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5544 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852


39.044515, -77.110287






10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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We take pride in the professionalism, compassion, security and privacy we provide to patients and caregivers.

Verilife strives to enhance the lives of patients through quality products and impeccable service, while maintaining a clean, safe, and peaceful environment. We seek to improve the Rockville community’s understanding of medical marijuana and its effects through reliance on science-based research. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. We will always maintain full, accurate, and complete compliance with state and federal law enforcement priorities.


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52 reviews for “Verilife – Rockville

  1. Jw3ll5

    It is so amazing to have Verilife deliver! Yesterday I had a procedure at the dentist and really was feeling really out of it-well thanks to Verilife I was able to receive the products needed for pain/anxiety right after I got home. It felt so great not having to leave my house and the women who delivered so was nice as well!!! I definitely recommend-actually highly recommend’s Verilife dispensary and especially delivery services. Thanks Verilife! Y’all literally saved the day!! dY$?–

  2. Tjl69

    Went during grand opening and was treated SO nice by the staff. Really nice atmosphere and good selection. Will be going back soon!!

  3. RTD76

    First time visit today, it was great from beginning to end. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, better than some of the others I’ve been to. Would recommend them to anyone trying to find a reliable dispensary.

  4. mfebles

    Great room, great product and great service.

  5. Addygr

    My fav new spot in Rockville. I came in for the grand opening and keep going back. Convenient location, great deals and selection plus an owner that cares more about patients wants than another dollar in his pocket.

  6. anarchakelly

    I’ve found this dispensary has superior selection and an incredibly friendly staff. The atmosphere/aesthetic is also very welcoming. The reception area has coffee/tea, candy bars, menus, and previews of upcoming specials. It’s got a great location too, with ample parking and just blocks from the White Flint metro station off the red line. Honestly can’t recommend them enough.

  7. Kiarawalker93

    I loved this place. The atmosphere was so open and relaxing and the bud tenders were very knowledgeable on there products. Would definitely go again

  8. Equestrian9

    love this place! awesome staff, product, and selection. would give it 10 stars if I could. hands down the best in Montgomery county!

  9. oneloveonelove

    “You had me at Hot Tea” lol Hi Claire!!!
    This was my 1st time here & defiantly not my last. From the moment I walked in, until the moment I left; hands down one of the best experiences I have had with the local dispensaries.
    As soon as the elevator opened Claire welcomed me with a smile & my choice of coffee or hot tea. Well, I don’t like coffee, but love hot tea and most places only offer coffee. Checking in was a breeze, and the waiting area was comfy.
    After Claire checked me in, she came over and sat with me and struck up a conversation to get to know my likes/dislikes and hopes/wants. She gave her opinions and suggestions based on what I told her in our conversation. A few mins later it was my time to shop.
    Happily Claire came back with me, I say that because most places I have been; the person checking me in and the Budtender have not been the same person. I was happy because she knew what I was looking for based on our conversation.
    I spent a good 30 minutes maybe a little more with Claire and it was hands down my best experience with the local dispensaries.
    The one thing that I have not myself seen at any local dispensaries is ‘variety packs’! I mentioned to Claire that I saw the ‘Verano 3G premium flower flight’ and was curious what was in it. It’s (3) 1 gram packs. (1) sativa, (1) indica, and (1) high CBD.
    I grabbed the Verano variety pack along with some gLeaf Jelly Breath flower, and a Grandoggy Purpe cartridge by Verano. So, I am checking out and Claire says that I get to spin the ‘Weed of Fortune’. I scored a 1 gram pre-roll up of Sunmed Growers Jacked-Up hybrid for a buck!
    With the daily sales & the 1st time patient special of 20%, I saved over $50 bucks. As Claire is packaging up my items I see her pulling out a re-usable shopping bag (a good quality one too) inside the bag was a pack of Culta papers & (2) travel size notebooks. Best goodie bag I have received.

  10. benmilton

    Just left with a fistful of carts and a smile on my face. Really kind and helpful staff. They asked me as many questions as I asked them. Looking forward to going back.

  11. scoooooob

    Sup peeps this is the first dispensary i went to after receiving my medical certification from a nearby doctor and this is the place to be when it comes to medication! Awesome selection, sales/special offers, and chill warm ‘tude & vibes. Groove on

  12. homie3636

    Clean, new, educated, weekly sales, impeccable customer service, friendly, extremely wide variety, and definitely my favorite dispensary!

  13. jasonhe3

    Staff is great. Selection is fantastic.

  14. pth2011

    very friendly staff and great selection

  15. elenamadd

    Always love coming to this place. People are awesome, product is amazing.

  16. ALXST

    Great first experience at a dispensary. Staff was super friendly and SUPER knowledgeable and helpful.

  17. mizzoh

    Went to Verilife yesterday for the first time and I was really impressed. The staff was super friendly and knowledgeable ( shout out to Davith) and hey have good prices and seem to have plenty of deals. This may be my new go to.

  18. adisenberg

    Great space, staff, and selection. Highly recommend

  19. blackflag20008

    I picked this dispensary as it was across the street from my work, but I am glad I did. The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they have weekly sales with good deals, and the place is immaculate. Also they gave me a sweet shwag bag for my first visit and even through in a free Rhythm vape pen. I don’t have any desire to go anywhere else.

  20. RockiRedwolf

    Incredibly spacious, very professional, feels very luxurious and calm inside. They have consultation offices, a comfy lounge, and very knowledgeable staff. Jeremy was the specialist that was helping me out, and he totally rocked it. The entire experience was very surreal. Right across the street from the Rock-Pike Whole Foods, next to the 7-Eleven (temporary at the moment location), parking was available everywhere.

    I got some great products during their sale, super excited to check this place out again.

    I see VeriLife as a tremendous competitor with our other lovely dispensaries.

  21. jcrystal93

    Great staff amazing selection! Deals everyday. Worth a drive even if it’s not close to you. My favorite dispensary by far!

  22. RLAldridge04

    Wow .. What a great atmosphere and nice open floor plan . . Davith was the greatest very knowledgeable and very pleasant..

  23. Thealiquis

    Best sales around with a super friendly staff. my new go to dispensary. You really can’t go wrong with 10$ gleaf prerolls. By recommending my friend, we both got $25 store credit. FREE WEED!

  24. saralee3125

    The people here are very knowledgeable and beyond helpful and nice. The atmosphere is relaxing and they have a very good variety of product. Free parking and very accessible, the place to shop for sure.

  25. Itzbz

    Professional and inviting atmosphere.

  26. SmokeIndica13

    Overall an excellent experience! Great selection and display where you can get a good idea of what you are getting. Friendly and helpful staff, considerating making verilife my go to dispensary.

  27. arush4u

    I LOVE Verilife. I recently moved from southern, md to Montgomery Co. MD. I discovered Verilife the week they opened. I haven’t had a bad experience and doubt I ever will. I have visited Verilife 4-5 times now. And every time I feel it gets better and better. I was in Verilife last evening and I bought 3 bottles of RSO capsules, 2 cartridges and an eighth of White OG. I didn’t catch everyone’s name. The woman out in the reception area that checked everyone in was just as helpful as the rest of the team. She informed me (after I told her what I was looking for) that only 4 bottles of RSO capsules were left. That’s the reason I bought 3. Dave helped me when I got back to the aEURoedispensary areaaEUR. He is super knowledgeable. And quite helpful. He knows quite a bit about the products they sell. Also I informed the management that it is super nice to know that Verilife runs weekly deals as to other dispensaries basically run daily deals. It’s nice to know I can come back each and every week and know I can get some good deals. Instead of coming in in a day I don’t feel well. I can always catch the deals the next day. I can and will recommend Verilife to someone as they always meet my expectations and more. Always. Thank you Verilife. And I will make sure to get everyone’s names next time I go in lol.

  28. Dcmedrep

    The best!

  29. Stammy73

    Great location, great specials. Knowledgeable staff who are willing to go the extra mile to help. A must try for any MD patient.

  30. althea007

    Love it! Best deals in town, wide selection, and excellent knowledge of cannabis and medicinal products. Super chill place. Pre order also rocks.

  31. 1001Blessed

    Easy to get to. Nice staff. Clean place

  32. Marylandcakes

    Nice dispensary. Came on cyber Monday. Ordered through Leafly. Processed it quick and was in the shop for less than a minute. Great service

  33. Aficionado301

    Keep an eye out for their banners, you take a private elevator to second floor. Their space is gorgeous – high end boutique meets conference center. Very friendly staff, knowledgeable about the many different products and how to use them. Super generous with great sale and lots of neat grand opening swag. Staff takes time to discuss products there are private areas if you’re uncomfortable in front of other customers. Highly recommend this new dispensary.

  34. yellowcloudone

    Hey I just wanna say that this is my favorite dispensary. Not only do they have the best customer service, energy, and deals they also have the best products. My experience is always positive there. Continue the awesome work guys!

  35. kbhd

    Good prices and amazing quality

  36. mattzopf

    Love the people and the selection.

  37. Snuffles

    Staff is cordial, sociable, and helpful. Menu is priced fairly and ordering/pickup is easy. This was my second visit as a new regular.

  38. ParkerCR

    As a first timer the staff was helpful and let me know all the ins and outs, all the potential deals, frequency of events, & even more information that I can’t remember now. I used the Pick Up option and could’ve been in and out but the staff had to let me know all that was available to me (which makes total sense cause it was my first time) & I visited the Culta booth that was in store that day.

  39. Gjaxss



    Clutch free same day delivery from Verilife. They are on top of the game in terms of dispensaries in MoCo

  40. jensor06

    Very open and airy atmosphere. Easy to find, great parking. Staff was wonderful and very personable. I love that there is a wait area for those that don’t have a card, should I have my husband with me, he won’t have to wait in the car. Davith was wonderful! He walked me through everything And we talked about a lot of stuff. So happy to have found them!

  41. Harps22

    I have visited two Montgomery County dispensaries since getting my MMCC Certificate. Verilife is definitely my favorite! It doesn’t feel seedy, is very well lit, organized, and you are immediately greeted upon exiting the elevator. I have been helped by different staff on various visits; however, the service is always superb! Also, they offer awesome weekly specials! Verilife is my new go-to dispensary!

  42. Mvtbooks

    I shop here often and think it’s the best dispenser around and the people are just wonderful.

  43. Jasonm1975

    Great spot, clean and open floor plan, nice selection of products and friendly and knowledgeable staff…well done!

  44. I_heart_chickens

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great products and prices!

  45. acrpsfighter

    I’ve been to pretty much all of the dispensaries in Rockville, and quite a few throughout Moco… and Verilife is definitely my new favorite!

    I went in on their grand opening, and their prices were just as amazing as their selection of products! And because I got the grand opening discount, they are letting me use the aEURoeNew Customer 25% offaEUR discount next time I go in. It’s the little things that really help a company stand out. 🙂

    And the set up is very well organized, clean, and the people who work there are so nice. Definitely go check them out!

  46. RadioactiveEnchilada

    Wonderful experience here. Knowledgeable & enthusiastic staff that took time to walk me through their wide range of available cannabis products. They also have a comfortable waiting area by the front desk for non-patients, and free coffee/tea, which I’m always a sucker for.

    Highly recommended! They have multiple different sales running all the time too; I received 20% off two exceptional gLeaf strains. Will definitely be back.

    Pretty accessible location as well, just off of Rockville Pike.

  47. FractalBlu

    I like this place so much! wonderful people! great deals! very very happy

  48. JAMSL

    I had a great experience! I needed help figuring out what I needed and Judith spent almost 30 minutes getting to know me and reviewing my options. She displayed a genuine concern for matching me with the best possible medicines. All staff were friendly and informative. I don’t see any reason to go anywhere else.

  49. GDaGhost

    Awesome dispensary

  50. Plbnbb

    Verilife is a First Class and Professional dispensary.

  51. Peru1977

    This is, by far my favorite dispensary in the area and I’ve visited just about all of them in Montgomery County(and several in dc)
    Great selection, amazing customer service and they always have great deals going on, especially on Sundays…highly recommend.

  52. Kegga99

    Definitely among the top dispensaries I have visited. Great selection of Flower. Friendly Staff. Competitive prices. Thanks to Kelly for being so helpful!

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