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29 Echo Road, Mashpee, MA 2649


41.6577131, -70.4955566






10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM




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Cape Cod’s first and only licensed medical marijuana dispensary!


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32 reviews for “Triple M

  1. capecodmetal

    Great, close, clean, secure location. Sweet staff and product. Deals daily from what I’ve seen on certain strains that are not that old at all. Can’t beat some of these deals. A definite go to again. aoeOE

  2. CoastalGayle1914

    So very helpful and knowledgeable.

  3. Shelbyrose

    love it and love the ppl..

  4. Timothy51

    Nice security, people and facility. Vapes are A+, Flower B to A+ depends on strain. Pleasant experience every time I visit. dY’

  5. NYGk3v

    Great experience. First Timer here and the whole process was very comfortable. A+

  6. jtacscs

    Excellent safe area. Nice clean building. Staff is friendly and helpful. The flower is good quality and consistent.

  7. Meggoccislands

    My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few years back and cannabis is the only medication that helps her get through the day, both physically and emotionally. I am her licensed caregiver and we have visited this facility multiple times since their opening. Such a compassionate staff, they truly care about patients needs and well being. She loves their flower and honey but supply is limited. A few times we were there over the last few weeks they only had three strains of flower. They sell out of stock so quickly, I guess that’s a good problem for them but hard on my mom. All in all 5 stars as staff and quality is superb but please increase supply. God Bless

  8. No-Shoes

    This old veteran of both the cannabis ‘world’ and the US military shall be staying with this small group of local hero’s at Triple M Mashpee because they are doing everything within their power to stand with, and by Cape Cod’s medical cannabis patients (And if we don’t stand in closed ranks with them we shall face a more powerful lobby of less caring folks as big business trumps compassion and Cape Cod’s cannabis world is truly all about the money. Great products (I understand more flower options are coming), wonderful service, and convenience that can’t be matched. Patients first! Rick Meehan

  9. indicadude111

    I really want to like them because they are five minutes from my house, but the flower selection just sucks. Went there when they first opened and it’s still the same 4 lame strains. Purchased a pre roll and it said it was tested back in March, it was just old and you could tell…..not worth the time or money at all.

  10. MadameGreen3988

    Pick up service is white glove treatment.

  11. Bradynation

    These poor people got the shaft. Gotta love Mass bullshit. Yeah there’s other places to go but I’m sticking it out with them. Decent menu all things considered, not their stuff but quality offerings. I will continue to shop there just to visit with staff. Check this place out, it certainly does not disappoint.

  12. CBD2

    Good people!

  13. NLHart

    Very good establishment, highly recommended.
    Personable, knowledgeable staff.
    Good variety and quality of products.
    Order ahead pickup is very convenient.

  14. Lynn2001

    Nice waiting room, friendly staff, great products, I LOVE Triple M

  15. Chefbibby65

    Diagnosed with MS a few years back and solely use cannabis to get through the day and to sleep at night. Their product regardless of whether it’s flower or otherwise is superior to any other. Staff is compassionate and truly cares about my well being. Thankful and blessed to have such a phenomenal dispensary 10 minutes away. Love love love the staff dY’s

  16. andygar2741

    I love visiting Triple M. They always have top quality products and customer service that beats the rest. I would definitely recommend Triple M to anyone on or even off Cape Cod.

  17. Sharkbite14

    Location sucks very very very small parking lot the weed is dry it’s 3 to 4 months old the prices are too high they only offer 10% to veterans where all the other dispensaries for medical give 20% to veterans I’ve tried this place twice and I’ve had the same results both times the weeding wait to dry they do have a large variety of weed but then againTheir pre-rolls are only 0.75 g we’re all the other places are 1 g they do not sell 1 g of flour only eight squad is half in ounces and yet their prices are too high

  18. 420painless

    lower prices

  19. Missmuffet


  20. MycalBrn

    on Cape. friendly and informative

  21. EatzaD

    Great shop with kind, helpful, and knowledgable staff. can’t wait for Triple M to expand their variety. The atmosphere is calm and comforting.

  22. bobpm

    Very helpful, friendly and professional.

  23. DedhamBoB

    I loved it here. They’re restricted on what they can sell and the discounts they can give but the prices are great for the products they have and the discounts, albeit small, make the prices even lower. Definitely worth checking out if you’re down the cape.

  24. Racquet

    Carts performed well no clogging etc. definitely good quality control.

  25. afeaton

    Limited selection, and they were out of a lot when I went. Hopefully, this is just new business issues because staff and building were excellent and being the only dispensary on Cape it’s very convenient for me.

  26. The_Hyannimal

    This is The Hyannimal – a frequent customer at MM Mashpee. Why am I a frequent customer? Because the staff are incredibly well informed and kind, and because the quality is stellar. My sporadic symptoms of disability are now at bay, and supreme creative productivity has been restored due in large part to MMM. Certainly worth the trip for those ‘Off Cape’, as well.

  27. juliwolf

    Bright, airy space with a great staff. Service is friendly and helpful.

  28. dee02642

    It’s a great location and,I’d like to see more dispensaries on the Cape …

  29. Km1699

    Ordering and pickup were a breeze. Highly recommend!

  30. Jetson49

    I vape and have tried several medical mj outlets to find these guys in my backyard is a blessing.
    Good value product and outstanding staff.

  31. Caulf

    everything was great!!

  32. Perkins0227

    Great atmosphere and helpful staff make it easy to find what you need.

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