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4710 Auth Place, Camp Springs, MD 20746


38.8258876, -76.9196955






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12 reviews for “AltPharm

  1. Shaypooh

    Convenient, I hop off the train after work and drive yo dispensary in 3 seconds. Also, it’s only 5 minutes from my home.

  2. dabemo

    I am a new medical patient in MD (PG area) and I have been popping in on dispensaries in my general area to get onto each of their loyalty listings for notifications on deals and to get the customary 10% off for new patients, etc. I stopped by AltPharm, facilities is on the 5th floor of a multi-space office building off Branch Ave. You will be buzzed into the lobby then after filling out paper work you’re buzzed into the budtenders room. After short talk about weather and travel, it was one of those days the fed government lets out hours early for a light snow dusting, the budtender notified me on the deals for the day. This particular day one of the deals were two grams of gLeaf kief for aEURoexaEUR amount and I decided on AK-47 and Stardawg strains, in looking on the menu sheets printed on the desk I only noted those two strains available. I also ordered some troches (gummies). The budtender notifies someone who retrieves your order from another room and brings it in. The budtender bags up your items and after paying you are out the door. All and all the staff that I encountered was very nice and accommodating and it was an easy experienceaEUR|aEUR|..untilaEUR|..

    When I arrived home, I opened my bag from AltPharm and found a gram of kief that I didn’t order. Instead of AK-47 I had an Afghan Kush along with my Stardawg. I instantly called the dispensary back after about 90mins since my visit and spoke to the receptionist. I told her of the issue and she politely put me on hold for a minute or so. I then speak with the budtender that serve me and notified him of the order mix-up. I was told that it was indeed AK-47 and that AK-47 was Afghan Kush made by gLeaf. I’m not an expert but am very knowledgeable on the products I use and specific strains and their effects on my body. I have had each AK-47 and Afghan Kush in the past and I know what feel any Afghani derivative strain can have on me (goodnight, god bless) and it would be far different then AK-47.

    I’ve contacted gLeaf and provided the batch# for additional information via email and based off their reviews I doubt I will hear back from them. Maybe gLeaf is the problemaEUR|idk

    I don’t know if I was being blown off because of the bad weather and everyone was trying to get home. I don’t know if the budtender is knowledgeable of the specific strains or products from gLeaf. I don’t know if this matters too much but for those that medicate and are very specific about their needs such as myself it’s a little disconcerting.

  3. RebeccaG6

    Here’s what I like:

    Refund of ATM fees

    Here’s what I don’t like:

    I don’t like the location. I don’t like the building. If you can’t climb steps, I don’t think you can get into this building. The parking lot needs work. It feels really seedy. I’m always nervous, but after dark I’m uncomfortable.

    I hope they move to a better, more easily accessible location.

  4. MBCindy

    I love that you get the ATM fee back hands down a winner! And Great Friday Deal!!!!!!

  5. Rhapsody420

    The staff were very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and eager to help me with my needs. The atmosphere was clean, and the location was easy to find, with ample parking. Loved my new customer discount!!

  6. herbalessence195

    Great spot my only gripe is that it’s so small but they always have just what I need so no complaints here!

  7. Crimsonbro01

    So nice to have such a great Dispensary in the neighborhood. Great Staff and selection.

  8. JanuaryParker

    It’s wonderful to have a well stocked and knowledgeable dispensary in my area.

  9. CharlieGriffin

    This is my neighborhood go-to dispensary. It’s not far from my house and easy to get to, but the building and parking lot are not the best. The parking lot is a disgrace. It is in dire need of repaving. The building entrance can be difficult to navigate for the physically infirm. There are several steps one must climb to get to the front door of the multi-floor office building. The dispensary itself is very nice, albeit tiny. The bud masters are very knowledgeable and courteous, especially Dexter and James. I really like their discounts for seniors and special deals/discounts on Tuesdays and Fridays. Another dispensary I occasionally visit offers no loyalty or senior discounts; consequently, I don’t visit them as often. The only negatives I have for Alt Pharm are the building entrance and the parking lot, but the dispensary itself is top notch. Oh, one other thing. I wish they would open on Mondays, but I guess the staff needs one extra day off, too.

  10. Big_Lollipop

    Very knowledgeable and friendly staff

  11. 18Fully

    my neighborhood dispensary. Everyone is so friendly and helpful

  12. Funkp


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