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We exist to make it simple and easy for qualified patients to get safe access to the highest quality information and expertise.

You can visit eleveleA(r) in Highland Park, IL as of March 23, 2016. You’ll find there is no lingo. No code words. No hype. Just sincere, medicinal cannabis experts with a customized approach to your care in a clean, safe, secure and supportive environment.

For many years, medicinal cannabis has been misunderstood. We’re here to bring a sensible and informed perspective to your care. Learn for yourself and discover a great experience with experts that can help you find your level.


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35 reviews for “Elevele

  1. Mamatron02

    From my first visit, which was LONG overdue, my experience with Management, Front desk, Wait Times, Specials and Promotions and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEIR HANDLING OF PATIENT ALLOTMENTS has been OUTSTANDING!!!

    Shout out to an EXCEPTIONAL BUDTENDER, Elizabeth JUSTUS.. YOU ROCK…


  2. ThomasBeverly

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Nice selection available. Convenient location. I was able to easily feel comfortable in the environment created.

  3. snoopdug

    Great combination of a great selection and an educated informed staff. Elevele is a very user friendly place to find the medication that works best for you. Highly recommended.

  4. quikdrw2

    My experience at Elevele has been great! The staff is empathetic and compassionate. They are all well versed in medical cannabis and in it’s many forms. I am confident in their recommendations. Elevele offers a rewards program too. Patients can earn free product depending on the number of visits! They continue to be well stocked. Convenient location. Thank you to Brian, Paul, Annie, Elizabeth, Vicki and Aaron….The owners as well! Richard 11/05/2017

  5. dancerdon

    i thought it was great. everyone was so helpful and informative.


    This is where I always shop. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and they let you order what you want online and have it ready for you to pick up when you get there. Definitely would recommend going here.

  7. sunshine37211

    Laid back environment, knowledgeable staff, and clean.

  8. ChronicConcentrates

    This is the premier medical cannabis dispensary of the north shore. The staff at Elevele has the knowledge, the space is amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure we have the best medical cannabis options in the state. If you love concentrates like me – they have you covered. Elevele is my go to medical cannabis dispensary for so many reasons. Just give them a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. trillthree

    Terrible prices. Terrible selection product and customer service. Couldn’t even address my email I recently sent asking about why it seems profit comes before quality and patient care. Didn’t notice I stopped coming for half a year. Don’t come here.

  10. Venessa1981

    Professional, easy to talk to,
    knowledgeable and friendly. Great place!

  11. tylermd26

    Elevele has the best staff I’ve ever encountered in a medical cannabis dispensary in my 7 years of having a medical marijuana card between here and my previous residence.

    On Saturday July 15th I went in to get my flower because that is my preferred method of consumption and the staff knows me really well so I was looking for a point in the right direction in something new. I love the Huckleberry Kush so I got an 8th of Platinum Huckleberry because, why not? Paul tells me check out this new flower “Chi-Dawg” popcorn nugs. I’ve never been disappointed in any flower recommended to me from any of the staff here, so when I get home i settle in, put my Platinum Huckleberry in a jar with my Boveda moisture pack. I sit down, open the Chi Dawg; the aroma took me away. It was an instant earthy, sinus clearing scent. I took out my flashlight on my phone and the nugs were lime green with some dark leaves, nice orange hairs. I gave it the “squish test” to check out the density it had some nice tightness and density, some nugs were a little lighter and I personally love it because my main way to smoke is Bong and Blunts so when it breaks out it is nice and solid little pellets that form perfectly and burns very evenly. Taking a snap in the bong tastes amazing, very clean tasting and smoother than I expected for how potent the flower is. In a blunt the flower taste the way it smells, earthy, potent and kind of bitter sweet.
    The snap I took first, it took, 2 .1 snaps and instantly had an effect; calm, anxiety instantly started to calm, my heart rate slowed, I started to relax and read a little bit of news. My peak came about 35 minutes after smoking and lasted about 50 minutes at that peak euphoria and had about a 20 minute come down to where I started. I went and proceeded to roll up a .8 blunt in a “Diamond” Swisher. about half way through I felt completely relaxed, muscles started to relax, I was content sitting there smoking not looking at anything, no TV, no reading, nothing to keep my busy and with ADHD that is very difficult for me to do and this worked. I finished smoking the blunt in 1 sitting in about 12 minutes and in about 30 minutes I was at my peak, enjoying dinner, then I sat down and watched TV for about an hour before playing a game of Madden and then I was ready for bed. I slept like a baby, woke up refreshed, and will definitely be going back for more of this Chi Dawg. Hands down, a highly effective flower. I’m still enjoying the Chi Dawg, when I get around to the Platinum Huckleberry, I’ll let you know how it is.

  12. DrSeussFreak

    I switched to this dispensary solely because of location, I say this because the other dispensaries I went too were very good. Now, after my first visit, I was very pleased that I did switch. I was in and out in about 30 minutes, and it only took this long because we talked for quite a bit.

    The staff is super friendly, and very knowledgeable. I was very happy with everyone involved, and ended up leaving with more than I had anticipated leaving with, because after understanding my needs, they were able to make some very good recommendations. If there is something they don’t have that I want, they made sure to let me know they can and will order it for me. They also made me aware of strains that are still growing that have me very excited!

    Thanks, and I look forward to future visits!

  13. mbmustang86

    the location is extremely convenient
    and the staff is more than helpful

  14. IrishRosie

    Great, very welcoming and helpful.

  15. bfetts18

    I recently went in for my first time and was a bit overwhelmed. The staff was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They helped me feel at ease and assisted me in making the right selection. I highly recommend them!

  16. Planglais

    Top notch. Amazing deals for northern Illinois patients

  17. Asuldify

    I’ve been here a couple times now and cannot think of how the experience could have been better. The store is well designed, clean, & professional inside & out. That and the attentive & knowledgeable staff combined made a nervous novice instantly comfortable.

  18. Tugsy94

    Everyone is so helpful and friendly! the products are great, love the edibles and wax. Super clean and organized!

  19. jscionti8

    Love this place! everyone is so nice and helpful here!!! They have great deals on products and all staff is extremely knowledgeable on product. Not to mention you are able to place your order online before you even come in. I am switching dispensaries and making Elevele my new place to go!

  20. Nicky21

    Fabulous lots of knowledge
    Very helpful

  21. djladin

    This is a professional , calm environment. An extrememly knowledgeable staff that listens and offers great advice and help.

  22. Ppbm1957

    I have just begun the medical cannabis program and I chose Elevele because they came very highly recommended by a colleague. To say the least, they live up to the review by this person.
    I have great respect for their knowledge and their professionalism in working with me. They have been very supportive in reducing my impatience with getting into the proper medication products.
    I gave them only a 4-star for Atmosphere because of the wide open room with its high ceiling. This causes much interference when discussing. Be that as it may, I still recommend them.

  23. BurnapoundTighteyesAKAChronnieHighler

    Pros: Friendly and youthful staff, decent selection & weekly specials, punch card reward system, frequent raffles, regular e-mail communication.

    Cons: Prices not especially competitive, location somewhat tucked away, space itself a bit small & clinical- not really a place to hang out beyond the duration of your transaction

  24. AlaFlit

    I was very impressed. Staff was extremely helpful.

  25. WNM444

    Having used Medicinal Marijuana since diagnosed with Metastatic Prostate Cancer 3 1/2 years ago, I’ve become fairly knowledgeable with strains and their benefits for my illness. The staff at Elevele are very knowledgeable about the product they represent. As I don’t want to hear suggestions that mislead or upsell, here the suggestions for product that I’m not familiar with are genuine. If you are a patient new to medicinal marijuana, Brian, Paul and Rory are very great! They will introduce you to this phenomenal plant that has so many benefits, to help us in so many ways. I have been to all the dispensaries in Lake County… give Elevele a visit as they will certainly provide you with easy to understand knowledge and compassion.
    “Feel Good!” – Bill

  26. GumpTheDog

    Well located, knowledgeable staff, nice atmosphere.

  27. hollys2781

    It was great! Super knowledgeable about the product, very warm and welcoming environment. Huge selection of product and great specials! A+

  28. guitarfreak9272

    The three employees I met were able to address my overall needs and provided me with helpful information about their products. Up to this point, Elevele’s employees have been very reliable with answering my questions via phone/email and it was great to meet them there today. Great experience with them so far.

  29. yourhighness86

    im so glad i found the folks at elevele! most important to me is the fact that staff treat patients with care and respect. they actually care about you as a patient and your health! not just trying to sell you whatever and get you out like other dispensery’s iv been to. they actually try to keep the strains that help me in stock and so far have done a great job at it. i never once got a strain i requested at my old dispensary. found gelato&durban cookies on my 1st visit and they had mag mile (my requested strain) by my 3rd visit which im planning now. i cant say enough good things about this place and the staff. i love the fact i can order my meds and pick them up fast and easy just like a pharmacy,like it should be. other dispensarys iv been to have a recreational over powering undertone/ vibe to them. not elevel..they are here to help you get relief! thanks guys! see you soon.

  30. noobiegotbass

    The budtenders were very knowledgeable and patient throughout my visit. They courteously answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them.

  31. andreafreedberg

    the staff is superbly friendly and helpful with their knowledge, also very comfortable environment

  32. jbear813

    Knowledgeable people who listen to you and help you find what will work best just for you. Good selection

  33. msl625

    The staff has been wonderful in recommending the best product to help my husband manage side effects from chemo and radiation treatments including nausea and loss of appetite.

  34. zercon

    everyone was extremely accomodating and helpful.

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