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9930 W. 190th Street, Unit H, Mokena, IL 60448


41.544862, -87.858876




10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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The dedicated and knowledgeable team at Greenhouse is proud to serve the Illinois medical cannabis community at our state-of-the-art, licensed facilities. In Mokena medical cannabis patients are welcomed into a warm atmosphere and guided by expert staff. Patients receive compassionate care and consult with professionals to find the best choices for their conditions.

Greenhouse dispenses the highest quality medical cannabis products and offers holistic services led by a team that is committed to improving quality of life. Our Patient Counselors are committed to guiding and informing patients about the wide variety of products available so they can make the best choices for their condition. Greenhouse is committed to helping patients find the relief they deserve.
What sets Greenhouse apart is our devotion to a holistic idea of wellness. Not only do we offer exceptional products, but also support groups, workshops, and informational sessions so our patients have a safe place to express themselves and learn. Our patient’s overall well-being is Herbology’s number one priority.

With our high quality products, professional advice, and holistic approach to health, you can be sure you’re getting the care you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not medical cannabis treatment is right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Greenhouse will assist you every step of the way.


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105 reviews for “Greenhouse Mokena

  1. kimj96

    As soon as I stepped foot into the Mokena location I knew it was the place for me!! Each of the staff members from the moment you step in the door are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. The dispensary on a whole is very warm and inviting. I am new to this “medication” and they have taken loads of time to explain every question/concern I have. I am extremely fortunate to have Greenhouse Dispensary as my dispensary.

  2. gsdnfa

    Excellent facility
    MANY self help and educational resources

    Friendly courteous professional

  3. ZoinksScooby

    this place says on day one you can use your 10 pionts for transfer but really you can’t. no prices when I was doing business, wonder why, they charge on average $10 to $20 more than anyone else, that is bull shit when you are dealing with patients not shoppers. WE ARENT RECREATIONAL SO STOP TREATING US LIKE IT WITH THE PRICE HIKES! If you want to get ahold of me you have my email

  4. dicnixon

    I love the layout of this dispensary. I like how they layout the menus and the quality of the budtenders is top notch.

  5. Bojangles4

    From the owners to the bud tenders. These people are awesome. They are very compassionate to yours needs. Always going out of their way to please you. Atmosphere is great. Very clean environment. Great music too. Thank u guys for coming to beautiful downtown Mokena. dY~Z.

  6. MrCrazydiamond

    First time going there and they made us feel very comfortable. We had a lot of questions and they were extremely patient. Brandon was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. First class experience!!!

  7. nmkm07

    Every time I go, I am greeted by everyone and treated so warmly. I truly enjoy the caring atmosphere at Greenhouse. And the cannabucks program is also a bonus!

  8. henry17539

    Ryan did an excellent job introducing me to the world of medical cannabis. He was very helpful and made me and my caretaker feel comfortable during our first visit to a dispensary.

  9. DDnanaof6

    As a senior caregiver for my husband, we knew nothing about medical marijuana. The employees at the Mokena’s dispensary were all very nice and helpful at our first consultation visit. This is a learning experience, it will take time to figure out what works best for him. Thanks to Ryan for all your help!

  10. hdcrusty

    This weekend was the third time I went there and there inventory was out of the stuff I purchase. Or have a different manufacturer. They did offer other items. I told they the stuff I want works for me. If I try the new stuff and it don’t work will you exchange it. Of course they said no. I’m changing places.

  11. joepierce

    As a first timer was overwhelmed but was relieved when talked with them as to what I should start with

  12. jtaller

    Excellent!! I would recommend this Dispensary to everyone! Very compassionate and knowledgeable staff. You feel welcomed as soon as you walk in! Also they will take any amount of time necessary help/educate patients on the products! Stop by you will not be disappointed!

  13. Chicagolandfmcp

    I have grown to LOVE all the employees at this place. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, witty, and they know how to sell a product and if they don’t think it a way of using a product that I am going to continue to enjoy for a long time, they will tell me.
    They talk to you and treat family and I love that about all of them.

  14. Chitownloca

    Conveniently located


    The menu has lots of options. The concentrate selection is one of the best I have visited in Illinois. The staff is friendly and takes the time to know each patient. I have appreciated the special attention they have given me.

  16. GrimTheReaper8

    When I first walked into this shop I didn’t really know what to expect it being my first time in an east coast med shop… I was all over the place, was excited but at the same time it was so much to take in I was almost confused, just walking around reading everything not really knowing what to expect… Then I got in contact with the amazing workers, workers I have already started calling my fam. One of the main reasons I like this shop is because no matter what kind of questions I have, how confused I get or what I want to feel when I go home. The family there always makes sure that I know what’s up info wise and that I get what I need, everytime, all the time. Especially that Anthony, he always makes sure to give me the best info on all the strains and when I get home I’m always looking back going, ” glad I listened to that boy”… An if you will be saying the same things as well along with having a great experience every time dY~SdY’EURaoeOE

  17. Church710

    Great selection of products.
    Friendly & Knowledgeable staff
    Highly doubt I’d ever switch.

  18. Sarah0405

    The Freen house is an Amazing place. They are so helpful. They are very very nice and knowledgeable.

  19. redman1

    Great staff, awesome selection and Veterans get a discount A++

  20. Beachnut12

    I really appreciate the time and patience Ryan gave me during our appointment. I was very informed on all products. It’s a nice place. Comfortable waiting area.

  21. katydid1592

    Great menu, great product, AWESOME STAFF! Huge variety to choose from, staff is extremely knowledgable and compassionate. Great location, right off the highway in Mokena. I’m completely happy with my choice of dispensary. Hours of operation could be better, but it’s definitely the best place in the region!

  22. KatConno

    Great place!

  23. Peterrussert

    Every employee is extremely attentive, very nice, very knowledgeable & provides a better overall experience.(especially Mary!) Best employee in my opinion. I’ve never had any issues with anything or anybody. You guys have a great company & even better employees!! Keep up the great work!

  24. Johnlangdon

    nice location

  25. Jeffmofo

    Very clean environment staff was friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable. Made me feel very comfortable.

  26. WestCoastOrganic

    Best prices and quality, and I’ve bounced between 4 places, so I would know. The staff is warm and professional. I’ll be sticking with this store for all of my medicine needs.

  27. yestowelie

    This was my second dispensary. The budtender was arrogant. Treated me like I didn’t know anything. I’ll probably go back to Addison.

  28. Tammybohne


  29. propotski

    The employees were knowledgable and welcoming. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxing. The music and seating in the waiting room was very nice. I am a first timer and the girl that went over the menu with me helped tremendously in finding the right product for my health situation. The gentleman at the front desk was awesome too. No pouty faces.

  30. Dawnie64

    I was blown away by The Greenhouse in Mokena! Clean, pleasant staff. Alana, my budtender was so knowledgeable and helpful for this first time user. Made so much more sense on the types with her explaining things. And, an awesome chalkboard with the different strains made made it easier as well. Great job.

  31. MeriJayine

    I love this place! Been going for about 2 weeks now and it’s great! Workers are SUPER knowledgable, always answer all of my questions. The atmosphere is great and supportive. They have amazing resources too for like therapy and accupuncture and so much more! I went to an informational session and it was so great being able to learn all that I did and be in direct contact with a network of my peers who I was able to learn even more from! Everyone is so compassionate. I was considering trying Joliet to see if it’s maybe cheaper or at least easier to drive to given my usual traffic patternse, but I love this place so much the extra drive and potential price difference hasn’t been enough yet to cause me to follow through and switch. Why lose a good thing?

  32. SlickRick420112702

    Very nice place. I just transferred to this dispensary and it very well put together. I will be telling people to go to this dispensary.

  33. dkroe01

    great experience …nice selection…uplifting atmosphere…great budtenders!

  34. betesyoung

    Staff is great and the product is fantastic. This is my shop.

  35. Become336

    Very cool place. Knowledgeable staff really cares about providing meaningful caring service. Highly recommended. Great selection.

  36. unda1God

    This store has a very relaxing atmosphere with a wonderful and very knowledgeable staff. Along with a pretty good selection of meds. I’ll definitely shop at this spot again.

  37. melissajbuddigdivi


  38. wendylewis

    I love it the atmospheres nice and friendly just lovely awesome

  39. Carolc64

    Everyone is so kind and smart. Great choice of location and products!

  40. kmoran320

    Nice location but the girls behind the counter could get some product knowledge they never have any idea about specials or deals going on most questions do not recieve a quality answer. Asking for recommendations is like pulling teeth … all it takes is a little research and talking to management to get your team to know whats what … hopefully they learn a little more soon..

  41. unclemoe

    Everyone here is awesome, variety unlike anyone else an great deals. Best dispensary I’ve been to yet.

  42. chewy525

    Great staff and selection of products!

  43. cubsfanbrit12

    As my Grandmother’s caregiver, I met with Ryan yesterday to discuss her conditions. He was excellent and was able to educate me on everything I might need to know for her and provided excellent recommendations to match her needs. I’m excited to see how she does on her new medication – only 24 hours later she has managed to not take a single Norco. A huge change for her. Special thanks to Ryan for all the help!

  44. Ryans_Views

    So far this place is pretty great, the staff are friendly and they are extremely helpful. Products (so far as this is my first visit) are wayyy better then expected. The only thing I don’t like is that the prices are way more expensive then other dispensaries. 8ths Go for 45-50 in other surrounding towns and most concentrates offered are also priced around 10 dollars more. Id say offer more deals or lower prices a bit to compete would be a pretty good way to attract more eyes that are searching for a dispensary when starting off.

  45. Eight7

    Knowledgeable staff, it doesn’t take long to get in and out here

  46. thisguy2386


  47. gbarz31

    Been experimenting with different forms of cannabis to treat my MS lately. Went to Greenhouse and picked up some edibles last time (dark chocolate brittle & strawberry white chocolate). I LOVED the strawberry white chocolate, tasted so good and helped me sleep through the whole night without pain and spasms and woke up refreshed with no aches. Can’t wait to go back in today and get some more treats and maybe some oil to try vaping! aoeOEdY1/4i,

  48. Sirdino

    The Mokena crew are very polite and helpful. Thanks Ryan.

  49. wesserafin

    loved the experience, friendly and knowledgeable

  50. puppybreath07

    I transferred from another location to Greenhouse Mokena. I must say the selection is fantastic. Flower, edibles, and concentrates. The staff was wonderful and helped me select products based on my symptoms and my personality. I suffer from a pain disorder and anxiety and all of their recommendations have been great. Thank you to Mokena greenhouse and the medical cannabis program. I am completely off my pain meds and I am eternally grateful.

  51. jmason24

    I had my first visit to The Greenhouse today and I was highly satisfied. The atmosphere was relaxing and the employees were nothing short of wonderful and very helpful. Thank you Greenhouse!

  52. Belletired

    A wonderful all around experience, I will return shortly.

  53. Bluefoxx23

    After researching the my area and the dispensaries I chose Mokena Greenhouse even though there are others closer to me. The online reviews and the menu appealed to me. My first visit confirmed when the reviews showed. The waiting room was very comfortable and relaxing. The staff was friendly. Ryan helped me out and I really appreciate the time he took with me to hear what my medical issues were, and to go over all the different products offer. He was professional, informative, and friendly. I work in retail management selling a custom and expensive product. I wish I had employees like him!

  54. wjl

    Great experience friendly staff was knowledgeable with great recommendations for different uses.

  55. 168July2011

    Charges more than other dispensaries! Also, I am changing dispensaries, due to the fact they never have what I need.

  56. BillMoncrief

    1st time today as I just received my card. Very impressed. Scott helped me thru my purchase. Very courteous, knowledgeable & helpful. Completely satisfied & glad I chose Greenhouse in mokena.

  57. JuneBug1988

    I forgot the name of the guy who helped me out but he was very informative and made me feel comfortable and confident in the choices of strands that I chose he even put post it notes on my stuff so I could remember which was which. The staff are super nice and the atmosphere was peaceful. I will be coming back very soon.

  58. Reson8

    Easy to get to and easy to get into. Very friendly staff that don’t appear to be rushed. Willing to answer all my questions. Very good selection.
    The vibe is less clinical and more holistic.
    I have met a couple of the owners. Very affable people.

  59. ortease

    The people who work here are very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend!

  60. blitz94

    Always a friendly atmosphere and not just with the employees. The patients in the lobby are also just as friendly and helpful

  61. Charles09

    Great location. Friendly knowledgable staff. Great medicine!! They always keep the best fresh selection and reading material. I would recommend this location to anyone of any experience level.

  62. slgood1068

    Fantastic approach offering alternative services in addition to MM.

  63. Jackgar

    I am so glad I chose greenhouse in Mokena. This place is very clean, nicely decorated, plus great customer service.
    Ryan is great! He listen to me and with that he was able to make recommendations that would help get me feeling better. I never got that with my regular doctor visit.

  64. kyletuch

    This dispensary was the first one I tried and it will be my last. The building is super nice. The bud-tenders are very helpful and extremely friendly. I find myself chatting with the girls or Brandon, the manager, more than I am talking about products lol. They always know what to recommend. As far as product goes, can’t go wrong with anything from Cresco, GoldLeaf, Revolution and occasionally Natures Grace. I’ve only had one or bad pick up since I started coming here months ago. If you’re in the area, at least give it a try a few times. You won’t be disappointed!

  65. Geowhite2004

    Being new they really helped me decide what I would need to help me with my pain.

  66. ErinD269

    just Absolutely Love everyone that works there very helpful and knowledgeable

  67. Catfchs

    Yesterday was my first visit to the store for buying medical marijuana.
    I was greater by bud tenders of similar conditions and loves for quality indica strains.
    I bought a half ounce of Alien Bubbah shake and a 3.5 take five preroll kit of the Day Charels. The product was amazing at giving me a clear head and a positive mood for quick sededation.
    They offer a unlimited never expiring point loyalty reward system where I earned 16 points (dollars) off and counting for future orders.
    The store offers a wide array of strains and forms of consumption at reasonably low and competitive prices for the area.
    This location also offers same day online pick-up. This service is available online during business hours only.
    It seems like I may have found a home for my benzos to be replaced.

    Thanks Greenhouse

  68. Mtm555

    Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Very clean and nice atmosphere.

  69. CatsnBlunts

    This location is easy to get to and the employees are great!

  70. tkdesign

    Was my first time to a dispensary and they were very welcoming and informative. Has a nicer atmosphere than i expected, very comfortable.

  71. GoHawksIn2016

    Can’t say enough about these guys(and) gal!
    VERY professional and knowledgable!
    They answer all my questions and like any suggestions you may have.
    Again…..great place and my business goes to them.dY’dY1/4dY’dY1/4

  72. jcneda

    Excellent service and great products and good specials every week. Highly recommended

  73. Jolivieri

    First time here. Very helpful staff and great variety. I will be back !

  74. Courtney-3

    First time in a dispensary and I was clueless. The gentleman sat down with me and thoroughly explained everything. He really put my mind at ease.

  75. existence

    Best dispensary that I have ever been at! The staff was absolutely AMAZING- Alana, Brittany and Courtney thank you for all the education for my first time experience.
    Menu was very detailed with percentages, which was a great help.
    I am very happy with this location.

  76. Moe1844

    The staff is so friendly and very helpful. They almost always have what I’m looking for. They know what they are doing. I love going to this dispensary. It’s an hour drive for me but the staff and product selection make it totally worth it .

  77. Xammy02

    Walked in at 5:30 on a Thurs when they were going to be open till 7. Guy at front window seemed aggravated, said if it was our first time we should have had an appointment. I didn’t see that anywhere on their website. Told us to fill out the paperwork and it may be a while. While I was filling out the paperwork, I heard him tell another employee that aEURoe2 f**king walk-ins, an hour before closing – both new patientsaEUR. ( another guy walked in after us and the guy was aggravated at him, too, for not having an appointment. Plus the second walk-in pre-ordered, which apparently is a no-no if you’re a first-time patient. )
    Otherwise, it was a pleasant experience with Rachel. We were very confused about all the choices, etc, and had a lot of questions. She explained things well and made suggestions.

  78. Meghankopes

    My experience was amazing! The staff made me feel so comfortable and had so much patience for me and all my questions! Very, Very impressed! Thanks so much!

  79. HappyG420

    Love it here great knowledgable staff!

  80. Zenful1974

    great selection

  81. ZeeKylle333

    Great place and always very helpful and informative. Everyone from the people behind the front desk at the door to the budtenders in back are always upbeat, personable, and all patients are greated with a smile. A BIG thank you to the entire staff there, you guys are a great team and all your hard work does not go unnoticed.dY$?~dY~

  82. superman80

    Very friendly helpful environment

  83. Dmarsh724

    challenging to find first visit, but once there… the location

  84. BulldogBuddy1

    Great staff, easy to talk with and helpful. Wide variety of products. Great sales, promotions, and events. Would recommend this location to others.

  85. sprstrfb43

    My first time and second time there was great, close to home and great selection of products as well as help.
    One thing I would like more of, which might come down to law, is being able to see the waxes, shatter, and live resin before you buy. Other than that it was great!

  86. Rogue_Mamba91

    Staff was super helpful. They took ccare very good care of me. Nice staff will be returning

  87. bart27

    overpriced, even for Illinois

  88. Mrthicc96

    Great great group of young smart individuals! Love this location and atmosphere! Top notch!

  89. Nvalencia

    My first time in any dispensary. Needless to say I was very nervous walking in. Felt strange going in to buy marijuana. Then I met with Ryan and the experience instantly became more comfortable. I went in with some sort of idea of what I was looking for after talking to my doctor. But the information that I received from Ryan was very instructive. All his recommendations on medicine was spot on. He knew exactly what I needed. Will be back VERY soon!

  90. Hullj18

    First time here yesterday, was given a great overview of everything and slowly walked through the whole menu! All my questions were answered and I wasn’t made to feel stupid for asking any type of question, at all!

  91. baxter1605

    Amazing place with a large selection! Along with a comfortable waiting area this location very clean. Staff is welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend this location to those in need.

  92. tkhentsch

    I have only been a handful of times, but I love the staff, they are all very helpful. Take all the time you need without feeling rushed. Close to home too….nice and convenient!!!!

  93. kdigs55

    Very friendly and helpful. Great atmosphere

  94. mrshays

    Jake made my 1st time visit so comfortable and welcoming. I had no clue where to start or what was best suited for me and he knew exactly what I needed. I had so many questions and he answered every one. I’m so thankful and so encouraged!

  95. Redsgirl94

    I love this place everyone is so happy and very informative!

  96. wgibbs83

    Very friendly staff and a great variety of products. I love this location dY~EUR

  97. jsat0164

    The dispensary is always clean & organized. The staff are all polite, personable, & intelligent. Always an air of professionalism.

  98. Smanchac


  99. Khenning123

    This was my first visit and I was very nervous. Ryan was very nice, patient, and knowledgeable and kindly answered all my questions no matter how many I asked. I was just loved talking with him! Hoping to visit again soon.

  100. BigFattyHooter

    I attended the seminar about concentrates today at greenhouse in Mokena. It was a great thing to attend because they explained a lot about the way they are made and answered all of our questions. That’s really nice that they did something like that to make the patients feel more comfortable and knowledgable about the medicine available to them. Now patients can get better meds and the dispensary can do more business. The staff was very friendly. The girls at the counter are very pleasant and charismatic! Met the owner outside on the way into the seminar and he was nice too! Thanks greenhouse!

  101. riced

    Went in as a first time patient. They went over all the different types of products they had and made sure I was up to knowledge on the medicine. They didn’t have me wait long went by pretty quick and was happy with what I bought

  102. Kravaca85

    I’ve been coming here since Feb 2017. Everyone is super nice and yeah, sometimes they’re out of my favorite strains but they recommend something similar and often times better.
    % isn’t everything. Get the purps. Cheers!!

  103. Thankfull2

    Thanks to Ryan, I enjoyed my first experience at Greenhouse. Excellent products, decor and educational support.

  104. outlaw714

    Just had a nice visit for my first time. Got good advice on getting away from the smoking. Vape.

  105. danotis95

    Great place, they make you feel comfortable and are very informative. This is my first dispensary and my last. Thanks Greenhouse Mokena!!

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