852 South Westgate St, Addison, IL 60101


41.9107468, -87.9936836




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


11:00 AM – 8:00 PM


12:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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EarthMed prides itself on providing the highest quality compassionate care to patients who truly need it. We understand that for many, pain is a daily part of life and that nobody should have to live in pain when there are treatments available. Medical Cannabis has many medical benefits that ease the pain that traditional medicine cannot offer. EarthMed’s focus is to provide a safe and legal venue for patients to receive treatment using Medical Cannabis. Another ideal EarthMed strives for is community outreach and education regarding Medical Cannabis. These include educating the community with regards to the benefits of Medical Cannabis and how to legally obtain it.

WE DO OFFER 10 Percent off for Veterans, People who are on Disability, 65 and Older, Kids with Epilepys. Make sure you tell them when we enter you in our System.

EarthMed is conveniently located at 852 Westgate Dr, Addison, IL 60101.


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126 reviews for “EarthMed

  1. ptaboy

    Great experience every time! Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff. Mellow atmosphere. Top shelf!

  2. TugBenson

    Great products. Consistent high quality. Will shop there again for sure.

  3. Ejsrcontreras

    THE BEST DISPENSARY IN THE STAATE EARTHMED Thank you Rachel,Paula,n Mike for all the great work u do ivs registered to c which is best dipensary n Earthmed is beyond the best ariund not only does Paula, Rachel, n Miks go out of there way to make sure you get exactly what your looking for but also give you the time to sit n make sure that u get the best possible information n meds that u will need for your specific pain level. All of there product are great n have one of the biggest varieties of meds for your needs thanks for helping me stay pain free n for all the help u give when i visit!!! Thanks again for also letting me, Stay legal with EarthMed!!! Luv u guys!!!

  4. beccannabis_420

    95% of the employees at Earth Med are an absolute delight. I used to look forward to my visits because they were such amazing human beings.

    However, there’s an incredibly rude individual who made me cry. As someone with anxiety (and I know many others in the cannabis pilot program have it, too), I’d expect there to be a baseline level of compassion. That is to say, this isn’t just retail. It’s a medical program in which patients require a bit more care and understanding, especially with regard to mental health issues.

    On 4/20, I headed over to the dispensary–not in hopes of a deal, but rather a regularly-scheduled pick-up. I went online beforehand to ensure they had what I wanted in-stock. I double-checked in the book they hand you when you enter the dispensary: Both said it was available. When I got to the front, this individual was exceedingly snarky in his response regarding the product I wanted.

    When I asked for help, he sarcastically retorted, “Well, you shouldn’t have shown up at the end of the day on 4/20.” And perhaps he’s right…but in the same breath, I also work and wasn’t asking for one of the deals. By this point, I was pretty taken aback, and my anxiety had skyrocketed. Making on-the-spot decisions is exceedingly difficult once anxiety’s kicked in.

    He then offered a very expensive option in a strain that doesn’t work for me. Like most people, I have a budget when I go to the dispensary. When I said as much, his response was less-than-polite. “Well then I can’t help you.” While I didn’t expect this individual to sit down and talk through everything at the window, I figured he’d offer to have another staff member help me out. Instead, his expression was flat out irritation, with a hint of a snarl.

    It was clear I wasn’t going to get help, and I sure wasn’t going to ask for it again–I wanted to get the heck out of there. I paid and hauled it to my car, where I ended up breaking down and crying.

    I genuinely enjoy heading to the dispensary because everyone is usually so kind, understanding, and willing to interact. This time, however, the exact opposite happened. Head here at your own caution. You’ll meet some excellent, caring human beings. But if you encounter this guy, your day may not be quite as sunshine and cheery.

  5. Dpsully07

    Great customer service and the staff is friendly and helpful.

  6. HappyLemonDrop

    Everyone here is super nice and very knowledgeable.

  7. Miked70

    This place is great. Very helpful staff and can answer questions.

  8. chongi

    EarthMed and their staff have been outstanding in making me feel comfortable and in helping me dial in the herbs.

    I’m not sure how much control they have on their inventory (variety wise) or how they compare to other dispensaries around since I just got the card, but I would recommend them to anyone starting out.

  9. bluejedimojo312

    wow its great to have you here long over due!!!

  10. cicciofranco78

    earthmed is a great dispensary! friendly staff, great selection,and they always take care of their patients like family

  11. ChiJoJo

    Earthmed is by far the leader when it comes to Illinois dispensaries. Great Prices, Great Service, Great Atmosphere! Score A+ It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. No pressure when you get there and you can stay as long as you like and ask as many questions as you want. You should check them out and see exactly what I’m talking about.

  12. Djchrismd

    Switched over to this dispensary about a month ago. I’m so happy I did, not only is it closer to me in relation to the other places I was at but also their staff is knowledgeable. It was important to me to have a staff that is knowledgeable that I trust. Also it makes all the difference that they allow you to bring your dog inside while you shop. The security is also awesome they make sure your doing good and really take the time to catch up with you. Their hours are top notch as well which really helps me out with my schedule as of trying to juggle my job and doctors visits. I give this an A+

  13. Grateful3323

    An incredibly comfortable environment.

  14. EarthMed

    LOVE this dispensary! Great menu, HUGE selection! Absolutely BEST staff! So friendly and always very knowledgeable! Hands down number 1 medical dispensary in the Chicago land area!

  15. sprogo


  16. JayTVet

    I luv this location, I like how it’s so low-key. I like the security, and how the employees are not making me feel uncomfortable. Paula is Awesome, Mike’s my man! They also have the best deals that I have seen anywhere in the state. Can’t wait to get back into town, so I can continue getting this Great Service….

  17. Richm

    Awesome beautifully place. The staff is knowledgeable and caring

  18. jaefighter

    I started coming here in December ’16 and I absolutely love it! I drive about an hour to get to this dispensary, even though there are closer ones, just because of the quality and prices they have. I love the huge flower selection and everyone is so nice and helpful! Thank you guys!

  19. aidman923

    These people are the real deal. Incredibly knowledgeable, super nice, and unendingly helpful. Between that and their prices, what’s not to love?

  20. LPeternell

    Excellent, understanding employees who seem truly interested in helping you. Lovely first time experience that was easier and far more pleasant than expected.

  21. consta1

    First time there today and all I can say is I was blown away! From the security guard, to Mike helping and explaining everything to and finally working with Paula with that great smile. Keep it up guys cause you have a customer for life!!

  22. ChiT

    I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and quick to help with anything you need. I am a total newbie to this and I didn’t feel stupid for all my questions I had to ask. You get credit when you have purchased a certain amount. I suppose I could look around but why, this place is the best!

  23. gottasparkle

    super compassionate, friendly staff. It made my first dispensary experience very comfortable!

  24. papa8204

    1st dispensary I’ve been to since I received my card. Honestly there’s no need to go to another. They have great product at great prices. They really do take care of their customers. On 420 they had $pecials and gave away free joints. They give you a birthday gift as well.
    Paula is awesome she is so loveable and caring, she makes you feel right at home.
    Rachel is great as well. she’s so knowledgeable and gives you good insight on the product. I absolutely love this place.

  25. chrisfires

    My 3rd visit today, and I still am super happy with EarthMed, great team, quality product and a calm, non rushed atmosphere, with no attitude. Everyone is super helpful, they respond promptly to emails and even to Facebook posts. Products are top notch, too. Popular & new strains can sell out quickly, so It’s a good idea to call or email before you visit to find out what is in stock. So far, they only have flowers in stock, but edibles and other formats are coming soon.

  26. jean-michel

    EarthMed is a fantastic dispensary. Great selection, wonderful, caring people who are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have stage IV cancer, live in downtown Chicago, and travel 1+ hours each direction from the city center to EarthMed out in Addison. It is well worth the drive. The folks at EarthMed really go the extra mile to ensure we as patients get what we need, when we need it. Fantastic place, highly recommended.

  27. ericritacco71

    This place is awesome, I’ve been going there since they opened. The staff is amazing,they are all very professional,friendly and well educated on all the newest medicine that is available to us. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I would like to thank them all for the great service and experience they give me,Mike,Gus,Paula,Rachel, Trevor, Mike and Rich, Thank You !!!!!!!!

  28. MJGC

    Staff here are great. Fairly knowledgeable on product.

  29. DocFeelgoode

    Paula, Rachael, Mike and Gus, not only have a large and getting larger product line, but they are true Mensches. EarthMed’s present stains have qualities that would bring relief to any of the 3300 patients issues

  30. robmorales

    I loved it from the moment I met Matty!!! She’s AWSOME and thank you for the free gifts!! Very knowledgeable staff who care about their patients and only offer the highest level of medicine.

  31. Justice123

    Outstanding efforts and results on all levels at this dispensary. I have communicated in depth with four dispensaries in Illinois and Earthmed is singular in voluntarily providing compassionate care. American veterans and those that earn less because of age or infirmity are specifically welcomed with a very generous discount. Not only has Earthmed to my knowledge pioneered these discounts in medical cannabis in Illinois, but they remain the sole provider. One must congratulate them on this, amazing staff I adore, and a superlative constant supply of the full range of available cannabis products.

  32. tiflog18

    I was driven 2 1/2 hours to this dispensary, as my brother DVF, has been using them for quite some time. The compassion and help made for relief. I highly suggest for all to travel for a great experience. Felt like family.

  33. bart27

    I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries all over the state and Earthmed is probably the best, which isn’t saying much. Their prices are still ridiculously high, especially for flower.

  34. rollingmedicated420

    Wow I suffer from insomnia and smoking and vaping really doesn’t do anything for me when I’m trying to go to bed, but ever since they got that crumble or wax in I’m sleeping like a baby.. I’m tearing up while writing this because I can finally get a decent 8hr sleep now, thank you so much.


    Great staff and great selection !!!

  36. JROC_

    Super friendly. The really make you feel like a preferred customer.

  37. deadhead1969

    The staff is outstanding. always there to help. Selection of product is first class.

  38. jeebarow

    Great location and knowledgeable staff. The godmother of the place Paula is amazing and will make you feel at home.

  39. melissa1198

    The entire staff has been great. products are getting better every day. can’t wait for edibles.

  40. astoneddeer

    Great environment with a great staff and excellent product.

  41. DiverseyHbrChgoBoatr

    Great staff, wide variety & huge candy bowl on table…The only thing I’d change is I wish they carried the strain aEURoeDoug’s VarinaEUR!!!…

  42. ticboytoy12

    Excellent staff!! I always feel welcomed and everybody is so nice and helpful. Very clean inside.

  43. Jesselove82

    This location has the best staff and prices. I’ve researched it. The staff treats you like family. Great atmosphere.

  44. fourtwenty!

    LOVE this dispensary! HUGE menu, AWESOME selection! Such a friendly and very knowledgeable staff!! HANDS DOWN BEST dispensary in the Chicago land area!!

  45. lovebud123

    this place is the best dispensary I have been to . Paula and everyone there are the nicest people in the world. always helping you find what you need what for what you can afford. great with dogs also.I never leave unhappy please give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

  46. lmastro

    The people there are wonderful and truly care. Want you to get the best out of what you are purchasing. They want you to feel good and they do a wonderful job helping out.

  47. reillyk5

    Paula is wonderful and caring. My only negative is price and availability but I do realize this is new and it takes time

  48. kkrazyd26

    nice people here!!

  49. easybuddy

    I have been to EarthMed twice. After being to two different dispensaries I have come to even appreciate EarthMed more! Very nice people! Very helpful, and they really do care. Unfortunately they are a 2 hour car ride back and forth for me, but I am thinking about moving back here, they are worth it!

  50. KingTinyy

    I live a hour and a half away from Addison I seriously live not to far away from a dispensary but Addison is so much better the workers are very respectful and also make you feel very comfortable. Ever single last worker are great people .. Best Deals hands down. I hope one day they’ll start selling CBD OILS AND Weed and syrup .. fingers crossed dY$?zdY3/4

  51. Bucc_Wild

    I’m a military veteran diagnosed with PTSD and was very unfamiliar with medical cannabis and it’s various usages. Formally I had a career that prohibited me from using medical cannabis to treat my symptoms so I never gave cannabis much thought. Prior to my first visit at Earth Med I was extremely nervous walking through the door. I didn’t know what to expect. I was greeted by Amy at the front door and she took me under her wing. She was super friendly, understanding and very knowledgeable. I immediately took a liking to her as she treated me like a long lost friend. They say that first impressions are everything and a lasting first impression I’ll have. I had such a great experience as a first timer in the medical cannabis realm and I’d definitely recommend Earth Med…especially Amy.

  52. Tiki1250

    The team at Earth Med is the best. Always willing to answer your questions and they really take the time to educate you on what may help with your condition. I am lucky to have them close by. If you have to travel to this dispensary it is well worth the drive.

  53. favicari

    This is my favorite dispensary. I’ve been to 7/8. They have an awesome staff and location. Their menu of ounces and sale 1/8ths ($40) is the largest I’ve found and is not only a great price but great product as well. They also offer all of the premium products and have a great selection from all the major companies (atraxia, cresco, gti, revolution). I highly recommend this place and continue to be a happy customer. They also have military/disability discounts and a loyalty program. Can’t beat it!

  54. Greensubzero

    Love this place employees are helpful prices are great they could offer more deals, the security guard is very helpful if you are in the area try this place.

  55. UJ34

    Excellent staff super friendly

  56. clara50

    I love the staff and the big variety of products. I have never been more informed and cared for.

  57. Papichulo696969

    Good place I love it here

  58. mookie13

    Fantastic, friendly people. Wish I could give them more stars.

  59. Blackchevelle

    very very nice staff!! Paula and Mike are the absolute very best,,,great prices,,great meds,,,water bottle,,comfy atmosphere,,,A Plus

  60. rvricc

    Nice people, large selection and competitive prices. The large selection makes it easier to find an alternative to a no longer available strain. In my case the cannabis strain is everything, some strains make me feel better, some make me worse. Also, since insurance doesn’t cover the cost pricing is important too.

  61. Brewsleerooy

    One of the best around!

  62. billyj13

    This place is absolutely FANTASTIC. I have been to a couple of different dispensaries but this by far is the BEST

  63. Fishstix420

    The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. My visits are always a great time.

  64. BionicBruce

    Very friendly people. Took plenty of time to explain things to me. Made me feel very relaxed.

  65. jrok77

    Great service and staff to go with it!!! This is my go to spot!!

  66. jerrybear09

    I have been to three other dispensaries in Illinois and let me say this is by FAR the best! I’ts an hour drive from me when there are four others closer but I choose to stay registered at this one because the atmosphere and help they provide is of top quality. I listened as Paula helped a woman find the perfect strain to aid her nausea and I must say all of the information was correct, so the staff is very knowledgeable. I did not need assistance as I have been a user of marijuana for 6 years so I quickly selected my flowers which all came from Gold Leaf, a newer distributor that many other dispensaries do not carry. I can already tell the quality of this brand as well supercedes any other I have tried, and I have tried them all. Lastly their prices were the most fair that I have seen in a while (some dispensaries charging as much as $500/ounce RIDICULOUS) which is probably the biggest plus for me. Overall I believe anyone whithin a 1.5 hour drive should immediately switch their registraion to EarthMed because it is the top dispensary in Illinois right now! P.S: The edible chocolates were delicious and effective!

  67. scout444

    This is a top notch dispensary run by great people. The selection is varied and they keep a good inventory which gets better every day.

  68. Buddhamaan22

    Great place, great service, great people!

  69. 420Chi

    great knowledgeable staff provides great product recommendation. nice safe and secure atmosphere. high (pun) quality products.

  70. ldymisrose

    love it. very convenient. friendly staff. lots of variety

  71. Jeffss

    Very nice and helpful people. Too small of a waiting area if you dont have a card, you are forced to wait outside…

  72. deenoyes

    Staff is so friendly and helpful also a very chill atmosphere. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  73. brsharp

    Great people, great products, great
    location, for me, very cool spot!

  74. Manny261

    great place

  75. jodysalvetti

    So, I had my 8 year old with me this week because of Thanksgiving break. I had no choice but to bring her with me.
    My guardian angel Kim comes to my rescue. She was so kind, and I will always be grateful.
    I also had called in my order that morning so they had my medicine all together. Easy in and out. I am so thankful on this Thanksgiving for Earthmed and all the staff. I truly feel like we’re a big family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Blessed be! aoeOEdY>>a$?i,dYSSdY>>aEURatmEURi,dYOE^dYOE>dYOEdYOEoe

  76. ddiego

    Wow awesome team!!!! Thank you!!!

  77. Mr.badgang

    i love the enviroment here. everyone is really cool and understanding

  78. cybergrayz

    I am so glad I was recommended and brought me to Earthmed by a friend. The best way to describe the place, is that is has that home feel to it. Paula and Rachel are so knowledgeable and friendly. they take the time to sit there with you and they will do so until you finally get how the system works. The flower that I’ve had so far has been top notch. Another plus is that they are dog friendly. I just happened to go and I left my dog(the white Pitbull) in the car. When the staff told me many times that dogs are allowed inside and they welcome it. Heck they even went outside to give him water. I was like “and now it feels even more like home”. I will continue to go here and I recommend everyone I know to go there as well.

  79. bw4706

    Re: Lobby ATM machine for patients.

    Let me start by saying, This place is great & The staff is awesome.

    What’s going on with ATM fees ?
    Price gouging?

    $3.20 fee in Jan
    $5.60 fee in Feb

    When does it stop ?

    Maybe it’s time for a new ATM company.

    I wonder how EarthMed management feels about such high fees.

  80. Jadel182

    Went to Earthmed for the first time yesterday and I had a great experience. All the people who worked there were very friendly and helpful.

  81. jimthepainter

    My first experience last month was great. Paula sat me down for a consultation and to explain everything. I have been back and pleased every time. I feel safe especially with their security and procedures. You are looked after until your vehicle drives off down the street. Your safety doesn’t stop when you walk out the front door. Always a great selection of the highest quality meds. I will
    continue to be a customer for a long time.

  82. juanatry

    I have been here several times now and always walk out smiling. Everyone is so nice and helpful – Paula, Mike, Trevor, Rachael, and Gus have served me in my visits there. The product is diverse, and I was surprised and pleased that the pricing is great – besides the fact that they seem to have monthly specials which make these meds even more affordable.
    Medical cannabis has been a Godsend for me and is a wonderful alternative to what mainstream docs have wanted to feed me for chronic pain. If Earthmed, like for me, is the closest dispensary to your home, you will be very satisfied. (rpl)

  83. BorisBlack

    The best.

  84. Guire

    This is the best dispensary in IL. It has the widest variety of options and strains. It also has the best people there. Paula and Rachel and all the staff are great and make you feel at home. Rich the security guard is the man. Love this place

  85. SAC9861

    Very impressed. I was treated like an old friend and was walked through the procedures at an easy pace. All my questions were covered before I could ask them. Safe area, no problems parking. Great people great place.

  86. Skope74

    This dispensary is all love the started out the gate treating they’re patients with compassion and like family many times I have come in a bit aggitated until I’m greeted with a warm smile and hug from Paula Gus and Mike real down to earth chill guys you looking for the right dispensary make EarthMed home, Donald

  87. vi1324

    Nice and open Slot of space and not being rushed. Great staff as well.
    And the security today was very friendly and funny. Seems like a great asset.

  88. thedzl

    Ive been going here for a little over two months now. While there are dispensaries closer to me, I will stay with this location. The deals are amazing and the staff is always friendly. It’s never overcrowded, and their inventory is amongst the best! I’ll stick with earthmeddY’dY1/4

  89. MNess1978

    Went in Tuesday for the first time and I could have cried at how awesome everyone was. Products are awesome & the staff went out of their way to help me. Absolutely wonderful!

  90. Ksteel1102

    People are so nice!

  91. Ericleafly

    Great workers and deals!!

  92. nodrog

    People are great, comfortable atmosphere and nice selection.

  93. mikeleahy49

    All good for me

  94. trthompson327

    I absolutely love this place!!! The staff is incredible!! I’ve never felt so welcome more, than when I come to Earth med!! My brother died and I was seriously grieving!! The staff and Paula made me feel so much better, when I left. I want to personally thank all of you wonderful caring and loving staff!!

  95. nbp710

    I’ve been going to Earthmed since May ’16. I can’t say enough about how helpful and compassionate they’ve been. Very easy to talk to, and they’ll always point you in the right direction. My favorite spot by far!

  96. flynner24

    This place is great it’s a bit of a drive for me but the service and product make it so worth it the people are spectacular thought about changing too somewhere closer but no place is as good

  97. Moeschaffer

    Compassionate , clean, and professional. Paula is a sweetheart who is genuinely caring and goes the extra mile to assist in making choices specific to you.

  98. Dr0

    Best dispensary in the state hands down. All around great atmosphere.

  99. mllamas336

    This is the only place in Chicago with the best prices. Before you walk in your already getting help the atmosphere always friendly and peaceful. Love this place I have dispensaries closer to me but none compair to Earthmed.

  100. yourgnc1

    Great location.

  101. thatmom1

    I’ve been to four different dispensaries in Illinois and I like this one the best because of the staff. They are friendly, Knowledgeable, Always ready to help, and Interesting to talk to.
    You start with the friendly security guard who you know is going to have a smile and a handshake ready for you. You go inside to find plenty of help around to ask questions or just talk to about your experience. I love it here and even though I’m moving soon, I’ll stay with Earthmed I think.

  102. dit

    I have used 4 different dispensaries, and keep coming back to Earthmed. Staff at Earthmed are non-intrusive, but also very helpful and friendly. They have a huge variety of products and have helped me get several other products I wanted to try. They seem to keep the best variety of CBD products at the best prices.
    I think that I could sit all day at Earthmed and no-one would hurry me out. At other locations with 1-1 staffing arrangements, there is so much pressure to finish your transaction and leave. You won’t feel that at Earthmed. Very low key and I like that!

  103. 1USAFVET

    I want to thank everyone at EarthMed for making this a great birthday best dispensary in Illinois

  104. SnootleFace

    Tucked away in an industrial park, easy to find, friendly security.

  105. bluecruse

    Staff is friendly and helpful but not high pressure at all. Product is top quality, deals are great and menu is the largest I’ve seen around here. Highly recommend!

  106. good_dr1

    stopped in for my CBD capsules Ms Paula found for me, that helps reduce frequency & intensity NES, due to her neurological back ground she was able to nail this one down. Amy the new gal greeted me today we spoke briefly last week only, she advise me to check out the goldleaf edible bundle on sale this weekend. Point is she smiled said it has everything u use for ur maintenance. i said how u know, Amy said bill i listen & i care about you. Yep left there again happy & feeling loved. sounds corny that why i call it the Happy store. no matter what condition u go in i Always leave feeling appreciated.funny how that works. 410 ilcs 130 COMPASSIONATE

  107. xMisanthrope

    I have to give it up for the folk at EarthMed. I went there today (420) with a friend who is registered there. I’m registered over at 7 Point. I was quite expecting to have to wait outside. But the staff welcomed me, took my card and checked me in. The whole staff was cheerful and were asking for questions. I sat at the table while my friend waited in line. I was offered food and drink. Just very accommodating. Very nice. dYfdYfdYfdYfdYf

  108. julesvern

    Earthmed is professional , compassionate, and knowledgable! They understand they are selling medication and they treat us with respect. My first dispensary was a horrible experience and EarthMed was my second choice and I’m so thankful I found them! It’s safe, secure, and I feel at home when I visit. EarthMed for life!

  109. OGILLA

    This is my third dispensary and my best dispensary so far. Everything about this place is great, from their service to the products, and prices. Definitely a great place to go to.

  110. adminfa

    please get more hashes it was fantastic.

  111. Barbara1601

    Manger is great she is helping me to get off my fentanyl patch and see really does care about the patients that come in her dispensary. She knows everyone by name and she is bending over backwards to help me in this long process I have to go through with my patch. It’s always clean and I can’t say it enough Franco is my absolute favorite person in the world I love him. He makes sure I have everything I need and makes sure everything will help the type of pain I have I love him so much. I don’t think I could live without him. And the guy at the door I keep forgetting his name he makes my day to he is awesome he always puts a smile on my face no matter how much pain I’m in. He takes the time out to talk to you and if you look sad he definitely cheers you up.

  112. JayFur1416

    The staff went out of their way to make sure I was properly educated and felt comfortable. Their selection is awesome, and they seem completely dedicated to helping people feel their best.

  113. cloudygiraffe

    Made you feel like family the second that you walk into the door!

  114. Giovannirocco

    Best hands down

  115. medicalcannabiscomm

    The BEST in the state, in my opinion! Lowest prices, open 7 days, 10 % loyalty, Bday grams, referral grams, and over 500 products to choose from.

  116. kstrange

    My experience was very informative. I liked the fact that the staff were very patient with
    me and understood that I’m
    new to the culture. If I could give more stars, I would also.

  117. SPARKY878

    Great place! Relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommend if looking for friendly close knit shops

  118. Carebear424

    This dispensary is the best one around! I also drive an hour for quality product and quality people dY~%0

  119. wilDcarD13

    I have been there twice and have had very good experiences both times. They have a variety of product and the staff has always been very helpful and very friendly. I am glad I switched over from my original dispensary

  120. Wicabal

    Perfect location

  121. Steverdubose

    Very laid back!

  122. Cocoa23

    I simply love EarthMed! The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. The products are of high quality and they are expanding their menu daily. Thank you EarthMed!

  123. orionsgaze

    Have been going here for a year and a half. It is an hour and a half drive so they used to offer 24 hour holds for product and they run through product quickly at times (so like most places, you never know what to expect). I called today and was told they will not place holds unless it is same day. Ok, I get it. Lauren, Paula, Mike, and co. are good people so if you’re nearby check it out. Just understand that a dumb policy change cost you a customer that was very loyal.

  124. sbarks1977

    The folks at EarthMed are compassionate and really know their stuff. Great product and hours. I highly recommend them!

  125. jvcdenon

    all the employees were very friendly I was in and out in 20 minutes on my first visit

  126. gg62

    1st time but spent lots of time on leafly. I agreed w all the positives but besides being truly wonderful people, it’s what they didn’t do that I appreciated most: they didn’t make you feel criminal! (That’s AMA Drs place.) Anyway thanks to you all for a great service you provide to all!

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