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11 Water St, 3B, Arlington, MA 2476


42.4166484, -71.1541815




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Apothca is a vertically-integrated cannabis company deeply committed to the patients of Massachusetts. With a Recreational Dispensary in Eugene, Oregon and a non-Psychoactive cultivation (hemp/CBD) license in Colombia, our team is well versed in the needs of our industry and more specifically, our patients.

Our team of cultivators, extractors, and advocates work together to ensure the successful delivery of quality medicine; ranging from flower/pre-rolls to extractions, edibles, tinctures and more.

Our genetics are carefully chosen from seed and clone and bred in order to develop a premium range of craft strains.

With nearly 50 years of experience in our 26 acre cultivation, extraction and kitchen facility, we are humbled to meet your needs.


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30 reviews for “Apothca

  1. Boston420local

    Great product wish it was easier to find but awesome staff.

  2. BubblesMinx

    Andrea helped us when we came in for our first visit and was wonderful! She showed us all of the displays, answering all of our questions. Her recommendations saved us money and ended up getting us product with tne perfect physical effects. She’s the best!

  3. Puffsteena

    Excellent service, incredible product, and a friendly environment. I highly recommend the Alion hybrid. It is out of this world! I love this place. Definitely will be back.

  4. brigman52

    B13 and of course, Banana Split are both fire!.

  5. Luweeezy

    First time visiting but won’t be my last! I was greeted and serviced by friendly and knowledgeable staff, and felt comfortable asking any and all questions. Desmund took care of me and helped me understand edible dosages and provided me with options and suggestions. Definitely check this place out!

  6. Cloudz0

    Only reason for two star service rating is you should update this accordingly with what you have in stock. I’ve come in 3 separate times and you guys didn’t have what I wanted and I was disappointed. Can’t wait until your new stuff comes in. I hope it’s soondY~<

  7. Brokowski

    Great place, a little hard to find but that tends to happen with office parks/suites. Sign in was quick, got all the paperwork done ahead of time online. The wait to get into the dispensary was essentially nonexistent.

    The dispensary itself is nice, has a bit of an Apple Store vibe. Nice and clean. The product is mostly flower or at least it was when I was there, as a fan of bud over carts, etc I couldn’t complain.

    Picked up a few eighths, have only smoked the Jungle Refinery (shoutout to my budtender Dezmin, it’s fire) so far and the flower is legit, not dried out at all and works as advertised.

  8. luckylucardo

    very welcoming.matt was fantastic to work with.just tried some of there flower.gr8 mimosa.true to form.will definitely go back.

  9. CaptainSpaulding

    The staff was friendly and the flower is PERFECT. I love how it is in an office building, makes you feel like your in a real pharmacy, very professional atmosphere and the best part is how most of the items on their menu are in glass display cases that you can smell and examine. That is everything from the flower to the wax to the oil to the EDIBLES, he’s the edibles like hard candies or bottles of tincture are in a case you can see and smell and handle. Beyond cool that a place offers this display because most places don’t, it’s unique and makes it stick out among the 40 or so dispensaries in Massachusetts.

  10. zambicci

    Still very new and selling mostly wholesaled items from other RMDs. None the less extremely high quality products, very friendly and probably one of the coolest overall locations of any RMD. Very spacious and open feeling with a lot of natural light. I think this place has a bright future ahead.

  11. Nali_79

    tl;dr: 3 stars on quality is for two things right now: Prices and Inventory. They are consistently more expensive than any of other 4 clinics within 5 miles of them, and it’s not really clear why they think their flower is worth more. Their inventory levels are also inconsistent, which I hope to see change the longer they’re up and running.

    Staff: Very friendly, upbeat and I enjoy talking with them.
    Location: Love it – it’s close, low key and has a good vibe to it.

    Wish list: Get ccell compatible vape carts and better pricing on flower.

  12. Princessinboston18

    I would not suggest the cartridges YUCK

  13. RobbyMcP

    Great location right off Mass Ave in Arlington Ctr. Easy parking & close to the Minuteman Bikeway. Nice showroom with friendly staff. They have a great selection of potent fresh flower of all varieties. I haven’t tried their edibles yet but they seem to have a nice selection of that as well.

  14. Dan617

    Met with Greg and he walked me through all of the options and pricing. Very nice place.

  15. flowerboii

    This dispensary had a extraordinary interior along with a welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic staff. Definitely coming back.

  16. bostonscoe

    just left this Apothca location for the 1st time I totally forgot the 2 gentleman’s names but they are a cool crew the lady who had to come from the back to adjust the price was cool and friendly…. I like the Lynn location but now that I know how close Arlington is to me I’d return … thanks for a great experience

  17. DezminD

    Very genuine and welcome vibrations walking into this atmosphere. The RMD agents were very helpful and made my first visit a visit to remember.

  18. dukesmiths

    The employees were friendly. Super quick to register and get in. Awesome variety of strains. Their strain examination table is awesome, can smell and look at all the flower – honestly helped me decide what to get better than only a paper menu. Flower quality is on point. Ended up picking up 6 or so different strains. So far these are FIRE. Highly recommend the mimosa. Definitely will be back!

  19. mmsavvy

    Nice place. Great staff – friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent first-time shopper coupons. Especially enjoying Strawberry Fields for sleep and Guava D for relaxation. Prices are a bit on the high side, and they need to expand their cart selection. I’ll be back.

  20. zombywalker

    great staff, good selection, gourmet ganja

  21. jordantavery

    Great customer service & layout of Despensary love the bud table !

  22. Hans02421

    Great convenience In heart of Arlington center , Best display room I’ve seen , And even though this election is still growing because they are new the product that they do offer are top-notch from what I’ve experienced

  23. Dedheda

    Such a unique and beautiful interior and location! Very friendly staff and high quality products. Love the selection of topicals and CBD products. Will come back again!!

  24. Awesomeali819

    Andrea is amazing and actually listens and takes into consideration how and why you feel the way you do about whatever the case is. Jessica was a great sales rep and the whole process as a 1st time patient there was wonderful. Receiving the medicine was a little bit of a wait but understandable as we were enjoying ourselves and having conversations with the entire staff. I would love to see the PAX ERA available and possibly a few different types of concentrates. However the flower is beautiful, tastes great, smells even better and I truly think the Pats won cus we stocked up,on the Golden Goat for the game! My boyfriend and I will absolutely be back. #coupleswhosmoketogetherstaytogether

  25. Akb528

    Very convenient parking and has never been too busy. Gary was friendly and helpful dY’

  26. MyRover

    My first visit. I bought Bio D and Alion. The people there are “real” and kind. They take their time and care. Definitely going back.

  27. HempHead22

    First time patient at Apothica. Let me tell you how many ways I was disappointed even getting $125 off a $232 purchase. Almost wasn’t worth it. I wanted a quarter of two different flowers. They then sneakily fail to tell you that they don’t make bags bigger than a gram at a time!!?? What the hell is that? I left there with 16 pkgs because I also ordered two over priced grams. I got a strain called Night Nurse and the 7 grams of flower that was in these little packages were no bigger than line to line on your pinky finger! What the heck is that??!! 7 grams of medical grade and pricey flower for buds that are no bigger then a nickel and that’s being generous! Very unhappy with the way the flower is sold. One gram increments and I ordered two quarters. Very small buds that weren’t worth the price cut! I can get quarters at other dispensaries for $75 and the come in 7 gram bottles. I’ve got to eighths before but never 16 bags for 16 grams with 7 n 7 being the same. It’s like I got the bottom of the barrel and they also import their flower from a fairhaven dispensary called Baask. The flower n nugs were so tiny it was disgraceful for what they charge! U should be ashamed of the waste of time and packaging and labels by giving someone 7 bags for 7 grams of the same weed. Did I mention how tiny the buds were! Wow! Plus I think they messed up and put a different bug in one of the packages because it’s so completely different from all the other batch!! So I wonder what the messed up n put in their instead?! Not professional at all and took over a half hour for them to get my order together!! Longest wait ever just to be very disappointed….. Never going back. AWFUL AMD OVERPRICED W INFERIOR PRODUCT

  28. bananagal

    Been coming here for awhile, everyone is super nice and helpful inside and they have some great products. I especially love their concentrates.

  29. BubbaCan

    Lovely space: soaring and uplifting w/lots of light!
    Greeted by Robert, he was welcoming and attentive.
    Bud table is unique: you get to smell and flower upclose, prior to purchase!
    Bud tenders: Joanna and Jessica were attentive and knowledgeable!
    I settled on Clementine Rosin: Wow, great aroma and flavor profile! I will be back.

  30. ClintonRowe

    Apothca Dispensary in Arlington was a great experience. From the lovely young lady that welcomes you to Joanna and Andrea who were a tremendous help to a new patient. Will definitely be back. Great selection of flower they you can see and smell before you buy. Awesome experience

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