4020 Northwest 26th Street, Miami, FL 33142


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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Trulieve stands as one of Florida’s premier medical marijuana dispensaries, based in Miami and proudly providing natural, cannabis relief in full compliance with the recently passed Amendment 2. Crafting pharmaceutical grade cannabis medicine and dedicating their efforts to improving their patients’ wellness, Trulieve continually moves toward their goal of helping every Florida patient achieve lasting, effective relief.

The team at Trulieve founded their dispensary on the foundation of decades of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and plant cultivation experience. All powerful advocates and believers in marijuana’s healing properties, especially in the face of prescriptions, Trulieve’s dispensary team wanted to offer suffering Miami patients an alternative form of relief. After Florida’s public passed Amendment 2, Trulieve gradually transitioned their cannabis product selection from solely low-THC medicines to include traditional marijuana treatment in their dispensaries. From their dispensary in Miami, Trulieve now delivers their medical marijuana to patients across the state.

Trulieve’s Miami dispensary staff works hard to ensure each of their Miami patients receive the best cannabis treatment and customer care. They tailor individual marijuana healing to match specific health conditions, collaborating with their patients’ physicians to offer patients the most suitable cannabis relief. Offering a wealth of research, knowledge, and compassion, Trulieve’s cannabis dispensary team greets each patient with a smile, dedicated to aiding them in finding their optimal level of health through medical marijuana.

Trulieve’s line of marijuana treatments was crafted to provide relief from chronic pain, seizures, appetite loss, muscle spasms, and many other Florida qualifying conditions. Their brand of oral syringes is filled with cannabis oil, perfect for placing under the tongue or adding to empty pill capsules, while their pre-filled capsules offer specific doses of cannabis relief. They also offer a range of marijuana vape pens and oil cartridges, available in Indica, Hybrid, Sativa and high-CBD varieties, perfect for discreetly and conveniently medicating on-the-go.

Trulieve welcomes both cash and debit card payment in their Miami dispensary, with both walk-in medical marijuana patients and scheduled consultations available. Patients will find secure parking at their Miami facility, with handicap accessibility provided.

Calling Miami their home, Trulieve’s dispensary is conveniently located at the junction of the 984, 953 and 27 highways. Patients are welcome from anywhere throughout the Miami region, including the Maimi Springs, Brownsville, Allapattah, Virginia Gardens and Westchester neighborhoods. Travelers visit Trulieve from Hialeah, West Little River, Wynwood, Coral Gables, and Olympia Heights, and whether visitors journey from Doral, Miami Shores, and North Miami, or Opa-Locka, Coconut Grove and Miami Lakes, they are welcome at Trulieve’s medical marijuana dispensary.

Miami lies on Florida southeastern coast, heavily influenced by close-by Cuba’s culture and dozens of entertainment, sports and cultural draws to which it is a host. Tourists visit through the Miami International Airport, and often visit the Marlins Park, home of the MLB’s Marlins, and the AmericanAirlines Arena of the NBA’s Heat. The Miami Seaquarium hosts sea life shows and exhibits, while the Freedom and Miami towers stand proud across the bay from Miami Beach. From the Hialeah Park to the Perez Art Museum and much more, Trulieve proudly aids any suffering Florida patient.

Trulieve’s Miami dispensary is located just east of Miami International Airport, next door to EZ Auto Services. We plan to open locations in Southeast Miami and North Miami, as well.

This location offers delivery services to Broward, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties.

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47 reviews for “Trulieve

  1. Og3420

    This store is in my opinion #1 every time I step foot In the store they make me feel very welcome everyone from James the Security and Mike my Budtender super friendly. There products are so so amazing.

  2. hybrid_nation

    I been buying from trulieve for awhile now. They vape cartriges alway gave me a headache idk if its what they use to cut it or what but they always give me a bad headache. The oral syringes are great the only problem is they always change the strains so by the time you find one that works well for you they stop selling it….so one month you might have something that helps and the next you might have a strain that makes your symptoms worse. Its a roll of the dice….trulieve sells 25x 10mg tablets for $60……. liberty health sells 60x 10mg tablets for $70 with free delivery so for compairison if you order 25 tablets from trulieve it will cost you $85 delivered. For $15 LESS ($70) i can get 35 MORE tablets from liberty…and one more thing i got a problem with. If you look at your site all their prices are based on an average 5mg dose a day???? I dont know about you but i dont know anybody thats on a 5mg a day dose….That is not an “average dose” its just very misleading and shady in itself and NOT very realistic…..I dont know why they have to try to mislead people like that….

  3. Mante1994

    Great dispensary! First buyer but helped me and guide me through and find exactly what I need I appreciate Joel on helping me with my first purchase would recommend coming here I would definitely would come back!

  4. Fjames444

    Very happy with the total experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Warm atmosphere. Quality products. A+ Worth the 90 min drive. I will go back.

  5. mmjstoner

    My favorite dispensary!!

  6. ShoNuffHarlem

    Very safe. Amazing staff. Airport traffic sucks use Waze

  7. Boomer2405

    Dee is great to work with and very knowledgeable! LJ

  8. Limezone

    I’ve only received deliveries and have not been in store. Wonderful company, wonderful service. Truelieve is my preferred dispensary.

  9. bigalo210

    very accessible

  10. ADunbar12

    Every time I go to Trulieve they’re all so welcoming right when you walk in. The guys/gals in the back are very kowledgable and friendly. Especially Kevin, Jean, and Berto, these three guys always make me feel welcomed, answer any questions I may have and show me what’s new. 10/10 would recommend you come visit them. You won’t be disappointed

  11. Shanew175

    My wife and I called at around 6pm to ensure that we’d be helped if we got there around 6:30 as they close at 7pm..we were told that as long as we’re in before 7,then we’ll definitely be seen. We got there around 6:35pm and was checked in by a very nice security guard who was giving us valuable info (our first time at a dispensery). Another colleague, Berto, came out and was taking care of some things on a computer and was chatting with us and answering our questions. He advised us that since it’s around closing their is just 1 person taking care of sales inside – no big deal, we were ok with waiting.

    Berto then took it upon himself to take us back and take care of us himself as he was answering all our questions anyways. His knowledge and information was very valuable and he made the entire process so smooth and seamless.

    We haven’t tried the products yet but so far we’ve been highly impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of Trulieve and the Miami location, in specific.

  12. GabbyH98

    El CBD me trabaja muy bien para my nieta, en Trulieve se avala espenol busca a Nathalie!

  13. Thejesterjack

    Please open more locations or deliver. You have the biggest strain selection by far, and it’s not like you will have much competition. Knox is a joke and stupidly priced, curaleaf is cool but they only have 5-6 dif strains only 3 in 80% one of each sativa, hybrid, indica. And a few more in the 60% but honestly who wants that. So now I’m down to no choices. And the other delivery service company is 1/3 more expensive for a limited selection as well. Palm Beach needs you guys please

  14. JT8786

    Always greeted with a smile from the well knowledgeable staff. I explained my symptoms and they gave me exactly what I needed. I am very happy and am making this place my go to!

  15. Epileptric

    Whoever runs the training is doing an excellent job . I always feel very welcome customer service at is best .

  16. TheHighClub420

    Placed an order online for delivery on a Saturday and received a call before the end of the day to confirm for a Tuesday delivery. Very friendly service and staff over the phone. I didn’t want to wait until Tuesday so I decided to drive down from Fort Lauderdale. Really cool how the address is 4020! Yes, it is next to a sketchy area in Miami but for those that grew up in the 305 pretty normal. If you don’t wanna make the trip or are concerned about the area or simply just don’t want to wait in line when you get there… Place an order online at least 3-5 days ahead of when you need your meds and you’ll be good to go! Thank you Trulieve!

  17. Fernando0130

    Trulieve Miami is amazing! I’ve never seen such kindness in any staff, in any field. Everyone is so kind and extremely helpful. Very patient with newcomers who don’t know what they’re doing, and very knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend this location to anyone who wants to understand the product they are purchasing.

  18. waykup

    I can’t comment on the atmosphere because I use home delivery from the Miami location however it required I do so to complete the review. I like Trulieve because they stay on the cutting edge in Florida with their products. They are the first to have flower even though you can only vape it and they are first to have concentrates with no cutting agents. I like that. The quality of the cannabis is above average but not excellent. Their website, delivery service, and product availability are the best I’ve experienced in Florida. All I have to do is go on the website, add what I want to my cart, and then someone calls me and tells me when it will be delivered. I pay on my phone with my canpay app so I don’t need to use cash which is nice.

  19. stephmontpetit

    The staff was very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.

  20. Sustrass

    Excellent service, excellent products. The only dispensary I use.

  21. violetstar

    Love it. The product is great and worth every dollar.

  22. Horatioespana

    Nathalie was so helpful with all my questions, I love banana kush!

  23. Jw954

    Super professional, very helpful and friendly staff.

  24. Fuseking


    They where very friendly, they are well trained and know the products and function of the store wbich is very clean and professional. Dolphins fan guy here,
    Ive been going to this dispensary for over a year now. I would recommend it.

  25. Miamiheatwins

    Love this place! People that work there are all fantastic. I have only had great experiences here. Last time I was in I worked with Michael. He did a great job. First, he introduced me to some new product to help me with some medical issues with anxiety. I had the opportunity to use this and he was 100% on his game. OCO. Secondly, I needed some refills and needed a pen. Michael was on his game with all of my needs. They say they are opening on the beach. They are 6 miles North West of me and with the great service and product, I don’t see why I would ever change. Great job all of you at Trulieve! Serious teamwork.

  26. mannymoses

    Came here mainly for the TruPods. I got the Trainwreck and Jack Herer, girlfriend got Durban Poison. The TruPods are pricey but worth it. Supply in certain items run out fast so if you don’t wanna waste a trip here, definitely order online for pickup. Also, it’s near MIA airport in a sketchy area and parking is a nightmare. Otherwise staff is friendly and helpful and great product.

  27. Chad-primal

    Cool location especially if you live near the airport Today I’m trying the Rick Simpson oil for the first time I had to get my doctor to switch my route of administration so I really wish they would allow people with a topical administration to receive the product but I’ll let you know how it goes

  28. Mikaylarose_98

    Just got two CO2 carriages at Trulieve in Miami with the help of Nathalie. I got everything I needed in speedy time and plenty of assistance. I love the CO2 cartidrges they are the best.

  29. Harryhartman

    Nathalie was knowledgeable and every visit I learn more, indica has helped me with pain management

  30. zoie103

    Never been to the location but the quality of there products is amazing. Taste way better then other places.

  31. soc121212

    Small place, but always a good experience.

  32. spot1101

    Great first experience @Trulieve as a newly registered medical marijuana patient in Miami, Florida! Staff members are all awesome, down to earth, people who know what they are doing and that help you figure out what would work best for you based on your unique situation. I definitely recommend Trulieve to all newly registered patients locates in Florida!

  33. Slicky67

    Michael took great care of me and knows the product well.

  34. healthymob

    Berto helped me out, he suggested the perfect strain & i can’t be much happier than i was walking out of that store. Trulieve is awesome and I’m excited to go back.
    Shoutout to Kevin also who was really cool.

  35. Dwiese

    I was at the store with Jonathan. very helpful and knowledgeable. Nice experience

  36. mgermain110

    friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff.

  37. chazinmiami

    This is really the only dispensary worth going to in Miami. There is no comparison when it comes to Florida. They have the most strains, beautifully designed dispensaries, and knowledgeable staff. I am the Sales and Marketing Director for an MMJ Physician group; I refer all our patients to Trulieve.

  38. Gabybest

    Came to the dispensary and Jon helped me out and was very knowledgeable about the products.

  39. toshsmith20

    Knowledge of staff

  40. leafy1986

    Great experience going here so far, quality products.

  41. WangGang

    I love the staff majority of the medications however i do not think any medication should come in plastic. The only suggestion i have is being able to have a direct line for in store pick ups as there call center could use some customer service training.

  42. netcash100

    Great service and products with lots of locations. Choose from varity of product categories to help your need.

  43. elperro73

    Trulieve was my 1st experience with medical cannabis,and a great one it was. I’ve only experienced 1 other up to now and the staff at Trulieve has been the most knowledgeable hands down!!! I love the variety (even though we need more in Florida) of products and strains. I only wish that the vape cartridge didn’t have flavoring added. Besides that, Trulieve is awesome.
    Plus, they close at 5pm on Sundays and I drove a couple hours to Miami, got in traffic and was 8 minutes late. They still filled my Rx. Great customer service!!!

  44. Buttercup1

    Much better product than Curaleaf!!! Worth the drive – they just need to bring down the prices a little –

  45. currycub

    I’m a longtime customer and the people here always treat me great.

  46. Vsmon

    Natalie is amazing! And knows her stuff! Everyone is super nice and will help with any question.

  47. Romerojose69

    The only thing that I didn’t like was that the parking is limited, and the waiting room is very small and a bit warm, the staff was great, they do have like a patio seating outside for the overflow just wish the place was a bit bigger is size I’m sure they can afford a bigger place, maybe in the future…..

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