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11425 South Harlem Street, Worth, IL 60482


41.6833754, -87.7968297




11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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Monday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Thursday: 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Friday: 12:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am to 4:00pm

Windy City Cannabis is the premier medical marijuana dispensary serving patients at locations throughout south and southwest Cook County. Our mission is to provide our patients with industry-leading service, products, and education.


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67 reviews for “Windy City Cannabis

  1. revgina

    Fabulous! Everybody was very helpful for this first timer in using weed. I felt a weight lifted off of me as I had no idea, even in doing tons of research, what I was doing. Very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I would highly recommend.

  2. Sonofabrokenman

    my bud in chi town had m e over from the southwest desert, my card is not valid there, but i did check out the shop and erb. very nice . the bud seemed to be the same quality i get in Az. It was nice to be back to my old hood, and after a smoke fest, we had a munch fest, ill take a deep dish pizza, 2 hotdogs, a big beef, a gyro, a crave case of sliders, and a xl large diet green river. Power to the Heads.

  3. angel3

    Love this place! very clean James the manager is wonderful very educated and helpful good location on harlem I give it a 10!!!

  4. Straponhoney69

    The place is helpful. Staff is friendly. There needs to be a price list available because I’m sick of asking how much????? On the grand daddy purps? Also they need to put strains that are PAIN related on sale too, and not just the same old Durban Poison. I hate that stuff, didn’t do nothing for me. I need a price list and I need more pain related items to take my pain away. I don’t want a mind high. Start making some deals and don’t be so strick, you’ll bring in more cash. I know a dispensary that will price match ANYTIME so thinking about moving.

  5. Revinps8

    Great place

  6. Botas Grande

    Management & Ryan are awesome.
    Locations Hours are problematic for me due to my work. My day starts and ends Before and after theirs does. And they have no Sunday hours.

  7. princesslolo123

    Everyone is super nice like all the stores


    4/14/2016 Another Great Visit Thanks WINDY CITY CANNABIS you guys really hook it up for 4/20 ! Windy City cannabis has the most locations in Illinois So they can provide the best prices! if windy city is not you’re selected dispensary you are getting overcharged and need to switch before the 420 sales end. aEURa

  9. jakes9101

    Such a awesome dispensary! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I couldn’t be happier with Windy City Cannabis!

  10. gjs0521

    Great knowledgeable staff and very caring. I greatly recommend this location.

  11. Lilnick58

    The bud tenders at Windy City Cannabis are simply awesome! My husband had a stroke 18 yrs ago, and I have had 14 surgeries! My husband was on 26 pills a day. Since going to this dispensary we have gathered a lot of knowledge from our caregivers James and Jordan! Because of them, my husband is now on 5 pills a day! James and Jordan are very knowledgeable in the strains that we needed and we are completely satisfied and blessed to have the pleasure of compassionate care we receive there! This is the dispensary that we would recommend to all Medical Cannabis patients. They take time to listen! A shout out to James and Jordan for the awesome relationship we have built as our caregivers and the great care we receive from you! Keep up the great work you do, you’re very good at itdY~S

  12. rihannaforever

    It’s a little scary at first with the bulletproof glass and doors and what not but once you’re inside it is so warm and friendly! I felt very safe and they took real good care of me.

  13. cnichols68

    Great customer service, spent a lot of time with me finding the right items for me to use.

  14. gochibuds

    I just transferred here from a different dispensary…the experience is like night and day! the environment is so friendly (last dispensary I couldn’t even see the person’s face behind the wall when they handed me my medicine). love the face to face service at windy city cannabis, talk to james he’s extremely informative

  15. Telemann

    This place is incredible. Every single person at this dispensary is very helpful and knowledgeable about the product. Shout out to Ryan as this guy has helped me out since day one and he is always on point with his recommendations. If he says it is good and will work for you, it’s because he has already tried it and knows what he is talking about.

  16. KittyKat8678

    Friendly and helpful people

  17. murph6308

    Great dispensary! The staff is very friendly and informative. Large selection of products at reasonable prices. dY’

  18. graymatter0800

    The Worth store is a clean and professional establishment. James is very knowledgeable about all strains that come into this dispensary. He will make sure that you will fully understand what strain suites you best, and you can leave there feeling confident of your purchase. They also have a wide selection to choose from, including being able to have the ability to buy grams for smaller amount sampling. I’m very happy that I chose this store as my dispensary.
    Be sure to go on their website and check out the current menu.

  19. blackdontcrack

    love love love this location! i’m in a lot of pain and y’all take care of me…that double durban kush make the migraines go away, great for cramps too 🙂

  20. Jon4888924

    Great dispensary! The staff is very helpful and nice. I’m very satisfied with Windy City glad I chose them! 5 stars!

  21. punkins123

    I always look for Ryan to ask in depth questions about certain strains. He’s knowledge is abundant and has a genuine passion for helping everyone. Im glad I can rely on him for help and its been an honor knowing him

  22. JeanClaudeVanDabs

    What do orgasms and Windy City Cannabis have in common? Both are exciting, pleasurable experiences, and each time i experience either, i want more! I brought my friend who knows about cannabis because i knew little. The staff treated us as if we were family and LISTENED to the reasons to why we use this special medicine. Any novice cannabis user or expert would enjoy their first time here. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  23. lorimorefield

    Everybody here is so friendly and knowledgeable! They will answer any question, and never make me feel rushed. I always leave happy!

  24. chitown83

    Awesome staff and wide variety of products. Best dispensary on the southside forsure.

  25. pharmacy1

    Windy City Cannibas WORTH, just rocks ! I’ve been a patron since Jan, 2018. The staff is AMAZEBALLS !!! All are welcoming, very knowledgeable, VERY PROFESSIONAL…. yet they are kind, patient, and go out of their way to help their patients. Special kudos to;
    1) Joey, the manager, is ACES !
    2) Ryan kicks ass… very knowledgeable and very cheerful
    3) Lauren has helped me out more than I think she realizes. I’ll never forget what she did for me when I needed help. I owe her !
    4) Sam is great…she knows her stuff and can help you with choices
    5) Ed is relatively new to me, but he’s a kind soul… and funny..and helpful in suggesting items
    I thought I’d feel odd shopping at a dispensary… since I’m ancient (67) and leary of young whippersnappers and their shenanigans… but meeting these helping souls (some with their own challenges)has helped me greatly with pain issues !!!
    Keep up the great work…I’ll stop by after Physical Therapy around 2:45 PM.

    PS: Crap… 6) Paul, I forgot to mention him too !!! Another good guy !!!

  26. benikap

    Anyone wana. Hook it up I have Cali bud I just wana try this place

  27. Tangieman

    Just wanna say what another great experience I had here today. James was very helpful to get me my meds and stay with in my budget.

  28. mi11erhighlife

    Thank you Windy City Cannabis! I had never had much experience with this stuff. They guided me through the process, taught me about edubles and oil vaporizations (because I wanted healthier options) and i can’t even believe how much better my life is…oils and edibles, potent and effective medicine for me, i had my first restfull sleep in years, thank you again

  29. Squirrelmom

    For my first time in a dispensary, I was highly impressed. The staff was very welcoming and my aEURoebud-tenderaEUR Ed was very helpful. Understanding, knowledgeable, and patient. The whole experience was positive. Looking forward to being in less pain and better spirits.

  30. harrypotherb

    FINALLY got my card…so happy with this location! Bit different than the Colorado experience, the the people are friendly and informative, and they’ve got a ton of products to select from for my symptoms.

  31. Kedmiston

    They have a great selection and also a wonderful staff. The manager James is extremely knowledgable and really friendly. You won’t be sorry you picked Worth Windy City as your dispensary.

  32. DrJost

    As far as dispensaries go, from my long experience; I would have to say that Windy City Cannabis Worth is one of, if not the best dispensary Illinois has to offer. The staff really knows their stuff and their strain selection is large and ever growing. Highly recommend for all medical cannabis product needs!

  33. bstern23

    Everyone here is great and super friendly and beyond knowledgeable they most certainly know their stuff, especially Ryan and Jordan. Would definitely recommend this place to any and everybody and will continue to come here myself.

  34. jackherro

    awesome location right on harlem ave, wide variety of strains and products, great people

  35. TforMe712

    best customer service they really seem to care about the patients

  36. erictmiles78

    nice facility. Good bud tenders and nice strains

  37. Jamrock2029

    Budtenders we’re knowledgeable, positive, and enthusiastic in their recommendations. Would recommend to anyone!

  38. Paloszoo

    My first time here was just a few days ago and they made me feel quite at home and walked me through the process. Staff was extremely friendly and professional as well as knowledgeable in all of the products. I went back yesterday a little more prepared and a little more confident. The whole waiting area was filled with the beautiful Aroma of chocolate as a demonstration of making your own edibles was being held. I sat and watched while I would like to be called into the back room. And when I was I was greeted with such enthusiasm and friendliness, much like I was on my first visit. After receiving a thorough education from my budtender Bianca, I purchase some great product again and left a happy client.

  39. bart27

    They’re just salespeople. Pick a different dispensary if you have a choice.

  40. melmo582

    Best atmosphere and super comfortable. I just got my card and have never used marijuana before. The first time in I met Jordan, the manager, and he was so helpful. Since then, I have met with everyone, and they are all so patient and helpful. They all want to make sure you get what should or would work for you. After my first visit, I explained how I felt, and the other gentlemen told me how to counteract, and I have felt felt better. I’m still a little scared of everything, but I’ll get the courage to try to try the stronger vapes and other things. I wish there was a class for first time users, just to ease my fears!

  41. eazyp

    Very knowledgeable and super friendly staff. They make you feel like family as soon as you hit the door . I wouldn’t even consider trying another dispensary. Special shout out to Jordan . He is usually my bud tender and he is “Da Bomb” for real. The rest of the staff is awesome as well oh and great selection of products as well. I’m a customer for life !!!!!!!

  42. JonnyNascar

    Best dispensary in town! Love Windy City Cannabis. Friendly, knowledgeable, and a great place to get your medicine.

  43. AmyOzinga

    I was very nervous about going to the dispensary for the first time, so I called and talked with Jordan beforehand. He was extremely friendly and answered any questions I had. When I first went to the dispensary, and every time after, Jordan warmly greeted me at the window. And James is just a dispensary rock star. He asked several questions about conditions I am suffering from and what I am looking for relief from. He was as informational as can be of every product and every strain and just EVERYTHING you would ever need to know he knows. In the Cannabis Olympics James earns a Gold medal from me! 😉

  44. shireeob1110

    Good selection, knowledgeable regarding medical uses for new users

  45. hersidney

    This place is amazing. Ryan is by far the most knowledgeable, Lauren is sweet and patient…I have been going there for a couple years now and have never had a bad experience. Every associate there knows their stuff and are all so helpful however, I cant remember all their names. Best dispensary in the area !!!!!

  46. balexander24

    Very helpful and friendly staff along with a comfortable waiting room that has a lot of reading material.

  47. Ericpcn23

    People are helpful and awesome. Understanding as well

  48. jyros1

    As a first time patron of Windy City Cannabis, I was very impressed by the staff’s professionalism and knowledge in their product. James was very patient with me and was accommodating. He took the time to really help me understand the different types of strains and I highly recommend aid.

  49. uwinsumudimsum

    Jordan and James were fabulous. They really take the time to listen to your needs and explain their products. You can tell they’re very knowledgeable about the different strains and I was impressed with their customer service.

  50. kstrange

    I always get the best service from Windy City staff and “floaters”. I’m never rushed and I always leave satisfied. I’ve been a patient at three dispensaries. WC is by far the best.

  51. cheddarsosa1183

    This is a very friendly dispensary! They also have a wide variety of products! Close to home too!

  52. thebongsong

    Stopped in here right when I got my card to get a feel for the dispensary experience and I really appreciated how nice and helpful everyone was. I ended up registering at Justice, but if I was closer to Worth i’d be happy to register there.

  53. PapaBear1012

    James made me feel extremely welcomed and took the time to walk me through any question I had.

  54. Reigh

    You should have to pay big bucks to belong to Worth’s Windy City Cannabis dispensary!!! Everything about the place is AAA+ Convenience, beautifully decorated and comfortable waiting area, knowledgeable friendly staff whom always seem to be happy (crazy!! I know!!!!). I always leave feeling like I’ve just had a personal experience. Newbies to Pro’s, everybody can learn something new from these guys! For me WCC in Worth IL is my version of “Cheers”.

  55. teema528

    I LOVE THIS DISPENSARY!!! I thought about switching the location but the workers are the reason why I won’t switch. James is VERY helpful and knowledgeable about the medicinal cannabis and that makes me feel very comfortable. I love the cleanliness of the dispensary. I have NO COMPLAINTS about the cannabis…everything that I’ve had has been great for me.

  56. swilki20

    I would like to give a shout out to Joey-Manager, Sam-Manager, Ryan, Lauren, Kirsten, and Paul for a happy and satisfying experience every time I visit.
    I hold a special feeling in my heart for Sam and Ryan who were the first, from this team, to make me feel welcomed and loved. Those two are the ‘chirp’ that brightens my day when I visit Worth. Sam and Ryan complement each other when they work together. They are on it!!!
    This entire staff is great!!! Joey likes satisfied customers. He is so patient and kind. I like Joey.
    Kirsten’s face lights up when she smiles which ignites my smile, too!!
    Laureen is neat, orderly, and excellent with records. She can handle that front reception area all by herself. LOL!!!
    Paul is just a beautiful soul!!! He is always the man of the hour and has his nose in the business. I love this team. I wish a great life on each of you for making mine calm, happy, and; Ryan, thanks for reminding me to renew my identification. I made it just in time. Thanks to you!

  57. rrbachman

    These guys are great. Weed is weed in my opinion is the best around.
    I chose my shops for the people working there the knowledge they have and how nice they are.

    So far 2 out of the four dispensaries are staffed by people I would recommend for what ails you.

  58. Sporky11

    Life changer. James is the man. So knowledgeable, always has the best recommendations

  59. lilylovers

    cute location, cute staff! answered all my questions, got the perfect strains…smells so good in there 😉

  60. poorboy504

    Over priced and the employees are clueless. Stay far away

  61. MaryJRay

    I have a fantastic experience every time I go! Each week there’s a new mix of fantastic products on sale which really helps! The staff is FANTASTIC! Each budtender is patient, courteous and knowledgeable about the medical products, which can be helpful if your new to cannabis. If you need suggestions or want to try something new, you can always ask the manager Ryan!
    I was a first timer when I walked in to Windy City Cannabis in Worth and they made me feel right at home.~

  62. captainplaneteer

    i’m very happy with this spot…great variety and jordan, james and gerardo are the best

  63. sjerdmann

    Love it they are all such a great help and very knowledgeable. They make you feel very comfortable..

  64. PamPamBigelow

    The Service is always above grade!
    The Staff is very friendly and courteous. Ryan and Joey always have good recommendations for my specific ailments. Ryan is always so patient with me and my 100 questions! He always answers them all. That is much appreciated. The boards now display have Paul’s artwork which is really great. gives the boards eye appeal . I also like how Worth’s WCC is nearby to my home. The location is safe and the Store is always clean.

  65. brucewayner

    Excellent organization. Military and disability discounts here, really helps a lot. Fellow MS patients, try the skywalker, trust me.

  66. cbr13

    Very chill atmosphere while remaining professional from what I gathered on my first visit!

  67. Borrego

    First time ever in a dispensary and was treated exceptionally. from the front counter to the sale. very pleasant sale. thanks Tony(?)! i picked worth because of the extensive menu. 5*****

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