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2060-A York Road, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM




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The Curio Wellness dispensary, home of Curio Wellness and Dixie Brands products, also carries a variety of products from other Maryland cultivators and processors. With patient education integral to the brand, the large onsite classroom will host health-related workshops, seminars, and support groups in addition to yoga classes. Complementary to our focus on integrative health, we offer a variety of healthy living products and services to the public, including acupuncture, massage therapy, a holistic pharmacy with professional-grade vitamins and supplements, as well as natural health and beauty products. Combining these wellness and education services with the medical cannabis dispensary is a concept unique to Curio Wellness, and supports the company’s goal of providing patients with a well-rounded alternative medicine experience.


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25 reviews for “Curio Wellness

  1. Laufm

    Amazing experience from when you walk in the door to when you leave! I love working with Jason behind the counter because of his robust knowledge and he always makes me feel comfortable! I would recommend this place to a loved one and a stranger, it’s a nice stop on your road to fulfilling a wellness cycle!

  2. nicolelynn100

    Smart and friendly

  3. Dawneedoo

    Curio is Everything that EVERY Dispensary SHOULD Be!!! I love the atmosphere, the staff, the products, and the fact that they will spend all of the time you need as a Patient to help you find the right medicine(s) too! Nothing but ALL GOOD THINGS at Curio from this CannaPatient!!! Thank you so much Curio!!!

  4. JayElZee

    Compassionate, knowledgeable patient care advisors, amazing products, beautiful facility!

  5. Bluebird.

    Neighborhood Shop, freindly staff. They have great deals throughout the week too.

  6. Zabutar

    Absolutely loved this place! Our budtender, Justin, was the best! So knowledgeable and patient with my 500 questions. I’ve visited other local dispensaries and there is no question that Curio was by far the most knowledgeable and helpful. Justin really listened to me and gave amazing recommendations. I will be a regular customer!

  7. LegalizeNow42

    Curio is an excellent dispensary, with friendly, knowledgeable staff and good quality products.

    I have one suggestion: lower the age threshold of your Senior discount. You offer it starting at age 65, while Chesacanna starts theirs at 55. I’m age 56 and guess who is getting all of my business? Your store is on my way home from work and more convenient but I go out of my way for their 15% discount, which is also more generous than your 10%. You’re losing a lot of my money, and I know I’m not alone. Please reconsider your Senior discount policy. Thank you.

  8. Dlsmith05

    I’m putting review up here because as I walked in the door I was greeted by an amazing beautiful woman name brittany was very knowledgeable and friendly with all her information and everything she Explained to me was amazing from now on any time I go to a dispensary it will be here And I need her to be my patient care adviser!!!

  9. Sam-moz

    omg! the staff is amazingly friendly and detailed. please go here whether you’re an expert or a beginner aEUR” they’ll guide you through the strains and the effects; they love helping people get better, ask questions

  10. Casafras

    Professional services, great atmosphere and friendly staffdY~~

  11. BeardedItaliano

    It’s a very nice, organized and well cleaned building. The customer service is super nice and very informative. They don’t try to push you into buying what you don’t need. They spend as much time as you need answering any and all questions you have.

  12. bellabells143

    Very great atmosphere I love how they had other products like cbd body products and healthy vitamins and now they have a spa and I can’t wait to try that but the bud tenders was very friendly!

  13. Purple33

    It was clean, pleasant and welcoming. I never thought I would go through with this but, I am so glad I did and I went with these guys!

  14. oakdog00

    Very knowledgeable and pleasant staff. The products have been very good, so I’d highly recommend stopping by to see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, plus the option of using a credit card makes things that much easier.

  15. BA2d

    Definitely my “go to” dispensary. The menu is extensive, they have everything that you need. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and remember me each time I come in. I appreciate their recommendations and I have tried new things to help relieve my symptoms. I have started using the supplements too! The holistic pharmacy is something I didnt consider but it is a great addition to my well being. I use the Curio brand vitamins and they are affordable as well as the cannabis. I feel it is the complete wellness answer. I am looking forward to booking a spa appointment and acupuncture too!Thank you Curio Wellness!

  16. 49Roxanne

    All GOOD

  17. Crispy500

    Becoming one of my favorites. They are now offering deals. Great staff! Lots more than a dispensary.

  18. Shannonpi314

    These guys are the only people I know that have products over 30% in flower! I got some Goatman dY the other day and it truly “kicked”! off my weekend! Curio Wellness always hooks me up with sweet stickers! You just gotta speak up and ask! But the staff is super friendly, too!

  19. Jasonwelsh

    You will be happy you went!

  20. SCKnapp53

    From the time that you walk into Curio Wellness, to the time that you leave, the staff greets you with support and reassurance. The atmosphere and overall environment are set for the customer/client’s comfort and security. I have been to several other Maryland cannabis dispensaries, but Curio Wellness is by far the best I have visited. Their products are superior, and the technical staff are very knowledgeable on the strains and consistencies. I would highly recommend Curio Wellness to those looking for a superior establishment, staff and products.

    Stephen – Bel Air, MD

  21. uphere420

    Curio’s Kaviar Preroll is the best “one med in all” combo I’ve found. I puff it and luff it! CuriO-Yes!

  22. johnpullergmailcom

    Clean and knowledgeable staff

  23. D.Crocket

    After doing some research and found out that not only we have a dispensary but it’s own grow place here in my back yard. CURIO was so nice and welcoming it almost felt unreal.. like a FN DREAM! I’ve actually developed a great relationship with CURIO and will forever support them. The Staff and team is amazing and I love the fact that they’ve done nothing but level up since day one. They have any and everything you can ask for…even non-patients can go in and get CBD products. I mean these guys really take their name and work to a higher level of professional service every single day.

    Crocket’s Fav.

  24. KirkMD

    Great staff. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Great place all around.

  25. NikMcG

    The Premier shop in the area. Outstanding product knowledge, impeccable customer service, and very friendly people. The place you would have if you could open up your own shop. Top tier all the way.

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