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MedMar Chicago is conveniently located in the Lakeview neighborhood just two blocks north of Wrigley Field. Our professional staff has expertise in the medical, pharmaceutical, and cannabis industries ensuring that every patient will receive the best treatment for their qualifying condition. MedMar is the only dispensary in Illinois with a pharmacist on staff to help guide you through the medical cannabis landscape.


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53 reviews for “MedMar Chicago

  1. Blitzedkrieg87

    Overpriced and impersonal. Definitely wouldn’t recommend if new to the medical cannabis program.

  2. Plecomanrl

    First time here and I was in a hurry and they were closing. Excellent atmosphere, friendly staff, and a great selection of products (that’s why I changed my dispensary). I am looking foreword to a store for all my needs! I highly recommend this Dispensary.

  3. Sherman3

    And Max! In no order…

  4. maxenevitable

    Considering the size of the dispensary, they carry a plethora of high quality strains and products. Staff is knowlegable enough, although I wish they knew a bit more. Everyone there is kind and helpful with price cuts and deals. The atmosphere is fine, but can improve by adding more color and space. I love the place.

  5. beckyjf

    Convenient location and friendly staff. I’ve been a couple times and they’re always ready to help me decide what to get on the budget I have! Great spot!

  6. ryangalowich

    Loved it! Great service, incredible prices and amazing products.

  7. JayLeon16

    Used to be my go to but now, just like every other dispensary around me, they’ve become too damn expensive and have nixed products that worked and that I could afford. The only reason this place was a go to was because of it’s decent travel time, but now with these prices being the way they are and the strange overhaul of WHOSE product they carry, I can’t say I’m a fan any longer. I honestly wish I had the financial means to leave Illinois and go to a state where I won’t have to feel like a prisoner in a compassionate program.

  8. hellomomo

    I love this dispensary and its wide array of strains!

  9. germanduchess

    The guys here are awesome and the location is GREAT. It’s been such a hassle getting to many of the dispensaries without owning a car, glad there’s finally one just a little over a mile away from me. Also, Jeff, I believe is his name, finally convinced me to give a high CBD strain a try (AC/DC) and it’s been a LIFE changer for me as I suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD. They have a wide selection of products and emphasize quality of the product they carry. Haven’t bought anything I haven’t like from here yet!

    Plus – for a novice with cannabis, they give me plenty of information pamphlets and stuff from the distributors.

  10. aust311

    Great location in the heart of wrigleyville. Large selection of flower with good prices. Only improvement they can use is cheaper concentrates like most of Illinois

  11. LakeviewCub312

    Extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had a lot of questions at my first visit and they were all answered. Everything about the visit made me feel right at ease. And I was impressed by the variety of the extensive menu too!

  12. sionainn426

    Some strains I wanted were not availible, and some of the substitutions were of different prices; which meant I was caught short cash. I understand the limitations of the industry as is, but it is hard as a consumer when I can’t predict approximate price and have to withdraw cash to avoid atm fees.
    But very friendly staff willing to work with you to find what you need, and the quality of the product has so far been stellar. Pricer than my wallet likes, but worth it.

  13. herak

    fave dispensary in chicago

  14. CrescoAshley

    Loved my experience. I felt super comfortable and helped make it easy for my first time.

  15. GerryMonson

    The staff is very informative and know what they are talking about. They are very friendly and pricing is top notch.

  16. tommy99953

    I loved that they took the time to educate my care giver to further assist me. So nice to see a team go the extra mile.

  17. Gralaland

    As Rick James says, “I’m in love with Mary Jane. I’m not the only one”. The staff at MedMar loves this plant and it shows. Dispensaries in Illinois generally carry the same products at
    comparable prices, so there isn’t much criteria left to differentiate them. I had chosen MedMar as my dispensary mainly because of location. I will be staying because of the staff. Everyone you meet in there is friendly and eager to answer questions. Jeff’s energy is seriously infections. Always smiling and happy to see you. First time I met the guy I felt like I was talking to a friend. I mentioned that I suck at rolling joints and he gave me some free papers, tips, a rolling machine and some encouragement to practice rolling. Super knowledgeable guy. Can’t wait to geek out about cannabis and terpenes with him when I have more time.

    My only complaint is that prices aren’t listed on the online menu. I’ve heard that this might be because of an Illinois state law prohibiting this. If that’s the case then this is just a complaint against the State of Illinois then.

  18. crista_bee

    The hours kind of suck, but that’s standard for the industry. My first visit was just over a month ago, and the staff was really helpful at the time. Unfortunately one of the vape cartridges I bought just stopped working, and it’s the only night-time strain I bought because I usually need help staying awake, not sleeping. I called yesterday to find out what I could do, and they said I was 1 day past the 30-day comp policy (since I don’t need it often, I didn’t have a way to know it wasn’t going to work within that time) so I was out of luck. The girl I spoke with had a rude tone, and said she couldn’t do anything. So now I’m laying here wide awake in the middle of the night unable to do anything about it, out $60 for a useless cartridge, and they don’t care.

  19. eas85

    Waiting room is freezing in the winter

  20. designid

    Excited to have MedMar in our neighborhood!!! What a terrific job you’ve done on the inside as well. Once I walked in I was welcomed by, Greg, one of their security guards and a relaxing waiting room with a sofa and club chairs. After going through the standard security check-in process I was greeted by a “Mr _–!?!; Jeff said hello and a welcoming face and his open demeanor put me at ease. Immediately I asked him to call me by my first name. Let me tell you btw Jeff is a Level 3 cannabis sommelier and a former attorney. If you’re unsure what this is then you should google it…haha! Their main “showroom” is really nice. It’s brand new and stylish. I really love the window shock value when I walked in from the street and I was taken back…haha! What a nice surprise you guys! Back inside they have a nice, comfortable office set up for patients available to discuss their things privately. Stephen, one of their bud tenders is quite knowledgeable and offered detailed explanations on products that I don’t typically try. I appreciate the fact that MedMar isn’t a sterile environment but easygoing, upbeat and relaxing or soon-to-be after you get home! They offer all there is to offer in IL right now as far as flower, edibles, cartridges and disposable pens, concentrates, balms, sublinguals, CBN night time capsules, joints and various CBD and CBN options! It’s great to finally have a dispensary to add to our neighborhood! Bravo guys, terrific and brilliant job with adding new business to our neighborhood!!! As anyone would expect, you should take care of your banking ahead of time as they do not have an atm right now.

  21. DopestDope_EvaSmoked

    My first visit ever inside a dispensary was awesome. The staff was extremely helpful. I felt like a kid in a candy store purchasing weed legally for the 1st time thanks to the Opioid program. They had everything I wanted and also gave me a free gram which I truly appreciate. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you Medmar!

  22. CRX778

    Super clean, chill shop with really friendly staff. Great selection of items and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, they’ll be sure to come up with at least a dozen things you’ll want to try.

  23. blh940

    Aimee and Tammy couldn’t have been nicer and were well informed. Helped me find the right products for my needs as a 1st time visitor. Facility is clean and they both spent a lot of time walking me thru my options.

  24. Thatguy1000

    Everyone at Medmar in Chicago is knowledgeable about cannabis and continue to make great recommendations every time I come in. The people here are also very nice and easy to talk to. No one has a frown when you walk in and they don’t really push you to buy anything you don’t want to. Great place!

  25. kkrucker88

    Medmar is a great location for your medical cannabis needs. The staff is super knowledgeable and so friendly and helpful! I had never been to a dispensary before going here and they walked me through the different strains and asked about what my condition was so try to find the best fit for me. I went here for the location convenience but will definitely be staying because of the amazing staff.

  26. dk2781

    I didn’t know what to expect for my first visit but everyone from the armed security guard to the very chill guy behind the counter made the experience very professional and pragmatic.

    I strongly recommend this dispensary not only for inventory for it’s exceptional staff as well.

  27. WrigleyvilleCubsFan

    Can’t beat the location next to Wrigley Field. Great service and great product. Can’t beat the prices and deals

  28. sbrooks12

    This is Coffy.
    Loving every staff member here.
    I don’t understand why anybody would say the service is anything but great!!!
    They made sure that I stayed focused on my needs and pain.
    They made great suggestions. And of course they made sure they saved those items with my name to make sure I received it in a timely matter.
    I too got on line to shop and compared, which explained the service they provide.
    Our relationship is awesome.
    I experienced a costumer with cancer. They were on it. They explained and shared some interesting ways to make it comfortable that I joined in the conversation. _
    High five guys.
    I’ll keep coming back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Coffy baby

  29. burnternie

    Seriously, this place is the worst. I was looking for a specific strain for pain & inflammation. When I asked for the strain by name, they were out, but recommended another saying it’s “basically the same thing”. According to leafly, it’s not. Not even close. There was a new guy there who was squirrelly, making me super uncomfortable. They didn’t ask why I wanted that specific strain. They just seemed to care about getting high. Because I felt so uncomfortable, I just grabbed the recommendation and got out as fast as I could. What a mistake — both in following their recommendation and for going to this dispensary.

    If you’re looking just to get high, these guys are probably fine. If you’re actually trying to treat a medical condition, this place isn’t worth the time or effort.

  30. mamanibs

    The staff at MedMar is sooooo good with my anxiety. They know what strains I should avoid and all that Jazz but what I think is exceptional is the atmosphere they create for me (and all of us) considering I sometimes have to go in there on days when the last thing I want to do is leave the house, make decisions, or deal with people. So highly recommended for other anxious semi-newbies.

  31. lqschneider

    They have solid prices, and you absolutely will not find a better budtender than Jeff!

  32. AnitaBluntPlz

    I really like this place – and the gals are top notch with their service and knowledge! I have had my card for a few months and my experience today was the best – they made me so comfortable and it was great just chit chatting.

    Prices are great and fair – selection is fantastic!

    Always ask what specials they have (they have great packages sometimes).

    Thanks MedMar!

  33. tc7984

    Loved this place, nice and clean and friendly staff. Selection is huge too

  34. Laflare710

    I’m from AZ. Y’all should be ashamed charging people that much for flower. Even if it is quality. (Which it’s probably not lol)

  35. chicagobuds420

    Pretty great place. Easy to get to from the 22. People are chill. Nice waiting area. And an awesome selection of meds. My only criticism is they don’t carry smaller quantities – but it must be the demand for them is pretty low. Awesome place though, definitely would recommend.

  36. Smooth.D.Tickle

    Most items like topicals, edibles and RSOs are overpriced. Their cartridges are decently priced, and pretty on-par with most of the other dispensaries. The staff is more stoner than budtender. You’re better off trying other places.

  37. breandanc

    I really like MedMar for two reasons; the staff and the menu. The staff are all extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. My first visit I was really nervous but once inside, I was immediately put at ease. The menu is also incredible. A wide variety of strains to fit every person’s individual needs. It’s not in my neighborhood but it is definitely worth the trip to visit.

  38. TheUnready

    Excellent dispensary. Great product support. Large variety of products and product types.

  39. TooFunctionToHigh

    I’ve either been a patient of for visited a bunch of dispensaries in the Chicago area, and initially switched here simply because it was easier to get to. I expected a perfectly fine experience and one that maybe I’d pay more for (at the time), but MedMar has been become the best Chicago dispensary in the past several months. They run events the the community that enrich the scene and consist of more than just “getting a card” and blown me away at every opportunity. Not only have their prices become competitive with other Chicago dispensaries, but their specials are really ramping up and the customer service and knowledge they provide is fantastic. The amount of product they have is bonkers (how do they fit it into that tiny dispensary?!), and the fact they remember who I am and what I normally get is great. They’ve even heard my requests for Shelby County & CBD-heavy products I wanted and stocked them so I didn’t have the pain of switching dispensaries. Even every patient I’ve met has been nice! There are rare days when they could do a better job of updating their Leafly menu (some items they have in stock aren’t listed as a result) but given that they’re so close, I don’t care too much. The only real issue I’ve ever had here had NOTHING to do with the dispensary itself (100% the fault of the grower) and the management at MedMar worked with the grower to make it right for me. They even let me bring my dog who, thanks to his penchant for flopping down behind me as I order, is loved and welcomed as much as I am! After so much trial and error, it feels great to visit a Chicago dispensary and feel like a patient instead of a sales target.

  40. OotieCooties

    When I first arrived on the MMJ scene, I thought I knew something about weed, having Smoked Mightily as a teenager in the 70’s. The folks at Medmar have gently and respectfully shown me that I have A LOT TO LEARN!

    Long story short, the staff at Medmar are helping me find both the right meds for my PTSD and the best delivery method based on my needs.

    Medmar Rules!

  41. Steeljedi

    Friendly staff and large selection

  42. not2day

    Love this location. If there is a place for any one with their medical card to go would be MEDMAR CHICAGO. Willy Wonka would feel pride at their selection of cannabis related or infused products. It’s truly something that will leave your eyes bulging and mouth watering as you try to choose from their selection of edibles, concentrates, flowers, and awesome gear. I will also say that this is one of the only locations I have seen with a cannabis sommelier on staff. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, he’s a cannabis expert. From the effects of different strains and chemicals in each subsequent strain profile and the indications for which ailment you would be suffering from while also trying to remain the most budget friendly location ever. Thanks again guys you really are the best in the Chicagoland area and hopefully expanding to not a second but third location. Keep up the great work.

  43. bartenderdean

    10 star….Friendly helpful, knowledgeable staff. Convenient location, great deals. Thank you doesn’t say enough.

  44. Rtss1423

    Medmar has a vast selection of products to choose at varying prices and the atmosphere is super clean and inviting! As a person who is new to medicating with cannabis, Jeff and Stephen have been instrumental in helping me navigate varying strains while also helping me find products that fit within my budget. Love it here.

  45. Fapcam

    My experience as a patient with MedMar is a breath of fresh air. The location is very conveniently located in the heart of Lakeview. The service and level of care provided here is bar none. MedMar is a welcome addition to the Lakeview community. Seriously if you like to geek out about THC and flavour profiles, MedMar knows their stuff! I would 100% recommend choosing them as your dispensary!

  46. trmjm17

    Jeff and Stephen are invaluable resources navigating this new cannabis world. I’m a newbie, having last choked down bagged ditch weed in college. Reintroduction into this ever evolving industry was overwhelming but Jeff and Stephen are extremely patient and provided knowledgeable and efficient counsel. I look forward to continued experience and education in the broad range of medicine available at Medmar steps away from Wrigley Field. My only suggestion is to offer more promos and discounts to keep your customers loyal and visits frequent.

  47. jakeyisgr8

    love this dispensary, they’re always so helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. they make you feel comfortable, and right at home instantly. occasionally i have to wait, but this is infrequent… longest i’ve had to wait is like 5 mins.

  48. 215jawn

    Staff is knowledgeable & listens to customers symptoms & concerns. The location is clean & has a great selection.

  49. Leftfootwilly

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent pricing. Just make sure to have cash before hand as there is currently no ATM inside. Please don’t let this deter you from visiting this location as this would be a big mistake.

  50. andrewkrs27

    they were very friendly and ready to help me find whatever I needed

  51. Jamrock2029

    Great staff, friendly, knowledgeable, and relatable. Liked how the end total was an even dollar amount because taxes are incorporated in such a way to prevent a mess of change.

  52. Bblue2

    MedMar Rockford has been my dispensary since my card was issued on 4/7/2016. I never minded the trip from Chicago as the staff is wonderful and feel like family; however, I am thrilled to now have the best dispensary in Lakeview too! Great location for sure and now I can walk rather than rent a carshare! In the tradition of Med Mar professionalism, Lakeview does not disappoint – wonderful staff, fabulous product selection and just overall Med Mar perfection!! Thank you and welcome to the neighborhood!!

  53. arodrz42

    I was nervous about my first visit. But from the time I entered the door the staff was nothing but friendly and helpful and has been able to guide me every step of the way and they know their customers!!

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