Patriot Care

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21 Milk St., Boston, MA 2109


42.3566854, -71.0585052




8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


8:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Patriot Care is the premier provider of alternative healthcare services and products for qualifying patients in the state of Massachusetts. We are on a mission to eliminate suffering one patient at a time through education and the responsible use of medical marijuana.


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325 reviews for “Patriot Care

  1. Mjfwge812

    Only downside is they were out of all edibles!

  2. MedicalPBeth

    I really like the flower at this location. The atmosphere is great and the strengths of the flowers are always high. That is the only thing I have tried so far. Transportation coupons also are great.

  3. jcg1407


  4. mainstageasimile

    I have been to this place a few times and every time I go they never have any joints. This is the only dispensary that seems to have this problem. They told me to call ahead? That’s not usually how pharmacy’s work…

  5. Brasill2424

    Only problem is parking

  6. FrankShaw

    I appreciated the staff taking time to explain all the services and products available. They have great first time patient deals, specials, and discounts. Their financial hardship discount applies to hardware as well as marijuana products. They took time to guide me through the process and I felt very well taken care of. I had a great experience at both locations.

  7. Tedley

    I was there last week and picked up one the newer strains: Strawberry Fields #9. It was really clean tasting with a slight fruitiness and a clear strawberry aroma. As strong as it was it was not entirely unmotivating and I was able to function normally even though it was quite effective and definitely assisted with my sleep cycles. I will certainly keep an eye on the menu to see if I can pick this strain up again.

  8. YunggunnaDC

    great place

  9. JaCRisPy.

    best around

  10. antonio4

    Excellent service

  11. Jen1990

    I loved how staffs was easygoing and helpful with questions i had:) i would def come back

  12. POTterHead1103

    The people here are wonderful but the company is getting more and more frugal. The product here is far more expensive than other dispensaries. And their discounts don’t compare to the great deals you can get at NETA. The bud is usually pretty dry and crusty- which is normal for a large-scale pot shop but at Patriot Care prices, I expect better quality. They do sell boveda packets for personal use but they do not work and should no longer be sold as they are a rip-off to customers, yet the staff seems to swear by them. They must have a large inventory that management is trying to push. My advice for them is to stop looking at this from a profit standpoint only. Yes, money is important but this is supposed to be a “medical” institution and the bottom line should be the patients.

  13. rUcereal

    So far, so good, so convenient! Location, location! In and out during lunch. Price is a little more than average, but beautiful potent buds.

  14. sionnan

    One of the best dispensaries I’ve been to, everything has been amazing. I like the baked goods, the chocolate chip cookies are outstanding. When the carts are available they go quickly because the quality is off the charts. Glad I got the black jack cart today, the taste is so nice, the TAC is 80% wow. Keep up the great work, all of you at PC.

  15. Jmg389

    Super convenient and friendly store in the financial district of Boston. Staff is always patient and willing to help with recommendations. The online menu is almost always fully updated, which is also super helpful as I do the pickup service a lot.

    Concentrates are always spot on in terms of quality. Flower is always decent, sometimes it’s on the aEURoestemyaEUR side for sure, but still top quality. Over all great place for your medical needs!

  16. beantownbuddy

    These guys are great and very knowledgeable. Strongly recommended.

  17. Dizzybat

    The new location is downtown Boston is super clean, friendly – and the staff are all very knowledgeable. They also have great specials each week and the rewards program can save you some $$$. Selection is starting to grow, understandable given it’s a brand new facility and they are tracking demand. Overall, the convenience and staff bring me here weekly.

  18. apiaries

    these guys are fantastic! knowledgeable, pleasant demeanor all around, happy to answer your questions and explain anything you may not be sure of.

  19. dukesmiths

    Limited selection. Prices are high. You don’t see what you are buying. Incredibly sterile atmosphere. It’s near my office, so that’s a plus.

  20. htistevg

    No parking

  21. jason12483

    I think this is one of my favorite places

  22. CyclingAroundU

    Fantastic experience at Patriot Care Boston. From the security guy at the entrance to the nice receptionist to my budtender Adam, it couldn’t have been a more comfortable, professional, welcoming place. It was my first visit to a dispensary and I was a bit nervous. Within 2 minutes of entering, my nerves were gone. Adam was like a Doctor. We discussed my symptoms, my concerns and my goals. He made suggestions, offered compassion and put together a fine selection of flower for me to take home and try. Can’t wait to go back and try some other strains. 5 STARS!

  23. MrPiff79

    Patriot Care is most definitely one the best dispensaries in MA. Their knowledgeable staff, calming atmosphere, and great flower selection will have you visiting a few times a week. A bonus is that they recycle!

  24. slopeofapoint

    Short wait times, honest staff, organic medicine grown in dirt. Tons of CBD strains. What more could you ask for?

  25. sunshinedawn

    Opening day was not so good but second visit was much better, except they didnt have the strain I wanted but good medication anyway

  26. bun23

    Conveniently located near several T stops, and the staff were pretty friendly. It was an easy experience, I’m so glad a dispensary has finally opened near me!

  27. Eli_Greene

    The best RMD bud I’ve had in Massachusetts. Super potent, terpy, and each strain is distinct. The strain selection is outstanding and I love that they keep multiple phenos. They also recently started cultivating locally bred strains, which is awesome.

  28. Freiburglar

    Amazing flower and selection; easily the best in the area. Staff is always helpful, patient, and friendly.

  29. AppleDrip

    I made my first visit to Patriot Care today. The paperwork section before entering was a bit more painful than other dispensaries I frequent, but it couldn’t have taken more than 5 minutes regardless.

    I shop primarily for concentrate, but it seems the dispensary is more flower-oriented.

    I had a few questions at the counter and was looking for some strain recommendations, but I was redirected back to the menu. This is in stark contrast to the budtenders at other locations who are knowledgeable about the products and give meaningful advice. Do some research on your own before showing up.

    The staff beyond the security guard were all friendly and welcoming, which is always a nice touch.

  30. Bnizle

    These guys actually care and give you good info.So many half ass shops around and the flower should be better than it is.Patriot flower was recommended by a friend so I Hopped on the train and went and tried on was not disappointed.Def will be back next week.

  31. BeanTownFan420

    This location is perfect for those with transportation issues just of red and green line at park street station.Staff is very personable buds are top shelf.

  32. yesitsryan

    Strong staff. Always improving.

  33. berniejb

    Location in in downtown boston – expensive to park or take the t. Guard outside and greeter were not friendly or welcoming AT ALL. Only three buds were available and only 3 edibles, and not the highest quality out there. For an ounce, I walked away with 16 containers – that’s right, 16!!! Avoid this place. No selection – lots of empty display cases. I certainly won’t be back

  34. Captainawesome0711

    Has some of the best service and deals out of most of the dispos in the State

  35. Mandb13

    great service and always leave with a smile! top notch indicas

  36. chester33

    First time at this location and whole staff was super helpful and kind. Tough to park near there so public transport recommended.

  37. pattyc97

    Fantastic location, helpful and kind staff, and a calm welcome atmosphere. Patriot care has quality medicine, although overpriced.

  38. greenymcgreenway

    Good quality products for the most part.

  39. HorrorBusiness

    Great place but they seriously need to figure out the long wait problem. If you hit it at the wrong time be prepared to wait for hours

  40. cscott7697

    Everything is on point at this dispensary. From the products to the staff. Even the music is perfect (def have shazamed a few songs). From my experience, Patriot Care is easily the best dispensary in Massachusetts. Stay medicated guys!

  41. GratefulDadCC

    This was my second visit and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Arrived at 1:15 on a Saturday afternoon and there was only one other person ahead of me. Adam was very helpful and the flower selection was extensive. I was surprised that I was able purchase one ounce at a time and they had more non-flower alternatives than my previous visit a few months ago. Definitely worth the trip from Cape Cod.

  42. callmeyl94

    First time visit and i loved it, everything is kind of on the high end cost wise but great quality bud. Didn’t have distilled cartridges which I honestly was hoping to buy.

  43. phunman1

    AWESOME Amnesia Haze! Really nice staff, very secure, and they take debit. It’s in the middle of Boston so good luck parking!

  44. Amouna

    So much variety for whatever your needs are, never seen this anywhere else. I come here every-time! Boston location is awesome

  45. bristewart321

    No parking! I got a $90 ticket today and I want to cry dY~. Ruined my day.

  46. deidraruvido

    I am always taken care of at both locations. Wonderful helpful people. Very happy with the owner and staff.

  47. TheDizzyBuddha

    Most of the staff is fantastic, every once in a while u get someone who seems like they couldn’t be bothered. The flower is high quality, but they run out quick. I’d call b4 if u r going for a certain strain. I don’t like the waiting area to get in to the dispensary, I don’t see the point? You don’t know how many people r in there, how many budtenders are working & it makes the wait time unpredictable.

  48. MickNasty

    This place is LEGIT the around in Mass! They are very welcoming and knowledgeable of there products and the also have the BEST STRAINS !!!!

  49. Krivera605

    A clean and very friendly company! I was worried.about what kind of place this was going to be, but was very pleased to walk into such a professional environment. Definitely recommend people to check this place out. Good product and good staff.

  50. DrJMontana

    Great dispensary; high quality product, super chill staff. I visit almost daily, it’s an awesome spot.

  51. Borii69

    Good dispensary awesome variety of Flowers good quality Highly recommend A+

  52. odubbs

    Top levels of cannabis knowledge. Fun yet serious environment. Attention to detail. Shout out to Jeff, Marcus, Rachel, V, Jill and the rest

  53. MMJBoston

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful whether you know exactly what you want, or have a lot of a lot of questions.

  54. Daniel03_7

    Great , comfortable and friendly stuff
    Good choices for flowers
    Dnt forget the cookies

  55. WildBill82

    I am so happy you opened up the Boston location. I’ve been to Lowell dispensary which is top notch but now I get same quality flower and products 30 minutes closer in historic Boston. Tried the usual staples 24k, sour kush always a must along with chocolope but tried a few new strains amnesia CBD, northern lights #5 haze, and herijuana….all top notch again!! Also, love the fact you do 1/16’s instead of grams and 1/8’s and bigger. Love the discount for veterans and the PSC Card program. It shows you care about the patients and dont mind giving discount or a sale ect ect. Great job with the new location!!! Wish you guys the best of luck & I will see you soon. Thanks for the great medication!
    William Paiva

  56. Elled23


  57. Sashatobe95

    Don’t plan on driving here as there is no parking (use public transportation unless you want to spend time searching for an on street metered space and walking several blocks). Super friendly knowledgeable staff made me feel very comfortable. Edibles are very high quality. If it wasn’t for the parking and how far it is from me I would definitely return.

  58. babaloo75

    Good prices, rarely a wait and staff is friendly. Product is good and the humidity packets are great.

  59. Slyfox2016

    Higher prices but top quality flower. need to expand concentrates

  60. WAREAGLE1005

    Made great strides over the last year and it shows in the selection and quality of the flowers. They set the bar for dankness, price, friendliness, rewards and hardship. I always feel like I got my moneys worth here and a deal. Keep up the good work with the strains and phenos.

  61. giavanna12

    Love love love this place!
    Best flower & THE BEST DEALS ANYWHERE!
    Have tried all dispensaries in the area & still find my self commuting to Boston for these guys!

  62. Jordashe

    I was new and confused as to what I wanted and needed. Rachel Livingston made my visit comfortable and educational.

  63. created77

    Visited during their first hour of operation on a Saturday and it was my first visit to an MA dispensary since getting my prescription card.
    What a great experience! I had the whole place to myself but was assisted by a great budtender who answered all my questions in trying some product that would be a good fit for me.

  64. ImAFuckingWeedWizard

    This place is the best. The Weed Wizard thinks someone must have used some black magic on their Herijuana strain, and someone must have tapped their wand on the edibles as well, because those guys are filled with some voodoo too!

    Very good experience. The Milk St. location is definit3ely not cursed.

  65. RettaBuggah

    I was in yesterday what a great place and the staff very nice to me it was my first time here. awesome variety…I picked Black Jack and Phantom Cookies wow love them! I’ll be back for Sure!

  66. ronwest

    Patriot Care has a solid selection that changes regularly. They also offer a lot of discounts and promotions often which is great! Products are high quality and effective!

  67. SarcasticGiraffe

    Patriot Care has the most effective, AND best-tasting edibles I’ve found at any dispensary I’ve visited in MA. Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Location is convenient to the T but can be tricky to find.

  68. Mollyannbrown68

    Great employees and they are very knowledgeable. Been here at least 6 times and get superb service. I love that i can order what I want and they send text to let me know it’s ready for pick up.

  69. TboneSteak

    It’s literally in the middle of the financial district so parking can be difficult. I was in the dispensary for a little over 20 mins, the help was wonderful and knowledgeable, bought 3 different types of bud to experiment. I left the place satisfied, excited and happy until I saw the $55 parking ticket on my windshield. I recommend taking the train if possible

  70. JP167

    Great quality strains!

  71. drew.p

    Awesome staff. They are super friendly and seem like they really enjoy their jobs. Service is fantastic. The dispensary itself feels very clean and professional, other customers are typically very friendly too. Bud is pretty good, but a little on the dry side which is probably to be expected given the scale of their operation. Overall would highly recommend. Love the pre-rolls.

  72. AConn88

    I want to like this place but having zero vape pen cartridges in stock for months at a time makes it hard. Please get vape pens. I was once a frequent customer here, but I’ve since had to take my business elsewhere due them not having vape pens cartridges in stock. For those who have issues consuming flower via regular smoke, the cartridges are essential, thereby rendering Patriot Care useless to vapers!

  73. shannynrose

    This dispensary never fails to go above and beyond to make you feel assured you’re getting the right medicine. They have a great variety of edibles which seem to be a bigger selection then other local dispensaries.

  74. rjc117

    My first dispensary visit was to here and was great.

  75. tommarchi1

    The store had great, personable staff, I had a very easy time getting what was right for me, within no time.

  76. flanzo

    Fantastic downtown location as long as you do t have to drive there.
    Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable

  77. Matricksman

    Quality strains two times every week. you can’t get bored coming here. Good shatter and CBD products as well. Friendly staff and great atmosphere!

  78. mr_blizzack

    Good location but the waits are unnecessary. I’ve waited upwards of 30 minutes with only one other person in the seating area. I got into the room and only one person serving patients. Everyone is friendly but the wait is too much.

  79. SecretShopper420

    I really have enjoyed coming to see my friends at patriot care in Boston for a year now but unfortunately I will not be returning to purchase anything nor would i recommend anyone to go there now. I have seen this place go down hill in the past few months due to lack of management or just one horrible one. The staff there is friendly and knowledgeable and I can see that management does not care I waited for an hour only to find out there systems were down and the woman responded with attitude towards me. I’m taking my business elsewhere where I will be treated like a patient and not a aEURoedrug useraEUR

  80. portiaspicee1

    Leafly allowing you to order before hand makes my life easier.

  81. LilThun

    Convenient location for downtowners. Super friendly staff, rarely busy, fast service, decent prices. Atmosphere is a bit stale, compared to neta, but not bad at all. Best selection of true cbd strains in the state.

  82. cnodell2

    Love this place. Jasmine was amazing, she really knows her stuff and the flower is incredible for my conditions. Thank you! Keep up the great work

  83. haimerej1995

    Great strains grown well. This location is easy for me to get to thanks to its proximity to public transportation. With all of the discounts, specials, and loyalty programs that Patriot Care offers I often leave with exactly what I needed having only to pay a few dollars in the end. Definitely worth visiting.

  84. Emmanuell

    Been here twice now and it’s amazing. The menu actually list out the terpenes in the flower. The flower is such good quality for some illnesses you can micro-dose. Many discounts will add up making prices affordable.

  85. jta092354

    I am waiting for then to ample up the production. The Bud Tenders and all Staff are just wonderful. So friendly and out going. So please bring in some Quality Flower and Co2 Vapor. I am a Indica FAN !!

  86. JacquiD

    Will never come here again. They claim to close at 4. I got there at 3:51 and they wouldn’t l me in. The person who was locking up said, through 2 glass doors, that they’re closed. I said but your site says theater you’re open till 4. he said they closed at 3:55. Well, I got there at 3:51. Needless to say I was ignored. He just shrugged his shoulders and that’s it. this was my first time and I caught a cab there, wasted money. other places let you in until their closing time, not close early. That’s how you treat people?

  87. emperorcannabis

    Patriot Care has proven to be worth the visit every time I’ve gone in. The staff I’ve interacted with have been some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve spoken to at a dispensary in Mass. Great product as well and they have a great variety as well as some very potent flower, props to their grow team.

  88. DrowningInEntropy

    Patriot Care in Boston has by far the most strains of flower of any local dispensary, regularly offering over 40 strains of excellence. The staff are all great and I find that Patriot Care also offers the best dollar value. With prices that are already better than competitors, they also give you $10 off 2x a month as a transportation credit and have sale stains available at times. On Monday’s and Weds you spin the wheel for other great deals. If you want variety, value and a very knowledgeable staff, Patriot Care on Milk Street is your spot. (There is also a dreamy young lady that works there… but I digress…)

  89. Moedolph

    This place is one of my favorite places to go for shatter. Their bud is always extremely fresh and they have a fantastic selection of strains. The staff is very helpful and super friendly . Definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for quality.

  90. CannaM1Z

    My favorite RMD as of past few months. Once I heard they had a downtown location in Boston I couldn’t wait to go. This place is generous with their MBTA + Recycling program. They have the biggest nugs as opposed to those lil’ popcorn/ nuggets you see elsewhere.
    Budtenders are very personable and well educated on Cannabis-everything. (They’ve all been well-trained!) You experience a friendly vibe here and feel like you’ve known them for years. (Long lost friends? Possibly.)

    Security staff is very chill, very strong, and very serious about their job. That said — They are all good guys. Location: MBTA is your friend. Very close to State St + Govt Center. Products: – HUGE nugs. (Herijuana didn’t do much for me, but Strawberry Fields + Taffie are out of this world! Deadhead OG will crush whatever stress anxiety you might have.) – Strong shatter. (Wish they offered more of it. I’d love to see some Wax as well. – Edibles: Underwhelmed by their edibles + prices, but this is pretty much the same across all RMDs.

  91. kerrychem

    great meds lots to choose from many great CBD strain

  92. oceanbrian3

    I love this place! My first visit there was today and I am ecstatic!
    GREAT LOCATION and friendly employees. “Jasmine” was very helpful in her suggestions. Seriously, check this place out!!!dY~S

  93. Farnicle

    The location I went to is in downtown Boston, I’ve revisited twice. Patriot care by far has the best flower I’ve seen from any medical dispensary within an hour of Boston. The atmosphere is lacking, but they make up for it in product quality.

  94. Pragakan

    Good location. Good security. Good product that sells out so the stock is fresh.

  95. Charleskiwacz

    Always super helpful especially since I travel really love the prize wheel too

  96. Andrades22

    Great location. Easy access. Commute right off the train. Everytime I’m near this location I must stop to try one of their new strains.

  97. akunamatatta

    I have always been successful here. The budtenders are always willing to help, and go above and beyond every time to make sure I leave happy. The herijuana is amazing with relieving my anxiety, migraines, and nausea!

  98. ydecelis18

    Great location and decent buds. Wish everything wasn’t prepackaged tho.

  99. KingBlizzuntz

    My spot right here.

  100. joejo85

    The best dispensary in Massachusetts great service with a smile and fantastic quality medical marijuana

  101. human88

    Great place in a great location. I’m very pleased with the products. Their Granddaddy Purple is excellent medicine, some of the best I’ve found so far for soothing anxiety and insomnia. Also, I haven’t met a bad employee here; everyone’s friendly and helpful.

  102. PPDD

    I had been going on a weekly basis until today when i tried for the first time to return a product, a defective cartridge. I am a 50 yr old professional woman who has spent a lot of money there. Yet I was given the 3rd degree – the salesman demanded to know why I had not mentioned it before, like when I bought x, y, and Z. Loudly. In front of other patients. Horrifying.

  103. schauernicole6

    It’s my only go to place everyone is cool and my stuff is always on point. Fact

  104. Agremon

    nice people, they have a reward system that gives money after so much money spent. the buds are the best I’ve seen in the state

  105. daffodils0615

    The gentlemen at the counter are super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Today was my third visit, and I only began using mj a few months ago. They take the time to explain things and don’t rush you. The facility is sparkling white and clean, and the waiting room is comfortable as well. I won’t go anywhere else.

  106. Lex1c0n

    I directly contradict anyone who says that this place is low quality. Extremely convenient location, good people, and good product. Like all the other dispensaries in the area, there will be days withoutany good strains on the menu, but they are few and far between and more than worth it for all the other days.

  107. KingMall

    Love this place, very accessible for inner city residents & workers and flower is always top notch! Staff Member Whitney was very informative and recommended the best strains.

  108. liblib

    I think its a great location. Frankly, PC is not NETA. Your prepackaged items, priced on the metric system cause unnecessary complication. I just wanted a smaller amount of flower than what was already packaged (you had run out of all things Sativa)

  109. TheNewGuy2015

    Patriot Care in Boston is outstanding. They have an amazing selection of high CBD strains. High CBD strains are very hard to find especially in this state. I used to have to go all the way to Salem by Commuter Rail just to get anything remotely high CBD strain. Patriot Care in Boston is literally a block away from Park Street station. Try the Canna Tsu strain, you wont be disappointed. Please try their edibles as well. Very professional group. Great team, even the security is super friendly. Patriot care is my go to always. No regrets.

  110. ibesmokin357

    I love Rachel! She’s the best part of the experience there and the product is ok too

  111. shantron5000

    My favorite dispensary! The edibles are deliscipus and they often have gluten free. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I love the rewards program and they always have something new on the menu.

  112. bostonscoe

    pick up service…. A+ …. good move

  113. fluffheadjulius

    Great place and selection, but YOU NEED TO GET MORE CARTRIDGES. I don’t want to go to other dispensaries, but they have cartridges.

  114. Newcoolgirl

    It’s in the middle of downtown crossing. It’s a bit confusing but if you call they will give you directions.

  115. pologunz

    Perfect location. I don’t have to go far. Had a few strands but I’m waiting for them to get some sour . What I did try was good. Long lasting high

  116. drowland43

    Everyone is always very helpful!

  117. RitaMargarita

    Some of the best quality bud with great discounts. I love prize wheel!

  118. morningwood

    Had low expectations due to location in downtown crossing, but this place is fantastic.
    Excellent flower menu, and I think I’d say the best flower variety and quality I’ve seen in MA.
    Nice to see the transparency in their menu, with showing different batches of same strains. Friendly and knowledgeable staff who will talk about terpines, etc. if you want.
    Definitely recommend.

  119. BosBrat

    Went on Friday during the computer outage. The service was still stellar considering the situation. Consider the alternative before you complain. Things happen and a little patience wouldn’t hurt.

  120. angeleyes4664

    I find this dispensary to be clean,staff are polite and helpful . they usually have plenty on menu .so today I did my first pick up order . ordered from menu .got a text one of the flowers in my order,was not in stock .they ran out 2 days ago .so I order something else from their menu . out of stock as well .though place is good place .I feel they need to update their menu more frequent. this is first time i ran into this . But overall is a great place to get medical marijuana .i reccomend it .

  121. SA311

    You absolutely cannot beat the level of professionalism at Patriot Care in Boston. From the security at the door, to the front desk/check in, to the customer service team out back, I have consistently been treated with respect and made to feel welcome. They’re great at answering any questions I might have, it’s a very knowledgeable staff. I have visited three dispensaries in Massachusetts and Patriot Care in Boston is leaps and bounds the most inviting and attractive location- I love the contemporary furnishings and just how approachable everyone is. My only (very minor) complaint is I wish they were open a little earlier in the morning, like at 9:00 am.

  122. Mainsley

    Patriot Care has the most consistent quality of flower and their staff is top notch. Highly recommend (pun definitely intended)

  123. derekmail22

    Staff is SUPER friendly and knowledgeable. There’s other locations but I always come back to my BOSTON location.

  124. Allielav791

    My favorite dispensary by far. They always have great products and prices

  125. modeling

    Very nice location! Right in the middle of downtown with discreet entrance. Staff here has always been extremely friendly and helpful. No long waits and a soothing waiting area. Strains are always varied and edibles are tasty AF. So glad to have Patriot Care downtown!

  126. scarfacebos

    When they’re menu is stocked, it’s STOCKED.
    Recently have been very impressed with the flower. They’re shatter (double tangie banana shatter is favorite)

    In particular, Strawberry Fields is a favorite of mine in vape cartridge.

  127. patmetheny

    This spot has THE best bud out of the 5 or 6 dispensaries in the area, and believe me I’ve tried them all.(a few times) I’ve never been disappointed in the quality and quantity of their bud, it’s always fresh and smells like gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh! Cool staff too!

  128. pinaalex66

    I thought I stepped into the future, and. Not because I was just high…. everyone seemed so filled with joy like how could you be mad working here… loved it and I’m going back forever

  129. paulie1717

    Awesome place, very friendly staff, good prices and specials, great selection. I come here often.

  130. JorgeG62

    Outstanding dispensary, great variety of high quality flower and other products, knowledgeable and friendly professional staff. I visit every time I can when I’m in the city. Great transportation and customer loyalty programs, fantastic location.

  131. Charleskiwacz86

    Loved the crew and how helpful they are for those on a budget

  132. Yamar13

    Patriot Care really needs vape pen cartridges, preferably without PG

  133. jakeal

    Outstanding service and medicine. I absolutely love this dispensary.

  134. jamesIllfated

    Noticed my fav strains you guys carry… white fire OG and Buddah’s Third Eye are in stock more often. Thank you. Can you keep it that way? Their flavor profile is great… and glad to see you guys fixed the dry bud issue… at least when I visited a couple days ago anyway

  135. Erik58

    One of the best in Boston. Great selection of flowers and edibles. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

  136. KidtocoolNick

    I’ve gone into Patriot Care about eight or nine times, and have walked out extremely excited to try my new flower. The facility is nicely set up and surprising doesn’t have that strong weed smell, people think there might be. The workers are okay, one in particular gave me attitude but I can’t remember her name, (maybe started with a W??). It actually caused me to not return to the store for several months. But one day, I was in the area & Knew that I wouldn’t be able to make it to my regular dispensary at that point, so I stopped by a second time. I was already in a bad mood anyway, so I really didn’t want to have to be bothered by aEURoe annoyedaEUR workers but surprisingly I had an enjoyable experience picking out the flower and oil as well as engaging with one of the workers, aEURoeRachelaEUR or aEURoeRachaelaEUR (sorry if I didn’t get the spelling right) at checkout. She was very vibrant and seemed to actually care about my selections. She made sure I had everything I needed and sparked up a really good conversation that made me laugh. It’s amazing how much an employee can make, such a great customer experience. I truly appreciate a worker that knows what they are talking about, because I know nothing! But Needless to say, I visited the clinic , more often times than I thought I would. Thanks again to her!

  137. GunnyOG

    I went to patriot care in boston for the first time recently and I was eligible to pick up a 16th for 3 bucks. I choose to get nl5 x haze because that was my smoke in the late 90’s when I was starting out. I remember it made me happy and the effects were long lasting. I was thrilled to have reunited with this strain, thanks to patriot care. The buds were in superb quality and it did wonders for my nerve disease, I did not have a single headaches with this strain on standby.

  138. Charlie82

    Great location right off the orange line(State.St.). Knowledgeable and friendly staff from security in to the budtenders. The Menu varies daily and is updated every day on Leafly. Nice buds, my favorite strains right now when the have it in is the Herijuana and Sour Kush. The only edibles on the menu are baked goods, it could use a little variation. It’s a must visit and my go to place for everything I need.

  139. mjsaunt

    I love this dispensary. Too bad I broke my foot and can’t get there right now. Very helpful and knowledgeable people. As soon as I can I’m going back. I miss them

  140. Myisha

    I love the staff. They are very knowledgeable. I’m always able to find the perfect strain for pain.

  141. bladecrab

    The best dispensary in MA hands down !. Always friendly & informative. And very professional. I’d recommend Patriot Care to all new patients

  142. cbencale

    great location; accessable by the T. every one hear was very pleasant. from the security guard all the way to the bud tenders top notch service. the check in was simple, just one form the first time. I had no waitaEUR< both times I visited PC. the first time was overwhelming with all the choices, but the bud tendered was knowledgeable and helpful. I bought 2 strains, medi Haze and Grease monkey. I bought the medi Haze for the CBD and was not disappointed. I'm loving how relaxed and anxiety free I feel. doesn't cloud my mind much so I can keep on working. also, the smell is amazing and the bud so so sticky. the Grease monkey is a nice afternoon smoke. it feels like a 50/50 indica sativa. not over powering,but a nice euphoric mid day walk kinda smoke. all in all I would come here again and recommend to a friend. Thanks for the great experience.

  143. ConnectTumbleweed

    Doesn’t have recreational permit. Wasn’t able to go in but the menu is limited and way overpriced.

  144. cannibus365

    Great spot right in heart of downtown Boston. I love that it has the bones of an old bank (like NETA). Pre-packed medicine makes for an efficient visit. They have a good variety of indica, sativa, hybrid and CBD strains. Fav: Sour Kush and Dead Head OG. You gave to watch thier menu and try to get in be fore the end of the day… popular strains may be limited. This is a solid professional operation with a friendly helpful team. Top notch accessibility via. T, car, bike and wheel chair accommodations. The clean calm lobby is a good holding area for u to review the menu before u go through the “purchase door” to complete your visit. Agressive prices are tamed with lots of discount opportunities. 5 star dispensary.

  145. jsully420

    Amazing knowledgeable staff, always the best flower around. Super professional.

  146. glenn194

    My favorite place in the state and now that u can reserve meds i have zero anxity.Ty patriot care.dY~dY~dY~

  147. MooeyDooey

    Long time customer! I started going here around the time this dispensary opened. This is currently the only dispensary in Boston I go to. The location is very convenient, the staff is incredibly well informed and friendly, and the products rock. They also have special “prize wheel” days (very fun), and plenty of ways to earn discounts! I’m currently saving up for the “platinum membership” program, since it has done really cool perks and seems worth the price. I recommend this dispensary to anyone I know who is local and has a medical card. A++, -Jon

  148. Joepuffin

    good spot.

  149. Roma1774

    The flowers need to be flush before harvest.

  150. iloverosin

    This place really surprised me. I recently had a bad experience with concentrates from another dispensary, so I was somewhat hesitant. I got a gram of the chocolope and a gram of the extreme cream. I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and effect from both! On par with some of the best concentrates I have had from the Boston dispensaries.

  151. OpenYourCoconut

    it was my first time visiting this dispensary. It was a very nice atmosphere with nice people. the budtender was very helpful and really understood what he was explaining. I asked about prerolls because I have got them from other dispensaries and they have been too packed and hard to hit, but he said they are almost perfect at patriot, so I bought a 5 pack and so far, he is right, they hit great and taste great. Good discounts for first time, I got a 1/16 of flower and 5 .5 gram joints for 25$, how can you go wrong with that.

  152. JJbeachbum16

    Clean, nice people and great product. Also join there email & rewards program for good discounts!

  153. whately50

    I loved this place! I first went here last Saturday, the 3d and am definitely going back the next time I need some bud! It’s really very easy to find and get to and from, though don’t forget to bring lots of Quarters, because after all, it is Boston. Devonshire Street seems to be about the best option for parking, I parked about a block south of Milk Street and it was an easy walk, I went inside, a tall fellow checked my IDs and let me in. I had already pre-registered online, so it was just like getting into NETA Care in Northampton. The whole experience was VERY positive, Seneca, Marissa & Joe were great, and the whole operation is run in a very friendly, professional manner. I HIGHLY recommend paying the one-time charge of $120 for the Platinum PSC, as it entitles you to some cool stuff, like The Northern Lights 5 x Haze (25% THC) that isn’t available to non-Platinum PSC members. Prices are SLIGHTLY higher than NETA, but only by a thin margin and the Bud is pre-packaged, rather than it being done in front of you, which I could see as being a real time-saver if the place is really busy. Personally, I didn’t mind the pre-packaging, as Joe let me get a good look at each strain that I purchased, and the NL 5 x Haze particularly is some really Dank Bud! I was looking around for other Dispensaries, NOT because I’m dissatisfied in ANY way, shape, or form with NETA (And I want to make that perfectly clear!), but simply because I was looking for some more variety, different strains that I haven’t tried yet for example. Having been smoking my purchases for the last couple of days, I can honestly say that I’m MORE than satisfied with the quality! If you’re not familiar with driving in Boston, I recommend doing your homework before visiting this location. Google Earth, and just plain calling them on the phone (How old-fashioned, OMG), and a good street map (Even if mine dates to 1999, and shows I-93 as an elevated freeway LOL) were all I needed to find my way there and back. I would recommend that you go there late morning/early afternoon as outbound traffic from Boston ranges from horrible to terrible beginning around 3-4pm. I live in Holyoke, which is about an hour and a half, more with traffic, so it’s not that bad for me. And don’t forget the T, or MBTA!

  154. SteffyBooboo18

    Awesome employees, simple location, and great products. People have no idea what they are missing.

  155. Beyonce123

    My first excursion to Patriot Care Boston was today just a bit after Noon. Parking was limited to a few street spots so I would suggest being dropped off or taking the T. It is on the first floor of 21 Milk Street- walk into the building and a security guard is sitting waiting for you on your left.
    First station was Patient Check-in and Registration- Receptionist was great and very welcoming. She then buzzes me into the second room which is the Waiting area. Beautiful space and definitely the most aesthetically pleasing of the dispensaries. Comfortably warm, clean, shades of blue, and an open space. Seating area of individual chairs in groups of 3 or 4 and blue couches. Lighting is great- nice and happy. The call you into the 3rd area by name.
    Met with Seneca for my first order and she was fabulous. Very welcoming and super informative.Flower is pre-packaged in 1/16’s and in larger denominations. They absolutely let you smell all the product- also they have viewing jars. Edibles come pre-packaged as well- got the 35mg brownie, cookie, and almond toffee cups( case of 2). Also purchased some Medi-Haze. Quality is very good. The customer service was by far my favorite of all the dispensaries. I will definitely be coming back for the deals as well: so many discounts because they are running deals constantly. For example, the CBD flower was 20% off today. I was ecstatic with the amount of money I saved. And yes… there is no LIMIT.

    As you leave you are buzzed out of both the waiting area, and the front area. I left the building with a smile on my face. 🙂

  156. Princessinboston18

    great assortment and the nicest employees

  157. Lordana1180

    I have no complaints about this location. All of the staff is pleasant, patient and knowledgeable.

  158. SlickRichTheRuler

    Easily accessible via T. Friendly staff. Well stocked diverse inventory of medication. I purchased a 3.5 of Star Cookies & 3.5 of Cookies and Cream. Flowers were aromatic but a bit too dry for my liking. I did also purchase 100mg brownie bites and 60mg rocky road Cookies; both were excellent!

  159. berniesmack

    My favorite dispensary

  160. wesgurl89

    This is my favorite dispensary in MA for flower – hands down! I’ve been going to Patriot Care since it opened last spring/summer. The security and staff are awesome – very friendly, funny, knowledgeable and professional; I feel at home every time I’m there. There is always a HUGE range of flower options available, with many above 24% =dY’OEdY1/2. The quality is always fresh, no seeds, never dry, high potency. Only downside is I wish they had larger variety of concentrates and edibles; I go elsewhere for these.

  161. MsRBrown

    This is a great facility with wonderful products, prices and services for their patients. They recycle, they understand and offer prices for patients in hardship, the products are top notch that works as prescribed and the staff is well versed about the products, and it’s done with a friendly attitude.

  162. Donnamlafrankie

    If you have any anxiety about walking into a “dispensary”, you will quickly overcome it when you are greeted by such a friendly and knowledgeable staff! The people who work there couldn’t be more kind! I have always been in and out in a matter of minutes and always leave a lot more educated. If you have been dealing with any amount of pain or you suffer from anxiety, I highly recommend that go there and tell the staff exactly what you need it for & they will recommend a strain for you. I have always walked in there and just told whoever is helping me what it is I am looking for and have taken their advice… and I have NEVER been disappointed!! Have a blessed day everyone…dY~EUR

  163. Sniper47

    Parking sucks! Very helpful staff!

  164. kslom

    Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. The PSC and other benefits and discounts really make it worth while

  165. dayben


    Great staff here tho!

  166. cheers0005

    Weekly visits for 6 months. I’m looking forward to today’s visit. Perfect location, easy access from Subway and bus (2 min.) … Green Line Gov’t Cent. (5 min.); great counselors. I never tried the Citrus water, but it looks very nice dY~3. Good spot ~ very professional uniformed staff … I am always warmly welcomed with a smile.
    P.S. I’m over 65, DAV and happy to give 21 Milk St another 1/2 gold dYOEY so they have a perfect rating. Oh, ya … they have good weed too! dY~<

  167. CannaMAnster

    Great Staff & location. Nice selection of flower but a lil on the dry side. Maybe give away humidipaks like GRI!

  168. RaftGuy24

    love the people, love the product, love the location. overall I’ve been really pleased with the downtown location. you guys are great!

  169. MacDiablo

    First visit and no wait. 2 minutes of paper work and I was being escorted to an agent. Excellent selection of of CBD strains of flower, they had 4 CBD strains out 8 or 9 total. A short list of edibles, but nothing with a dosage over 50mg(no question I’ll be back to try them, not all edibles are created equal) Strangely sterile set up, but that’s better than the opposite.

  170. le_goat

    One of my personal favorites, the staff is incredibly helpful and friendly. their strains are varied and top notch. Only place around with Brandywine, one of my favorite strains, as well as Double Stuff and French Toast. with the perfect location on the edge of the financial district, this is a most visit dispensary.

  171. Reli0304

    Great place! Great customer services very friendly and helpful with recommendations.

  172. itssixes66

    Great location easy to access via public transportation. Staffs knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

  173. HomieHalfDead

    This place is ok when they have cannabis in stock and they need to help more on the medical side to make it a lil more convenient for Da handicap

  174. jimflana

    Convenient location, knowledgeable and friendly staff!

  175. Jhaze617

    Hard to get to this place and they never update their stock, so taking effort to get to this dispensary may just be a waste of time.

  176. GingerKushDaddy

    Great location but nowhere to park. Flowers are already packed in containers and you can’t really see or smell without the staff being weird. If I’m going to pay top dollar I should be able to see and smell what I’m getting.

  177. Pgriffith

    I love patriot care their employees and product are wonderful. They make you feel welcome and I feel very pleasant to be there. This is the only dispensary I come to, it’s the best around. If I could work here I would. The people are amazing. Very helpful in what you need.

  178. DoobyDooMagoo

    Very friendly and fast service

  179. Orion_Weed

    Always a pleasant experience at Patriot. They have a commendable selection and the staff is TOPS. I do find that thier flower is excessively dry due to pre-packaging their flower. I have never got fresh buds from Patriot. Flower at other dispenseries tends to be moist and sticky. Always dry at Patriot.

  180. IchiroA

    Very high quality

  181. Queertrashlord

    relaxed atmosphere, candid and kind staff. great when they forgot to pack my cones in my bag and coming to pick them up today.

  182. SBed82

    I’ve been here a few times and I must say this is the best dispensary I’ve been too in terms of quality of flower and overall service. It’s never usually packed either which is great. I highly recommend Patriot Care Boston

  183. 128designer

    I was able to order, but not pickup because I didnt bring my card??

  184. SmokeyFromFriday1

    You would think their buds would be nice and fluffy, but EVERYTHING you get is dry as hell and turns into dust as soon as you break up. Awesome strains but they could do a way better job storing it. disappointed.

  185. wdodds

    Nothing at All

  186. sailormoses

    Professional, easy location, nice atmosphere. Good selection. a little pricy. Excellent quality. Strawberry Amnesia is very nice.Also recommend Chocolope. Will stop by again.

  187. Its419inaminute

    Well run clean and organized.

  188. CadiN

    Best edibles I’ve ever had!!!! The ginger cookies are life changing! Good variety of strains but I only come for the cookies. But the place and workers are sooo sterile and clinical that it feels so forced and awkward. It would be nice if they packaged it in front of you but they don’t. And there’s no parking at all. The only time I go is if I’m in town and I have someone to wait in my car while I double park.

  189. Terranophilus

    I’ve been coming here since this place opened and while the security is a bit stringent (be prepared to open your backpacks), once you get inside it’s mellow and the staff are helpful and knowledgeable. You’ll be in and out in no time with quality product and advice.

  190. Darris

    Great location and products

  191. bringthestrain

    Whitney is the best and makes me smile

  192. ames1014

    best dispensary I’ve been too so far. always good buds and prices

  193. starbot

    I’ve been to Patriot Care 3 times now, and the last really exceeded my expectations– flower quality is certainly on par with other stores. What inspired me to write the review, however, was the friendly bud-tenders and the great deals. No matter the day, you can expect to save at least $10-20 and more depending on the promotion (and there are a bunch of them)!

  194. arayno

    Amazing service, reasonable costs and they value their customers.

  195. mjhurley132

    I love coming here because they always have a good variety of products and the staff are really helpful. They also have lots of sales and deals which helps

  196. lexmitrano

    I love all the staff

  197. chefadamnesti

    Let me clarify my previous review. Staff including all agents and AGM are great, the issues with staff begin with GM and above. WOOOOOOOO!

  198. chunckystar

    very nice people very knowledgeable in the buissness, it’s in a great location.

  199. BostonBakedBean

    Great location for me. Great productaEUR”my new favorite in the area but let’s be real: 350$ an oz is truly head and shoulders, aEURoeabove the competitionaEUR for reasons I can both only postulate and shake my head. All that said I will be there at coffee break.

  200. dontletyourdingdangleinthedirt

    People were nice. Not a lot of product. NO Vapes pens. Flower was pretty good though.

  201. ziggy821

    Knowledgeable staff, good selection.

  202. ElmsorePotMan

    Came in needing some minor assistance due to injury and the staff were all very helpful and friendly. Also honored an older refer a friend deal even though the prices had changed. The flower is great and the selection wide. Would definitely recommend this store to others.

  203. Gigorganic

    Great place, staff who seem to take pride in their job and a variety of consistent quality medicine ranging from flower to edibles. Blessings

  204. CapTrees

    It’s a good location in Boston.

  205. Sfyprt

    I stopped by before work for some last minute shopping but they had a bit of a wait. I had to hustle to work so I tried reserving an order through the Leafly app, to then go back after work. It was a breeze! I received a text confirmation. They were out of one of the gummies, so they asked by text what I would like instead, or to remove, and then I updated my order. I showed up picked up my order easypeasy

  206. jgagner

    Every single time I visit the staff are always super welcoming, super friendly and super helpful. They’re all very knowledgeable about the products they supply and very timely in getting you in and out of the location quickly and satisfied. Their products are my favorite out of every dispensary I’ve visited so far. They offer $10 off twice a month for transportation, as well as a rewards points system for every certain amount you spend. They also have a prize wheel every mon and weds to get additional $ off your purchase.

  207. ticklewood

    Just minutes from Park street and Downtown Crossing this location is super accessible via public transportation. The staff are great, from the security guard to the managers everyone is friendly and professional. The quality of their product is excellent and the dispensary gives various rewards to members for purchases and holiday discounts and so forth. Awesome dispensary.

  208. samanddee

    Always runs out of inventory and never has an updated menu on here. NETA ten times better.

  209. Cruisers

    Great place

  210. cilkysmooth

    Love this place

  211. Brady771

    I always have great experiences when I visit here. Everybody is friendly and quite knowledgeable. Great location as well.

  212. mrblizzack

    Location is excellent. Super easy access on the way to the O line after work. Usually no wait to see one of the sales reps. Great flower and gummy products. Really, really need to step up their vape cartridges game. As the only dispensary in Boston, they need to make available the medicine delivery system of the consumer’s choice (e.g. flower, edible, vape concentrate, shatter, topical, pre-rolls, capsules, etc…). The vape cartridge supply is severely below the demand. Please make this a priority as your other offerings, at least in Boston, are legit.

  213. Eramus3

    I have been to 3 dispensaries so far, and Patriot Care is the best. Professional and friendly staff with no supply issues thus far. I have found the quality of the product excellent. Came once by T. I also drove in from Quincy on a Sunday and parked for free. Check it out. Worth the trip.

  214. ezplant

    Having been to this dispensary when they first opened, patriotcare has always been the fastest in-and-out dispensary – with almost no wait in line. Ive tried their bundle of 5 prerolls recently and theyre absolutely amazing. Burns really slow and and smokes smooth considering its only 0.5 gram in each preroll! Absolutely amazing would recommend

  215. TooCasual508

    Hands down, best flower quality of any dispensary in MA. Only wish it was a closer drive for me!

  216. Ilovenuggets92

    First time here….I loved it!!! All the employee’s are super nice and friendly. I love how all the employee’s try to connect with you while there and make your experience there much better and personable. The receptionist is the best, and she is a good conversation starter. The product here is lit too!!! Definitely will be going back see them all again. Great Work Boston!!!

  217. dtaranto44

    Always a pleasure. The staff is great an knowledgeable. They always have great selections of products along with discounts and deals add help save money in the process. I only go to this dispensary. I have never been to any other one and I have no reason to. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s always appreciated.

  218. Krumb28

    Great bud
    Nice dispensary
    Whitney held me down so the service was top notch!

  219. flipBiscuit


    Patriot Care Boston gets: dYdY two leafs!

    This was my fourth visit to a state dispensary. This was also the second patriot care location I visited, first being Lowell. I took the train from Lowell to north station and walked their. About a 10 min walk from north station. The guard at the front door and the staff at the Boston location are not as friendly as their other location. And for this, left a sour taste in my mouth. I don’t think I will be going back to patriot care Boston again.

    The only two things I like from Patriot Care is their Granddaddy Purple strain when they have it and their 500ml tinctures. Again when they have it.

    “If it’s in Mass, I’m going to review them”

  220. weed4evr

    Best dispensary I’ve been to by far. Very friendly, everything is sleek and clean. Huge menu. Wonderful place. 10/10

  221. gypsyvrose

    While this has been the only storefront I have been to thus far, I must say they give no reason to look elsewhere. The staff is friendly, helpful, and knowledgable on their inventory. The medibles are delectable. The strain/lab THC breakdown is extensive and on everything! And the bud selection is extensive and constantly rotating (and tediously updated!). This brings excitement to the menu and has allowed me to try so many different expressions of this glorious herb (the Black Widow X Blue Lemon Thai OMG). While some reviews have complained of dry greens, I have not noticed this so much. Since switching from their twist-top Rx packaging, to the squeezy-pop tube packaging I’ve noticed slightly more moisture retention over time as well.
    However, their shatter… Their shatter is un-real. While it is limited, it’s worth it. Those intricately bubbled, stained-glass fractures have had the cleanest, terpene-rich flavor, and highest potency of any concentrate I (or my colleagues) have had the privilege to inhale. Hats off extraction team! (and machine)

  222. chughes3393

    Love patriot care! Always fast friendly and affordable who prioritize consumer experience and care above all.

  223. JVH312

    There is no doubt that MA has quite a ways to go till we catch up with other states in terms of options. However, Patriot Care is not behind in terms or quality of care and atmosphere. The staff is hands down the most attentive I have seen in the industry. I always leave Patriot Care feeling well taken care. Dan is my favorite bud tender, but honestly they have all been extremely professional and knowledgeable. Their edibles are the best in the state and it is clear that the company listens to it’s patience suggestions and is growing with our needs.

  224. raw5224

    very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always a great variety.

  225. Sylarkiwacz

    Great prices

  226. Mwlocke100

    Poor customer service, bad prices.

  227. Olivaw

    It’s an amazing physical location, in that it’s the only dispensary in Boston and is easily accessible by the T. But I wish it was better. I recently went for the first time, and they have an incredibly sterile environment where they won’t even show you the cannabis you’re considering buying (including having empty display cases that they say they’ll never fill).

    And my main complaint: they didn’t offer 1/8ths! They jumped right from 1/16, up to a 1/4. They don’t seem in touch with what patients want.

  228. Steadystacks1003

    Awesome staff, awesome medicine!

  229. Idlewilder

    I visited for the second time and it seems like they’re really trying to improve based on user comments. The staff is friendly and the flowers are very decent. I do wish they weren’t pre-packaged though. I went for a specific strain (deadhead og) and all they had were 7g containers. I’m sure they pre-package due to regulations etc but it’s still irritating that I couldn’t get the strain I specifically went for. The first time I visited, again specifically for deadhead og, they sold out within the first 30 minutes of opening lol. Bad luck on my part I guess.
    All in all though, it’s a good place to pick up quality flower.

    One recommendation, figure out better containers. I swear that half of the trichomes are on the walls of the containers

  230. Cocoaqw33n

    Some sales reps are more helpful than others. Great product here too.

  231. Jusgreen

    Great environment!

  232. miccourtney

    This is my go to for almost every strain. The product is consistently great – love the staff! They know their product without having to blab for a half hour to each client about information that can be found on any website. the atmosphere and transaction speed is incredible in comparison to other dispensaries.
    and did I say the staff is AWESOME?!!
    (Who wants to STAND in line for an hour? – not here!)
    The only recommendation I have is to get the Sour Diesel right, no more Sour Kush. Let’s get that sweet gasoline taste of the real deal Sour Diesel.. Other than that, no complaints.. once in a blue I get a few seeds in certain strains, which for the money there should be more attention paid to the buds.

  233. Jammx1

    Good for public transportation

  234. BostonBurnz420

    Came down to get cookies and cream today it wasn’t there dY$?”dY$?”dY$?” but thankfully this place got other strains to choose from grabbed the star kush n golden lemon dY’OEdY3/4NICE dY”Y=dY’-

  235. wahine65

    good for commuters, city dwellers. Discreet, safe.

  236. Jay_Ganja

    I walked in and noticed a familiar face the budtender I had was the same gentleman I had met years previous as my Cannabis Counselor at canna care. I knew I was in good hands he had knowledge of all aspects and answered every question perfectly. You guys hit the jackpot with this kid. Keep up the good work I will definitely be back.

  237. amcgovern5

    Great dispensary. Bring in extra tubes and sealed bags as they give you cash towards new product with their recycling program.

  238. lcav55

    Super welcoming atmosphere. Clean, modern feel and the staff is incredible. Bought the last of the “Herijuana” and can’t wait to give it a try!!!

  239. earthmaiden32

    Very good and friendly. In and out no line!

  240. AmarettoIce

    After visiting the Lowell location , I had higher hopes. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the medicine the problem is the medicine was not the quality it is in Lowell.. The staff really is awesome it’s unfortunate that they have to re-teal edibles that are hard to consume because they are so hard and when purchasing my medicine I expected there to be The same quality of flowers as in Lowell. I hope that the powers that be will use Lowell as the standard for quality. The PSC points need to be able to be managed as well.. I love your company I’d like to see it succeed across the board

  241. digatee

    Great dispensary, great staff.

  242. Btroisi13

    I enjoy continuously coming here, often weekly, since the high quality products they have on offer, as well as the informative and kind budtenders/staff, which also enable various different discounts per month per person, which without these, I simply could not afford my medication that helps me so well. *sigh* if only this medicine was treated like lesser effective pharmaceuticals that might be costly but not after the insurance’s deduction. Maybe one day I might see this occur, but I wouldn’t hold my breath lol. So yeah as long as this is the way I have to get this helpful medicine, I will be going here thanks to the discounts mainly, however the previous listings above are the other reasons that influence me to come here as well.

  243. Vetbud

    Their staff is knowledgeable and comforting, but they never have the products I’m looking for. I’m usually forced to buy the next most similar thing resulting in a higher price. Today I bought a 1/4 and it’s all dry. However, they do have a huge selection of great looking bud.

  244. csnell4

    I love coming do this place. The staff is great and knowledgeable of everything they have. I recommend this place to anyone and plan on going back again.

  245. deekx012

    Awesome location centrally located right in downtown right by multiple MBTA train stops for convenience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  246. Flrs395

    My experience there was great! It was my first time going to a dispensary and I was a bit nervous but I founded it very helpful that the budtender, Adam helped me feel welcomed and comfortable asking questions. He is was very knowledgeable about the strains, their abilities and helped me by giving me recommendations on which ones looked more accommodating for me.

  247. rooster86

    I’ve been here at least five times now so I feel comfortable giving a review. I’ve only ever bought flower from here so keep that in mind. I really want this place to be great, but it just isn’t up to par. I’d give them five stars for service, staff, and location. The issue is that they prepackage everything in cheap medicine bottles and by the time you get it the bud is so dry that it crumbles to dust with just a light squeeze
    between the fingers. I’ve tried and tried with it because it’s very conveniently located for me, but I just can’t do it anymore. If they would change this method and store it properly I’d happily give 4-5 stars. Keep the bud in air tight containers and weigh it in front of me!

  248. SeaDawngull

    Great if around area…always come with copilot in whip…or pay the parking ticket.

  249. jeffb2333

    I really like this dispensary. They tend to have a large selection of Flower in comparison to other locations and no limits. I also really like their edibles. Great staff!

  250. athena97

    This is the place that broke my heart. I’ll start with the good stuff though:
    The woman who typically signs you in at the front desk is AMAZING. Pleasant, knowledgeable, cool. The people helping you with your orders are friendly and although they seemed to have some newer (less knowledgeable) staff still training up, they all work collaboratively – if you have a question that your person can’t answer, they’ll ask someone. I appreciate that. Flower variety is off the charts here. Always switching it up. Concentrates are very high quality and their cookies are great.
    Strain of the month club started great, ultimately kind of turned into a ripoff. The flower here is ultra dry as compared to other local shops. Not sure if it’s the pre-packaging? Also, over time the variety in flower started to include several lower/mid level quality strains with just a couple high quality ones. I looooove variety, but I’d rather have just 4 killer options instead of sifting through many mediocre ones trying to find the standout.

    All of the above named cons I was still willing to overlook when I balance it with the pros, but the last one has caused me to stop visiting Patriot, probably forever. The last time I tried to visit, I was denied entry. I needed my medicine and I had traveled there during a terrible downpour. I finally arrived 15 minutes before closing, and for where Patriot is located it can be tricky (whether you’re on foot or you drive). A security guard (not the usual one) informed me that they were too busy and no one else could come in. I told him I really needed my medicine, I’d traveled in the pouring rain and I would never make it to the next closest dispensary in time. I got a very insincere “I’m sorry” and he turned away. I stood under a building awning next door and called Patriot. I figured for sure if I got someone on the phone, they’d let me in. No answer. I left a detailed message with my phone number. No one let me in that day, and no one returned my call (ever).

    As much as I loved this place, out of principle I just can’t go back. To not even return a customer call is really poor, and not letting me in because they were busy when that place is so difficult to get to still irritates me when I think about it. There are many more choices for mmj than there were even 6 months ago, so I can’t justify going back. I also learned that Patriot was very vocal and put up money to try to block legalization of recreational mj. They made a deal with the city where they grow which is only worth it for them if everything stays Medical only, but it will cost them if the state goes Rec. I guess for Patriot leadership, it comes down to politics and profit instead of people. It makes me sad, because this place got into the scene early and I loved them 🙁

  251. rstone9913

    I’ve been going to Patriot Care since it opened and it’s really come a long way in just a few months. The edibles are the best around- I was told they are baked by a French pastry artist who is just starting out cooking with THC. Bravo to this woman! Edibles generally don’t work on me, mostly because they usually don’t have a high enough THC content but these work great thanks to the 30,40,50mg content. All of the staff is super friendly, a big plus. Had a small issue a couple weeks ago and the staff at Patriot did everything they could to help fix it which is so much appreciated. Always a great selection of bud too, with NO LIMIT (cough cough Neta). I highly recommend visiting this dispensary if you haven’t already!

  252. ray1977

    Dry, loose,airy buds that lost their flavor after 2 days. Potency was short lived that required frequent re medicating. The hype did not live up. Price was very expensive, patients here will see they are being passed on the overhead of costs from having a mmj clinic when they see the prices. 107 for a quarter. I am not going back here unless everywhere else is dry.

  253. misdameana

    Beautiful shop with friendly and helpful staff. I dropped by to check it out and was so pleased. The guys went thru the whole menu with me and made plenty of recommendations. And they even have a profession pastry chef that they get their cookies from. How can you go wrong? AND you get a commuters discount for making it downtown dYOE’dYZ%0. Looking forward to a return visit.

  254. jmhackneygmail

    A well run place, with great staff. Thanks to Adam for his help!

  255. mlmkvr

    Best selection I have found. Everything I have gotten has been at least good, if not great. Has always been quick service, but I may also have missed peak times, not sure. Wouldn’t mind even cheaper prices, but do like that sixteenths cost exactly half as much as eighths, easier to get variety.

  256. bostongothic

    They need to flush the medicine before harvesting. Medicine would NOT burn and turned into charcoal briquets. I was offered store credit for one of the four 1/16ths bought but not the other 3 due to the fact they were opened , obviously we tried to smoke it, but it would not burn. Also bought was a .5 gram of shatter which was too stable and broke into dust. $91 dollars of pure crap.

  257. Iheartbud89

    I really enjoy my trips to Patriot Care, because I know im getting quality nugs and great customer service. The French Toast is dY”Y= dY”Y= dY”Y=

  258. klaatux

    Lovely place, great selection. I can’t wait till they expand more!

  259. gangagal

    Love coming to this PC location. I’m usually I’m and out in less than 10 mins. The commuter discount is the best. Just picked up some a 1/16th of 3D #4, Sour Banana Sherbet and Star 91 #2. They all look incredible.

    Their bud isn’t the only fire in the room (I tried). The blonde budtender with the nose ring. I wish I knew her name. Hoping one of these 1/16ths gives me the courage to ask.

    Hope she sees this.

  260. HerbBurns

    Is Patriot Care going to sell concentrates & pens. It would also be good if they tore a page out of NETA’s play-book and offer good discounts, refer a buddy program, SSI, SSDI and disability discounts.

    The black and gray weed market in and around the Financial District (where Patriot is located) has better a much wider selection of medicine, higher quality and better prices.

    If I want a gram, sell it to me. If I want 3.6 grams, sell it to me, it’s not like you’re breaking up any packaging and are going to have an odd amount left over.

    This is a win – win business and a lot of people are going to make a lot of money. Tone it down and don’t be so greedy, drop your prices for the people.

    A hip low-key vibe wouldn’t be bad either.

  261. Arboretum

    Updating my review from a month ago……I’ve been coming to Patriot Care in Boston for about 5 weeks and every experience has been great. Jasmine and Seneca are two of most kind and helpful bud-tenders in the city. They really look out for patients with special needs. Also – NO LIMITS ON FLOWER with consistently nice strains. PC also has the best edibles around, made by a French pastry chef. How cool is that? I have not been back to NETA…or stood in line anywhere else for that matter…since the first time I came here.

  262. Stonerpool

    Recently purchased Shatter, it was fantastic! very strong stuff, gets the job done and had a very delightful taste 10/10

  263. Melissab76

    Love the atmosphere

  264. killbox13

    they need to stock french toast it’s there biggest. seller doesn’t last more than day .

  265. dimon1973

    Omg, their Extreme Cream #8 is delicious, they just got it so it’s very fresh ,heavy hitting indica, come get it while it’s still available dY~oedY’dY~ZdYOE^dY–

  266. NMO_stonerchick

    I absolutely love patriot care from the 10+ quality strain quantity, to the staff especially the security guard, to the atmosphere. I’ve never left this dispensary dissatisfied the flower is amazing the shatter is to die for especially the extreme orange plus the staff knows the products and they are always accepting feedback for new things to add to there menu. I’ll see you guys very soon!

  267. 1bite

    Thanks for the deal but your weed is light. Classic overpriced dainty dispensary weed

  268. purplesourdeisel

    Great flower, pre rolled, edibles, staff is great and friendly and always share what they like too

  269. jucilino15

    My #1 go to dispensary, everything’s great from customer survive to products. ( fav strain French toast I love it)

  270. Blurta9000

    Exactly how Boston should roll out medicinal marijuana. Clean and smart looking front room leads to the back room where they are ready to help crowds of people if need be. The menus could use a little refinement, but the product has greatly exceeded expectations. I’ve never enjoyed smoking more now that I have access to amazing product on a near daily basis.

  271. mumrock

    “eating halal…driving the Lam’ (unseen before dope arm maneuver)dY’adY1/4”

  272. Fundueler

    Fire flower, needs tanks consistently

  273. jail22

    I was happy to hear that I got the last granddaddy pre-rolls to last two of them I went there to get a quarter of stock Kush hoping it wasn’t half ounce discounted and it was so I got that this is one of my two favorites chemdawg will always be my favorite but stock Kush is one of the top ones and is only sold usually and Patriot care which is a clean enjoying atmosphere the one in Lowell is pretty good too

  274. DashofPete

    Love this dispensary! It’s super clean and super chill ! The staff is wicked nice and Jeff was very informative when I needed help finding specific medicine to help with my disease . All dispensaries should be like this !

  275. Ben_reingold13

    Place is AWESOME! Everyone is very friendly and always ready to take your order.

  276. MirandaJane79

    The staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledge. Great quality and service.

  277. WillieWorstNightmare

    Excellent location and bud tenders. High octane flower but sometimes run out. Go early! Also Monday and Wednesday are prize wheel days. dY~S

  278. Tbreezy1978

    Always a great experience here. Hardly ever a wait. Great bud. Just wish the vape oils were better stocked

  279. imaginenosnubnoserevolvers

    There is almost never a wait, everyone is polite and efficient and there is usually a sufficient selection of flower. I like the Super Silver Haze, Northern Lights #5 x Haze and Holy Grail.

  280. subzerothc

    After visiting Patriot Care on Milk Street in Boston, I’m very impressed. The efficiency in which you help your patients is an example of how access to medical marijuana can be quick and stress free. Your dispensary was the second I visited and while there are some differences in selection and price, just the sheer time difference in the visit was so drastic that I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dispensary. Thank you Patriot Care!

  281. sfgiantsfan40

    Great service, But the location is not ideal. And their products are a bit over priced. I am sticking with NETA in Brookline for now as my Go-To bud shop, but will certainly return here form time to time.

  282. Thebeatles420

    They are very professional and always willing to help with any questions regarding product.
    This dispensary has in my opinion the best medical in Massachusetts right now!! Thank you patriotcare.

  283. jct1971

    I really appreciate and thank everyone at Patriot Care for everything they’ve done for me. I am taken care of each time I am there. The quality of the medicine is only getting better and better. I don’t know what I would do without Patriot Care Boston. I am doing better with my symptoms and very thankful for it. Highly recommended.

  284. BostonStoned978

    great edibles, their double tangie banana strain is excellent when its available. easy to get to and nice staff

  285. bayotte11


  286. SweetTooth66

    Love this place

  287. Shinahines84

    I love Patriot care! Quality flower,shatter,and pre rolls are on point. Prize wheel is awesome on Monday and Wednesday. I highly recommend this place outta the rest!

  288. bababooey80

    great location, friendly staff and great product

  289. nvining267

    Great location in downtown Boston. The bud selection was stellar and the staff was super friendly. The prices were a bit steep but worth every penny.

  290. Obeyjesus

    Great first time deals

  291. Gameshow420

    This is a great place with great products don’t listen to the hype on the news
    That said I am on a one-man crusade against moisture packs I don’t want them and I’m insulted by them being added to my medicine

  292. CaMc1

    3-D is a great sativa.
    Great flower. Decent value

  293. LeonPerez

    Some of the best bud in the metro area. Very unique strains. Good service. And the prize wheel is just a great gimmick.

  294. STONER_5

    They suck they took off the $3 half trey no point in visiting them will not be returning

  295. ModernBuddha429

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their menu is impressive, and their product is dY”Y=dY”Y=dY”Y=. Keep up the great work!

  296. jcwill

    This was my first experience at a dispensary and I was very impressed. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and the entire operation was very professional. I would highly recommend and will definitely be back! Maybe even today!

  297. connor18

    GREAT staff, service, and product!!
    I was pleasantly surprised with the knowledge and expertise provided by the staff. Had a friendly conversation and easy transaction. Would recommend and will come back. No call ahead appointments necessary.

  298. pyc61

    If parking was easier, this Care Center would be top 5 around Boston.

  299. thewanderer1972

    Great product. Wide variety. Good deals and incentives comparatively. Some issues with service and security (A.)I’ve only ever seen one and he always looks like he’d rather spit on you than let you in, no matter HOW nice you are, which I have ALWAYS been to him B.) The one time no one was there and I rang the bell… ONCE… and you’d think I was slamming the button repeatedly when he came out and said, “Alright! Alright! We’re comin!”) but I’m much more concerned about product quality and a good value than I am with someones unwarranted crappy attitude.

  300. LemonGSkunk

    Patriot Care is right in the heart of downtown Boston. Parking is difficult but it is very close to the T. Because of this they offer $10 off up to 2 times per month. Also, a deal for you 1st visit. Deals on their prize wheel every Monday and Wednesday. Birthday deal. Deal for signing up for text messages to alert you about more deals. Deal for recycling certain packaging. Deal for referring a new patient (anyone?). Deal if you are a senior, veteran, low income, or terminally ill. And $5 off if every $100 spent (w/in the month). Even a deal for writing a review like this. The best part is they let you combine as many as you can to score some ridiculous savings at this spot. They have flower, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, tincture, and pre-rolls. Staff was friendly and helpful with detailed descriptions of their varied selection. Lemon Meringue reeks of citrus and the taste is reminiscent of lemon drop candies. MediHazeCBD is so reliving and also has a nice uplifting sativa effect at the same time. One of my favorites for sure. Highly recommended. It was nice that they offered 3 different CBD strains (sativa, indica, and hybrid). I couldn’t be happier with the Double Tangie Banana shatter. Beyond amazing, such an enjoyable smell and taste. I’ll have to come back to check out more. It can be tough to choose but it seems like you can’t go wrong. They don’t sell by the gram but the 1/16 size is enough to get a nice sampling without spending too much–don’t forget about all those wonderful deals! Patriot care really hits it out of the park with a wide variety of tasty, flavorful strains to select from.

  301. blazemunkey

    Beautiful dispensary with exceptional customer service, and the best flowers I have tried yet. 5 stars!!!

  302. Trixirilla

    I stopped by Patriot care in Boston today they have better selection than in Lowell I’m enjoying myself right now!

  303. megz1007

    Great location for on foot or driving

  304. Theodoric

    Was really impressed with Patriot Care overall. In & out fast. Polite, professional, and knowledgeable staff. The flower is great, esp. the Star Kush and MediHaze. I got some very nice deals for my first visit as well as loyalty points to use on future visits.

  305. chakkaht

    staff here are super friendly and they take time to assist you and make sure you satisfied before leaving.

  306. fastie44

    Always very friendly from the front door to the back office. Great selection

  307. Bryski550

    Horrible been here twice and both times dry flower! I tried to get help to resolve the situation and was met with attitude and offered a booster pack after purchasing a half oz. needless to say not happy not how business should be done it feels. Like dealing with a street dealer!

  308. CattyCox

    Off the beaten path

  309. grifa

    Was excited to visit Patriot Care Boston after reading good reviews about their Lowell facility. It was their second day and not too crowded which I appreciated. Service was very good and the three strains that I picked up we’re all top notch! The location is great very easy to get to. It’s a good thing that we are getting more options in Massachusetts!!!dY++odY++,as”i,dY<

  310. krooka79

    My first time visit was very good from the door till exit everyone was very professional and polite. I would highly
    Suggest checking them out.

  311. Seegreenie

    Five stars in atmosphere because it is always clean, aesthetically pleasing , and the employees were polite. Service was always friendly , helpful, and fast. Quality of buds exceeds other dispensaries in the area

  312. Anna_1977

    Excellent professional and discreet location. Staff friendly and accommodating.

    Does not even look like a dispensary from the outside. Short 20 minute walk from North Station.

    Purchased the convenient 1/16 size of Chocolope, herrijuana,Sour Kush, Strawberry Amnesia, and Northern Lights. $28 each. Received 10% Veterans discount.

    As far as the pricing, it is high, equal to black market prices, which hopefully one day MA patient’s will see that medical marijuana break. The quality is there so I will go back however I do like the fact that my caregiver ‘Compassionate Caregivers’ lets me purchase 4 quarters for the price of an ounce because I do like varying strains for daytime and evening use.

    Patriot Care charges $206 for a 1/2 ounce and $350 an ounce. If you can only choose one variety choose the Strawberry Amnesia.

    Wellness Connection in Maine does vary their gram and quarter prices due to quality but I did notice middle of the road strains were priced the same as the high end stains.

    This is not the fault of the dispensary and I hope over time with competition and feedback they will lower their ounce price to $300 and let you choose 4 separate strains to make up an ounce. This would be great!!

    It is definitely worth the money if you can afford it. Very nice cured buds with trichomes. Good packaging. Nice coffee shop across the street. Hopefully they will have lots of specials!!!!

    Definitely try it out!

  313. DasX18

    Always helpful in finding me what I need to make myself feel better.

  314. Bones857

    The location is great easy to get too.
    They also have great offers and good bud choices.

  315. ShinyStony84

    best flower! great variety! love this place !

  316. Chimaera

    I have visited a few times and each time the service was excellent and the staff were friendly. Unfortunately, the flower was also very dry and flavorless. I rehydrated a bit in a cvault with some boveda packs and the flower has decent enough effects.

  317. Brandenzane420

    Patriot Care in Boston is one of the best places around great bud, great people, and, great deals

  318. Llynch

    I really enjoy the knowledge and flower you get from this place they have a handful of staff that truly know what they are talking about so it makes me feel more at ease well trying to find out what would be best for me the manager Rubin at boston is truly supreme. The GM Nelly can fix any problem or issues you have (even if its a few days later that you realize). Bruce is the AGM and he is on top of any issue you or the staff have i can honestly say from experience he definitely has his staffs back. The cashiers in this place are above par they truly are the backbone of patriot care boston and know just as much as the manages do which is truly increadable you dont find it to much in this buisness thats why i really tbink patriot care is a must for marijuana patients if you can. Big shout out to the ladies Julia,Jackie,Whitney,and RALPH if it wasnt for them i really dont think i would have enjoyed the experience.To Marcus,Steve,Dan,take care of each other. To Jeff rules are rules i understand and your job is just as important and i apologize for going crazy and yelling at you for mis understanding you and whst you were saying. I let go off stuff real quick ive been threw to much in life i know whats important family and friends,loyalty and finances,trust and respect.sorry to dishonor one of those

  319. jamiedizzle

    Shatter has improved in quality and potency.. would like to see different forums of concentrates in the near future tho.

  320. Noonan.matt

    Great selection and the staff is awesome!

  321. dev88

    Me and my fiancA(c) got 1 ounce from patriot care, strawberry amnesia, chocolope, and northern lights x haze 5 i think hehe, im so glad more dispensaries are opening in Massachusetts as they should be, The bud was beautiful, (chocolope and strawberry amnesia tasted so good!).Will be stopping at south station more for patriot caredY’oedY’sdY

  322. missmarymedicinal

    This is my favorite dispensary in the state, its clean, staff is friendly and its in a good location. I just wish there was lest hydro and more soil grown bud as it loses lots of flavor.

  323. djjapo

    Never go to the cashier that is near the door of the iron deny all the specials charge different prices !!!!!!!!

  324. princrssinboston

    spin day 🙂

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