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240 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 2144


42.3950423, -71.1219481




11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


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Sira Naturals is a Registered Marijuana Dispensary located in Somerville, MA serving registered patients from across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Cambridge Location: 1001 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.
Open every day from 11AM – 9PM

Needham: 29 Franklin St, Needham Heights, MA 02494

At Sira Naturals we offer flower in 3.5 gram (1/8th) sizes. Of course if you’re looking for a single gram, you can always pick up one of our hefty Prerolls. Or browse our wide selection of concentrates from our signature Terp Cartridges to waxes, shatters and more. Plus, we’ve partnered with Zoots, a national leader in the edible space, to provide patients with a line of precision-dosed edibles, that we produce and package in-house. Not only do we offer Zoots’ edibles, but we also offer our own line of delectable edibles including Honey Jars and Micro- and Macro-Dose Caramels. Check back often as we continue to grow and add new items!

Service Locations:
Sira Naturals is open to all patients from every city and town in Massachusetts, including but not limited to Cambridge, Boston, Prospect Hill, Somerville, Davis Square, Assembly Square, Allston, Brighton, Belmont, Back Bay, Mission Hill, Brookline, Chelsea, Everett, Arlington and Watertown, and more.

Location Information:
We are located at 240 Elm Street on the lower lever under the Be Fresh supermarket. To enter our Somerville location: come in through the door to the left of Dunkin’ Donuts, go down the stairs and you’ll see our main door. A wheel-chair accessible elevator is located at our door on Chester Street across from the world-famous Redbones BBQ restaurant.

Our mission is to provide premium cannabis. Sustainably grown and sold with integrity.

We accomplish this mission through dedication to high-quality production standards, compassion and service to our patients, and a strong orientation toward community development. We consider it a privilege to serve our patients and communities. We strive to provide leadership in the industry regarding regulatory compliance, and aspire to the highest possible standards in all aspects of our operations.


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44 reviews for “Sira Naturals

  1. thestoddcast

    Very easy access with signage out front and signage that leads to the handicapped RA Mo out back.
    Bud tenders have been phenomenal when I come to asking about newer strains.

  2. marjorieaubry

    The building itself had a pipe issue and stunk! The people were nice

  3. BuddyHolly420

    I continue to go back to SIRA due to their friendly staff. They, similar to other dispensaries in the area, offer unique strains, like their flagship Chuck OG. Parking can be a little tough (I have a system down), but the knowledge, experience, and unique offerings they provide keep me coming back for more.

  4. shauntufts

    Great location and fair prices. They are usually sold out of a lot of their supply and there is no parking.

  5. angie916

    very friendly good vibe fast service

  6. Jg131

    The best

  7. Bostonchic

    This place is Awesome! Great menu, awesome staff, and great hours! Awesome Deals!

  8. aprilwednesday

    I’ve gone here several times and have had a pleasant experience each time and everyone was nice.

  9. WeatherednBoston

    Only complaint is parking. Only one handicap spot out front and I use a wheelchair. On the weekends I come and an employee is always in that spot for the whole entire day. First time I came I sat in my car behind theirs and I waited almost 2 hours and I saw him come out and put something in the car then go right back down to work. I wish they could work with that employee to help him park somewhere so they are not taking the one and only handicap spot for the full weekend. It’s gotta be costing you customers. Weekends are busy….I pity the people that use walkers or canes.

    But the Product is EXCELLENT! I’ve been happy with the quality across the board. I’ve tried almost all the flower and I like the variety. I’m worried that once recreational sales begin they might not be able to keep up with stock. Lately when I arrive things have run out.

    If you don’t need that handicap spot I highly recommend this location.

  10. Wittyusername1345

    Had a problem with a cartidge. Lynn,the manager, took the time to make it right. She was helpful and awesome to work with. Will be my go to dispensary for sure even though I’m in lowell.

  11. Mrs.SusanGreen

    I have gone to Cambridge and Somerville a couple of times each. Just to make sure that my experience wasn’t a fluke. I have never wanted to buy something twice. The last time I walked out, I thought to myself: Remember to never go there again.

    I’ve heard they are going recreational.

    Their product isn’t great for medical. I can only imagine what they will be offering as recreational.

  12. skabdlrba

    Tried this place a few days ago. Bud was alright but nothing fancy. Not a fan of the Apple store vibe. Nice people.

  13. mmj_advocate1

    out of all the dispensaries I’ve gone to this past year, this is the one I’ve been going to the most regularly. they are only the dispensary in the area with Bubble Hash and they always consistently offer a wide selection of flower. I don’t buy concentrates but their flower is really reasonably priced, when you combine their deals and discounts you can get the best prices around. I gave quality 3 stars only because I prefer the quality of Garden Remedies and NETA more but SN has them beat with price, variety of flower, convenience (especially with multiple locations) and staff. Please keep it up! And please bring back weekly deals on flower!

  14. Charlie198031

    great location could be a parking lot but it’s in the middle of a sq oh well great products

  15. Ktc92

    wish I could give more than 5 stars!! a a a
    very friendly polite and I was helped through the whole process. i will be back for sure.

  16. ipokeholes

    Fantastic place! knowledgeable and super friendly staff, excellent location, phenomenal strains as well!

  17. marykane024

    So it a little bit of a travel not bad of a ride. The only thing that was difficult was parking other than that everything about this place is amazing

  18. Nic_DiBella

    Fantastic experience, super friendly staff.

  19. Quackmeister

    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Variety selection on the menu appears excellent, esp. CBD strains. However, supply seems erratic, with poor selection of purchase sizes per variety. Also, I learned the hard way on my second visit that the daily menu posted on website is NOT accurate, which is terrible customer service, esp. considering the substantial challenge of traffic and parking here for car travelers. This is a business with a customer base of people with medical needs, some very serious. It would seem like the very least consideration to save them a trip whenever possible by posting an accurate menu, OR including a disclaimer that it is likely inaccurate.

  20. cilkysmooth

    This is a very convenient location

  21. Terranophilus

    I love their chuck og flower there but I am dismayed that their dispensaries have run out of bubble hash and haven’t had it in stock for over a month now. One of their associates told me they were discontinuing bubble hash production. It was really good for more than a year.

  22. brigman52

    The patient rewards program is fantastic! Almost done with mine and looking forward to other promotions. Yeah, boo hoo, if you can’t walk a few steps if you don’t find parking on one of Somerville’s busiest Squares and streets. Suck it up. Their staff and product make up for it

  23. Robertangus

    Service was outstanding. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Wish they had more lines open on a weekend but none the less it was a great experience. I will be going here for all my cannabis.

  24. meowmix94

    I’ve always been treated well here, staff actually took the time to get to know me and my medical conditions. I’ve never had a problem with anyone who works here.

    They recently implemented a rewards program that saved me over $150 (spend $100, save $20 etc). With the rewards program my flower price per gram was insanely low, like lower than street price. They also have specials every week where you can get 1/4oz for $70. Again, they are great because their pricing is generally equivalent or lower than street price.

    Product quality has always been top notch. I focus on flowers generally, and their bud is always delicious. They use these little humidity packs so everything stays dank and doesn’t dry out. The packs generally last for up to a few weeks after you buy so things stay fresh.

    The only thing I wouldn’t buy from here is the cartridge vape battery. That thing stinks, just get a cartridge battery from Beyond Vape across the street.

  25. bcrystal

    Great people and flower is awesome

  26. stelfo64

    Great place great service and great location. The prerolls are the best value around.

  27. sour300

    Flower smells like medicine not real Cannabis I would not come here if your looking for premium flower

  28. lisabgrt8

    Clean, new and branded

  29. needieweedie

    Staff is awesome! Flower is the best in metro Boston!

  30. SLE3s

    Always friendly staff. Best carts around

  31. BiggPimpin93

    I’m pretty sure I won’t be the only one to feel this way but I was reading on the website how they took away aEURoeStrain if he weekaEUR and replaced it with aEURoeDeal of the weekaEUR. Which suck because people come in to buy flowers when they see strains of the week. We don’t want no diluted temp that barely ever works. I’m sorry but this is very upsetting. I come to guy for your flowers and because you guys have good deals on the flowers so this is heartbreaking

  32. Lyfemusic32

    I absolutely loved my first experience at Sira Naturals! The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Not to mention the great music they were playing. Their variety of flower and concentrates definitely made this my number one spot to by my medicine

  33. mgnetto

    I’ve been to this dispensary a few times now and people are always helpful. It’s easy to get to on the red line, and I have NOT found myself in a long line. A shout-out to Anthony! Thank you so much for recommending the Blueberry 1:1 terp. It is my favorite nighttime medicine. Tastes like a blueberry muffin and I was able to sleep without waking up tired. Great loyalty program. The only criticism I have is that space – sooo bright.

  34. FottalTna

    This place is TRASH I drove about an hour to SAGE NATURALS and they didn’t have SHIT in stock after the menu on the website said otherwise i will not be going back for the false advertisement

  35. Gravina234

    I loved my first visit here, the flower was great and the staff was really friendly

  36. addysully01

    The place looks phenomenal,the customer service starting with the door greeter is fantastic and the Flower there is great.

  37. deadlyblazed

    whent back because i was around the area, not the greatest. should of just stopped elsewhere

  38. BostonStoned978

    place has a very good Bubba kush strain.

  39. altahol

    I’ve been coming here for a few months now. Their flower and vape cartridges are excellent. I also like their weekly specials. The staff is always helpful and very knowledgeable. The only negative thing is not their fault, but driving in Davis Square can be daunting and finding a parking space is definitely challenging, but that still hasn’t stopped me from going there

  40. Gunz0813

    Great place

  41. mr908

    Wish I could give them more than 5 stars! I’m not sure what these negative reviews are about. I’ve been there at least a dozen times and every visit to the Somerville location has been a great experience. No, they don’t have first time patient deals but their prices are lower than almost everywhere else and their flower and concentrates are better than any other dispensary in MA I’ve been to so far so I feel like it’s a fair trade-off. Great customer service, fun atmosphere and, great product. Can’t really ask for more than that. Also, they’re new rewards program is amazing and I hope they come up with more incentive programs in the future!

  42. TreyWilson

    The bud tenders here are knowledgeable and helpful. Great product.

  43. thewanderer1972

    Never.. ever… in ANY store have I been treated so rudely and crass by a manager. After they had given me the WRONG product I called them and in the process of trying to rectify the situation was abruptly, loudly (loud enough for my friend sitting across the room to stop and look up at me quizzically) and rudely told “SIR STOP SHOUTING”… I paused and said “I’m not-” she actually cuts me off…”SIR!!!” she shouts even louder.. “I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU. I CAN NOT HELP YOU IF YOUR SHOUTING” I said.. very calmly… “I’m not shouting ma’am.. you are…” she said I could come in and exchange it. I asked for her name and there was a long… pause… but she finally gave it. I did return promptly. I told her right there that I was much more upset over being accused of something I didn’t do than the mistake THEY made by giving me the wrong product which cost me MORE money to exchange… I live a distance away. All she would say was “Sorry for the mistake” coolly with out looking at me. I told her I came to have my Anxieties alleviated not exacerbated. I was getting even more upset. At this point she finally looked at me and said “SIR do you want me to fix this or not?!” I was dumbfounded… NEVER been treated like this anywhere… I was shaking and furious. What I wanted was no hassles and NOT being accused of something I DID NOT DO and a SINCERE apology!!! I was offered water by another employee. She said without looking at me that she would be giving me a discount on my NEXT visit… I told her to keep it . I would NOT be back!!!! On my way out I hear her saying ” I’m so sorry for his behavior… ” I walk back in, she’s talking to another customer that had been standing at the register next to me. Making eye contact… sincerely apologizing… NOW if she had just done that with ME in the FIRST place… this would be a POSITIVE review…

  44. ej2018

    I normally have fun going to Sira, everyone used to be friendly. I will never go back to this location. There is a new associate named LYNN. She and another associate were making fun of the city of LYNN (in a bad way and of poor taste). She ruined my experience and was screaming at me. There are so many other dispensaries to go to, I won’t be going back to this one. I was at Patriot Care earlier today and will leave them the amazing review they deserve. Sira dY’Z

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