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Welcome to Potomac Holistics Medical Cannabis Dispensary. We serve Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Potomac, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Derwood, Poolseville and surrounding areas right off I-270. We are proud to be a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission licensed dispensary. We provide our patients with quality medical cannabis products to enhance the overall health and quality of life for those with medical needs. Our products include oils, tinctures, balms and flower with dozens of strains changing seasonally.

We are four local Marylanders who have all lived in Maryland for at least 30 years and who want to serve our neighbors in an environment we would feel comfortable in ourselves. Quality, safety, and professionalism are our top priorities in providing 100% lab-tested medical cannabis.

Our beautiful dispensary is conveniently located, modern, handicap accessible and designed with ease of product consultation and selection. Our professional staff will consult with you on your needs and guide you step by step through your product selection process. We have state of the art security, and complete confidentiality so you can feel safe making Potomac Holistics your dispensary.

Our staff and owners believe medical cannabis is an alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals without many of the negative side effects. Our professional staff have compassion and committed to providing you with medical cannabis to help you achieve a better quality of life.


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49 reviews for “Potomac Holistics

  1. drsmacked

    Overall I wasn’t very pleased with my experience here. The woman at the front who checks you in argued with me for a few minutes that I had been there before when I had not. After being let into the waiting room (which is big and fairly welcoming) I waited almost 10 minutes. When I was finally let in, it appeared the 2 guys working were just hanging around. They asked what I want and that was it. Didn’t seem knowledgeable or interested in the product or patient. I had to get out my phone to look up info. The $10 off coupon is a nice touch but doubt I’ll ever come back to redeem it. Hands down the worst experience to date at any dispensary I’ve been to.

  2. TayyLovee91

    I like this location as well.. this is the first dispensary I went to .. One of the first few that opened One of the first few that opened, had a good first time experience though.

  3. Jensmith8605

    I love the helpful people at Potomac Holistics. Jamal has been a huge help to me in figuring out the best way to treat MS symptoms. I’m so grateful for their help and their gift for calm when the world feels really strained all around me.

  4. CaribeGirl

    Very professional place. Nice displays, The staff was very helpful and informative.

  5. Jamesmroe

    Everyone that works there is very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in making sure you get what you need. Always very clean and good prices and great quality products. I am never made to feel ignorant when asking questions about products. I am a frequent visitor because of the prices and staff.

  6. JRK1895

    Always love coming here! All of the employees are very personable and know the products well. They always make great recommendations and the products are always top of the line. If you haven’t seen their selection or been in the store before, it is a definite must!

  7. cheesetubeth

    Excellent all around!!

    Had low expectations based on reviews. Being wanded by security is overkill but he was friendly and just doing his job. I could actually tell he felt bad doing it.

    Lady upfront was super and the bud tender was experienced and helpful. Prices are average for the area but has discounts on some things.

    Will be back for sure!

  8. Bendzar

    Went there on Day 1 in MD and was fortunate enough to be seen. The slow-down was not their fault, but due to a slow response from a State of Maryland IT System. They were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and worked extremely hard as a team to best serve the people of MD. Their hard work and dedication should be commended. I will most definitely be visiting again!

  9. judea75

    I just did a leafly pickup from this place and it was great. Not sure what all of the negative reviews are about.

  10. maryc09

    really great service and a very short wait time, I look forward to returning as they get more product in!

  11. pegnott

    First a first day- not just this business but the WHOLE business, it went well. IT was fun, actually. All the staff was very knowledgeable and super friendly. I am looking forward to coming back again. Thanks!

  12. dabo123

    I asked them some questions and they were quick and informative with their response! A+ place!

  13. jasheridan5

    Excellent location and knowledge.

  14. PatientNine

    PoHo is the best dispensary in this part of town. The staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgable. The music makes me dance.

  15. burlymush72

    Nice setup, but tight. Got a little cramped in the check in area. Shame to be wanded down by the guard, but whatcha gonna do? Staff was awesome and very helpful. Good experience.

  16. LunarPeach

    Love this place! Great staff, wonderful atmosphere. I’m always satisfied and comfortable. Prices are a little high, but that’s my only complaint

  17. vicbran11

    I visited this location for the first time on Dec 17, 2017. It was my very first dispensary experience and set a bad tone on how the rest of the dispensaries in the state were going to be like. Nope, it’s how Potomac is ran.

    I waited in a line outside in the cold for about a good 30 mins before being allowed to come inside and be checked in. Filling out the paperwork was easy, the front desk staff were really friendly.

    After being buzzed into the waiting area. I was searched by a security guard and waved a metal detector around me. It really was an uneasy feeling and I felt like I was criminal for coming to buy cannabis.

    I waited in the waiting area for a 25mins and was called back by one of their Budtenders and started to discussed products. The Budtender really wasn’t that knowledgeable on their products. I wanted an indica based product for back pain, but ended up selling me on a Tangie cartridge which is a Sativa. I wish I had the knowledge base that I have now when I went in to find a more appropriate product for my needs.

  18. dabbinmazin

    These guys were literally the trail blazers for medical cannabis in Montgomery County, and have showed why every time I return. They have their restocks and deals, and a team that’s extremely personable. I understand appearances and “customers” can rattle patient counselors, but I saw that there wasn’t much judgement from the start. They also have great rythym products and started me on a strain fave:Tangie from ForwardGro. Please, give them credit where it’s due 🙂

  19. EmChronic

    Lots of parking, good staff, dank bud, what more could you want.

  20. teee74

    Awesome service. great prices

  21. AppleSet33

    Great staff that knows the products. relaxing waiting room Big dispensary shelved in professional glass lit cases. Friendly and accessible. Will be back as their products expand. Thank u potomac holstics!!!

  22. Jlmichaels

    Nice staff but a bit cramped

  23. nighthawk7

    Granted it was the first day. Average wait time to get in was 6 hours. Very inefficient. After 6 hours of waiting I left. It was freezing outside, I had eaten, had water, or gone to the bathroom for 6 hours. I arrived at 2:45, left empty handed at 9:40. Very disappointing. Met some cool people in line though which was a plus. I will update this review when I actually get to go inside if and when I go back.

  24. treestar476

    Really enjoyed my visit to potomac holistics – the agents were warm and helpful. The process was smooth and efficient, and the medicine is very high quality. I did not want a strain which would make it unable for me to go to work during the day and the gentlman was helpful to recommend a tincture which takes my pain away yet offering relief yet allows me to still be ok at work. The flower I got was very potent! (I can only use at night) There were multiple varieties and I received a few to try which helps me the most. I am now getting my mother on board the medicinal cannabis boat – big boost for patients in Maryland!

  25. thedanktankshop

    Gr8 buds

  26. jayboyboi

    Dispensary agent was so helpful and very knowledgeable, will definitely come again

  27. JPR1990

    Great atmosphere and staff. I came to this dispensary despite some bad reviews about their opening day and I was not disappointed. Also people need to realize that in the first month of dispensarys opening there is going to be limited product no matter where you go. Overall a positive experience

  28. engelbert420

    Friendly staff. Decent prices. Nice discount if you buy over $150. My only issue is that the selection of flower could be better. Other dispensaries have more strains.

  29. diosataina

    I arrived at 4:25 on to the opening of the dispensary. They send emails stating that they were having an opening starting at 2:30pm and in reality they did not opened their doors until 4:00pm. When I arrived the line was long, which I was expecting , after waiting five hours and a half we were told that doors were closing at 10:30 regardless of the line. While in the line, only one time a staff member addressed the people at the line, stating that if we brought a green discount card tomorrow we were not going to have to wait in the regular line. In fact, right now the temperature is 40 degrees and there are people with disabilities, elderly and various health conditions standing in line with me for hours. They did not prioritize elderly patients or handicap people with crutches, or in walkers. Standing in line, their stories keep changing, they went from limited amounts to no worries we have enough. After spending over 6 hours in line, it’s obvious we are not going to make it inside. The staff who addressed the line was unable to specify if we were going to be seen or not before closing. It is obvious that they were expecting a huge amount of patients and they did not organized themselves accordingly.

  30. jbrchock

    My Husband is a paraplegic and has severe neuropathy pain and spasms. We are new at the use of cannabis to control his pain. I did a lot of research on the internet and still had tons of questions. Everyone here has been so patient and helpful. I love the fact I can order on line, actually talk to a person when I call and feel comfortable when I go there. They are well stocked, and have always honored price match. I will continue to use this as my number one place for my husband.

  31. skaeser

    Well stocked, friendly and professional.

  32. amycbd

    I arrived on day two of the opening as was advertised in the email blast and on their website. I felt like I was at the door of the Wizard of Oz. The woman stuck her head out through the door and said, “We are out of product, we are closed, goodbye.” And slammed the door! Wow. Customer service is terrible, and as far as I can tell from the reviews, quite unorganized. Glad MD doesn’t make you choose one dispensary to work with. The opening was probably stressful for them and they will learn… hopefully demand doesn’t diminish service in the future. They probably shouldn’t open again until they are fully stocked and able to function fully.

  33. BandB.com

    They have worked all the kinks out. Management is on point. Love hearing about the daily specials they send via text. The flights they have are a great way to sample differnet strains. Definitely recommend it.


    aEURC/hope all of my fellow waiters in pain get back to “normal” soon…aEURC/all i know is my neck, shoulders & back have taken an undue beating due to hours of standing-in the midst of procrastination as well as a dwindling supply in the coldaEURC/i was amongst others in possible tougher situations due to condition and or ageaEURC/it was rough for me-they quite possibly experienced a tougher timeaEURC/needless to say i left-without medicine while approximately 45 people remained in front of me, still waiting to get inside, along with another 60+ behind meaEURC/ all this with an ‘extended’ close from 9p to a ‘dead stop’ @1030paEURC/i got there 15 minutes after they were supposed to open at 230p (clears throat-two hrs later) and left at 944p as they were only taking 4 people into the facility at a time & once i got close enough to notice that, i realized they would shut the place down before half of the people in front of me would be seenaEURC/as much as i would like to try another dispensary opening tomorrow, i don’t feel confident it will be easy going trying to move in the morningaEURC/even if they have better logistics, my body isn’t fit for a line of any size at this pointaEURC/…if you know what i meanaEURC/

  35. Travelite2

    Best prices in town. Love the location. Easy parking and no wait time. Great selection too. The CBD I need is always stocked. Thank you

  36. jbass89

    So, enough complaining about opening day jitters. We got through it, and won’t have that experience again. The last time I visited, on a Friday afternoon, the place was empty. I pressed the button, was immediately buzzed in, and showed my card. 15 seconds later I was in the waiting room. No wands, no hassles. The budtender saw me immediately. I told him what I was looking foraEUR”an indica or indica-heavy hybridaEUR”and he recommended a strain that he had tried earlier in the day. He was helpful, attentive, and cool, letting me see and smell the bud, and we talked about how and when to use it. I paid and was out in 10 minutes. The budtender’s recommendation was spot-on. Their stock keeps growing, I get updates by text, including special offers. If anyone is having a better experience elsewhere in MD, rock on. But this is exactly what I expect of a new business working under a regulatory microscope. I suspect that after they settle in they will develop a personality and atmosphere that fits their repeat customers. There is no reason whatsoever that anyone should not visit this business. Celebrate the opportunity to purchase medical-grade cannabis in a safe, clean, friendly environment.

  37. dondom003

    I have had the best experience at Potomac the staff is very knowledgeable. I am very comfortable talking to everyone I encounter from the moment in the door.

  38. clmnmtthw

    Grand Opening, very unorganized. People waited over 5hrs and were still turned away.

  39. Krewellakevin

    Great staff,in and out quick!

  40. Deeparoots

    I would work there just for the discounts . The staff are very knowledgeable and make you a great deal on larger orders

  41. Minkwomam

    Supurb service with supreme product. Great deals!


    No corporate BS. Know their stuff. Attentive to medical detail. My anxiety and inflammation targeted with vape strains. Best discounts daily. Local loyals community.

  43. xSanto420x

    Great opening day glad to have been part of making local history.

  44. Dandean14701

    Popped in to PH on a whim and was very pleasantly impressed by the waiting are, the friendliness of the staff and the selection. Jamal was great. He really knows his stuff. I would recommend PH without hesitation.

  45. treasures1962

    Atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing. All employees make you feel completely welcome. They give you quality service with expert advice.

  46. sarahbelle

    So I registered for emails ages ago and have been receiving updates from the dispensary about their opening day. I decided to head there at 2:30 on opening day based on the email they sent and man the line was long. I want to say around 200 people. I knew there’d be a line but I wasn’t expecting that. I came back later around 7:30pm and it was almost just as long but much colder. I decided to give up and come back the next day at 11am. I came back and found out a lot of the people who waited the night before were turned away due to stock. Some got coupons to come back. I also found out that they didn’t even open their doors until 4pm on opening day. A lot of these factors weren’t their fault. They were the first dispensary in the state. People drove in from all over and demand was heavy. The MMCC system also went down, and some of their stock came in late. What are they to blame for? Lack of clear communication. I found out some people showed up at 3 the day before because that’s what their Facebook said. And all the factors I mentioned I heard from word of mouth, not the staff. And the entire time that most of us waited, we didn’t get any updates. They could’ve done better with updating the line either verbally, or through social media. The longest part of the process was the initial patient registration/validation in the lobby. If they had more than one computer (not sure what tech limits or state may have prohibited them), it could’ve gone faster. Or they could’ve even been making sure the customers next up to be let in we’re ready to go by checking IDs and explaining products without consultations. I also wish they had let in more people. It was freezing and they have a decent sized waiting area. So with service I rated them 3 stars because I’m certain they could’ve done better.

    Other than that when I finally got in after waiting an 1 hour and a half on Saturday. The inside is beautiful. Very professional and zen. The staff was also pretty chill yet very professional. The ladies at check in were super fun. Like a younger version of the Golden Girls dY~,,. From what I could tell the buds were quality. However I couldn’t get the strain I needed so I plan on coming back when it’s back in stock. Once you’re past check in it’s pretty fast. They had other accessories like bowls, lighters, rolling papers, grinders but I didn’t look into it much because I had waited so long I just wanted to go home. So i can’t speak to pricing do accessories, but the price for flower wasn’t bad. I think most range from 50-60 depending on the strain. I assume that includes tax because I paid a total of $55. I will absolutely come back. Because it’s a 2 min drive from my house, but because the staff is also awesome. I’m just happy to finally have a safer alternative for pain management!

  47. jucas98

    Fantastic service! Quick and easy process.

  48. MaryjaneInPain

    Ezra was amazingly informative and walked me through any questions I had. He was super honest letting me know which batches were better than other and which he preferred.
    Only problem I have found with Potomac Holistics, compared to 3 other dispensaries in this area, they are the ONLY dispensary I have found to dead set on aEURoeNo ExceptionsaEUR – even when it’s their error. There are no discounts or freebies to patients who had something go wrong or any attempt to rectify the situation.
    Example: 4/17 they send out a text at 11:30am saying aEURoeslow slump discount 15% from 12pm – 1pm today only. NO EXCEPTIONSaEUR I drive to Potomac Holistics and arrive at 12pm, only to receive a text that say aEURoeslow slump discount 17% from 3-5pm today only. NO EXCEPTIONS!!aEUR So, naturally I go in expecting they would give me the 17% off, especially since as soon as I brought it up, both the front desk girl and Ezra both said aEURoeyeah, that was our bad. Didn’t mean to send out the 3-5pm text until after 2pm.aEUR
    Now, the 2% difference only came out to $1.50, so it wasn’t the money, it was the point that they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of giving it to me. Every other dispensary has gone out of their way to make sure I was happy leaving their store, wether that be a little discount (for no reason occasionally, too) or a free pre-roll here and there since I’m in so often. It’s only my 2nd visit to PH’s so I will give them one more chance, considering my first experience wasn’t much different (think I did a review on that visit as well??)

  49. jhitting

    Getting better all the time. Very pleasant staff and some good selection.

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