were OK with that. Very little wait time and only one person ahead of me. You get the sense they have it pretty well timed out. No worry about wait lines at this place. I liked that lot.

    There was a brief intake with someone in an office. That’s a nice touch which I feel would be reassuring to first timers. And that’s where you get to ask questions about the product and place your order.

    Then you go back out to the lobby to cash out. Easy. I didn’t buy any flower just concentrates so I can’t say what the buds look like. The CO2 extraction product is what got me in the door. Too early to review that, but it looks good.

    Overall very nice experience. Not what I expected. Not as fancy as some other dispensaries but that’s cool by me. The three staff people I interacted with put out a good vibe — compassionate care is a good name for this place.

  142. romeoCEO

    Super awesome and knowledgeable staff as well as great product

  143. wmassguy

    First time visit on Sat. Very impressed. Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Excellent quality medicine–tried the Girl Scout Cookies and Jack Herer. Little pricey, but competitive at $360/oz, and if you buy more, they discount the eighth and quarter prices. I like that they are not as upscale as NETA in Northampton–no fancy display cases, no hi-res TV screens with bud pics, etc. Also impressed with their choice of strains. GSC is one of my favorite hybrids, and the JH is an awesome sativa. Drove an hour, but the trip was worth it. Will def be back.

  144. heger0573

    Very good quality products and excellent service.
    I have never had to wait there.
    Comparable prices and very good quality products.
    Be sure to call ahead or schedule online for fast service.

    Best part though is no wait when I go !

  145. Irishrover

    The staff is incredible. They are very knowledgeable about the products. Pleasure to do business with

  146. joshyrivera89

    Gotta say love this place great flower the people that work there are very friendly and professional I drive 45 min but it worth it will definitely recommend

  147. mpf4

    I have been going here for almost a year now and would suggest it to anyone. This place really goes the extra yard.

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