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12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


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12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


12:00 AM – 11:59 PM


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49 reviews for “Greenhouse Wellness

  1. Madamelmostein

    Nothing but positive vibes and genuine interactions. Everyone makes you feel welcome and at ease during every step of the process and I would absolutely recommend to anyone seeking a well educated and thoughtful dispensary.

  2. pepperp

    The staff is very friendly and informative about their product. My first visit there is a medical Doctor on staff to answer any question I have made this my medical cannabis dispensary home.

  3. suehasiuk

    I think it’s perfect. Good parking safe area.
    My only request is more information about the strain and what it is good for I think this would be helpful.

  4. Buckgrove

    Dr. Apgar was great. Only dispensary to sit and explain medical marijuana and the differences between products. Will definitely return!

  5. ambbsing

    Unparalleled atmosphere. The dispensary is so modern and clean. Everyone was willing and ready to help and very knowledgeable on the products!

  6. drccmb

    Would give 10 stars if I could! Without a doubt the most knowledgable dispensary in the area. Staff and atmosphere are unparalleled! As for the folks who love to complain about price.. just remember that you get what you pay for!

  7. beanie1085

    Excellence across the board!

  8. Darvalisk

    They have the highest prices of any dispensary I’ve been to in Maryland, and aren’t very knowledgeable. My first purchase was a tincture, I asked, was it 50mg per dose and was told yes by the budtender. After purchase and through further research found out it was 50mg per bottle… Very dissatisfied and haven’t been back since $63/ 8th when I can drive 3 miles to the next dispensary and get an 8th for $45???? They must be smoking their own product

  9. cee014

    Friendly & knowledgeable staff. I’ll definitely be going back.

  10. Kwitbugin

    A little hidden at the back off a windy road, but defiantly a hidden gem! Prices on par with most of the state, and a GREAT selection of CBD rich product. I was happy to walk away with a few choices to find a good all-around fit for my needs. A bonus that most of my choices came in pre-roll size so it’s not a huge upfront investment.
    Beautiful facility, caring helpful staff, great selection in size and brand… What more could you ask for? I know I’ll be back!

  11. williambiggins

    Quick,professional, and very knowledgeable staff.

  12. matchamochi

    This was the first dispensary I have ever been to. I was really anxious about going, but I had a wonderful experience and will definitely be back. My budtender Amber put me at ease immediately.
    The entire staff was welcoming and friendly and non-judgmental, but I’m really glad Amber was the one helping me. I was very impressed by her knowledge on all the different strains and products, and she really helped me understand what kind of strains would be best suited for my symptoms.

    The dispensary itself was clean, warm, and welcoming. The selection was outstanding. I will be back. Thank you Amber!

  13. KML89

    Greenhouse Wellness was absolutely amazing. First of all, the interior is stunning. Looks like a high end spa. All of the staff were INCREDIBLY kind and super informative. I have been struggling with anxiety and they gave me a vape pen and some tinctures to help alleviate it– both seem to be working well. Dr. Apgar and Gina are so kind and welcoming. I’ll definitely be coming back!

  14. crickersays

    I’m an experienced Medical user in Maryland at this point and I’ve decided Greenhouse is the best. CONSTANTLY have great product on hand, are passionate about the customer experience, and offer discounts for tiered purchases. I only go every other week or so, but I prefer Greenhouse to the other, more expensive options in the EC/Columbia area. Keep up the great work.

  15. cannaexpertMD

    Let me just say that I have been to most of the dispensaries in Maryland and Greenhouse is by far my favorite! A friendly and knowledgeable staff coupled with a clean and unique space + TOP SHELF CANNABIS, makes for the absolute perfect atmosphere. From the minute you walk in to the minute you leave, the GHW team makes you feel right at home with warm welcomes and big smiles (especially the cute girl up front:) ! You can really tell that they are truly passionate about changing the stigma in the industry and making a positive impact in the community and the lives of their patients. Their wide variety of high quality products makes the 35 minute drive from my house well worth it and I definitely plan to make this my regular spot. I highly recommend trying their Cotton Candy and Virgin OG (if they have any left).

  16. AvgJoe25

    Greenhouse Wellness is a prime example of health practitioners working towards providing the patient with education and open dialogue necessary to treat medical issues most effectively. This is NOT your mom’s and pop’s “head shop”.

    The product quality and budtender understanding of the product effects provides the patient with the best cannabis to treat the right symptoms. The quality of the product can be great, but the quality of the advice given relative to self-medicating is what is most important for the safety of the patient. They have a team of incredible budtenders and medical staff.

    The atmosphere is very clean and can be best described as a Spa Atmosphere. Very light and bright with a staff that looks like a set of professionals. Again, this is a true medical and wellness operation that understands that cannabis is not just a product that makes you happy – it makes you well.

  17. Jennanigans

    On Friday, I came to GW with a friend that just got their card. They have been suffering for a long while and on top of it had pretty intense surgery a few days prior to our visit. My friend has been clinging to the end of their rope for a while.

    I checked in, too, and we went back together. My friend sat, and worked with JD. As soon as JD asked how he could help, my friend nearly burst into tears. His welcoming nature and smile just instantly broke her anxiety and nerves. It was pretty awe-inspiring to see someone finally feel like they could breathe again.

    I talk about this place to everyone I know that may need help. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff that I’ve worked with while visiting…JD and Amber are such kind and knowledgeable folks. EVERYONE at Greenhouse is fantastic to work with.

    THANK YOU so much for helping myself and my friend–it was a great experience for both of us.

  18. Fleckinjob

    This is a great facility. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Amber was awesome!!!

  19. cici0903

    The staff here cares about their patients! Gorgeous atmosphere! Would give 6 stars if could!

  20. ladygroz

    clean, friendly, and very knowledgeable

  21. NumNums09

    Of the many Cartridges I’ve purchased here, 1 was defected and stopped working after a week. Greenhouse wouldn’t exchange it or offer any type of refund so I’m out $80. No other dispensary I’ve been to would do that to their customers.

  22. cam0912

    This place blows everyone in the area out of the water… Greenhouse is housed in a beautiful, organized and clean space that is highly accessible for the Baltimore area. The staff members come from a myriad of professional backgrounds, bringing a modern approach to their business practices and initiatives. These staff members are helpful, incredibly knowledgeable, and focused on exceeding their clients expectations. I fully expect that Greenhouse Wellness will be a leader in the Cannabis Industry within its first few years in business!

  23. vgirard1

    open now. best experience so far. quality product. will be back

  24. stoneytony1

    Very helpful and friendly staff. Prices were pretty on-par with the other dispensaries in Maryland at the moment, but I’ll be coming back because of the phenomenal staff walking me through the products.

  25. mamamama1

    I did not know what to expect in a dispensary…..WOW! Greenhouse is an absolutely beautiful environment. The staff is so kind and welcoming. They were amazing. All my questions were answered and I felt so comfortable. I will definitely be back!

  26. burlymush72

    Went yesterday for the 1st time. Outstanding experience! Clean, pretty and safe atmosphere. Super nice and very helpful. Love it! Will 100% be back! Thank you and welcome to MD.

  27. NicholasPayne

    A good location, with a quite large variety. Quiet, secure parking. Helpful staff. An eGo-C Twist vape pen I bought there turns out to be a knock-off, though, so I that “dings” the quality rating. Also, I opened a jar from them expecting bud and found ground weed. Not a huge deal, but clear labeling and perhaps even mentioning it at the point of sale would be good.

  28. Clscgrl

    Love this dispensary. Everyone I have talked to has been knowledgeable and kind. Great location & great deals all of the time! My favorite for sure!

  29. nina5515

    my second visit to a dispensary and I know I’ll be coming back . awnserd every question asked , plus showed me what he thought would be best . my first visit to a dispensary, I was in and out , very thankful he took his time with me

  30. lifeisgood4299

    this was my first Maryland dispensary experience..that being said I’ve lived in Colorado and Cali and seen the bar for dispensaries that being said it was completely on par with the legal states the building was very nice kind of tucked away but that’s because it’s not still 100% accepted still kinda taboo to some the staff was great even more tenative than out west I had a great experience with a guy named J.D. he was better than a bud tender almost like a weed pharmacist helping to find medicine i need’s really expensive but that’s all dispensaries but they do offer a few budget things here for those not trying to spend to much it was a great over and will return

  31. BrandonMurder

    JD is always fantastic and knows his strains. Amber is always great up front with swift service and a welcoming smile.

    If you want great advice from professional people you should come through here too. I always look foreword to Greenhouse days.

  32. LisaWilkinson

    I was a little anxious walking in for the first time, that was quickly dispelled by the warm personality of the receptionist. JD is so awesome, and such a wonderful person. I will definitely be returning on a monthly basis. Everyone in there had a wonderful attitude and made me feel at home. I would highly recommend this location if you are in the area.

  33. danikalauren

    Hands down one of the most welcoming, sophisticated, and clean dispensaries I’ve been to. The staff is so approachable, knowledgeable, and passionate about cannabis as a holistic, individualized medicine. I love every minute of going there and asking questions! Highly recommend if you’re interested in a clinical, educational, and comfortable environment.

  34. malston8

    Great people, product, and service

  35. SheBreeze

    I inquired about whether products are free of chemical pesticides and I could only get an evasive response that they follow Maryland law. Well, Maryland does unfortunately allow the use of certain pesticides and I could not get a straight answer that their products are 100% pesticide free. I’m looking for a healing product, not one that contains pesticides in any shape or form.

  36. danieldausch

    modern and friendly! thought I was in heaven for a sec

  37. pstar25

    Crisp and clean on the inside, doesn’t look open from the outside. Knowledgeable & professional staff with empty sample containers for reference. Individual seats for individual consultation. Currently most dispensaries in the area are offering mostly the same product.

  38. maryjanes4me

    Excellent help and information from start to delivery. Thank you to Celia who answered ALL my emails when I was desperately searching for a certain tincture that I was running out of. I have Crohns and getting back and forth to the dispensary was a problem for me. They deliver! I chose the day, and was told I would be called beforehand on that day and I was. Thank you also to Dean for delivering, and helping me with a new disposable vape pen, that I needed.The Blissiva vape pen works well for me and I would purchase it again. I got the vanilla. Good choice Dean. I have used 4 different cannabis dispensaries since June of 2018. This one by far is the best and I will be using them for my next order. This dispensary even has a Doctor. as one of the owners. Even she called me prior to my delivery! A+ on customer service. You all are awesome. Thank you so much!

  39. kh550672

    Great location and staff. Very impressed. The Alcopoko Gold is excellent!

  40. Claddagh1213

    This place is spotless. Every single person there is knowledgeable, kind, and totally PATIENT with every single patient that walks through the door. The front staff, the staff, management and doctors are all very personable and kind. I love the daily sales.
    I dont go anywhere else.

  41. dongio

    Professionally run with knowledgeable and friendly customer service. There Arayah Sunshine is the perfect low THC strand.

  42. Rachelmirsaidi

    The staff is extremely nice and helpful! They have a big variety in products. The inside of the store is so cute which is a plus. I will be making this dispensary my first choice from now on!

  43. Serra55

    The people here are upbeat, friendly and super helpful. I have learned a lot from them! And feel free to call if you have questions about something. I’m glad I did! Highly recommended!

  44. TokinJay

    Beautiful location! The people working were all smiles and extremely friendly. I will definitely be back!!

  45. ThePickledPanda

    very friendly place

  46. ChefShert

    Great staff, selection and location. However the atmosphere did feel a bit like being at the doctors office, and there is a lack of product on display, and is a bit limited on space. However the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and the place gets the job done quick.

  47. indawhip

    Found out this place was open last week and I’ve been in twice already. Incredible staff and experience.

  48. ColMo

    I have been to a few dispensaries and this one is definitely my favorite. Everyone is incredibly professional and incredibly pleasant. The inside is definitely something to see, and I like that it is in a medical complex (there’s actually an Apothecary upstairs– who knew?) Will be back again!

  49. Dawnrise269

    The staff are friendly and knowledgeable .

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