The Botanist

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65 Pullman Street, Worcester, MA 1606


42.3235833, -71.7987318




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM




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The Botanist is a unique cannabis dispensary rooted in education, community, and experience. We’re inspired by the possibilities for healing that manifest within a single plant, and that inspiration has led us to create a patient-centric experience for every patient, whether you’re new to cannabis or well acquainted with its benefits.


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15 reviews for “The Botanist

  1. Llg2019

    love the decor, great bud tenders!

  2. Bberncomp

    Are you open yet?

  3. arynyce

    This place is AMZING from the budtenders to the variety of flower definitely going back tomorrow FYI my fav was purple chem dog

  4. 7Faces

    1) I love that they are not open on the Lords day. God bless the owners.
    2) Quality of cannabis is the best in the state
    3) the business isn’t local but warm and welcoming.

  5. KellyGreen508

    Lovely staff, very helpful and wicked friendly. Great strains, staff is knowledgeable about their effects and purposes. Store is gorgeous, product has been awesome so far. Very pleased.

  6. evilhag_
  7. HempHead22

    Ok. I hate to do this to ya seeing as it’s not your personal grown flower? Keep hearing it’ll be here but nope. So second visit in two weeks a $100 a visit for flower that was dryer than the mendo breath I complained about from last week! Now the cornbread is dryer than poop and I’m not happy at all. I don’t want a Boveda pkg ty, I want fresh flower that’s stored and pkgd correctly! When the flower is dried up the taste changes the test results change, the way it smokes! Can’t even smoke a joint w out it burning all messed up on me. Where’s the quality control guys? At least that! For the love of God! All the mendo breath and cornbread are dried up from ACS. Buy at ur own risk cause u can’t take it back and now I feel taken advantage of! After just saying how the last batch was so awfully dry as well… Unacceptable IMO. Have a great day! Stop selling dry flower and ripping off ur customers!!!!! So mad

  8. Cito508

    Is this place a recreational dispensary?

  9. Lights28

    Location is great w plenty of parking. Staff and customer service was on point. Props to Bret? So bad w names lol. Someone who can guide you to making the perfect decision for what ails you. Just be honest. He’s a smart dude. Nice chatting this morning.. Flower is so good i almost don’t want to tell ppl how great the products are!! Best flower I’ve had yet and I’ve been to every dispensary in mass almost. Highly recommend and its my new go to spot for the highest quality flower you can get.. Recommend to anyone and everyone who reads this review. The first time patient discount is also a very helpful money saver just for stopping in and trying some excellent products! See you guys soon and thanks again!

  10. kjanovsky

    I loved going in and the ladies there treated me like an actual human as compared to the dph over the phone who were rude. The place is gorgeous as well. So much greenerydY~Z

  11. Denmahk

    So, just got back from my first time visit and have a couple pieces of feedback to share with the community. I will likely review this location again once they release their own flower strains, but for now here we are.

    First, this place is absolutely beautiful and incredibly easy to find. I love that patriot care is 2 seconds off of the highway in lowell, and this is almost even closer to the highway.

    Second, the pricing structure has GOT to go. I understand that the Botanist is a company, has to keep all the lights on (a lot of fancy lights to set ambience in the lobby/main floor) but as a patient I felt like I was crazy for being frustrated with the prices. Right now their pricing is based off the packaging, so you buy an eighth in an 1/8 package you pay 50, if you buy a quarter of the same weed its 90, but if they are out of that strain in quarters, you would have to pay 100 for the same quarter in the form of 2 eighth containers. To me that’s disgusting and a pure attempt to make money.

    I know some dispensaries don’t let you mix and match in the beginning when they first open, but in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated I am likely to visit locations that have their own product and provide pricing structures that benefit the patient. Almost every other dispensary is willing or able to combine VARIOUS strains for quarter/half/ounce discounts, and for that reason I will continue to go to other dispensaries until change occurs here.

    Oh yeah, the flower, from ACS, pretty good cornbread and mendo breath but was only able to get an 1/8 of each due to them only having 1/8 containers and not quarters.

  12. 2buddz

    I’ve visited many dispensary’s in Massachusetts. By far the Botanist is my favorite one. I really appreciate them having multiple strains of flower to choose from. And,the staff treat you like a human being. For some reason every other dispensary has staff full of robots that smile and wave like a pageant contestant’s,and blow steam up your butt. I will drive out of my way to visit this dispensary.

  13. divathreat

    As a first time patient I was very impressed with the entire atmosphere, felt like I was inside some high end fancy jewelry store on 5th Ave or something but not at all intimidating quite the opposite, very relaxing and welcoming. Love how you can walk around the displays and look at the strains and read info about them. I was also impressed with the menu and how it is presented from the binder with pictures and full description of each flower, it’s lineage and being able to smell it if you want, I find that very helpful! dY’

    Although the flower strains at the moment are all outsourced from other dispensaries and the prices are little on the higher side, they all seemed very top notch! But sometimes if you want quality then that’s just how it goes. I will definitely be back and I recommend to anyone and everyone! dY’OE

  14. Twaugbran


  15. BJ388

    Very laid back, employees were very helpful and kind.

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