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70 Industrial Ave East, Lowell, MA 1852


42.614669, -71.3166522




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Patriot Care is the premier provider of marijuana for medical use for qualifying patients in the state of Massachusetts. We are on a mission to eliminate suffering one patient at a time through education and the responsible use of medicinal cannabis.

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603 reviews for “Patriot Care Lowell

  1. justanotheruser

    Top notch products!! Staff is always helpful and friendly!!

  2. Just4Fun342

    everything you could ask for from a staff. great place clean and atmosphere is great

  3. wizardman420

    Terrible wait times terrible product amounts and more expensive than every other dispensary

  4. Chilltown

    Very Pleasant visit

  5. Didnt-inhale117

    Great place. You guys are amazing in lowell. Love the new oil in the syringes with the Dr.dabb vape. I highly suggest the oil and the vape. well worth the price. Best oil I have tried.

  6. AllTehWeeds

    Huge supply issues with concentrates…

    They have good staff and good product. With a nice location. But if you are like me and use concentrates like oil or shatter this place can be a big let down. When it is in stock, the product is good if not a little bit pricey. The issue is they have a tiny supply and they dont do it consistently enough or will go days and days with out having it in stock.

    Using concentrates builds up tolerance quickly. If that’s all you use for a while then you are basically fucked if you have to go back to bud.

    So stop stocking so much damn kief that no one wants and make the damn concentrates. This is a medical thing, you should be held to the same standards as a pharmacy when it comes to having stuff in stock. Not just stock what you feel like at any given point.

    If you only use flower though, this place is def good, they just screwing us concentrate users.

  7. kirymatic

    Great friendly place. They know what they’re talking about.

  8. DaytimeGetaway

    Very informative and helpful!

  9. wellfleetion

    Good quality. The best manicured buds. They need more specials and cheaper prices. Hash would be nice too. But I like Patriot, one of the 1st.

  10. Jamazoncat

    Excellent strains and friendly staff. Definitely reccomend!

  11. elleonoelle

    The staff at Lowell Patriot Care are exceptional, always! Fabulous knowledge & caring customer service. Great variety of flower products, would love to see a boost in more variety & shelf time of other products (tinctures , etc)

  12. jbeaulieu12

    Quaint and plentiful location right off the Lowell connector in Massachusetts. Staff were very nice people and knowledgeable when asked about products or paraphernalia. I would recommend this to anyone who loves fresh flower. They have two types of discounts on different days Monday and Wednesday you spin a “Wheel of Fortune” type wheel for a list of prizes Tuesday Thursday they have flash sales(discounts) of flower. The express pickup access thru Leafly is seamless leaving the user wanting for nothing and getting all you asked for very easily.

  13. davaughn12


  14. Aquibis

    Had a few questions which we’re quickly answered. Staff was also kind and patient. Certainly would recommend.

  15. jjm621

    Good products and friendly staff. Service was quick as well

  16. michikocollins

    I first went to this location a few months ago to buy a tincture. I knew very little about it and through the help of a knowledgeable employee I was able to pick out the one that was best for me. Would definitely go again!

  17. mm131

    Great staff to work with!

  18. princrssinboston

    it but wish the wheel options would change

  19. chris3311

    i’ve always gotten really good flower at patriotcare, however my last visit i received very, very dry flower. i was told that the batch aEURoemay have been flash driedaEUR. i’ve never heard of such a thing. i’m now skeptical as a caregiver that patients will suffer due to public supply demands. i will return tomorrow and hope to find a better quality.

  20. ynot627

    The people are all very nice the service you can’t be it,
    It’s better than any commercial pharmacy that I have been to.
    But I’m being selfish when I say I wish they had more of what I liked. And when they run specials it does help financially.
    It’s the only dispensary that I go to I need to the only one that I recommend to everybody.

  21. Tbarbour

    Great service!

  22. Elled23

    Thanks it was an awesome experience

  23. Nikki1124

    Great staff always knowledgeable on product and always willing to go above and beyond

  24. Mrslmarie

    Close to the highway

  25. Bluntblowinbunsziee

    definately my first option when it comes to where I get my flower from. probably the largest selection of flower in Mass and definitely high quality. grease monkey 9 is my all time favorite

  26. Chrissy1966

    Excellent flower selection!! Awesome staff!

  27. PixiStixx

    Great location! Excellent deals & ways to save are available. Neat recycling program, if you return x amount their containers you can get a few dollars off. The rewards program is definitely one of my favorite perks to using Patriot as my main Dispensary. Also, the staff are super friendly and always willing to help and educate no matter the cannabis question.

  28. tabb123

    Easy to find right off highway not packed made me feel less anxious comfortable open and bright atmosphere

  29. Chrisrem1978

    Always excellent service for patients and caregivers!

  30. medusafandango

    excellent & respectful employees…frequently unable to fulfill needs of patients with low quantities of concentrates available…wonderful citrus and edibles assortment…I would recommend to a friend for certain items but overall for flower…

  31. Lauren9

    Best dispensary in the state! Lots of perks and they keep improving every time I go there.

  32. denzelswife

    Good fresh flower, huge selection and knowledgeable & friendly staff

  33. JT47

    Great dispensary. Needs more of a concentrate selection.

  34. dragonfly8

    Very happy with this location! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good selection and great promotions.

  35. Sacco25

    Very nice staff that always helps find what you might be looking for.

  36. Weedfanatic22

    It’s close, only reason I go. Just like every other dispensary in ma the quality is so erratic it’s not worth the price sometimes.. One time a batch of say sour kush is bomb. Go back the next week and I get all leaves. If the quality goes down so should the prices. Sick of these dispensaries taking advantage with the prices and not giving 2 craps about the quality. I want quality if I’m paying your crazy prices not leaves. And you can show someone the inside of the bottle all you want. You can’t really tell until you get home and break it up. But you know that I’m sure. Which is why you don’t weigh it in front of people so they can’t complain on spot as easily. Start weighing it out where the patients can see what you’re throwing in the bottle. Also when a patient asks about strains, for the love of god stop saying they are all good. Be honest with your patients.

  37. Danielleexo3

    They have great service & the people are always nice. The products are awesome as well.

  38. Carolharm

    I love the convenience of ordering it and then they text you when it’s ready. Awesome service and great people.

  39. foragers

    Off the beaten path in secure area as dispensaries should be. Great quality, helpful, friendly staff. Always has quality cbd flower and medically diverse products. Overall, best selection, quality ,and fair price.

  40. Islanddreamer

    I reserved my order on line, confirmation it was ready and still took longer than other people that came in after me.
    I think order should be at desk for check out.

  41. Nuttymeg

    Melinda always takes the time to make sure I have an excellent experience. Most budtenders don’t tell you everything. Like how you can bring two bags for a discount, including others from different dispensaries. You also get a dollar more for taking off the labels. The employees are nice but as a company I’m disappointed that they only see the dollar signs. I’m really dreading seeing the chaos that recreational marijuana will bring to this dispensary. They really should open a new location, this one is already awfully small as it is. I love is place for the quality bud but the inconsistency just makes me frustrated. Other than that Patriot Care is still still the best dispensary around

  42. bubbaron2004

    Herb Quality is ok. But it is a but dry.
    The service was awesome. People were friendly and helpful with any and all questions.
    The atmosphere was alright in the waiting room.
    But i was bleak in the medical rooms.

    My biggest issue is that i am not really seeing Indica strains all that much.

  43. PeterG731

    Leafly is the best way to order.


    The chocolate bar is
    2 pieces and all the pain is gone.floating on air

  45. jaydebird

    I think that the legalization of marijuana has pushed corporations like Patriot Care to limit output on pot & maximize their own paychecks. I hope they don’t ask for any tax breaks because there’s not enough budd, not enough cultivation and way too much fluff involved. Plus one of their lobbyists is pushing to prevent home growing for medical patients.

  46. YunggunnaDC

    great place

  47. reispieces781

    great first vist. with great flower and a knowledgeable staff i was impressed. would love to see them have a more consistent quantity.

  48. cookster

    Average knowledge

  49. hartwriter

    This was my first time visiting and the staff was really helpful. They will be my primary location for making purchases. Staff was great!

  50. velindica

    Patriot Care Lowell is one of my favorite dispensaries it always has a wide variety of buds and concentrates. I enjoy the quality of the medication and I am pleased they offer sixteenths so I can always sample something new. The service is great I highly recommend this dispensary.

  51. jeannywlau

    The staff was very informative and very friendly and nice

  52. Kopys

    Pleasant staff make the place

  53. carson52

    great place great service great people great atmosphere brake products nothing more to say

  54. Moobah

    This was my first dispensary. The atmosphere is very professional, but not as aEURoehomeyaEUR as other dispensaries.

  55. jfromd

    I had a hard time finding this location at 1st. But once I had that down everything was smooth sailing. They have a great assortment and all of the bartenders are very knowledgeable. This is my go-to location.

  56. Pgriffith

    Great people the product is some time off but over all a wonderful place

  57. joceml9690

    Great deals and flash sales. Open 7 days a week which is super convenient.

  58. amg19251

    i love this place because it’s so close to home in methuen (although i don’t mind driving down to neta and pcboston for variety!) and all the edibles and buds i have bought so far (3 – 70mg choc chip cookie, 2 – 40mg choc chip cookie, Dead Head OG – 7grams, California Dreaming – 3.5grams) have been super high quality and have successfully suppressed all severe symptoms of my immune disease that wreaks havoc on my body every single day!! (chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, depression, anxiety, high stress levels, weakness, confusion, muscle spasms/twitches, lack of empathy, addiction – all symptoms have been successfully treated and have almost completely disappeared while staying medicated since my temporary card came in and i visited pclowell/boston/neta!) i recommend this location to anyone in the merrimack valley because the staff is incredible, the product is great, and the spot is centrally located to everyone north of boston! also, i notice people saying that the weed is not properly cured, to that i say “you have been curing your weed the wrong way this whole time!!” leaving weed too sticky ends up making it impossible to smoke, vape, cook properly, etc and, more importantly, ends up taking away from the buyer because it weighs more when you leave it sappy; ergo, you would get much smaller 1.75’s instead of the pretty decent ones here at pclowell (2 tubes is about 2 days worth for me, but i could obviously consume even more if i had an endless supply of cash lol) 12/10 – great discounts, great deals!! aoeOEdY1/2i,dY’1/2dY”Y=dY

  59. jendulong

    Great product, great people 🙂 I loved the grape gummies and the French Toast was out of this world!!

  60. sativaafevaa

    Bud is great, sales r great, but let me tell u I’m an honest dude and those edibles are very weak / waste of your money

  61. Ccruiz

    Great location and fast service. Best quality flower in the area!

  62. Mtotten31

    Friendly staff, good product choice

  63. stevebudau

    Great people.

  64. bsnell

    great dispensary, great product, great people

  65. mfitzy03

    Best dispensary in the area. Great, knowledgeable staff. Exceptional products.

  66. MrAss

    The best in Massachusetts by far!
    They do set the bar in the marijuana quality department it is always dried all the way to the proper point. And there strains are always exactly the same and consistency is extremely important when using marijuana medically the proper way. The price is fair for how amazing the product is. It’s always a one set price on all strains but they do give great deals and sales all the time the last time I was there they had the prize wheel So fun. My last bud tender Jenny was very friendly and happy as well as very helpful like all of the workers there are happy to help you. If you need to ask questions or recommendations the people that work there are always dependable and understanding. This place is the location i usually go to.but I did try there Boston location once tho and the Lowell location seems to be a little better atmosphere slightly and in Lowell there’s plenty of parking and is conveniently right off the highway but they both have The exact same medicine so I guess whatever is closest to you Works right
    Thanks patriot care

  67. JavierFG99

    It’s was great

  68. yellowshark

    It’s a very pleasant and efficient operation. When I’ve encountered long lines, it always takes far less time than I expect, with the average being 10-15 minutes. The quality of the products is quite good. And they have a reasonable variety of strains.

    I do wish they had more products more consistently. Concentrates and tinctures tend to go very quickly and not return for a long time, for example. It can also be frustrating when the Boston location has things that the Lowell location doesn’t. For example, Boston consistently has Sativa Blend Vape Oil, but Lowell very rarely has it. But these are relatively minor nits to pick.

    My only real complaint is that Patriot is currently lobbying to keep a restriction on people with a felony drug convictions from working in the industry. Since we all broke the law for a long time before we legalized medical marijuana, and such restrictions disproportionately affect minorities, I feel this is a poor choice. So while I will continue to shop here, I no longer shop here exclusively. I hope they will change their political stance to one that is more inclusive so I can shop here exclusively again.

  69. dlb01821

    Patriot Care Lowell has a very nice dispensary and knowledgeable bud tenders. They are forever adding more accessories and the bud is always fresh dY~Z

  70. OutsiderH

    They real polite and always open and excellent and on helping patients

  71. Marymary182

    Good location

  72. philbart

    It was hard to find, gps issues. They are new offering edibles and four strains of flower. I was happy with product I purchased.

  73. JohnnyDSim

    I enjoy everyone who’s been there long since it opened. There are a few left but not many. I wish the prices were cheaper. It’s too pricey for just a little bit of product.

  74. Johnnyblaze69

    very helpful and very friendly you found it

  75. mestrada274

    Great value and product at your dispensary.

  76. Ssantos3

    Patriot Care is the best dispensary in Massachusetts. From the flower to the edibles everything is amazing at PC,and they offer so many discounts.

  77. kurb21

    strains are nothing special. not impressed with lack of menu.

  78. Kilkerbud

    Ordered it you through leafy for the first time very easy everyone is so nice very helpful and the product is awesome

  79. Dyno88

    they have three or four Rockstar screams and then the rest is kind of the middle of the road. A lot of Edibles though 🙂

  80. mclermont1

    Great people products are always fresh
    And deliver

  81. Deesaveitk

    The staff is always friendly and helpful and the selection is great!

  82. LucasArdagna

    Great place, nice people and quality products. The glass and accessory selection is awesome and the prices are really good. Pre order your shatter/ dab cartridges on Leafly as they tend to sell out quickly. Would highly recommend stopping by.

  83. Jennygirl82

    Love that they are expanding and carrying more products. Highly recommend.

  84. Fundueler

    Great flower, trying the oil out

  85. potznob

    its absolutely great because it is close to where I live and they do have good flower when it is fresh although there are many issues with how the marijuana is dry , I actually was able to ingest an entire tincture in one day which was kind of upsetting to me to say the least I did not think that it was very effective at all in terms of medical and potency they have a great staff and I would love to be a part of their team and I do believe things are getting better with time just like they should.

  86. TheITGui

    This was part of a three dispensary trip on Saturday December 8th. I know that laws in some cities / towns may vary but this location was not very welcoming. The employees seemed fine but the atmosphere was simply lacking. There were just registers you walk up to without much for displays. Unless there was something this location had that others did not, I would not return.

  87. Jcarrillo75

    Friendly staff and great service. Wish carried milk chocolate bars not just dark like Greenfield location.

  88. Sledbob691

    great location..good product..nice people

  89. Veristead

    So my first impression is that the facility is very nice and clean. The showroom is nice, neat, and well designed. People were very friendly and the service was great. There didn’t seem to be many people there when I went, but I can imagine that if the place got crowded their current system of bringing the customers to the floor might actually be a bit of an annoyance and a slow down.

    However, I was very disappointed to see the very limited quantity of stuff. First there were no edibles and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING other than flower, and even then there were only 3 strains to choose from. Very limited options which is very disappointing. Patients want tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and topical lotions/balms. The quality of the flower was great and have zero complaints on that, seems to be well grown and despite other reviews I have yet to find any seeds. However, only having 3 options is very limiting and really takes away from being able to give them a 5 star. It especially stinks because, right now, this is the only dispensary around this area so there is no one else they need to compete with right now. This means that even though I’d never recommend someone to go here for marijuana products if it could be avoided I am still going to have to go here more often than other places as it’s the only one that won’t take me an hour to drive to. However, the second something opens that has more options I will problem switch (unless they drastically change their business decisions).

    Sadly Patriot Care seemed to sell more smoking accessories than they did marijuana and I’d much rather see them selling more marijuana than accessories. There are head shops practically everywhere in the state and into NH. It’s just not necessary to try and compete in that market simply to fill your showroom and inventory. They should be filling their inventory with marijuana products that actually contain marijuana instead.

    Also, I found the prices at Patriot Carer to be a bit high (it’s about $56 for 1/8th) which is a bit higher than other dispensaries I’ve been to. It’s not horribly high, but it’s still more than I am used to paying. This coupled with lack of product puts this place very low on the list of dispensaries I’d like to shop at.

  90. Mkhoun

    Amazing place.

  91. WildBill82

    My first time visit to Lowell…waiting on their Boston location due to being closer. But, Unbelievable dispensary! All the people their are so nice and knowledgeable as I came in 20 minutes before closing and they didn’t rush me and my fellow patient I came in with!! Great flower!! Selection was 3 strains but they only been open for 3 months and got a lot of good stuff coming. Thank you everyone at patriot care, discount for veterans rock too. Can’t wait to see your menu expand and new location in Boston open, July won’t come fast enough. Thanks. A+++ great medication top top notch see you guys & girls soon

  92. cloudeadeye

    good selection, nice staff.

  93. dspano

    Professional and kind group of people.

  94. benji1499

    I’ve been here 4 times…

    Medicine- my fist visit they only had 2 strains and only flower now I consistently get a choice of 4 and there are edibles…. A tad pricy…. Great quality…. But limited amounts still…
    Staff- amazing!!!! Very helpful and knowledgable…. Minus one trip where the staff was extremely helpful but knowledge was lacking

    Products- crazy expensive! great quality though

  95. 978ChronDog

    I love the friendly and knowledgable staff. I wish prices would come down and that they would consistantly have more options for vape oil. Otherwise, a GREAT location. 9/10, would recommend!

  96. bairosb

    the staff is very friendly & knowledgeable.

    Unfortunately it seems pretty clear that Patriot Care does not value this location or it’s customers.

    I had visited this location exclusively for over a year.

    They were consistently out of stock on multiple products.

    The last straw for me was recently when they were out of stock on vape oil for at least a couple of weeks. (Not to mention, instances where the cartridge was only filled about 3/4 of the way, or would stop working while still half full)

    Very disappointing. Especially considering they’re the closest dispensary to me.

    I don’t think I’ll be returning.

  97. crazychk7

    People are great & products are wonderful

  98. Nanalinda1962

    The place is awsome people are awsome great variety

  99. calnic1987

    What a pleasant experience for my first time going yesterday and they were more than helpful… so helpful I’m returning today for the wheel! Thanks Patriotcare!

  100. ohjaepil1985

    Very friendly atmosphere. Patriot care has a good variety of strains for flower. Some of the best in the state.

  101. flavin1919

    Friendly, informed staff in a convenient location.

  102. Onegoldfish

    Love this place!! Incredibly knowledgeable, super friendly staff, fun, relaxed atmosphere – every single visit. The set up is quick and efficient, the edible selection is terrific – something for everyone. There is a dispensary much closer to my home but I’m more than happy to drive a couple extra miles to visit here – totally, totally worth it!

  103. Lit978

    I’ve been here a few times. Normally the quality of their flower is ok and customer service is good. I went there yesterday the flower I picked up was wet and tasted soapy. The girl who helped me out, spoke very monotone and had the personality of a rock. Also why have a rewards program if you never use our points. I hate the fact we have to remind you to use them. There are way better dispensaries in this state. I would recommend going elsewhere.

  104. colemanrogers

    A great group of people, very helpful!

  105. Kaos978

    Just a suggestion, but prices should be listed as well to the menu

  106. Allan-S

    Very professional, courteous and helpful.

  107. Agremon

    good place, nice sales

  108. stephanieweed129

    Friendly staff, easy lines

  109. bcorey91

    I go to this dispensary all the time. Normally I have no complaints and I am always satisfied, but last night I was able to make it there just before close and the vape cartridge I got was half empty when I got home. Im aware they changed the method of filling to more measured so it could have appeared to be less filled, but the entire thin part of the metal element inside the glass was exposed. I have purchased other cartridges from this dispensary since the change and they were never that empty at the start. I couldnt call because they were already closed though Im not sure if they would believe me or what they could do even if they did. Again I really do love this place, but it might be a good idea to check the cartridges while your with an employee. Hopefully it was a fluke 🙂

  110. Chubby1234

    Convenient location, friendly staff, good selection , and I enjoy the prize wheel and recycling atmY=i,

  111. Bdubs921

    Get in and out quick. Decent flower

  112. amandee515

    Great service great product

  113. mlmkvr

    Best selection I have found in MA, at least anywhere close to my house. Like that they don’t gouge you on sixteenths versus eighths, even though I wouldn’t mind everything just being a little cheaper 🙂

    Happy with the quality, everything has been at least good; and plenty have been great. Usually quick service when I am there, but not sure i’ve been there at busy times.

  114. Lee2326

    Convenient location, friendly and helpful staff. I was pleasantly surprised at how knowledgeable and accommodating the workers were.

  115. zackskrobacz

    first off i have to say the cannabis i purchased here was very dry and i feel as i over paid for an 8th of it because they charge the price of a half 8th plus a half 8th wich is bogus they should have an 8th price the cannabis is not good at all i am very disappointed i would not recommend this place to anyone

  116. Dickturnage

    Very efficient , they notify me when they were filling and again when I could pick it up. I was in and out in 5 minutes. Order on line and pickup when it’s ready. Sweeeeeeet.

  117. Tbreezy1978

    Very quick and easy. Always plenty of flower selections and employees are very friendly. Edibles and pens are very hit or miss though

  118. gangagal

    Why do I come here?
    I have a mild crush on Stephanie….and Cannabis.

    All (half) kidding aside, Patriot Care is a lovely new addition to the Lowell area. They have an Express Window! Just picked up their 20mg cookie and some Super Silver Haze (love it). Looking forward to a larger inventory.

  119. ej2018

    I normally go into the Lowell location once a month. They are always well stocked with fresh product, not stale, and with great deals.

  120. El-Caleno

    Massachusetts residents should be proud of having this quality of service in ANY industry.

    The staff is knowledgeable, caring, and so pleasant!!
    (full disclosure: I’ve yet to visit any other dispensaries in MA. I only have purchased from PC in Lowell).
    There are a couple of other dispensaries I want to visit, not much further, for my convenience. However, I have no other reason but curiosity

    With that said, if you have not been too pleased with service in your chosen dispensary, I really must recommend you visit Patriot Care, in Lowell.
    OUTSTANDING in security, ambiance, service, and quality.

  121. ChrisPaps

    Great dispensary and great variety for different ailments!

  122. jmeinma

    I was waiting for this place to open for a while and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. I went for the soft opening and have been back a few times since. The staff are great and well versed on their product, and the atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing. I don’t suggest stopping by when you are on a time constraint, give yourself at least a half hour. I can’t wait until they are fully stocked. Try the 24k and the Canna-Tsu (if you can get it).

  123. tsarmatzis

    Right off the highway, easy parking, nice and friendly staff and their bud and oil tanks are the best around .

  124. probk1

    Great people great products( when they have it

  125. Ahorrigan77

    The staff has always been upbeat and helpful, but they aren’t very talkative or personable, other than that, great experience

  126. Tigger81

    Great service and easy to access.

  127. Dmorel2

    Need to bring in new flower.

  128. Margiew

    I love this
    Place. Staff are extremely helpful and patient.

  129. cortnygutta

    Has great flower. Pick up orders are made super fast and ready when you get there.

  130. jaegle

    Patriot Care in Lowell is a classy place, clean, looks like a bank. They have a much better selection at Patriot Care than NETA in Northampton, MA. Friendly staff, many choices, smoking accessories available for purchase, helpful text alerts, generous coupons for infrequent customers. However, cost of product and distance to dispensary – at every dispensary location – is prohibitive most of the time..

  131. rockness420

    Great quality of product and the everyone is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about the medicine. Really enjoyed the Phantom Cookies and 24k. The actual transaction process is sort of slow. And the restrictions on purchase amounts to a gram or 1/16 is ridiculous and extremely expensive. Patriot Care is the closest dispensary for me so hopefully they can refine the process and up the quantities you can purchase cause I really enjoy the welcome environment and quality medicine.

  132. Ksweet87

    The first time I entered I was very happy with the assistance I received. This was my first time in a dispensary and everyone was eager to help direct me.

  133. babbalooeybooey

    This is a second review. I posted one about 6 months ago. My only complaint is that they don’t have vape cartridges. They did for a while and haven’t had any for months. I emailed the dispensary with that question but never received a response.

    If/when they carry vape again I will happily visit.

  134. eastcostv

    been a patient for a month and only gone to patriot care so far, it’s very close which is driving factor. anything I have bought has been great or better than expected. tried sour kush,og kush, chocolate, white widow kush (great but stinky), amnesia cbd ( great) and just grabbed today the Phantom cookies

    haven’t used the cookies yet but hands down best looking bud I have seen yet.

    also tried herijuana which was great for insomnia(not prettiest looking but effects were awesome

    I would like to see little more indicas they have alot of sativa or dominant sativas. I would prefer see actual product before buying as well but having bought from them before and checking weight would not worry about them at all. staff has been awesome and answered all my questions

    for veterans it’s a great place and medicine fits needs for

    vets as well

  135. lightning89

    I absolutely love everything about the people, products, and location of Patriot Care Lowell. The one thing I absolutely despise is that the wait is very unpredictable and often over 45 minutes. The price, quality, and selections are overall fantastic! I love all the special deals and points system in place! My one big suggestion would be to allow people to schedule appointments to visit. Even if I had to schedule a visit on Monday for a Friday etc it would make Patriot just that much more enjoyable to visit. I can’t stress enough how awesome and well versed each and EVERY employee I have interacted with is! I have been to this location hundreds of times to date, and other then the wait it is always getting better.

  136. 42Olivia

    I always come back to this dispensary here in Lowell. One) because it is easy to find right off the highway, Two) the staff here are extremely helpful and know what they are dealing with & Three) they offer great deals weekly and have great strains and other cool stuff like pieces and edibles. <3 this place

  137. housewood

    Easy to get to. Easy to park as they have their own lot. Some of the best flower such as northern lights and 3d. Edibles only come in small quantities but worth if.

  138. wargasm123

    Spin the wheel Wednesday is a great idea 🙂

  139. flowerygreenthing

    Great selection and quality flower. Best around actually. Staff is friendly af. Rarely a wait time. Always good deals. Need i say more?

  140. af1fusion

    Amazing Staff, amazing menu, this is my home town go to med stop!!

  141. liril61

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Good bud and edibles are amazing!!!

  142. Mrondeau420

    Got a lavender salve stick today and I love it. It was a decent size stick too. I always love the flower and prerolls there. Staff are always awesome and friendly

  143. Highguy781

    Love how much this facility has improved since day 1!

  144. 1iceman

    the best and admophera is great

  145. wiserwon

    Very little sativa available at all times.

  146. liblib

    Always nice to see Lowell. Very orderly Hospital grade operation. I was put off by the prepackaged deals…. not a fan of that at all.

  147. 420TokerNoJoker

    I was a regular until recently.I enjoyed the prize wheel and it was a big reason why i went to Patriot Care.The other day i experienced the changes they made to the prize wheel.They removed in my opinion the best prizes.They had a 3 dollars sixteenth prize and a few other decent ones.They replaced them with weak prizes such as 5 dollars off a quarter and kept the always heavy favorite (sarcasm) platinum psc member discount.Being limited income it made sense to travel to Patriot Care on Monday’s and Wednesdays but i no longer feel the need to make this my go to dispensary.They do have a financial hardship program at 10% but that doesn’t make much of a dent considering i use small amounts of cannabis so i only purchase small amounts.I had a recent quality issue with some flower that they made right so i give them a star for that but i was also told i didn’t acquire enough points for my 5 dollar discount on my last visit which i know was b.s because on my visit prior i was told that purchase was enough to put me over the point marker.I didn’t argue with them i just wanted to be on my way.I am going to try some other places and see what else is out there.I will only return here if i have to due to transportation issues.

  148. Casanova24

    best around

  149. Fab0418

    Very Disappointed limited supply and limited purchase of grams per day from 10 to 5…I would like to see ounces sold.

  150. Stephenpape

    A+ service
    Great atmosphere and products! Highly recommended.

  151. lamilly278

    I think this location is very attentive and informative to its must visit!

  152. ThatPifff90

    needs to stabalize sour kush. great quality but a seed here or there. positive vibes to the garden. Like always will be back.

  153. miketysonlookalike

    I have tried a couple other dispensaries in mass, this one is the best. The quality of the product I picked up from here was amazing. You can tell that the growers know what they are doing. Great staff too, super helpful and friendly. I recommend this place to anyone who wants top of the line product.

  154. marco80

    Good selection of flower..laid back atmosphere..the girl Melinda is very helpful every time I get her…

  155. June5991

    Tried both phenotypes of the Cookies and Cream #2 and Cookies and Cream #11 . Both amazing . I personally noticed #2 leaned more towards sativa and #11 leaned more towards indica. Both with great effects. If you are looking to relieve your anxiety and depression. I highly suggest you visit Patriot Care Lowell,MA and try the Cookies and Cream .

  156. Bostoncan

    They’ve come a long way since they first opened. The only thing I’d change is that they don’t consistently have vape carts. Other than that, quality is great and service has always been pleasant.

  157. sarahschwarz926

    Place is amazing

  158. UnderConstruction

    Very professional and welcoming facility!

  159. madserge

    This place is great, clean, nice staff, and I feel vary welcomed there the only problem I have with this place is its prices higher then a eighth, I like buying by the quarter but the price on it to me is unreasonable i’m fine with pay higher then 80 but go above 95 and its a no go probably will not be going as often as I like, its a shame because the place has a lot of potential

  160. peejayfawe

    The flower is normally on point, but their concentrates are limited to say the least. I don’t always need a concentrate but when I do its nice to actually be able to get some. It’s always hit and miss, mostly miss if they’ll even have what you’d like in stock. Quality is correct though.

  161. 28sagamore

    Love it, but more concentrates!

  162. butterboy420

    The quality of the flower here is superior to others. However use caution with their promotions as they are deceptive in their wording and refused to honor a promotion even though it should have still been valid until midnight ( through means including the day the deal expires until midnight) false advertising, and waited a long time to get in. I brought it to their attention and they still refuse to honor the deal despite having it in my email.

  163. meaganann

    I love patriot cares flower it’s one of my favorite dispensaries to get flower from. Wonderful visit, I did online order and even though it took longer this time I was still in and out relatively quickly.

  164. Jcescolog

    Welcoming environment, friendly staff and quality selection

  165. miakay

    great place, great selection! great service

  166. BuddahBlazer456

    very nice place some accessories no oils when i went, a little disapointed but no big deal next time.lots to choose from loved that I took GreaseMonkey,HeriJuana,OGKushCBD& Buddahs3rdEye on TheMission#1 to eat LemonMeringue oh yeah baby and the Herbalist that attended me hooked me up on my 1st visit spun there Daily weed wheel of fortune and got free Element cone Rice papers sweeeeet…you gotta love that.Happy 4th to All my 420 friendly friends at Patriot Care a$? Leafty dYtmOE&All over the World dYOEZ Peace aoeOE& Love dY’~ dY~dY~~dY~oedY~OEdY~ZdY~ZdY~’dY~dY~$?dY~dY~’

  167. ConcernedCannabis

    Excellent staff & good selection. I’ll be back

  168. tony3daddy

    false advertising. claimed 30% on sunset sherbet but it was only 21%

  169. alves98

    little to no wait times, good quality products. happy they now have kief for sale! Highly recommend this dispensary to anyone in the area. A little pricey but their prices are about the same as any other dispensary in Massachusetts. You get what you pay for!

  170. faded_blXXm

    constantly great quality. very friendly and knowledgeable staff. this is the closest dispensary to me so i go here a few times a week for small purchases. ive been impressed every time. highly recommend!

  171. Denmahk

    Love these guys. Great new buds coming through week after week! Can be dry sometimes but never really a big deal. Great deals and promotions running every week!

  172. Sunshine12345

    Always out of oil which is a big disappointment.

  173. sinthezis

    Staff was great, very nice clean facility. Would recommend and will definitely visit again.

  174. TML1977

    When I started my canna-medicating journey, this was my first stop. I wasn’t even sure what I wanted in my medication. The budtender sat with me and walked me through the whole process. From patient registration to my purchase. I felt confident that I was getting the right strains for me. That was 3 months ago.
    Since then Its my go to place for my medication. The staff is always friendly and smiling. They really care about their patients. The prize wheel is a great way to save money. The selection is always consistent with great buds. Recycling program is a great incentive to save the environment, taking containers from any dispensary giving you credit towards your purchase.

    Just an all around pleasant experience every time I’m in.

  175. BradinMA

    Limited choices, flower only, and a 5g limit. Not worth going to. Been like that for tooo many months. Go elsewhere.

  176. greenymcgreenway

    Prices were super expensive for the quality of bud. They also don’t sell 1/8ths which is weird. They sell 1/16ths for $28 with no price breaks for higher quantity. That equals $448 an ounce. Ridiculous

  177. mpichardodoughty

    This was my first dispensary experience and it was absolutely amazing! People were extremely helpful and the quality of product is great!

  178. sm919smith

    this was my first dispensary… the medicine quality is absolutely amazing!! I kinda think the room reminds me of a bank lol I wish it was more homey….

  179. camclw

    Great place would recommend

  180. Jimb0ng

    Best dispensary in MA, jasmine tea , sprite weed, GDP , I just got a seed from extreme orange omg

  181. BryanDavid

    The place was awesome

  182. Lexi428

    Patriot place is the best around. The staff and knowledge are great. Can’t beat the prices and deals

  183. stephweed1299

    great selection of buds

  184. Trixirilla

    Still no dY!….dYtm,,

  185. tyefkndye

    I love it. I love the people. I love the deals, I love the choices. The staff is very pleasant and knowledgeable.

  186. dmc670

    Great location! Not too far from the highway. Wonderful, caring and knowledgable staff.
    Started with a sample pack to test out various flowers and was able to enjoy a variety of strains which was nice.
    Looking forward to trying new strains when available.

  187. Topcat13

    like it a lot, convenient, close, with disability discount prices are ok. The bud is sometimes dry, recommend bagging when you get home. oils cheap (when they have it) but so is the quality. 3dollar 16th on your b-day and earned points for every dollar spent. So today I get a 1/4 for $13.

  188. monorail

    So psyched you are finally opening! Can’t wait!

  189. WeedBlaster

    Patriotcare in Lowell is the best in MA. Best flower, best people. And they allow patients to bring in dogs!!! Good peps, good buds. All good.

  190. Vallynne

    Clean, quiet, relaxing interior, staff is absolutely fabulous and very helpful to those new to medical marijuana – the options and “nitty gritty” of each strain can be hard to understand, but the staff is patient, engaging and super helpful!

  191. Brey887

    I went to this location for the first time, I really like the location it’s very easy to get to and they have plenty of parking. The employees are very nice and helpful. I did have a lot of questions and I felt like they addressed every need I had. I will go back because of the options they do have. I only wish they had more vape concentrates. However they have a great menu.

  192. Drako424

    Great place! The staff is very knowledgeable and very helpful. One of the best dispensaries in New England.

  193. Mchlpr

    Very professional

  194. LilThun

    friendly staff, nice aesthetic in the retail room. their politics are questionable but the bud is decent.

  195. mobes

    Always have what im looking for, super friendly staff, very clean facilities, good prices!

  196. Gravina234

    Nice dispensary, great staff. They were all friendly and the products are usually all top shelf but lately there hasn’t been as much of a selection, other than that I will be coming back

  197. dissolvedgrl222

    I was really impressed by the customer service here. The employee who worked with me was very knowledgeable about the different strains and cannabinoids, and what their medical benefits were.

  198. tyutzy

    Absolutely love the staff they make you feel comfortable and they’re knowledgeable of the product.

  199. crobin7074

    They are smart. Kind

  200. crazystuff88

    Highly Recommended! Great staff and products.

  201. Robertangus

    Simply the best of them all. Great staff and top knowledge on the product. I highly recommend this dispensary.

  202. Ynot143

    Great service!!!
    Great Product!!!
    Wish there was more product.
    Great Price!!!

  203. goaskalex

    I’ve been to this location a number of times, and can confidently say I’ve never been disappointed. In fact, the quality and variety of products, amazingly friendly and knowledgable service, and clean and welcoming atmosphere seem to get better with each visit and I LOVE how there are so many specials and opportunities to save. I’d recommend to anyone in a heartbeat! Thanks Patriot Care 🙂

  204. MyRover

    ***** UPDATE July 23/2016 *****

    Went back for some more MIND NUMBING Sour Kush after sampling some great stuff from Alternative Therapies Group last week. I got the White Russian, typical AK-47 and White Widow coming thru in her genetics, more AK-47 than White Widow. Then was the Cobbler from Alternative Therapies that was nice and had more scent to it, but doesn’t smoke as well as White Russian, it kind of does and doesn’t stay lit in joint. But has better and more robust musky aroma than White Russian. I liked both.


    None of them compares to MIND NUMBING Sour Kush from Patriot Care.

    Stuff from some of these dispensaries are mostly hype and weak (when you smoke it). I have been to all 3 dispensaries in the Boston area (more than once or twice at some of them) and I like them all, but in this order (see below);

    In my opinion here is how they rank:

    #1) Patriot Care: Best quality when it comes to potency. Easy to get to and least hype. No limits – even on their best stuff. I LOVE these guys!!

    #2) Alternative Therapies Group: Very good quality meds. Excellent selection, high quality good meds, with relatively strong effects. I will definitely go back at some point, they are my second favorite. Easy to get to. Best pricing under ounce.

    #3) NETA: Great in their marketing. Least potent meds out of all 3 dispensaries I have visited. Very long queues. With the other two dispensaries, there is hardly ANY WAIT! There are customers at the other dispensaries too, but they some how manage to processes them much much quicker. NETA has the weakest meds in potency when I tried all 3’s products. And limits on how much you can but. Not at the other 2 dispensaries.

    Hope this helped.

  205. MillCityKid978

    Best place around

  206. yeskyyy

    Not gonna lie, I love this place but have been extremely disappointed my last couple times in. Love the wheel, so I visit almost every Wednesday. I am not sure what has changed, but a 5 minute wait has turned in to 30 mins plus (Only three people in front of me). After the wait, I had $10.00 worth of recycling but the tender forgot to add that discount probably due to the line behind me. I know its only $10.00 (Alot to most people), but still disappointing. They have a good variety of flower but had to pull one of my favorites (Strawberry fields) off the menu due to computer/ringing up issues, Leaving no sativas on the menu. Plus, lack of concentrates and edibles recently. Again, disappointing. I am writing this review in hopes that some things change because I have been coming here a long time and its never been this bad. Thank you!

  207. Nekocat

    I bought there cbd cookie today. I am not a fan of editables tasting like flower so I would rate it’s taste about a C. I ate half of it over an hour ago with no effects so ether it’s not very strong or it just does not work on myself. I am going to wait a little longer then finish it which at that point hope it does something.

  208. tlultuce

    The only dispensary I know of in mass using anything close to organic… It’s still hydro but they say they use organic nutrients. A little better than most places, but a lot of strains are too similar to eachother… You know how hydro is. Great strain selection, just wish they would keep only one pheno per strain so you knew what you were getting. Still, one of the better dispensaries around. Most bud tenders don’t use cannabis who work there, and their descriptions were very memorized sounding to me.

  209. Bird67

    This was a pickup order. Once submitted, it was literally done in minutes and waiting for my caretaker. Gives me, as the patient, some peace of mind to know I can reserve what works for me. Thanks again Patriot Care, you’re literally awesomesauce…

  210. bowen35

    I like the dispensary good customer service very nice and also they do give you a 10% discount if you have mass health. the bud is nice but I wish they have more variety other than that they are awesome and would recommend them to anyone.

  211. cannabitch2326

    Never disappointed with the how experience!!

  212. Renee9419

    Always quality. Always friendly.

  213. abijeol

    Very convenient location, very friendly people who work there

  214. FAskew

    Clean, helpful, no crowds. Veteran discounts! I’ll be back!

  215. christopher.poublon

    Brownies are delicious and completely hit the spot! Not too strong, not too weak. I believe Goldilocks would agree they are “Just right” The bakers are doing a great job!!

  216. agrammas82

    3 dollars for half an eighth in first visit. can’t go wrong

  217. Lynz882

    This is the only place I really go

  218. rrandyman1979

    Always a great experience here always great product never disappointed! I’ve done a couple reviews all positive because they’ve earned it

  219. Tabby_Blake

    Great products… when they are in stock. Staff is usually incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about products and strains. And man i love the security guard that opens the door for me that guys the best. lol

  220. Samanthamom86

    I just adore this dispensary. The staff are sweet and very helpful. They may run out of different products, but they always get more. The shatter and oil is amazing they help with pain. Nausea and any nasty feeling you may get… the shatter and the oil just fix it right up… And the flower is always on point. They have great variety of different flowers that help it all. This is pretty much the only place i go to get my meds . i recommend everyone here.

  221. Islegirl

    I had an educational tutorial on how to use and clean your Dr Dabber. Did you know that there are 3 little holes in the dishes this allows you to inhale the vapor but if you over fill the dish then the product can drip out of these holes. When adding products use just enough to cover heating element. You can use the oils in the dish with the coils the ceramic halo can be used with shatter. You should also clean after using 1/2 gram. To clean put Isopropyl Alcohol 91% in a zip lock bag immerse quartz dishes 1 at a time in the bag for 20 minutes let air dry. I learned all this at Patriot Care Lowell. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects dealing with medical Marijuana and there edibles are off the hook specialy the 55mgBlondie.

  222. Spudthedog

    Friendly staff and great products.

  223. Jarude

    Not only is this the closest Dispo to me, it has the largest variety of edibles and other consumables. It also contains friendly staff and great glass!

  224. backwoods978

    Good bud but always dry. I use orange peels to get it moist again but other then that nice quality just a bit pricy

  225. MRMBLR

    Friendly helpful staff.

  226. GanjaVanGogh

    I can’t say enough good things about Patriot Care Lowell. The staff is educated/knowledgeable on all the strains/products carried, fantastic and always serve me with a smile. They even make my dog feel welcomed! My favorite dispensary!

  227. BuffettFan

    Location is excellent, very discrete with plenty of parking. Staff is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Strains are limited but what they have is good quality. Edibles are great!

  228. kidspida1313

    this dispensary is great always got more in stock

  229. raggle1

    Always good quality, good service, and nice easy in and out. Love to new pickup feature!

  230. realPDaddy

    Prices for flower are higher at Patriot Care. Also, selection is limited.

  231. Febreeze710

    Great location, Awesome medicine and the best thing plenty of space to park.

  232. Jaydee77

    Be carful so I purchase product from this place an well yeah it’s good but check your weight of product weight you buy as I buy 7 gs of a few different strains an they give me 4 1.75 tubes I’m like hmm get them home to put on very expensive highly accurate scale to find out not one is more than 1.70 with the lowest 1.65 I under stand it drys out but that should be understood already an check oni Know some people think oh that last only a little but really not basically a half g off before open seal I’m sorry but had to let everyone one know be carful

  233. Melmaejack

    Great location, great staff

  234. afc048

    My favorite dispensary in the state!! The THC selection is always top notch. The flower is fresh and a really nice variety. The Edibles are beyond amazing and the perfect amount of THC options! I appreciate the points and fire sales, plus staff is incredible. They are always happy to talk, I never feel rushed, and I always leave happy with my purchase! Thanks Patriot Care xo

  235. Jeepbaked

    Good selection I will be returning

  236. Sjrobs77

    Very knowledgeable staff, and always smiling!!!

  237. alliesilva23

    I enjoyed the location and as a first timer they made it extremely comfortable and easy for me to find exactly what I needed!

  238. AngelaB815

    They NEVER have cartridges! It is such a thorn in my side. Edible quality is effective but taste is terrible. Flower is good. Not enough products catering to patients combining CBD/THC

  239. Sah13

    I was so impressed by everything start to finish at Patriot Care Lowell. This was my first time at this facility. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. They took their time and answered all my questions and helped make suggestions. I will definitely be back.

  240. bigwood72

    this uexceptible, were sick patients and is forced to wait up to 1hr no matter what day what time.never again .would not recommend

  241. asenyth

    This was my first time to a dispensary ever! They took great care of me and I got some great deals. The medicine is great and I was able to get exactly what I needed!

  242. PF2000

    The staff here is so friendly and helpful it is a pleasure to come here.

  243. sunshinesparks

    Love this place! Easy location, staff was super nice and knowledgeable. Flower has been top grade and very well trimmed and cleaned. They have frequent specials and keep all of their communications flowing. Just saw they added oils for vaping – can’t wait to try it!

  244. ztns

    My only issue is the dryness of your bud. You guys should vacuum seal it if you dont

  245. Jkimball80


  246. Sweenz001

    Nice people fast service. Not a large selection of concentrates

  247. Murfff

    I was a first-time client this week and I was impressed: the staff was friendly, competent, thorough, and professional. The strains offered for sale address a variety of issues and their probable effects were discussed by the counter staff in laymen’s terms so that customers better understand their effects; not to sell more. The woman I dealt with was terrific – I’m only sorry I don’t remember her name so I could give her a shoutout here. Critical Mass, Sour Kush, Lemon Thai, and Dreamweaver all have unique properties and effects and I appreciated the amount of time and energy she spent explaining what to expect from each.

    Kief is also worth mentioning – I was told it’s the sticky crystals atop the leaves. It has the consistency of pollen and it’s sticky because it contains the highest level of THC compounds. Just as salt and spices in the right amount enhance the flavor of many foods, a little bit of kief sprinkled over the ground or crumbled flower prior to rolling or vaping takes it to the next level. Think of it as a flavor enhancer that enhances the effects and you get the idea – something that’s highly recommended.

    This dispensary also welcomes new customers as well as those who’ve visited before with discounts: there was a holiday special, a frequent-buyer offer, the expected (but disappearing elsewhere) discount for purchasing larger quantities, a new customer offer, a referring customer offer, even recycling of their plastic containers. Getting a dollar off for bringing eight little jars back might not sound like much, but it’s both socially useful and more profitable than canning at a nickel a bottle.

    Maybe it was the setting (country/industrial park) or the location (easy-on, easy off at the junction of routes 3 and 3A (The Lowell Connector) and Route 495, Greater Boston’s outer ring road. Maybe it was because it was a beautiful day when I drove up from Boston. I’m certain a lot of it has to do with the people there, too, but the experience was far better than that in PC’s Boston dispensary on Milk Street – so a word to the managers: train your Boston to work the way the folks in Lowell do and you’ll have more – and more satisfied – clients.

  248. RedSour

    The Staff are Very Friendly

  249. surferdave11

    Great people. Did I say great people working there? Go say hi to some great people.

  250. Bugsyseagull

    Very convenient location for me. And while I don’t agree with the stance this group has taken in regards to legalization, I wanted to check it out for myself.

    Staff was knowledgeable and professional. Product was good, although limited. My only issue was finding the building. Very difficult to see the sign from the road.

  251. srrosa1997

    10 min from my house, always top notch products, great atomosphere, bit expensive always should have a flash sale, and vape oil in stock.

  252. TheMiddleAgedAnswerwoman

    A repeat customer, I always walk away happy with my experience and the quality of the medicine.

    Everyone complains about the price. I did the math on flowers and found that whatever you buy you are paying $6.00 MORE at Patriot Care in Lowell than the place in Brookline (for example).

    No matter the quantity, it is ONLY $6.00 more in Lowell. IMHO: Everything about Patriot Care is worth that added “surcharge”.

    Right off the highway — equally easy off the road as back on, which is no easy feat in the Boston area.

    No parking issues at all.

    There is almost never a wait to purchase.

    The people who work here are authentically nice and helpful.

    They give out monthly coupons that show up right in my email with all the information I need to cash it in (which I do!).

    I trust that they will be providing more flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals in Lowell in due time.

  253. Eric.M

    Great staff

  254. ames1014

    best flower in mass

  255. nbnbtc

    Fantastic service and superb quality! Happy customer for over a year.

  256. BubblesMinx

    Patriot Care always has a great selection of bud to treat my wife’s symptoms. Their knowledgeable staff helps me pick out the best products to meet her needs!

  257. jlallen71

    Brownies are awesome! yummy

  258. doincool

    Overall experience was great . Unfortunately the 1/16th of Canna-Tsu I bought was petty much all popcorn/shake . Not what I would expect after paying 28 dollars. The other flower I bought was good . Decent bag appeal strong buzz but somewhat lacking in the terp department in my honest opinion

  259. AliceBaby

    I love it Here. The Staff are Awesome, and well knowledgeable.

  260. nuvie

    great place

  261. diane2536

    Love it all!’

  262. xphish

    Fantastic location with tons of parking. Private. Very helpful and in and out fast. They have a smaller selection, but but is good, tons of eatables, and they will have concentrates later this fall! Super helpful staff. Will rerun when Medi Haze is available again.

  263. bryan978

    great location good product awesome customer service

  264. AmarettoIce

    I suggest simply that if you do not want people to gain access to your first door put a security guard there. It is normal and kind that people still hold the door for eachother. Instead of being kind and noticing that it seems the majority of your patients have common decency built in. People go there for medical reasons and should not be scolded like children because you don’t want to put security guards at the front door like every other secure place. As a Patient… it is not ok not even if it was recreational sales is it ok to talk down to a customer let alone a patient ,and then to insinuate a patient is lying….I will think twice about where I purchase my medication.

  265. 123ronhowe

    Great staff and awesome service. I’m finally glad they are open. I can’t wait till they are fully stocked you have to try the Northern lights Bud it’s awesome Thanks again Lowell Patriot Care.

  266. Miamor8677

    Ther are always so nice and informative! Easy process and it’s always very nice and clean Inside 🙂 Never have had to wait long at all either. All around great experience every time.

  267. aelkiwan

    Won’t take my business anywhere else

  268. RichardEricWhite

    DILLION CSR rep is Awesome, he takes time and explains everything, he educated me on exacly what i needed to heal. Dillion your awesome

  269. tholt1821

    Good selection of product and very helpful associates.

  270. gmayb

    Great experience for my first time. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I will definitely be back again.

  271. AdikaInfinity22

    Great place and good people who are always willing to help with any questions, etc.

  272. shoutycollins69

    Really friendly and nice, couldn’t of asked for a better experience.

  273. evilmiko

    cool place , the staff awesome . dropping knowledge about flower .

  274. JuanSweetWorld89

    Friendly staff who are very knowledgeable about the medicine. they also have a wide variety of flower to choose from!

  275. fancycello

    Non-disclosure issue. They allow you to purchase no more than a 1/4! No mention on web site.
    Really. You made me travel over an hour for a 7 grams!
    No argument it was good quality.
    Waste of my time. Nothing worst than that.

  276. Araggamuffin

    Have. A great flower selection and the best edibles

  277. Veronika60

    Love the variety of both edibles & flower. Additionally, the staff is very knowledgeable about the medicine. Thanks for all your help.

  278. Gethigh2525

    The Its It #2 is lit.

  279. SweetPurple

    I looove this place. they have great meds! love the staff and process. the nuggs were amazing

  280. SeanS2345

    Awesome staff, great menu and it’s gotten bigger over the past few months! Flower was a little dry but I think they’ve fixed that. All in all I think it has the potential to be the best dispensary in MA. 8/10 right now!

  281. starbot

    The best around– great deals, excellent flower quality… the best edibles. HIGHly recommended!

  282. jgabe4

    Very helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous staff. Location is clean, plenty of parking, and safe. Look forward to seeing more concentrates soon. Thank you!

  283. rich978

    This location is very convenient

  284. JCooper90

    Great location for anyone traveling from Worcester. Love the staff, very friendly. Love the 1g pre-roll 5-packs.

  285. Shaggydog420

    Great variety with something for everyone. Potent flower seems to ooze the terpens. Service and atmosphere are excellent. Stop by!

  286. respectpeace

    Patriot Care has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. everything is top notch for Massachusetts medical grade. sales associates are very helpful on the phone and willing to answer any questions they can. I would and have recommended this dispensary to other medical patients.

  287. MARS2002

    Thanks for the 10% Senior Discount . A friendly staff,with sales promotions worth following. Never had any weed from there that sucked. Super Silver Haze, had me cleaning the house with energy. Special thanks to Ms. Melissa.

  288. wrmiller1992

    Love how they have a recycling program. Half gram pre rolls lasted longer than. I thought. OK quality bud, have had better. Not much of a selection, $190 an ounce is not cheap. Didn’t see slot of concentrated foods. Location is good. Staff was friendly but looked exhausted. I’ll be back.

  289. OGscreech

    Friendly staff and great product

  290. astefaniak

    Quality is OK. Staff is amazing. Never ever have enough medicine/ menus always slim and they run out A LOT! I wish it was better because it’s super convenient location and awesome staff.

  291. bcrystal

    Super clean, flowers is always fresh and the staff are great and very helpful.

  292. DerekS420

    this is my only real complaint now why only half sized oils I won’t buy them at 45 a half I can get a full for 40 there 70 fills are the best

  293. LaurethJezebelle

    First dispensary I went to, close and conviemcent easy to find. Staff makes it easy, disvounts for vets, seniors, others one of the better ones in the state too. Always good variety of flower.

  294. Phillyfergtanya

    Very clean and professional location. Very knowledgable staff. Good information from staff about what each of the strains are good for. They also have vaping equipment. Although their selection is still growing (no pun intended), what they do have is great. Very reasonable wait times and the best part is that they grow locally. Way to boost the local economy. Most customers are middle-aged working folks who want an alternative to the pharmaceutical toolbox currently used by doctors. As a decade+ chronic pain person who does not like to take more medicines than I need, this medical distribution center is my new go-to solution.

  295. stevezappala

    Love the product. Great atmosphere.

  296. JGourd

    I think it will be fantastic when they can get up the inventory. I got both an indica and a sativa dominant hybrid and they were very good, much better than the delivery services. They offer a discount for folks on Mass Health as well. What I am really looking for is the OpenVape cartridges filled with concentrate. It is the most convenient way of medicating throughout the day.

  297. Alexclark26

    Always quick and amazing service great products and i love the staff.

  298. onlytheblunted

    Can’t get enough of all the good services the staff provides me when I’m in there

  299. krooka79

    Great people and great strains. Should have more incentives for long time members

  300. GGWatch53

    Great selection; excellent customer service – always prompt, accurate with orders and speedy service; extremely secure place to pick up meds; knowledgeable staff; lots of fun incentives – absolutely one of the best dispensaries in New England and my favorite!

  301. scottsteve123

    First time user of medical marijuana and visit to this dispensary. The staff was EXCELLENT! Very knowledgeable and helpful!

  302. markcard

    It’s a good place to go and it keeps getting better. I have been going to Patriot Care since it opened, though not exclusively. They have not had a big selection or edibles, until recently. The staff is excellent, friendly, and helpful. The building is clean, comfortable and right off the highway.
    I’m glad to see their selection is increasing and they are getting edibles in. They do run out of some strains, so it is good to call in advance.
    The strains have been good quality and potent. For example the Super Silver Haze is almost 30% THCA!
    Some suggestions:
    I would like to see the buds before I buy them and not just the samples.
    Unlike what others have said, their prices are in line with the other dispensaries in the area. I would like to see more bulk price reductions.
    I would like to see concentrates, like shatter, etc.
    I would like it if they were open earlier in the day, like 9:00 AM.
    It seems to me that some of the bud could be a little drier, as compared to other dispensaries.
    Clean up the promotions on the website.
    Free WiFi in the waiting room.
    Cannabis based magazines in the waiting area.
    Tour of the grow facility.

    Definitely worth checking out!

  303. Dazednconfused2

    Really expensive and not that many options

  304. ckirk3

    I love the Lowell location. All the employees are friendly and knowledgeable. I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes. And I love the product of course!!

  305. TheRadiator101

    Great location, awesome selection. The staff is very friendly and professional. Cool deals for members. Definitely suggest checking these guys out!

  306. phobic

    the place was decently easy to find, very nice inside, and the staff was great. the lack of selection was a bummer, but understandable with a place so new. I got a chance to discuss some new strains that are coming with the staff, which was very encouraging. the buds are very nice as well. I got an eight of each strain, which came in 4 different bottles. seems odd, but doesn’t bother me.

  307. Dtension

    I leave here empty handed all the time. They’re always out of oil and often out of edibles. I pointed out that this happens way too often and the person working the counter said aEURoeyeah well you always come on FridayaEUR. So, you see, it’s my fault. They also told me that when recreational arrived that it would be at a different location and that they would stay a medical facility. Lies. They’re combining rec with medical in the same small building that already lacks inventory. Very disappointing. But hey, that’s what I get for trusting Goldman Sachs so, you see, it’s my fault.

  308. annecal

    I’ve been to both Patriot Care locations. The Lowell location is easy to find and in a safe area with plenty of parking. I’m new to this and the staff have been incredibly helpful. They have a good range of edibles but I wish they had oil cartridges more regularly.
    The main reason I make the extra trip here is for the strain, ‘The Mission,’ by far the best I’ve found to have me feeling relaxed and happy, even when pain or anxiety are terrible. This strain has allowed me to go out far more often than I used to!

  309. Aragon25

    Always super friendly staff. Fast easy checkouts. Place is awesome!

  310. Alfran

    If you go there need to try phantom cookies pre roll

  311. Makenna22375

    Good selection of flower

  312. waitin4godot

    This was my first time going to a dispensary. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were out of a lot their Sativa stock, (maybe because it was a Sunday?). I will definitely go back!

  313. Lowell_loch_monster

    Great edibles, great flower and the friendliest staff of any place Ive been. Love it!

  314. Bashful842

    I love Patriot Care dispensary in Lowell. They are very friendly and helpful. This company is all about the patients and saving us money every way possible. I still have not paid full price and have been a patient 2 months now. Great service, great quality flower, great deals. This is the best & #1 dispensary.

  315. ChrasG

    Very high quality flower with a great selection and edibles.

  316. joefatmamma

    Large selection of great flower!

  317. KDH75

    First time visit and I was very pleased. I was attracted by Patriot’s flower variety – looks like they’re leading with the more popular strains AND MULTIPLE CBD’s which is great.

    I really like that they have promotions, frequent specials and small sizes.

    I’d love to see concentrates in the future but I’ll be going back soon.

  318. Capo44

    The staff here is great. Very helpful. However the inventory at the Lowell facility is constantly a challenge. I was there today and they were either sold out of most of the flower I was interested in or had 1/2 oz minimums at $100….. ridiculous. They also sell out of the oil cartridges for the vape pens immediately. The staff suggested that I have to be there the afternoon they come in or people come in and buy up 5 at a time and they sell out in hours…..more frustration

  319. Steelowitzz

    They always have new products and promotions available

  320. Flavorjars

    Where do I start. I’ve been going to this location on and off since they opened. I’ve had very good experiences and also very horrible. I will NEVER go back!! They have lost a good customer. Here is why the flower is good one week the same flower the next if they have it, or don’t decide to put a quarters only available sign on it is not as good even though they say it’s the same batch. The pre rolls give me headaches across all strains with tells me they use a mix of flower and shake and or trim. The staff is good with the exception of a couple of people “you know who you are” letting people spin the prize wheel multiple times until they get what they want and limiting me to just two spins and still ended up with crap $20 off a platinum scam membership. Lastly and this is there worst downfall. The marketing blablabla that they do. Just give us quality meds at a reasonable price

  321. Murphman64

    I have spine issues. The wait is to put it mildly..not pleasant. I have almost an hour drive. You have to wait outside before they open 30-45 early because a line forms. Computer problems(wasnt the first day either). Cant use my psc points. They didnt let us know about it till we were in front of the register. Still took 20min at the register (printer problems) then i have an hour drive home. They are supposed to be helping me right? Well i always dread the day i have to go to Lowell. Getting harder to justify the trip. Very expensive and too dry.

  322. satisatanica

    prices are too high they only sell by gram and 16th. keep supporting your local farmer.

  323. Boston_Tech

    Today is the second time i have recently been to the Lowell facility an have received flower that is not medical grade.
    What i received is not smoke able let alone medical. Stop rushing your drying an curing process the weed becomes to dry an
    when its ground it turns to dust because it has been over dried to quickly this is disgusting an a disgrace to being selling flower the is of such poor quality.

  324. Srabito16

    Overall, it is a pretty great place. I like the service, as everyone is kind and knows what they’re talking about. My only is that the starting prices are a bit high. Usually $25 for a 1/16 (1.75 g). They do also do week flash sales on products.

  325. mpr101

    Patriot Care Lowell is a very friendly enviroment. love the daily menus. my only suggestion to them would be to start an express window (like the one they have thats not being used?)

  326. Fcheese217

    Awesome atmosphere, great selection and the service is outstanding

  327. TheCobbler

    I like their strains just wish they would stay on the shelf a bit longer. They have great edibles and pretty good shatter but the shatter also goes fast. Their newer oil cartridges are good but they need to sell lower voltage pens. I use my O.pen on them and I get a completely different flavor than the burnt over powering flavor I get with the pen they give you. Im thankful for the free pen but the O.pen works better.

    Also go late afternoon if you want to beat the lines.

    Overall 3.5 stars

  328. jsud9494

    Prices are outrageous. They do have very high quality nug and Usaully a decent strain selection. But 106$ for a quarter ? And you claim to care about the patient. I ain’t go

  329. flipBiscuit

    I love it here. It’s always a nice time at Patriot Care Lowell dY’

  330. Kenjay24

    Best dispensary in MA

  331. Bluntedoffdro

    Great place with awesome people and good medicine.

  332. FuzzyMcNugg5

    Great people and great product I can wait to see what they have in the future

  333. mvitiello60

    Excellent experience

  334. gibsonson87

    Not bad. Not great. Kinda in the middle. I just got my card last month so this was my first time in this past week on my dispensary conquest. Flower was alright. A little dry but passable. Service was iffy, my associate was unsure of the extraction method used for their concentrates. I think that’s something that should be understood by all staff members. It’s a little far from me and the traffic to get in and out of Lowell is a little on the crazy side. Might come back in the future but I’m not sure just yet.

  335. BestInMe

    There were only three strains available: 24K, White Widow & Sour Kush. I got the White Widow & Sour Kush. WW made me super paranoid and SK didn’t make me too paranoid. But I won’t buy either again and I wish they had more to offer. The prices are high but at least they give a breakdown of everything in their flowers on the bottle. They were nice but I feel as if they wanted to make money. I didn’t want anything too harsh and WW was harsh for me.

  336. Mikerencricca

    Customer service and products offered are top notch. Favorite dispensary by far!

  337. tjaffarian

    It’s clean, efficient, staff helpful. Love it!!

  338. CyleChronic

    Great service good buds.

  339. MelissaChoquette

    this was my 1st time ever at a dispensory and the folks here at Patriot in Lowell were by far the friendliest bunch of people. Christina who was my Sales girl was amazing knowledgeable, outgoing, personable and funny. I will not be needing to visit any other dispensaries. Patroit~Lowell, you all Rock!!! ~ Melissa Choquette

  340. rc008

    Patriot care is great! The quality of their products is the best, along with there employees who are very helpful and friendly and know what they are talking about. Overall 5 stars!!

  341. Kotoko556

    great bud, great people, never a dull experience

  342. Gunz0813

    Great place

  343. alittlebacio

    Great crew and very knowledgeable. Excellent selection too!!

  344. Wessonr

    Great variety. Very nice and knowledgeable sales people.

  345. vmm1006

    The customer service is excellent. The workers are super nice and always very helpful. The prices are in my budget.

  346. Jfrey123

    Excellent knowledgeable staff, excellent selection A+ experience.

  347. klmack84

    Love this place! So convenient and usually have a pretty good selection. They do sell out of certain things quickly though.

  348. Arkytoothus

    quality meds, all the strains I’ve had tasted great. respeck for giving veterans a discount..

    no complaints at all..

  349. yetipoet

    Feels very private. Great atmosphere inside, the staff are fantastic. Discounts for bulk even if you meet the requirement by mixing and matching 16ths, which is great. Make sure to enroll in their points program.

  350. chuckcase01

    This place is fantastic! Great location, easy to get to, very comfortable atmosphere. The products ive tried are fantastic. Very friendly and helpful. Love it, thank you patriot care

  351. buffa1019

    Great place…

  352. Laura438

    I use to come here a lot – the past two or three times that I’ve gone on prize wheel Monday or Wednesday the girl didn’t acknowledge me when I asked about spinning and never got to. – If you go here on those days & you get this red head just spin don’t bothering asking – most likely she won’t ask you. Other than that the front staff are always smiling so pleasant to deal with and so are a lot of the other cashiers and they have some good flower

  353. Jason917

    I have been with patriot care since the very beginning ….Have watched them grow ..and literally become the best dispensary around! Awesome service, very knowledgeable, staff very friendly, the best flower around! I only wish that you guys could get some more oil in for the Vape pens that would be awesome! Love you guys there!!!!!

  354. jason12483

    Very knowledgeable and very friendly and helpful

  355. irishmha

    I’ve been to every dispensary in MA. And I have to say this location is the best. Great deals, service and product!

  356. Rich4207

    Great products awesome staff.

  357. rahsab420

    Awesome dispensary, great bud, prices, promotions and tenders. My new favorite!

  358. mikeydeed

    Good quality products.. good service.. flower prices a little HIGH though…

  359. jmat417

    One of the best dispensaries in MA. Great flower with a good selection, plus I live close by.

  360. MrXx

    Visited Patriot Care for first time. Good experience . Would definitely suggest you visit.

  361. Larrysweed

    Love this place

  362. byrdisthewyrd

    Great quality bud and concentrates, and crazy delicious edibles. They seem like they’re starting to find a nice balance between variety and consistency. They offer sixteenths too, which is a nice way to be able to sample stuff. Buddha’s Third Eye and Pink have been some of my favorites. Staff is very friendly and facilities are gorgeous.

  363. eeeureka

    Staff is always super friendly and knowledgeable, good selection of strains and pre rolls. Always a pleasure to go to Patriot Care.

  364. cholder0535

    Great people and always ready to help. I had an issue with something I bought here and checked it off as a loss…. yet after talking to 2 of the workers, one being a manager they told me they were take care of it! They didn’t have to do anything but they did and the fact they did made my day so much better!
    Me and rosie we be back to see you soon !

  365. MassMeds

    The quality of the medicine was decent when they first opened up. Now that they have been open for a couple months they are running smoothly. I have visited Patriot Care over 10 times since they first opened, and I noticed that the quality of medicine is improving significantly! If only they lowered the prices because I believe they are the most expensive dispensary in Mass.

  366. DRxPA1N

    This place rocks!

  367. Dmprn


  368. Joec30

    Awesome! It was a very friendly environment!

  369. MVL420

    This place is great, which I’ve stated before. The flower helps me immensely. PEOPLE – quit complaining about limited strains and be grateful we can purchase medical quality in a legal fashion here in MA. Xoxo

  370. Lavender18

    I just got home with my new PAX3 and some unbelievable Grand Daddy Purple. I took three hits from the PAX3 and I was buzzed and feeling no pain. I am so happy I invested in the PAX3 because I will be saving money and not smoking so often. And the flavor of the flower is stronger and not so hot. Everyone at Patriot is so friendly and helpful I love going there.

  371. DebbieAlHarbi

    This dispensary is the most comforting, loving, caring, compassionate, sensitive place cause the people who work here are all Angels. My Angels, Debbie Al-Harbi (Perfect location!)

  372. budbudbud124

    Quality: Bud was dry as could be. Service: People were nice. Atmosphere: Too corporate for me.

  373. sball87

    Took the time to go an extra mile to try a new dispensery. This is the second dispensery I’ve ever been to.Previously hopped onto leafly to see what was on the menu.
    When I was called up and was asked what I wanted they didn’t have anything of what I wanted! Everything was sold out. In which that case, the staff member made me feel rushed. While speaking to the staff member- trying to figure out an alternative, I felt she was unknowledgeable about what I was asking, maybe a language barrier? What I did like was that certain items were cheaper, I got a first customer discount, and they sold in 1/16. She also let me know of the other discounts such as my birthday discount, and every time I return a tube or container I receive a dollar.
    I would give this dispensery another try. I’m going to give the benefit of a doubt because of all the discounts and specials. The bud I did end up buying was excellent!
    Also found it VERY cool that they allowed people to bring in their dogs.

  374. kushaholic718

    Patriot care is a good dispensary in my opinion. I noticed there is a lot of talking in this state about what dispensary is the best and eveyone keeps tell me go to brookline its “the best one” but in my honest opinion there all basically the same. ive been a patient in california and have been to denver multiple time. And I’m sorry to say the flower is dry in ever dispensary i personally have been to. Not that it isnt potent at all. Just dry and burns extremely fast. I do know what extremely potent marijuana looks and feels like when you break it up. And if it is extremely potent. it is sopposed to be extremely sticky. or dank and fluffy your finger should be sticking just from touching it. i just hope the dispensary get the dryness under control. You
    do not want kief falling off your bud like snow when you grind it.

  375. hlfbakd

    Very nice location! Very nice product and they offer a 10% discount for vets so I like that! I highly recommend the critical mass for body pain! Will keep coming back Iv been twice so far

  376. Suzysassafras

    Everyone is just so helpful and friendly. No question is stupid.

  377. BuddasSon

    This is my go to dispensary for Vape Oils and Shatter! The quality and flavors of their products keep me as a returning customer. Highly recommended dispensary!

  378. datorno3

    Quality bud, great location, quick in/out, friendly staff; 10/10 recommend.

  379. Emmett22

    Its a great place. A relaxed atmosphere and very helpful people. I’d recommend it to anyone. And HAVE.

  380. Chezwaldo

    My bud tender recommended the Eucalyptus salve and it actually worked like a charm. Nearly all pain is gone! Better than the smelly salves from the pharmacy.

  381. Gregory15k

    This place is phenomenal. Patriot Care has great bud and a pretty big selection of strains. I would highly recommend stopping by if you are in the lowell area

  382. joe2sa

    You need an express line. There is no need for a patient to wait behind a long line of people because of a aEURoeprize wheelaEUR. This is still medicine to some people. Being able to come in and out with ease is a necessity. Simple order form would speed things up a 100 times.

  383. Ascarpetti48

    Nice buds!

  384. lpool381

    The strains here are so different then anything I find at my usual dispensary! Everyone is also very nice and helpful here!

  385. Kingofdanorf

    Quality selection of flower and edibles, they do their best to cut deals where they can to making it a more affordable option

  386. IndigoKo

    Great place and really close by if you live in lowell

  387. 710MJ

    Top notch budtenders!

  388. knarley

    Very friendly fast service great place for sure thank you patriot

  389. lowellgirl

    I’m very new to the world of dispensaries and didn’t quite know what to expect. Every staff person I’ve met has been welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The only comparisons I can draw on the product are based on what was available when I quite smoking 25 years ago . . . and in comparison to what was, everything I have tried is of outstanding quality. I’m not terribly concerned about extraction methods etc., more interested in what will help deal with pain, insomnia etc. and the staff has been wonderful in helping me chose strains that have given me my life back!

  390. Kyutobi

    convenient location, great bud, and great customer service.

  391. apgproperties

    Great and friendly staff. Reasonable pricing. Beautiful and clean facility. Easy access. Biggest gripe is they are frequently out of stock on much needed items for pain relief. I know they need a larger distribution facility.

  392. Tim7623

    Great facility, great staff, awesome deals all the time. There is no other dispensary that hooks it up as fat as Patriot Care does with the deals!!

  393. KhristinaNT

    Always pleased

  394. rpatrick

    First of all = Love you guys! Customer servise couldnt be better.
    I have one complaint.

    I’m an edible user more that flower.

    Why is your edible and vape oil inventory so irratic?

    Lowell rarely has chocolate bars, cookies, and vape oil inventory consistantly.

    Plenty of flower – but edibles are a crap shoot most times.

    Thank you

  395. mbearhello

    They have nice flower, but almost nothing else in stock constantly. Of the dispensaries in MA, they have the worst stock problems.

  396. Crystal0000

    Most of the people are nice.

  397. Bransyn

    Fast service
    Never lines
    Knowledgable people
    Very convenient at rt 3 and 495 intersection

    I would not go anywhere else. 😉

  398. Widdie25

    This is my favorite place to buy cannabis with the staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and understand the importance of filling people’s prescriptions quickly. I have gone here for years and will continue to do so in the future

  399. Ferrante77

    Awesome customer service

  400. Tmrg30

    Everyone is very nice and they know the products very well.

  401. CapeCodMedical

    We welcome Patriot Care to the family! We no doubt will be visiting Lowell hand and hand with our patients. Please let us know at Cape Cod Medical Advocates if your organization or anyone needs help getting their license safely. We have helped hundreds from Provincetown to Springfield.

  402. Saraswati3

    Helpful and knowledgeable staff I’ve been going for almost 3 years

  403. Allielav791

    Best dispensary. The product and prices are great . And the leafy pickup very easy to use

  404. Happyventures333

    kind staff, great selection of flower and edibles. never disappointed in my visits there. traffic home can suck but the drive is worth it.

  405. Allie747999

    I love this dispensary there always kind and courteous

  406. shantron5000

    My second review because I can’t say enough good things about patriot care. I love the staff, the product, the rewards program. And how environmentally conscious they are. I’m loving all the new strains as well!

  407. taykay27

    very friendly staff, quality products, and amazing service

  408. prettylady213

    I love this location I was shopping around a little to see what location best fit my needs and it looks like Patriot care Lowell is where it’s at

  409. ibesmokin357

    Shout out to Olivia she’s my favorite PA in Lowell

  410. dahettler

    It’s all about location. Only place close to me, so it keeps me coming back. Flower is hit or miss. Good weed, and bad weed. Never top shelf buds! Grabbed a quarter of grease monkey, was terrible! Small undergrowth nugs, not cured or trim correctly. Full of seeds! Shatter is good, and seems to be getting better. A little costly for shatter compared to others. To many quarter restrictions, daily shatter limits, and a unpredictable menu. Pick a second and third option when going.Friendly staff, good location. A nice place, that could be so much better if they tightened up thier game.

  411. Tipah145

    The staff is very professional. The medicine/cannabis is top notch.Some of the very best flower ive ever had .Place is cozydY~Z PB

  412. Joebruiser22

    The flowers are really dry, I’ve brought a lot of different strains but they all were dried up.
    They Are always low on Buds, I’ve been there a couple of time and they only had 3 different kinds of buds 🙁
    Prices on Buds are pricey for dried up weed. Staff seems to be not informed about weed

  413. VMPGPK

    high quality products, solid variety most of the time, and the staff is always ready, willing, and able to do everything they can to help!

  414. Jessieh23

    Their medicine is top notch

  415. corvidae19

    Good Flower at very manageable and competitive prices for folks of modest means like myself. Would recommend if you’re looking for a good value.

  416. MrCashman

    Just enough out of the way.

  417. Fnnnandtoken

    Loveeee the product and like the people good staff
    There a bit weak on the oils thooooo .its ok they make up in the food department

  418. tubbysjamin

    i love it the staff are the best and they give great deals as i have limits on my money

  419. M.O.18

    Love Patriot Care !!! So many incentives, definitely worth the hour drive.

  420. darfoo420

    Friendly knowledgeable staff, good quality product. The only complaint is the price, they are significantly more expensive than other dispensaries nearby. In this case I guess you are paying for convenience, it is really easy to get here. Salem and Ayer both have similar quality with less cost, and the staff in Ayer is particularly excellent.

  421. Dina1469

    The Flower is fresh, the tincture is amazing the edibles delicious and the Bithday special is very thoughtful.

  422. Mandb13

    my favorite shop! allways leave with a smile and s6per freindly and knowledgeable

  423. Brettbbs

    Extremely friendly environment,staff is very knowledgeable about the strains they have available and always extremely high quality cannabis available daily

  424. renagade

    New place, needs time to improve products, most strains are weak, but atmosphere and service are excellentdY~ give it time and the products will improve. I plan on giving my money, to support the growth of this amazing dispensary.

  425. patriotsfan05

    My husband had a lot of questions and they took the time to talk to him and answer everyone of them no matter how silly of a question he had.
    No matter how many people are behind you in line they never make you feel rushed.product is great

  426. Ashleyrp94

    They are great!

  427. jwags99

    Some great products

  428. joshyrivera89

    Well today was my first time going to patriot care Lowell gotta say very nice place friendly people very easy to order will definitely recommend any one to go and check them out thank you

  429. Moonpie1978

    This was my first visit to a dispensary ever and they were so helpful. They made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and had tons of discounts and deals. Highly recommend going here.

  430. Justinlovesweed

    Prices dropped since last visit, bud was fresh, and way more strains. Good on you guys keep it up and keep getting better!

  431. cicij6798

    they never have vape products. I only vape and cant get cartridges here. very disappointing

  432. popeglazier

    I’ve reviewed these guys multiple times because they are my favorite dispensary in the state I’ve been to so far. I had to review again today because they released their first batch of shatter, and it is absolutely amazing. It costs way too much, but oh my God it is one of the best, most flavorful shatters I’ve ever had. I’m really looking forward to trying other strains as they come out, but it certainly won’t be my daily medicine due to cost, but maybe a once a month treat. I love all the strains I’ve tried, about a dozen or so. I’ve seen complaints about their flower being too dry, but I always felt why pay for water, I would just rehydrate it slightly before smoking. Now I vaporize almost exclusively and I prefer dry flower. The staff is great super friendly and professional. I’m also very happy that they have dropped the price of their flower to be more in line with the other dispensaries in the state.

  433. MrLee2k


  434. jct22451

    I really appreciate and thank everyone at Patriot Care for everything they’ve done for me. I am taken care of each time I am there. The quality of the medicine is only getting better and better. I don’t know what I would do without Patriot Care Lowell. I am doing better and very thankful for it.

  435. steelowitz

    The customer service.. very respectful and truthful

  436. jbanksie13

    I love how helpful everybody is here. There’s always someone who wants to be part of your decision making process. This may be the closest dispensary to me but it’s definitely my fave. Especially because I prefer flowers and the occasional edible- so this is red my idea place. Thanks everyone!

  437. mindeye

    OTIS LOVES THE LOVE! My dog and I can’t express our thanks. This place is filled we great products and people. Everyone that works there is kind, caring, intelligent and willing to find the medicine that works for you. It’s a happy environment that allows me to stay well. Thanx again. Our favorites Brad and Mellissa are sweet to see everytime we go. I tell everyone to shop here.
    Sparkly Smooches + Cold nose Snuggles

  438. KCallery

    Organized, helpful, and kind.

  439. Usmafia808

    closest dispensary by 20 minutes for me. I’d make the trip for their flower though, if I had to. some of the best in the state consistently. my only criticism is that they need to step their concentrates game up.

  440. rperrone1

    Come here now and to see how there progress is going. Looks like it’s going to be my go to location. Flower is quality.

  441. JimmyGSR

    Always good service. Always quality products. Overall a great place to go. You wont be disappointed if you have yet to make a visit!

  442. Mroux

    Strange atmosphere. I was Publicly embarrassed by staff

  443. Tweak23

    I love patriot care, all of the employees are nothing but informative and passionate! Very new, clean, and organized system!
    Products can be spotty, I’ve been purchasing oil from them for months now, and suddenly they stopped stocking it with no warning or explanation.

  444. addysully01

    I had a fantastic employee named Jen help me out before.She was super informative and helpful.The Flower there is great

  445. epell

    I have now visited this location twice, and the level of professionalism is off the charts. Everyone is nice, friendly, and helpful. The products I have tried so far have been top notch. I love the discounts, coupons, and promotions this dispensary runs. Thanks for what you guys do! Ill be back for some more meds soon.

  446. CannaM1Z

    My favorite RMD as of past few months.

    Once I heard they had a downtown location in Boston I couldn’t wait to go.

    This place is generous with their MBTA + Recycling program. They have the biggest nugs as opposed to those lil’ popcorn/ nuggets you see elsewhere. Budtenders are very personable and well educated on Cannabis-everything. (They’ve all been well-trained!)

    You experience a friendly vibe here. Security staff is very chill, very strong, and very serious about their job. That said — They are all good guys.

    Location: MBTA is your friend. Very close to State St + Govt Center.


    – HUGE nugs. (Herijuana didn’t do much for me, but Strawberry Fields + Taffie are out of this world! Deadhead OG will crush whatever stress anxiety you might have.)

    – Strong shatter. (Wish they offered more of it. I’d love to see some Wax as well.

    – Edibles: Underwhelmed by their edibles + prices, but this is pretty much the same across all RMDs.

  447. matthewmcleanb

    As a whole my first visit was pretty pleasant everyone from the front desk to the bud-tenders and in between all seemed eagerly ready to make my visit a breeze. Just disappointed in the selection of pieces.

  448. Fab75

    Very poor selection of flower, no edible or concentrates selection. Horrible presentation of medicine. Everything is sold in 1/16th and over priced. I would not recommend this place to anyone

  449. raw5224

    Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Usually have a great variety.

  450. Paulypro420

    My first visit to Patriotcare and I’m very impressed by their professionalism and welcoming atmosphere. Two minutes to fill out a brief information form and I was attended to within 5 minutes by a very informative bud specialist who answered all my questions and she was friendly and professional. They had more strains than was listed on their website and here on leafly, so I was pleasantly surprised by the additional selections. I can’t comment yet on strain quality yet, maybe tomorrow lol, but from the scent of the bottles, they should help me be pain freedY~…. Give them a try, much better than other places I’ve been too.

  451. ladieg

    Easygoing n easy to get to
    Flowers taste ok helps the pain n sleep almost all night
    Product has seeds though… please allow the seeds to mature if the product will continue to have seedsdY~Z

  452. TheFadedPatriot

    This place has good potential. The building is very modern and the staff are very professional and knowledgeable. The herb comes in a blue pill bottle container with the chemical percentages of the particular strain. Prices are a bit high, but its good for a quick pickup if you’re waiting for a delivery or something.

    My biggest drawback was the lack of options. As of writing this they only offer Chocolope and Sour Kush. I’m hoping as business picks up so will the amount of strains they offer. They have no edibles or concentrates yet, which is a bummer. The quality of the bud was above average. I had super purple, frosty bud. May have been a little dry but barely noticeable.

    I would recommend giving this place a try. The professional and friendly atmosphere will knowledgeable staff is hard to beat. I’m looking forward to purchasing more as they grow.

  453. cbd_fan

    It’s great to be able to order online before you drive there. You don’t have to worry about what you want being sold out while you are en route!

  454. EastCoastDeej

    I’ve been to Patriot Care about half a dozen times. It certainly more expensive than the other dispensaries and the quality is hit or miss. Not to mention the selection and is relatively limited. They seem to be improving but I’d give the other dispensaries in the state a shot before trying Patriot Care.

  455. mikayla4

    This place is fantastic!

  456. lolosox

    Always greeted with a smile, everyone is very friendly

  457. Jeanine276

    Its a nice location. Easy to get to

  458. Remission2017

    Great location, people, and atmosphere. Terrible selection of vape oils cartridges

  459. jmillerx66

    its nice if you like expensive bud you could probably get the same quality off the street though

  460. AOgordo

    The rewards point system and staff are great. But what’s all that good for when your flower constantly has seeds in it. I try to be optimistic because they’re local but time after time. smh

  461. digatee

    Best dispensary in mass, staff is super friendly and environment is very comfortable

  462. Juja

    Cheapest edibles woth good quality

  463. Spear49492

    Staff is Outstanding, very friendly & knowledgeable !! New Leafy pickup should be great, used it once on 20% off LD weekend & finally got pre-ordered Vapes, which they tend to run out fast but Great Flower as well !!!

    Moving on up & keep up with stock……

  464. FreyjaMoonbow

    I love this dispensary! .. Honestly, it’s the only one I’ve been to, so I can’t compare them to anyone else. However, the place is run very professionally. The staff is always wicked knowledgeable, kind, courteous, nonjudgmental and helpful. Highly recommended!! dY’oedY’sdY’oe

  465. Alex82783

    Patriot is my go to dispensary for bud and vape carts

  466. Idontknowwhy

    Great location, huge variety, very helpful and knowledgeable staff- will be back!

  467. Jenjen96bitch

    Very nice

  468. GAMC292

    Patriot Care, is the best, their staff is knowledgeable, friendly and I always enjoy seeing them. The quality is great.

  469. klaatux

    The only thing I can really think of is that they need to post prices either here or on their website like other places do.

  470. NTC75

    I like Patriot Care they have a very knowledgable staff and are super nice. The only thing is their flower variety is so unpredictable and they are the only dispensary around who does not have O Pen Vapes. Time to get in the game Patriot Care.

  471. gardner18

    Everything you could ask for in a dispensary. It’s a modern space, the staff is friendly and after recently visiting for the first time…the product is also great. Only thing I could see making it better is having the product (flowers) visible for the consumer to take a look at and smell it…similar to how they do in Colorado. Will be back

  472. Bandon1

    Love going to Patriot care , great people and service

  473. PoetUninspired

    Wonderful location with delicious options.

  474. jstrout

    Excellent service, professional yet laid back environment.

  475. Deebee3158

    I am a regular here. All of the employees make me feel comfortable and I’m always well taken care of. Most of the time I’m in and out (depending on the day and time). I usually let tell them know what I’m looking for and they point me to the right flower. I recommend anyone looking for a dispensary with quality product and sales people to Patriot care.

  476. rpelosi94

    best dispensary ive been to yet.

  477. Mamakaz

    Always pleasant atmosphere! The workers are friendly and go all out to help you! Products regardless are always awesome!

  478. Egallant148

    One of my favorite dispensaries in my area. Staff is always nice and very helpful with any questions I have! Menu is always changing and offering new strains all the time. Great selection, I have never been disappointed with a purchase from here.

  479. jmerna

    love the fact I can get 1/6ths

  480. DrinkyMcSipSip

    I visited this place for the first time a couple weeks ago. The atmosphere is very professional. The staff was very nice and relatively knowledgable, however, they were not patients themselves so had no first hand knowledge of the product. They only have flower in stock and the choices are very limited with no true Indica’s. I know they’re in the process of growing and making new product and will re-evaluate once their stock has improved. I will definitely return for a follow up visit in a couple months.

  481. paulamos202

    Great staff and product. Just heard last week that they offer 10% off for veterans and 30% off the 11th of every month. I think that’s a great think to do for our Vets! Kudos!

  482. ZassoSenpai

    long wait, overpriced flower full of seeds and extremely dry. my edibles did nothing for me and the one shatter that was available was convinietly sold out. I can’t believe I even gave them my money. going back to my delivery service asap. (watch how many long paragraph 5 star reviews they get after this posts) conveniently pushing the truth away so that the patients who need to know, won’t. This storefront is Profit over Patients, all day.

  483. Daniel03_7

    I love how our menu keeps getting bigger; , sixteen’s u can pick of lil of each flower to treat all ur illness

  484. Prophecy75

    Great place for medication. Plus prices are really good.

  485. vgrdiver

    During my first visit, the staff was very thorough and answered all of my questions. Very knowledgeable staff and they took very good care of me on my first visit. I enjoy my Veteran discounts, thanks for offering Vet’s a discount! I am very pleased with the Chocolate edibles as well!

  486. akeiver23

    Great location because it was convenient. High quality product; however, very limited inventory. Staff was nice; however, while professional setting, the staff did not seem to know their product very well or the science working behind it… As I am a science major in college, I expected a better foundation in how each strain works to alleviate my symptoms. While this may be a problem with many dispensaries, it is still something to bring up and consider if you are scientifically grounded and looking for real, in-depth medical evaluations/recommendations.

  487. bestofdabest

    very friendly staff ..very knowledgeable.
    flowers r good even with da 1or 2 seeds.

  488. ange28

    Patriot care is the only dispensary I go to..the staff is great, the meds are great, I am however waiting for some capsules and new things but patriot care is the only dispensary for me!

  489. Houlebarry1961

    they are getting better with carrying more product.but I keep asking for cones,keef,but now Thay are carrying vape I was thinking on changing to vape it is safer on your lungs I here!

  490. teneriello22

    Great place

  491. bustab33

    i had a great first experience with patriot care in lowell. they have a great staff and a really good selection. i will def be making this my primary dispensary.

  492. jumplikeawillys

    Stopped here yesterday for the first time. I was surprised at how limited the selection was but what they do have was very tasty. my friend and I loved the critical mass. all the staff were very friendly. only a five gram limit but I see great potential here. I’m not in the Lowell area very often but I’m excited to see how this place develops

  493. Neverlaxking5

    Its a great place and a good Environment to go in

  494. Corey01851

    Everyone is really friendly. BUT I’ve gotten flower here that looked great. Smelled great. But smoked so harsh I couldn’t even smoke it. I’ve also gotten good flower here. I’ve gotten shatter here that tasted so bad that I literally couldn’t use it. I’ve also gotten decent shatter here. So it’s petty much a really expensive hit or miss. If you want concentrates I’d say go somewhere else. If you want flower do your own research. I swear they talk up stuff they know smokes bad

  495. masscannaman

    I love this place

  496. terps713

    First time here. Nice place buds were nice I just wish they were flushed a little better. It would deff bring the smoke from a 6 to a 10 with little better flush

  497. lsaari

    Great staff, amazing quality of product and overall good selection. the wheel adds an element of fun with discounts to boot!

  498. StickEfingers

    Not much to say. Seemless transactions. You get exactly what is on the menu. It goes quick. Watch the menu and time your purchases. Promotions and reservations there are amazing. Every nickle helps. Tenders are mostly amazing. Very rarely do you want to rush out.

  499. bigdog0531

    Great staff always have patience and help the customer

  500. G00ch

    This place has really good bud, really good edibles when available, lots of keif, and the order ahead is sweet.

  501. flipside45

    Very convenient location
    Professional, courteous & knowledgeable staff.
    Facility is neat & clean at al times 🙂

  502. AnthonyCafarelli

    Great company that takes care of its customers, plus bonus points and free spin for rewards. 10/10

  503. Madpainter

    Great place ,now even quicker,and still friendly and knowledgeable staff !!!aoeOEdYOEZ

  504. Tomgirrl_travel

    really sad not to see steph there anymore. she always brighten my days! it’s just not the same atmosphere anymore.
    i think i might start looking for some place closer to me. 🙁

  505. J.G.

    Limited Flower Availability. High prices didn’t help a disabled person either…Medicine is ok quality a little on the dry side.
    I would go back here if they can get more of a variety and “available quantity” of medicine.

  506. JulieBean

    Patriot Care Lowell is in a great location. Their staff are welcoming and the environment is easygoing and makes you feel at ease. What drew me to this location was the variety of product they had on their menu and the fact they had a great deal of flower to choose from. I was VERY disappointed when I got home and opened up my container of meds. The flower was so dry! It basically crumbled right apart in my finger tips. I would have been understanding if it was one specific product that was dry, but I purchased three different flower products, and all three were equally disappointing. I will not return unless I know their selling properly cured marijuana

  507. smokeythebandit89898

    This place sucks. They rarely have shatter. When they do it’s over priced CBD that does nothing but give you a headache. They are just ripping people off with over priced crap weed. It’s a disgrace that these people are the only ones licensed in this area and gauging people with bad products.

  508. its3rdeye

    Excellent customer service and a wide range of buds to choose from. Why wouldn’t you come here for your flower? Definitely would recommend grease monkey 6 and 10.

  509. Funktown

    My main location for 90% of my business. High quality and fresh products.

  510. anonymous_sibyl

    I was there the day before their public grand opening. They’re very organized and everything was running swiftly and smoothly. They have four strains to choose from right now and the staff seems knowledgeable about the medical uses and cannabinoids, though less knowledgeable about terpenes. Marijuana is dispensed in pill bottles, right now in 1 or 1.75 gram amounts. Prices are very reasonable. Strain profiles (THC and cannabinoids) are printed on the label. The only thing I’d like to see from them that they don’t currently have are strain profiles that include terpenes. I’m glad they’re finally open!

  511. jestjohn7

    Most days there is no vape oil in stock. You call yourself a dispensary?!

  512. tavia27

    lots of choices. flower can be to dry. nice place.

  513. danocdman

    The first few times I went there the flower was very dry. Didn’t go back for a while and what I got was excellent on every way. I wouldn’t go near the fire strain sales they have as that is something they can’t sell and has been there a while. My guess is that is where the hybrid pre rolls come from as well.

    Staff super nice and good clean safe location

  514. jcg1407

    one the better flower spots in mass, most convenient with location, service time and parking!

  515. daytr1pp3r

    Quality products from great people, always served with a smile

  516. Iguanadon

    I’ve used Patriot care a few times and am always impressed with the quality of their products. The flower is nice and fresh (and sticky!). The vape oils are convenient and they do not charge you for the battery. The location is very convenient as well.

  517. HannahJoyN

    Everyone who worked there was nice and informative dY$?–

  518. rhink011

    Excellent location! Very easy to get in and out of the area!

  519. jerlew

    Excellent atmosphere! The staff are always friendly and professional. The facility is very clean and inviting.

  520. Chilimuffin

    I love these guys. The weed is really nice and the people are friendly! Keep up the good work!!

  521. Akb528

    Order pickup ahead of time – it’s always so fast. This location is great for pre rolls and flower (haven’t tried anything else).

  522. vscott44

    excellent service and medicine and

  523. akford

    It was nearly empty when I went in so I got to spend time asking questions and not being rushed. I was disappointed a few of the menu items were sold out and it was only mid-morning when I went. The bud was a bit dry, but it was packed on October 6th. Excellent quality in what I chose and worked for what it was meant to.

  524. tteran1978

    Love this dispensary easy in and out clean safe everything you want and dispensary

  525. bmw4101978

    Everybody is amazing there!! Great service and great products!!!

  526. Docmurphy311

    The location is great and very convenient. The staff is great and knows their stuff. The meds are on point!

  527. fitzy173

    Been to a bunch of Dispensaries and so far my favorite. Friendly atmosphere, nice knowledgeable staff, and good quality merchandise.

  528. LaylaChing

    Very easy and quick online ordering . In and out within minutes!

  529. leafygreens1

    May I recommend the Sweet Afghani Delicious. Great for nighttime use. Very pretty flower. Dainty yet bushy leaves. This is some quality medicine.

  530. Freeline27

    I have been to a few dispensary Western mass. Patriot care in Greenfield is by far my favorite. The staff is wonderful friendly and helpful. And the medicine is yummy and delectable. Well worth the drive.

  531. OpenYourCoconut

    great place, not bad prices. always having good flash sales

  532. JiggyJack

    Pre-opening day. Only selling 1 gram ($28-20) and 1/8ths ($30). Four strains: 24K, Canna-tsu, Northern Lights and White Willow Kush. Right off the highway, lots of parking.

  533. HeadyCrocker

    Patriot care was my second visit to a dispensary and they made me feel very comfortable with the whole process. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Patriot care has been my main provider for all my medicinal needs. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  534. JMombourquette0322

    Was treated like absolute royalty when I walked in AND they gave me my birthday discount on top of all of the new patient specials even though my birthday was a week passed. Definitely a large selection of flower, but indica leaning. They have a great selection of edibles however too many hard candies for my liking considering it’s harder to break those candies into smaller doses.

    Interior was pristine and the staff is so sweet! I would 100% recommend.

  535. surfchop

    I got some sour kush last week from patriot care and it was very high quality flower.I Went back yesterday to get the same strain and to be quite honest quality went from an A to a C. Them being fairly new in my opinion should have nothing to do with this as it is obviously a flaw within the operation they have going on but they are still selling this product and standing by it for obvious reasons(money). On a not so better note PC, please don’t package up your dry, sick looking flower and sell it as “Medical Grade Marijuana”. No excuses either please and thanks!

  536. Obeyjesus

    Lovin’ the half gram pre rolls

  537. juliamichele

    Good selection. Staff is super friendly and always happy to help!

  538. flipdee15

    Location is convenient for me. With them just opening a few weeks ago, I went there with the idea that things would need a bit of time to iron themselves out, this included pricing, strains available, and variety of delivery methods (ways to ingest). I was told that both concentrates and edibles would be available late spring/early summer… The pricing is quite out of whack, personally, way too expensive… I think an 1/8 is the perfect amount to grab to truly sample a strain but only selling grams, 1/16 or quarters is just a money grab… Kind of disappointing… I’m hoping with some time the pricing will fall, as it should!

  539. tashj4

    Great place, friendly associates who are willing to educate new customers

  540. Bspace16

    Great customer service. Never a long wait. Product quality is amazinv ! Highly recommended!!!

  541. TheAngryFoot

    I’ll ask the same question to you as I just did with another dispensary that was featured on the Channel 5 Investigates program. Why didn’t your staff allow me to return the product I bought from you that failed the media’s secret-shopper lab testing? I was forced to throw it away. No way I’m smoking dirty cannabis, and no way am I coming back.

  542. nmh713

    Patriot care has very knowledgeable staff and good selection of product. I love their recycling program as well!

  543. madcam37

    Great experience! It was obvious the staff was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Good variety of products and conveniently located right off the highway!

  544. shulaka

    Good location!

  545. Rosie37

    When are you going to get your next shipment of Vape you’ve been out of it for four weeks

  546. strangeremain43

    I use to go to Salem but this place is by far the best in the state. The staff…. especially Stephanie are extremely knowledgeable and super nice making your visit a much more enjoyable one. When it comes to variety, you won’t see more variety in this state anywhere ….(you would have to move to Colorado)BTW.. referral of a person gets you 2 grams for 2 bucks!! keep up the good work guys! Keep looking good Stephanie!!Love your smile!

  547. EIOM

    Very well informed staff on medical uses for pain. Appreciated the dosage recommendations with RA. Staff very pleasant and friendly as well.

  548. jenmstar143

    Hands down the best dispensary in massachusetts! I look forward to seeing the friendly staff every time. If you haven’t been to Patriot Care Lowell yet, then GET MOVING!

  549. sensimillasamurai

    Great location and caring staff.

  550. kslom

    Great new setup and love the later hours. Great place!

  551. RayVan

    Never had any problems here always friendly and curious been a customer for over ayear now

  552. yurmomisfat

    It’s my go to. Love the staff, make me feel at home when I go in. Knowledgeable about their products but not to pretentious about it.

  553. ChrisMacDowell

    Very welcoming and informative staff. The 24k is amazing. Regular customer.

  554. Jakoooboy420

    The quickest I found

  555. FrogMan12

    First time at a dispensary,,, very friendly. I am a HIGH PAIN patient,,, so much so that at times I can attract a small crowd asking me if I want an ambulance…, walk eraticly, lean on walls,,, all the actions that would make someone say,,,: Houston we have a problem.,, though I could see there was a level of uneasiness…things went smooth,,will shop again. because of my transportation issues,,, looking into home delivery options,

  556. Stranger13

    I have. Even a patient at Patriot Lowell going on
    A couple years now they are the best in any category!! Customer Service and awesome people!!! Flower is always stocked be it dative indica or hybrid you need, theyre edibles are amazing as well as they’re shatter and oil!!!! LONG STORY SHORT PATRIOT LOWELL IS SECOND TO NONE!!!!

  557. SuenZozo

    Medical Client, new and no idea what’s what or what it does. The staff is friendly and helpful. Menu has gotten better and help is good my speech isn’t. Do wish they did delivery.

  558. Coach411

    can’t keep up with demand. kinda meh!

  559. Sunnycatz

    First visit went smoothly and got a variety of popular sativa and indica hybrids. A few strains did not work for some symptoms. Azure Haze was spot on and worked! The community of help is diverse at Patriot. I wish we were sitting when consulting. I like how the daily menu changes! Make sure we all receive the aid we need.

  560. Brianna220

    Always a good experience and very helpful and kind enployees here.

  561. kevbo6762

    this location is great, great strains, loyalty discounts and frequent promotions. I recently spun the prize wheel and won $20 off the platinum membership, so I’m getting 12 1/16ths for $100! AND they let you pick the strain. I just got Swamp Thing and it is awesome. I would, and do, recommend this location as the best dispensary have been to out of the 5 different that I have visited.

  562. Flacka420

    Very friendly environment, great products and pricing. They always have a great selection and great specials as well. I love going here!

  563. foolish1

    The place is nice and clean. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Product is a little dry at times. This is my favorite place in Massachusetts.

  564. LuckyAlbatross60

    The ONLY reason I didn’t do 5 stars for quality is that when I visited the menu was limited and they had strict quantity restrictions.

    I bought a little Chocolope and a couple of Sour Kush pre-rolls both of which were excellent.

    The process was easy and showed a real concern for how cannabis would, or would not, help with my pain. We talked about how different strains can be used for specific functions.

    Oh…and the new edibles are great. I got to try the Ginger Snap and the Chocolate Brownie/Cookie flavor.

    Big shout to Andrew and Neil! Go see the crew at Patriot Care-Lowell.

  565. Illmatic1388

    Great staff and good flower

  566. hkim823

    It’s great that the area has a dispensary so conveniently located. They are just starting out so I hope that over time their menu expands and larger quantities will be sold but so far a solid start for Patriot Care in Mass.

    Prices are higher than I expected but hopefully that will also go down with more supply as it comes up.

  567. Legalandproud

    My product was underweight. Treat this place like the streets because they don’t mind hustling you.

  568. luvbudz100

    I am 1 of the 1st 10k 2 finally get legal Marijuana. I have been 2 the “LEADER…. phfff…” in this state anyway, and Patriot Care Truly Cares about they’re products serving OUR NEEDS of ALL THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE. Those of you who have been uncomfortable around and or with the institution of whom you are dealing with. They are BOTH. Those of you who know the word’s dual diagnosis. Will completely
    understand. And the Sour Kush is a direct number one. Trust 44 years.

  569. NsanShaman

    Wish you listed Thc content of the flower you have. As well as updating leafly in a timely manner.

  570. BeefSquatch26

    Awesome and super friendly people!

  571. notjeffbridges

    Decent experience inside. Didn’t enjoy my products all that much. Tasted a bit funky.

  572. Courtney1895

    Menus is always up to date with new strains.

  573. Onewhitedolemite

    Been here a few times. It’s my aEURoelocalaEUR dispensary. Staff is always super helpful, and the selection is top notch. They even have vegan fudge brownies!! Highly recommend them for anybody looking for meds in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The location is super convenient too; right off the Lowell Connector. Wins all around!

  574. gregruggiero

    The staff is friendly and professional, the products are top quality, and it is always a positive experience, they go the extra mile, even having a prize wheel, reward points, specials and coupons, etc., overall, a great visit every time.

  575. Josua27176

    Great dispensary very knowledgable and friendly staff! There leafly pickup is super quick too!

  576. hillza

    Always clean and staff is very helpful and knowledgeable about the product three sell.

  577. jodib978

    Easy to get to

  578. patsfan128055

    Best flower in the state. Any strain, every time it is absolute A+ quality. There are cheaper and more convenient options but I won’t even consider them anymore for flower. If your a flower person, as I am, you won’t regret coming to this dispensary.

  579. FrankShaw

    I appreciated the staff taking time to explain all the services and products available. They have great first time patient deals, specials, and discounts. Their financial hardship discount applies to hardware as well as marijuana products. They took time to guide me through the process and I felt very well taken care of. I had a great experience at both locations.

  580. Onlyat420

    The batch of Grease Monkey #7 (Batch 1-17-28) that I just purchased is EXTREMELY dry!! Great if I wanted to medicate with kief… but I thought I purchased FLOWER. This normally isn’t the case, but this time it is. dY’ZdY?

  581. dgioia

    Very friendly staff with serious nugs

  582. Anthony420710

    Great dispensary, large menu with rotating selections of quality products and welcoming staff who always the experience friendly and enjoyable.

  583. WillBlaze4Food

    What a difference the last few weeks.The service has gotten better as has the product.They are running low on the strains side and it gets hard to find what works.I tried a cookie and it was wonderful all tho a little small for the the price.The staff has to be the best thing about this place as well as the location in Lowell.

  584. riggertoo

    Clean quiet kind people; prices a little high; but only small quantities available

  585. rottenwrld

    Great people , comfortable atmosphere, but a bit pricey and lack of selection , times I’ve been there only two or three strains. hopefully it will change and selection grows. i do like the selling by the gram however, it would be better if they would sell by larger amount and get a price break for buying in larger amounts .

  586. robxduffy

    Great location, nice and clean and modern. Staff is very helpful.

    Only downside is lack of variety and prices. They have had only a handful of strains available since they opened and i frequently see they are down to only one or two most weeks. In this area they are lacking but everything
    else is great and would recommend to follow patients.

  587. ggh0st

    Ive gone to Patriot twice now.

    Good Flowers:
    Tried the 24K (18.6% thc) & White Widow (18.6% thc)

    The 24K is a hybrid strain. It was a bit dry, but looked good, What stuck out on both strains was the scent. This strain was nice and STANKY. It had some piney, musky, fuel accents in there and over was just great to smell. 24k’s taste followed up well, with a heavier musky flavor. Musky isnt a bad thing, its a good thing, its hard to explain my reasoning here but some ents out here will understand what im saying. Got that mm mm musk stank. And the high was great. Only complaint would be I could only get a half slice.

    The White Widow had a very sweet, fuel-ly scent to it. Smelled excellent! The taste followed with a very fuel-ly taste to it. Ive never had a white widow strain like this. It could have been crossed with something but was listed as White Widow. It tasted very diesel, which is my favorite strain, so that ruled! The high that follwed was very clear, long lasting, and strong. I really enjoyed this one.

    The rest of the place felt more like a doctors office, which is probably what they were going for but I didnt like the flow so much. From one accepting room,. into a waiting room, into a showroom, into a waiting corner. I dont like the packaging behind closed doors, and I didnt like the fact no rooms had that stank you expect from a dispensary. I do believe they prepackaged the buds causing them to dry out a bit. I threw them in my Cvaults and they perked right back up, but had I not owned a Cvault it couldve gotten even more dry, which would’ve been a problem for me. Another issue I had was the first time I went in I wasnt offered a menu, I had to ask. The second time they had no menus, this is an issues because the menu on the screen in waiting room one has a menu but it flashes quickly. The menu didnt have the percentages or much information at all which I thought was kinda silly, when I asked my bud tender she said they just “didnt think of it” which is somewhat worrying.

    Overall the flower quality trumped my shortcomings and I will be going back again to try the next batch of flowers, edibles, etc. Its totally worth a visit, and I hope they can fix a few of the things I wasnt into. But like I said the flower spoke for itself!

  588. Klh123

    Great place, great people! I can’t speak for Patriot Care overall, but the Lowell location is where it’s at!

  589. Bestflavor

    Love the new strains a little dry but smokes great dY’ Merry Christmas to all

  590. Sharday1

    Staff very friendly and helpful. Facility very nice ly furnished and clean.

  591. Beastoria

    I’m obsessed with this place. The employees are the nicest and the product is especially good, especially the edibles!

  592. youngbud16

    I love the place, I consider myself a strain enthusiast so I was getting a little annoyed when the tender kept throwing out facts that I already knew (not to sound pretentious) and I knew before I went in what I wanted. Flower was pretty good but the oil was meh. I get it mass has stringent laws about that oil but it was trim and had a soapy after taste. All in all a good dispensary just needs to get their oil situation squared away

  593. NoDoze27

    Cool spot. A lot of parking. Awesome Bud tender named Jenny with a cute smile and tons of info. I will be back

  594. Lex1c0n

    What a smooth, professional operation these guys have. Awesome, high tech office that creates an ambience of sophistication and class. Will actually let you see the product before purchasing (I’m looking at you Alt Ther Grp), although the THC content by percentage is a bit lower than the dispensary in Salem. Make no mistake, however, the product is excellent and the location far outpaces anything else in the state at this point – I will definitely be coming back.

  595. Psaturn

    As great a shopping experience as you could hope for.

  596. billberry

    This dispensary always puts me in a great mood, not only because of the product but their staff as well. Always a great selection of flower.

  597. lmaldonado

    Love this place staff is knowledgeable and friendly

  598. 7815958716

    The way the people treat me is great and they always have good product

  599. CaMc1

    Love the staff. Olivia is awesome. 3Dis also awesome

  600. Heidis123

    Very close to me and great staff

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