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4440 Broadway, Quincy, IL 62305


39.9345009, -91.3444852




10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


10:00 AM – 6:00 PM




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Herbal Remedies Dispensary, based in Quincy, Illinois, is committed to the education, pain management and holistic wellness of their patients. A locally owned and operated dispensary, they strive to provide the highest quality medical marijuana products matched with the ideal patient experience in a safe and welcoming environment.

Herbal Remedies in Quincy, Illinois organized its dispensary team in 2014 with the like-minded goal of offering patients the top medical-grade cannabis products while delivering a patient experience in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Seeing firsthand how medical marijuana can provide respite to a variety of diseases and conditions, the Herbal Remedies team champions cannabis’ use as a satisfactory alternative when Western medicine fails. Committed to bringing medical marijuana out of the darkness of stigma and into the public light, Herbal Remedies advocates free education regarding cannabis many benefits and minimal risks in hopes to make it a more widely accepted method of medicine.

The dispensary staff of Herbal Remedies offers a broad range of experience in the cannabis industry, including knowledge of cultivation, different strain types and various methods of medication in addition to state legalities medical applications. They are more than willing to educate patients on medical marijuana and are aware that the medicine isn’t a one-size-fits-all cure. The Herbal Remedies’ team takes the time to work with each patient, customizing a treatment plan that will help them regain their health and improve their quality of life.

Herbal Remedies proudly offers a wide selection of different flower strains, concentrates, topicals, edibles, pre-rolls, oils, CBD capsules and more for their patients to browse through and sample. All of their products are tested at licensed Illinois laboratories, and they stock only the finest medicine for their patients’ many different needs.

Herbal Remedies’ team offers complimentary assistance filling out and submitting application paperwork for potential medical marijuana patients, and happily speaks at any number of community functions and locations to spread awareness of medical cannabis and its legalities.

Service Locations:
The luxurious Herbal Remedies dispensary facility is located in Quincy, Illinois, designed to welcome and accommodate patients of all kinds. They proudly serve patients throughout Quincy and its surrounding areas.

Location Information:
Quincy, Illinois borders both the Mississippi River and the Missouri state line, and is colloquially known as Illinois’ aEURoeGem CityaEUR. Quincy University calls the city home while the Quincy Memorial Bridge crosses the river to Missouri’s West Quincy and Poage Island. Herbal Remedies is committed to serving its patients to the best of their abilities.


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79 reviews for “Herbal Remedies Dispensary

  1. moonchyld420

    Staff is amazing, very knowledgeable about what products would work best for me. Very patient and answered all of my questions. I like that they have a huge variety to choose from. Thank you so much Herbal Remedies for taking care of me.

  2. Agerar21

    I got an eighth of tigers milk one of the best tasting buds I’ve come across at any dispensary.

  3. MrsK1015

    Herbal Remedies sets the bar for dispensaries in Illinois, every member of the staff is educated, compassionate, and patient. They have a huge selection of products on their menu, a wide variety of flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and everything in between. They almost always have deals available, and budget friendly pricing. I love coming in and seeing all their smiling faces! 🙂

  4. LightningGhost

    The workers are extremely friendly. Quick to the point of what ever I’m looking for. Quality of the bud is excellent. Convenient location to my home

  5. Enochtheking

    I think that they change their staff alot. However the quality of the cannabis is delightful

  6. Bsgsjr

    They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff

  7. agr78


  8. messenger305

    Friendly staff makes you feel like family from your first visit and well informed to help meet your medical needs to find the strains suited for you the patients.

  9. justjill68

    I think Herbal remedies in Quincy is a very interesting and knowledgeable place to go. I like the fact they share with me their own experience with different strains and that how some fit into others. I always have questions and most of the time they can be answered.

  10. Becca316

    Great flower! Fair prices and friendly bartenders! My new spot for sure!

  11. lwcharles

    great service, great product, and the staff are excellent,
    very informative and helpful wouldn’t go any where else.

  12. Hyxzer

    Great service, friendly people, and atmosphere.

  13. 2JunkdLungs

    This place is great!
    Service product atmosphere all A +

  14. Gsneeden33

    It’s a wonderful and easy access

  15. ProfessorSAADIA

    Staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and very discreet. As a patient who has a few too many questions, I have been impressed by their patience and understanding. I look forward to visiting Herbal Remedies for many years to come.

  16. Heatherhead

    Very classy entrance. After passing clearance you are escorted to the display room which is beautiful and very organized. The staff was very friendly with a comfortable approach. I’ve been there twice now, and the 2nd time I just did my order online and received a text telling my order was ready within 15 minutes!

  17. sportbike9

    Very professional great staff very helpful

  18. inlesspain

    The staff are so thoughtful and professional. Always make you feel welcome and are very knowledgeable. Thank you again for the kind faces I see when I’m there.

  19. ColeFogerty

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff! Great service! Great strains and so many to choose! Excellent place to shop! Would recommend!

  20. KushQueen5280

    I have been to many dispensaries and this is hands down one of my new favorites dY”Y=dY”Y=a$?a$?

  21. GrumpycatOG

    I LOVE this dispensary, the staff is always so helpful and they have a huge selection, they always have what I need. 🙂

  22. Armymike1986

    Very little selection compared to other il despenserys and very high prices compared to others. Maybe a a quarter of the product I have seen at other despenserys. Don’t expect to get a deal everything is at least 15 to 20 dollars overpriced

  23. mra1316

    Service is great. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and can recommend products to address your medical needs.

  24. Acekusher

    Great place to shop I love herbal remedies they also have strong strains and great speacials home of the 25$ 8ths stop in tell them Acekusher sent you

  25. dibenton


  26. cubbies23

    I think this dispensary is okay but it is expensive. the location is convenient and i think they have a nice selection. everything I’ve tried has been really good and there is always new stuff to try too. the budtenders seem to be well trained and are all really nice and helpful. good customer service but they do seem to have a lot of turnoveraEUR|its kinda weird. I miss the original manager he was the best. my biggest complaint is the prices. they sometimes have special discounts and freebies that really help but most of the time it seems like they just discount stuff that nobody wants or is about to expire. I really like this dispensary but i think it could be better.

  27. supremesmokes

    was okay for my first visit. kinda pushy on strains but thats okay

  28. TRT1966

    Great location, close to home. Great people, atmosphere, and quality. Everyone is so helpful and full of knowledge. Thanks Herbal Remedies, you rock!!!

  29. Misbec00

    Everyone at this facility is super friendly and patient. Before becoming a patiegnt, I knew nothing about cannabis. I had no idea there were different strains or so many options to self-administer as a medical need. I’ve never smoked anything, so that makes me finding ways to use cannabis for medical reasons a challenge. Or so I thought. The staff was able to direct me to other options that worked amazingly well and I have been able to cut back on the amount of opioids I have been taking. Plus, I sleep much better with this than any of the prescriptions medication I’ve been taking over the last several years. I was hesitant to give this a try, due to my lack of knowledge, but I’m very glad I took the leap .

  30. littlesary

    Great place!

  31. averyspaperclip

    Love this dispensary! Just walking in the front door lowers my anxiety!
    Great variety
    Rotating stock
    Helped me acquire my card
    Just a great place to get some great green!

  32. strausbaugh08

    Herbal Remedies is great! The staff are always friendly and helpful and always tell uou about their specials.

  33. Chrisa9547

    Staff remembers you by name and are knowledgeable about products ,comfortable friendly environment usually daily specials are available.

  34. Djt86

    herbal remediesis a great dispensary great people and great deals more than 5 strands of 25 eighters go check them out at 8th and Gratiot

  35. Discombobulated

    Amazing staff, comfortable environment, and a very diverse menu! I thoroughly enjoy visiting HR and think they do a great job adding new products to the menu on a regular basis!

  36. kitten12682

    The techs are awesome and extremely knowledgable. Very kind!

  37. Stonerchickk

    I always love coming into this shop. Super friendly and knowledgable Budtenders and their product has never disappointed. Everytime I leave it’s with a smile on my face. 5 STARS!

  38. murphy_282

    They have very nice variety of high quality flower and concentrates. The setting is nice and professional. The staff genuinely cares about your needs. Love this place!

  39. Karenfay38

    This dispensary has great deals all the time. With reasonable prices and service that is second to none! They even helped me with the whole process. Thanks to April and the team at Herbal Remedies!

  40. Annika99

    Very professional staff who are always friendly and ready to help.

  41. Burningbee

    Very knowledgeable and compassionate staff. Great selection on their menu. Prices are great and they have something for every patient. April always has a smile on her face when I walk in 🙂

  42. Afzaiser

    April was amazing!!!! I can’t wait to go back! Very knowledgeable and friendly she really took time to explain things and let me ask questions and breezed through what I was comfortable with. Highly recommend!

  43. TamaraD

    this place is amazing… the customer service is beyond the norm… Mrs Chris is a delight and always a pleasure to talk to,,, Kristen is a doll always very informational n educational with the medications,,,and let me not talk about her bitchin style…I LOOOOOVE …ONE OF MY FAVES is mrs April,,, she always greats you with a smile and makes everything run smooth… my only complaint would be that now you having more customers coming in i think the hours should be til at least 7 or 8… i mean come on who doesnt need medication or some savory pretzel nugs after six…? i know i do… i wont touch being open on sundays even tho i need my medications then too…im sure others wouldnt mind,,, ill run the shop if yall need… but anyway great staff love the enviroment… i love my dispensary… Tamara

  44. pdirty089

    great location. life saving medicine.

  45. MsSmokeRite

    Clean, lasting effect for products, great knowledgeable staff

  46. Juiceman1015

    Love this place. Thanks again for everything

  47. Tricia22

    new Favorite spot!!! Great tasting flower and great prices! plus they play Pink Floyd!

  48. Nitoly

    Very condescending employees and owner, very fake and manipulative. Act like they know more than they do, push strains to get through inventory rather than customer’s personal needs. Intolerant of spending time with customers, just want to move on to the next one.

  49. joegood444

    Herbal Remedies has been very helpful and always friendly customer service. I would definately recommend this to friends and relatives. I get certain discounts and I also like their special deals. It always a pleasure to visit the store.

  50. lorihopper2012

    The staff are very helpful and answer any questions that I have. The products that I have used have really helped my fibromyalgia stiffness and anxiety.

  51. eb86

    good staff good product. very over priced when did companys base prices off of what drug dealers sell for

  52. Cmuscavitz

    Absolutely love Herbal Remedies! Very professional and friendly! The team here has helped me find the right meds for my fibromyalgia and anxiety. Never been to another dispensary, but can’t imagine others have the same environment! Absolutely love this place!!

  53. djrizzer

    You can come in and it feels like family. The staff is amazing, security impeccable and down right groovy.

  54. lizzy2228

    Amazing weed and high THC levels.

  55. Justinkellogg

    Greatest place for bud in town

  56. hippiemomma13

    Great staff, very knowledgeable!!! Menu is amazing!!! Always have great deals!! Very professional yet cozy.

  57. GemCityTech

    Free advice and help applying for Illinois medical marijuana card. Professional staff can help you with any questions.

  58. FredFlintstoned05

    Truly amazing. Great selection of products with fair pricing. I was more impressed with this dispensary than the 5 I went to in Colorado. Your online store is amazing, it is so incredibly helpful. I’m already looking forward to my next visit!

  59. 420103Hoss

    kinda far from me, but I like the drive dY~Z

  60. jessiebones2

    Staff is very friendly and helpful! Excellent service and support in helping you find what you need and what will work best for you. Great location and great deals!!

  61. dehash99

    These people are my family now, theyve done so much for me to help and teach. This is how a business should be ran. Love how great they are. Great teachers as well. You rock.

  62. Patient421

    very high staff turnover rate, but decent products. not a bad dispensary overall.

  63. ladya

    Love Great selections

  64. Cheerios1

    Friendly helpful staff. Great products

  65. BreakfastPlatterz

    I haven’t been to any dispensaries near chicago, but this is hands down the best dispensary in southern Illinois. Awesome menu with a great selection, super friendly staff and damn do they know their stuff! I could spend all day talking to that dude with the cool tattoo! I’m glad I checked this place out – it might be my new home! Thanks again guys, keep up the great work!

  66. BubbaQ98

    Amazing service! Profressional and knowledgeable…very happy to have you in Quincy. Thank you so much!

  67. tmbuckle1

    Nice place and the staff keep a menu that mixes the newer strains in with the classics!

  68. Andy201827

    It’s great !

  69. chmcsommer67

    Extremely friendly and caring staff. All the staff are highly educated and will stop at nothing to make sure you get the exact strain needed for your ailment.

  70. BrandonCAdams

    One of the best in Illinois in every aspect comfort, product & help

  71. DonMartel

    Everything you want in a dispensary – great selection, knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere and competitive prices. The menu is carefully curated by the (VERY knowledgeable) manager and always offers some of the best available alongside a changing assortment of deals and specials. A true gem “hidden” (right on Broadway!) in a picturesque community on the western border of Illinois.

  72. pokey82

    Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful!

  73. MernJ

    Herbal remedies is a wonderful atmosphere with amazingly and knowledgeable staff that works there, very friendly and truly helps you with your needs.

  74. RednecXSwaggeR

    Great selection, great bud-tenders, very informative

  75. lori830

    The staff has been very helpful. I would not have known about decarbing my flower before making my butter. they explained it very well and I was very thankful because I had wasted quite a bit of product before I asked. I also appreciate the fact that they have been very helpful.

  76. Jchalm01

    Best dipso in detroit

  77. RuralDeadhead

    This is my go to dispensary. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. I never leave feeling like I wasn’t taken care of.

  78. darcyca

    Of all the dispensaries I’ve been to, this is my favorite! The staff is welcoming and very friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing and disability-friendly.

  79. BigFasa

    Thank you for your customer appreciation day event a~o
    Amazing deals, food and music dY~EUR
    Your team is Amazing and knowledgeable.
    We appreciate you too dY~EURdYOE+-

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