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Opened in March 2018, Trilogy Wellness proud to offer a wide range of cannabis products to registered patients. Your experience begins with a smile from one of our friendly staff members every-time you walk through our door. Our well trained and knowledgeable staff is able to happily assist you with any questions about our products. With friendly prices, great staff, and a generous customer loyalty program, we hope to be your one stop source for your cannabis needs.


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86 reviews for “Trilogy Wellness of Maryland

  1. Norene1121

    As always, a friendly & helpful staff. Great atmosphere!

  2. kmello11

    I love my Trilogy Family

  3. Coledude67

    Very friendly and helpful staff. They made me feel welcome and answered any questions I had. The best quality flower I have gotten in EC


    A+++ Request Sean Or Kendrick!

  5. misswizard28

    I visit this dispensary often, and I am never disappointed. I have been helped by Shawn and by Adam and they are both very knowledgeable about the products and, like everyone else there, friendly and professional.

  6. johnmd7

    First off CASH ONLY !!!!

    Now that’s out of the way . The staff Was super friendly and very caring about what was ailing me. Staff was super knowledgeable on products and helped me pick the right products for my issues. It’s always nice to be greeted with a pretty smile : ) . As for price the prices are great for the concentrate and then when the ravens when you get an extra 20% off. This place is definitely worth checking out . I have been to multiple dispensaries in this one definitely makes you feel a lot more comfortable a lot more homey feeling . I wish all of the cabinets had all the stock in them. Check out all of the glass show cases .

  7. Lotusbud

    This was my first time at Trilogy..Walking in felt about the same as most dispensarys. However that is where it ends…Once I was checked in by the very friendly staff at front desk.. I was buzzed into back…Hold on to your hats first time visitors get 25% of everything they purchase. 25%. ON TOP OF THAT THEY HAVE SOME QUALITY PRODUCTS, PLUS THE STAFF IN THE BACK ARE FRIENDLY AS CAN BE AS WELL. NOT like fake friendly..real honest to God friendly. You almost dont want to leave. I had a dispensary I’ve gotten use to… Well Trilogy blew them right out the water… Get in there and get that discount, plus they have a points card and you can order online, and pick up… can’t get any better

  8. banksryan

    real nice the guy Paul was very helpful and knowledgeable

  9. rjohnson75

    Paul was excellent, very knowledgeable about product, reward points, and the whole process. This was not my first time at this location, but this is the first time I had an issue with the person at the front desk. I am not going to let that stop me. All of the workers in the back are usually pretty friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

  10. youngnrec99

    I always go to Trilogy!!!!! Their deals, patient loyalty points program, and staff are the best.

  11. Jdsterne

    Paul was very informative.

  12. Aww2016

    Nice place…great selection…great deals. Paul is always very helpful and knowledgeable!

  13. MedicinalDame

    Trilogy is an outstanding business with exceptional staff. I’m a customer for life.

  14. RuthA

    I have totally enjoyed going to Trilogy. You have a great group of bud tenders. I always enjoy seeing Mitch, Sean, Adam and Kendrick. They are all knowledgeable about their product and they always have a smile for me. Thank you guys!!!

  15. YlfaeL9

    I stumbled upon Trilogy just after dental surgery, needing to find an alternative to flower. Shawn’s helpfulness and knowledge in finding an effective tincture have convinced me to go back here even though it’s a bit of a drive. Great service. Good daily deals.

  16. Schlitz_McGee

    Already reviewed the location but used leafly to pre-order today and when I got there everything was all ready to go. Super convenient! Leafly needs to get on the ball with their app ordering though. Can’t do it through the app, only on a website. Website was just as easy as the app though. Highly recommended dispensary though!

  17. fin2187

    Friendly and consultative staff, sticky loyalty program, and flash sales! This is my spot and I’m easily 30 minutes away.

  18. ashleyrobots

    Great place

  19. clorraine4

    This was my first Maryland dispensary experience after just receiving my medical card. I am no stranger to cannabis, but I realized I really don’t know much about it!

    Paul was extremely knowledgeable. He used his trained/work experience and his personal experience in helping me find a good strain. I suffer from panic attacks and certain strains can enhance anxiety (I didn’t know that was a thing either!). He listened to my symptoms and doctors recommendations and sent me home with great products, flower and pre-rolls! He also recommended a great head shop to me as well. I learned a lot from Paul in a short time!

    When you walk in the place smells AMAZING, very clean, comfortable, modern and aesthetically pleasing. The entire office staff was very friendly and I was in and out in 20 minutes. I also like that they offer workshops.

    II would definitely recommend Trilogy Wellness to friends and family based off the selection and atmosphere! And I will definitely be back! 🙂

  20. Ronnieboy85

    All of the staff is SUPER cool and SUPER friendly!!!!

    If you want to understand the deeper inner workings I have found all of the staff to be knowledgeable…my personal favorite when I have a question is Shawn because of how he breaks down theory.

    Check um out…I think you will be satisfied dYtmf

  21. KingJames175

    I came back into Trilogy and was greeting nicely while getting all my questions answered.. Paul is a great guy and is very knowledgeable about the different things dealing with Cannabis.. Great job Paul

  22. Allaudrey

    Shawn was amazing, very helpful and friendly. Prices are also fantastic.

  23. Jla413

    Every time I come in, they are helpful and friendly. I’ve recommended them to friends.

  24. Scottmorningstar

    Absolutely the best place out there. Best staff, medicine and swag. They really care and never rush you. Very knowledgeable and professional staff.My bud tender Shawn took the time to go over many options and really helped me make a educated choice on my meds.

  25. AudreyLynnC

    I like how every staff member I’ve encountered here has been super helpful and informative. It’s a great atmosphere to purchase your meds. They also tend to have the best sales at Trilogy Wellness.

  26. Tom234

    I started visiting Trilogy because it’s close. Some great deals have me stopping by more frequently. Recently they had a cold weather drive to support homeless folks in the area. I was amazed and moved to find a lobby piled high with donations. Community efforts like this give this place a great vibe. They also support veterans.

  27. nautical147

    Trilogy was the first dispensary I experienced and even after a year of visiting almost half a dozen others I usually only go there. Not just for nostalgic reasons but because I have never seen a more professional and upscale place with low scale prices and some of the highest and hard to find THC strains such as diesel dough and Guava IX and bubble gum on sale everyday.

    This dispensary is especially accommodating and helpful to newbies who know nothing about the medical process and help guide you there step by step like I was.

    I find trilogy the place to go to find cartridges and some strains of flower due to daily specials and flash sales. A 70 dollar exact same cartridge elsewhere can be bought for 50 to 55 here and 50 dollar cartridges can be bought for 40 or less sometimes during sales. A 60 dollar 8th of flower can be acquired here for half the price as well during sales. The savings add up and the “professionalism” is superb.

  28. Melly-mell

    Perfect…2 miles from my office.

  29. BenoitBawlz

    Trilogy Wellness is definitely one of the best dispensaries in the Ellicott area. I have been to Trilogy around 10 times now, and every experience has been as good as the last, if not better. They have a nice rewards program, and stellar deals on the regular. All of the staff members are friendly and knowledgeable. The facility is clean and well-maintained.

  30. Roisinrausch

    Staff are friendly and very informative. Highly recommend.

  31. Twistedfey

    This place has been fantastic since it first opened they all have a great knowledge of the different strains. Just went today and Paul was great he was nice and even told me a interesting fact about the new tinctures they have now.

  32. Fatboi1994

    awesome an Paul is a great service an wonderful atmosphere and chill vibes

  33. MrSirSmokeALot

    Kedrick is THAT DUDE lol! Seriously, he has a wealth of information and is a really sharp guy…he really took the time to learn about what I needed and made some really great suggestions. The atmosphere is really chill as well, no rush and they also really look out for Veterans as well…I’ll ABSOLUTELY be going back sooner than later!

  34. hyojin81

    I love the point system and they have and frequent discounts text to your phone.

  35. BKFrey

    The staff is awesome. I haven’t had to get a shot in my back for over 6 months. Use to get one every 3 months
    Feel much better Thanks

  36. Mikes923

    Been to Trilogy countless times!! Always a nice experience, the flash sales and rewards program is also a plus!

    Thank you!!

  37. CannaCloudMd

    The staff is THE BEST around. The prices and deals are THE BEST.. and the knowledge you can gain from not only their classes, but just one visit, is invaluable. They make you feel like family and that’s rare! Love Trilogy!

  38. suewitt

    Really love this place staff is great knowledgeable and very courteous.

  39. GracMill

    I am IN LOVE with Trilogy! Helpful, knowledgeable, great smiles and great people!!! Thank you so much for opening so many new opportunities for me and my ailments! You guys rock!

  40. Rachelmirsaidi

    The staff is super nice and helpful! Great place to go!

  41. YhCompton88

    Great staff, very relaxed and welcoming to all patients, Most Def. Worth taking a trip too!! You will be satisfied!! It’s my regular stop!

  42. Sharonda420

    I just adore this place. Ive had nothing but wonderful experiences, with the f*cking fantastic staff, amazing products, and stellar prices. I tell all that trilogy is the only place to go. Rock on!

  43. JHoooope

    I love the staff. They are so welcoming and knowledgeable.

  44. Well_yea_bro

    Today was my first time at Trilogy, and the staff was on point! Some of the most knowledgeable peeps I’ve talked to in any MD dispensary. Will for sure be back next time I’m flyin’ through HOCO!

  45. Traceaskew

    Great dispensary. Love that they have online ordering. Shawn is super helpful!

  46. telefonista06

    Great place and good prices… thanks !!

  47. Balzak808

    Awesome experience everytime I visit. Good selection, great prices. I love the daily specials. Staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the product. Highly recommend.

  48. bageldork

    It was my second time in a dispensary, the staff were really easy to work with 🙂

  49. BillCC

    Easy access. Friendly staff. Shawn is very knowledgeable about their products and very helpful when deciding what to purchase.

  50. Dinaron2

    Friendly and professional service. Excellent quality and frequent deals. Does not seem to have the same level of inventory as other MD dispensary’s

  51. alliebug1988

    Excellent customer service and high quality product. My fav dispensary!

  52. suehasiuk


  53. slaraafg

    I have been to a few dispensaries in the area and this is by far the best one when it comes to quality and atmosphere. You can tell that the employees get along and make the patients feel welcome!

  54. Addicted_Austin

    I drive 40 minutes here when there are plenty of other dispensaries 20 minutes away due to their consistently top-notch strains. Even their low THCa strains have blasted me out of the park due to the strains Terpenes. Their 16.34% cosmic glue hit me harder and knocked me out quicker than the 23% THCa Northern Lights I had

    All the staff are super friendly, they’ve helped me discover some of my favorite strains, and Trilogy is always hooking people up with flash sales of good bud, not the crappy stuff there trying to offload like other companies.

  55. Abe_stoner

    My favorite dispensary. While I wish they had a larger selection of flower and concentrates, the staff are always welcoming, friendly and helpful. And their pickup orders are insanely fast!

  56. Chilcoat13

    I always feel very welcome at trilogy. Service is friendly and reliable. I would like to see some better seating arrangements (comfortable chairs) in lobby and some hand held menus for old school folks to peruse…but other than that you guys rock. Thank you for looking out for us and serving your community. See you next year!

  57. pb4life1985

    This dispensary makes you feel at home. There are staff is top-notch caring and ultimately friendly. All those small in size they make up for customer service. Good things come in small packages in their customer service is top notch and should be an example to our dispensaries in the area

  58. smikey1

    Everyone is so knowledgeable, compassionate, and I feel truly care about their patients…thank you for all you do…you are greatly appreciated!

  59. daveterk

    Nice Place. Great Location. Awesome Selection. Amazing People. Fun Money Saving Promotions Daily. Love It …
    Dave T.

  60. TheHomieAl

    Great selection and phenomenal customer service. Paul helped me out on my first visit and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this dispensary

  61. thecameraguy

    Awesome staff

  62. Tonyquinnquinn

    absolutely impeccable facility great product they have flash sales that will blow your doors off follow them it will be worth it

  63. Justino333

    I love trilogy!

  64. wba.3rd

    After visiting several dispensaries, Trilogy really stands out. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Both Shawn and Adam take great care of me and have turned me on to some of my favorite new strains. Trilogy’s daily flash sales are excellent and keep me coming back. Thank you!

  65. lmellner

    Great knowledge staff. Flower is always fresh and quality. Plus, their flash sales are great. Great people, product, and price. Can’t ask for more.

  66. Cvd5000

    Great place

  67. DOKeefe

    This is the second place I been to since getting approved. The budmasters were great. They were able to lead me to the right stuff and explain how to use it.

    For newbies, this is the place to go.

  68. LassoTheMoon

    Shawn was extremely knowledgable and helpful during my first visit. He was familiar with my conditions and provided suggestions based on my symptoms.

  69. predictableweedname

    Great stuff, great people, fast service.

    One special thing about this place is the size which really made its usefulness evident at today’s event!

  70. irowe3

    Paul helped me last time and was very friendly and knowledgeable about the products. Hope to see him again!

  71. Dozerman600

    Love it ! In and out quickly and great selection.

  72. The_great_gaspie

    Easy access location. Passionate, engaging, and educated staff. Variety of products from flower to patches. I haven’t tried the patch yet, but I’m really looking forward to how it can help the inflammation and pain in my back and sciatic nerve. I really like the atmosphere as well.

  73. Utah19

    I am a newbie and recently received my medical cannabis certificate. I am grateful to Paul who did a great job listening to my condition, walking me through the inventory and explaining differing strains that would help me. I was really surprised by his knowledge and the time he took with me. If you are new to this, fear not! Paul and staff were fantastic.

  74. kevthc

    People are knowledgeable of their products and their products are good will be back soon

  75. Keidelkan

    It’s a great location and staff is very helpful!

  76. GSmith40

    I have visited several dispensaries in the area and this is definitely a favorite! The staff is super knowledgable and friendly and have recommended several great strains for me to try. I recommend signing up for the Leafly app. It makes ordering ahead of time and picking up products at the store a breeze.

  77. Coffeemaster23

    Awesome place!!

  78. Wuavo

    Chill vibe, great deals. Usually not too crowded

  79. Danielle1985

    Best medical supply store in the greater Ellicott City region. Top quality, lowest prices and best deals!

  80. Dragon46

    I like this dispensary because all of the employees are more than happy to help you figure out what products work best for you. They are friendly and make you relaxed in asking questions.

  81. bthomp85

    Trilogy was super welcoming and my first visit went great. I’ll be back!

  82. Jlane123

    I really like this place. The product is great and the service is awesome!

  83. misswizard

    Again, my trip to Trilogy was everything I expected and more. Adam was my budtender and he was extremely helpful and very personable. My experience here is always great. They also have a very good inventory of products.

  84. 4moptopz

    Man, what can I say about this place?

    This is my second review. I felt the need to do another because, in my first, I decided to place a value of 4 stars for the atmosphere ( decor not staff) and it gave a grade less than that of which I really wanted to leave.
    With that said, I went to another nearby dispensary recently (only because I wanted something that wasn’t pre-packaged). Strangely enough, I felt bad. These lovely people have been so good to me and have always been able to assist me. Recently I received an e-mail from Trilogy explaining the new rules from MMCC in regards to needing a valid ID Card. No one else has taken the time to inform me of this. I REALLY appreciate everything the staff does @ Trilogy Wellness. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they will even help by reimbursing you the $50 value for the purchase of the card in loyalty points.

    So again, what more can I say about this place?

  85. Ltambeaux

    Great place, great people, great service, couldn’t ask for more.

  86. Shannoncarole

    I came in late and Paul was awesome! Everyone was very patient and engaging and really worked to make sure I left comfortable. I didn’t feel rushed at all and I left with a steal! Thank you so much! I’ll be back!

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