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4741 Ridge Road, White Marsh, MD 21236


39.3623903, -76.4915438




10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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We at Health For Life are dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. We believe the medicinal and holistic advantages of cannabis are undeniable, and it is our mission to educate and empower our patients. From top quality products, highly knowledgeable Product Specialists, and everyday low prices, our goal is to provide an informative and unforgettable experience each and every visit. For us, it’s all Health.Life.Cannabis.

We are CASH ONLY! ATM on site!
Unfortunately, our bathrooms are available for patients and caregivers only!


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121 reviews for “Health for Life

  1. Joerg

    Been goin here ever since they opened , was so convenient to my home and their professional staff is very friendly and helpful.
    Along with all the same Brands you see in every other dispensary , They got great daily deals , pop up giveaways , plus the occasional raffle. I actually won a free Oz around Xmas . Wohoo , def worth checking out !

  2. Newhope02

    This is definitely my favorite dispensary!

  3. Krisinspace75

    I was very satisfied with my first visit here. All of the employees were kind, friendly and knowledgeable. Also, great first time patient deals. I will be going back.

  4. Lemonbearforever

    H4L White Marsh is truly pleasant and relaxed! The bud tenders are friendly and amazingly knowledgeable. Thanks J! Everyone is so nice!

  5. solocloud9

    nothing beats customer service when they want you to get the best experince.
    That’s right the budtender Nicole is amazing knowledgeable & knows exactly what I was looking for in & out
    was still willing to help me & in the future. Impressed very much so heading there now as we speak

  6. HCT56

    Had the pleasure of being served by a lovely young lady named Jess who was quite knowledgeable. She listened to my plight and was a very professional tech. I picked up some Curio Flower which is always good especially with the new patient deal. Coming in the morning also pays off, no wait, double points. Will be back.

  7. psychonaut4

    Lovely store. Great staff. Always learn something new.

  8. rollsnide

    So thankful to have this lovely space near my home. The girls at the front desk give everyone a warm welcome, and while I’ve only been once, I’ll definitely be back. The budtenders were caring, knowledgeable and very helpful, especially Leah, my specialist! Can’t wait to return.

  9. Jeffkzoo

    this dispensary has it all: nice facility, very friendly and helpful staff, and a good selection, with great daily deals. I HIGHLY recommend (pun only slightly intended)

  10. Mothyman

    Everytime I visit Health for Life, the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, the deals are great on MPX products, and the atmosphere and vibes are great in general.

  11. Ron5682

    Great people and very helpful.

  12. W1ck1d1

    yes, I’m back for a 3rd review.. there are perks to coming to this place ;). still very worthy of a stellar review, I go out of my way to get to this place. great deals, excellent service. what more can you ask for?

  13. JDUB_12

    On my way to this place now, I’ve heard amazing things about the store, the people, and the product. Very excited for my first experience!!

  14. ismokepiff

    beautiful location, great selection, mandarin cookies was lovely, jess was very friendly and patient.

    would definitely return.

  15. Mdveteran12

    First time here this weekend and loved that I could get the free preroll and on top a free bag of Betty’s! Kara? (already forgot her name oops) was very informative on the deals and available pre rolls with the Sunday offer. Will certainly be back!

  16. tylerj1210

    I drove an hour to get the new patient buy one get one deal and they would not honor it the way it was advertised. I will not be returning to this location again since I wasted so much time and gas to only be denied for their advertised deal.

  17. christa279

    Love Health for Life dispensaries! Clean and inviting environment. Budtenders are super knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

  18. Tiffaney1980

    I love this location! It’s right around the corner from my doctor and the bud tenders are extremely knowledgeable and helpful!!

  19. CDG53

    Very friendly staff & very knowledgeable

  20. Nweber7289

    These people are awesome, very helpful and understanding to the customers needs.

  21. BartleBudz420

    Best deals in the area and very friendly workers. I give it a 5/5

  22. Kalikai1

    I have been to this location only once so far. However, it was a great experience. The location is great, the reception to the waiting are was very beautiful and nicely done. The Budtender was friendly and knowledgeable and I greatly appreciate that. I will most certainly be returning to this location again.

  23. littleraymond

    This was the first dispensary i had been to and it was awesome. Jess was super helpful and it was a great experience.I have already returned numerous times and already have been able to take advantage of the rewards program. 1 gram of rso for free for 650 points! fucking awesome! H4L is definately my home dispensary.

  24. svnkat

    I give dispensary 5 stars across the board.My first time here and wont be my last.

  25. nicolelynn100

    Nice enough. The aEURoedealsaEUR are better elsewhere though. I’m guessing because there isn’t any competition nearby.

  26. Jeweledpig

    New dispensary. A little hard to find but very happy with my experience. Budtender was was obviously green but very efficient with looking up answers quickly. I look forward to an expanding selection.

  27. HazySin_84

    I visited for the first time today. The service was excellent and the product is great. I will be returning soon.

  28. KJanae

    My first visit was great! They are very informative and helpful.

  29. MattH00

    My go to spot in the County! Very knowledgable staff, especially Janine L., she was the sweetest. Great daily deals (esp for first time patients), cool atmosphere, and there is plenty of parking.

  30. Sndtrk4yourlife

    jess was awesome! always have great deals and super local.

  31. iwearascrunchie

    Health for Life is a wonderful and much needed addition to the local community. The location is easy to find and has plenty of parking. Every one of the employees makes you feel welcome. They’re all so friendly and knowledgeable, and are happy to answer any of your questions (shout out to Jess, she’s awesome!). It’s well stocked and the products are priced great. I just love it here! Good vibes all around.

  32. Omoi

    this was so amazing a place. I felt so helped and appreciated. my associate was super helpful (karis!) and I can’t wait to stop by again!!!!

  33. Ev_5446

    This spot is one of the best in the area. Super knowledgeable staff willing to answer any and all questions that you may have. Easy to find, easy to park, digital menus, this place has it all.

  34. jerrett

    Had a great experience friendly staff very knowledgable.

  35. Xpaco12x


  36. Erruve

    I first visited on Monday and it was just terrific. The facility is modern, bright and clean with great prices, and a ton of parking. I’m thrilled to find something in the area.

  37. St0ner42o0

    Gotta love the customer service and the beautiful people

  38. Cassandra258

    I love this location. it is easy to drive to. easy to buy from. warm and inviting. my only concern is the lighting in the parking lot after dark. there are no lights out in the parking lot and it gets DARK.

  39. Susan93

    Budtenders r knowledgeable and friendly. The facility is very nice.

  40. roflkarp

    I have never felt so valued as a patient as I do at this dispensary! Atmosphere and service are great! Everyone is very friendly, non-judgmental, and knowledgeable!

  41. Cmm2857

    Great location and great help. Tried some lifesaver flower and really enjoy it.

  42. RKBUDS

    I loved the whole experience the people the product and the place just good vibes all around

  43. ebbyebb29

    Very personable and knowledgeable staff.The facility is clean and everyone is so nice here.Love it!!!

  44. Clusby

    This is the best place, been to multiple places and this is the best. service, selection, perks are excellent!

  45. Buttrfliz3

    Service was great from the front desk clerk to the budtenders. Can’t remember the name of the gentleman who helped us but he was very kind and knowledgeable and made sure we knew all their specials. Great first time patient special

  46. GingyPop

    Great people to work with you

  47. Jojobrown1127

    Just got a preroll of lemon skunk and it completely sucked it didn’t hit at all it was packed why to tight it honestly was a waste of weed. Stop using elements and upgrade to raw papers

  48. Nanae0523

    I went to Health for Life on Saturday 1/16/19, this is the second time I’ve been there. The first time I went, the flower was dry so I didn’t go back for awhile thinking it was a fluke. Well, I thought I would give them a second chance and the flower was dry again. I purchased 2 1/8ths and 2 prerolls. The prerolls were fine the 8ths on the other hand were not. The flower burned up so fast, I need flower again. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be back to get flower, I will make other purchases there and see how I like them.

  49. Rorschach85

    This location is fantastic ! The staff is highly knowledgeable in answering all of my questions. I was informed of deals to help save me some money too. I recommend this dispensary to anyone seeking a comfortable experience buying quality products. The inventory of cartridges and flower is plenty to choose. The front desk is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend shopping here for first time buyers and experienced a like.

  50. debragoding

    I love coming to this location, even though it’s a bit out of the way, lol. People are very friendly.

  51. djmtndew

    all health for life dispensaries rock but this one is my home dispensary love products prices and people. no fluffy stuff like charm city because a they get prepacks and b they dont have time to rip people off by adding 28% mosture to their product to make money.

  52. OmeOmy

    They had a great grand opening BOGO sale. Karis was my “budtender.” She was friendly and very helpful. Loved the atmosphere, products and staff.

  53. Mrg1101992

    my absolute favorite dispensary

  54. Cavin18

    Their MPX cartridge selection is by far the most options around in MD. Their specials make it very affordable.


  55. CaseyJonesEastCoast

    This place is lovely, they are kind, and they are sensible in deals and rewards pricing. When they put the patient satisfaction and ability to medicate above the extra $5 profit on some things, we know they are doing right by us.
    A lot of stores banked pretending it was 1990 again and acting like it doesn’t grow on actual trees, and more the producers but still they both to blame. This is good start, keep up the great pricing and choices!

  56. 1cek1ng

    Great experience, fantastic product. New favorite place.

  57. kpulket

    love the budtenders they are so helpful

  58. SkullMurphy

    I was very excited to see a shop open so close to where I work. I passed the location on my first try since the exterior doesn’t really look like a business, but it does look like a greenhouse so I can’t even be upset. The first time patient paperwork was settled quickly and I found a very nice shop with an attentive and knowledgable staff. I had a chance to look around and the interior is nicely setup and the pricing tiers for flower are easily understandable. Can’t wait to go back to try the MPX products.

  59. jkush618

    ayyy fre preroll

  60. King_Davis86

    Grabbed an AiroPro cart and got the Battery for Free. I’ll Tell you what ! This is pretty Sweet. Loving the Midnight Moon It’s a Black and Blueberry flavor Indica. Helped with my Chronic Pain from PsA so much I actually slept a Full 8 Hours in idk how long. Granted I woke up about 4 hours in took a couple hits off the Awesome Gunmetal battery, the way the Carts magnetized fit is awesome and with the Cover it adds even more discretion to your Medicating. I Love all My Budtenders Here ! They really make you feel like you’re visiting a Friend.

  61. Greenisgreat8

    Fantastic atmosphere, very welcoming but professional. Budtenders were extremely knowledgeable and kind. Their first time patient special is BOGO on all eighths so I got a fire quarter for $40! This is definitely my new spot. Thanks again!

  62. jarchiba

    Clean. Great atmosphere. Great tenders. Will definitely be visiting again!

  63. Donnacuteface

    Love it

  64. GWENIR

    Relaxed Reception, Organized Counters, Knowledge & Compassionate Budfenters. Highly Recommend to experience the Great Vibe dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  65. Keebler5901

    Excellent quality, friendly staff!! Love coming here.

  66. Kujuh

    Awesome display and set up with Shaker jars to smell the flower. The budtenders are knowledgeable and take their time to work with you. Definitely my go to place.

  67. Wolfman42

    I live two minutes away from another dispensary, but I much prefer to drive another 20 minutes to Health for Life Whitemarsh; their staff is friendly and seem to be knowledgeable. They have great specials and it feels comfortable to be there.

  68. Dlw1971

    very friendly staff and knowledgeable

  69. Panamaredmd

    Nothing to dislike here. Plenty of free parking. Place is secure, clean, a large reception area with comfortable seating. The staff welcomes you with smiles as soon as you walk in. My budtender (42914) made me feel at ease, didn’t rush me and answer all my exhausting questions. I appreciate it. I’LL BE BACK!

  70. Mari4312

    Great dispensary. The location is very convenient. They have a great variety of products.

  71. ace2die

    MPX carts and wax are great. location is close but off the beaten pass. great vibe!!!!

  72. Amy1286

    Love this place great point system free pre rolls excellent deals and great prices

  73. Mapit2005

    Beautiful dispensary!! Extremely awesome staff, helpful, very friendly and knowledgeable. Will definitely be back.

  74. Wolinski04

    great deals…great staff…great place!!

  75. migpau88

    Still one of my favorite places to visit, hands down! They have a great selection to choose from and run phenomenal deals. If you haven’t paid them a visit yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do!!

  76. Mk3turbo

    The best I’ve been to !

  77. ptaylorc

    So glad I found Health for Life. My first visit was truly enjoyable. Everyone was so friendly from Angela at the reception desk to Karis the budtender. I was impressed by the facility and very impressed with the inventory. Karis was a delight and very helpful.

  78. pa2019

    The staff is great!

  79. ddlnz5

    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great veteran discount.

  80. Booobooo

    Janine L. Welcomed me with a positive attitude.

  81. Ck89

    Staff was very friendly and informative. Everyone was nice and helpful. Location is top notch!

  82. Gracehagert

    Andrew and Cory are knowledgeable and helpful 🙂

  83. purplepayne64

    could be nicer

  84. ridgeway06

    For my first visit, I received an unexpected special – buy one get one. With the holidays just around the corner, that deal couldn’t have come at a better time. Well, any time is a good time to save money! And, now, Health For Life is offering Daily ’12 Day of Christmas’Specials. Be sure to stop by this first rate dispensary!

  85. Spicoli01

    Everyone at H4L is knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Great selection of carts and excellent prices. Never had to wait more than a minute before being served. Highly recommend this for new and seasoned.

  86. Fotane

    I was approved for Medical Cannabis back in April 2017…waited a while for the dispensaries to open…I have tried locations all around MD…my favorite location: Health For Life in White Marsh…the products are very similar in all of the dispensaries…special deals…points ect…what separates this venue from the others…
    Knowledgeable Staff & marvelous ambiance…Fontane

  87. hiyatuma

    soo fun and nice to be around! super great atmosphere!

  88. Lunchbox1515

    As always, Health for Life never disappoints…I truly recommend this spot because of their deals, rewards points, and most of all, the service. If you haven’t been, you must try it out. Best dispensary in Baltimore. First time patient deals are great too.

  89. Tregirl79

    Absolutely the best staff at this location! Everyone is so friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. You never feel rushed or as if you are a bother. They also have a great selection of flower and concentrates at amazing prices! They always have great specials running and a fantastic rewards program. Definitely my favorite dispensary by far!!

  90. LisaDaenarysSimpson

    Fantastic dispensary!! Went for the first time a couple weeks ago, Health For Life exceeded my expectations all around. Tenille at the front desk is a joy to talk to & made me feel welcome right away. The lobby is beautiful, so even if you have to wait, you’ll be very comfortable.
    There is a nice range of price points, strengths, flavours & products. Jessica was my specialist, she is very kind and knows what she’s talking about.
    If you are a new MMJ patient, Health For Life has a nice selection that wouldn’t be overwhelming for an inexperienced customer and specialists who know plenty about different ailments and the best products to try and would be a very relaxed place to go to find out which strain might be best for you. Even as an experienced patient, I found out some helpful info about the products I haven’t tried.
    Can’t wait to go back — ASAP!! dY~EUR

  91. Jstar92

    great place. all the workers are helpful and informative. check them out

  92. Valan1017

    This place is awesome. Everyone is so friendly. I feel horrible that I don’t remember the name of my budtender but she was phenomenal. It was my first time (and second time ever) at this dispensary and she explained everything thoroughly and was very informative (young thin brunette female). The deals for first time visitors were awesome (BOGO for 1/8!).

    Only con – they don’t sell any kind of apparatus!

  93. Shortstuff73

    They r very pleasant

  94. Bmorebuds03

    Super nice staff and budtenders! Spoke to the manager while I was there a few weeks back and couldn’t have been anymore helpful. The shop in clean, modern and brightly lite. Definitely a fine addition to the White Marsh, Baltimore County area!!!!

  95. Palmspark

    Jess and Maggie were awesome! Great deals. Can’t wait to come back!

  96. Edgar3rd

    Long time indulger first time legally. I love this place. Very friendly and knowledgeable budtenders. This is the place I am gonna be going back to time and time again.

  97. kbphotog

    I’ve been here three times so far and am greeted by the friendly staff every time! Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Jess for helping me on my visits. You guys are the best!

  98. Eblake2

    This ia going to help in this area now there are two with in 3 miles. hopefully thw deals after the new year will go back to like the start RSO was 40 till 2nd company then all dispensaries up heritage to 60. Having the even just 10 percent off will be help for being on disability. I went from 16 to 20 pills a day to 3 and 2 10 mg cbd in morning n nite time in 7 months had first one two weeks ago. Its taking meds away did more harm then good and made me tired all day. The girl that waited on me 2x Kristi was wonderful cheerful and seemes to love her job. After meeting the rest the front staff I’d love you work there also. I look forward to an interview. Thanks for all you work!! Well worth it to all of us.

  99. MorganAshley22

    First time visit! Love the first time patient deals!! Cant wait to share my experience.

  100. TKaszak88

    amazing!! very welcoming environment!

  101. Mpdiang85

    Always amazing service and selection!

  102. coolerguy13

    Great facility and easy check in . Nice Lobby with free gear and water. Jessica super helpful and friendly .Answered all my questions regarding new vape pen I received and correct cartridge needed. Prices very reasonable, also got free mini bottle of champagne for New Years ! Will return soon.

  103. Jbarn101

    I really like this dispensary. Everyone is friendly from the time you come in until you leave. The budtender was very knowledgeable and explained the different products. Great experience.

  104. derrek21220

    Love this place, one of the best dispensaries in maryland!

  105. Pstiles

    This location has a great environment with a great staff. I also really enjoy the daily deals. I can’t wait to go back and purchase more of their great products. Would recommend this place to anyone.

  106. klastar

    Great location, atmosphere and staff

  107. ewillia06

    Karis was a delight!! Love the atmosphere. Grow west is great grower.

    Very well lit compared to Baltimore location…

  108. EMYHR

    Health For Life is top notch all around. The waiting room was nice and comfy and the bud area was super professional and clean. My bud tender was Corey and he was awesome!

  109. Zabutar

    Very nice dispensary. Staff is very kind. Good selection on cartridges. Flower selection is very solid but it is not deli-style so it can get expensive if you need to experiment with strains. They do have good specials/deals.

  110. mdailey1

    Loved this place! Wonderful staff! Friendly and extremely helpful! Such a relaxing feel as soon as you enter!

  111. confetti

    Five stars plus to Health For Life for making my first dispensary visit so comfortable and helpful. I’m retired and have had plenty of time to read up beforehand so I had a good idea of what product I needed, but wasn’t sure what to expect by way of atmosphere and patient service. I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The building is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood and everything is very classy and pretty. More importantly, the staff is super warm – totally friendly and welcoming,. The cheery front desk ladies had me checked in in minutes and my budtender (Maggie I think?) was clearly knowledgeable and a great, un-rushed listener – answered my questions fully with no pushing, and made really helpful, asked-for suggestions. The whole atmosphere is very relaxed and attentive, with a lot of great product to choose from. I’m on a very tight budget, too, and the first-timer 2 for 1 deal on eighths is terrific.
    So is sleeping *pain free* in a comforting blanket of very happy floaty deep relaxation – ahhh.
    I’m lucky that HFL is so near my home – I see no need to go elsewhere at this point. 100% satisfied.

  112. Intothearena66

    You guys rock! I’ll be back again.

  113. JessE09400940

    Very nice and enjoyable atmosphere. The bud tenders are very knowledgeable and will find the answer you are looking for no matter the means to answer your question the best they can. They have a great deal for first time patients come and see its unbelievable. You won’t be disappointed. This is my favorite place.

  114. Cgreco

    This is my first review on any of the dispensary in the area, and after a few months of back and forth I think I nailed down the one I like. So there is True wellness (with your deli selection) which is nice if your a see it to believe it kinda guy. There straight forward and knowledgeable but I feel like the bud is a tad drier than others. There is NCW up in Perryville, great place great deal cool things always happening can’t complain about them either. Recently they have added buds in the shop so you have an idea of what your buying but I feel kinda rushed on occasion, maybe it’s just me going in and out knowing what I’m looking for but I still feel like the bud tenders don’t want to find out what your looking for like any store would ask, more like what do you need kinda deal. Starbuds I feel is a combo of these two great deals deli style but more so hey come on in let’s get your order and the tenders seem just a lil more like they REALLY like there job and aren’t focused on the patient.

    Now maybe it’s the fact I rolled in at 7pm on a sat night and the location is new but holy F-balls was I impressed. Yes average wait room with the tv giving prices, very clean, upscale.. pretty much what you expect from a nice dispensary. What I was most impressed with was the way they handled me as a first timer/someone who has been paying attention and doing his research on strains and how it all works. The bud tender brought me up showed obviously all there were a what to check out so on so forth like they all do. But when we started talking about strains she broke it down and was talking more about what I should look for in/about the strains. Showed me things I thought I knew but didn’t know it all. With a combo of deli style and practical practices, the sales aspect was nice as well.

    Prices ehhh they could be tweaked with some deals but how can you go wrong with first time buy one get one.. so far this place has my business until otherwise. Hopefully more deals pop up.

    Thank you for the service will be stopping in again

  115. Dsullivan78

    Loved the staff. Great deals.

  116. Clarisaayo

    Great place when you walk in everyone’s so nice at the desk and everyone in the back is super helpful SO nice I’ll def come here again

  117. Lisamarie739

    Nice, fast, friendly, and helpful dY’z

  118. tjasovsky1

    Very Nice open layout with great staff and products

  119. Tracygirl

    The best budtenders around

  120. MrNiceGuy117

    First visit here was amazing. Great location and plenty of parking. Upon entering, I was greeted by the smiling faces of the reception staff. Registering was quick and painless. The waiting area is beautiful and roomy with plenty of seating. I was called back almost immediately by Jess, who also greeted me with a friendly smile as she introduced herself. I’ve visited a handful of dispensaries over the past few mos and none have offered the information, recommendations or compassion that I received here. My budtender Jess (and mandy, I think was the other young ladies name dY~’) know SO much! And they actually listened and recommended a few different things to try together and to my surprise the cannabis cocktail is working! Two thumbs up. Great products. Great deals.Great staff Great experience. Great dispensary,
    Period! Thank u beautiful ladies! Thank u health for life.

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