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12200 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852


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10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


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Harvest of Rockville provides medical marijuana patients in Rockville a safe and welcoming dispensary environment to access the best cannabis medicine and dedicated customer service. Our compassionate team of health professionals and patient care associates help patients discover how medical cannabis can suit their needs and help them achieve an improved quality of life.

Harvest of Rockville is conveniently located on Rockville Pike between Rollins Park and North Bethesda. Harvest of Rockville is proud to aid the Maryland medical marijuana community.

Harvest of Rockville accepts cash only for purchases. We have two ATMs inside our dispensary for your convenience. We offer 10% off every senior visit, 20% off for veterans and new patients on their first visit(on non-sale items).

Harvest proudly equips Maryland patients with a wide variety of customized cannabis treatments. Our cultivation center located in Hancock, MD employs the most advanced quality control procedures to ensure our medicine exceeds any patient’s expectations. Our dispensary features flower cultivars not found anywhere else, in addition to concentrates, tinctures, oral tablets, topical medicines, and other permissible forms of medical cannabis. All medical marijuana products are tested at a third-party facility to measure cannabinoids and guarantee zero mold, pesticides or contaminants.

The Harvest journey began in 2013 when Arizona’s medical marijuana laws allowed cannabis dispensaries to open and assist qualifying patients with debilitating health conditions. As Arizona cannabis caregivers, Harvest flourished as a patient resource where individuals could experience safe, respectful treatment, and marijuana of a consistently high quality.

After serving Arizona for five years and expanding service into additional dispensary locations and delivery programs, Harvest knew it was time to head east. Maryland’s revised regulations grant Harvest the opportunity to serve a new medical marijuana community in Rockville. Since early 2018, Harvest has been serving Maryland cannabis patients with education, respect, and pharmaceutical-grade marijuana therapies.


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58 reviews for “Harvest of Rockville

  1. Ki92

    I love this dispensary. I’m on my way back to replenish my stock! Quality is very important to me and they never fail. I’ve tried almost every strain here and have been more than satisfied. I wish I could pinpoint you to one specific consultant , but they’re ALL great. You will be in good hands regardless.

  2. adigirl85

    Great product, friendly staff. A frequent go-to for me.

  3. mjpromos

    This was my first time visiting a dispensary. It was very clean and modern. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great experience and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  4. cuzmiccrunch

    Cinderella 99: I tried smoking this in the morning to address my pain and attention issues. I was not disappointed. This strain allowed me to maintain my focus while still addressing my pain. Cindy 99 will be a morning norm for me! Thank you!!

  5. olha76

    Overall a very nice facility, great selection of flower. The dispensary staff wasn’t as friendly or knowledgeable as some of the other dispensaries in the area that I’ve been to.

  6. edfin

    This is my go to spot when I’m in Maryland. The bud is excellent and you won’t find a better price anywhere else in the state.
    The staff is great and won’t BS you.
    And today they had a BoGo on Lavender Jones and Guice oz’s. A+++++++++
    $160 for 2 oz’s in Maryland is off the hook. Definitely grab some Guerrilla Glue while you’re at it.

  7. Bobbo710

    I’ve been to ten dispensaries so far and Harvest of Rockville is the gold standard I use to compare. Always friendly and happy to see you. Open airy show room and lots of parking on the side of the building. Super happy this is my local shop.

  8. mizzoh

    Harvest has good quality flower and they have lots of great sales. They grow their own plants and have some of the best deals around. Highly recommend!

  9. sdotlow

    Best flower pricing in the county, and I think in the state. Flower quality is very high, and much better than some of the brands on seen from other dispensaries. Staff are solid and don’t try and hype stuff, they just make suggestions. The only place I’ve bought flower since January. Concentrate game isn’t competitive, but I don’t care.

  10. FreedomAtLast7

    Great Experience! Looking forward to shopping with Litecoin once it becomes acknowledged and available! dY~

  11. drsmacked

    This place is great. Chris is awesome!

  12. Yoshi75

    Great spot! Really nice, bright and open design. I was drawn to Harvest because I heard they grew their own strains and was not disappointed. By far the best quality and selection of flower I have seen in MD. Love that they also sell everything in 1g packages so you can try a few different strains to see what works best. Staff was enthusiastic and awesome.

  13. Lycanthrope12

    After retrying this place, i am now sold!, Out of 7 dispensaries that i travel too, this one is by far the best, great people, and great selection

  14. GDaGhost

    Love this place

  15. LunaWillow

    Wasn’t impressed. They don’t carry what I need. The store is in a location I wouldn’t want to go to if dark.

  16. E395

    I love this location the most friendly down to earth people who also are very informative and helpful I will always go out of my way for the Rockville Harvest location!

  17. DarkBlueStar

    Really comfortable atmosphere. Staff is friendly and helpful. Bought some Honey Banana. Best fruit I’ve ever had. Ha!

  18. Anynamewilldo

    Top Tier A+++ dispensary in service, atmosphere, and (most importantly) product quality. Very professional, yet also extremely personable. They grow their own product, so quality, quantity, and consistency is assured. I have to reiterate, that the overall quality is truly incredible, and the customer service is just unreal; they stand behind their product AND their customers/patients.

    This is a truly far-thinking business model and that thoughtfulness and attention to detail is evident during the entire experience. While I have greatly enjoyed my visits to other dispensaries, this one is simply on another level. I must suggest that you stop reading reviews, and just get over to Harvest of Rockville without delay, you will be happy you did!

  19. ZaZaZu

    Harvest is the best of the best. The staff is kind, caring and very knowledgeable. They honestly care about their customers and really take the time to find what will best help you.

    And their product exceeds anything else I’ve tried. Their flower is beautiful and fresh and such a superior quality. I’ve tried many of their strains and none disappoint. Honey Bananas is amazing as well as Vanilla Kush and Della Haze.

    Their location is awesome and convenient and they have such a beautiful showroom.

    Everything about Harvest is spectacular. Really a great place!! Can’t go wrong visiting them.

  20. lilnika2010

    I’ve been to a few dispensaries in the area, but Harvest is definitely the best! This location is modern and very clean. The budtenders are so helpful & knowledgable.
    I also like the fact that Harvest grows their own product, run weekly deals, & stay open later than the other dispensaries. Harvest you have a patient for life!

  21. Formshifter

    First timer. Best dispensary in MD BAR NONE! They have the BEST quality flower i’ve seen, and I have done my research, trust me! I just finished the Holy Grail Kush and ALL my shoulder, neck, and back pain is GONE! Excellent location, excellent staff, and a great selection of A1 flower! I am sending all patient I know here, immediately.

  22. RockiRedwolf

    [Pre-Roll Deals]

    Let me tell you something.

    Harvest’s deal on pre-rolls has been my little secret for a few months now.

    Got a lot of bills this week?

    Do me a favor:

    Go to Harvest and get you 5-10 GIANT pre-rolled fatty cones, all caked-up and hard to toke from all the kief.

    At LEAST. Again. At LEAST 1g of premium flower stuffed into a jay.

    Harvest all day.

  23. breliasa

    Nice and easy location to find! Omg…the quality of their flower is truly the best I have seen in Maryland too date!!

  24. thomaspett550

    No matter what if there’s a problem or anything that these guys can do to help you they will. The bud tenders there are absolutely amazing friendly And extremely knowledgeable about cannabis strains and what each one can do for certain medical issues… For medical cannabis this is my go to stop….

  25. Hheever

    I’ve been there twice. My first time I was VERY nervous, but the young lady who perfect. She answered my million questions, put me at ease, and helped me select a couple of products that help alleviate the symptoms from my MS, and auto immune arthritis. My second visit was just as pleasant. Very pleased with the bud tenders, the variety & quality of products, and the prices.

  26. Marylandcakes

    Harvest is close to my heart because they have always great flower, prices, and specials. Girl Scout is probably the best but it may be different for you. Thanks Harvest!!!

  27. Beefyt

    was totally lied to had a sale up buy one get one everything in the store except of course what I was there to purchase they said they had been having problems and had to explain this to everyone I read from Baltimore to Rockville I don’t know why buy one get one absolutely deceiving would not recommend to anyone to go there after this visit

  28. 4navidad

    Beautiful dispensary with very friendly staff

  29. 1001Blessed

    Staff really understanding about what I needed

  30. SamAfgan

    So today was far from my first visit but I was waiting all last week for Saturday since they had the discount for veterans the 30%. My limit didn’t reset in time for whatever reason and I was not able to go I had to wait until today since they were closed yesterday. They were extremely busy and even in their stressful situation she was super sweet to me still hooked me up with a great discount since I wasn’t able to make it on the weekend. When it comes to curing and flushing the flower properly harvest is one of the best cultivators in Maryland. The real reason I’m writing this review is because I am actually feeling really aEURoemedicatedaEUR for the first time in months right now after vaping some of the Guice I picked up today I know I always say THC doesn’t mean everything but let me tell you in this case it very well does. It’s right at the 30% line and god does it feel like it. Incredibly incredible herb.

  31. ButterSkotch

    I had a wonderful visit with the folks at Harvest of Rockville. Clean and open area with knowledgeable staff. The show area is setup pretty cool. All the different flowers were displayed and available to smell and examine. They have unique and high testing strains. Look forward to seeing the shop once it fully stocked should be amazing.

  32. crickersays

    The General Manager Chris was very hands on, acting as a concierge getting me checked in, and then showing me the selection and sharing the Harvest vision. I’m on board. Great product too. LOVE the Honey Bananas… and the Platinum GSC. But loved the experience more. Will be a frequently visited store.

  33. cgregerman

    There’s no other way to say it, this dispensary’s prices make life possible for so many people. It’s hard living paycheck to paycheck when having chronic conditions and other meds and needs on top of that but this place eases that burden tremendously. The staff are warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable, and won’t steer you wrong, and the product itself is fantastic not even taking into account the price! Thank you Harvest for all you do!

  34. schmevekalifah

    This is by far thee best dispensary I’ve been to by far!! Looks , information, and customer service!! All A1!!! Thanks so much for making my first time not my last !!!

  35. VanGoghFan23

    Harvest was first dispensary I visited when I got my card. But the past few times I have been there it’s been a major inconvenience and disappointment. For some reason their computer system keeps crashing or certain sale items can’t be scanned in the system. I find this highly suspect how a company as large as this one can’t find a computer system that works like it is supposed to work. I work in Rockville but I live 60 miles south. When you are looking forward to a great sale only to go in and the system is down. I can understand the first time but this has been on going and I’m not sure why they can’t figure out how to correct the issue.

    You are losing business when this keeps happening.

    The people are very nice who work there so this aEURoerantaEUR is not directed at them because they can only work with what they have and it’s not their fault.

    The ambiance of the place is cool too but this is silly they can’t get a company to make sure their computer system works correctly.

    I may never come back. They were in my rotation with the other 3 in Rockville but probably not any longer at least for a while.

  36. Itzbz

    I was greeted by a friendly and happy staff who were knowledgeable about their products and the ratings they’ve gotten about their products which lead me to make a purchase I was very happy with.

    Great prices for some great strains.

  37. Tonyquinnquinn

    product is great the budtenders are awesome I had an issue and had to deal with a manager who was an absolute idiot extremely rude and unprofessional as long as you don’t have to deal with that clown you your experience should be fine

  38. Ronebo

    A really nice place to shop

  39. MoCoMedUser

    Prices are high like all dispensaries in MD. Budtender seemed knowledgeable but the premium strains I bought were not great quality. Also, I got an ounce of platinum Girl Scout cookies when it was the strain of the week. I peeled off the label and saw the flower was over 3 months old! It was dried out and awful. The price was great but be careful to ask how fresh the bud is if you are looking at their strain of the week. Have not tried their other products but overall, their flower, which they grow themselves so you would expect it to be more affordable, was a big disappointment.

  40. lavaman

    The dispensary is very professionally ran. Clean and crisp as modern. Very friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend.

  41. dabbinmazin

    I’ve visited Harvest multiple times in a prospective manner and as a patient I can say the commitment to customer service is a gold standard for Maryland dispensaries. There are even associates I’ve met before, which just happened to make my last visit even better. I was helped by Talia, who brought me over to their strain wall (<3) and allowed me to view the different strains on the menu. During that visit I purchased an eighth of Cinderella 99, a tangy and quite "frizzy" strain that really helped with daytime activities and stress. I was so glad that they had chosen that strain for the deal of the week (25$ an eighth) considering the euphoria I experienced as well. If you ask about terps, they'll bring out the whole profile for you. If you look for deals, they'll have multiple. Definitely a higher tier experience, Thank you guys again!

  42. CharlesOLease

    Great place great environment

    safe atmousphere

    great parking and access

    handicap accessible

    bud is open to look and smell which is a
    great plus.

    Michael is awesome!

  43. Gjaxss

    Best dispensary in MoCo!

  44. Score420

    This place is the bombdiggity. They keep using up my gram allotment with deep discount deals on some super fresh big buds little ones too. Everything is really good..

  45. MarleyHC

    It’s a great spot! There is plenty of parking and the store itself is very nice. I’ve gone to a couple different places and the prices are way more reasonable here. Totally recommend checking it out!

  46. JLucky17

    I love Harvest, the staff is very knowledgeable, the flower is fantastic – so far I have tried Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and Honey Bananas – all top quality especially the Honey Bananas (never had anything so sticky and covered in trichomes before). They have the best selection in the area. Will definitely be back, love the specials – $40 eighths are tough to beat!

  47. kayagirl

    I love this place and the staff is great You can’t find a better deal and price. Everything is top grade.

  48. djkauz

    Worst experience I’ve ever had at a dispensary. I have never felt more ignored and like my business didn’t matter. I went there for the snap sale and the system wasn’t working with the discounted prices, only option was to pre-order to hold for another day (not a huge deal). I was told that at the front desk but didn’t mind and went ahead inside. once inside I was completely ignored, staff joked amongst themselves and talked to each other, no one even spoke to me or offered to help. the cannabis selection was garbage too with most strains hanging out in the teens for THC %, no where near the quality you can get elsewhere. the atmosphere is nice as far as the place itself looks, the chairs in the waiting area are way too small as well. I spent about 20 minutes in here before deciding to walk out, not one employee even batted an eye. the only positive about this place is the prices but then again you’re not getting anything of quality, so you get what you pay for. personally I would never return to this dispensary and would not recommend it to anyone. patients beaware, you can get better medicine just around the corner at a far better dispensary. 2 thumbs down.

  49. Darvalisk

    Hands down the best dispensary in Maryland! Best prices too, I’m very fond of the “strain of the week” for $224/ ounce. There is no place currently cheaper or with a better selection of flower

  50. sezy123

    Harvest is my go-to dispensary for flower. They frequently have snap sales and strain of the week sales that are truly affordable. The staff are great – knowledgeable & friendly. My favorite strains include GSC, Cinderella 99, & Cherry Cream Pie. The flower nugs are beautiful to look at, covered in terpenes. Overall, this is my favorite dispensary in Maryland, one that I frequent often.

  51. Qwinthejoker

    Flower was a little dry but good service overall

  52. Zannix

    Great place! They grow and sell their own flowers so you know you are getting top quality. They have deals on grams and each weekend seem to have deals on 1/8’s. Good prices on cartridges. Highly recommend

  53. enforcer79

    Great deals on flowers. Staff knowledgeable. Clean and friendly.

  54. marylandmarijuanareviews

    I love the atmosphere of this location, the meds are pretty good. Some misses here and there but overall happy with the experience every time

  55. FractalBlu

    I love this place! The folks are great and always helpful. The prices rock and the product is always good.

  56. Serephium

    I’ve been coming to this shop since I got my medical card. I’ve been to a few others and I always come back to this one. They always have the best deals. $5 1g pre rolls? $25 1/8 for snap sale? dY’OEdY1/4
    Some say their weed is dry. It’s like crystalsaEUR”and it doesn’t turn to dust. It’s Incredibly stunning to look at. Boveda packs should always be with your weed anyway.

    Harvest is cannabis done just right. Great prices. Good products. No stress or frill shopping environment.

  57. Jw3ll5

    I just bought my first ever pre-rolled BLUNT today @ Harvest!!!!!! As I’m sitting here trying it, I felt I had to leave a review! I wanted to let everyone know that It has a smooth hit, has amazing taste, and lasts twice as long as a regular pre-rolled joint! I can put it out when I’ve had enough, and just re-light it when I’m feeling anxious or in pain. So happy about this!

  58. moose32481

    Went there 30 min before they closed and the guy rushed me. Didn’t give me great information. Good choices and quality of product though.

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