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98 Winthrop Street, Cambridge, MA 2138


42.3723312, -71.1212846




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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HEALTHY PHARMS CAMBRIDGE WILL BE OPEN STARTING MONDAY, APRIL 30th 2018! See our website for details! We look forward to seeing you again!

NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, 12pm to 7pm!
(For updates regarding our hours during bad weather, visit our website at

Healthy Pharms, Inc. is a dispensary of high quality cannabis for registered medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts. We offer a wide variety of reasonably priced cannabis treatments carefully cultivated and processed in our state of the art facility in Georgetown. We offer a supply of consistent and artisanal strains including Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Balanced CBD and High CBD for all methods of consumption to assist patients with a broad range of conditions.

All of our cannabis is cultivated on site at our Georgetown location and independently lab tested for contaminants and quality to ensure you always get the best of the best. We carry a vast array of cannabis products and frequently update our menu with new and exciting options.

We are conveniently in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA adjacent to The Red House Restaurant at 98 Winthrop Street.

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As a friendly reminder, to be admitted to Healthy Pharms, you must have both your Massachusetts State Issued Medical Marijuana Patient Card, as well as a second valid government issued form of identification (drivers license, passport, ID) to be admitted into the building. We can accept both cash and debit card payments. If you are a new patient, due to varying wait times, we recommend you arrive at least one hour before closing to ensure enough time for initial registration and orientation.


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40 reviews for “Healthy Pharms

  1. kmann2

    Diane was an absolute pleasure. She was knowledgeable, helpful, compassionate, and understanding of mental health issues and decreasing symptoms with medical marijuana. I drove 100 miles to visit this dispensary and plan on doing it again. I wish I lived closer and could go more often but wow, so worth it. The dispensary itself is gorgeous, a little small but it just makes for a better experience in my opinion. I think there were 3 people working when I stopped in and 2 behind the counter. So grateful I stopped here.

  2. rickytan1917

    I enjoy going to new dispensaries, and when I do that I always obtain a strain that I am familiar with. In this case I purchased the blue cheese, I am from the Bay Area so I am very intimate with the blue cheese strain. The blue cheese I purchase from this dispensary was incredibly disappointing, it didn’t smell like the blue cheese strain, it didn’t taste like the blue cheese strain, the buds were damp as if it wasn’t even cured, I found a few buds with a darker color, and it was very harsh to smoke. After this experience I can no longer trust this dispensary to provide me with the proper medication.

  3. rizzlybear21

    Enjoyed my visit here. Flower is fresh, staff was friendly, prices are fair, and they offered a first time patient discount. Location is better suited for bikers or those that ride the T, but if you drive around enough you’ll find parking. Also they provided referral cards which give you a $25 voucher for every person you send.

  4. boombooom1020

    This place is great. Very friendly and very helpful

  5. hotelcalifornia1969

    Made a profile just to review this place. I usually visit other places in Boston, first time in here. Couldn’t be happier. Staff was great to work with and the product is QUALITY. I played their bingo game and won a 1/4oz for just over $30 along with their 20% first timer deal on top of that. Insane!!! Probably my new favorite place to pick up my bud. I’m bringing friends next time. Haha

  6. GingerKushDaddy

    Ok guys, this is my new Favorite place!! Great flower options, they have what is advertised and the quality is some of the best I’ve seen in MA so far. They also offer pebbles for a great discount. The buds they have are huge and nicely manicured and packaged with humidifiers so product stays at a perfect freshness! I don’t post a lot, but what I post is legit! Count on it!

  7. youtalkintome

    Very pleased with everything. Thank you folks

  8. mik0284

    Quaint and Wonderful!

    This dispensary is what I expect from a medical approach to marijuana use.

    The selection of edibles and non-smoke products is quite expansive and changes as the company experiments with new edible products.

    I truly enjoy my experience everytime.

  9. budbudbud124

    I’ve been waiting for this one to open, given the strong reputation of their Georgetown location. I went in yesterday for their grand opening and picked up some Mob Boss flower. That stuff is INCREDIBLE. Their menu isn’t huge right now, but they said they’re going to be trucking in many more items over the next few weeks. Cambridge has a great atmosphere, very calm and relaxing unlike the other hustling and bustling dispensaries in the area. Staff was wonderful, can’t say enough about my experience. Thank you!

  10. MrPiff79

    As a first time visit, I must say Diane was incredibly helpful with her knowledge of flowers. She even gave me a nice lanyard. I want to go back just to thank her and have more flower talk. I obviously recommend the flowers.

  11. Cloudz0

    Small location but very welcoming. For your first visit go on a Sunday. You can spin this thing and play bingo. I Got 50% off flower. Product is definitely good

  12. luckylucardo

    fantastic selection of Cbd products. more and better than other local dispensaries.. flower is fresh and gr8.og kush cbd cartridge is best I have tried to date.. check this place for sure, if you haven’t.

  13. MarcelinM

    I’m looking to bring more patients here.

  14. Neuropenguin

    I’ve been in here twice with two different bud tenders, both times great experiences.

    Purple Orange CBD and OG Kush are fantastic strains. Loved the cannatonic cart too, tastes amazing. Very high quality flower. My go to place now.

    They do validate parking and give a $5 parking discount twice a month, but the red line stop is so close you might as well take transit.

  15. TheTokenToker

    Love everything about this place! Their flower is always amazing and cured to perfection and their facility and staff make for a warm and welcoming experience

  16. sdonovan07

    It’s awesome if you like pesticides in your medicine

  17. whoseon420

    This place rocks. Excellent product, seriously delicious edibles (chocolate mudslide, holy wtf my mouth orgasm’d) and solid concentrates. They even put Boveda packs in every bag of bud you buy! Great experience.

  18. GuineaPiggy

    HP is my favorite dispensary in the city. I stopped going to others nearby as this one has the highest quality products I’ve come across. My staple strain is the Purple Orange CBD. Absolute legend of a strain that relaxes and relieves pain that can be taken throughout the day and night. They also have the purest ingredients in their vape cartridges-I’ve recently learned they’re updating them to glass as well.
    Service and atmosphere are both excellent. Outstanding staff that get to know their patients and ensure you are always happy with your purchases. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I will keep coming here until they run out of purple orange, then I may be back on the hunt for the perfect strain.

  19. Courtneyx92

    First time in. I’m in love with the aEURoehomeaEUR like feel of this place. Far different from the other aEURoeApple StoreaEUR dispensaries in the area. I purchased a 3.5 of their Sapphire this morning, brought it home and absolutely loved the effects. It’s a beautiful flower that has a great scent. The people were so nice to me and walked me through everything I needed to know. They made me feel like I was a long time friend even though we just met. I’ll be back!

  20. stonedonthebus0101

    Wow. Place is rocking it for me. U have great selection and the best tasting vape in the city. I got a kickass bowl for dirt cheap too. $10 for it!. Legit this is prolly where I’ll buy glass from now. Got a sour tangie rollie that i been high from since last night. It made me clean my apartment lol

  21. savageJJ

    Love everything about the place! The staff was very knowledgeable and kind I’m definitely coming back! Plus the flower is a1dY”Y=

  22. Quincyguy

    Very friendly place. Great staff, good variety.

  23. Carowynn

    This is my favorite dispensary in the area. I live in JP but I make the trip here because it has better quality products and an awesome store atmosphere — not like the dispensaries that try and look like apple stores. It is all around good vibes, good people and good bud. I’ve tried the concentrates, flower, and edibles and they are all amazing quality. This place is dope! and the staff is super cute and friendly.

  24. kittenelephant

    The budtenders are nice and the interior is less sterile than other dispensaries, but when I asked if I could return a product that increased my pain instead of easing it, they said no, and ignored my request for clarification. Other products might work for me, but I can’t afford the risk of returning to this dispensary.

  25. mmj_advocate1

    I discovered Healthy Pharms when I was referred by another patient. This store is able to hit every mark. Not only do they have great products (I love their fusion cartridges, shatter, and flower), they have a point system, referral program, and bingo Sunday. It’s also wonderful to see that staff and patients alike are like a family and that the employees are happy. Diane (Patient Advocate) is kind, patient, and everything I need in a PA. The atmosphere and natural lighting is wonderful, as well as the location, but the best part is the money I’ve saved and the service. Thank you HP!

  26. Dnn2018

    They should take the garbage shatter of the shelf its harsh and they burnt all the terps bunch of beginners and bud is not cured proper

  27. chilledt

    amazing. Went in for a minor issue this morning and was treated like the most important person ever by their superb management team. They quickly remedied the issue and far exceeded my expectations with their customer service. They have won a loyal customer for life!! Thank You! dYY=++
    plus the shop is Amsterdam like unlike the others around.

  28. yesitsryan

    Go in for the 20% off then start going elsewhere. menu is short and they charge a $3.50 for the use of debit

  29. edjitsu

    Great experience every time I go. Leafly pickup makes it even easier.

  30. TheAngryFoot

    So glad you guys are back in town. And I can’t wait until you have your full menu back. I’m dying for your cartridges! Once Healthy Pharms gets back on its feet, I think they’re going to dominate the game here. Their product is flawless and I love the vibe.

  31. vadersson72

    Happy customer. Great little place tucked away from the busy streets of Cambridge. Excellent flower and tasty edibles.

  32. stfunoob90

    First time in. Heard about it on Reddit. Probably my new regular stop! I grabbed some Sapphire OG. The buds were so beautiful I didn’t want to break them up, and it smelled incredible. Sweet and piney. This place is going to do great.

  33. weedisgay420

    Cool place but product was eh

  34. stephiej82

    Visited for my first time today. Great to see a variety of cbd products as most of the other dispensaries have stopped carrying them. Which kind of negates the purpose of medicinal! They have easy online order and pick up. Cool vibe inside and best pricing I’ve seen. Definitely will be returning if not be a regular!!

  35. Quitzalcuat

    Very friendly superb customer service.

  36. sionnan

    I like high quality oil carts, & Healthy Pharms has the best 1ml carts of all that I’ve tried. It’s not easy to find those, I’m so happy to have found you in Harvard Sq. keep up the great work. I’ll be back again soon. Natural Mob Boss is my favorite, it’s quite awesome!

  37. thepretty420

    What amazing service. My budtender sat down at the table with me and walked me through their products and smoking stuff. Wonderful little farm stand with down to earth service and great products. I love their shatter and can’t wait for their own concentrates and flower! I will keep going back, my go-to dispensary!!!

  38. ibesmokin357

    This place is one of my favorites the vibe is super comfortable and you don’t feel rushed at all shoutout to everyone in the Harvard square location Diane is great! One of my favorite PAs in MA!

  39. huemanL1

    This is my favorite dispensary. The location is great and the entire staff was very friendly and welcoming. I picked up Purple Orange CBD, Purple Trainwreck, and vanilla kush flower and the quality of all was amazing!! Sticky flower, kept very fresh. I also appreciate that the packaging is less wasteful than the other dispensaries in the area. Purple orange is my new go to for migraines and pain.

  40. k7k7

    One of my fav dispensaries in the area. Love their concentrates and fresh flower. Also have pax pods!

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