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1050 Elm Street, Bridgewater, MA 2324


41.9902001, -71.024453




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Call: 508-296-9250

Located in scenic Bridgewater, right off Route 24, Theory Wellness welcomes Massachusetts patients to our dispensary. Committed to quality, Theory is focused on small batches and unique genetics, striving to develop and provide the most effective and diverse range of strains and products for patients in Massachusetts.


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125 reviews for “Theory Wellness

  1. catwithanattitude

    Top notch dispensary. Environment is inviting. Lot’s of options available. Nathan made my first visit an excellent one. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Product packaging is very nicely done.
    Overall it was a 5 star first visit and I will return.

  2. BWB420

    2 visits to TW so far and what can I say other than they’re awesome! Staff is great, product is top quality, prices are good, packaging is cool, informative, and well thought out, atmosphere is amazing, they are top notch in every aspect! They clearly care about the patients and are not just about the money like another place is nearby. So happy this place is open and not far from my house I will be back many many times thankyou theory!

  3. Greenfang

    Pennywise is beautiful and smooth as silk

  4. Sblumenthal7

    The atmosphere was clean and professionally designed.
    The employees, friendly and knew their products well.
    After a day of trying my purchase, they were right on, it fit my needs perfectly.

  5. So4Chn8

    My favorite spot only!!! Just wish they had point deals to give you

  6. Phathaze420

    They went out of there way to displace this dispensary, there are no display cases to see the flower or other products.

  7. emperorcannabis

    Theory Wellness in Bridgewater is, what I consider to be, the standard for which all dispensaries are compared. Top quality service. Top quality product. Nice, clean facility. I’m partial to their Sunshine Daydream and Soulmate.

  8. OliverGuardDog

    Quick question- if I come at noon tomorrow will there be a long line? Any estimate? (It’s cold outside!)

  9. srw92831

    Ive gone here for awhile and like it, but was disappointed today when i saw the menu had 50mg chews only to be told its actually 32 active. To me this seems deceptive. How can this be done? I drive all the way over expecting 1 thing but finding out its different. You may want to change this

  10. terps713

    Love you guys but how you gonna grow one of the most popular strains and not even get the genetics right. We’d sick cake is Triangle Kush x animal mints

    Not Girl Scout cookies x cherry pie

  11. kkynge

    Excellent flower!!! a bit pricey but it just opened so hopefully the prices come down it’s easy to get to and close to home.

  12. Medsmanofmass

    Tightest place in MA to get product. The staff is flawless, the product is 100% the best.

    I enjoy every visit here, the team and even executives chat with me and take time to understand my needs.

    If you haven’t been, this is no-brainer, give them a shot!

  13. cornish199

    One of the best experiences I had at any dispensary here in Massachusetts. The flower was on point, I sampled 4 strains. All of them were top notch, but my favorites were Sunshine Daydream and Pennywise. I also tried their Mango Gummy Chews which were delicious and very reasonably priced compared to other edibles in the state. This is now my favorite dispensary and I certainly will be returning!!

  14. LowkeyGrammy15

    I am fairly new to MMJ (3months) , and have been to Theory since day 1 as a patient and they are wonderful,. The staff has taken time to help me find the right balance for myself. Thank you and keep doing what your doing. It helps tremendously

  15. rydog8989

    Well, well, well…someone has quickly ascended to the top of the Massachusetts MMJ scene – and it’s Theory Wellness in Bridgewater. A beautiful facility holds within it the best bud available in the state. They say they grow in small batches, and you see that they take care in the quality and beauty of their product. Did I mention the great packaging? Blowing everyone else away in that department. Gorgeous, modern facility with some great artwork. Very nice service as well – yesterday my budtender carefully picked out my 1/8 and trimmed the tiny stems before weighing. And free rolling papers. And my 1/4 I got today was $90, which was nice getting the discount for spending a little more (instead of 2X the 1/8 price that EVERYONE else does). All this and FIRE BUD! I love Sunshine Daydream, Soul Mate, Buckeye Purple, Samoas – really havent gotten anything I havent loved. Still reading? You should be at Theory Wellness by now!

  16. Desb420

    Just walking into the building I was amazed. The room after the check-in window is beautiful. The staff is very friendly & helpful, especially when it comes to discounts. The prices are up there but the deals help out. They even weigh the flower right in front of you. I’ve never felt more welcomed for a first time visit, Margaret was awesome!

  17. afeaton

    Great location, friendly staff, excellent selection.

  18. CaraBell98

    Nice atmosphere. Nice concentrate selection

  19. mjcunny

    Jess is an amazing budtender!

  20. dphinn15

    Great dispensary, very helpful staff, and great product.

  21. im4weed

    I had a problem with a vapor cartridge and they exchanged it without any problem. Great customer service

  22. Cf12188

    Came in to try their Sunshine Daydream and oh boy was it fire! Easy parking, super friendly and best flower I have seen in mass. So excited they have opened!

  23. OpenYourCoconut

    nice dispensary, small selection of bud and other products but good quality of what they had. The staff were helpful and nice to talk to

  24. ricardo52091

    So went there on Friday afternoon and there was a lady outside with an umbrella walking people from their cars to the front door. That alone was great. Their budtender was very helpful and knowledgeable. Price was a little high but understandable being that they just opened. Got a few different strains and all were great. Will definitely be returning and recommending

  25. JayLu

    I had a great first time experience here. The buds were amazing, and the gummies are potent! The prerolls are a tad dry, but still potent…that soulmate put me to sleep!!! The only thing I’d change is to have a security presence out front…

  26. Meggoccislands

    Love Theory!

  27. jlaww43

    First time visit, really loved everything about it. Great product and the location was beautiful. Their staff is super welcoming and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to try their other strains.

  28. dcarrier0193

    This place is great Mac took took care of me like a rock star plus he took his time to help me pick out different strains and big bud great place and go and if you do see Mac

  29. NidhanJotSingh

    Great weed and infusions. This dispensary is super clean and conveniently located off the interstate. Very nice group of guys running the place, they are very genuine. They seem very focused on their grow and committed to producing high-quality cannabis. Really cool strains of weed being offered here, CO2 extraction, and a friendly staff. As medical marijuana grows in Massachusetts I believe these guys are on the cutting edge.

  30. Kavinzky

    Great atmosphere and really helpful bud tenders w the best quality around. Just wish they were more consistent w the choices and supply of products. Many times product get sold out and it will be a long while before you see it back in stock

  31. Conway31887

    Amazing experience, they didn’t go all scientific on me but seemed they could have if i wanted them to, but they quickly realized I knew what I was looking for and just needed some time to read over the menu. Didn’t feel like I was dealing with a salesman like some other places. Polite and very professional, will be my go to dispensary.

  32. mellonhead97

    I’ve been to theory a bunch of times, mostly because I live in Bridgewater, and after comparing it to others here’s some pros and cons
    -really great staff: friendly, knowledgeable, and quick
    -good building and decent parking
    -quality flower and concentrates, usually pretty good, sometimes better, sometimes just eh
    -decent selection of flower
    -some of their deals of the week even out on the prices somewhat
    -the packaging and smell-proof bags they put them in are awesome, I keep them and use them all the time
    -prices are ridiculous because they’re the closest place for miles for a lot of people
    -they’re aEURoesmall batch cannabisaEUR so a lot of the time you can’t even buy more than like a quarter or even an eighth of a popular strain
    -not a wide variety of concentrates or even edibles now
    -waiting room gets really cramped when it’s really busy
    -a lot of their products are wicked difficult to use like trying to get the sap out of the containers and dealing with the cartridges is a nightmare

  33. jayesblanco

    Awesome place I love the people, I hear from word of mouth and I’m glad it was worth the drive. I am defiantly coming again, jolly bean is my favorite and penny wise was an unexpected favorite as well the high cbd strain. Great guys keep it up!!

  34. alexandriaoreagan

    So excited this place opened! The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the inside is done up beautifully. I visited here for the first time a few days ago and purchased the Black Raspberry flower and woah was it nice dY~Z so impressed with the flavor and the effects it gave me. I’ll definitely be revisiting these guys as it’s only a 25 minute drive for me! Can’t wait to try out the rest of your products dY~S

  35. sammystoner493

    I loved it staff was so friendly n there flower is fantastic for my anxiety n pain

  36. bfrree23

    best flower ive tried

  37. Yamar13

    This is what all med dispensaries should be like. Clean, ultra modern facility, superior product and staff! Now, just need to implement Leafly Pick Up!

  38. laurenannb1

    They do not respond to emails, so that’s a;ways bizarre. Very low quality in flower-Always dry, and always super rough smoke.

  39. fernandosmom

    very friendly staff. quality of product was awesome

  40. BostonWhaler42

    I stopped by Theory yesterday after I heard they were releasing their Cookies and Cream flower and boy was I not disappointed! This was easily the nicest and friendliest dispensary I’ve ever visited, the staff really seemed eager to assist me and answered my questions even as a line built up behind me. They didn’t hurry my transaction and made me feel super welcome. The menu was pretty stacked, they had 5 or 6 strains of flower covering a wide range of tastes, I picked up some discounted lower-tier Sunshine Daydream which tasted and smoked just as good as the manicured buds I bought before, it just looked a little smaller and less manicured. I really appreciate that this dispensary will actually lower the price on their lower quality flower unlike other dispensarys who just mix them together and charge full price. Speaking of full price, the Cookies and Cream that I visited to buy was hands down the best flower I have purchased in MA from either a dispensary or a black market provider. The buds were beautifully trimmed, very dense, coated with resin and the smoke was unbelievable. I would recommend Theory even if they didn’t have flower like Cookies and Cream but now that I’ve tried it, I can wholeheartedly say that this is the only dispensary I will shop at in MA ever again. I heard they are coming out with Samoas soon too so I will be back for that and update my review after I can sample them.

  41. cc2010

    Fantastic flower quality!! Top in the state. The stuff they are putting out is fire, especially the sunshine daydream and the Goji. Tried their black raz vape pens too and was super impressed on the oil quality. Friendly staff, easy to get to and park. All around amazing experience, I can’t enough good things and can’t imagine going anywhere else.

  42. KatSavage421

    Very nice and helpful service. Left feeling very happy about my purchases!

  43. jimflana

    Excellent staff and selection, very convenient location! Can’t wait to go back.

  44. Griffin997

    Best place I’ve gone for bud so far in MA

  45. gibsonson87

    This was my 5th dispensary visit in one week so far. Great products. A little on the pricy side for some strains, but I guess that’s to be expected. Their packaging is beautiful. Love how it shows the terpene profile on the lid of the jars. Nice people, answered most of my questions. Thank you!

  46. RonaldRegan

    This place is a dream. This is a dispensary others should model after. Menu is always up to date, product always changing, great staff, everyone has an answer for your question. The really unique thing I’ve seen is they change the flower everyday, so you might have to act quick to get that flavor. Favorite strain is that KOBE. I smoke it and I drop 81 points on fools. Like Kobe, Mimosa is good too. Strongly recommend this place. You’ll never want to go somewhere else

  47. Hyph25

    Love this place

  48. Gphillips36

    I visited Theory Wellness in Bridgewater yesterday 2/3 and I feel I can safely say, this is what a medical dispensary experience should be like.

    There was no paperwork to fill out as a new patient, their front desk staff just register you, which is a nice time saver. Getting into line was quick and simple.

    Once in line, things do move a little slower than other dispensaries, however there is good reason for that. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They are more than willing to chat about the products, there is no rushing you. The flower is also NOT per-packaged. They will show you the buds and allow you to smell them before packaging your purchase and weighing it in front of you. This ensures you get all quality buds in your purchase. This is not always the case with prepackaged flower. They also have some interesting genetics that are not as common in the area. Also interesting, they have a sign indicating this location will remain medical only, which is a real bonus.

    Nothing is perfect though. The prices are a bit high (though you get what you pay for). I am also not a huge fan of the rewards program. It is visit based not purchase amount based. It certainly has some benefits ($1 ounce if you visit enough), however its not as straight forward as some of the other places i have been. You have to check in on a separate tablet (which no one mentioned to me at check in) while in line. It is not something that you automatically accrue by making a purchase. The overall availability of deals/discounts could also improve.

    Overall, this is a nearly perfect dispensary. I wish they were closer to me or did delivery. Regardless, while this will not be my primary dispensary due to the distance, I will certainly be returning.

  49. Southsho

    My favorite place in SE Ma. Have all the latest fancy hybrids, grown properly and manicured well. Their vape cartridges are spot on and fairly priced. Very professional staff. Only thing I would improve on is maybe adding some “classic” strains in the rotation.

  50. _Loudpack508

    I always come here for my meds, this place is top notch. The staff is very polite, and the service is very fast. Having been to multiple dispensaries around MA, I think I found the one for me.

  51. kendall0612

    Big fan

  52. jcardinale

    Some of the highest THC levels I have come across, (27%), I specifically come here for Sunshine Daydream and BuckEye Purple and AC/DC, three amazing strains that all help in different ways

  53. TboneSteak

    Kind of an odd area on the street but not to far from route 24 which is a plus in my opinion

  54. Wabe

    This is hands down my favorite dispensary. The flower is always smooth, tastes wonderful and is super fresh. The bud tenders are just as wonderful, Nate, Leah and Cat are always extremely helpful, offer great advice and are easy to talk to. As a person with anxiety, it’s so nice to be able to visit and know the folks here are friendly and not trying to rush anyone out the door. Keep up the wonderful work!

  55. Kash1995

    The t-pen was no way close to 79 percent like they said it was and was dark . Waste $

  56. hydroman956

    Most improved in the last 2 years. Excellent Flower.

  57. nemonis

    great products, informative bud tenders

  58. Callaway500

    Have to say I drive by 2 dispensaries to get here. The flower is actually effective meds for my inflammatory condition. Their focus on terpenes (other dispensaries don’t even mention them) has helped with selecting a strain. The flower is absolutely perfect in terms of appearance, aroma and potency. Just do a really good job and their pricing structure has made other dispensaries make adjustments which is great. Also, the 1/2 gram pre-rolls are a great idea and no one else has them.

  59. nebeane

    This was my first time visiting a dispensary, so I have no basis for comparison, but I was fairly impressed all the same. The staff was helpful and friendly. I got an assortment of 3 strains, and the flower is exceptional. Also grabbed some gummies and a vape cartridge. Really impressive looking/smelling/tasting and medicinally the effects are great. Prices seemed a bit high, but as I said, this is my first dispensary, so they may be standard.
    My only complaint would be that right now the menu is a bit limited, but I chock that up to the fact that they just opened last week. Having said that, I really was impressed with the quality. I’ll be keeping and eye on them and I’ll be back for sure!

  60. Andyk420

    so far so good

  61. abe_jane

    Theory seems to take immense pride in their process and product – and it shows. A lot of their flower tests 30+% and is sold as pretty large sized buds. Their flower looks and smells incredible… I keep opening the jars to smell the bud – as a patient I am incredibly excited to have this level quality of flower in MA. The facility is clean and modern and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

  62. Jacs62

    Great place!! Friendly and knowledgeable people, and a nice vibe! Shout out to Nathan, who was patient and answered all my questions! I’ll be back!

  63. bnozz

    Highest quality in MASS!

  64. FlevaFlave

    Perfect! Theory Welness sets the bar for every facet of medical marijuana dispensaries.

  65. bostoncannaman

    First time here was a little underwhelming when it came to product quality. My buds felt dry. Their packaging is really cool looking, but I’d rather have better product.

  66. thebeave

    first time visit. i like their variable pricing on flower based on bud size/appearance and cannabinoid content. the building is kind of off the beaten path and way out of the way for me. they need to get rid of the sap applicator, just sell it in syringe or silicone/glass dish. its such a stupid design they were obviously trying to be different but failed miserably. the store is clean but with a minimalist modern design, i didnt find very warming or friendly. I also didnt see any seating for patients that need it. budtender didnt seem very knowledgeable, she told me terpenes were the scents of the flower. they had some pre weighed flower and some they weighed out. They just opened so obviously some wrinkles need to be ironed out. flower looks great and they have some interesting strains. ill go back after they’ve been open a while.

  67. slc3481

    Love this place!! The young lady, who helped me out was amazing. She knew what she was talking about. Will be back.

  68. jaymanny123

    love the vape cartridges. if you are considering trying them trust me they are good. They also run weekly specials/deals

  69. highdroponix

    My opinion of this dispensary has changed drastically after smoking a couple hits/from a couple consecutive visits/of unflushed fertilizer filled bud. two different strains Btw. And the fact that both strains were added and removed from the site within 24hrs is a total admission of guilt. It also came to my attention that Theory counts(and charges) for the filter and paper weight on pre-rolls. Very disappointed in this. Part of me wants to seek recompense for smoking fertilizer, but I’m not sure I want anything they have now.

  70. Pamelast

    Great product. The people were great and very informative with a friendly attitude. Thank you! Keep up the good work and great products.

  71. Chipmunk33

    My 1st visit today and I have nothing but good things to say. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, happy to make suggestions for my disabled wife. Decent selection and happy with the quality of my 1st buy – Sunshine Daydream. They even listened to my chipmunk stories, an extra benefit. I will be back.

  72. SolarSmoker

    I think the staff are from nominal but the prices are quite steep in my opinion. 400$ a oz is crazy. Zen is a wonderful employee though! Very helpful

  73. Bliz1

    I was blessed to be an early patient at Theory Wellness and can say so many good things about the place thank you for bringing your amazing medicine to Mass! The inside and outside of the building is beautiful. Amazing quality+variety of strains and products that went into a lot of effort to select and grow. They designed their website perfect so you can see if anything is a right choice for you. All the strains I tried are top quality and fits the description! Very nice and smart people working here to help and they package your medicine in the most clean way! Can’t wait to keep going!

  74. cme826

    I really liked the location of this dispensary. It was in a very scenic and calming part of town, and was easy to get to.

  75. revb

    My first visit today. This is my 3rd attempt at finding a reliable product/dispensary, I’m glad I took a chance on this location. Friendly staff – informative – professional – comfortable. A+ Thank you.

  76. JoeC28

    Awesome experience, couldn’t be happier

  77. s7bulldog

    Hands down best flower out of all dispensaries in MA. finally bud that doesnt crumble if u look at it wrong. sticky icky. They run premier boutique genetics. Plenty of parking. freindly staff, great packaging. i can imagine that as they get up and going the selection will only grow. Im a total theory fan boy.

  78. chefadamnesti

    This dispensary provided not only quality medicine, but friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would definitely recommend to new and experienced patients, and I will most certainly be back!

  79. sjbourbeau

    Not professional at all

  80. tito508

    amazing place

  81. dougsalvador

    Very friendly, warm and clean environment. Employees are very thoughtful and knowledgeable

  82. dgasse

    I’ve been going to Theory for a while now and have watched them grow in to a great dispensary. They have such interesting and great flowers. From my first visit I realized they were going for a boutique dispensary and they are there!!!

  83. crobflanning

    Theory Wellness has some of the best flower in Massachusetts. Sunshine Daydream was unreal! Easy to get to, def coming back soon!!

  84. thecaptain915

    Cookies and Cream and the Bubba are out of this world. Hope to see more variety in the future.

  85. Chumkid

    When I first went to this facility, the service was fantastic. The young woman behind the counter was very knowledgeable and assisted me with my decisions. Upon buying for cartridges, one of them was faulty. I attempted to return the cartridge, and the first gentleman admitted there have been issues with this particular brand. Another gentleman came over and rejected my return and offered partial credit.
    I told him I would rather have nothing, and never return.
    Lost a customer.

  86. boops17

    Nice place. Loved the sunshine sherbet Preroll. Vape cartridge seemed less potent and clogged up quickly but overall this is a great place!

  87. jbannans

    it’s in very nice place but don’t offer very much of a discount

  88. hermitacorns

    Great selection of gummies (and not nasty watermelon flavor!!!!)

    The staff were super friendly and helpful. I managed to stumble in on a super busy day for my first visit but it was worth the wait!

    I will definitely be returning to get more chocolate and gummies: the perfect products to ease my ailments.

  89. xbezerkx

    great staff, not a huge selection, quality is some of the best around

  90. CannaSnowDee

    Super nice staff, quality bud and consistent

  91. 4thand20ish

    Up to 5$ more per gram? Nope. Will never pay those prices and will never visit that dispensary. What a rip off. They outta be ashamed of he selves. It’s medicine!

  92. Blizzard2198

    amazing location, prices are higher than normal, and little to no discount for their medical patients, hopefully as time passes and more dispensaries open up prices will become competitive.

  93. jsuirry

    Amazing staff, premium flower selection. Best in the state, my new go to!!

  94. tpf1993

    Theory Wellness is an impressive, honest and thoughtful company from top to bottom! The level of care they give their clients, their employees and their product is unparalleled. The design and experience of the facility is a VERY refreshing change from other seedy/sketchy facilities. It’s clear how much thought and time they put into being the best possibly dispensary they could be.

  95. sfield155

    new favorite in the state, strain choices are perfect! the staff is also super helpful here

  96. dnugzz

    Went to theory for my first time yesterday and i don’t know why i never have, the staff was great and the flower was better then expected. Also tried some of the rosin and the taste and effects were on point. I like that its weighed right in front of you and the packaging is plus also.

  97. Bnizle

    This place is definitely my go to spot. I’ve been to other dispensaries where the product is old dusty or flat out garbage.Theory wellness product is always fresh and they weight right in front of you.Liberty patriot care and Theroy are all good go to spots.The rest I could care less l.

  98. tmw3418

    Awesome location. Great people with great knowledge of their product. Containers are nice too. Bud is superb got the sunshine and the razz very impressed.

  99. PhilJars

    Very clean and professional. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Absolutely the finest quality cannabis in Massachusetts! You have to check this place out if you love and appreciate extremely good quality medicine!

  100. misterman4

    My go to. Best in the state! Jess has been fantastic to work with. Thank you Theory!

  101. eyefry2018

    Been going here since opening, Some of the best of everything I have tried from flower to concentrate…..great staff, great place.

  102. Samantha0303

    So i decided to take my chances of driving 1hr 40 mins one way based solely off pictures and leafly reviews. THANK YOU everyone for guiding me in the right direction! I was so unbelievably impressed by the generous discounts and astounding service. The flower was SO amazing… fresh, flavorful, and super rewarding. I am saddened it’s such a haul but after yesterday I was blown away and may take a trip more often! AMAZING PLACE

  103. savageJJ

    Amazing bud.

  104. Yardorama

    Love this place! The people there are so friendly and helpful. The product is always exactly what they explain and the place is super clean. Recommend going to visit them!

  105. Raibard

    Very professional place, and high quality products grown on site. Amazing!

  106. cabd78

    Awesome Dispensary! The Samoa flower was super tasty.

  107. wonderonetwo

    I travel between Theory’s two locations because they are just the best. Flower is top notch

  108. fantasticsam

    I like this dispensary and feel like it’s the one in the state with the best flower. However when you have a CBD strain and you’re selling a gram for $18, that’s not cool. This is supposed to be medicine for people and while Theory does have a lot of good strains and well grown flower, I know many patients who simply cannot afford to shop here. it’s perfectly fine to have more expensive marijuana than other places but there are no deals to be had and no real options for strains that cost less than others.

  109. jschff5

    Was excited to check them out and didn’t disappoint! I loved the design of their dispensary and they had top notch quality. Glad I found them.

  110. Danap28

    Well worth the extra money and time to travel here! Great location everyone’s always super nice and helpful!

  111. crystal24

    Love this place. Always friendly service and good tunes. They are always ready to answer any question you have. Quality is great. They could make better use of the lounge space. Maybe turn the lights down, make it more holistic with a oil diffuser and salt lamp or something so people would wanna chill and feel the zen. The space could Seriously be amazing.

  112. saltysamson

    Got to check out Theory Wellness for the first time on their grand opening (!!!) and was blown away by their level of expertise and the genetics they’re boasting. Their facility is in a peaceful, rural setting south of Boston and the relaxed atmosphere emanated into the facility, where staff greeted us in a professional but relaxed manner. We didn’t feel rushed at all, and the space was creatively designed with unique elements like a preserved moss wall and a mural by a local artist. There was plenty of parking, and staff were ready to help anyone who needed assistance to enter the facility. They even had tents set up for the lines outside to shelter from the July sun. They truly care about their patients. I can’t wait to go back and am so stoked they’re open! Check them out!

  113. jbone420blazedup

    – Very helpful knowledgeable staff that explains each strain
    -Small batch bud that is superior quality
    – Really nice interior that smells amazing
    – Bud is shown to you prior to purchase
    – entrance is a breeze

    – none at this time of review 🙂

  114. notjeffbridges

    Not bad. People are nice, got some small funny looking buds but still did the job. I’ll be back in a few months when they ramp up. Maybe drop pricing a little..Thanks guys

  115. Trevor13

    It’s really good just can’t wait until they have more of a selection with flower and they need to get dabs, shatter , waxs

  116. babbalooeybooey

    My bud tender (Nathan) was great, and picked up a couple of new strains. I’ll be back for sure. Atmosphere gets a 4 star only because it’s a small dispensary area.

  117. ddubes420

    Dry flowers not cured or flushed properly. The T pens are over priced and the co2 oil needs to be a thinner consistency for the style cartridge they use. The Rosin is not that good for something that should be very rich in terpenoids. The edibles are weak and overpriced as well. The packaging is a cool idea for a second but what a waste of money. Don’t care what my medicine comes in as long as it’s sealed. The staff was super nice though

  118. knight40

    Comfortable considerate best place yet

  119. Beautifulqueen717

    Very professional. This was the first dispensary I ever went to. I was mainly interested in edibles and topicals. They didn’t carry many if any edibles, and only had one option for topical which was strictly CBD. I’ve used CBD regularly before getting my card so I was interested in trying something with some THC. I bought the 2X THC tincture, great product but be careful on dosing. First time I took too much.

  120. steevus

    all i can say is….25mg(5cnt) gummies….I hope its not more than 5$ total….. 10% thc cannabis has 100 mg per gram….25mg is like .25 grams of flower…… someone lmk…. cheers 🙂

  121. rocco664

    A+ dispensary A+ staff. My new goto in Massachusetts.

  122. nep1280

    I’m totally impressed with the whole package! The staff are all phenomenal! Their flower is all good! I really love the buckeye purple it’s awesome for pain and A great sleeping flower! The Goji OG is so tasty and the high is uplifting! I’ve been here the past 3 weeks! Love it and yes would totally recommend this place over and over!!

  123. bostonguy16

    Very welcoming staff, flowers are on point!

  124. toly1224

    great service and flower, I am loving the pennywise for some CBD

  125. WAREAGLE1005

    More than once I have gotten unflushed cannabis flowers there that turn into black carbon because it wasn’t flushed right making for a gross smoke. More than once it had seeds and a harsh taste.
    Theory is very expensive and has showed no effort to establish a point or rewards system to reward frequent buyers or lower their prices.
    Unlike other dispensaries I always walk out of Theory feeling like I didn’t get a good deal and paid to much. I hardly go there anymore.

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