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4777 Stenstrom Road, Rockford, IL 61109


42.2244134, -89.0235481




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


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Mapleglen Care Center is Rockford, Illinois’ first Medical Cannabis Dispensary! We are committed to providing compassionate patient care and the highest quality flower, infused products and concentrates available. Our location is low key and private and our product specialists and patient care consultants are able to answer any questions.



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77 reviews for “Mapleglen Care Center

  1. Rodthehammer

    Very nice, happy folks everywhere. Hell, I thought I was at a very caring facility. Always helping get what I need.

  2. Vantron

    It was a great experience and I will go back again. Flowers are superb. Wide range of strains…you’ll find whatever is up your alley with the great staff there. Slightly pricey but well worth it.

  3. mowinowen

    The staff was super helpful and friendly. Great selection and variety.

  4. powerslave76

    Wow. This place is truly excellent. I switched from the other local dispensary today and I’m definitely glad I did. The prices here are good, and you can smell and see the product before buying which is a huge plus. Staff is very helpful and courteous as well. I definitely recommend anyone to come here

  5. ghibsdankk54

    Great location, easy to get to. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and great service.

  6. Duhstupid

    I love it here, it is safe, no bad vibes, quiet, and very respectful care. Staff are very helpful, knowledgeable, don’t think I would go anywhere else. very wide range of product.

  7. dustybootsdarkroots1970

    Great selection. Menu is up to date. Everyone that works there is really nice. They have good discounts and deals.

  8. yvonnie

    I tried the nature’s grace eliquid apple Jack disposable pen and it made me feel happy relaxed chatty/sociable it was a great pain reliever it really helped me with my pain and tremors ,it was a mellow high so it made it where I could go out and get things done and I wanna give a shout out to everybody that works there especially Tiffany!!!! Thanks you all!!

  9. BobbyBluBlan

    I love my dispensary maplegle as we all know our medicine is costly but the relief is amazing I was short a few bucks and with a few pressing of some buttons the few bucks I was short was no longer a issue!!!! which is amazing the care and compassion for us patients is above the rest every visit they take the time to listen to my 50 questions lol it is this type of service that will keep me loyal to my dispensary hard to find service like this and when you do you stick with it if you are in the Rockford area and you are trying to choose your dispensary definitely keep maple Glen on top of the list I know this is my second review but one is simply not enough!!!!! Happy Medicating friends

  10. DebHaz1

    This is a wonderful store. Very knowledgeable staff. as the staff begins to know you they are able to direct you to the strains that are best for you.

  11. Mknautz

    this location is perfect! it’s nicely hidden in a business park. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable as well, along with great service.

  12. chorty131

    Hello from Vegas. I didn’t forget about you guys. I am here, and all is good. But, i wanted to make it known that anyone who has a medical card, go see these guys. They are knowledgeable, funny, and personable. I highly recommend them. I miss you guys. Ryan. Go Cubs!! Tiff, they do hologram nails here. And the rest of you, thanks for all of the help in the past. They very best to all of you.

  13. lauren4372

    As a new user of medical pot I real appreciate the why I was treated at maple-glen. No question was treated as uneducated or foolish. Advisors were well informed about different conditions and the proper strains. I would like to recommend this as a very useful tool for first timers.

  14. perezricky92

    the bomb

  15. Jdeleon34

    I think it’s a great place with staff that actually care for there patients I’m happy I switched .

  16. pbmus1

    Nice staff, good medicine, fair pricing, great marketing

  17. Badger1973

    If you want compassion excellent customer service I clean atmosphere Mapleglen is where you need to be. They go far and beyond taking care of your needs. It doesn’t matter if there’s one person waiting or 20 you get the same service. 5 dYOEY all the way.

  18. Nlanae11

    It is a great location, people are very friendly and knowledgeable. Tiffany was very helpful and talked to us about what we could try for my husband’s sleep and to help calm him. So far it has been amazing for him.

  19. DawnHighstreet

    Absolutely the best dispensary I have ever been to !!!!!! You get great products and there is a deal every day
    Very knowledgeable BUD TENDERS-
    CARE GIVERS makes the place feel like each patient is special!!! I have been coming here to Mapleglen for over 2 yrs
    I drive 45 minutes each week and believe me when I say I am very satisfied
    Every time

  20. CandieGirl5969

    Love the atmosphere! Bustenders are knowledgeable! Excellent change of dispensary!!

  21. feathers217

    I changed dispensary, thank you Rob at Mapleglen for making it simple. I went for my first visit on Friday and was greeted with smiles & greetings from everyone. Tiffany was my bud-tender , ask questions about my medical condition , what had been working for me & what had not. I had made a shopping list from their webpage and was very happy that everything on my list was available…. just happen to ask if they get Durban…. YES … just received into stock… Cherry on top for me !! I stocked up pretty well using the first visit 50% off second item they offer. I look forward to my next visit and hope to attend some of the classes they offer , Tiffany mentioned Ryan will be having a class in February on edibles and I hope to attend. Thank you all for the warm welcome & smiling faces ! See you in the New Year !!

  22. mike65804

    First class operation, great folks!

  23. Bbaran

    I blindly chose my first dispensary in Rockford. That was a very wrong thing to do. I only ever had 1 semi-informative person at my first dispensary and never saw her after that visit. I never had the same person twice.
    I visited MapleGlen Care Center and immediately switched! The facility is huge, clean, and comfortable. They focus on the patient, first and foremost! They put extra money into actually helping the patients, instead of keeping the decor up to date. Everyone is so helpful. Even when I was just visiting and not able to make a purchase(was still registered at the “place-which-should-not-be-named”), they took the time to answer all of my questions. Charity is my favorite Budtender and extremely knowledgeable. I will always want to be able to purchase from her, but everyone else is equally knowledgeable and friendly. They all go above and beyond for all of their patients. From the time you walk in, till the time you leave, you are family, even to the security guards (you guys rock!). This is a dispensary done right!!!!

  24. NUMBYx420

    Today was my first time here after I made the switched. Man the employees their so super respectful, knowledgeable & they all want to help you in all ways possible. I love how they want to really get to know your issues, illness or disabilities so they can maximize your experience & comfurt. Im VERY HAPPY with switching to Mapleglenn! They made it soooo easy & fast. Best dispensary in rockford hands down!!

  25. MrKiefly

    Hands down the best dispensary in the district. Amazing deals, loyalty rewards system, and super friendly staff!

  26. Azgoose

    This place is a great place. Very knowledgeable staff. They are also extremely friendly. I’m so glad I decided to go with this dispensary.

  27. cleankev

    Menu is well organized , staff is very knowledgeable of the products , have printed menus when you go in there .

  28. Bluecollar

    Tiffany, Ryan and Amy are pretty cool….Mapleglenn has some great concentrates…and the Flower is always Top shelf

  29. chaos3079

    Very nice always a good deal friendly service

  30. plushland

    There very professional and knowledgeable of what they have plus they can recommend what’s the best product for you there very friendly there is an awesome place to go

  31. mikeOg2228

    Bery nice

  32. 420christina2010

    Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Love their point system. Good prices for most products

  33. lucky2aolcom

    Best quality, service and atmosphere!

  34. pat1

    5/5 in all aspects. Love the service and quality of the products.

  35. johnsgirl1116

    Everyone was very nice and helpful.

  36. priyankak1994

    I switched over from the other dispensary in town, and man am I so glad! The staff is a lot nicer and they don’t rush you. You can take your time and ask a lot of questions to ensure you’re getting what you need. I am a very anxious person, but they make me feel extremely comfortable every time I go there. And their deals are pretty great. I’m sticking with Mapleglen!

  37. Jnearhart

    There is no competition when it comes to Mapleglen. They truly are on the forefront of everything good with Medical Marijuana. Simply put there’s 2 dispensaries in Rockford and I used to go to the other and I won’t step foot in there again because not only do they price gauge their patient’s to say the least. They don’t even have the facility or the compassion that is needed to correctly run a medical marijuana dispensary. Mapleglen isn’t soley about the bottom line the proof is in the price & service they offer. It truly is outstanding If I could invest in them I would because what they have created is simply special and truly compassionate. Everyone at Mapleglen keep doing what you do. Everyone who hasn’t been to Mapleglen “The grass is greener on the other side” I promise you.

  38. Bubba1981

    Nice people, feel welcomed but spent 7000 there since january, expected better deals on loyalty points. All other dispensary have way more things to pick from and ALL other dispensary have better 420 deals. Mapleglen needs to do keep up with other dispensary because am about to move to 3c in Joliet or Naperville for edibles and way cheaper prices. Its worth the extra gas to get more for my money and more strains then here. Not happy with mapleglen deals this week at all. I will be switching after this week. Smh

  39. olson627

    for my first time going to mapleglen I will say i kept saying wow what a huge difference from coming from a different dispensary. mapleglen is by far the most comfortable relaxed friendly place i hace been , the staff was all about you , the patient , not about themselves. they gave alot of information. talked to you as a person , not just some burden coming in. as the other place i was at hurried you , was all about sales and not wanting to listen to the patient. but staff at maplglen is excellent! i love the atmosphere, how neat and clean and private. i cant say enough about mapleglen. i will definitely recommend mapleglen to anyone. thank you to all of you at mapleglen !!!

  40. unicorndee67

    Very happy with switching to Mapleglen, staff is awesome and very knowledgeable. They make you feel welcome and always have quick answers to any questions. Wide variety of products and prices.

  41. tknx3

    The staff from the security at the door to the Budtenders I always feel safe and taken care of .. they are knowledgeable and have helped me get my pain under control .. dont even wanna go any where else .. they have quality product and actually care about their patients ..5 star if you ask me

  42. 13Murphy74

    My dispensary, I love this place…

  43. FairlaneGuy69

    Everyone is helpful here and very kind. I am a newbie to all things cannabis at 48. They have helped me with all my questions and the recommendations for pain relief are right on. Thankful for a place like this with wonderful staff.

  44. 4904

    I love this place. the people who work here are the best helpful knowledgeable only place I have been see no reason to leave.

  45. iPete

    This location is discrete yet not extremely distant as a Rockford resident. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, full of feedback from other patients as well as personal experience.

  46. cannacapo

    Love this place! I have been to most of the dispensaries in Northern Illinois and Mapleglen is my favorite. The location is private and the staff was unbelievable. Ryan is very knowledgeable and steered me towards strains I had not tried before….Wow!

  47. buckyd666

    They are always in good spirits and great to chat with plus they never fail to answer any question asked of them they are very knowledgeable

  48. DaRealMrE1

    Great location, great bud tenders. Always have good specials going on. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a friend.


    The door man is always friendly! They actually come out, call you by name & take you back, help you pick out what will best help your specific conditions. Thrt are all so friendly & knowledgeable. -Repeat happy patient.

  50. BigSpliff2517

    It’s set back to an off main Street location secured feeling and a great staff…

  51. adorkablemary

    I’m buying for control of seizures and symptoms from my medication. I bought an Indica and two sativas. I was not entirely seizure free last night but I woke with less pain and more alert than most days…. it’s only one day and I haven’t tried the sativas yet so we will see. Regardless, the place was professional, the people caring and knowledgeable. The indica I purchased (Pre-98 Bubba Kush) was flavorful with a decent body high. My only complaint is the inability to purchase strains seen on leafly because they aren’t available in our state. Not the dispensary’s fault, but our laws and culture which will be slow to change of course.

  52. Green-Eyed-Gypsy-Lady

    I am a new patient to this dispensary. I love it! The staff is very knowledgeable and welcoming. The location is private and very secure feeling. The prices are the best in town. Really nice variety of products/ strains in stock. I like that the employees have some personal experience using cannabis, and aren’t giving me a blind, book read idea of its effects. It’s very comfortable to talk openly to the consultants about consuming it. The only thing I would like to see is more edible options on the menu, which they assured me will be coming soon. All in all, great place!

  53. Tammynelson914

    All he folks that work here are always ready to help!!! Great information for a first time buyer plus they have a welcome home attitude. I will continue to take my bussiness here.

  54. BreezySane

    Mapleglen Care Center is the best dispensary where I live! All the staff here are friendly and knowledgeable. Charity even helped me make sure I had everything I needed when I sent my qualifying patient paperwork to the state. This is the only dispensary for me!

  55. aspak1221

    The staff was wonderful and it was a great turn out for opening day! My experience was enjoyable. Was glad to be part of the first 50 patients. Wish they had amounts smaller than 8ths, I am sure they will in time. Can’t wait to return and try new product!

  56. hlg1980

    A wonderful facility! Very helpful, easy-going staff. I have not been to other dispensaries but I am very happy where I’m at. I would not change from Mapleglen. It is close to my house and I enjoy the people working there. And what I had heard about other places, Mapleglen is the best !

  57. Gmmk815

    Iv said it before and I’ll say it again Mapleglen is freaking awesomeaEUR1/4i,aEUR1/4i,

  58. msfixit29

    I find the staff at Mapleglen are very informative and friendly. Going into the medical marijuana world for the first time was a much enjoyed experience. They made me feel at ease right from the start and have continued to carry that on. There is no judgements or attitudes to deal with and that is so nice after all these years of struggling to find relief from the pain and suffering. I will continue to go there and purchase my meds and suggest others to go there too. They have really made something hard to deal with a very enjoyable experience.

  59. slap1ns

    first time there, should have gone there before this, very good lady’s take care of all your needs, and very informative, good prices, quality flowers ect. highly recommend mapleglen for all your needs

  60. jenf2016

    Friendly employees who are very acknowledgeable

  61. Gmac51

    Just switched over from the other facility and am pleased so far, very good initiale interview and was pleased with first purchase. Was getting very tolerate to Gold Leaf products needed a change. This place is alot neater to me means cleaner.

  62. suechapman

    I love this dispensary because it gives the patient a one-on-one experience with the tenders to discuss your medical issues discretely without everyone hearing all about your problems. They also stock the largest variety in Northern Illinois that I have found. Great dispenary!

  63. ministermorbid

    Knowledgable and very awesome staff! Location is easily reachable and very safe. First timers get Buy One Get One 50% off! Amazing savings. Highly recommended.

  64. SH21

    I recently switched to Mapleglen and I wish I had done it sooner. I’m kicking myself for not switching sooner.I don’t usually ask for help or direction from the employees but they seem knowledgeable and I know Ryan is there if you really need some in depth info.

    Pros: Everyone is usually nice and welcoming. I like that they have a nice waiting area even tho I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes. they have a restroom available, comfy chairs and a TV. I like the online ordering option (which is a product hold service) and that you earn points for rewards that you can choose to use how you like. I like that their menu is kept up to date. I like that their prices are pretty good. I really like Wheel Wednesdays, where you get a gift with a $50 or more purchase.I wish they had Freebie Fridays as well so you had another day of the week to get a freebie. Free is always appreciated when you’re buying expensive cannabis!

    Cons: I wish they had an on site ATM. I wish they had more of a selection sometimes but they are open to requests so ask if they can bring in what you’re looking for. Sometimes the menu doesn’t have the product info I’m looking for so I have to check the internet for specifics. Info like dosage, ingredients, and strain info on edibles.

    I’d recommend Mapleglen.

  65. beckydontmindme

    Love it! Service was great and Charity is an awesome budtender.

  66. MickeyD80

    This place is amazing, great staff,excellent product and great online help. What more can you ask for? Plus the point system is excellent!

  67. arachnoqueen

    excellence! very knowledgeable and frendly staff. products are primo and reasonably priced. highly recommended.

  68. kngpn

    Very happy with the staff at this clinic. They are professional and knowledgeable. Tiffney, Amy and Charity have all been kind and understanding. Would recommend them all.

  69. dpearson

    From a patient point of view, the people ate amazingly caring, on there game. Also, many perks and all around humble place. Thanks too all whom make are lives better.
    Sincerely, d. Pearson

  70. pstrickwtalleygmailcom

    Met all my expectations and it’s in an easy Lo key location that makes you feel comfortable. I hate Rockford but this location isn’t in Rockford like one would think. I recommend checking this place out. They have good pricing, quality glass and great savings programs.

  71. traxx77

    The staff at MapleGlen are great! They’re professional, knowledgeable, and over all very friendly. They have great products. I’ve used flower, edibles, and vape oils. I would highly recommend MapleGlen to anyone in need of a dispensary.

  72. Christinafry2

    Love it! Helpful, courteous and extremely caring. Loved the experience and how amazing everyone was!

  73. maurol

    I love the way , you can go in, & right away you greeted with respect. Th
    ey call you when you have questions. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  74. kingofgodszz90

    This store is a little piece of heaven in Rockford

  75. mayhem142

    Very nice staff very helpful.

  76. GirlScoutCookieDough

    Awesome staff. Great location. Large variety of products available. Ryan really knows his stuff! If you have any questions about anything, he will know the answer or at least find out! Truly a product expert! Really good group of people working there. Great dispensary!

  77. marble2016

    Everyones great on the staff! I am hoping to see other edibles if possible like lolipops,gummies,. I know the same company that you get the fudgies 50mg you can order goobies those taste great and helped my symptoms for 6 to 8 hours and was level headed. Thanks for your continued help with mew medications to try and lessen peoples ailments for hours to weeks.

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