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8340 South Roberts Road, Justice, IL 60458


41.7390828, -87.818813




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Monday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Thursday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Windy City Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at locations throughout south and southwest Cook County. Our mission is to provide our patients with industry-leading service, products, and education.


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54 reviews for “Windy City Cannabis

  1. seehofer

    Their variety is HUGE! Huge I tell ya! I am truly lucky to have this dispensary. World class “budtenders” too.

  2. Badmoose

    New medical patient and had my first visit here recently. They were very ftiendly, patient with my questions, knowledgeable about the product offerings, and helpful. It was a great experience.

  3. robmorales

    Personally think they should hold off on a few strains that may sit there for a little while. But overall love the options in different strains.

  4. highlife1972

    the dispensary is in a busy, well-lit mini mall with bullet proof glass and layers of security to get in so I felt really safe. Products and employees all top notch too.

  5. HairKnife

    So happy to welcome Medical Cannabis in Illinois!

    The associates at Windy City Cannabis were compassionate and kind. They could not have been more knowledgeable or interested in making me an informed customer. Highly recommended. Pun intended.

  6. thebongsong

    Coming into Windy City always makes my day, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. They have a great variety of products and the staff is friendly/ helpful. Thanks!

  7. billhill

    Everything and everyone one was great but the prices are way too high hope that it comes down sometime soon

  8. gochibuds

    i was at this location before their worth location opened up…gotta say that if worth wasn’t down the street from me, justice would be my 2nd choice! ren and brittan’i call me from time to time to check up on me, such sweethearts 🙂

    windy city cannabis hands down the warmest experience i’ve had, can’t express how thankful i am for them after my previous dispensary visit

  9. moonstar11187

    The manger wren is very nice and extremely knowledgable. The area is very safe is a well light strip mall with plenty of parking. I just wish they had sales like my last dispensary( which I loved but was a lot further) . They have weekly specials but they can be a hit or miss as to a good value , and are also very limited. However that’s the extent of my complaining. The facility , it’s staff and its location, are all top notch

  10. XanderFrost

    A large selection of strains, oils, tinctures, concentrates, edibles, they have it all. Staff is fantastic, very friendly and approachable and take their time assisting the patients. There’s pretty much always some kind of sale going on as well. If you live close to this dispensary I definitely recommend it.

  11. JacobMaier

    I wish I could go there and buy weed but unfortunately i can’t dY~”

  12. FrostyXog

    The staff was really nice. I enjoyed that the place was well kept and comfortable. The prices are a little steep, but the deals make up for it.

  13. SirViky

    Really like this place. Everyone is pretty cool and helpful and more importantly, patient.

    I do wish they were opened Sunday, posted their prices on WeedMaps or their site. Also, I wished they would post their full specials or send it to us via email, or perhaps their daily menu (since it varies)

    I see that they email specials, but it’s for the week, and it’s usually two items, but when I do arrive, the specials are much more than that.

    Anyway, still a great place!

  14. mister28

    This dispensary is great with an awesome staff!

  15. eazybreezy4

    Wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but was pleasantly surprised when I visited Windy City. Everyone was warm, welcoming and patient with my questions. See you again soon

  16. redhd2di4

    As a fairly new connoisseur at an older age there is so much to learn and the staff is beyond accommodating, knowledgeable and patient. The varied inventory goes well beyond what anyone could possibly want so no worries finding what you need. The discounts and loyalty program help immensely considering insurance doesn’t cover these meds but oh so much better than dealing with the prescriptions and their side effects! Now if only they had something to stop the munchies instead of bringing them on! Lol

  17. budsaldrin

    Clean and friendly and helpful!

  18. Amstymike

    When you first walk in you are greeted by some of the nicest people that work in the industry!
    The selection is huge and they now have a loyalty program and it adds up quick. I got a free eighth when I cashed in my points. The staff is very knowledgeable about all the different strains they carry, and they will spend time with you and won’t push something on you that you don’t want/need!!
    Prices can be steep at times for their “top shelf” products. But they are always running some type of sale you just don’t see it here on Leafly because of the amount of products they have. And they change daily.
    All in all Windy City Cannabis is the #1 dispensaries in the Chicago suburbs! You Guy’s Rock!!

  19. CatsRPeople2

    I am really happy at this dispensary. The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. They listen to what my needs are and make excellent recommendations and haven’t steered me wrong. Seems like there is always some type of deal going on which is great. They are happy to answer any questions I may have or fix any issues in an understanding and caring way. Most of the stuff they carry can be researched on Leafly. The waiting area is well decorated and comfortable and there are pamphlets around to learn more about strains and components. I trust them as professionals plus it’s like visiting my peeps. This is my dispensary for sure dY~o

  20. LouisR1982

    I appreciate your patience and look forward to learning more and trying new products each visit. I feel like I’m in good hands at this dispensary. More places like this and less prescips!

  21. tkc2k4

    My first time at the dispensary and the staff was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable of their products. Can not wait to go back again!

  22. bigdaddy06

    Love this place. The best crew and always a great selection to chose from. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  23. Gelato420

    Awesome staff. Like they really do care and that’s amazing.

  24. Jamie6058

    Nice place. Close to where I live. No bull just what I need.

  25. Aaliamazing

    The staff is very helpful and everyone is so nice. I think I did get the wrong product for my first visit as I have no tolerance for THC and needed something with less THC but I guess this is trial and error in the beginning. I don’t like to feel high so I’m hoping to find something to alleviate my symptoms that won’t give me such a head high. Only time will tell.

  26. MrsTV

    I love Justice WCC. Chris, Alex, Ryan and Nakita are amazing. Went I first started going there in January, I could barely walk or stand for any period of time. They showed me what would work well for pain, both for daytime and night time. I can’t imagine life without them as they are all amazing. I even created my own facebook page to help inform others and remove the stigma of MMJ. I am finally living a functional life again. Thank you Justice WCC for being the best. follow me @MyJourneywithMJJ on facebook.

  27. Roxy75

    I hadn’t used marijuana since I was in college so I was nervous and overwhelmed by their menu. Wren and the other people working there were kind and helpful and walked me through the menu and I felt like I was in good hands. I didn’t feel like they only wanted my money. Their suggestions were all awesome and I finally feel some relief, thank you!

  28. waxonwaxoff2

    im mostly interested in wax so I was happy to see that they had a good assortment. stopped in last week and bought a dr dabber and some grams of wax that were all awesome (yem, Island sweet skunk and strawberry cough). be back when im done with these!

  29. Wes60525

    Easy and friendly staff.

  30. B611hoff

    Location is perfect for where I live. Don’t like the one customer at a time. I don’t like sitting and waiting. The last time I was there I didn’t get waited on for at least a 1/2 hour. They seem to know their products. Any kind of a discount would be appreciated. Senior, military, new business, anything.

  31. RussellS

    Excellent Dispensary. I like the fact that the same two sales people are always there every time I pay them a visit. Both are extremely friendly and very personable. The store has a good selection of cannabis products with new items coming in every few weeks.

  32. Linda1229

    I originally was assigned to a different dispensary. They don’t even come close to Justice!! The people at Justice are extremely friendly, well knowledged, very helpful (if you have any questions, they take the time to explain & guide you to what would be a better fit of what you need.) I strongly recommend ‘Windy City–Justice’ to everyone.

  33. ccorona

    I’ve been a cardholder for about 2 years and my foremost report on Windy City Cannabis is the outstanding service provided. Having been a casual smoker prior to attaining these benefits, I was entirely confused about the different types of ingestion methods and different products. I first met Ryan at the Worth location and have followed him now to the Justice location based entirely off his individualized attention to my medical needs. All of his recommendations where accurate relative to my physical needs and he and I even developed a plan on how to ingest and when to ingest any medication. Never once did I feel overwhelmed stepping into the dispensary knowing Ryan was available. Furthermore, his personality was contagious and even spread amongst his co-workers who similarly benefited from his presence. The company itself is incredible focused on the needs of the patients and employs individuals skilled in actual product knowledge and human compassion. I am forever grateful to have met Ryan and Alex who both respect the work they do and the individuals in whom they come into contact with. As far as strain recommendations, I prefer strains the multiply the force of gravity and keep me cemented such as gelato and brownie scout.

  34. PeaceLeafLumberjack

    Sooo…this place rubbed me the right way. I was able to get some quick and knowledgeable info right off the bat. The staff helped me choose from their selection and made certain they were correct in their suggestion before letting me go. I’ve been here twice so far and plan on returning soon. This is a great spot! Check it out!

  35. Thedabinskicode

    Alex answered all of my questions when I first walked in and when I got into the dispensary Wren was professional and very educated. I felt like I was in good hands. really happy to have this place down the street from me.

  36. BudBaby1414

    I’m so happy I made the switch to their Justice location. I started in Addison and moved to Midway because of the location but the ten extra minutes it takes to get to Windy City makes it worth it. I’ve done my research and have been a patient at 4 other dispensaries and nothing compares to the service and product selection they have. Wren and Alex were accommodating, kind bust most of all KNOWLEDGABLE. None of this get in get out-they take the time to talk through and listen to exactly what it is I need. Brava, and thank you!

  37. Lat2006

    going somewhat weekly I do my research ..but if I have some ??? Wren and Brittany are more than helpful… Kudos to you both !

  38. LosAngelesInTheChi

    My friend from around here recommend I stop in, so I did. I must say, I am loving the direction everything is going with dispensaries in general, and this one hit on all the points I look for in a spot. It was convenient, everyone was friendly and smiling, and I got excellent quality product. I’ll be back in fer sure.

  39. Trixie67

    I love “WCC” in Justice, this Dispensary is great. the staff is knowledgeable and patient, very very patient. lol
    They have a huge variety of in-stock items as well as a weekly special board and on Wednesdays they have “spin the wheel”. for FREE PRODUCTS..
    They also offer discounts and have a loyalty program. And let me just say starting out at 50, wow it’s so much better than dealing with prescription side effects.

  40. hornycek

    Great dispensary! Budtenders are extremely friendly and helpful. Huge selection of many different medicinal products. Highly recommend!!!

  41. Deuces_wyld09

    Today was my first trip ever to a dispensary and the staff there were wonderful! the whole experience was way smoother than i thought. and i was currently in elevated pain, but the smoothness of the whole experience actually made it that much more better to deal with! Satisfied with my choice of this great location!

  42. rrbachman

    Great place and great people!

  43. shakirasaul

    Convenient and very knowledgeable people.. I love the Windy City Cannabis Justice crew.. I smile everything I go there.

  44. Blackhawks0912

    This is my happy place. Whenever I’m not feeling well I go here and I leave with a smile. Thank you!

  45. Simod79

    Loved the place ryan and Alex were so helpful and knowledgeable

  46. Flyin-Hawian

    Good vibes, Great Staff, huge variety of product!

  47. Lorackirk

    The staff are excellent and so helpful and understanding. They are very knowledgeable and have made every visit comfortable and positive experience.

  48. Brewsleerooy

    Been too 7 different dispensaries this is one of my favorite ones by far, good location, quality products, large selection, weekly deals but most of all the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable always make you feel comfortable.

  49. Joseph62

    Everyone is so helpful and attentive to all your needs it’s a pleasure shopping there so I would recommend Windy City Justice to anybody they’re great people they always make you feel very welcome and you always leave with a smile, thanks for being there for us every body!

  50. Lucky_Lo

    I love WCC! All the employees are so polite & helpful. I’ve learned so much about cannabis that I never knew. Ryan was especially helpful when explaining the different properties of the plant & what would be helpful for me.

  51. mcaps

    WCC has in Justice is great. Very knowledgeable staff and they are all very patient with questions. Great selection and they offer weekly deals like most of the other places. They seem to do quite a bit of volume so the inventory is always fresh and they almost always have everything on their menu. The only negative (and it’s very minor) is that they don’t have a very good website or online shopping tool like some of the other area dispensaries. It would be nice to be able to create a cart of my order with pricing so I know before making the drive over there.

  52. mookie13

    very nice secure location. Hopefully more than 1 patient at a time can be handled in the future. can take some time handling only 1 patient at a time.

  53. TheManOnDaMoon

    this place is awesome the budtenders are incredible and very well knowledged a special shout-out and thank you to Ryan.

  54. 2kobe4

    Good customer service know a lot about there flower made me feel at home answered all questions

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