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702 Pulaski Highway, Joppa, MD 21085


39.4301564, -76.3520962




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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RISE joppa is a Harford County Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Rise is honored to deliver their award-winning, nationally-trusted marijuana services and products to medical marijuana patients in Joppa and throughout Maryland. Passionate about helping patients access a natural alternative to achieve health and relief, RISE Joppa dedicates all efforts to allowing patients safe, educational access to the best quality medical cannabis options.

History: RISE got their start as a team of compassionate people who saw the tremendous healing potential marijuana had to offer suffering patients. Their founders welcomed the opportunity to help patients access the medicine they needed to get by – especially in the face of harmful or addictive opioid treatments. Operating across the country in several medically legal states, RISE is proud to be among the vanguard of medical cannabis dispensaries serving the Harford County and Maryland patient community. Their care specialist team strives to be valuable additions to their community, and as such RISE participates in many community events and hosts educational sessions to better their patients’ cannabis knowledge.To RISE, everything centers on improving their patients’ lives. A single story of a patient’s happy relief makes everything worth it.

Staff: RISE’s team of care specialists are utterly committed to helping patients access the cannabis care they need.They’ll take the time to welcome new visitors, ensuring they’re comfortable and gaining a detailed understanding of their situation. Then, RISE will work with each person to find an optimal cannabis solution, tracking future visits and the marijuana medicine’s success to see what does or doesn’t work. RISE’s staff wants every patient to feel comfortable in their Joppa dispensary, and their welcoming facility is designed to be open and inviting. Always striving to do right by their guests, RISE Joppa will take as much time as needed to offer patients a successful treatment and thorough cannabis education.

Menu: Working with Maryland marijuana providers, RISE aims to provide a robust and reasonably priced cannabis selection to their dispensary customers. They carry flower, concentrates, vaporizers, and topicals, with plan to expand their marijuana range as the Maryland cannabis market grows. RISE’s goal is to partner with as many vendors as possible and refine their product offerings to meet the specific needs of their cannabis patients. In addition to their marijuana selection, RISE will offer a modest sampling of pipes, rolling papers, and other consumption accessories. All cannabis products are lab tested for purity before landing on RISE joppa’s shelves.

At the start, RISE will accept cash only for marijuana purchases. Their Joppa dispensary offers veterans, seniors, and industry professionals a 10% discount with valid identification.

Curious marijuana patients can connect with Rise over Facebook, Weedmaps, Twitter, Instagram or email. Both walk-ins and scheduled appointments are welcome, and Rise-Joppa’s dispensary houses plenty of ADA compliant parking. Service Locations: Joppa patients can find Rise between Fenton Street and the central Georgia Avenue, located next to ServPro and C&H Auto and Muffler. They welcome Maryland marijuana patients from Downtown Baltimore, Aberdeen, Edgewood and all surrounding areas of Harford County. All medical marijuana patients in Maryland are welcome at their facility.

Location Information: Joppa, Maryland, was founded in the 18th century as Joppa Town and located in Harford County. Located adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, Joppa offers both land-based and water-based activities for the traveler and resident alike. Boasting close proximity to both Baltimore and Philadelphia, Joppa serves as a central location in Harford County where patients can find cannabis relief at Rise’s dispensary.


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26 reviews for “RISE Joppa

  1. Dalethomas3528

    Great staff

  2. milkycereal

    pricey compared to other local dispensaries. didnt offer a rewords program on first visit. most products are sealed for purchase. not much to be able to view/smell awesome staff.

  3. wLtG

    Have been to this dispensary twice and big times my consultants (Jennifer and I think, Jessica) were not just incredibly knowledgeable they also have their customer service skills maxed. Have been to a few other shops where the employees were either knowledgeable + arrogant or rude or lacked the skills to guide me to appropriate treatments.

    Rise employees knowledge, experience + personality = happy customers.

  4. Toke_N_Chill

    Awesome customer service and selection!

  5. Bradleycmeyers

    Good people good prices

  6. Karzec

    My Budtender, Elliott, was excellent! He was extremely knowledgeable and answered many questions without hesitation. He was also very pleasant and personable. He made the experience fun and comfortable.

  7. TheButterfly420

    I absolutely love the environment and the people are so kind,helpful and knowledgeable about the product they sell

  8. Nitemirror

    Love the staff! They always make me feel at home.

  9. Ron5682

    Great place and helpful staff.

  10. Legalcannakid29

    Hey everyone!! This place is amazing and has amazing product with great pricing if u get more!! The deals are great as well!!! I leave with a smile everytime!!!! Just wish I would have signed up for the loyalty program….. and if someone from rise in joppa sees this…..my name is Eric Baker and I would love to sign up for the loyalty program please!!! Thanks and keep up the great work guys and gals at rise!!!

  11. anadams4

    RISE was such a great first dispensary experience–the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they explained each of the cannabis consumption methods to me so I could understand how the products worked. I will definitely be back soon!

  12. DailyBlunt

    So glad to not have to drive to get to another medical dispensary. The staff there was very knowledgeable and friendly. The prices were a bit high compared to others but the quality and service were both top notch. I will be returning!

  13. JBHulaGirl

    Rise Joppa! you guys are the best and MY go to location. Everyone is very nice and your stock is impressive. Keep up the great work.

  14. lsprin4

    People are friendly, some are real savvy and helpful. Prices a little high, deals are not often or good enough. Products usually of good quality, moderate selection of products, could use some new strains. Location is big plus, but building is quite small and cramped tho nicely decorated. B-/C+

  15. HCT56

    All new business struggles and it appears Rise has some real problems. Good luck.

  16. Wickedcoastal

    I couldn’t be happier with Rise Joppa, the professionalism and care that the Budtenders show each patient is par to none. Once on a Friday the statewide system went down (as it always does on Fridays) there were several of us in the lobby who wanted to wait it out so this awesome company ordered a stack of pizzas and had them delivered so everyone waiting had dinner…. above and beyond, I love this place !

  17. Lunchbox1515

    Love the location, staff was great…just wish they had their deals on Leafly.

  18. Shecreature

    They need a better pick up system.

  19. ruby2x2

    Well informed staff, who are very helpful and friendly.

  20. wizardfive

    Love the product

  21. JSeeders420

    Rise Joppa was a great experience. Their staff are very knowledgeable and helped me a great deal. I will be returning to Rise soon

  22. LMBL18

    Easy sign in for first time customers. Waiting area was slightly cramped (on a Friday late afternoon) but the front desk clerk was super friendly and fast at processing the paperwork. Once they let you in to the point of sale area….wooooowww! I was very impressed by the one-on-one customer service!!!! I was seated at the glass display counter with a knowledgeable and confident bud-tender. She welcomed me and asked some questions about my dosing preferences and level of comfort. I really appreciated this because it showed that she cared about her job and me as a patient. I selected a tincture from The Feel Collection called Feel Relaxed (indica) because she said other patients with my needs had success with it. I found it to have a pleasant and mild taste. The packaging states that it’s a aEURoepathway to peacefulnessaEUR, and it absolutely lived up to that expectation. Highly recommended for micro-dosing. I also asked her to surprise me with a pre-roll and she selected Air Force One by gLeaf. Great quality, also highly recommend, VERY high odor, mild unoffending taste. Thanks Rise

  23. markfafa

    Ventured a 45 min ride to this place to get something only to find out that it is not in stock and they are to dumb to update there site blaming weedmaps. yet it is 2 days later and it is still NOT off there page. so whatever this category this falls under i want no stars. most do there shopping online before we buy. but it seems that rise doesn’t gas.

  24. Beefyt

    excellent service always willing to help and go above and beyond quality is excellent now offering deli style cannot beat this prices are excellent

  25. Dr-21085

    Incredibly professional and thorough operation. After it became known that I was not only a first time dispensary visit but also my first visit to Rise, I was showered with t-shirts, stickers, discounts, and attention. The budtender was incredibly patient with me as I asked probably 1,000 questions. I left with not only a great product but a wealth of knowledge as well. I think this will be the only one I ever visit!

  26. RKBUDS

    Definitely was not what I was expecting but walked out in love with the place and the people they are friendly and knowledgeable and had no hesitation in sharing their knowledge unlike some dispensaries that just want you in and outI thought that I left with good products gain that knowledge and of course the game friendship with their friendly staff

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