13971 North Cleveland Avenue, North Fort Myers, FL 33903


26.6661167, -81.8901373




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Trulieve is a Fort Myers Medical Marijuana Dispensary Open as of November 14, 2017

Trulieve is dedicated to helping qualifying Fort Myers patients achieve an improved quality of life thanks to the natural healing of medicinal cannabis. Fully compliant with Amendment 2, Trulieve’s dispensary provides a safe space for medical marijuana patients to learn about their medicine and experience the best in Florida’s caregiving services. Trulieve invites patients to access pharmaceutical-grade cannabis and empathetic, respectful care at the new Fort Myers dispensary.

Trulieve’s founding team traversed through many decades of medical and horticultural experience to combine their collective expertise and create Trulieve in 2014. The group was licensed as one of Florida’s first cannabis dispensing organizations to provide low-THC marijuana to patients diagnosed with a terminal condition. When Amendment 2 passed in 2016, Trulieve received one of a handful of licenses to provide patients full-THC cannabis therapies. The team opened dispensary locations across Florida, and the Fort Myers location is the newest to join Trulieve’s reputation of cannabis excellence.

The patient care specialists at Trulieve welcome visitors with open arms and a smile. Each staff member takes their time with guests, listening to their specific concerns and tailoring a medical cannabis strategy to suit their needs. Trulieve’s well-lit and comfortable dispensary atmosphere sets patients at ease. The openness encourages guests to ask questions and take charge of their medical marijuana journey. Trulieve partners with both physicians and patients to ensure consistent successful cannabis relief for every patient.

Trulieve’s cultivation center employs the most advanced industry standards and state-of-the-art techniques to cultivate and formulate their medical marijuana. Their selection of cannabis caters to a wide range of particular patient issues, such as nausea, chronic pain, epilepsy, and muscles spasms. Trulieve-Fort Myers dispenses various ratios of Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD marijuana therapies in different consumption methods. Patients love Trulieve’s more discreet and portable vaporizer cartridges and batteries. Others who prefer longer-lasting relief enjoy Trulieve’s pre-filled oil syringes and capsules designed for oral ingestion. In compliance with Florida law, Trulieve sends all cannabis to a certified testing facility.

Patients may use either cash or card to purchase medical marijuana at Trulieve. The Fort Myers location welcomes both walk-in visitors and schedules private appointments for one-on-one consultations. Trulieve’s dispensary features plentiful parking with ADA accessible spaces available.

Service Locations:
Trulieve-Fort Myers lies just off of South Tamiami Trail, adjacent to the Lakes Regional Park. The dispensary offers cannabis respite for Cypress Lake, Harlem Heights, Pine Manor, and Villas residents. Trulieve caters to Page Park, Whiskey Creek, McGregor and Cape Coral residents with discretion and care. Gateway, Miromar Lakes, San Carlos Park and Iona residents will find effective medical marijuana at Trulieve. From Punta Rassa to Buckingham, Trulieve will serve any qualifying patient with respect, care, and the highest quality cannabis.

Location Information:
Fort Myers is Lee County’s seat, located on the southern bank of the Caloosahatchee River. The city is home to a large number of cultural and historical attractions, such as the Edison & Ford Winter Estates and gardens. The Burroughs Home and Gardens is another one of several Georgian-era estates-turned-museum in the region. The Edison Mall serves as an enclosed super-regional shopping center with five department stores and hundreds of smaller retailers. Outdoor lovers also frequent Centennial Park’s walking trails and public art displays.


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41 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. Esavery

    Very friendly staff. Some consultants don’t seem to know about different strains and be able to make recommendations

  2. austinbour

    I am quite impressed with the professionalism. I didn’t know what to expect upon arriving at this location. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. The product is excellent, providing immediate relief. I felt very welcome here and the atmosphere is great.

  3. Shadalee

    The professionalism displayed by the front reception area to those working in the back dispensing the products is evident walking into the dispensary. My only regret is the sign in location is a bit awkward to get to if using a walker or a scooter.

  4. Rassabossa

    This place always has a very long line. I am not going to wait an hour to spend money. Hire more workers or lose customers. I doubt I will be back.

  5. Topkatt

    Horrible, the delivery aEURoeKidsaEUR were strange, the seal was broken on the vile and the contents leaks out and the 600 ML was more like 20 ML when I opened it. Called 4 times, left 3 emails and no return call for over a week. Was told to order and they would replace, I then reordered and they called and said they need to cancel the order they are out of stock and don’t know when they will have stock again. Piss poor company!

  6. BlackswanTx

    Excellent location. Easy to get to.

  7. pastorjamesgillespie

    I have had happened to me twice in a row to have ordered a product or two, to print a confirmation, and then take steps to procure only to be told that the order was not filled. The first time I was told that I was to be compensated for my time and expense, I do live a distance from the store, that compensation seemingly got overlooked during the totaling up of my bill with product that was only a substitute for the non-filled order. he second time, whilst being saved by a timely phone call, from driving the distance in, the order made was filling a need, I am a patient if anyone forgot, and therefore I took no action to ensure its procurement from any outlet, be it your company or another. So when told that my ordeer cannot be filled for the second time after the web site showed, sold, confirmed my purchase, yes, I am inclined to think that I am in line for more than a aplogy. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, Scott, the store’s manager, A great asset to you but I find blame elsewhere, at the website and then the tying of hands of the manager in limiting him in what he can do to appease the disappointed customer. I have spend close to $7,000 with you guys and its not even one year to date. I have brought you several customers via my personal recommend and testimony at my mission. I am a pastor, my wife as well. And a disabled veteran. Decorated. The 10% off is great, no lie, its great, but I use an ungodly amount of THC and CBD and its cost LEGALLY is killing our home budget.

  8. SupHaden

    Very fast paced once you are in the back room it feels like a fast food line where you wait in a line 3 deep to go to the register. The products have been a lot of trial and error because I don’t think you have enough info once you are there. Should definitely order online ahead of time after you do your research if you really want to use it for medical benefits here.

  9. jonathannash733

    Great staff! Convenient! I’m a TRULIEVER!

  10. Hayley22

    This was my first visit to the dispensary. I am a total novice. I felt rushed and I felt like I was not given much of a selection of the tincture. Perhaps I’m reading it differently than what is true life. I expected a little more patient privacy but felt like I was at a Starbucks counter with every one talking at once.

    The stopper top in the THC was broken so it was a struggle to remove. My husband found a dropper from one of his topical oils which at least fits well enough to keep me from spilling the product.

    On the positive side my wait time was a lot less than what I expected.

  11. jshonecker

    Great people very knowledgeable

  12. kimalyce

    Superior customer service. Due to Florida Government they struggle to keep up with demand. Really good products

  13. HighRepublican

    Its a great setup close to the house . The staff are freindly and know there stuff . When we get use of flower and edibles it might be tight and a long wait. For right now its great

  14. just10b87

    This is one of the nicest and best place to get all your meds friendly. Good Quality at good price. AAA+

  15. brian2177b

    This is the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. It’s always something. I can’t wait to see them close for good. I shop elsewhere now.

  16. PhillyGoat80

    This place has potential for being amazing, good product and a lot to choose from BUT and that’s a huge Butt!! The place is run by an absolutely incompetent staff. I have made online orders that get pulled and re-sold, told products were available at the store and wait for 2 hours to be told they are sold out! Absolute Joke and such a shame! When you can figure out a traffic flow that isn’t like the DMV and can manage inventory a little better I may come back!

  17. Reyna4556

    Great Service

  18. PuntaGordaChris

    This is a great location for medical needs. Best staff and greatly helpful. Now I can feel like myself, with their top shelf.

  19. corry62683

    stopped in today…as always a great experience…with thier amazing budtender courtney

  20. exoticplants78

    Life changing….. finally can sleep deep with this new strain they carry called Do-si-dos. I purchased the TruStik. best purchase… If you can afford the top shelf TruStik its worth the money.

  21. Ziggy6717

    Nice location!

    Shy & Randy are always helpful, polite and know what’s up. Also, I got a tip on something new today. ‘Gorilla Grapes’ (Ggp).

    I’m a 9# Hammer guy. But, this was worth the try! I would definitley add it to my rotation. It’s good to keep your body guessing just a ‘little’ bit.

    I would recomend if you are working your way up to something more powerful and if you suffer from PTSD/Chronic pain as I do. It’s probably great for other things, too. Check the spectrum!!

    You guys are great! Hire me. I can be had.

  22. Captain72

    location fine

  23. wbezell

    This location is still young and growing but the potential for astronomical greatness is there and thriving! Courtney and Greg are some names that come to mind and they are so well informed and understanding about their product that if you are a new consumer, you don’t need to worry. Just get in there and ask questions. The center is clean and comfortable, the staff is welcoming and ready to assist and educate. Really happy these guys are just down the road!

  24. TheGreenIguana

    aEURoeThis is a great location for medical needs. Best staff and greatly helpful. Now I can feel like myself, with their top shelf.aEUR

  25. Raceparts

    Great Location. Friendly staff. Felt a little rushed though.

  26. cborski1001

    I do like the location I do but I do wish it was closer to me or closer to Punta Gorda


    I think it’s a fair location although a bit far for me personally. I don’t think this is a negative because it allows a broader audience to benefit from its locale. The atmosphere is still a little tense because this is all fairly new to everyone.

    The service is great. Very friendly people to welcome you and ease you out of the slight intimidation of buying marijuana from a store. The front office person has a gun on her so no stealing or fear of being robbed. They do run low on a lot of items (nearest location for most of SWFL) but they have a list upfront where it shows what’s in stock and isn’t at the moment. I wish that one day they can implement this in their app or regular website.

    Their quality will more than make you smile, it’ll keep you wanting more. Coming from flower only and going into oils I was hesitant. Expect a clear high. Expect lots of coughing (at first). And be mindful of how much you’re consuming. They also offer concentrates and pills and a whole bunch of other stuff to keep you well medicated.

    Be safe and explore all the strains!

  28. Neuronerd

    Bad area of town. Better employees now. Great management. Great deals.

  29. pat90volt

    Still new enough that patients and staff are learning the ropes.
    Improved application now shows in stock or not, usually not.
    The more popular the product (e.g., shatter) the quicker it sells out within hours.
    Very nice helpful a~…CONCENTRATE TENDERSa~… here.
    Looking forward to seeing enough product for all patients instead of racing to the dispensary for the popular items. Check your a~…doctors recommendationa~… before showing up only to find that you are out of milligrams.

  30. jnassberg

    Had a great experience at this location. The staff was very knowledgeable about all the products and were very helpful. Especially Cortney, Greg and JJ, they went above and beyond.

  31. Cowgirl731

    Small office setting. Not enough space to sit and wait.Felt rushed to pick from a very limited selection. Will try other dispensaries and their stock. Why pay all this money when the product doesn’t work? Only a few Indiga varieties. That’s what I need.

  32. mjane419

    I ordered some shatter and it came in a plastic container rather than the usual wax paper.Well the shatter sticks to the container.Lost a lot of product.You need to change the packaging.Ive spent a lot of money there and this is not right.Ive heard other complaints as well.Not happy.I have recommend you to so many people.Now we have other options available.Please look into this.Thanks

  33. Jills222

    This location is the first dispensary I have been to in Florida and it was very clean and the staff in the front room were very nice. The only few things that I would really like would have the room a bit warmer and the other would have this dispensary in Naples. The back room is very clean and professional and very helpful and very informative. I have been in many different dispensaries in California and Colorado and they are very similar with the exception of the state of Florida won’t allow flower for sale nor a separate room for smoking or vaping or any delivery method for patients to have the opportunity to meet other people who are verifiably there and thus able to meet new friends that have multiple theater chairs and many multiple types of sterile paraphernalia for the patients to try as well as showing movies on large screen TV’s in the smoking room (cigarettes not allowed). I believe that when Florida eventually comes to their senses and allow flowers to be legalized, this particular dispensary is a top notch environment that needs to open a store in Naples. I intend on continued loyalty to this dispensary! Thank you to all of the wonderful staff members there today! Jill

  34. tese

    Great location and the staff is very friendly and knows the product very well.

  35. Elev8d_Asiianess

    This was my first visit at a dispensary as a new patient. They greeted me and had a cold air waiting room which was comfortable before going to the back and being helped and consulted with me about my prescription. They are a good dispensary but the prices are a bit expensive. You get what you pay for when needing good medicine for chronic pain. I made sure to use the discounts and promo deals they had happening for a new patient order. For my next purchase I will be ordering online through them instead of coming to the dispensary and items not be in stock as I drive a distance away from here.

  36. Terrylynn456

    Clean and quiet. It was easy and very fast.

  37. PhilipTheGreat

    First time I went, it was 10 min before closing and there was no line. I was accommodated with a very personal experience. Second time I went at like 2:30pm and it was packed, had a long wait, no more water in the lobby, a rushed “hurry up and buy” feel. I would shop here again.

  38. Spaztastiq

    Terrible service. They don’t know what they have in their inventory or what to do with it. Their prices are astronomical compared to recreational prices across the country…they will not hold your orders so you will drive out to North Fort Myers for nothing most times. They only want to make money off of deliveries and priority orders. They are currently trying to sell an herb vaporizer that’s worth $150 for $750..Somebody please get us a real dispensary…

  39. rob.eisner

    Didnt care for the long wait, but once in Carter was amazing with explaining to this newbie. Loved his passion and knowledge.

  40. A239

    Very caring and helpful staff. Quality products.

  41. UpSoHigh

    First visit to this location. They were efficient, friendly and knowledgable. They made the experience for a new, less experienced user, more approachable. Thank you!

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