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Dedicated to raising the quality of your life.
Long before modern pharma, Nature provided care and remedies for human suffering.
Nature’s care believes that cannabis is one of those remarkable holistic solutions.
We exist to bring that knowledge and compassion aid to all that suffer.
We are in this life together, connected by mother nature and to each other.


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108 reviews for “Nature’s Care

  1. flash23x

    I originally selected a different, less customer focused dispensary and was very disappointed with the results. I was close to giving up on cannabis as a treatment for my pain. Upon switching to Nature’s Care, I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly, knowledgable staff as well as the larger selection of flowers and concentrates. With the assistance/guidance from the staff I am starting to see the benefits of using cannabis to relieve pain and increase energy. I highly recommend making the change to Nature’s Care. You will be glad you did!

  2. thesaxophoneman1

    WOW What a Great staff and store. Great selection , great prices, great friendly honest people. These folks really are helping me with product selection for my health issues, No steering here to what’s on sale. Honesty is the order of the day at Natures Care, Thank you for conducting your shop under all the laws of the program and honoring those you serve with the Truth not the other way. Thank you very much

  3. mamimemamo

    It was my first time, but I felt very comfortable with the customer care and the atmosphere. They answered a lot of questions and gave me good advice. I know it’s going to take awhile before I know what is the best cannabis to help with my medical issues and it’s nice to know that I will be treated respectfully.

  4. ajmo89

    The staff is all very friendly and welcoming.

  5. Lori1954

    Very friendly and helpful

  6. kekecannabis

    Beautiful dispensary with a huge selection of different products from topicals, edibles, concentrates and flower! The menu provides a little bit of everything for everyone. Thanks to Nick B for the new patient freebie and helping me find just what I needed with the budget I was working with!

  7. SpeedRacerAndy

    Absolutely blew my mind. The service, atmosphere–everything! Would recommend 10 out of 10 times.

  8. joel.blanchette

    Awesome beginners tutorial by Stephanie. Very informative weed/oil/edibles expert. Great product, excellent service by Stephanie in a comfortable, laid back environment.

  9. cobdonia

    aEURC/Staff is amazing, knowledgeable, and encourages a supportive learning environment.
    aEURC/Great variety and quality of product
    aEURC/Location easy to reach with beautiful atmosphere inside.
    aEURC/Compassion, kindness and respect displayed in staff

  10. DianeTooke

    Love Natures Care!!
    The people there are very nice and completely knowledgeable of all aspects of the business.

  11. cptbing

    i tried several dispensaries in the area, before coming here, and I haven’t gone elsewhere. Their service is excellent and their employees are knowledge people and friendly.
    they also carry a large and consistent inventory and call when items are in stock.

  12. BarringtonJeff

    Friendly attentive staff that really cares! Excellent selection of flowers, concentrates and edibles!

  13. Ronigirl

    Professional, knowledgable & friendly staff! Relaxing atmosphere. Nice selection of medicine & good specials.

  14. sandeec77

    i would definitely recommend to others! their selection is like no other!

  15. nattd

    Love Love Love it! Susan is very kind and Nick was very knowledgeable giving me all the info that I needed. The dispensary have a very warm feel to it love the atmosphere. Very grateful for the help and I’m happy I chose you guys as my dispensary.

  16. freakykiki5453

    I made my first trip here today after they helped me process my switch last week. I didnt realize when I went there today it was their 1 year anniversary. I got there right before opening, and there were already people there. Even with the amount of people that showed up, it was a very smooth and enjoyable experience. The wait was very comfortable, the atmosphere was beautiful (I am a nerd for architecture and design sometimes) and even with all the other patients, my existence never went unnoticed. Everyone was very friendly, upbeat, knowledgeable, and it was overall a very pleasurable experience across the board. Thank you! I cannot wait to go again!

  17. Skj

    Beautiful location, friendly and knowledgeable staff. They really spent all the time we needed getting to know us, understanding our needs, and educating us on the products.

    It appears that this place has a very wide selection of products which is why we signed up here first.

    Only knocks are that prices are not easy to figure out – and as we are new to this we are trying to figure out which dispensaries have the best prices.

    Also, CHECK the hours before you go. The hours posted on the door say temporary hours and don’t match the ones on the Web site. That’s why I deducted a star.

  18. applejaxx

    Everyone here is amazing and compassionate and so helpful. I wouldn’t go to any other dispensary.

  19. gman193us

    I switched from a a different location to here and have had nothing but a great experience, the staff if very kind and knowledgeable and their selection and quality of products is unbelievable. I would recommend this dispensary to anyone that wants a full line of products and a great staff.

  20. Rayraybadayday

    Good location and easy to get to

  21. carole1025

    Susan is the perfect “first person you meet” when entering the dispensary. She was friendly and very welcoming. Stephanie was knowledgeable and patient. She was thorough in explaining the products and answering all my questions. What a great experience!

  22. JeanneF

    The location is at a very convenient place that is easy to locate and not surrounded by heavy traffic. The inside of the facility is very comfortable,has a relaxing atmosphere and it is uplifting because of the relationship with the employees, the availability of various products and the way that they are presented in the dispensary.

  23. JYelvo66

    I was there for the first time today. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

  24. KCannabisLew

    Natures Care is a great dispensary. This was my second one that I have been to since I have received my card and haven’t changed again since I have been going there. They have a great variety to offer. They are also very friendly and try to help you out as much as they can with making sure your satisfied.

  25. StonerPatriot

    I absolutely love this location. Near the expressway. Easy parking. You’re in and out in no time. The staff is the bees knees!

  26. cm9556

    Really cool place, staff is very friendly and helpful. Inside is so awesome like a cafe, they’re gonna have infused teas soon I’m so excited.

  27. bblueman

    It is always a pleasure to stop by and visit with the people and the fine product. Keep up the good work.

  28. jfiz83

    great people working there, very helpful and understanding. They have lots of great options and variety to choose and find what works for you.

  29. Left11LUCK7

    Saw mixed reviews before going in my 1st time to my chosen disp some good some not so good.From the moment I walked in the Atmosphere is Chill relaxed and welcoming. The Budtender took the time to sit down w me and get to know my situation along w helping me get a grip on what it is gonna help what needs at the best bang for ya buck. Only Thing is the prices are much different than States like CALI or Col but I believe overtime as the program goes on we ll hopefully see that in the prices. All in all must say everything has been well quality , Folks were nice and helpful the budtender ,SHE was AWESOME !!

  30. cmann231

    Very nice People. Special thanks to Kim, Charles & Mark.
    Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcome !!

  31. MagdaleneMoon

    I am in LOVE!!! Nature’s Care Is just that- Nature’s. Care. Everyone I dealt with at NC bent over backwards to help me understand how to find the best remedies for my diagnosis- putting the responsibility of my Health back into my own hands, where it belongs. They are a wealth of information (We’re talking degrees in Botany, people!) and have a sincere Compassion and empathy for the patients that come to NC for help. The environment’s sterile yet inviting- I’ve never been in a room that I’ve wanted to incorporate into my home dA(c)cor more! Such a sense of…Serenity, I Love Nature’s Care and cannot wait to go back to pick their brains for more enlightening information! Education is power and having this well has helped me to take my Wellness and Wholeness back into my own hands instead of being in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies. Nature’s Care has truly given me a new lease on life and I couldn’t be more grateful!

  32. Frytech24

    My first time visit was a success. Plenty of parking, spacious, clean, great interior design. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff. I got flower at my first time there, and I am very satisfied with quality and selection. Great deals on selected eights and grams.

  33. Bennytoca

    Ok location for when I am vacationing up north. Gorgeous interior design.

  34. Crow5018

    I came to Natures Care for the first time last week and had a fantastic experience. From the moment I walked in the door, I was made to feel welcome. I was met by the knowledgable staff that helped me try to find things that would help my MS and so far they’ve been right on the money! Thanks so much!!

  35. aperez0423

    As a long time sufferer of a spinal cord injury that I received as the result of a car wreck some nine years ago. I have dealt with a considerable amount of pain over the years that it has dampened my quality of life, to the point where I felt this route was worth considering after spending thousands, upon thousands of dollars on doctors, meds, therapist, etc. I have undergone two rounds of bilateral facet joint injections, therapy, have taken various medicines for pain, muscle spasms, etc. This includes using various patches, creams, lotions, therapist, and have had little success in dealing with various health issues. I feel constant pain, tightness, numbness, tingling, and have suffered various issues with my stomach as a result. All at the ripe age of 32. I have multiple herniated disc, a grade one spondylolisthesis, synovial cysts, three-disc herniation’s that I know of, a compromised spinal canal, and gastritis/ polyps in my stomach. It’s been tire some none the lease. I was assigned to Natures Care Dispensary, and have recently gone for my first time visit. The staff is extremely professional, polite, understanding, compassionate, and were extremely diligent to both federal, and state laws throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Natures Care Dispensary (NCD) and all of its staff. The staff at NCD are so ever knowledgeable, and are extremely professional on the subject matter. Today is the first day of hopefully a better way of living. Thank you once again to Natures Care Dispensary for everything. Nick was very knowledgeable, and was able to educate me on the medicinal properties of various oils, leafs, etc. I would highly recommend anyone living with constant pain, gastro intestinal issues, cancers, tumors, crohn’s, hiv, etc, and many other debilitating illnesses were many believe pharmaceuticals are the only way. When there’s actually safer alternatives that do not wreck your body. Thank you for making this process less complicated, and for being so kind throughout the entire ordeal. They were extremely professional, understanding, and sympathetic to my needs. Thank you once to NCD, and to Nick for everything that you have done thus far. Beautiful facility as well.


  36. Ckaiser

    Very helpful and welcoming staff

  37. OneenO

    What a great place! The staff is the best, so helpful and kind. The dispensary is spacious and comfortable and the selection is amazing, they’ve got it all. I feel so lucky to have Nature’s Care so close to home.

  38. ZoinksScooby

    I recently got my MMJ card and this was my first visit. First off let me say that the staff here from the front reception to the lounge are friendly but also professional. Both of the waiting rooms are superbly clean and tiddy, which for me is important as their atmosphere immediately melted my nerves and uneasiness from this being all new to me. Nick B was awesome, kind, and knowledge down to the very last second. If you are looking for your first or possibly a new dispensary I strongly recommend this location. I’m glad I got the chance to have access to the medicine that I need and got to make great acquaintances all at once. Keep up the great work guys. BTW the prices are very reasonable. They also have deals and promotions everyday.

  39. livinlife420

    This place is amazing. I need to do a shout out to Nick! Thanks for your help on my purchase today. I couldn’t be any happier. Everyone that works there are professional yet down to earth. Kind and compassionate and just fun to be around. I thank you for having such great products and a large selection… See you all soon. P.s. Lovin my dab station!

  40. Bhartn48

    Very friendly, made me feel comfortable. Took time to explain everything to me.

  41. Artwork78

    Nice big selection of products. The people working there are always friendly and helpful. They know their products well and can help you figure out what is right for you.

  42. alithea

    We’re very lucky to have this dispensary so close. It is truly a haven for my mom. In a state where it took my her two months+ to get her medical card, needing cannabis to eat while undergoing chemo. I know she already feels more relieved having such a knowledgeable, friendly and patient staff on her side. Nick was a joy to work with, he has answered all of our often silly or confused questions. His insight and honesty is valuable and appreciated. I’m very grateful for this establishment.

  43. Chenzz

    Great place and very knowledgeable

  44. clintk9

    EXCELLENT dispensary! the staff is VERY NICE and helpful! I have chemical sensitivity and this is one of the only dispensaries that does not use candles, Glade plug-ins and is not located directly next to a salon, laundromat, or dry cleaners like several other dispensaries.

    STAFF & other PATIENTS: PLEASE PLEASE try to keep the perfumes/colognes smells low. alot of patients have allergies and get headaches (we’re coming to get medicine) and fragrance free is the best policy in health/medical type facilities.

    thanks everyone!

    (More Indica Moonrocks & keif/trichomes please)

  45. Tamtam713

    The staff here is great! Really nice and helpful. Wide selection. Glad I chose this spot!

  46. favicari

    I have nothing but great things to say about this dispensary. It can be intimidating learning about this medicine and all the uses and variety and they are not only extremely knowledgeable but they’ve very friendly and comforting and make you feel welcome. I was also facing a hardship and they were extremely understanding and willing to work with me. I’ve also done a lot of research into the different dispensaries and the strains and as far as I can tell this is one of the best variety/quality strains/quality price dispensaries in the state. This is the easiest review I’ve ever had to write! Thanks so much nature’s care!

  47. flameprincess

    I’ve only visited Nature’s Care a few times so far, but I’m blown away at how polite and knowledgeable all the employees are. They answer all questions I have and all their recommendations have worked extremely well for me. The dispensary itself is gorgeous and they have a huge selection to choose from. The prices are higher than I was expecting, but they frequently have great specials that make it worth it. Overall wonderful experience so far with Nature’s Care, I’m thankful to have chosen this dispensary!

  48. cubsljn

    Excellent knowledgeable staff, would highly recommend

  49. smokyblue75

    I knew when I met some of the employees at an info session I would be happy with this place and I was right! So happy to have friendly knowledgeable people to help me become pain free.

  50. HolyHndGrenade

    amazing selection. amazing prices. great building very professional. nice employees. and best of all.amazing weed

  51. cozmcc

    Very nice store/lobby. Well informed staff that takes the time to explain things in detail. Very comforting and considerate of the new patient.

  52. kjboetsch

    Love the quality and staff at this place. So friendly and helpful in every way! Thanks!

  53. msdrehab

    I’ve been a customer since 11/16 and have witnessed a lot of changes. Staff has changed considerably since then. However, I believe the current staff is the best group of good folks there’s been! Everyone is professional, product knowledgeable and friendly. Product selection is fantastic and continues to grow! Great hours and location.

  54. NG457

    My son and I are so grateful to be patients of Nature’s Care. Cannabis is the only thing that diminishes the symptoms of his chronic illness. Being unfamiliar with cannabis, I was unsure what to expect walking in, but every aspect of this dispensary is exceptional. The staff is unbelievably welcoming and always willing to explain any questions you have. Thanks again, NC!

  55. no4pain

    This was my first visit after getting my card. Really knowledgeable team and was walked through products that will help me out. Only one visit, but will be going back soon.

  56. Producersb

    I recently switched my dispensary to Nature’s Care and am very happy I did because of the time they took to learn about my needs as a patient…Plus the selection is great!

  57. 3Dginsu

    A very pleasant atmosphere from the moment I walked in, staff and aesthetics. I have been there a few times, met a few different staff members and each time nicely greeted by everyone. Knowledgeable staff that will take as much time as needed whether you are new with loads of general questions or more experienced detailed questions. Good variety and quality. The menu is often updated which is nice since stock and availability can and will most likely continue to vary, as it does at most dispensaries. The location easy to find, park and exit. I am very pleased and intend to keep Nature’s Care as my dispensary.

  58. shnitzel1

    Organically righteous.

  59. Ka1aMITY

    I moved back from Arizona and Colorado where I had medical cards. Finding a location with a nice atmosphere and a great selection was top priority for me. I believe I have found it here. The people are EXTREMELY nice and informative.
    I am very happy with my dispensary!

  60. Gersh


  61. Lakegirl25

    Great people, very comfortable, huge knowledge!

  62. justmalk

    This place is so amazing. The atmosphere is beautiful. The staff is so caring and compassionate. I’ve been to other dispensaries and I think this place has the best strain selection.

  63. mdb61

    I am in a lot of pain and just received my card. I walked into nature’s care not knowing what to expect. Nick spent well over an hour discussing my wants and needs as well as giving me a good understanding of what products are available. I am very happy I found nature’s care!

  64. DChi113

    Great Dispensary with an amazing layout. They have a huge menu with a wide variety of products. I will definitely be a frequent visitor as they are always running deals.

  65. fenix787

    They provide free coffee in the waiting area while they process your paperwork, and the building is immaculate. The sales are a great way to save some money and they also offer a 10% discount for veterans. With the way the Illinois law is written its not easy to shop around, but I am glad I chose natures care. The entire process was enjoyable!

  66. Sparrow416

    very kind and patient people, beautiful facility, highly recommended

  67. hollys2781

    Nature’s Care is top notch! As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by sweet Susan and a keurig:) The decor catches your attention attention immediatly. Its very warm and cozy. As you walk into the main dispensary you instantly feelnas if you are outside in nature! It smells of cedar is very clean! Everyone was so friendly and genuine and were very knowledgeable. Stephanie was so helpful with explaining availability, strains and pricing. They had awesome daily deals. Lastly Nick was a delight! He offered additional info and even provided me with printouts. The whole team made me feel at home from the get-go! Compassionate and Caring! Thanks Natures Care!

  68. Tish1

    Really like this place. Great atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and no rush to make any decisions. My kinda place for sure

  69. dcritelli

    I was registered at a different dispensary and ended up reading the reviews on Nature’s Care. I called the office and spoke with Susan asking her if I could come in for a tour. Susan was so helpful, patient and informative on their process, people and their business. I ended up requesting the state to switch me to Nature’s Care, Susan took care of everything for me and even followed up with me to advise the transaction was completed. The location is very easy to find and easy to access. Once you are buzzed in and provide your state required IDS, they have a great waiting room with waters, Keurig, informative brochures, restrooms and great comfortable couches. Once back in the dispensary you feel relaxation spread over you as the room is very open, great wood dA(c)cor, excellent seating options, which I think is wonderful because people have different conditions, so they have seats that sit low, high tops, backless stools, armchairs, etc. I could really just sit and read a book with a cup of coffee here! Jason was absolutely wonderful; he gave me the option of entering one of the private consultation rooms or having a seat in the dispensary. He was very patient with me, gave me lots of great info, shared stories, made recommendations and was just overall very pleasant to speak with. This dispensary really has their patients in mind by providing a large list of medications, which is different from others. As I was waiting for my medication, Nick came up and introduced himself, he was very pleasant to speak to as well and I thought it was wonderful to be at a location where they are getting to know their patients and their patients’ needs and not just pushing people in and out. I would highly recommend this dispensary to anyone seeking where to go.

  70. DaddaBoy

    I am overly impressed with how helpful EVERYONE at nature’s care is to me and even other patients there. I feel
    it in my bones, this is going to
    be a wonderful relationship.

  71. JesterJack

    I’ve experienced nothing but great visits and interactions with the staff at Natures Care specifically, Mark. Overall, the entire staff has been nothing but helpful, kind, and professional.

  72. grammyomi

    This is the best location ever and the main reason is because of the people. After purchasing there for a year now, they REALLY feel like family!

  73. EddieVH

    I love the location, staff and variety!

  74. 355times2

    the staff are very very nice, they’re knowledgeable and very patient too.
    if you’reaEUR< experiencing pain you may qualify for a mmj card-Nature's Care can help you

  75. Inuiri

    Just went for my first visit two days ago. The staff was incredibly kind and truly interested in getting me what I need.

  76. KearD

    What a wonderful experience! First off, the decor is stunning. Really, really beautiful. Then, the staff is so warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I left with a nice assortment of things to try out and couldn’t wait to go back! I’ve gone twice within two days and I love that this dispensary is so close to my home!

  77. thelemalove93

    This was my first dispensary. When I came here the staff was fantastic, the selection was vast, and the product was great.

    One day, half the staff was gone with no explanation. The quality suffered (stems and seeds were the norm) and the selection suffered (how do you only have one Cresco flower option?). In addition, this was one of the most expensive dispensaries I know of.

    The staff also became less helpful and while I was a repeat customer there were never any discounts or even staff remembering who I was.

    There are way better options out there.

  78. DrewJames

    I’ve been with Nature’s Care since the 1st day they opened, so I had the great pleasure of making friendships with the executives/management who are all truly amazing people!

    Over the last few months they’ve continued to grow and have brought on new employees, including some who are patients themselves, and they are all INCREDIBLE!

    For upper-spinal damage/surgery, ask for Jason. This dude is bad ass!
    …I’m fused c4-c7 (cancer) and he has never steered me wrong, from pain/spasms, opiate detox, to anxiety/PTSD etc… He has greatly improved my quality of life through product knowledge. Thanks buddy

  79. RyanCab

    This place is the best! Great hours

  80. Dbell123

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great atmosphere and a huge selection. Excellent.

  81. cubanito1967

    Stopped in today during my lunch and this place is awesome. I am switching to this location since it’s so close to my job and after today’s visit I could not be happier with my decision. I look forward to meeting all the staff.

  82. candyman56

    Staff is super friendly, professional yet on personal level with patients. Everyone I spoke with was very knowlegable and are looking out for the best interest of there patients. This was my first time visiting a dispensary and it was very nice clean and relaxing environment. Very nice sized menu with specials on products that allowed you try multiple products/strains without felling like you were robbed. Being a first visit I did not feel rushed and was able to take my time and really soak in the place which was great to actually see many different products and methods of receiving medicine.

  83. hyrulelexis

    I’ve been a patient here for months, and while I was on my way from the VA today, I found out they were only open until 5, unlike every other weekday which is a problem itself. But then I was chewed out by a staff member for running late. I’m thoroughly disgusted with how I was treated, and I will not be coming back. No one deserves to be treated like this. It’s especially unfortunate because my favorite bud-tender works here. I’m very disappointed.

  84. McRuh

    When you walk in the dispensary, Susan, at the front desk, will make you feel welcome and comfortable. The rest of the staff is great too- Very knowledgeable and helpful!

  85. Spacecase75

    Great people. Really nice inside. Tons of sales and variety!! Keep up good work!

  86. Fattycfine

    The service was great!

  87. Vangojo

    My first visit and I was blown away. Mark sat patiently with me and kindly answered all my questions. I left with vast knowledge and was made to feel so comfortable. Everyone was so kind. The facility is very nice. I am so happy to finally get some relief from pain and sadness.”

  88. jgriff2

    The quality of the product here is top notch. The employees working here are extremely helpful and friendly. Very happy I chose NC as my dispensary.

  89. AMD0803

    Terrific dispensary! Warm and friendly staff and beautiful inside! This was my first time here but 1000% better than the other place! So glad I switched!

  90. louisrofrano

    Awesome place! Awesome employees! Awesome service! Natures care new exactly how to take care of my medical needs and were so helpful! Gave me a free Cartridge and a shirt! This will be my permanent dispensary for sure! Thank you so much for everything!

  91. jsaionz

    Great location, great service

  92. Mikesmed

    This is the only dispensary that we’ve been to.
    They’ve always been very helpful and willing to answer our questions.
    Prices vary depending on strain but our favorites, so far, cost less than decent street stuff.

  93. RogerStiller01

    This place really rocks. These folks took care of changing my Dispensary in less than 12 hours and my experience when I bought some cannabis was great. I bought some 60s strains and it is some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

  94. soko6501

    The knowledge that the staff has is very impressive. They seem to have answers to all my questions, very helpful and easy to talk with.

  95. Redneckfishin87

    from the min you walk in the girl at the front desk is awesome. and knowledgable staff in the back. if you want the place to go its here.

  96. GoodmedsIL

    I think this place is great. I had no idea what I was doing and they held my hand and walked me through it. Clean and friendly.

  97. daisypace

    Nature’s Care was so professional when it came to educating me on the products & how to use them. The staff was courteous & made me feel very comfortable with my questions as well teaching me about my options for daytime & night time use. The atmosphere is so relaxed & impressed how nice it was.

  98. MDA77

    Nothing but a great experience from start to finish. Stephanie & staff always do an exceptional job assisting me and answering all my questions. The shop itself is immaculate and welcoming. And they always offer a well-rounded selection of products and good deals and specials.

  99. MGChicago

    This place rocks. Everyone is so helpful, friendly and patient. The staff spends time with me making sure I understand the different options I have for my type of pain. The facility is open, spacious and comfortable, makes me want to hang out there all day talking and drinking coffee. Thanks Guys!

  100. jerrybear09

    if I could give more stars I would! let me start by saying I have been to quite a few dispensaries in illinois and seen many different people and facilities. Nature’s Care is by far the best I have yet to see in Illinois! From they’re wonderfully large menu to the fact that everyone there is super friendly and excited to help, this place just beats them all! The main lobby area looks like something out of a museum with its extravagant decor and tasteful display of product containers, glass, and a full menu with pricing and percentages to make the process that much easier. A place like this shows when true compassion, dedication, and hard work all come together. I encourage every patient in the state to visit this wonderful place!

  101. meggyv

    Stephanie is the best! She works very closely with me to find strains that will work for my needs. She energetic and knowledgable and a pleasure to work with 🙂

  102. Guam79

    Since I’ve started coming to NC, I’ve been treated like the only person they care for! And by that I mean every single person gives top notch service, honest feedback and reviews of the medicine and they have amazing opportunities for their patients!

  103. Luckylady1223

    Love that it is by my Sons house . looking forward to shopping there this weekend dY’oe

  104. dmsammie1

    Very friendly staff. Makes you feel at home right away.

  105. nbergeron10

    I love Natures Care!! The atmosphere is so cool and relaxing. While you are selecting your products the staff makes you feel like you are the only customer they have. I met all the staff and even the CEO. They also were smart enough to put an ATM in the store. It sure was handy. They have a lot of choices for the patient and are always willing to help select the item that best suits the patient. I was impressed when i walked into the store So open and comfortable i was treated like a queen I have been there several times and will continue to visit them.

  106. Red5standingBy

    The staff are delightful and you couldn’t ask for more variety in products. Made my first time trip an excellent experience. Looking forward to my next visit.

  107. meiden

    A+ bud tenders eager to help sick people, and learn about new products… fantastic atmosphere, friendly security, and the receptionist is just lovely my girlfriend is hearing sensitive and she makes sure the music is turned down every time we show up. Great selection of product! In need of a rewards program. Overall thumbs up!

  108. thesamiches

    Great staff who are knowledgeable and very professional.

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