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1137 West 175th Street, Homewood, IL 60430


41.5717446, -87.6448702




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Windy City Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at locations throughout south and southwest Cook County. Our mission is to provide our patients with industry-leading service, products, and education.


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57 reviews for “Windy City Cannabis

  1. Cocoa23

    The product selection at Windy City Cannabis has grown significantly. They have a variety of products and are always expanding their menu. I have been a patient since its opening and have never been disappointed. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. Graham is very knowledgeable and always helps me to pick the best strains for my condition. You guys rock! I feel very blessed to have you all as my dispensary.

  2. KingTinyy

    Love it , nice friendly people in its a lot closer to home

  3. angel3

    Very clean,James the manager is so helpful and educated with all the different strains. I would not go anywhere else.I rate them a 10! It is also in a very good location.

  4. Lay421

    I knew nothing but biased opinions about marijuana but after being able to sit down and talk with knowledgeable people was great. Robert helped me and walked me through A-Z. I was embarrassed and nervous about even coming but my fears were put to rest after that visit. Thanks to everyone there.

  5. usmc988

    knowledgeable staff, clean facility, very helpful, kind, and patient staff. I recommend this location to everyone.

  6. Hazmat502

    Outstanding staff assistance for a first timer. Took their time and introduced me to the various products and answered all my questions. Wish all business’s were this helpful & friendly

  7. gibbygurl22

    I love this location, the people are the best

  8. maliak10

    First time visiting and I was amazed. I have MS and was able to get the right products for my needs. I have been getting my meds from dealers with no understanding of what they was selling and what I was getting. Staff was great and friendly and knowledgeable on the matters at hand.

  9. cinnamngrl

    Great ppl, excellent service. Fabulous menu at reasonable prices.

  10. meoowgan

    Menu is always huge, but what really rocks about WCC Homewood is their staff. They’re all amazing. They greet you by name and remember the certain types of strains you’re looking for, and get excited to tell you that something you’ll like is in stock. Awesome!

  11. AuntLaurie

    It felt good to be listened to and have direction as to what I needed for my pain relief. After almost 15 years of opiate medication, it is relief to NOT have medication Taking Me instead of me taking it.

  12. krupps26

    great people and friendly environment!

  13. dinavcobb


  14. concentrateharder

    I really love this place, friendly and knowledgeable staff willing to go the extra mile. They frequently run
    specials, and in my opinion are the best in Illinois.

  15. allisonelectra82

    Friendly and informative staff as well as a welcoming atmosphere. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was more than pleasantly surprised!

  16. Angela1124

    Everyone is awesome!! Every trip I’ve made I’ve been so impressed with everyone!!!

  17. jcneda

    I will recommend all my friends the windy city cannibis is a premium Graham and Sarah services and well knowledgable and respect clients excellent the best dispensary in south burbs GREAT JOB GRAHAM AND SARAH GREAT TO SEE YOU AGAIN

  18. ljdrexel

    I like the ppl & products. Although I would like to see more of RESERVA & MOONROCKS.

  19. CarrieG

    This is a GREAT place ALWAYS welcoming and beyond helpful each visit Gram and Sarah are courteous and friendly it’s nice to see them and no matter how many questions I put Gram thru he’s always got a good answer thank you so much Windy City and staff you are truly the best

  20. pvega33

    I love this place and the employees are awesome just as well Plus the service is always quick and efficient thanks guys keep up the awesome work

  21. HairKnife

    Welcome Medical Cannabis to the South Side!

    The associates at Windy City Cannabis were welcoming, compassionate and absolute professionals.

    I can’t wait for the selection to grow. Highly recommended. Both puns intentional.

  22. Royolapalooza

    Awesome, excellent, the employees are very knowledgeable , kind, and enjoy their work. I love the variety of products and the way the business is run with customer satisfaction as their number one goal. Its very clean! Graham has helped me alot!

  23. danieburns

    Every time I visit I’m always in a certain comfort zone. The staff is Very helpful and I trust their judgment wholeheartedly.

  24. PoppaHayes

    I was scared to dive in but the staff are so knowledgeable about each product that I was calmed and ready to try it. The vast variety of products, smoke, vape, edibles, RSO…. love these folks! Be patient if u are a first timer, this medicine works for so many issues, don’t get discouraged.

  25. bob1969

    The staff at this facility knows exactly what medication that you need if you explain your situation to them they’re very clear act. And satisfy I wouldn’t recommend another dispensary butwindy City cannabis in Homewood

  26. architectdiva

    This dispensary is professional, informative, courteous and knowledgeable. I really selected well when I picked Windy City Cannabis as my dispensary!!! For others in my area: Shop here with confidence!! You can’t go wrong.

  27. Hope7187

    Everyone is really helpful and the place has a great vibe.

  28. akmason

    Hi come from the far north side of Chicago to Windy City even though there is a dispensary right down the street from me walking distance the staff and the variety of products are the absolute best in the city

  29. SoBuzzd420

    folks here are down-to-earth, friendly and helpful.
    Get that welcome feel the moment you walk in the door.
    Great selection and fair pricing.

  30. sweetpineapples420

    Perfect location. Easy Expressway access and it’s in a safe location by a huge strip mall.
    The environment is intoxicating and just makes you happy and feel refreshed. The deco is modern, cool scientific yet simple and clean. There is information all over.
    The employees are just kick a** on all levels. They know what they are talking about from meds to equipment used for your medication.
    Tell them what your issue is and you get answers.
    SELECTION is on POINT. They have a bit of everything.
    Plain and simple this is aEURoeTHE PLACEaEUR to really find your needs no matter who you are.
    Management is also outstanding and they have helped me in an amazing timely manner .
    Best dispensary in a 45 mile radius.

  31. gqdesignco

    As soon as I walked through the door I was welcomed. The budtender read me like a book and knew what I wanted instantly and all the products were authentic and quality. The prices were very good for Illinois . Illinois we’ve come a long way though. Thank you Windy City you are my go to for Meds.

  32. chicagochris

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean, comfortable and cheerful atmosphere.

  33. bludshotbeats

    Easy parking. Nice people to greet you. Knowledgeable staff. Menu is on point. This place is rock steady and consistent. Highly recommend

  34. mrmorris1965

    I entered the Medical Marijuana Pilot on day 1, and have been to several dispensaries. This is by far the best dispensary to register with.

    The staff is very professional, friendly and they know the product they sell. This dispensary is several miles out of my way, and yes there is another dispensary closer to my home. But I would rather drive a little out of my way to get the service that this team provides.

    One last thing, even when these guys are swamped they still take a moment to acknowledge you in a friendly and personal way.

  35. kate33

    This place is hands down amazing! The staff is incredible. Graham and his team are always warm and welcoming and extremely knowledgable. When you walk in the door you know you will receive nothing but the very best.

  36. milani29

    Perfect location, that is accessible, plenty of free parking, and is a secured area due to the shopping area it is in. I was greeted and treated warmly by the staff who were very friendly and helpful. I was recommended a disposable vapor pen(blueberry) and it turned out to be great. This is the first time in years I have gotten sleep. I’m going back soon.

  37. sefitch

    Fantastic visit… staff was friendly and knowledgeable. Will be back.

  38. Yem76

    It rocks!

  39. Starrthvader

    I loved it! Not crowded, rude, pushy, or hard to find. The staff was down to earth & genuinely polite. I felt good about my visit. The location is so much easier for me to get to over alot of the other dispensary locations. My bud tender was a doll & it felt good to talk to another woman on an intelligent level about marijuana

  40. SaintVitasDance

    Phenomenal service! Everything- from the first time I called to get information, to waving hello to me as I walked through the door, to making me extraordinarily comfortable during my first time ever buying MMJ- this dispensary is amazing! You walk in and the place looks like a spa. Graham’s knowledge is encyclopedic and he sent me home with exactly what I was looking for to help with my symptoms. Laura was so nice at the front desk too. Just so nice to be treated so well at a place of business for a change.

  41. Impunity

    I love the staff here, I am knew to the Illinois Medical Marijuana Program and I was honestly a bit nervous and overwhelmed before coming in here, however upon entering and speaking with staff I was so much more comfortable, calm, and excited to begin this form of treatment.
    The staff are educated in the strains, the intake methods, and what each strain and intake method is good for the the condition or schedule you have.
    I LOVE THEM ! Thank you so much!

  42. dkroe2001

    very friendly and knowledgeable about all the products…:-)

  43. Mattbry6

    It’s close to my house and the staff have all been accommodating. The owner actually sent me an email checking to see how the product I just got was working!

  44. musicheals

    Even though I rarely eat candy, I decided to attend Graham’s class in candy making which was actually taught at the Windy City facility in Posen. Wasn’t disappointed. Steve and Peyton were also there to answer questions, not only about candy making but other topics and concerns. It seems like every time I attend one of the Windy City events, I always walk away with some newfound knowledge. Thanks everybody!

  45. Bethl77

    Everyone knows what they talking about as they have similar health problems as we do they understand the problems we are having and make suggestions based on what works for them. They are always very caring and have smiles on their faces. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DOdY~SdY~SdY~S

  46. dkroe01

    great location friendly compassionate staffing highly recommend this dispensery

  47. Gus4290

    Graham and Sara are the bomb!!!

    Love the Moxy.

  48. Harshmm

    It’s been 3 wonderful months !!!! Staff = 10 !!! All great people, extremely helpful , always nice !!!

  49. SJOjohnny50

    Clean and convenient location with a nice selection and a staff that is very friendly. My only complaint is there really isn’t any way to see prices on products unless the staff looks it up (which they are happy to do for you).

  50. zorpatron

    The menu has grown substantially since opening. I always find the staff to be EXCEPTIONALLY knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Bonus points for safe a huge parking lot!

  51. KMcGurk

    Friendly Helpful Staff !!

  52. koiboi

    My first time coming here was just okay – I’m a minor, and I was apparently that staff member’s first minor and I think I made him nervous, haha. But after that, every staff member has been amazing. They all know a lot and care so much.

  53. Jharie

    Definitely my favorite dispensary! Can’t wait for the next cooking class. I finally can make SRO? The Homewood location makes you feel like you’re at *Cheers*. Everybody knows your name. They finally got a plant. Awesome, fresh energy. Sarah, Graham you Rock! Kudos

  54. Meevan

    Windy City Cannabis in Homewood is an outstanding dispensary. The staff are always friendly and very knowledgeable. Graham and Sara are who I have the most contact with. They both have taken the time to find out my particular needs and match me with the strains that will be most beneficial. In addition, a large selection of strains in flower and concentrates are available, along with tinctures and edibles.

  55. Bkwasek

    Perfect…..the employees have great knowledge about products,friendly and have helped me a great deal. A big thank you to Gram and the crew.

  56. tag300

    Justice IL location, the consultants are very personable, friendly and knowledgeable, just great people to do business with.

  57. KingTinny

    I love it the people are friendly they actually take the time in explain each stain in make sure you walk out the door with just the one for you ! Love it here

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