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12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


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12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


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Feel relief. Feel empowered. Verilife isn’t only a cannabis dispensaryaEUR”it’s a way to heal better, feel better and live better. From our trusted medicinal cannabis products to our exceptional one-on-one customer care, we bring truth and transparency to all we do.


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54 reviews for “Verilife

  1. bigred_999

    My how things have changed. Very nice armosphere, great service, knowledgable counter service, what more could you ask for? Okay the parking is offsite, but the drivers are great. I will say that for those of us who are returning to use after a long pause, decades, the strength of the product has significantly increased. So my advice is to go slow, and ask questions. The staff of this location have been very helpful. dY~Z

  2. Alori

    I am a license holder of medical marijuana
    In November I was given the $150 store credit with $50 off of my order, verilife is now recreational and now I am told I need to spend $100 in order to use my store credit, your site does not indicate this, and if it’s my rebate how do you now change how I use it? There’s kaos and confusion being open to recreational and for me it’s not worth it to return. Suggestion? Give recreational 2 days a week and the other days make medical the priority. Not satisfied and won’t return

  3. Htrbvr

    It was a very nice facility. I felt a bit rushed but it was a good experience and the product is great. Pricey, but that’s to be expected. The wait wasn’t bad – I went early. I’d recommend it if you’re in the brink of dankruptcy, but it’s too pricey otherwise. Again – product is great, employees were very nice, and trip back and forth from facility wasn’t bad, even in the rain.

  4. Bhits60

    The location was great and clean the staff were very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. The only complaint was that when I ordered online to pickup tax was not included in the final price

  5. xxmadisonrose

    everything about the product at this place is fantastic, but like, making a trip from the cape and getting there at three and then having security say they closed the line because it was too long? kind of ridiculous, there’s a faster way to go about this and continually having them close the line so early is kind of crazy

  6. ironmike8989

    It’s nice.

  7. Golfstone

    We call ahead to ensure that if we drove an hour to buy some edibles and we were told that it WOULD NOT be an issue. Turns out, instead of closing at 7, they shut down the parking lot at 2:30. I understand that there is a high demand at this point in time but if I call to make sure that I take 3 hours out of my life, it won’t be wasted. Thanks for nothing.

  8. Soaringhawk

    very organized

  9. payday200909

    10 stars across the board hands down

  10. Slateriffic

    it was the first day, super hectic. December 21st. everything was running smooth. checked our IDs 5 or 6 times. but they wouldnt even let you check your order, and they totally messed up my friends purchase. he paid 25 dollars for a roll up and got a 10 dollar jay. I know because I got the same one. we came all the way from out of state in NY and couldnt even check til we got back to our cars at the water park. not like we could go back…. all the product was awesome though and I do reccomend it

  11. jamesdamon186

    smooth service with clerks who know what they are talking about

  12. Pjlmcgonigle

    Very well run and efficient with a friendly and helpful staff and great selection.

  13. Valaradane

    Very well organized ,friendly and informative

  14. Kevinconstas

    Nothing, it was a great experience

  15. Adidas33

    Great menu

  16. sauceking1011

    Medical patient with two visits now. I was pleased with both experiences. Solid selection. Easy to find. Good help. I’ve been to probably 5 dispensary’s so far and you expect growing pains. It looks like this place has its stuff together. Only problem is the hours. Hopefully they can find help like everyone else.

  17. LeaferMA

    Well worth the wait! Very professional and courteous staff, and a very organized process regarding the shuttle to and from the location.

    Will DEFINITELY be returning!

  18. Chewybud

    Little to no wait if you go early on a weekday. Parking staff, inside staff, and shuttle driver were all very friendly and pleasant. My budtender answered questions enthusiastically and I felt like he probably had landed his dream job so it’s hard not to feel that excitement in the air. The hours are very limited at this location, but that is probably a healthy thing for these employees. No one seemed over-worked.

  19. E46S54

    You get exactly what you come for! Quality of the product is excellent, great selection compared to the other adult use dispensaries. Be prepared to wait in line for around a couple hours, it’s worth it

  20. SuperSourSmoker

    Close location

  21. Jeff_G

    Good prices on edibles, great flower/product varieties. Line still sucks. I’m certain there’s a better process.

  22. Jk02478

    Impressive how smoothly run this operation was today. Especially considering it was just day two. Kelly greeted us as we got in line to register, answered all our questions with a smile, and even gave us a big warm hug on our way out. We pulled into the parking lot around 4:45…And pulled out around 5:30. Registration, shuttle out, dispensary, shuttle back… 45 minutes start to finish.

  23. billyberu

    I pre ordered but my pick up wasn’t there?
    But got an email to review my experience!
    I believe I will hesitate with a fair review

  24. chebol

    it was clean and appeared well run

  25. Capelife88

    The staff/service is nice pleasant and fast with your order. The store and set up is very nice and easy these are the greats. Now the bad…
    Product is very dry and has been sitting for a while. 1/8th of flower prepacked actually weighed less then 3g after it sat for over a month. Same thing with their prerolled products. While I do understand there is a drying and curing period. A harvest date of early September and testing date of mid December and sold end of January is a bit ridiculous especially for the prices. Also company has no problem raising prices. An 8th that was 45$ last week is now 50$ for no reason

  26. Mitchell174

    I previously left a “meh’ review of Verilife, and feel the need to update. My not-so-good review last time was due to my pre-order being wrongly filled (I got half of everything I ordered). This time, I was prepared and double checked before buying. Like last time, parts of my order were missing. I think the “blame” lies in the transfer of the order between Leafly and the dispensary. My order was not delivered correctly once again, but this time I carefully went over it and the awesome Travis who assisted me was happy to make the counts right. So… five stars this time. The product is excellent, and the staff is quite knowledgable. This is a very busy location, but they wish you in if you’re a medical patient. Definitely now a top dispensary for me, just double-check those Leafy pre-orders and you will be happy.

  27. Petesea

    seriously long wait time but had to go check it out. Tasty vape and some choice flower.

  28. Sailor1210

    Verilife is pretty awesome and PAX was doing a pretty sweet promo for opening day so if you purchased a PAX era cartridge they gave us an almost free PAX era vape for $1. They should have advertised this, the wait in line was shorter than all others for opening day because of the coordination between the police, parking and great shuttle. There were some drug addicts in line which was a little off putting, but it is marijuana. I’ve sampled and experienced prerolls, concentrates and flower from NETA first in Northampton, and then I tried Salem’s Alternative Therapies flower and their limited selection of concentrate. Budtenders and staff at NETA are very well trained, and unlike Verilife, if you order in advance there is a separate pick up line which rarely has a wait when the line goes around the block. I hope Verilife looks to do this in future, since some people just need to pick up and go. Some people need more education, but if you have pre-order capability it does not make sense to not have two lines and make pre-orders behind people taking 20 minutes to decide when there are only two recreational check out lines. Kudos to Wareham for the excellent customer service and security, they do not allow any kind of smoking on the property. Verilife would get a higher rating, up until I got to the budtender and I asked for an Indica dominant hybrid and they suggested Super Silver Haze, a Sativa Hybrid. I pretty much dismissed asking any other questions after hearing another budtender also give misinformation. Many of us in line had more cannabis education than the budtenders. Plus, some of us have traveled and we know what Colorado, California, Oregon and Washington were like from the start.

    I promise you will be disappointed if you have experienced other states’ recreational and medical dispensaries. The product is extremely limited here and it is better to go the medical route with CBD because they limit products significantly and reserve the best deals and discounts for medical. Verilife, for example, sells 5g flower flights with five varieties and this would be great for new recreational users that don’t want to choose each one and just want to sample before purchasing larger amounts. NETA has INDICA, SATIVA, and sometimes HYBRID five-pack prerolls selling for $70 for 1gram joints, pretty good deal and highly recommend.

    Going to Alternative Therapies was the worst of all three experiences currently available. It is in a very sketchy area of Salem with even creepier parking, has longer waits and they are super inefficient and not really friendly at all. Parking is already a problem in Salem. The police presence also did not really care about medical patients and allowed cigarette smoking right in front of the door and in line. It feels like you are entering a prison and they only had four cashiers checking out for recreational and an extremely limited menu. Drive somewhere else, avoid the line and wait. Their flower is okay and not really worth talking about.

    So I would rate NETA #1 for on point quality and analysis, great flavors, sticky bud and great packaging. They also have a 20% discount if you buy 4+ grams of concentrate. Great products and selection. Other discounts, but you have to check all RECREATIONAL menus for changes daily. I did not feel I had to question the quality.

    If you are totally new to dispensaries or you are tourist, I still think it is worth it to go to Northampton because the town is beautiful and the security is great, plus great food there.

    Verilife #2

    I loved the PAX promo and actually PAX promo people answered more questions ACCURATELY than any of the Verilife staff, regarding concentrates and vapes. The staff seemed burnt out or improperly educated by noon. I like the prices but not sure about the quality yet though Verilife basically is selling other established and some award winning dispensaries’ products. A little worried about safety in line not like NETA because the police in Wareham basically stood at the front of the building talking to each other and unlike in Northampton the police are very UNFRIENDLY. I actually worried about the medical patients at Verilife, some were standing in line and were elderly so luckily I asked them and told them to go directly to the check in person. Many people on my return shuttle were disappointed because Verilife did not issue their ADULT USE menu until today, and they were upset about not being able to buy the 5g Flight Variety flower and bought less overall because we just less choice. Do not confuse medical menus for recreational menus, they are NEVER the same.

    There were people on my shuttle enjoying Cultivate, I have not been there because their prices are the highest overall, and no one has told me yet their bud was as good as Amsterdam. Some strains from NETA definitely will make you feel you saved on hotel and airfare to AMS. I just hope they open a recreational NETA in Boston.

  29. Thumper02770

    It was a great experience!

  30. LP98GOLD

    Excellent staff, very friendly, fast service once you get in store dY’dYtm

  31. Durrl

    Small place was in and out quickly didn’t really get to look around much but I knew what I wanted so with that said… I bought the preroll and seemed very dry must of been rolled months ago but it was still very good

  32. Joanne1231

    Okay but at 72 yrs old the freezing in a tent wide open was pretty tough. But after 45 yrs of worrying about arrest this was an okay choice. Will try medical card as my choice.
    Kudos to all employees that were there from the ice cube room and driveway staff. Spring is coming?

  33. Efraz44

    Shuttle line was very long (2 1/2 hour wait) but other than that nice facilities and great product. Will probably wait till they take walk ins to return

  34. Aquacanna420

    I went on opening day and was very pleased. The wait for the shuttle was less than 30mins. I placed my order on the app and it was completed before arriving. Dog Walkers product was perfect! I would absolutely refer this to any of my friends and will be a returning customer!

  35. bondjamesnond69

    Great first time experience!!! 1 1/2 hour drive was worth it, nice selection. It’s been sense the 90s I have smoked and the customer service guided me through my opinions nicely. Wait time was 20 minutes didn’t felt rushed and shuttle service was great.

  36. racing11

    Sent from my iPadI was there on opening day today. Arrived at the shuttle at Water Whizz at 9am. The shuttle won’t be needed forever, just until the crowds thin. Waited about an hour for the shuttle in line with some fun people. The shuttle carried 11 people at a time. The ride was 10 minutes and it was immediately just an open discussion, trying to figure out what the deal was. Very friendly driver and ride in general. Now! Get this! About halfway over on the ride some girl came running out of a house naked from the waste up holding a towel over her chest to go next door. It was hilarious when she saw the bus with 12 people. So funny. Someone from that ride might eventually see this and confirm. The ride started about 10am, we arrived and got inside about 11am, and were out about 5 mins later, where we waited for the shuttle to go back. All done driving away by noon, 3 hours total.
    The selection was very good but they were limiting a bit in how much you could buy. They wanted to take care of as many people as possible. You could order online outside and speed things up when you got in. Most people did. There were people outside helping with this and there were other people from various groups outside talking about employment, industry, etc. Coffee and donuts, portapotties. Generally festive atmosphere, good time. There was lots of security, private and Wareham PD was everywhere. Nice job by the boys in blue. Lots of news cameras, which I mostly managed to avoid. But all in all, fun.
    Inside I had ID scanned and talked to Shelley at the counter. I noted exceptional customer service going on everywhere as I waited my turn and I got exactly the same from Shelley. Personable and professional. I bought 2 packs of dog walkers. Dog walkers are small joints, I guess for when you walk the dog. Each pack had 5, $25 per pack. 1 pack was Durban Poison. 1 pack was French King. I also bought an eight ounce of OGKB 2.0, for $50. All those prices are too high, and get what I thought was a 20% tax but I was only charged 10.75%. Not sure why. So pricey is the only complaint.
    The packaging is great, the pre rolls come in a little tin, like altoids (which you may need), and the buds came in a foil envelope. All products are labeled by the testing lab with the percentages and much more info about the makeup. THC for mine ranged from the 21.4% Durban Poison to the 23.8% OG Kush and French King is 30%. I won’t go too far into the strains, just to say all products were tested by moi and delivered an elite level of entertainment.
    Verilife, Wareham, opening day for recreational use. Take a bow, nice job.

  37. Serpentina82

    I am here at 2:57pm on a Sunday. They are closed for the day. They claim to be open till 5. Avoid this BS place. this is the THIRD time I have attempted to go here and told HOURS BEFORE they close that they are closed. Don’t bother unless you’re going at the asscrack of dawn.

  38. sno0ks

    Wish the selection was a bit more robust, but it’s brand new so you can’t really blame them. Great flower and chill atmo.

  39. Aaron1230

    Went on the 26th of December and because of the dispensary being so brand new, the traffic was chaotic but expected. We drove to an offsite location and were shuttled to the dispensary which was smart. Took a little over an hour to get in the van to the site. Then when we got there we waited and waited and waited some more. Again we understood the reasons but it made for some very cold body parts. Felt like some portable heaters would have been appropriate. Pre ordered some products and when we got inside they were waiting for us. Some edibles and 1/4 oz of flowers. Excellent quality as expected. 9/10 would return.

  40. carlospicey

    I had a great experience buying some product the other day it went very smooth and orderly. does anyone know if there is CBD oil in their strains because they are all showing up as Zero. I’d like to have some CBD oil in my product.

  41. Bambruins86

    Great service all around

  42. Starlordcdxx

    I’ve been several times and have always enjoyed everything I’ve purchased. I had a question about a cartridge and sent a message through their website and received a call from the store that cleared up the issue which I really appreciate. They have great customer service and great products! I’ll be back soon!

  43. Psychedelicsloon

    I wouldn’t waste your time I’ve been 3 times, and all 3 times they’ve overcharged & messed up my order. Not to mention the powder mildew I found on one of there buds. Manager wants me to drive 45 min back there to exchange Moldy buds! Total joke! Today will be my LAST time going to this shithole!

  44. Ricvourn

    Nice variety of high quality cannabis products for decent prices. Although the staff were friendly, I heard none mention while standing in line during our lengthy wait, to bring cash or use verilife’s atm once inside. Overall great experience, but heads up bring cash or debit card for their atm.

  45. Chemtrac420

    Atmosphere is everything. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. There’s plenty of options to pick from. Today was unusually busy. Typically it’s an hour. Not bad between the shuttle and purchase. Anyone that likes tasty pot should try golden goat.

  46. Bodaciouslamb

    2 hour wait at water whiz that wasnt all bad. Place was great and quick once in.

  47. notmtwain

    First day operation was well run, from the parking lot at Water Wizz to the store and back. Staff appeared well trained and pleasant and answered a million questions. Menu offered many choices. Purchase limit 7 grams of flower.

  48. floralwoodgrain

    very friendly and speedy service! top notch products! well thought out into feng shue and design! awesome!!

  49. 2stressed2beblessed

    I liked how helpful everyone was, and how clean the facility is. It looks like a high end pharmacy! However the bud we got (both strains) were pretty dry, and the second time we came back over an hour before closing and the shuttle was closed. The shuttle driver said just to go to the store on our own, so we did and the store was closed early. It wouldn’t have taken much to communicate that to the drivers or post it online.

  50. Melrned

    Great waiting in tent, but then 2 hours in cold waiting to get into dispensary. Products are good,subject to availability. Wish topicals were included in recreational not medical.

  51. Tdubbs825

    Had Tyler as a budtender, who was an incredibly helpful, enthusiastic and nice guy.
    Has the best prices of the places I’ve seen, but the tax is still awful no matter what. I paid an extra $40 I hadn’t calculated on, so go prepared!

  52. hordejon

    Not very happy with the 3+ hour wait today, but at least along the way met some great people, including the staff at Verilife who were very courteous and professional. Atmosphere gets a 1 because the only atmosphere experienced was parking lots and tents.

  53. adubya

    Good place

  54. Drzoidberg2381

    browine scout is great and it took less than 3 hrs for first day recreational awesome job

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