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10534 York Road, Cockeysville, MD 21030


39.4768583, -76.642425




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Chesacanna’s Team is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional health care and service. We are honored to have the opportunity to educate patients and provide the highest quality treatments that will make the difference in the lives of our Canna-Family! Our staff of medical, health and fitness professionals will evaluate every aspect of our patients’ lifestyle and design an individual program to ensure a higher quality of life where mind, body, and soul are healthy, energized, and balanced.


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85 reviews for “Chesacanna

  1. Tatmankay

    Phenomenal product. Serene experience. One of my favorite dispensaries in the Maryland district!!!

  2. Sabamba1

    Competitive pricing with very knowledgeable staff. Really took the time to discuss my needs and recommend product accordingly. The atmosphere is great and the location is convenient.

  3. Flo78

    obviously I love this location because it’s less than a mile from my house but aside from that… This place is amazing! the staff is fun and friendly, not to mention every time you go in there they know what type of strain you should try this visit (or the next visit). Now I’m not an idiot and I know everything is kept on the computer for Chesacanna’s records but they just know you off the bat as soon as they see you before even checking the computer for you know whatever ails you. awesome head’shop plus it has crystals just a can of shirts and sweatshirts and a variety of anything having to do with cleansing your Chi and just everything having to do with the mind body and spirit it is beautiful to behold

  4. SavortoothTiger

    First time visiting, and the staff was super helpful! They helped me really dial in my treatment. Don’t forget to stop in the retail shop on your way out! You don’t need a medical card to go in, and they sell some great local products!

  5. Rjax18

    Great staff nice location!

  6. MindifIdoajay

    My go to spot while in the Hunt Valley/Timonium/Towson area. The atmosphere is different from other dispensaries in the area, it feels like you’re walking into an experience. I like that the budtenders are older and more interested in starting a conversation than just taking your order.

  7. Nskone22

    Arthur was so knowledgeable and helpful.

  8. alfrenk

    Absolutely love them!!!! Great atmosphere!!

  9. D.Crocket

    AWWWEEE come on man! Hey I think there’s a glitch in your system or on this web page because I’ve been looking for more stars but I can’t seem to find more than 5 for Chesacanna of Cockeysville Md. Have you ever been here before? I’ve never been wowed like this before and I’ve been to a lot of places and this one is by far the greatest. The second I walked in I felt connected. Not only did I feel connected they also welcomed me in with the best of love, vibes, and energy of a ton of angles. I was unreal like a FN DREAM. I would tell everyone and their mother to go here and I plan on hopefully becoming a great asset to this company and grow with them. I love these guy and 5 stars isn’t enough lol But it’ll do for now.
    Thank you to the staff and I can’t say how moved I am by Mr Arthur Moten’s knowledge and impressive service and I have to tell the world about this super awesome beam of light whom which helped me find what i was looking for in feeling and controlling energy Amy Spataro You are my hero and thank you to Marc Spataro for bringing a great source of positive life to Cockeysville.
    David Crocket

  10. mjgriner

    I love the location

  11. sugark12

    I love going to Chesacanna! I use to go to a different dispensary regularly, but quickly switched after my first visit to Chesacanna. All of the employees are so friendly and helpful. They answer any questions I have without making me feel stupid or embarrassed. They have AWESOME deals everyday which is great for a patient on a budget. I most definitely recommend this dispensary!

  12. maiasong

    Chesacanna has been my favorite dispensary that I have visited in the area. The level of professionalism from the employees and the beautiful atmosphere really make Chesacanna special. As far as medical marijuana goes, I think this is how they are supposed to look. Also the look reminds me of already long-established Colorado and California companies. Chesacanna is ahead of the game!

  13. Pnj1120

    Great people work there, v friendly and helpful

  14. Meggo0322

    Great atmosphere. Felt very welcomed and everyone was so pleasant. Check in for first time patient was a breeze. The store in front is amazing too. They also offer reward points!!!!

  15. REPanzer

    Very nice atmosphere…welcoming..highly recommended

  16. Savy0918

    everyone is so nice and welcoming the entire store is perfect!

  17. jghein

    This place is gorgeous inside and even has a kitchen where they hold cooking classes. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely worth checking out!

  18. Jethawk21

    The employees are extremely informative and very polite. It’s the only store I go to because of the employees and the vast range of products.

  19. Nolandolucy

    Been coming here since they opened up and they’ve quickly become my favorite. They have the best atmosphere and a very warm and accommodating staff. their specials are also really awesome now – in my mind they have the best specials in the area on high quality products. you could go elsewhere for cheaper but you’ll end up with a worse product and experience. I now only go here. There’s so much more they have to offer than just flower also, if you want to improve your well being this is the place to start.

  20. Viper101112

    woah! Great Staff. Great Atmosphere. Great Experience. Worth a try!

  21. Woodberry

    Conveniently located, warm and welcoming environment. The gentleman that assisted me with my purchases was “Arthur”. He was very welcoming, courteous, and knowledgable.

  22. Arose3712

    Amazing experience at Chesacanna! The space is beautiful. Marc was super personable and so helpful putting a treatment plan together for me. I will definitely be back!

  23. mpow11

    Love this place! Atmosphere, selection, and the staff are superb 🙂

  24. ToBeeba

    Love it and love everyone there. They always take their time with me and help educate me. If I had just one request it would be one day a week of opening extra early. I should obviously plan better but sometimes I just can’t due to family responsibilities. Even have it be just to pick up pre-orders. The only thing that truly takes my pain away completely is the RSO. But I do relax so well I have slept through old fashion phone alarm. If I could take it 4 hours earlier – I would not have missed picking my son up twice. 2 kids and I have never been 5 minutes late. Being sick and many surgeries over last 8 years – and I finally found something to help my pain. But due to those incidents I know I can’t take it until 3 in the afternoon. That is a very long day for me with no sleep and no pain control. The obvious answer is prepare ahead – with massive prescriptions, doctors, tests, and it all adds up. So I probably do push it further than I should. Money matters so I never want to spend a day before I have to. So if I did have one request it would be Justine daya week with an early day. Maybe balance with a late day following it. Or you can just say plan better. But I can’t be the only one with kids, sickness, time constraints beyond our control. If it is found to be not financially good for the store then I understand adjusting. But even preorders that can be picked up would be so awesome. But other than that request- I love it there and the people are so awesome. Afraid though if any opens earlier or delivers it will force me to change – I don’t want to. But afraid I need to work out of Avery small time window and much is out of my control. So just my only thing that would not allow me to go anywhere but there due to responding to customer requests. dY’oedYtmdY1/4

  25. BBalanced

    From the moment you walk in your greeted with a smile and immediately feel welcome. The sign in process was very quick, with a huge waiting room. The staff were very friendly, professional and open to my many questions. I did not feel rushed nor judged by lack of knowledge. The atmosphere is very calming and relaxing with a very cool fish tank. They also have a retail store connected to the dispensary that is full of health and wellness products. I love how they support the community and are truly trying to help people feel better and have the best quality of life they can. This will be the only place I shop moving forward. They have great specials and amazing loyalty program!! Thank you for helping me through my journey!

  26. Oppsteve

    as soon as i came into the establishement
    I was greeted with smiles.
    Arthur helped me out even when i knew what i wanted before i came into the shop.
    Arthur had suggested birthday cake as a nice strain to try , i had tried it bfore but since grassroots are great
    I bought 2 grams to go with my half of wedding sherbert.
    They have a small library on educating yourself on the use of canna.
    This store ROCKS!!!!!!

  27. Barneypsu

    Great place with helpful and nice people.

  28. snolan4

    Clean and calming. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Efficient service. Great retail store.

  29. rideamerican

    very nice and helpful staff

  30. uphere420

    Up here at 30k feet, pain free after getting some Sugar East Coast Sour D for my flight on Air Force One. Great combination! Thanks Emily for being my flight attendant and budtender! Next flight scheduled for 4:20pm tomorrow…

  31. mgrason

    My experiences at Chesacanna have been great! The facility is beautiful and the staff members are both helpful & friendly. I have learned a lot in only a few visits & have been encouraged by the pain relief I have experienced for my arthritis pain. Wellness shop is great too. Always great organic items to try!

  32. mmcadam

    Best dispensary I have repeatedly shopped. The budtender’s know exactly what I am looking for my medicinal needs. Premium products plus senior discount and reward programs. Chesacanna takes the personalized approach to properly medicate your medical condition. 2 thumbs up for this place. I highly recommend and endorse this dispensary!

  33. benewborn

    Nice place and was my go to spot, until 20 minutes ago. Had a special for $10 half g shatter, called to make sure had still. Was told had plenty left. Drove 20 minutes and get there and they are suddenly out. Would only give me others for 20 a half g. Shocked wouldn’t want to keep a customer and even sell me one for 10. Wasn’t an option unfortunately, but fortunately York Road is loaded with other shops who do take care of their customers.


    Everyone was so nice and Arthur was very helpful and had lots of information to share about your products. I felt confident in his recommendation for me. Thank you!!

  35. Rodeharris


  36. Maja46

    From the welcoming staff, to the informative & helpful consultants (thank you Arthur), and the inclusion of locally sourced retail ….. This is a modern and cool dispensary.

  37. MW2019

    My first visit to a dispensary and the agent was very helpful and educated me on different products. Emily even took the time to show me how to use the vaporizer I brought in. I’ll definitely be back!

  38. mcarroll1209

    My go to dispensary! All staff are welcoming. Especially Emily who listened to my symptoms and knew exactly what I needed.

  39. R3RUN1996

    Came in looking for concentrates the other day and come to find out they have my favorite brand, Culta, in stock. It’s only $5 more than the actual Culta location but beats driving out to Fells Point a couple times a week. Not to mention, the prices of the other concentrates are very competitive for this area. The location is very convenient and the atmosphere is very welcoming. Every single employee is kind and knowledgeable. The interior design is very cool Never scene another dispensary quite like it. Love the aquarium and how much space you all have. I will definitely be stopping by again very soon. I recommend this place to everybody.

  40. shortdogz3

    Beautiful facility, friendly and educated staff.

  41. xxbxisle45xx

    Very clean, very welcoming, great prices for day-to-day purchases

  42. Happyjuic3

    Once again never disappointed I just came from there on black Friday and got unbelievable shatter $45 a gram and a few weeks before that I bought sugar eastcoast Sour D and it came with a atomizer for the concentrate in the same little box with a 510 connection for that ati. !!DEALS!! And of course the atmosphere and the employees are always perfect.. Favorite spot

  43. worldwidewade

    Staff is knowledgeable and attentive. I never feel rushed and it’s always an enjoyable experience.

  44. joshwhite666

    This was my first time in a dispensary. This place is absolutely beautiful! I was helped by Joan. She was incredible. I thought I would be overwhelmed with so many products but Joan helped me find the right strain to help me out. I highly recommend Chessacanna

  45. KBM990

    Great product, friendly staff and a great facility! Highly recommended!

  46. lprice87

    Beautiful dispensary, highly recommended! They offer cooking and fitness classes, a library, and retail shop featuring lots of great locally made products. Best of all, the employees are super friendly and knowledgeable! Well worth the drive up from my location!

  47. Joyful3

    It is a beautiful store. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. I am looking forward to all the classes. Top of the line dispensary.

  48. kokapinos

    Marc & Brenda were very hospitable. The sign up process was very smooth & easy. Chesacanna is absolutely gorgeous inside, definitely the best cannabis shop I have attended. Marc & his staff are very knowledge about their products and offers an entire wellness section that has helped me throughout the day. I highly recommend Chesacanna to anyone looking for medical cannabis and wellness.

  49. OmeOmy

    This was the second time I’ve visited this dispensary. The staff continues to be super friendly and very helpful. Their products are high quality. Great place to shop!

  50. KnockDown5

    Exceeded my expectations. The services was exceptional. This was my first visit and it was a bit overwhelming at first. Emily was very friendly, knowledgeable and made the process very easy. Can’t see myself going anywhere else.

  51. AMZ1021

    So happy to have a quality place close to home. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, I’ve loved all their suggestions.

  52. kmlorusso

    Plenty of waiting space and friendly staff! Great selection.

  53. thegreatestlink

    Nice friendly environment with knowledgeable and helpful employees!

  54. RumHamJabroni

    What a total package: this location is the epitome of professionalism and quality. Each staff member is nicer and more knowledgeable than the next. The budtenders LISTEN to you and make appropriate suggestions and dont try to sell you what you dont need. I live 40 miles away and will only shop here. Thank you to Brenda and Marc for helping the community!

  55. Ascook2443

    The best

  56. ttoohey

    Chesacanna is fabulous! A first class medical cannabis dispensary. The staff is friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
    As an initial patient, I was given a thorough explanation of the different medical cannabis methods and the dosage that would be best to meet my needs. I continue to be a patient and have been very pleased with the results the I have experienced.

  57. amnorthernlights

    Best dispensary in Maryland and so much more……

    I have been going to Chesacanna since the day they opened in July. The space is so beautiful and the staff is always warm, friendly, and knowlegdable. I will not go anywhere else. I believe in supporting locally owned family bussinesses as much as possble. Not only is Chesacanna a family business, but the retail Wellness/smoke shop also carries local products from glass, crystals, honey, sauces, jewlery, and essential oils to name a few. I also attended the Cannafit class on Saturdays with the owner Coach Marc. WOW what a great work out plus cannabis education. I ecourage everyone to take advantage of all the classes Chesacanna offers.

  58. Dracocrux

    Friendly staff, warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff was knowledgeable and professional. They really toke an interest in helping to find the right product for my visit. This was my first time here, and I would definitely come back

  59. Tiffaney1980

    I love it here at Chesacanna!

  60. avadreiband

    Absolutely amazing. Everyone is extremely nice and cool and all very knowledgeable! I’ve visited a total of three dispensaries and this is still my favorite. Very comfortable here.

  61. Jw7308

    Beautiful lobby, store and dispensary!

  62. empritchard

    Chesacanna has an excellent selection of products with a helpful and knowledgeable staff to help make the best choices. The facility is amazing and I’m looking forward to their classes and events.

  63. wessmith1

    Awesome friendly people!!

  64. Kallifornia327

    I can not say enough good things about this place. It is modern, spacious, welcoming, and sophisticated. Every single person there makes you feel welcome. I have personally interacted with Dab Daddy (can’t remember his real name but his girlfriend calls him that), Celeste, and Emily. They have been exceptional.

  65. Zachsdad

    This dispensary is quite welcoming, competent staff and complete variety of vapes, flower, tinctures. Offer classes on cooking and other topics. Veterans and seniors are treated to discounts. The owners are the best.

  66. maryjmommd

    Great staff. Knowledgeable and friendly. Easy to order ahead and pickup. ATM on-site with $3 fee for each $200 withdraw.

  67. Canna4Fibro

    Great dispensary with very pleasant staff. My budtender, Emily was helpful. She assisted me in getting some Plushberry with an excellent moisture content, not too sticky or overly dry, that burned beautifully. My first visit was awesome; great deals and first time pricing. They offer a loyalty points program for discounts and freebies. The wellness shop is a hidden gem all on its own! They carry an endless array of oils, lotions, candles, snacks, chocolates, perfumes, gifts, alt medicine, smoking devices and accessories,…. they even sell gourmet barbeque sauce, hot sauces and Hex Kimchi! dY~2 Talk about having everything! I highly recommend you visit this pave at least once, although you’ll easily want to come back again.

  68. cannabinoid_android

    The best dispensary in northern Baltimore County!

  69. GuytDaMan21

    Chesacanna has an awesome atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. Tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll give you many options to choose from and the sales are amazing. I will be returning.

  70. Unicornworld

    This store is completely amazing it was my 1st time going. Friendly staff, the space is completely amazing I wasn’t expecting it to be thah big inside at all. My favorite thing about the shop is the fish tank. I will definitely be returning again

  71. VinceWelnick

    wonderful and knowledgable staff. great prices.

  72. kkoon18

    This dispensary was awesome. Had my first visit yesterday & the place was wonderful! Very new, very clean, very modern, & the staff is very very friendly. They have a good community going & when you walk in you feel apart of that community. My bud tender, Cody, was great! Helped me find some medicine to keep me going through the day & something to knock me out at night. Will definitely go back. Only flaw I had was that my buds were a little on the dry side. Not sure how MD Bud is though so I’m pretty sure it’s up to par. Definitely high quality.

  73. Beerlovered

    The best dispensary hands down! Everyone is very knowledgable and very friendly. Prices are reasonable along with a vast selection of products. Something for everyone needs.

  74. Danielvonb

    Great place to go, I would liken it to a spa experience the setting is somewhat subdued low lighting helps to make the experience more soothing and comforting. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable including stopping by their wellness shop that is attached. One of the lowest prices you can find a Pax pen. Definitely top notch on deals of the day especially Sunday where you can combine up to two deals from earlier in the week

  75. Sammylynn55

    It was very clean and very nice. The staff was super friendly.

  76. flommytynn

    Everything about the Chesacana experience was wonderful. Not only is it a beautiful venue, but I love how there is a non-cannabis wellness section of the shop for anyone. Chesacana is extremely well-equipped with a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. They will work hard to help you find whatever you may need, whether or not you are familiar with their selection going in. The process was flawless, I would definitely recommend!

  77. Winker717

    I cannot wait until my next visit!

  78. Goose_89

    Not the best dispensary that I’ve been to in Maryland. they do not give any discounts for first time users or have any kind of special promotions, basic dispensary.

  79. bdav718

    Wonderful first time experience. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff listened to what I needed and provided many options.

  80. csco2219

    I really don’t know what more someone could ask for when visiting a dispensary. As someone who had smoked before but really had no knowledge of the subject, I was taken aback at how helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable everyone in the store was. I walked in clueless and walked out knowing what feels and works best for me. Since then, coming back is an easy and painless process. And when I’m interested in something new, I rely on the knowledge of the people at Chesacanna.

  81. prettycoolguy49

    Nice place, good experience, highly recommend.

  82. baltimorebirdie

    The Chesacanna dispensary has such a great vibe and the staff and owners are amazing. They are very friendly, super knowledgeable and care about their customers. It is such a beautiful dispensary that you MUST check it out! The retail store is also a great addition. I love everything about this place!

  83. abyss34

    Everyone at this fine establishment rules! Top notch care and service. It’s nice to have a friendly neighborhood shop to go to! Check out their daily specials and take advantage of the loyalty program.

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