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2290 Old Washington Rd., Waldorf, MD 20601


38.6464547, -76.885361




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Zen Leafa,,C/ is a proud member of the VERANO family of companies. We believe cannabis is the most important medicinal plant on earth, supporting human health, wellness and happiness. #FindYourZen with #ZenLeaf



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43 reviews for “Zen Leaf


    My experience was hands down the absolute best i have had out of the 5 differ desp. that ive been to here in SOMD . There prices are amazing and they have the top shelf brands and strains they have great speedy service if your short on time, but also are there to cater to your needs so if you want info they are pros anything you want to know or learn more about they can hook you right up. I can honestly say i will be a customer 4 life awsome.

  2. JonnyBlaze1776

    I visited this amazing dispensary for my first time last week and plan to go back later today.

    Not only do they have a large variety of plant and concentrate but their prices are reasonable and align cheaper than a majority of the other Maryland Med Marijuana clinics out there.

    The products I procured were excellent to note as well! I am excited to become a several times a month visitor, well done Zen Leaf!

  3. Nasty9

    The bud tenders very nice very open very willing to help you walk to do the whole process have good insight and it’s a very nice calm place to beAnd you’re not rushed at all

  4. GimmeaBreak

    the staff is friendly and are understanding of my situation. Info on the website is very helpful and informative and current.

  5. denick2005

    The atmosphere there is great. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist and then taken back to the sales room by my bud tender. Unfortunately, I lost my receipt because I would love to recommend her to other patients. The bud tender was very knowledgeable and gave me some very good tips.

  6. wxcharlie

    Great Music, Great Products, Friendly Staff.

  7. What_

    Pleasant surroundings, no pressure tactics, smiling faces. Keeps me coming back. aoeOEdY?

  8. Bull174

    been around the block i have to say best dispensary has to be a tie with this place and haven. I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a switching back and forth between the two.

  9. WA2018

    This place is amazing (Waldorf location) – the staff are the best and made me feel at ease. This was my first visit to a dispensary and I was unsure what to expect. I think they saw that’ dYtm, and they made that go away quickly. Thanks to Jack and everyone there!! See you soon, yawl!

  10. Jrurig

    This place is awesome! Been coming here since spring. friendly and knowledgeable staff. Decent prices and selection of products. Love em!

  11. abailey3575

    everyone has been awesome ! I prefer to go here because of the welcoming and educated staff!

  12. SouthernQueen

    Boutique atmosphere with a great assortment of products. Very knowledgeable staff and welcoming environment.

  13. Loudmanant

    everyone was very welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable. great first time experience will definitely be returning

  14. bhutchinson127

    I’ve visited twice now and both times the staff treated me amazingly. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

  15. stephluv31

    The budtender was very knowledgeable and helpful. This was my first time coming to this one and will definitely be back I love the fact it’s close to home and everyone that works there is nice and very helpful. Would recommend to a friend

  16. danny3458

    Friendly staff service was quick and easy will visit again…. and again dY~fdY~fdY~fdYZ%0

  17. Diosadelamorr

    It’s in a great spot close to my house and very friendly and calm place

  18. DavidMahoney

    I would like to think Krissy B,Jack E. Amanda G, Brandy B, Alexa and Jeneice they have been very helpful and knowledgeable of their products and helping me to make a selection (blue cheese) to help me relax in the evening and get a good nights sleep and (lemon cake) for Day time to help me stay focused and energized I have visit all dispensers in southern Maryland I like Zenleaf the best warm welcoming atmosphere nice layout design friendly staff good selection of products I’ll keep coming back thank you
    David M

  19. Welchdeb

    Brandy is fabulous! She gave me excellent recommendations and everything is working perfectly. Thanks again, Brandy!

  20. Chrissq

    Zen Leaf in Waldorf is incredible. Always ready and eager to answer any questions and help in any way possible. They ALWAYS offer to get me a chair to sit and go over any sales, specials, etc… I have not experienced other Zen Leaf locations but this one is so clean it’s ridiculous. The staff, oh the staff, so friendly and considerate. It’s nice to see familiar and friendly faces when I visit. I’ve been to other dispensaries in the area and this one is by far my favorite. They also proudly offer a 22% Vet discount. Try them out you won’t be disappointed.

  21. LindaDavison

    I absolutely loved it, my first time first experience. Your staff seems very knowledgeable about the different products. Thank you so much I will be shopping there again soon than you realize!

  22. meljdanner

    I have checked out the competition and Zenleaf is by far the best in the area. There prices and service are the reason I keep coming back and my friends love it also. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

  23. Hanshi

    This is a very professional location in every sense of the word. Customer service is outstanding, knowledge base, employees are wll informed and go out of their way to explain and advise of the different options that are available and review your information in their attempt to help you find the right prescription that will best fit your individual needs.

    Clean, open, friendly, professional, the best and as stated, I have visited several dispensaries and not one matches the quality, professionalism, and expertise you find at ZenLeaf. The best!!!!

  24. purinabeneful

    Intellect,sincerity quality, great supply

  25. Dnsbell72

    The location is convenient! Staff’s is great, helpful & Pleasant!

  26. deepshagmd

    After visiting other local dispensaries, I was blown away by the personal attention I was given from the moment I walked through the door until I was greeted by Budtender, Jack aEUR” his knowledge and compassion were amazing. If you’re looking for first-class service in a soothing, welcoming atmosphere, look no further than ZenLeaf!

  27. RichAW

    Staff was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Large menu of cannabis related items from flower to concentrate. Clean enviroment and professional.

  28. alexys

    greatt staff great place

  29. BCMD

    Knowledgeable, friendly staff. Delivery service is awesome, highly recommend!

  30. Jnothins

    Good location

  31. Bkobi

    I really like Zen, they are friendly knowledgeable. and Jack was a delight to deal with his customer service is unmatched. it’s out of my way but I still may make this my primary spot

  32. cdrake2011

    I love this place! Very friendly, informative and patient staff. They answer everything you want to know. Awesome products and pricing as well!

  33. Bachata58

    Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I always have a pleasant experience here.

  34. jayyrock94

    Best customer service dY~S

  35. Nick1218

    great place nice people

  36. dlal

    I was particularly amazed by the earthly decor of the furnishings. The openness of the facility and the casing reminded me of showing in a high end jewelry store with a earthly comfortable feel. My 2nd visit on 10/13 in the morning, It was a pleasure to be serviced by a young lady Ashley if I’m not mistaking. She was very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and made us feel at home. Looking forward to shopping there again.

  37. BigPerk05

    The employees there are very friendly and have excellent customer service skills!!!!!!!! Also no long waiting they get you in and out!!!!!

  38. AnitaG

    Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly. A little overwhelming at first with the selection of product they offer. They assisted me in what exactly i needed
    for the first visit and very helpful.

  39. Bigant52

    Awesome place! Super knowledgeable and professional. This is my spot!

  40. turtlelover44

    Wonderful staff!! Large inventory!! Great prices!!

  41. CaribeGirl

    Best dispensary ever! Zenleaf has a fantastic assortment of products and the staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and informative. The frequent buyer program allows you to build points for store credit. I would highly recommend this dispensary!!

  42. Meia31

    There wasn’t anything i disliked about this location. It was my first time visiting and i was showered with nothing but positivity and hospitality. It was amazing. I was then taken back by Jae who is tremendously sweet and knowledgeable!
    They have a great selection, as well as accessories for the different usages.

    I would recommend anyone to this Dispensary.

  43. Kenyaparker27

    it’s a great location and very convenient. the staff is very helpful and nice..

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