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7221 Montevideo Rd, Jessup, MD 20794


39.1741018, -76.7722429




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Zen Leafa,,C/ is a proud member of the VERANOa,,C/ family of companies. We believe cannabis is the most important medicinal plant on earth, supporting human health, wellness and happiness. #FindYourZen with #ZenLeaf



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53 reviews for “Zen Leaf

  1. pbesmoove

    good service and nice selection. They do not weigh in front of you and both pre pack 8ths were 3 grams instead of 3.5 grams.

  2. Zizi1201

    I liked the experience and will be back. Although it was busy as a 1st timer I was not made to feel rushed. The pharmacist was friendly and knowledgeable.

  3. vexed50

    Loved the place! I’ve tried 3 dispensaries ,since I got my license, and Zen Leaf is my go to place from now on. The people and the service were top notch.
    My favorite part of the experience? Well, I would say just offer the tender a tip and see what they say.Their policy on that warms the heart! Thanks guys.

  4. zcbooth

    Large product selection. Great knowledgeable staff. My go to dispensary.

  5. Roknron

    As I sat in the waiting area i truly felt home !what a lovely aroma radiating.a book ,one of many by the Dali lama caught my eye the place was architecturally pleasant very modern,great staff and many happy client smiling.great literature provided by weed maps,best menu items I’ve seen thus far.another plus is the menu board!! Great ,great,I’ll be back thanks Marcus

  6. Jmink09


  7. pstar25

    Weird easy location, but sleek and professional on the inside. Experienced pharmacist on staff able to discuss the details of the strains compared to Rx’s and conditions. Helpful & friendly staff who are open minded and looking for feedback to better their offerings. Take notes, my friends.

  8. Deimos666

    Love Zen, my favorite dispensary. Great selection of cartridges and love the smell!

  9. clicknpretty


  10. Birdie98383

    Beautiful, clean, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and just all around awesome. Love their points for cash off program. They’ve definitely found a customer here.

  11. bgilmer

    Good product with knowledgeable staff.

  12. GWEEDO33

    First time visiting a dispensary but they made it feel comfortable. Walked me through my options and guided me in the right direction. I definitely will be back!!

  13. Diaz84happy

    I was very comfortable here. They treated me like family. They were very educational, and they answered all of my questions that I had.

  14. RebeccaG6

    Okay, Zen Leaf Jessup. The purchase room is huge. They allow so many patients into the purchase room at one time that I was unable to concentrate on my purchase. It was so noisy. Perhaps the staff person was new, I asked a question and got an unrelated response. Oh well. Verano grows right there. They are sister companies? Do they hold more than one license? Did I misunderstand the law? Oh well. The exterior of their facility smells amazing. Verano products don’t cost any less here. I’ll only return if absolutely necessary.

  15. cmbruno25

    This was my very first time since getting my card. The staff made me feel welcome and completely comfortable and at ease(since it somehow still felt like I was about to do something wrong) they helped me get over that very quickly. The budtender was full of knowledge and great suggestions. Ultimately I left there with two amazing strains, and at an amazing price. This is where I will continue to go.

  16. QGauthier

    very gud atmosphere. and very helpful workers

  17. aaaboad

    This place has a wonderful gal who you can meet with. She will ascertain your needs and explain everything in private. You sit down with her in her office and you can take your time and not be hurried. Great service.

  18. Ajfh273

    Excellent service and selection!

  19. Mozeee

    Very efficient registration. Atmosphere is slightly clinical, which is fine. Staff was very helpful in discussing meds. very good selection. Will definitely be returning.

  20. ChefShert

    The location is the only downside. Kind of hiden and tucked away… None the less, great staff and a very welcoming odor when walking in the doors!

  21. Posong

    Super chill and very friendly atmosphere. They were helpful and informative.

  22. wayneB19

    Will give review after first visit

  23. sezy123

    In the midst of an industrial area, you’ll be pleased to discover a very welcoming and chill dispensary. Verano brand cannabis is cultivated in the sprawling warehouse. Too bad they don’t offer tours! The dispensary carries other brands as well, but you shouldn’t leave without taking home some Verano Gelato. Verano also creates fantastic patient education materials. The visualizations really help you decipher which strains and terpenes will help alleviate your symptoms. This place is doing well in making sure patients are informed and satisfied. Special thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer my numerous questions.

  24. Clynneg

    knowledgeable staff that gives you lots of good information. they work with you to find something that will help you.

  25. stonydelights

    Beautiful dispensary and helpful staff – thank you!

  26. bgfunkTrunk

    pre.roll had a bad aftertaste like it had fan leaf or stem in it. the blue dream was top notch though!!!

  27. Dph1

    Great place! Huge selection! Great Prices! The service is excellent, and I love the wooden counters.

  28. Jesterhead91

    Really nice location. Clean and very welcoming. Service is fantastic as well.

  29. tmvanskiver

    Off the main thoroughfare in a secure location

  30. homewood

    Great experience at Zenleaf. Cool atmosphere and the staff was very helpful. Their products from verano brands are the best I’ve had so far in maryland. The gelato flower I was recommended to try provided amazing relief and was impressive in flavor. I will be getting much more medicine from here.

  31. JHoooope

    Very nice place with great, helpful staff.

  32. weezdogDMV

    This spot was great, no inhiuse bud, just prepackaged, definitely my second best spot outside of rise in bethsda, remedy’s Price’s are too high in respect to the others. But is cool.

  33. gillibeans68

    Hand down the best dispensary in this area. Their product is so much better than Remedy in Columbia. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the actually had a licensed professional pharmacist on site, to answer all your questions. Try the Monster Cookie. You will love it. Trust me. I will be back!

  34. Binger1222

    It’s placed in a nice locationdY’- very cleanaoe”i,aoe”i, staff was excellent a~dY>>a~dY>>they made my first experience the bestdYtm

  35. krgariety

    Everyone at Zen Leaf is very helpful, They take time to help and explain all their products. They help you pick out product that would be best for your needs. Two thumbs up plus. Krissy is also great

  36. Sokorkam

    Top notch dispensary, with friendly and knowledgeable staff! For a newbie like me, I was made to feel welcome and like no question was stupid. I have since returned a couple of times and my subsequent visits were ust as positive. Thanks Zenleaf!!

  37. paco574

    Beautiful shop with helpful and friendly staff. Nice electronic signs detailing what meds are available. Will definitely be back.

  38. tonikitty8

    Very comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable staff. I consider this location my home clinic. During my last visit I received great recommendations which were all on point.

  39. Tysean94

    Great flowers great service

  40. cjustice76

    Beautiful, modern, and very professional but yet laid back at the same time…Will def be back soon!

  41. ganjabelladonna

    Had a great first experience, staff was knowledgeable, Wii at the front desk was amazing and got me started. Beautiful decor hiding in an industrial complex.

  42. magentaskyy

    Nice Location.
    Clean, Bright and Modern

  43. DrRot

    this is what a real med MJ dispensary should be like locale is discreet !! the entire staff are friendly an very kool.!!! they’ll get you back shopping an hook you up with the best meds available ,knowledgeable budtenders no hassle in an out … very good prices an quality flower tincture topicals .. all 1st rate .. i seen they had acapulco gold 🙂 , i was like whattt … i haven’t had that for at least 30 yrs probably longer back in the mid to late 70s an was not disappointed ..hint — try the house strain G6 aka Jet Fuel .. outoftheworld..this will be my mai go to dispensary from now on ..thanks ZenLeaf..

  44. suehasiuk

    Very nice 1st class. Really made me feel at home Very helpful

  45. Too_much_pain

    I am there every month and every person I have had the pleasure of dealing with is kind, professional and knowledgeable. I will continue to use them as my go to place.

  46. Jeremy_Outchea

    The best dispensary in Maryland in my opinion. The staff is very kind and friendly and they recognize me as a regular! They have an ACTUAL pharmacist on staff who can answer your questions! The interior looks very modern and up to date. In the waiting area there is big screen tv giving you their real time updated menu. They have the best selection when it comes to Sativas hybrids and Indicas and you are always in and out in no time!

  47. pb4life1985

    First I wasn’t greeted with a smile. This place is way too high end and they think that they are better than everybody else. I really hate when people say they’re going to do something and don’t.With all of the options now you would think these places would be more polite .

  48. adillard

    The staff is informative and awesome. The medicine in incredible and effective. There are many specials and bargains offered. Thank you Zen Leaf

  49. Kg89

    Great energy and a awesome choices!

  50. lamb136

    By far the best shop that I have shopped at. Staff is more than helpful, I would recommend this place of business to anyone I know.

  51. poster_nutbag

    My new spot. Very cool, modern dispensary. Friendly staff with excellent service (shout out Michael) no wait time in the comfortable lobby. Will definitely be back.

  52. puffdaddie66

    Fabulous flowers, friendly staff, fast service….I shop here frequently and the quality and quantity of the products are always outstanding! The budtenders really know their stuff and are always pleasant AND i haven’t waited more than a couple minutes to be serviced!!!

  53. Doctor_Ron

    This is my “go to” dispensary. They have a wide-ranging selection of products at reasonable prices. In addition, the budtenders are knowledgeable and friendly, and they have a good rewards program.

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