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10169 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21042


39.2791795, -76.862792




9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


9:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Nature’s Medicines is Ellicott City’s premier state of the art dispensary, excited to offer MD Medical Cannabis Patients quality flower priced at just $10, $12 and $15 per gram and "Top Shelf" eighths for $50 EVERYDAY served in a aEURoeDeli StyleaEUR fashion.
Deli Style means you no longer need to worry about pre-packed weight restrictions, you can request any custom weight of flower you desire within your state limit!

Right off US-40 E/Baltimore National Pike, Nature’s Medicines Ellicott City Dispensary is now open to serve Maryland patients both in-store and through our online pickup.

10169 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Facebook / Instagram : @Naturesmedsmd



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59 reviews for “Nature’s Medicines

  1. MillardBell

    Very nice place, everyone that was working there was very nice and friendly. They explained everything about the store and how it’s set up. Awesome place and awesome people.

  2. Bhoppel420

    Awesome place travel from Annapolis every two-3 weeks for my high quality flour at the best price

  3. Ijahman

    This place already top of the game they have for we some the best herb I ever had in my life and for a good price aoeS dY+tmdY+tmdY+tmdY+tm big up

  4. Ckinnear

    Love this place!!

  5. 4moptopz

    My 1st visit to this dispensary today. My Budtender (Dave) was great! we discussed how Terpenes effect the THC and their property’s. I already had a good understanding of what they were, but I must say, I still learned some things I didn’t know.

    I love the Deli style instead of pre-packaged. Watched as stems were snipped away so that what I got was was a total ounce of buds and no stems.


  6. happygamer94

    Great place for service and bud plus the staff is the best here

  7. Mark.peightel2

    92A–CD and Garlic Cookies. If your looking to treat yourself to something better than your everyday smoke, you wont be disappointed.

  8. SporadicGlitter

    Great selection and presentation, low prices, helpful and friendly staff.

  9. Kimbononice88

    this is my first time going into the dispensary i loved it the guy that helped me was very nice and gave me all the information i needed thank you

  10. Dinaron2

    Staff was professional and friendly. The quality to the leaf I bought was fine, about what I expected. However, I was a bit disappointed in the 1/8 of Blue Cheese since it was shake and a bit stemmy. Not a huge nit, and the GGG was good.

  11. Solano3090

    Really enjoy coming to nature’s becuase of the awesome customer service. the specials are always good too especially no tax tuesday. I would definitely recommend this place to all medical patient’s.

  12. JWilly11

    Very friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable about what would be best for me . Amazing deals constantly and great selection of products. Everything has a description to it so you know what you’re purchasing . I come here a couple times a week .

  13. SmileTimeAbuser

    Be careful with your information. They will break HIPAA to protect their star rating.

  14. AaronIRUN

    Nature’s Medcine is the best medical cannabis facilities in the state of Maryland. I was helped by SHANNON, she was very nice and she knew alot about cannabis. She was probably one of the managers there because I never spoke to a Budtender with so much knowledge and insight. All around great experience and Shannin made it better.

  15. Eggert86

    They were so kind, inviting and knowledgeable. Even the other customers were cheerful. The displays are awesome and emoji coded too. I thought it was funny. Never going to another shop.

  16. Amabe47

    Very professional atmosphere, Rob helped me out by giving me a tour and personally helping me make my purchases when he heard it was my first time in the store. Will definitely be coming here often.

  17. Jadunfuckedup

    MARYLANDS BEST DISPENSARY,this place is off the hook. They’re like a boutique hotel lobby meets an apple showroom and they have like 100 strains !!!
    Definitely my new favorite

  18. Jorge398

    I think this location is one of the best in the west phoenix area

  19. cfisch08

    Best dispensary in the state of MD. I have yet to encounter anyone who has their pricing. Setup was perfect. One wall of $10 grams, another of $12 grams, then another of $15 grams. All your major growers in Maryland. $45 grams of Culta shatter…Um yes please. Atmosphere was super schwank. Every single person had a smile on their face and was super friendly. Will most likely be the only dispensary I visit until others in the state can match their pricing.

  20. ElfQueen

    Love this dispensary!! Exceptional service and I love their gorilla glue. Their budtenders know their strains and whatever the pain, they can definitely hel

  21. Steph7588

    This location has an awesome set up. I was very upset that I drove 45 minutes to find out that the budder I drove from wasn’t 25 like the menu stated and the space dust wasn’t 15 as stated in the menu. I even called beforehand and got the pricing on liberty products before I came! Not to mention they didn’t have any of the stuff I came for as the menu was not up to date. You guys have to do better with all the people working you should keep up on your menu! Disappointed is an understatement.

  22. wilcobangs

    Excellent service great job patients professional and funny .would come to this location just for the service alone GREAT JOB ROBERT GREAT SERVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sarahwv

    I love this dispensary! By far the best- excellent service (thanks, Ana!)! Clean, super selection and a beautiful atmosphere.

  24. leolion811

    Whoa!! I was overwhelmed when I walked in since this was my first time but Rob took care of me 100%. He led me throughout the entire process – he knows the product! And a beautiful smile too! Ask for Rob!! I felt like a kid in a candy storedY~Z

  25. Jazzyb1007

    Nature medicine is one of my favorite places to come. The people are very nice and I always get what I am looking for dY~S

  26. Prince.Ricochet

    First I want to start and say that this location is gorgeous! Think of a Apple Store that sells cannabis everything is organized and labeled well. There’s a ton of space to move around and it’s well lit. Leather couches, flat screens, and a snack area. It’s the best dispensary I’ve walked into.

    The receptionist was very nice and personable, she actually seemed happy to be there and that she liked her job. After waiting for about 45 seconds I was brought back and given a tour of the space by the GM.

    Everyone who works there is so nice, look like they have fun a work, and are glad to help people find that perfect match of Nature’s Medicine.

  27. Samiam8809

    My girlfriend and I come here all the time. All the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Prices are the lowest around. Everything is good quality. We love shopping here and definitely recommend stopping in to check it out for yourself.

  28. Nessamarie88

    Best staff, very friendly and knowledgeable. I love the quality of their products. The prices are some of the best in Az.

  29. GuytDaMan21

    Nature’s Medicines is by far the best dispensary I’ve visited! Great quality and selection of flowers. NO GRAM OVER $15!!! The flower isn’t pre packaged Which is great for the consumer. Robert was very helpful and if we knew each other outside of the dispensary I’m pretty sure we’d be friends that’s how well the customer service is here! Def will refer a friend and I will be back this week!!!

  30. Dsullivan78

    Staff was awesome. saw the process. prices super good!

  31. ColenCrunk

    this place is awesome they have good meds an helpful and friendly staff an I recommend coming here. animal face is dY”Y=.

  32. willowadvocacy

    The overall atmosphere was amazing! I’m impressed with the Staff, they were so nice to work with!

  33. Rudy9388

    they always have great prices.always so friendly.really helpful.

  34. Memphistn

    NM..Is always worth the trip way across AZ..they keep da potent medicine to fit your needs fasho..Gotta love that place dY’OEdY’dY’a

  35. Rbaked88

    Cannabis and crabdcakes hat guy here. Love your 180 ounces and you always have the liberty rso capsules in stock. Add more indicas to the 180 ounce list please Andy! You all rock, so professional, such great personalities and they are educational. Andy will do anything to make the customers visit good.

  36. TylerPacy

    Awesome staff. Flower selection is amazing. Shatter 3/100 is clutch. Andrew is awesome

  37. Irishbulldog

    Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable & friendly staff. Best dispensary in a wide area. Worth the drive of 30 miles. Deli style without the prepackaged disappointments. Great flowers & HUGE selection at all price points on all types of concentrates, carts & more. My go to spot now. I pass 5 dispensaries on my way there. Beautiful facility with parking. Great shop for new patients & connoisseurs. Best every day deals around. Not only certain days. A+. Keep up the great work!

  38. YassssCannabas

    Uhm this place is perfect. Like they aren’t even fully stocked and already have more than most places. They have such a great selection of bud and they trim ANYTHING off for you. If you haven’t been to a deli style dispensary before, come here and see the perks of it. Also they have tons of coffee and tea and snacks and everyone is super friendly!! Plus the decor in this place is amazing. It looks like Joanna Gaines designed this place, it’s so homey but so chic and modern. This place is definitely a one of a kind dispensary and there’s no reason to go elsewhere.

  39. Jaepalm27

    The best around. From the service to the setup. Terpene profile cards on display next to each strain sample (dozens of them) and you can’t find a cheaper 1/8 around!

  40. jcopek

    Love this place!! Best selection , service and prices around. Rob is the man and will help you find exactly what you need !! Thanks again Rob.

  41. Eternalpain

    Good selection, good prices, good service what more do you need thanks playas!

  42. Sethbat

    Very chill. you can walk around and browse as long as you want with no pressure. Staff is very helpful and genuinely seem happy to just talk with you about their products. Prices are beyond fair and are only rivaled by sales prices at other dispensaries. I just walked out the door of my first visit and its already my favorite spot.

  43. 1hundred

    great quality!! In my Top 3.
    A little far but worth it!!

  44. Xpineapple

    Loved the place

  45. monkey121001

    Their Sativa selection is off the hook; great location. Super friendly staff.

  46. Sharp1337

    Great place for buying flower at pretty good every day prices. The rest(shatter, mints, carts, tinctures)is pretty much priced the same as everywhere else. This will be my go to for flower but I like dispensaries with reward programs for purchasing other products. Deals do draw me in to various dispensaries and allow me to try different medicines at reasonable costs.

  47. TheCrunks

    came here today an I have to say Luna is super sweet an knows her stuff. I look forward to having her help me again with my medication next time

  48. HowardCountyHappy

    Every visit is a profound experience with experts that share your passion on a level you don’t find every day. The staff is ultra friendly and are eager to assist and suggest. Curb appeal and inside decor and atmosphere is above and beyond better than any other Dispensary in the area. It’s worth your drive to go to Nature’s Medicine, they will earn your repeat business and never hurt the wallet. Always quality, every visit, every time!
    If you don’t walk out better than when you walked in, it’s your own fault.

  49. PandaBearLove1996

    Chrishtina was amazingly helpful. She helped my day better. and she put a smile on my face and she very pretty

  50. ouijamacc5768

    love this place it was my second dispensary and I wont go to another one prices r the best in town

  51. disairi

    Great dispensary! Very nice displays and set up. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. They have a great variety of strains. Definitely going back.

  52. horde011

    Really like this dispensary. Everyone is very friendly and the deals are the best in the area. Highly recommend taking the trip. It’s totally worth it!

  53. AmandaCP

    I’ve been to multiple dispensaries throughout Maryland and this is by far the best. The atmosphere here is welcoming from the second you walk in. Excellent selection and even better prices. Ana is the best budtender at natures medicine. She is so friendly and knowledgeable. My favorite person to see when I come in!

  54. Jpfrantziv

    First visit and I loved it. The selection is awesome and the prices are even better. Love the feel and atmosphere here. The customer service was outstanding as well. Even though I’ve only been there once, it’s already one of my favorite dispensary’s . Highly recommend!

  55. rccsr85

    this place is amazing they have such a vision and such a great bunch of people working there I love the energy I love the fact of the people and had the way everything set up I will go here all the time and you can’t beat the prices

  56. courtneysheileen

    Love my tender Mike for always taking the time to make sure my order is right. I stop in on my weekends to stock up and the vibe is always on point. Always come here for my meds.

  57. Staafen2

    Great little place that’s located not to far from home! Great prices and amazing atmosphere. I’d definetly recommend any first time patients to at least visit this dispensory

  58. twells400

    actually sitting waiting to enter smells amazing even before I stepped in

  59. Kirkleton

    BEST dispensary in the STATE


    Every cannabis product in the state is here

    No worries at natures medicines

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