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11717 Old National Pike, New Market, MD 21774


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Euphoria Wellness is a New Market Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Euphoria Wellness provides expert levels of care, knowledge and fine medical marijuana to patients in New Market and throughout the western Maryland region. Their dispensary will soon open and offer suffering individuals safe, compliant access to natural cannabis remedies.


Euphoria Wellness is thrilled to expand their established medical marijuana dispensary experience to patients in New Market and throughout Maryland. As Las Vegas’ first medical marijuana dispensary, Euphoria Wellness has helped patients since 2015 understand and access pharmaceutical-grade cannabis therapies. Their established, successful level of care brought them mounds of healing success stories in Las Vegas, and with Maryland’s changing medical marijuana landscape, Euphoria Wellness is proud to travel east.

The Euphoria Wellness team will open their dispensary doors in early 2018 as one of the first safe access locations for Maryland patients to obtain medicinal cannabis. Their knowledgeable budtenders are highly experienced in medical marijuana and can offer in-depth solutions to patients. Euphoria Wellness is dedicated to their patient’s satisfaction from service to sale, and more than anything they strive to educate and empower patients to seize an improved quality of life through cannabis.


As they approach opening day, Euphoria Wellness will assemble a curated selection of Maryland flower, concentrates, tinctures, topicals, capsules and more to round out their medicinal menu. Sourcing from vendors across the state, Euphoria Wellness aims to feature a cannabis solution for every patient need. All medical marijuana will undergo state-mandated lab testing before arriving on Euphoria Wellness’ shelves. In addition to their dispensary’s cannabis menu, Euphoria Wellness will offer bongs, grinders, pipes, lighters, and other consumption accessories for their patients’ convenience.

Euphoria Wellness will accept cash only upon opening. Seniors and veterans will be eligible for discounts on cannabis purchases, while Euphoria Wellness’ loyalty program will allow patients to exchange points for discounts and product. Patients can connect with their New Market dispensary over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weedmaps and their website, and they invite curious minds to call or email with any questions. Their dispensary will feature plenty of parking with equipped ADA accessibility.

Service Locations:

Euphoria Wellness’ New Market dispensary will be located in a strip mall on the eastern side of the town. They will welcome patients from throughout the Monrovia, The Meadow, Woodsworth Estates and Summerfield areas to their facility. Euphoria Wellness looks forward to serving patients in New London, Mt. Airy, Windsong Farms and Ijamsville. Frederick, Ballenger Creek, Clover Hill, and Ceresville patients can rely on Euphoria Wellness’ compassionate care. Their dispensary looks forward to providing aid to individuals from Urbana, Buckeystown, Libertytown and beyond with knowledgeable and dedicated cannabis services.

Location Information:

New Market is a small town approximately 10 miles east of Frederick within Frederick County, Maryland. The region offers locals and visitors plenty of fun destinations, such as the Adventure Park USA’s mini golf and go-karts. The Monocacy National Battlefield commemorates the Union victory during the Civil War. Further up the Monocacy River, the Great Frederick Fair and Fairgrounds host vendors from throughout the county during the summertime. The Francis Scott Key Mall offers plenty of retail attractions and eateries for shoppers, and the MiLB’s Frederick Keys play baseball at the Harry Grove Stadium.


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31 reviews for “Euphoria Wellness

  1. fstevenson721

    Awesome experience. Staff friendly and the most knowledge of the 4 dispensaries Ive visited.

  2. Cecee

    Awesome, friendly, knowledgeable staff!

  3. Legg3rd1986

    Coming from Emmitsburg Md, this location is great for me. Very easy to find, not too labeled, but not hidden. Easy, quick in and out located in a shopping center. Staff made it very easy to come in and take my time to get educated and choose which strand was just right for my medical needs. Got the aEURoeSweet KushaEUR in a concentrated form to use quickly and discreetly being as I’m a full time mother, wife, nurse and need to find a quick way to medicate, with minimal smell. Also got the Half and Half Tea 100MG bottle, LOVE the fact that it has a child proof lid that acts as a medicine measuring cup in ML dosages. The tea is amazing and instead of opening pill bottles every morning for my morning kitchen and coffee routine, I now open the fridge and take a dosage of delicious lemon tea dYtmOEdY1/4

    What a time to be a live! Bout time MD

    I’m very excited to see where this new medicating style will take me in life. Pro cannabis! Dump the pills, & Stop the spread of pharmaceutical addictions and over doses! #legalizeit

  4. Concertchick1

    I had Mitchell help me with my selection. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Will be returning for sure.

  5. brnbomba

    Usually don’t do this type of thing but this location actually made me create an account to make a review about this place. That alone is a review in itself. Been a couple of times and everytime has been pleasant. Latest time Drew got me right. Vets make sure to ask about your discounts. Will be back for sure!

  6. cfisch08

    This is the closest dispensary to my house so it’s the most convenient for me to visit. Everyone here is SUPER friendly, and the facility is beautiful, but… their pricing has yet to really drop much. Many other dispensaries in the area have dropped their pricing significantly compared to Euphoria. I bought an eighth of Verano Mag Landrace for 47 dollars the other day at a different dispensary. That was their retail price, not a special, not a discount.

  7. fireninja

    I love this place! I had got my RX card on the day before my birthday. So on that day I had visited Euphoria because they were open till 8pm ( I live 35 miles away ). On that visit I was greeted by a friendly staff up front. I was only in the waiting area for a few minutes ( they have free water in the fridge at the corner ) when I was greeted by Nic. Nic was very, very helpful. Nic knows his stuff, he showed me all the products that they carry, the wide assortment of flowers, waxes and concentrates. I was in ah after a few minutes of being there. Each time I return, I continue to receive knowledgeable and friendly service and still have that ah feeling everytime. Thank you Euphoria!!!

  8. JOrlich

    This place has 5 great things going for it! 1. Super attractive security. 2. Very welcoming and easy sign in. 3. Great music choice. 4. Nicholas was exceptionally helpful! So knowledgeable. I could tell he knew was I was trying to look for even though I didn’t even know how to get out what I wanted. He made me feel very comfortable. 5. Check out was super easy and fun! Jennifer was great to talk to and had a wonderful personality! I ended up walking out with a bunch of pre-rolls and a brand new piece (which was super reasonably priced) Over I had an amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier! I will definitely be back!

  9. Serra55

    I am continuously surprised by the quality of care I receive here! They are awesome! Very nice store, feel very safe in the neighborhood and outstanding customer service. All of the people who serve customers have the most knowledge I have encountered in any dispensary in Maryland. It is my go-to place for cannabis information, purchasing, and relief.

  10. jeepster0314

    Always provide great service!!
    Products are mostly good. Rarely any issues.

  11. jcopek

    This was my first trip ever to a dispensary and I was a little nervous. The staff here were great. They explained the whole process and made me feel more comfortable. Jessie was my budtender and she had great knowledge of the product and understood what I was looking to get. She was a big help. I will for sure be back- great service, great selection!! Chem de la Chem!!

  12. BigEmdstoner

    Euphoria is an incredible dispensary! Their staff is always outstanding and their products are awesome!!

  13. GanjaBeano

    I love this dispensary, the staff are amazing and knowledgeable, good quality product, awesome discounts for disabled veterans, all around a good and professional place.

  14. BuffaloSouljah

    relaxed, inviting

  15. DoneByDeb

    Spent lots of time with me answering questions and explaining water bongs. Totally worth the drive and they will match prices if the item is lower elsewhere. Everyone here is super friendly and really helpful. Can’t wait to go back and do some serious shopping there. dY~S

  16. Nicenazty

    It’s was clean, quiet, and the staff was very professional.

  17. lgdehart

    I went to Euphoria on 2/28 which was its grand opening. It also was the day I got my Rx, so the first Maryland Dispensary I had visited. TLDR-Version:

    The Longer “Let me tell you all the ways I celebrate the awesomeness that is Euphoria Wellness” version:

    I got there just after 7pm the evening of their Grand Opening and they close at 8, so the end of a long day for them…but you wouldn’t know it judging by the vibe in the store. The security and front office staff were friendly, engaging and welcoming, and my budtender, Krystal? She was the shizzle for rizzle. I had humpty-nine billion questions and she had any combination of an answer, a smile and/or a fist-bump for all of them. She spent almost an hour helping me determine what choices would be best for different complaints (anxiety, migraines, insomnia, joint paint) and even took the time to show me things I wasn’t going to purchased on this visit just for my education. The product I brought home was equally awesome. I’ve since visited numerous other dispensaries, and while I haven’t had a bad experience in any of them, I also haven’t had one as all-around smile inducing as my visit to Euphoria Wellness

  18. GEEISMELLsomethin

    The folks there are pleasant and knowledgeable in everyway. My go to spot in the state for my medicine. Flower selection changed quite frequently so they are always on the cutting edge of what MD growers are proud to harvest. Righteous vibes every time at Euphoria.

  19. BigDaddyG410

    This Dispensary is one of the most knowledgeable in MD that I’ve been to, and I’ve been to 7 so far. I enjoy the selection experience and I like when there is someone to explain the Strains and basically you explain how you want to feel and they show you what meets your needs. They also carry a great selection of some legendary flowers.

  20. TimHivelyJr

    Great meds at good prizes sold to you by fun people! Jessie sold me mine today and was fabulous as always! 😉

  21. monkey121001

    I am very impressed with their knowledge and kindness.

  22. ESEA

    Amazingly accommodating all around..

  23. BlakkyFlamingo

    Close, Convenient and Caring

  24. BrianAKillian86

    great service and friendly!

  25. AbbieAquila

    Knowledgeable, helpful staff, super friendly atmosphere.

  26. djkauz

    I have to admit that at first I was impressed with Euphoria and while I still think it has potential I have to seriously question the continued higher prices. when every dispensary has lowered prices I am shocked to still see ounces being sold for $450. Perfect example, an ounce of Pineapple Skunk at Euphoria goes for a whopping $400. I went to Peake Releaf in Rockville and got the same flower for $300 for an ounce before my vet discount. I paid $234 total after the discount. I see no mention of discounts for vets or anything else from any dispensary in the Frederick area. others are doing loyalty points, vet and senior discounts, huge sales. but our dispensaries here? not so much so. it’s a shame really, our dispensaries need to step up their game or they won’t be around long. I’ve gone to 5 different dispensaries and I urge you to do the same. the staff here and product knowledge is still tops but we need to work on those prices.

  27. GregLee9322

    Second time I’ve visited an both times were very unpleasant. First time got charged for gold tier price , for half silver half gold product. Second visit Waited 45 min to be told I could only purchase a limited amount because of system error. Which could have been done the whole time.

  28. jucas98

    This was a great place! They got to you fast and the workers were very friendly. The product that i got was banana crush and it was fantastic. I look forward to going back.

  29. mattfrazee

    Staff is super helpful and very knowledgeable. They are my new go to.

  30. msilvern1989

    Love this place & All of the staff is fantastic!David is exceptionally helpful. His knowledge of all strains & terps helps my various ailments . He always explains the side effects of strains.I can tell he’s very passionate about his job & helping patients.

  31. Muttley

    This was my second visit to Euphoria. The staff is awesome the moment you walk in the door. No security guard on a power trip. Friendly staff with good knowledge of all the products. This is my number one go to dispensary. Thanks Euphoria

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