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2272 N Grand Ave E, Springfield, IL 62702


39.8165021, -89.619443




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 4:00 PM


10:00 AM – 2:00 PM


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Nurturing and improving upon quality of life is at the forefront of our organization. We believe in an integrative healthcare approach. We assist and educate the patient community with a focused window of cannabis therapy for preferred delivery of medication, through safe and adequate means that meet the needs of individual patients.

**Personal Care & Attention**
Our team of consultants are here to listen and offer support. We know pain and suffering, and it’s not easy. That’s where we can help. Our priority is to help patients understand their medicine and its effects. We work diligently to find the right cannabis products for everyone through careful assessment and cater to each and every person that walks through our doors.

**Naturally Better Health**
We offer safe and consistent products that come exclusively from licensed cultivators in Illinois that must meet rigorous safety regulations. Medical cannabis is tracked very closely in Illinois aEUR” from seed-to-sale, with all products having been lab tested for pesticides, chemicals, mold, mites, and additives. This safeguards for a safe and natural product.

It’s about compassion and bettering the lives of our patients. Finding quality of life for the patients of Illinois drives our team in making a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.


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126 reviews for “Maribis of Springfield

  1. Barber4Bud

    I’m happy Maribis was my first dispensary. They have the best deals. and prices I’ve found in central illinois. Always doing more than necessary to make me walk out smiling and happy to get my medication there.

  2. Wtfisjuiceman

    My first visit last Saturday and look forward to my next visit great selection about 3 times the product I was used to

  3. Jesslandiaa

    Wonderful business! Always professional & friendly. They are always willing to answer my questions no matter how many I have. Highly recommend!

  4. Wars-nerve

    Friendly fast knowledgeable about strains prices and effects 5/5

  5. Chrisa9547

    Marabis has the best deals in the area, also a knowledgeable staff. I’ve been a customer at Both Springfield Cannabis dispensaries , this one is by far the best.

  6. dusto1121

    This place is awesome very helpful and friendly easy to talk with and they are knowledgeable with what they have in there store

  7. Merlinzepplin24

    Excellent selection, great service, and overall if they don’t have it something else will be better or a great strain to just pick on recommendation Maribis will have what you need.

  8. Deesdestiny

    Easy access, good parking, and friendly, helpful staff!

  9. CMike68

    A great variety of superb strains grown by Bedford Grow for Maribis, and boy do these growers excel. One fabulous strain after another. So many fine Indica, Sativa, and combination Hybrids to choose from, every one top quality. They also carry various popular products by other growers/producers as well their own BG line. Staff is great, friendly and helpful.
    Just a great dispensary. Thank you Maribis.

  10. Peechez89

    My husband is a recipient of the cannabis program.I work till 5pm. os he has to wait till I come home around 5:30pm. Then he has to wait for his ride to get to our house. It takes at least 45 to 50 minutes to drive to your establishment. Today after I’d finally saved enough money for the gas and the money to get his medicine, he had a friend drive him up there. Our vehicle doesnt fit all of our children and on top of that my husband has seizures and is unable to drive himself. He was 10 minutes out from being there so he called. The woman he spoke to assured him it was alright and they would get him in even thou the building closes at 7pm. My husband arrives and not only is he told no we cant do that. The gentlemen he spoke to was smirking like turning him away is something funny. Not only do we not have the gas to come back. My husband will not have to manage 3 kids and his PTSD and chronic pain until I can get more gas money. If it wasnt ok for him to be a few minutes late then why was he told it was? Is it typical for employees to feel joy in not allowing a customer who is out of his medication to deny him? Is a few minutes really to late when it comes to medicine that people have to travel to obtain? I’m going to be contacting the highest person I can.

  11. robs

    Very friendly and helpful staff.they go over conditions and recommend which product would be most helpful.

  12. brandian81

    I love coming to see my favorite budtendersdY~EUR it’s my favorite part of my week. They help me with anything i need within reason. And are always very knowledgeable if it’s something they don’t know they ask.

  13. IMnaBush

    location is great and parking is easy with no meters to feed. Fast friendly service always very helpful and knowledgeable about products. And the freebies are always nice

  14. Lisa19631

    Seems to be in a bad neighborhood.

  15. antdwn3

    Very knowledgeable employees and friendly staff!

  16. alss76

    I choose Maribis for the friendly staff, great location, and super deals!
    This is the only place in Springfield where you will find Bedford Grow products! Bedford produces one of my favorite OGs and it’s Cookies strain is also top notch! In 2017 Bedford came out with some killer vape distillate cartridges – each one I’ve tried has been worth buying again!

  17. kikiwhassup

    best new place in springfield il

  18. werbattleborn420

    Love the prices and the staff are awesome! I absolutely love the BG rosin and CO2 carts! And the manager really goes out of his way to win and keep his customers. I drive from Bloomington to here and still save money! I can’t smoke or vape enough flower without trouble breathing and without his price on rosin I wouldn’t be able to afford to medicate this way. Keep up the great work!!

  19. jdub65

    My first experience with the guys @ Maribis couldn’t have gone better! They were friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I received 5 star service along with 5 star quality product. Thanks guys!!

  20. Torij13

    Allie is amazing with her extensive knowledge of the products! Thanks for all of your help

  21. Terese30

    The people at Maribas are extremely helpful with everything!!! Good place to go! Thank you

  22. AnnieS6

    Of the 2 dispensaries in Springfield, this one is my top choice! Ease of access and short wait times are 2 great reasons for choosing Maribis! The other Springfield dispensary didn’t do quick or easy last time I was there.

  23. JessMarie86420

    This is literally my favorite store in existence

  24. melanieb59

    I have to say for my first time there, I was a little nervous. The staff that they have are extremely friendly and knowledgeable!! They have a lot to choose from, and they are very helpful in letting you know whats best for what you’re looking for. I would definitely recommend them!!

  25. leinadls

    I started off just checking out the place, and thought I’d go back to HCI right away, but I find their discounts generous and decided to stay.

  26. Edward11%

    Well , I submitted what the state needed so I waited longer than the 10 week for a reply from the state and when they did reply the denied it. I showed the letter that the state sent me denying my application and meribis was able to send them the information that they wanted. Thanks again for helping with the red tape.

  27. tiggit64

    Easy parking, easy to locate.

  28. BigPotson

    Great Product, with great service!

  29. element4lifecky5

    Awesome staff, a small selection of quality products, and great deals!

  30. 2Livingstons

    All the staff (even down to the gentlemen at front door ID check) are wonderful. Always willing to help and always pleasant. I have not had any issues with staff or product. A nice selection of products and fast in and out if your pressed for time.

  31. Cindeee1962

    My 1st visit. They were so helpful and great prices

  32. RachG77

    As a cannabis “newbie “, I was feeling very anxious and overwhelmed about going to the dispensary. I don’t think it’s possible to feel more comfortable and welcome as I felt at Maribis!!! The staff were very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I can’t wait for my next visit!dY’s

  33. Ksegobiano

    Great place! Very informative and knowledgeable in all aspects of every product!

  34. AnAnniedamide

    Dan and the crew at Maribis are terrific! Knowledgeable, friendly and always ready to help! I have never waited long and there is always a discount to be had!
    I <3 MARIBIS!!

  35. jbehrens08

    I would prefer the West side

  36. stoneshark

    Great products! Wonderful Staff!

  37. Piker007

    The staff was very helpful and polite. I found a nice selection of products for my needs. I was able to shop quickly without any distractions. Pleasant atmospere overall. I will return soon, no doubt.

  38. vicken29

    excellent customer service and willing to go that extra mile for all there patients

  39. Taylortina

    treated nicely welcoming

  40. Sissie

    Great Atmosphere and service always!!…wouldn’t change from Maribis ever even though it’s a farther drive for me I don’t care it’s just worth it!!!…the whole staff is courteous and respectful of your needs!!..

  41. ChiefRy420

    First experience at Maribis today was great. The women who gave me my new patient consultation was delightful and made me feel welcomed. A wonderful first visit and look forward to future visits.

  42. Arep977

    Great staff, very friendly, amazing dispensary

  43. blazetheirony420

    great staff helpfull. all around awesome.

    look no further. this place is dank. easily accessible. and friendly. great prices too.

  44. Salvie21

    I loved how they kept patient with me and tried to help when I was a having hard time registering

  45. Colt42424

    Having been to a few different dispensaries i can say without out a doubt that the quality of the atmosphere, the staff and the products and product choices are AMAZING.

    At maribis they make you feel more like family and understand that you are a patient and that your medicine is important. They definitly dont push products on to people just for sales. They are attnetive to the specifics that you may have with products, and will answer any and all questions you may have.

    All in all i am very pleased with my choice to do business with maribis and if i could give a higher review than 5 stars i would.

  46. briansangel172004

    I did notice that the G of Bruce Banner I bought was very small. That did not impress me at all.

  47. Xaviar

    Staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions this is an outstanding dispensery and the best choice. you guys are AWESOME 10/10 for me!

  48. Hollywoodjoe69

    Thank you Maribis of Springfield! I always leave with a smile on my face.

  49. Potson

    Great place! Very knowledgeable staff and great product!

  50. Jay_Mac

    Great location, great service, great prices and deals.

  51. missyu

    I enjoy going to this dispensary,everyone is super nice!
    A special thanks to Jim for always being so helpful.
    Outstanding service with a fantastic atmosphere!
    see y’all next time:^)~

  52. SmokinChefy

    This place is awesome! They hook their veteran customers up! Very informative. Glad I made the switch. Worth the 1.5 hour drive. Their menu is amazing.

  53. Rabwil

    Very helpful and nice great products

  54. Rexspecs

    Everyone here is super friendly and knowledgeable about the diverse array of products they sell. They make the whole experience awesome & fun!

  55. Shesnahuff

    I really enjoy shopping at this facility. The atmosphere is always pleasnt. The staff are always friendly and helpful

  56. ADerhake

    Always makes you feel welcome. Never judgmental, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help in your aid in pain management. The last question kills me.. “I’s shop here again” well I had a choice and pick the one with proper parking. So my card only lets me shop here. You know what? I wont go anywhere else.

  57. StoopidPigeon

    Good place, maybe a bit heavy with the BG products but they’re a good company. They also have Revolution products which to me are the best company products I’ve tried. I hope you guys carry Revolution in the future, I love that Clementine!

  58. Mizbettyboop13

    Extremely patient and nice employees. Relaxing atmosphere. Always willing to explain, or discuss any questions. Great place!

  59. Pittmanj3

    location is just 7 minutes from my house. It’s fast and easy

  60. tcoop2494

    I have been to a few dispensaries in the area and this is my favorite one I have been to. They have amazing customer service and a comfortable atmosphere.

  61. jasper10

    2nd time visit, I thought I’d go back to HCI, but it might take a while going back there, seams like every time I go in there to Maribis they are giving this or that away to try. No other place does this every time. The Staff is very good to, and there is hardly ever a wait time to get in there

  62. Ho4plumme

    Amazing …. the two ladies that helped me today were excellent !!!!

  63. FourNorsemen

    As a new patient who had never been to a dispensary, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The staff at maribis were helpful, pleasant, and professional across the board. They were happy to answer my questions, and the whole experience was hassle-free. I did not feel pressured to buy particular products, nor was security a looming presence. A+

  64. Llutkehus87

    I went in yesterday for my first visit and it went great!! The staff was friendly and welcoming, a lot of great products to choose from and all the pluses to your first visit was an added bonus. Looking forward to my next trip back!

  65. Sublimebaby7

    Love this place ! But I wish they carried Northern lights 100% Indica for those of us who need it …

  66. Anthonyk93

    amazing atmosphere staff is very friendly ive been there twice will definitely be going again soon

  67. cl2db2sb

    The staff is awesome. They are always very helpful.

  68. Yeastyboy

    Staff is great. Very helpful and informative.

  69. KGriz

    Love Maribis! I love the menu on the counter to flip through with every product neatly listed!! Made decision making much easier for me! I felt very welcomed by the staff and they answered all my questions with knowledgeable answers.

  70. Gymnastmom1124

    The entire staff is great & helpful! They all go above & beyond to try to help you anyway they can & have awesome sales! Also this is the ONLY dispensary near me that offers a low income discount for those of us that are on disability & also have other discounts for everyone. I recommend this dispensary to every patient I know as well as to all the other people I know that are trying to get their card. Thank You Maribis!

  71. marbar90

    Just switched over & I couldn’t be happier. Amazing staff, amazing selection… super convenient perk: they can tell you $$ as you go if you’re keeping track on finances. It was seriously so easy and pleasant!!!! Will recommend to everyone!

  72. MiztaGee

    The staff here is so helpful. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. There was no wait time, and parking close to the door. All of my questions were answered and I was given this much time and I needed to understand the products. I will be shopping Maribis.

  73. SCBCmom

    The location is convenient for me to use. The staff are very helpful with answering questions or giving information about a specific topic.

  74. Klelledge2

    I love free and discounted medicines, living on a budget because insurance will not help. Thanks for helping us poor folks out. The prices are a little steep on some medications though.

  75. GoFish66

    I just received my MMJ card this past week and made my first visit to Maribis of Springfield. My first visit, my first legal purchase…pretty exciting, right?! They didn’t disappoint! I was greeted by friendly staff and led through the process of selecting and making my purchase. I was given excellent recommendations by my bud tender, Kelly, who was very knowledgeable on the different types of concentrates and their effects. Besides the outstanding service I received, Maribis also offers first-time customer specials and daily specials, 7 days a week. Great deals, friendly, knowledgeable staff, 5 stars all the way!!

  76. El_Mago

    Great atmosphere, staff, and product.

  77. Yogimama2

    The all around Expertise and compassionate attitude was so appreciated! And the relaxed atmosphere streamlined process made it lightyears better than my prior dispensary in town! Not to mention, my new patient consultation and bag of goodies and discounts as well as compassionate and charitable gifts of relief to those deserving of help truly touched my heart! I really believe this place is about the care and not about the money and I am so happy I found my way to them! Shoutout to Jim Watts he was so much help on helping me acclimate to Bedford Grow products and get a nice variety to try in my first visit with my consultation!

  78. Shursh217

    Very friendly staff, nice and relaxing environment. It was my first time and I will definitely be returning. They were both helpful and very easy to get along with.

  79. OZC1975

    Great service and helpful staff!

  80. maryannish

    The staff was very knowledgable and helpful. Very professional and welcoming

  81. mjuser

    Friendly,knowledgeable staff. Good variety of quality products. Frequent special deals. Veteran’s discount. I have been coming here since September of 2017. Every time has been a great experience. The staff is exceptional!

  82. Mikeman38

    It was my first time coming to this Dispenser they are very Understanding and help with Questions I ask I love it

  83. Mr.Malone

    All the employees are pleasant, professional, and well informed.

  84. Deannadz

    Very friendly and helpful staff. I’ve only been there once but I’m am about to make my second trip.

  85. HelloWorld17

    Another wonderful weekly visit to the best Medicine Shop in town.

    I have some intense PTSD that makes it impossible to get out of bed at times. This stuff has allowed me to actually have good days. I have plenty of bad days still. But just getting the chance to laugh and smile again.

    Anyone up for sharing their story?

  86. gardenbunny

    I’ve been going for a few weeks now and have found some amazing medicines. What I am enjoying the most is how relaxed the place is. Not a lot of hoops to jump thru or locked doors to wait for. The staff is kind and generous and they make the process very easy. I’ve gotten confused at other places by the process. Thanks Maribus!!

  87. kwasham

    Love this place,,, they are great, understanding and knowledgeable….they have the best sales I’ve seen yet… recommend to everyone (patients, of course) I know dY~~dY~~dY~~

  88. WinterIce

    my first day going to them was OUTSTANDING they help me with everything that i asked them about. The person that help me was great. I am glad i picked that please so thank you Maribis for above in helping me.

  89. Sgttracker

    I think they are great , awesome customer service . Ty for helping me .

  90. andieh9

    My first visit and I was sooo nervous, Andrea was kind, and easy to talk to.. she even checked ingredients for me with the chocolate bars.. great menu, great people and great service

  91. FriendlyOne

    Location is OK.

  92. dkurf77

    I have to say I’ve been to several dispensaries around the state of IL and Maribis of Springfield is definitely a favorite of mine. I really appreciate the LAB REPORTS of each cannabis product they carry!!! Hardly any dispensaries go the extra mile to do that for us medical cannabis patients that really need the extra info. I’m a seizure patient with epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. I can find everything I need here at Maribis especially with my CBD needs. You see many dispensaries currently in IL claim they have a good assortment of CBD but they clearly do not when their entire menu is devoted primarrilly to THC products. At Maribis they have a great assortment of the better CBD products out there such as from cultivators SCCS, Revolution, and Bedford Grow! Not to mention they carry a lot of CBD in co2 oils such as Revolution 14:1 CBD/THC in Spectra co2 supercritical oil and SCCS Sweet Relief and Z7 etcdY~%0 Bedford Grow has their new Cherry Wu out in flower 30:1 CBD/THC!!!!

  93. fstfreddy

    best place for the giggles

  94. CapitalCityDave

    So I went here for my first visit on Thursday and was super happy to find out they give a 10% discount for disability as well as daily specials. The products are all phenomenal and that’s coming from someone who is coming from Colorado. So it all comes down to location and as far as I can tell, this is the location to be at. Very knowledgeable staff, great recommendations, and always helped me save a buck where I could which is huge when your on fixed income. I absolutely researched before I chose my dispensary and I’m glad to report that my research was spot on.

  95. kelso217

    Parking is easy peasey!

  96. Larryhd

    This place is quality. I was approved for the opioid replacement program. They helped get me through the registration process with a lot of patience we made through. They are very helpful and have a great deal of knowledge about their products. You won’t go wrong making this your dispincery.

  97. WallaBalla

    Love this dispensary! They have a good selection of flower and concentrates, and great staff.

  98. Subsalr3

    This was my first visit and the staff made it very comfortable and informative. I like how close it is to my home, making transport even easier.

  99. magicmax54

    i just want to know. im 64 yrs old. can i buy marijUana with out a card ? are use going to do recreational in jan 2019 ?

  100. Bad2710

    great place to go great help made me feel right at home on my first visit walked me through variable products and what is best used to help for what overall I look forward to going back and would recommend maribis as a great place to go

  101. cab234

    Great selection, friendly staff and atmosphere! Best deals in Springfield!

  102. MistySunrise

    I love this place. It is in the area I grew up in, so It is very familiar to me. I love the bulk goods. You can get your medicine at a better price when buying in bulk,

    All the budtenders are so awesome and very nice. Any time I have any questions, they are very friendly and helpful.

    Parking is so much easier , than the other place downtown. Easy in and easy out.

  103. MiahK

    Felt very comfortable during my first visit to Maribis. I received Helpful info while there, i never felt rushed while looking over menu, and the staff were friendly. When i got home with my medicine i was very pleased to open it up and see high quality product. Recommend Maribis to everyone.

  104. Kmall

    I love this dispensary! For it being the first one I went to they were very helpful and continue to be every time I pick up medicine. Very knowledgeable and friendly! Great selection of flower, concentrate, and edibles of all sorts.

  105. BrandonCAdams

    This dispensary has improved their price range & offered multiple sale days like Shatterday, Wax Wednesday & most holidays. Maribis now offers assistance for low income patients & has a recycle bag green discount. These improvements, impressive menu selection & convenient Springfield location makes Maribis my go to store for medication.

  106. Tjk32

    layed back atmosphere

  107. Willjdavis88

    They listen to you and show you what would help you great people

  108. fraimbrian

    this is the only place I have been but I love the service and a very comfortable atmosphere so I see no reason to go anywhere else and all the employees are very helpful explaining all the different products. and most of all it helps with my lower back and leg pain so I will continue going THANK YOU MARIBIS!!

  109. Bethanyrose838

    The staff here are friendly and extremely helpful. They made the switch of dispensaries very easy and I am excited to start shopping here more often. If you are in the area, I would highly suggest touring it and giving them a try.

  110. RED1188

    Great selection and knowledgeable staff that care about their customers 🙂

  111. MerAngel

    Everyone here goes above and beyond! I always feel like I have the weirdest symptoms or questions… They have always pointed me in the right direction! I’m so glad I picked Maribis the office is calm, staff are full of information and products have all been top notch!

  112. darcyca

    I love visiting Maribis! The staff knows me by name and immediately made me feel welcome on my first visit (even when I didn’t know anything)! They have a decent variety of products and admit to skewing the menu to patients’ wants and needs.

  113. MsChris70

    AWESOME! Very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful! Love all the great deals!

  114. michellenapier

    I’m extremely happy I switched to Maribis. Parking is a breeze, the check-in and check-out is very fast & the flowers from Bedford Grow are far superior to everything I tried at the other dispensary. Also, they have much better deals here…free pre-roll after spending $50 & $5 off after spending $25.

  115. Jeremiahr

    Had a surgery called after being released from the hospital . They had a chair waiting up front for me . So much thoughfulness from them . Great team and great deals . They go out of their way for patients knowing it’s hard on us . Thanks to all of you for being there to help with me getting my medicine .

  116. mhagele

    very knowledgeable and kind caring, non judgemental people. very nice to feel cared about

  117. jdj93

    Great deals, good selection and knowledgeable staff! So happy every time I leave here.

  118. klarinetkatz

    First time to a dispensary after receiving my card, and my experience was top notch. I came in about 20 minutes before they closed; I didn’t feel rushed, they informed me about the process, and helped me find a few products. Wonderful selection!

  119. lylith18

    very helpful. Allie is very knowledgeable and easy going.

  120. Bigsteve710

    Great people, very knowledgeable on each product, very helpful with new patients!

  121. camomom

    helpful, informative. Im always at ease and very comfortable asking questions! Love the help I get!!

  122. JewishCajun

    This is excellent and well worth the money. I have been a patient there for a few months now. The staff is always polite and friendly. They have excellent deals and giveaways. They are well worth the money.

  123. Talkingplanets13

    Extremely friendly and helpful staff. This location provides many promotions and sale for their customers as well as complimentary savings that show they truly appreciate your business. Would recommend anyone looking for a place to get their medicine to stop by and talk to their staff.

  124. elkbauer

    I switched from HCI Springfield to Maribis. My 1st Day at Maribis was outstanding. I felt very welcome. The staff at Maribis was beyond helpful. I even got some welcome gifts. The deals at Maribis will keep me coming. Thank you, 5 stars for sure for all of you at Maribis.

  125. sguth

    best selection of products around!

  126. kr8tiv

    My first visit was a really outstanding experience. They’re well-staffed and everyone I dealt with was very helpful and very knowledgeable. The selection was great, online menu was accurate, and prices and freebies were awesome.
    They include a bunch of literature, more than the basic stuff, like an info card visually depicting everything you’d ever want to know about terpenes. Good stuff.

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