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1125 N. Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, FL 33460


26.6297298, -80.0572469




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Curaleaf is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Curaleaf proudly offers medical marijuana patients access to premium, pharmaceutical grade cannabis in a safe and informational dispensary environment. Their organization was founded by a team of doctors, pharmacists, and other medical experts to create and develop the most reliable medical cannabis for their patients.

Curaleaf started their cannabis journey on a mission to aid any patient in search of medicinal cannabis to alleviate severe health conditions. Their dispensary team worked closely with Florida physicians and patients to develop their business model and officially received their license to produce and dispense cannabis in 2015. Florida later voted to legalize full-THC medical marijuana and Curaleaf opened their local dispensary in Fall 2017 to offer medical marijuana patients cannabis in a safe, welcoming environment.

The team at Curaleaf hosts a positive, friendly place where patients can learn about cannabis. Their dispensary passionately advocates for advancing the research and use of medical marijuana. Curaleaf’s team continually formulates the best possible cannabis therapies and employs the industry’s latest standards in their production center. Curaleaf wants to generate awareness of cannabis’ healing properties and make its benefits more widely available for patients in need. Local individuals can rely on Curaleaf to connect them with a qualified doctor and help them place their first medicinal cannabis order.

Curaleaf’s menu comes from their 50-year history of horticultural experience combined with the cannabis industry’s latest advancements. Their cultivation center staff holds themselves to a high level of quality and transparency to produce cannabis products optimized for patient relief. Curaleaf is also the only Florida dispensary to offer Haleigh’s Hope, a high-CBD product available in both pill and oral syringe form. Their South Miami facility also formulates a variety of CBD and high-THC topicals, transdermals, syringes, capsules, and more.

Patients enjoy Curaleaf’s medical marijuana products at affordable and accessible pricing. Their dispensary offers discounts for both veterans and seniors, and welcomes cash and debit card payments through their CanPay system. For homebound patients, Curaleaf also provides home cannabis delivery throughout the local regions.

Curaleaf Lake Worth delivers to Palm Beach and parts of Martin county.


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41 reviews for “Curaleaf

  1. Chuck0613

    Easy location to find and very professional staff. I was very impressed with the smooth process of paperwork. Brianne was the specialist that helped me out and her dedication to excellent customer service was very impressive. She was very knowledgeable of the products and very easy to speak with. This establishment is definitely setting the benchmark.

  2. Allforone

    Good folks. Courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient.

  3. immaculus

    They have a great welcoming staff ready to answer all questions. They are always extremely helpful accommodating to a patients needs. I highly recommend their Master Kush 80% vape carts, and their indica concentrate (tastes fantastic with great body effect). Love me some Curaleaf.

  4. NMC70rea

    I don’t understand why they aren’t open later. 7pm is like crazy early for this business. They to stay open to 9 or 10pm. 7pm is stupid and silly.

  5. LSoto407

    For being new to all of this, my experience at Curaleaf was a comfortable one. One of the women there listened to all of my issues and helped me find the best suited product for me. I enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in which Curaleaf provides. As long as I am a carrier of a medical card, I will keep coming to Curaleaf for their business.

    Thank you!

  6. emmaxjill

    Awesome new dispensary! Staff here are super friendly and knowledgeable and the environment is super comforting!

  7. Coolhandkuba

    Becareful. They have screwed me twice by showing that I picked up my product when I never did. They charged my Mg against my prescription wasnt able to pick up from a different dispensary due to this. They have theives working stealing poor peoples medicine who need to get better.

    If you in Florida Trulieve is a real dispensary with real product. Curaleaf sells low quality stuff.

  8. Floridaboy81

    The product and cartridge combo is ineffective. None of the workers were mm patients and never tried or used the product. Customer service number is straight voicemail and will call you back the next the time if close so you can’t respond back until the next day. No compassion for patients once so ever.

  9. hybrid_nation

    Curaleaf probably has the best quality vape cartos the only problem is they are EXPENSIVE…..$48 for 400mg??? i pay $65 for 1000mg of medical grade stuff from Cali. The random dude at the bar that sells them has them for $75 so why are dispenceries so expensive? They have great hybrid oil and capsules too. The only problem is in the past 8 months they havent been able to stock any. Everytime i go in there they are out of more stuff then anything. I been on the waiting list for 6 months waiting for a bottle of hybrid oil and they just cant seerm to supply it. All they have is sativas or indicas neither of which help any. The one thing that helps they havent been able to stock in over 6 months. If they cant supply their exsisting customers with the medication they need then maybe the state should stop giving new patients their cards because the people that have cards already like me cant seem to find what they need. Weed is legal and should NOT be this difficult to buy…its just very frustrating because its really difficult to find a strain that actually helps and buy the time i do they either stop selling it or cant produce it. It just really sucks im paying hundreds of dollars a year for doctors & hundreds of dollars a month on medication and half the time i cant even access anything that actually helps my symptoms and more often then not what i get ends up making them worse so im basically paying to make my symptoms worse. the thing is you dont know how a strain is going to effect you until you actually take it. Most strains make my anxiety worst and it sucks when you find something like their hybrid oil that really helps but you cant seem to buy any…..idk it really sucks……

  10. waykup

    I really like the atmosphere. It’s open and you aren’t left in a waiting room behind closed doors while you wait. You are in the main room with everyone else. The wait really isn’t bad. The staff is friendly and cheerful. They have some nice choices. I’ve tired their vape cartridges and sublingual drops. The high concentrate vape carts are hard to get a good hit from. I think the vape pen needs to get hotter. I’ll get a different vape pen at a vape store that has power settings and see if that helps otherwise I feel like I wasted my money on the carts. The sublingual drops are good. I’ve tired the hybrid and master kush.

  11. anthonypata

    Great dispensary . Caring and extremely knowledgeable on every and any question you could possibly ponder of.

  12. Esteros

    The employees at the dispensary are great. Very helpful and nice. The woman in charge of taking orders over the phone and arranging deliveries–not so much. Sounds like she dislikes her job–always a turn-off. The bigger problem with Curaleaf is that they have been out of product for weeks. No 80% vape cartridges–none. Deerfield is the same sorry story. I’d rather pay more and be able to actually buy the products than hoping week after week that Lake Worth will have some decent products. Nice that they have sales and deliver–but it’s like shopping on Black Friday–people buy large volumes (I was told by the rep), why sell at half price if people go elsewhere to find and buy at full retail price? Curaleaf is actually driving people to their competition. Florida needs many new dispensaries and more competition.

  13. mannymoses

    The people who work here are nice and the selection is good. This location was insanely busy the Saturday I went in. Call ahead to see if they have what you want in stock, they sell out fast due to high volume of patients.

  14. jayce28

    The entire staff is not only friendly and knowledgeable about their products but also recommend what is best to their customers. Specifically the dispensary’s Manager( I won’t publicize her name), I choose to mention her because I once overheard her use a smart analogy to help describe the difference between the 2 strains via an example of diff types of apples!! That is a smart idea to ensure ones customers leave not only comfortable but also empowered by such knowledge! -Highly Recommended!!!

  15. Stephiejo722

    It keeps getting better. Knowledgeable staff and helpful. Parking is the only thing that’s challenging.

  16. Thejesterjack

    I like this store. The people are well trained and knowledgable and also happy to be there. The products are expensive but relative to other dispensaries. The biggest problem I’ve had is lack of inventory for weeks now. It’s really getting ridiculous. They also need more choices in concentrate syringes. The carts cost 12$ per 100mg but the syringes at trulieve are 60$ for 1000mg. That’s half the price and a big reason they’re taking your customers.

  17. WileeD

    Staff is great! I honestly can’t wait till there’s better deals.. dYY=’ Denver is still the best place to get the full benefits of medicinal MJa$?i,

  18. ColoringAddict

    I enjoy going to Curaleaf Lake Worth for so many reasons. Comfortable, clean atmosphere, extremely helpful, takes time with each patient and an all-around pleasant experience. Highly recommend

  19. xeno194

    I didn’t even bother to go down the road. This place is fantastic. First timers take it slow.

  20. Limezone

    I love this place. I’ve been thee times now in store, and I’ve received delivery twice. facility is super clean, staff super friendly. overall great experience. And I love the way curaleaf has product specials and sales, a real economy saver.

  21. Namjock

    These guys are great! I’ve tried all three Lake Worth dispensaries and have decided that Curaleaf is my dispensary. I use their delivery service with a $75 purchase, it’s free. I would suggest they beef-up the staff & phone capacity (especially when running a promotion).

  22. bmeshadow

    Parking was hard, line was long, grateful they have delivery.

  23. Rimadoc

    Waiting area crowded, long wait. But service is friendly, the sales people are very, very patient. It’s worth the wait. I wish there was a store West of I95.

  24. MrsPepperpot

    Better quality product and knowledgeable team. Friendly relaxing atmosphere even though it’s often crowded. Y’all, they have a rewards program! Lots of variety.

  25. eirikcerto

    Curaleaf obviously had a hiccup with product for a bit, but I have tried all the other dispensaries from south Dade to Vero. They all have a great atmosphere and staff… however, the distillates Curaleaf produce are far superior to other carts from south Florida dispensaries. I’m not an expert in Cannabis, but I know customer service, quality product and that Curaleaf checks all the boxes. I’m a supporter 100%. Thank you Curaleaf.

  26. stargrams

    as a newcomer to Marijuana in any form .i was impressed by the professional manner in which they helped me decide on a procedure to follow?

    to get started.

  27. greenblue84

    They’re selling high yield mids plain and simple. Their flowers are NOT medical grade cannabis. Their edible extracts are non strain specific and all their flowers have identical thc content profiles. Those are some serious RED FLAGS my friends! Their Co2 extracts taste terrible after 2 days of use. I spent over $400 in this place on two visits and man was I disappointed. I imagine most of the 5 star reviews on here are from employees, their friends, first timers, or people who enjoyed the slick interior and smiling employees and wrote their review prior to actually trying the product.

  28. pmarascio

    Greatest out of all I used!
    Keep up the good work !
    Thank you for your kindness and assistance!

  29. GanjaFL

    The staff here stands out above all the competition.I was extremely pleased with the customer service by an employee named Bruno, extremely knowledgeable and hard-working, but the entire team moved quickly and efficiently. I watched them clear an entire room full of patients in 40 minutes. The employees take time with each patient and discuss the options available to them and even do most of the DOCTORS JOB by advising dosages and strains. The products are extremely high quality, my favorite being “Sunset sherbet” 400 mg vape cartridge, clears out all pain and leaves you with a permanent smile.

  30. RACC7

    Great location and the products are high quality. Master Kush and Predator Pink vapes are excellent, and the dry herb they sell is top shelf. Staff is super helpful with information regarding products, and goes the extra mile to help out– I brought in a broken vape cart that I had damaged at home, and the rep I was working with spent a significant time troubleshooting the broken item to get it working for me again.

  31. Deemcgee

    It’s ok

  32. wablu

    A family member is a patient. Curaleaf Lake Worth recently opened. We went to ask questions, refill balance of prescription. Manager Melanie and associate Rico were extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. We were highly satisfied with the service and experience.

  33. nelito12

    First experience was easy and straight forward. Sales Rep explained all questions perfectly.

  34. HLJackson28

    Friendly, helpful staff…great products…great specials too!!

  35. dman6169

    Friendly staff, great service

  36. IanBelvedere33

    Corporate really listened; cause this place is a million times better!!!!

  37. HighHopesGourmet1983

    The fact that they have a level 2 SQF certification is great! You know what your getting and the packaging is true. Great choice on the new Cartridge functionality, draws much easier. Hopefully we will see some Curaleaf Flower to twist up soon!

  38. hybrid_nation_2019

    I was here several times and most of the time I go in they just dont have what I need. they haven’t been able to stock their hybrid oil or capsules for as long as they been open…..I been on a waiting list for hybrid liquid oil and capsules for months and they just cant seem to supply it? their vape stuff is ok but very over priced. I think its crazy how much they charge for cartridges… but then again ALL the dispensaries are HIGHLY over priced down here in good ol Floriduh….

  39. electricshaman

    Great place to get your medicine! Grade “A” products. Vapes taste and have awesome benefits. Staff is very helpful in getting you a strain that assists with what ale’s ya.

  40. Mia44us

    It’s great except for 2 things…. parking is awful and they need a better internet connection.

  41. Bloodstraingod

    It really warms me up on this rainy cold day that Beath, Brandon, Breno, Kyle, Leigh all helped me out and made me feel welcome. Driving all the way from Pahokee Was well worth the trip and I will gladly continue doing so love you guys !!!!!!

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