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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Trulieve proudly offers premium medical marijuana products, compassionate patient care, and knowledgeable customer service at their newly opened Edgewater marijuana dispensary. Operating in full compliance with Florida’s Amendment 2, Trulieve crafts pharmaceutical-grade marijuana medicine, and pursues their goal of aiding every Florida patient in finding lasting relief through cannabis.

Trulieve’s founding team rooted their company’s credibility by forming a team with decades of healthcare, plant cultivation and pharmaceutical experience. Their entire team passionate advocate for marijuana’s healing potential, especially when compared to harmful prescription opioids. Seeking to offer Edgewater patients an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, Trulieve crafts a selection of marijuana and low-THC/high-CBD cannabis products to heal their patients.

The compassionate staff at Trulieve-Edgewater strives to offer each medical marijuana patient the best cannabis experience and attention. They customize their marijuana treatments to specific health conditions, working with their patients’ physicians to find the ideal cannabis therapy. With an expansive range of knowledge, compassion, and research, Trulieve’s marijuana dispensary staff welcomes every visitor with a smile, committed to assisting them in improving their overall quality of life.

Trulieve crafts a varied line of medical marijuana products, designed to aid patients with health concerns including chronic pain, appetite loss, seizures, muscle spasms, and a list of other Florida qualifying patient conditions. Their oral syringes, pre-filled with cannabis oil, are ideal for placing under the tongue or injecting into empty pill capsules. Trulieve also offers pre-filled capsules with highly specific doses of medical marijuana. Their range of vape pens and matching cartridges, perfect for on-the-go relief, come in Sativa, Hybrid and Indica varieties, as well as high-CBD.

A patient may pay using cash or debit card at Trulieve-Edgewater, and they proudly accept both walk-in visitors or pre-scheduled visitations with a cannabis consultant. Plentiful parking is available at their Edgewater dispensary, with ADA accessibility.

Trulieve’s Edgewater medical marijuana facility stands in the center of the city, readily available for cannabis patients residing in the surrounding regions. Residents of Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Glencoe, Creighton and Bethune Beach can easily access Trulieve’s marijuana dispensary. Other visitors travel from Wilbur-By-The-Sea, Ponce Inlet, Port Orange and Daytona Beach to explore their selection of marijuana medicines. Floridians from Oak Hill Eldora, Mayton, Lake Helen and throughout Volusia County are welcome at Trulieve’s medical marijuana dispensary.

Edgewater lies within Volusia County, located along the Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve and Indian River and closer to the central Florida coast. JB’s Fish Camp offers a seafood restaurant paired with kayak and paddleboard rentals for visitors to enjoy, while the Turnbull Hammock Conservation Area hosts hiking trails near the seaside. The Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park is a favorite locals spot to soak up the ocean, and only a few miles north, the Daytona International Speedway hosts the Daytona 500 race. From the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum to the Tiger Bay State Forest, Trulieve-Edgewater proudly serves any certified medical marijuana patient.

This dispensary is located in the idyllic town of Edgewater, situated along the Indian River. Our dispensary is along the riverbank next door to Family Dollar. Right across the river is Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve (a protected wetland), most of which is part of Canaveral National Seashore or Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

This location offers delivery services to Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, St. Lucie, and Volusia counties.

Manager: Shannon Dolson


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27 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. Russ61

    You have to be looking for or you will miss it but is as safe as they come! The staff is excellent and helpful as much as they are allowed! Would certainly recommend

  2. Rhodiola

    The tabletop that is sold is so exorbitantly priced that I, and no other patients I know, can can afford it. It’s odd because a storz & bickel isnt even as expensive as the tabletop made by trulieve, and it works with flower without wasteful disposable cups. I know this is partly the problems with things added to the law, and I will contact my legislation about this or wait for the outcome of the court case pertaining to this matter. I thought the vape pens themselves felt as if they were likely to break easily compared to some of the extract pens I have felt currently on the market. The only thing that really confuses me as a new patient is there isn’t a sample pack of low amounts at an affordable price of at least half the strains carried. They do have an okay array of low priced oral syringes, but if I find I like one, odds are it does not come in an uncut syringe which is what I prefer having MG limits and all as a medical cannabis patient who also needs to get the most bang for my buck. I also had an issue with the packaging of the glass syringe… The tip broke off while it was inside its container. I noticed the plastic container is not very shock absorbent when I dropped it about two feet while closed. I might suggest a silicone pad inside the inner part of the lid for the syringe packages or at the bottom, preferably both. That would probably be a grand idea for old people like myself who are clumsy. Luckily it was mostly a flow reducer and I didn’t lose any of my medicine. The staff at this location were extremely helpful in choosing my first strain. I went with SLH and it does have a learning curve as to how the dose is and how long it lasts but I am so happy to have a clean medicinal product that helps me in ways the pharmaceutical alternatives couldn’t. Now if we could only get a trulieve near DB or PO since my truck eats gas. Thank you for being in volusia County!

  3. Smokstar81

    Trulieve is TRULY disappointing. For almost having a monopoly in Florida, Trulieve cannot guarantee product availability, reservation if calling prior to travelling to a dispensary location, or a timely delivery (within 6 days of placing order, ALMOST A WEEK). They have ONE legit competitor in the state and they KNOW IT, so they do not care about quality care for its PATIENTS. YES, we are medical patients and I cannot tell you the last time a pharmacy didn’t have my medication…NEVER! If you do not have the medication you claim to have, you should take it off of your website because that is false advertising. Get it together because NEW COMPETITORS are coming to take your patient base.

  4. BajaElJefe

    Staff was very helpful here. Very genuine and patient.

    Good variety. Seemed to have their entire product line on hand.

    Prices and size selection was better than at Knox in downtown Orlando.

    I plan on making this my primary dispensary. Good customer service!!

  5. OrlandoMedicalClub

    Great location, friendly staff

  6. Clinician

    Great staff, competitive and fair prices and great products. Kudos to Malik. Need a larger space in a better area with a better more professional look and atmosphere, a better and larger lobby. I propose Daytona Beach. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and in general superb!

  7. GotMilf

    The staff is wonderful. They explain everything and offer alternatives to make it easier to decide. Yes they run out of popular items, but CALL THE STORE to make sure they have what you need before visiting.

  8. Cannawarriors

    Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and compassionate staff. I’m thankful for their expertise and will return in the future. I’m a Truliever.

  9. Honeheevatoohe

    Good location, easy to find. I found it from the highway with no problem. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They answered every question clearly and completely. Very positive first experience with Truelieve, Edgewater.

  10. Travissp

    Another quality visit to this location. This location has never been out of what I needed and the wait isn’t too bad. The staff and security are very friendly and knowledgeable !

  11. Rmechell

    The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, organized, & very efficient. The product is pure and very user-friendly . This was not my first time there. But I base this review on all the times that I’ve been there. Also based on other products I’ve tried from other dispensaries. Their delivery service is quite awesome too, @ a small $25 delivery fee.
    I will miss the beautiful ride up US 1, if we ever get a Trulieve near my home:)

  12. Michael1977

    Great service, good products. Pricing is meh.. I love the capsules and True Clear product personally. CBD Tincture is cool too.

  13. TrulieveSucks

    First order 1 cartridge was not full. Got trench mouth after using. Obvious now they were selling me store returns. How else do I end up with rot mouth 3 different times using your product. Every time cart had big air space in cartridge.
    After leaving for months for a more reputable company. I tried them 1 more time. Ordered on line. They say sorry we didn’t get your order so you can sit here for 3 hours and wait. Stick it!

  14. JustMeYD

    I’ve been going to this dispensary since the first month it opened. Never had a bad experience. The staff is awesome, they are knowledgeable about the products, and make your experience in the dispensary as comfortable as possible. The product (what I have had) Vape Cartages, the cartages are put together well, anything I could complain about I.E. suction problem, leaks, or equipment holding together the company is quick to fix. Also they have been experimenting with different ways to deliver the vapors with wick style cartridges, ceramic style and fazed out a metal style. Lastly as for the location it’s in a lot with a Tattoo shop, a heavy machine rental place and a dollar general it’s usually quite and hell It beats sketchy dealers in even sketchier places. I like this dispensary I drive 45min up and back. They give discounts for sending with them, they have discounts for our veterans as well. My only knocks on the company as a whole is if you buy two 250ml vape cartridges it cost the same as one 600ml vape cartridge, so if you end up spending more money on the 250’s in a prescription cycle then you do with 600’s in a prescription cycle. I don’t know the fine details just think 250s should be 300ml. The last negative is that all the strains in the 250ml vape cart are not available in the 600ml vape cart and vise versa. None the less I’ll keep going here until I get a dispensary closer to me. Hope this helps. Be Easy n Be Safe.

  15. whorhay386

    Awesome place. Sometimes the waits a little long but it’s always well worth it.

  16. Kikidank

    Staff is exceptionally knowledgeable & kind. Selection can be limited @ times, but if you place order online ahead of time they make sure to have what you want or at least a comparable alternative. Well worth the drive from Orlando.

  17. bethamphetamines

    Trulieve’s staff is friendly and knowledgable! so grateful for them.

  18. dsipes

    I’ve been to this location many times and aside from a couple product shortages, I’ve never left disappointed.

  19. thelov4herb

    I had a great experience in Edgewater Fl. My bud tender was very helpful! I have been on pain meds for 12 years and decided to get rid of them about 70 days now but I’m blessed to be able to get my meds now and go natural! You will have a great experience here and they will explain what will work for your condition or what will be best for day and night! Also this is a good step forward for are State so please follow all driving laws so we can continue to move forward with this great healing herb.

  20. Willhart

    Wow! Even though it’s a 90 minute round trip for me, it is well worth it. It’s a bit tough to find. I’m sure that this is not Trulieve’s fault, though. I have made 3 visits to this dispensary. The staff are *awesome* and knowledgeable. The products are amazing. I’m hoping that as Florida allows more dispensaries, that prices will stabilize. I’ve purchased the following strains…

    Sour Diesel, Blueberry, (OG Kush) Sunset Sherbet, and 9 Pound Hammer. Every one tastes exactly like the strain is supposed to. (Not like the other place. Terrible products, at higher prices.) I purchased 9 Pound in concentrate, and the rest in vape pens.

    EVERY product, thus far, has met or exceeded my expectations. Down the line, the strains do, what they are supposed to do. The Sour Diesel is my daytime favorite. It gives me energy, focus, and relieves my constant pain. The 9 Pound hammer, for the first hour or so, (dependent on the amount used) gives a pleasant, strong cerebral effect. My intense anxiety, pain, and thoughts kind of melt away. Then, comes ” couch lock,” and finally, a restful nights sleep. Textbook, absolutely textbook!

    Anyway, before this review get’s too long. (LOL) I’ll wrap this up. Trulieve is, what other future dispensaries must strive to be. Otherwise, Trulieve will be as rich as the dreams of Avarice. And I don’t have a problem with that!

  21. M3Eric

    Overall a great location. It’s a little small, and the drive is far as I live in Daytona. The quality of the product is amazing, and they have a large selection of products and strains to choose from so that outweighs the drive! I definitely recommend Trulieve! My favorite for sure!!

  22. 407fl

    Update: user error on my part. The oral string Is actually the most effective product they had. I wasnt properly using it and want to take back my last review.

  23. judygagne

    didn’t have products that i wanted and had to wait 45 minutes.

  24. LK1964

    Well it’s in the worst part of town next to the aEURoeNo Name BaraEUR google it , nuff said welcome to Charming

  25. r1naflsh

    great location.

  26. ydelgreco


  27. Frogendor

    I found the staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I especially would like to give Gordon special thumbs up. He is always pleasent and helpful either in person or when I call.

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