Commonwealth Alternative Care



30 Mozzone Blvd., Taunton, MA 2780


41.872858, -71.064061




10:00 AM – 7:30 PM


10:00 AM – 7:30 PM


10:00 AM – 7:30 PM


10:00 AM – 7:30 PM


10:00 AM – 7:30 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM




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Commonwealth Alternative Care is a medical cannabis provider which brings to market high-quality medical marijuana products in a unique and inspiring setting in Taunton, Massachusetts. The company’s goal is to empower those who seek alternative healing by offering premium medical cannabis products. Commonwealth Alternative Care partners locally to add value to our patients and communities through education, outreach, charitable giving, and community involvement. Commonwealth Alternative Care is focused on providing medical cannabis in the forms of flower, edibles, concentrates, oil, shatters, wax and sugar.

We are located at 30 Mozzone Boulevard, Taunton, MA 02780, nearby the junction of Massachusetts State routes 24 and 140.


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12 reviews for “Commonwealth Alternative Care

  1. BigOlBudsBuddy

    Eh pre packaged bud isn’t my thing. Small selection compared to other dispensary’s. It doesn’t really WOW you when you walk inside either. Average.


    GanjaPharma approved. Best flower I have purchased at a dispensary in mass. . A bit fresher… than any other… and the best quality. I did buy the platinum weed … I don’t mind paying for better potency. I like the fact they mostly grow their own ganja. Budtenders Libby & Jayna were patient , professional & knowledgeable. I’m a Happy GanjaPharma. So far their flower is the only dispensary bud I would be a return patient for. Keep up the good work. Other dispensaries should look into being a customer. Cheers & see ya soon.

  3. Southsho

    Over all a great experience. Staff was friendly, great location and atmosphere. Great selection. Unbelievable new patient discount. The flower looked top notch in store but when I opened it at home was a bit too dry for my tastes “stale” is how I would describe it but it was effective. Certainly not bunk but room for improvement. The wax I got was top notch. Vape cartridge was ok, didn’t taste right to me, better ones at other locations. Room for improvement. I think this will be a great spot in time, will be back.

  4. MadameGreen3988

    So happy! Wicked pleased. Fabulous pricing and discounts. One and Slate products rock!

  5. ddexcavating432

    horrible from start to finish. with improperly dried flower, loaded with banana sacks, gross!

  6. Thankgodformedical

    The buds are OK I guess . Seem to be overdried with very little smell until broken up . On several occasions I received nugs that were just so dry they were completely off the stem and all shaky. I felt that was wrong since I didnt get a aEURoeshakeaEUR deal on it . I do like their concentrates tho and that’s honestly all I’ll grab at this location .

  7. hydroman956

    Best flower I’ve seen in Mass yet. WELL worth the 30 minute drive. Knowledgeable budtender as well.

  8. themanimalaron

    Clean aesthetic, great and knowledgeable staff, and an INCREDIBLE selection. The most I’ve seen from one dispensary to date.

  9. mousey484

    I like going to this location because the staff is knowledgeable and friendly and actually care about getting me the Medici that best suits my needs. The product is high quality whether you need vape cartridges, flower, or edibles. Also, there is a new patient deal I got to take advantage of. Go there and let them set you up.

  10. albeeto

    vary clean and inviting. The staff was knowledgeable and more importantly (imo) patient. The first time buyer program is a must. So far all of the wax, distallite, and bud have been top notch. Will be my go to place….

  11. OptimusRoy

    Great location right off 24, good selection of products. first time patient discount is huge, also loyalty points.

    I cant wait for the one in Brockton to open!

  12. RonaldRegan

    Overall looks like every dispensary in Massachusetts. I bought an 1/8 of SDxAC, which they advertised as their OWN product. Apparently no other weed is theirs which is a little scary. I got it it felt a little light. I asked the kid at the counter if something was off on it, he said aEURoenope. we wouldn’t accept it if it weighed less.aEUR I asked one of the other budtenders if it was light, she says aEURoewe can’t really tell from up here.aEUR How can you sell weed if you can’t weigh it? On top of it, when I got home it weighed 2.88 grams even…..therefore I’m missing more than half a gram. Clearly people don’t know what the hell is going on. I’ll keep going somewhere else.

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