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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Southern Maryland is our home & our patients are our neighbors. Providing you with another safe & natural options is our mission.


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128 reviews for “Southern Maryland Relief

  1. sprigmo1

    Had my first visit today and I have to say It was enjoyable. All staff I came in contact with were very polite and helpful. They have plenty accessories/products for consuming meds. I purchased some flower and some hand rolled leaf. I suspect prices will come down as production and accessibility goes up. Overall, It was a great visit and thanks to Steve it was also informative and stress free!!
    Keep up the good work folkz!!
    M.S. 532

  2. mattielulu

    I really love the staff. I was very nervous, but the way they run the dispensary is top notch. Great service and I was treated so well. I just wish that it wasn’t so damn expensive. I think $90 for 1/2 g cartridge is awful. Maybe it’s like this all across the US?. I wouldn’t know. I am not able to afford what I need. Perhaps the supply will increase and lower the cost. I also am not able to see the actual amounts of THC, CBD, etc. on my screen.

  3. DavidSunny

    This location is perfect it’s right off the expressway it is very easy access staff is very knowledgeable and treat you as if your family

  4. jayyrock94

    Far from a lot but worth the ride

  5. TattoosTiedye

    Perfect location for me!

  6. mjen420

    I love this place. Extremely friendly, inviting and warm. I’ve been going here since it opened. They see me come in frequently and still follow through with all proper procedures. It’s like Cheers- sort of- if they carded you and asked for your documentation every time, lol. They are all wonderful and I can’t say it enough. I wont go anywhere else now:)

  7. canapus2000

    Nice people good prices

  8. Dexterdeb

    From the front desk receptionist to security to service personnel you cannot ask for better.

  9. JMeri

    Exceptional and friendly staff! The grand opening was busy but the receptionist handled the influx of patients in a timely manner. The interaction with security went smooth. I had the opportunity of having Candice A. As my dispensary agent. Candice was extremely knowledgeable of the products she had available. She listened well and was able to recommend ideal strains for me.

  10. jiforeman

    I bought my first legal cannabis products from SMR this past Saturday. Great store, professional staff and wonderful products. Having been to a legal cannabis store in Oregon and Washington two years ago, I can say confidently that they are doing something great here.

    Wonderful service from Candace, very informative and helpful with my detailed questions.

    The prices are reasonable, IMHO, as I’ve never had quality of this caliber. I’m excited to see prices drop, though, as it’s inevitable with more competition down the road.

  11. Gibbles12713

    awesome location awesome people priceless

  12. Dcerockz

    This place is great!!!! Awesome selection and great quality product. Highly recommend Southern Maryland Relief.

  13. Gods_pharmacy

    Super nice and family type place where they actually remember names. Best inventory in area.
    Great job SMR!

  14. dtins301

    Great prices, great flower and great customer service

  15. PsychoticGelatin

    Justin M. provided excellent information, offered valuable input, and was very personable. All in all, I give them 5 stars!

  16. joshuaday420

    I think this place would be much better if they were actually open when they say they’re going to be. The door, and the internet both have hours of operation however, I have been there 3 times well within posted hours and they are closed. I recommend calling before you go. Can’t depend on the hours they advertise being open.

  17. Grayboi79

    Abby makes u feel welcome as soon as u come in.Excellent staff

  18. neilmacdonald

    Got there late but they stay opened to help me. A little hectic but it’s opening week and everyone was on board helping me when I arrived. Thanks to everyone there, was truly a pleasant experience!dY~Z

  19. BLB

    Great environment and amazing workers. Keep it up somd relief!

  20. misstooblunt

    Pretty disappointed. Budtender didn’t know what he was talking about & wasn’t much help. Owner seemed rude and unwilling to help (probably bc I looked younger than his other customers) been waiting for medicine for a while now and seems like they don’t have a lot of options. Definitely wish the work ethic was better in SoMD.

  21. Shi-Town

    This place is great! I’ve had my best experience with Kembly! She was extremely knowledgeable about the products and spoke to me in the sweetest voice, something like an angel! Would I visit again, yes I’d visit again because I have visited again! Oh, beware of Justin!! He walked behind Kembly as she serviced me and said an extremely negative remark! It hurt her and I for the fact that I had to hear him! He wouldn’t apologize to her or me for being rude then had the nerve to say be professional! She was highly professional as she held her composure in the situation!

  22. goldenstrawberry

    I always appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Southern Maryland Relief. They often have great specials! Today, Abby, Steve, and Amber did a great job helping me out. Thank you!

  23. robdschweizer3

    My hometown dispensary. Great service and better prices. SOMD always has great deals.

  24. Grizzerz420

    Wonderful staff, reasonable prices, and great variety.

  25. BudMom0328

    I love the staff and although there is a dispensary 5 minutes from my house I choose to come here. Very friendly, welcoming environment with great products!

  26. cwquietlook

    I love southern Maryland relief!

    They are all professional and very helpful when it comes time to find the right products!

    At opening, they had a very bumpy start with limited supplies, and crowded lines.

    I believe they opened in November.

    The only issue I have, is not with them. It’s the fact that the medical cards have an expiration date.

    I’ve never smoked before getting a card.

    I had no idea what I was walking into.

    But I went for PTSD, and other underlying conditions.

    I first strains I used we’re pre-rolled.
    Lemon head and strawberry banana.

    So funny story: I smoked my first joint- lemon head all in one go! Do to some of my more experienced friends saying it takes a few times of smoking before you get the high.

    I was desperate for some relief from my smyptoms.

    The high hit me like a brick wall.

    I was out of it for hours. But the next day I felt amazing. I had no need for any of my regular medication for s day in a half.

    Funny note to self: never smoke a joint in one sitting. Lol it was like a broken film reile was getting in my vision.

    It actually caused me to have a”whitey”- I think it’s what it’s called.

    After that, it was only 2 hits and wait to see what the effects are. If I need more, I usually just take one hit and break until I feel something.

    I adventually got the hang of it.

    I had desperately looking for CBD oil. They didn’t for a bit.

    Then, they got in the stuff made of health gold! Pure CBD oil!!

    Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it, so I had to wait.

    But, a resent diagnosis gave me no choice but to buy it. I’m in the testing phase of my diagnosis. It isn’t pretty. It’s life long, debilitating, and cruel to it’s host.

    Lyme disease.

    Did I mention extreme pain? That feels like a heart attack? But it could possibly be the lyme effecting it.

    I’ve been in constant pain for a while now. I gave it the, “oh, f*** me! I have to have something to help me until I can get a full diagnoses and start getting treated!!” So, I bought 2 types of oils. ,”The Remedy” 200% cbd oil, and a 50/50 thc & CBD oil mix. The watermelon is great!!

    I presented my problems to the guest services, and she quickly jumped into action. Everyone I’ve worked with does!

    She helped get the things I wanted!

    In the past I’ve had the CBD oil in pills. It took about a week to kick in. Well, to feel some improvement.

    This is no different.

    I’m not feeling much, except for the thc, CBD 50/50 mix. Probably the thc I feel.

    Ive read that marijuana can be and anti-inflammatory, and an antibacterial properties in it’s make.

    Anyways, it looks like my issue won’t go away, if it does, it’ll destroy my body in the meantime, and leave me damaged if it continues for much longer.

    I love this shop! It’s easy to get to, the atmosphere is very clean and sterile, and the staff are completely helpful and understanding.

    I didn’t know I had a chronic illness until after I started smoking.

    But now I know, and hope that this will help increase my time, and prevent any more damages from happening to my body.

    This place and the staff are awesome!!

  27. blogalbo

    Love this place security Steve great guy. Make the visit there feel safe and welcome. thanks man!!!

  28. MHiii

    Best strains : cookies and cream, cherry cream pie, cluster funk, gorilla glue x gelato, monster cookies, and mag landrace. (Depending on grower) nothing but some dank indica for my top six. If you have a chance to pick up one of these strains you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. If it’s by shore naturals or gLeaf it’s almost always on point. The aEURoeharvestaEUR cherry cream pie is by far their best strain. I’ve only found one other strain from harvest that’s worth the money.(gg x gelato) top dollar means top shelf, nothing but top shelf should be aloud out the door lol. Anyway the first two growers always show up. With harvest and verno brands right behind them. Other growers like forward grow aEURoeneed some milkaEUR or something because those buds are bad mmkayy. But I’m glad to see Maryland medical marijuana flourishing

  29. Patrick2475

    Well worth the 4 1/2 wait, even in the cold and snow! I would like to applaud all the men and women of SOMD Rehief that made an awesome day possible. Not only was the atmosphere awesome and the staff knowledgable but the people that you meet in the line were awesome! During the wait you hear like minded people that all have their stories, their knowledge, and tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way. And did I mention the Bud? Well let me tell you it’s been a long time since I have bud this superb. I got Sour Tangie, Lemonhead OG, and ForwatdGro Strawberry and Banana and each one is excellent. Well done SOMD Relief.

  30. franknicklez

    ripoff. don’t never have any flower. only sell eights. wait hours very unorganized.

  31. XYgirl320

    They are easy to get to, beautiful, warm, inviting and comfortable. . The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and really cares. Taylor, the reception girl, knew I was nervouse and was awesome to me. Once you get in the back where the marijuana is it can be a lot and a little scary to a newbie like me, but not here. Everyone is so nice they make it easy to do something like this. If you want someone who really knows her stuff ask for Candace. She put me at ease, and even confirmed how brave it was to make the decision to use marijuana and get off the doctors pills, and really made me feel good about my chpoice. She told me it was a judgement free zone and it is IS!!!! Everyone, even the owner, Peggy, helped me andwas real nice and it was like I was with people who cared and who give me control over how I treat my own body. I didnt want to smoke anything, but the awesome Candace helped me get some products in THC and CBD that I dont have to smoke and that are really working for me. And she helped me work with in my budget becaue my insurance wont cover it.. I even slept last night with no pill! And because of her, now I understand more about why its working for me in my body. Thanks Candice and Peggy and everyone at Southern Maryland relief for halping to changing my life.

  32. mindyk

    Everyone was very nice and helpful!

  33. aybeebee

    I LOVE this dispensary! Everyone is so knowledgeable and treats you so nice! This is the only dispensary I like going to.

  34. PurplePunch222

    I can honestly say this is the best dispensary I have been to. It was the first I went to when I got my certification and it will probably be the only one I go to in the future. No matter what I am looking for, everyone is friendly and they make the most accurate selections for me. Steve is always friendly and makes me feel like I’m welcome there. Last night I was in there with my Fiance and got the best service by Taylor. She was able to make suggestions and help us select the right product for our needs. I can say that I am very thankful to have a dispensary with such a knowledgeable and helpful staff. I look forward to going into Relief because I know I will leave with exactly what I am looking for.

  35. Evan38

    You guys are doing a great job!! I have been in 5 times and everytime the staff was very professional and i never had to wait more than a couple of mins. On my first visit Brittany was my bud tender and she was excellent! Everytime I have been back she has been my go-to person with the exception of my last visit. Of course like everyone I would prefer that the prices be lower and the selection larger but based on what the other dispensaries are offering they are in line with the rest of the state. The quality and selection are improving.

  36. Bella41783

    I was thoroughly impressed with my first visit. From my step in the front door I was welcomed and felt at ease. Given what they have to work with from the Maryland growers at this time I thought they had a decent selection and I got exactly what I was looking for. Michelle was my budtender and she answered all my questions and she knew her stuff. I live on the Eastern Shore so it was a hike, but the drive back was scenic and I left with a smile!

  37. tkemp818

    Have been back a few times. Candice has been my tender most of my visits. Thanks for knowing your meds Candice.. The selection is getting bigger and better.. Keep up the amazing job Southern Maryland Relief!

  38. ShartyMcfly

    Easy to access!

  39. Mocca17

    SMR is a great place to shop. The atmosphere and service is top notch! It was my first time today and my budtender Kembly was very knowledgeable and professional. Couldn’t ask for more. I’m so excited and can’t wait to go back!

  40. Jenjimdjay

    Had a wonderful experience with the very knowledgeable staff the business was very organized and friendly will definitely be going back for future needs

  41. coffinrehearsal

    Awesome place! The entire staff consists of friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding individuals. My budtender, J-Boogie, helped me pick out concentrates that he felt would provide me with the most pain relief. Even the security staff was terrific. Leon made me feel very comfortable and helped me find a shirt I wanted in my size. I’ll definitely be back in the future!

  42. Sillydali

    I enjoy my visits to Southern Maryland Relief. Everyone I’ve met is friendly and very helpful. Even those who aren’t the individual providing the direct service they still take the time to stop and offer advice on different product options. Steve consistently has a smile for us and I’m very thankful he’s there providing security for all of us. Taylor has a super bubbly personality and it’s always a pleasure to chat with her. She’s also very knowledgeable.

  43. kelsy85

    I went for my first time today and was helped by Amber! She was very helpful, thank you so much!

  44. Jpdub85

    This is just an awesome group of knowledgeable people!

  45. astefko


  46. Lovebud30

    I never leave here disappointed I’m always taken care of with real good customer service and that means a lot because some places don’t have a good vibe. Abby at the front desk is very friendly she’s fast and on point every time! You can really come here and get in and out. Always a stocked selection of the best buds! Hands down the best dispensary around!!

  47. rckymttaz

    Twice now I have driven up to this location only to find that they are not open. Their website is not up and running and no where to look to see what hours have changed. Door says open til 6pm on Tuesdays and thought that they would be open today, Guessed wrong. When Solomans Dispensary opens I will try it. Too far to drive up to This store only to find it closed! Disappointed for sure.

  48. danny3458

    Very nice and easy going and friendly staff

  49. MNSanders

    As a mom who was very nervous about taking this step and how to approach it with teenage kids in the house, this location helped in more ways than they will ever know. Making the decision to go this route and try this alternative was not an easy one but when I first walked in, I was relieved. I was greeted by smiles and a helpful reception staff. The registration process when entering was quick and easy (especially if you have the paperwork filled out beforehand, as I did). There was no waiting time and didn’t even have the time to enjoy their beautiful, modern, and warm waiting area. I was almost immediately taken in to meet Candace, who helped immeasurably. She made a very emotional and big step for me, not so overwhelming. She was able to educate me on all of the products and help me with a starting point. I learned so much, and feel more comfortable about my decision in taking this step. I felt educated on what I needed to do to medicate once I got home. After leaving, I felt comfortable having that talk with my kids about the new medication I am trying. I am thank full to Southern Maryland Relief for taking care of me and, I thank Candace so much for the encouraging words and great service, and the great products.

  50. MurphyGrey

    My first dispensary visit was to SMR this week Walking in the space is welcoming with comfortable seating. The staff made me feel at ease right away My bud tender showed me several strains and was happy to help me view and smell them. I look forward to my next visit to try something new. Leafy is great for strain research. It’s so nice to be able to try different strains to find what best suits my needs.

  51. wgregkz1

    Staff was Superb!
    I cannot believe the pricing,how can anyone afford to pay to treat themselves,My treatment requires edibles which 2-4 Oz’s per month and if you have made edibles its very costly if your paying $500 or more for per oz to treat Severe Chronic Pain Syndrome,unfortunately I may have to revert back to Opiates which is free,Why don’t the dispensaries have pricing per oz on Leafly?,you have to be in the upper class to afford these type of prices,I wish that I would see more Patients complaining about the pricing

  52. battinoa

    It’s nice to have a safe alternative, but it’s too expensive to enjoy yourself. They say that in time the prices will go down. Let’s hope. But overall, a very nice place and very nice staff.

  53. Weagle83

    Great people & products always gets better with every visit. They are always looking to take care of their customers needs. Will not go anywhere else!

  54. dgadkins

    This was my first time ever inside a dispensary. At first I was very nervous to walk in, just because of how cannabis is viewed to the general public. But, this place treats you like a true patient. They took the time to get to know who I was, what I was looking to relieve, how much do I regularly intake, etc. Although they are very low on product at this moment, I was able to purchase the Ace-Of-Spades and am very pleased with the effect. It was not too hefty, but more of a mellow high. Recommended for a day toke. Thanks Relief for the experience and the medicine.

  55. AliceNwonderland420

    great customer service and great atmosphere Abby was awesome. 😉

  56. wayniac917

    Nice location. VERY friendly and polite staff. Wait is a little long but it is what it is. Pricing is high but that’s everywhere right now in the state of MD. Will come down as supply and demand even out. Until then dispensaries are a every now and then place for me. I would treat myself to this establishment again though. 4.5/5

  57. PBear1974

    The employees were very friendly and helpful.

  58. jenny80

    I love the location.

  59. Firecracker3

    My experience at Southern Maryland Relief has been nothing but amazing. Abby at the front desk is always smiling and very pleasant. The security guys, (Gatton) are very sweet and treat you like your family. Amber, Mike, Taylor, Justin, Cory and Michelle, are just some of the wonderful people you will meet behind the doors. Great people, very knowledgeable and VERY friendly. I love visiting this dispensary! Awesome Place!

  60. Briand84

    I love it here. every time I go in I get to see abby and her smiling face as I walk in shes the nicest receptionist i’ve met.

  61. ghostwriterjj

    Great location. Easily accessible. Wonderful staff.

  62. wolfejp

    Awesome service, and great staff.

  63. XoXChrisXoX

    very nice and the front desk girl abby is very sweet.

  64. LeonInThaDMV

    The staff was very helpful and nice. Prices were a bit high but great quality overall!

  65. Cinfish69

    What a Great place, very nice people, great quality and price…

  66. dsimpsonmccord326

    This place is great! The staff is excellent! Taylor the receptionist is fantastic!

  67. Morris1104

    My first time in a dispensary and I was of course excited but amazed at how friendly, nice, and extremely knowledgeable the staff were. I got 2 strains and I couldn’t be happier. The price was also better than I expected. They seem to have the best overall price and variety in the area. This will be my home base

  68. Dawniezee

    I have been using this dispensary since getting my certification June 2018. All of the staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! Great selection and prices! I’ll never go anywhere else! 🙂 I’ve recommended this dispensary to several friends, who are also happy with the service and selection here!

  69. jhair88

    I had a great experience at Southern Maryland Relief. The atmosphere was great and the staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable!

  70. staticage

    First time visit, great service, knowledgeable staff with helpful recommendations

  71. OgSunriseGraecyn

    Really good variety of concentrates, Abby at the front desk is very welcoming and professional but very easy to work with and talk to, great staff in the back. Everybody has good positive energy.

  72. Jsear2193

    Candace was incredibly. So helpful. Couldn’t have been nicer. The whole staff was wonderful.

  73. tophatjones

    Also had to say, Candace is awesome & knows how to find the best products for your needs. She’s helped me a lot and is very knowledgeable and friendly!

  74. BigA11

    Outstanding service! Way to pay the road for this new program. Thanks for helping the community!

  75. teetee50

    I had the pleasure of visiting the dispensary last weekend. Candy was my consultant and she is amazing!! She was very knowledgeable about the products and helped me pick the best medicine for my needs. The atmosphere is professional and friendly. I tried some of the different prerolls, and Tangie was my favorite. The prices were reasonable to me. I paid $20 for two prerolls, which is what I’m used to. It was so much fun to go there and be able to legally purchase my meds. I have already decided that this is going to be my aEURoeHomeaEUR dispensary. I live in SOMD, and I’m so happy that we have a quality dispensary in the area!!

  76. kembly

    Excelente service. Very friendly and beautiful people, who helped me with all my questions. I recommend to all my friends dY’OEdY1/4dY’s

  77. Andy_likes_diamonds

    Great people, who know their information!

  78. cambria314

    Pleased with setup for being just opened, and most of the staff was very nice. But girl at front desk was a complete b**tch. for being a new business, I was shocked at how rude the front desk was. if this want the ONLY dispenser within 50 miles, is never go back based on that alone. But everything eles was good.

  79. mephotog09

    Went to SMR for the first time yesterday. Security staff, reception staff and waiting room are friendly, warm, inviting and comfortable. Since it was my first visit I got a walkthrough of the all the products they offer. Which was very helpful. I explained my condition to my bud tender J-Boogie dY~, who knew exactly what I was looking for. I had done my research before going in so it was reassuring he knew what fit my needs best. He assisted me in choosing the best medication for my price point.
    They medication I purchased from SMR is the best I’ve for my migraines. I found relief for 4 hour time periods. Today is the first day I woke up without a headache in 2 1/2 years. Migraine meds come with side effects that often leave patients choosing not to use them and suffer. Thank you SMR helping the suffering.

  80. BI1976

    The dispensary is nice. The problem is they do not have large selection to choose from like the Northern Maryland dispensaries and the deliveries seem to be slow arriving. Make sure you check their menu before taking the drive.

  81. booaloo

    Very welcoming staff and large comfortable sitting area. Nice selection of glass items and other non smokeable things. The selection of flower is getting bigger every week. I am looking forward to bigger and better strains to come.

  82. whisler

    on opening day waited 3 hours total 1 hr B4 opening then 2 hour process wasn’t to bad for grand opening. Bud tender did warn me of quality. so I bought lil of everything almost. pre rolls $26 for 2 -.5g cones don’t share need whole 1 to catch a buzz. Don’t smell or taste good considering price compared to other dispensary’s in the state these are the most expensive. The only cartridge they have is Rythm Lemon Head 72.5% THC 8.6% THCa .5g for $90!! Without battery. Taste horrible compared to many others I have tasted. All flower is sold $60 1/8th only but as many 1/8ths you can carry. Can’t smell or look at it. Everything is pre packaged and sealed!! strange… DIXIE tincture 1fl oz 50mg THC 50mg CBD $40 Vanilla flavored is naaaasssteyyyyyy!!!! But place looks awesome and staff is great! While waiting in snow they came out telling jokes and interacting with us. I will give FOWARDGRO more time growing before I buy any more of their products. Their flower and prerolls do the job just taste and aroma subpar. Hopefully Relief will get products from a variety of growers and processors. I will return again

  83. Scottyboy793

    Cannot say enough good thing about SOMD Relief. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff is extremely helpful. Ive worked with Amber on multiple occasions and she’s always taken plenty of time to discuss my options and help my find the best products to use.

  84. qb1222

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this dispensary as well as the employees. Everyone is always so helpful and more than willing to explain products/cannabis strains/personal experiences. Very friendly staff from the security guard to the owners… exactly what Maryland patients like myself need, a safe and reliable facility to purchase medicin.

  85. paintballer

    I feel like first class

  86. Tay619day

    This dispensary is my favorite place, hands down. The staff is spectacular, very well informed. They stay stocked with product and if they don’t have what you need, they will do there damnedest to help you. Seriously nothing bad to stay whatsoever. #GreenLivesMatter

  87. gtwilly1

    Amazing experience! Friendly and knowledgeable staff, very clean and professional atmosphere.

  88. brycarhar

    The location is very clean and professional looking. Staff was excellent. The security guy was very friendly and helped me figure out the process since I was a first time visitor with my freshly minted medical card. After they got me in their computer system I was escorted back to Budtender Michelle. Since I was a newbie she took the time to explain some of the different products and make some suggestions. I wish I had more time but had a dental appointment I had to get to. I purchased some samples and was on my way. I will definitely be back. Great to have this dispensary serving people in Southern Maryland and with folks that understand great customer service.

  89. wxcharlie

    Great product. Great staff.

  90. SuzeeQ124

    The entire staff is very professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable.
    They provide concierge level service in a posh environment. This modern facility is conveniently located in SoMD.

  91. MaryellnG

    Very welcoming atmosphere. Very professional from the front desk all the way to the best budtender Candice. She definitely knows her cannabis. She took her time to get to know me and my needs. It was like talking to my best friend. Candice ROCKS!!!!!
    As far as the first review stating that they were closed when they got there. Well they posted on their Facebook page their holiday hours and that they would be closed Tuesday.
    I highly recommend Southern Maryland Relief.

  92. KnownasK

    Deli style!! I’ve tried most of the dispensaries in MD, SMR is leading the way. Product is product, customer service and atmosphere makes all the difference.

  93. SaxXxMaYun

    Simply LOVE this place. After countless hours of research and being a new patient as of 2/3/2018, I had a fantastic experience. My bud-tender Amber was AWESOME! I also got a chance to meet one of the owners, who was Supa Cool and provided some uplifting information. I’m going to be along term patient here!! Special thanks to all of the founders and investors in this business. You have something special here.

  94. Goobiespapa

    Short waiting time, friendly and knowledgeable staff, good deals.

  95. Aminak117

    Atmosphere is really nice is far ..nice drive if you riding is warm and cozy..

  96. falkenator

    Went in looking for a nectar collector. They were out which is fine but, the budtender then pulled out a dabber and told me it was almost the same thing. Best be educated in what you’re looking for before you go here. Still waiting for better quality bud and lower prices.

  97. ahbas

    Amazing Dispensary. Great Customer service and love how everything is setup. Feels like an inviting safe atmosphere. They keep updated on Social Media which I appreciate and also explain things very well in the shop since im new to all of this. Top Notch! A+++++

  98. 52raven

    My first visit was just as enjoyable as I had imagined. From all the positive vibes I got from different folks telling me how awesome y’all really are? I’ve been to many dispensaries, by far your the BESTdY’Y=

  99. Moesgirl32

    Southern Maryland relief is a very friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable medical marijuana dispensary. I love the atmosphere and the employees. As soon as you walk through the front doors you are automatically greeted by whomever is working the front desk. I’ve never had a very long wait time before I’ve been taken to the back and served. No matter which employee i go to I’ve always had a wonderful experience. Most times when I’ve gone I have had Michael or Candace help me the most. Everyone is very knowledgeable about the products carried and always help me to find a product, whether it’s a new one or classic, that’s right for my symptoms. This dispensary is a wonderful place and I would highly recommend it to anyone whether family, friends or someone i just met. They have a great variety of products to chose from. Thank you Southern Maryland relief for everything you do for your customers and keep up the awesome work!!!!! I’ve been to a couple different dispensaries in Maryland so far and you all are the closest for me and the best in my eyes so far.

  100. Precherbuick2005

    Candice was my Tender and she is very helpful. I’m happy to have a dispensary so close to my house. My prayers are with all the dispensaries to be FREE to de Spence product without harassment.
    Thank you


  101. SmokingBudda00

    BEST DISPENSARY IN SOUTHERN MD dYtm,aoe…aoe…aoe…aoe… Patient, professional, and very informative staff. QUALITY IS ALWAYS 100% No matter the strain.

  102. vhowle1

    need to have less wait time

  103. chinowatson

    I made a mistake my girlfriend has a MMC card she was their purchasing and I handed her $5 for a sticker and the security guard saw me and he basically told me what I did was wrong but the manner that he did it in in front of people waiting in the lobby was like he was trying to make an example out of me which I did not appreciate I thought it was unprofessional on his part he should have maybe followed me out the door and then stopped me and confronted me then but in front of people I did not like that at all it but overall the budtenders were very knowledgeable very polite very kind and made you feel comfortable but that security guard that day did, my girlfriend didn’t like it either she was thinking about maybe looking at going to another dispensary and I told her no because it was kind of my fault for not reading all of the directions about what to do and what not to do.

  104. brookenicely

    Love this dispensary! The staff is fantastic and make you feel super comfortable…

  105. Will82

    Had a Great Experience and a Great time. The owner and his wife were wonderful, helpful and Knowledgeable. I met a lady named Candy for my 2nd time and she was Wonderful and also very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed my visit.

  106. jimingo

    I was impressed with how professional and knowledgeable they were. This was the grand opening so it took me a few hours in line but it was well worth the wait. I got all 3 strains they had but have not had the time to test them. I will be back soon to pick up a new pipe and stash jars.

  107. snaacks

    I had my first visit about a week ago and I really had a great experience. I was a little underprepared but the staff was super helpful and accommodating. The selection wasn’t large, but that’s just the struggles of a new medical program and not a reflection on the dispensary. The only negative I can really take from the experience is that one of the strains I purchased was a little too dried out and didn’t match up to the quality of the others. But again, really isn’t a reflection on them as it’s all pre pack. I’ll definitely be making the trip back and would recommend it to anyone else looking for a good spot.

  108. Marestella

    Southern Maryland Relief is the best dispensary. Abby at the front desk is wonderful! Steve is also one of the best! I’ve received the best advice on strains targeting my disabilities and the deals are fantastic! All of the staff are friendly, helpful and kind.

  109. Bkobi

    I love this local spot rite in the county. Awsome

  110. Seanallen301

    Great atmosphere… Luv the shop… Will continue to shop wit these guys… I got the aEURoePineapple SkunkaEUR man o man… I don’t like that flower… It gave me a bad headache… Wasted my money… Lol… Guess it’ll sit in the corner… I won’t be smoking that… Lol…

  111. Nessajustin85

    I think the prices are way too high. You say you care about your patients but that’s bs.

  112. mdmedicalmj

    I love Southern Maryland Relief! Today was my first time and I was a little nervous but Amber & Michael were very helpful. The place is well put together and clean. Its a warm inviting atmosphere and the staff was very helpful. Im excited to come back, everyone should shop with Southern Maryland Relief

  113. sfbailey


  114. kkirkner

    Somdrelief is awesome! Staff is great. The design and setup is great. The variety of product keeps getting better and better. They always have new flavors to try every time I visit. I just wish I had enough money and time to try them all out while I’m there. Very professional and they provide quality product for all of your medicinal needs.

  115. Donwon420

    Awesome shop with nice flowers and great people who work there. Concentrate could be cheaper but they do have a great knowledge of things. Great shop

  116. cotorie

    This is an amazing place. Everyone is so nice and well informed. I generally deal with Candice, she is awesome!!!!!!!

  117. kristi4405

    Coming to Southern Maryland Relief is like coming to visit family. From sweet, outgoing and knowledgeable Abby at the front desk, to Steve who so kindly and safely escorts us to the back, to each and every person who assists us in the dispensary, we have always had great experiences here and look forward to every visit. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the SMR Family!

  118. Tech39584

    Friendly, clean and knowledgeable! One stop shop!

  119. DaniHell

    I’m so glad this dispensary is in my county! All of the employees are super knowledgeable and have been spot on helping me pick out new strains, they have a wide variety and plenty of everything.
    When you check in you are directed to have a seat in the waiting area which is so inviting, comfortable and stocked with plenty of educational material from magazines to pamphlets, a water cooler and a bathroom. I’m usually not waiting and if I am it’s not ever long.
    SOMD Relief carries everything you need for all the medicine they sell so don’t forget to turn around away from your budtender and take a look at the accessories you didn’t realize you needed! Employees won’t just try to sell you anything, they take time with you to make sure you’re getting the best medicine. A few times I declined a particular strain a few times before trying and realizing it worked for me.
    Thank you for being in our community. Thank you for organizing events that better everyone using cannabis, to people uneducated on its benefits. This dispensary is a blessing.

  120. Lisawalter

    It was a awesome experience I would recommend it to all my friends and family… The customer service is excellent and the people are so helpful…. I will definitely be going back

  121. kristingregory

    I drive an extra 15 minutes out of my way to use this dispensary over one that’s closer to both my home and work bc they have everything you could ever need in accessories (even magic butter machines) to be able to just go home and medicate without having to wonder if you forgot something or having to make a second stop for supplies. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff including the security! And I always leave feeling like I just had some of the best customer service of my life. Thank you SMR! dY’<

  122. lazyt70

    Why are your prices like $5-$10 higher for everything compared to other dispensaries in MD.. if it’s truly about helping patients then prices should be the around the same state wide.. kinda sucks the only place in SoMD is charging the highest prices in the state.. also has some of the most limited amount of choices.

  123. jessemp3

    Southern Maryland relief is an excellent place to get your medicine. I was helped by Brittany for my very first purchase last Saturday, and I couldn’t have asked for better assistance for my needs! She was very knowledgeable and friendly to me, plus, she listened to everything I said to recommend exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Southern Maryland relief to anyone who needs medicine. See you soon!

  124. Wright4405

    Southern Maryland Relief is the best dispensary I’ve ever visited and I seen a lot. Steve Gattin and Abby are the first two faces you see and they make you feel welcome and at home right off the bat. Very professional and curtious.

  125. brodd91

    Very friendly and quite helpful. Currently going through chemotherapy and looking for alternatives to help with the side effects of treatment. Hopefully options will increase over the next month or so.

  126. nick0505

    they are trying quality is low prices are high.

  127. bloveonthekeys

    good staff good products. still waiting for concentrates though

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