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1132 Lake Street, Oak Park, IL 60301


41.8889223, -87.8041517






11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


12:00 PM – 4:00 PM


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The best medical dispensary in Oak Park, MedMen provides a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC cannabis products. Anyone looking for a marijuana store near Chicago will find what they need at MedMen. With knowledgeable sales associates and a safe, inviting atmosphere, we are your go-to cannabis shop.

Medical ONLY.

Seven Point is adjacent to the Holly Court Parking Garage which is free daily for 1.5 hours and all day Sundays. The location for the garage is 1149 Holly Ct., Oak Park, IL 60301.


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49 reviews for “Seven Point Powered by MedMen

  1. john91716

    Close convenient parking. Friendly staff. Discreet

  2. 2hank

    This place in on a different level – must check it out.

  3. Untranslatable2

    Everyone was so helpful and nice! The lady (Terri?) paid attention to the symptoms I need to treat, and led me to products that would be appropriate for those symptoms. They helped me put together a collection of products within my budget.

    The high CBD/low THC strain I was recommended (Pure Love) did exactly what I needed it to do – treat my pain without making me too drowsy or stoned like my former medication (cyclobenzaprine/Flexeril) did.

    A an aside – I don’t mean to talk bad about Flexeril. Flexeril is very good medicine, and is better for some things (like muscle spasms) than cannabis, but it’s very addictive and it would put me to sleep. So, it didn’t usually help me to be functional – I either couldn’t do anything because I was in too much pain, or I couldn’t do anything because it put me to sleep.

    The Pure Love strain which Terri(?) recommended treated my pain but didn’t zonk me out. With so many choices, I was glad that they were able to find me one that worked for me on my first visit. I was impressed.

  4. dynastic

    Geat atmosphere, nery knowledgable staff. Have had long email interchanges on different strains, with the result of just the right product waiting for me to pick up.

  5. BubbaG3

    very friendly staff. excellent product and selection. love their specials and really appreciate the veterans discount on every purchase! best dispensary in Illinois. period.

  6. PumpkinC

    Seven Point is one amazing place. First off, it’s in a prime location in Downtown Oak Park, with convenient free garage parking and a discrete rear entrance (if you live or work nearby and don’t need your co-workers or anybody else knowing your business). It’s also a two to three minute walk from the Harlem/Lake Green Line, and about a five minute Uber ride from the Forest Park Blue Line. Super convenient. But if the place wasn’t anything special, then convenience wouldn’t even matter. No worries there because SEVEN POINT IS OUTSTANDING! On your first visit you might feel a tiny bit intimidated traveling the interior hallway to reach the frosted door into your personal medical dispensary of caring and compassionate professionals. My first time it struck me as like a trip to a upscale department store where I was going to get fitted for something special, or getting invited to an exclusive cocktail lounge where every offering is top shelf (complimentary and refreshing drinks are offered at Seven Point, but of the non-alcohol variety). Yet all of this belies the totally UNpretentious vibe once you’re inside. Every patient is equally important and time is spent to assess your needs and answer all of your questions. I’ve been to many dispensaries throughout Colorado and along the west coast, and I’ve never had better customer service than from Seven Point’s truly knowledgeable patient consultants. If you have a card in the State of Illinois, and live within fifteen miles of Seven Point (or pass near Oak Park regularly by car or public transport), I’d strongly recommend making this place YOUR dispensary. Brad and his team are the best I’ve come across, and the product quality can’t be beat! Peace – Love – Cannabis. Please educate yourself and medicate responsibly.

  7. hyperlite1156

    Awesome place! Staff super helpful and considerate. Massive selection, must check it out sometime.

  8. JSantiago86

    I love Seven Point. I have never felt more comfortable in an establishment as I do there. From the selection available to the specials they always have going on to the genuine people working at Seven Point its one of the good ones.
    Everyone that has helped me has been extremely knowledgeable which has consistently help me make the best decisions to properly medicate.

  9. detachedcandy

    Love the space, love the staff, love the merch.

  10. Leahmg23

    Always incredibly nice and helpful helpful workers . I always feel more than welcome every time I go . They are great with helping new smokers pick the right bud .

  11. clydeberny

    Terri and Lisa are great. Fantastic suggestions. Everyone there is great. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and appreciated.

  12. Alexwblev

    I’ve been coming here for almost 3 months and immediately they showed interest in me and my problems.. I enjoy coming here not only for cannabis but for the community of patients..

  13. qdilla44

    Great people with great
    serviced huge selection.Mag mile is amazing.

  14. missyolanda1

    Super friendly, Very helpful

  15. CiciAmelia

    The people here are wonderful, very personal and upbeat. Been coming here about 6 months and have zero complaints, only compliments. Selection is awesome, store is professional and light, products expanding all the time. I am spoiled. Can’t wait for online ordering coming soon!

  16. shesonit

    Customer sence is fantastic here. Everyone is very nice and very helpful. Lisa has been helping me a lot since I received my medical card. Love the aroma inside. Very nice and cozy. The staff always offers coffee or water and today when they saw me bring in my own tea they said they will order tea so it’s available when I’m there. I live down the street so the location is very convienent for me. They have a loyalty program and they always send out emails with the specials. First time I went the special was one prerolled with purchase of an 1/8. On my first visit they gave me lighters and a pair of marijuana leaf socks; that are so warm and cozy I’m wearing them right now since it’s 2 degrees outside. Love this place and I’m so glad I live close.

  17. OfficialHoezay

    Seven Point is the “Apple, Inc” of cannabis. All of their products are potent and great for any need.

    The store is amazingly beautiful, elegant, and modern. Security is of the highest degree, just like everything else at Seven Point.

    The employees at Seven Point are what make it so great. All employees are extremely courteous, polite, well educated, and happy making for a fantastic and insightful customer experience.

    Seven Point is a medical cannabis dispensary that heightens the expectations of customer service and product quality. They are the golden standard of legal cannabis and I couldn’t possibly be more pleased with my experiences with them.

  18. nyko303

    great place caring people

  19. bLONDIE23

    I’m in love with all the staff. They are so kind and loving. So helpful and knowledgeable. Lucky to have them here in OPRF!

  20. FunkySkunk8

    I have never seen a 1 year anniversary sale for any type of business anywhere that went on fir this long and was this insanely generous. I already feel amazing enough getting relief, having relief but to actually walk in and see a back massage chair station, staff greet you by name and ask how your last purchase was, deals where you basically feel so guilty you want to go back and buy more or just give them something out of your purse….like a granola bar or a huge, huge, hug for gracing your life with less financial restraints and some zen. When is the last time you acquired a legit back massage, solid fudge cookie, unique henna tattoo and free product in just a block of time at Wallgreens or CVS without questioning the meaning of life or how much longer do I have to be here?! I did not want to leave.

    Since I can’t add it into Leafly….Best purchase was the 1 year anniversary 7 point joint pack. (Shangri-La). 5 joint pack and 2 grams. If I had to play important “weed critic” I would definitely have to say this is better than learning about the solar system and marine biology combined. I would highly recommend looking into it, the anniversary is like bathroom line at my first concert ever, Lilith fair, really long. Which is great and beneficial for us! I see such a promising future for a curated company that brands themselves in complete customer happiness.

  21. Panda144

    amazing Top Notch the best i guarantee you they have a rewards program a very large selection of medicinal marijuana strains lots of extracts even bongs i love this place and i also got free sockes with weed leavs awsome

  22. Dawntraub

    Absolutely thrilled with the time that was taken to educate me on which products would best meet my needs.

  23. Wch1974

    I love this place. Super friendly staff, welcoming spa-like atmosphere, great selection of products.

  24. Gizmograhn

    I love 7P! I’ll be back a lot.

  25. ofminds27

    Seven Point has an extensive and high-quality selection of cannabis products, a new and beautiful dispensary location, and convenient business hours.A
    But what makes Seven Point stand out from its competition is its outstanding employees. They really treat you like FAMILY! Without them, I’d still be fighting to get my MMJ card. They helped me through the entire application process, photos, fingerprints and all, FOR FREE! For every problem the IDPH had, Seven Point had an immediate solution.A
    I was treated with genuine compassion and devotion throughout the application process and before I ever spent a penny at Seven Point! On top of that Seven Point gives a 10% discount to veterans and patients on SSI & SSDI and has frequent community events.A
    I’m glad I chose Seven Point as my dispensary. Thank you, Terri, Lisa, and Amy!

  26. MedMun

    Love this place! Always fast and ready to service. Friendly and great. Able to talk about what really works for me, thank you!

  27. micha76

    Seven point helped me talk to my doctor and get everything I needed to apply for my card and receive it. I got my card and went into the dispensary and they were absolutely amazing. Every person in there was able to answer any question I had and the fact that they are all patients as well makes me feel even better about their recommendations. Every product they recommended has helped. I thank them all dY~S

  28. kkrazyd26

    the absolute best dispensary in Illinois

  29. Whitneydumas

    Nope. Never ever again. Switched dispensaries before I even left the block. Got here at 10:57 AM and I’m just now leaving at 12:30. I wasn’t allowed to go in until someone spoke to me because I was new and I waited an hour. Security guard was super sweet and apologetic of the wait.

    When I told the woman who came to speak with me that I didn’t appreciate the long wait (every single person here is in pain and they know this or else we wouldn’t be there)when I did not require nor receive any assistance, she told me that they had a lot of patients. I told her I was a patient too?? She then tried to go over the menu with me but I had already looked at it for about half an hour while I was waiting. She then attempted to tell me what was on each of the pages of the menu.

    I told her I felt condescended upon because she assumed and I was being treated as a know-nothing. I’m aware that that’s what most people are but why not just ask? I felt that it was EXTREMELY rude to make me wait an extraordinate amount of time to have very plain and very simple things that I can read myself explained to me. She told me that they were short-staffed and talked again about how they have so many patients. I asked her why the security guard could not have given me that extremely simple basic information that I waited an hour for her to deliver to me. I never got a solid answer to that but I did get a lot of excuses about having to help other people and about a “process”. While I was checking out (and complaining) the woman apologized but continued to give me excuses about how busy they were which I already knew since I saw every single customer they had walk in and out because I had been there since before they opened. I told her that I followed all of the social media pages and went on the website and saw absolutely no communication whatsoever regarding any type of wait to be served the first visit. She did apologize and she told me she would pass my comments along.

    Why is there no system whatsoever in place so that highly educated consumers do not have to wait to be told things they already know? Why assume that I know absolutely nothing? Why not open your mouth/communicate and ask how much I know? After an hour wait, she came out and told me what was written on a menu that I had no issues reading myself and that I needed to write down what I wanted; not worth an hour’s wait at all whatsoever and I will never be back here. I went way out of my way to go to this dispensary because of all the great reviews and the customer service I received was atrocious. They would not have gotten A DIME of my money if I wasn’t totally desperate but I was and I spent about $160 here. She told me that the wait was so I could learn dispensary etiquette. Nobody who has a system this inefficient has ANY room speaking to anybody else about etiquette. I am extremely respectful of others’ time and rules but Seven Point doesn’t believe in reciprocity so I’ll take my measly little $600 paycheck that I get every 2 weeks and go somewhere, anywhere else.

    THIS ISSUE IS SO EASILY FIXED. All they had to do was tell first-timers that there was an orientation. If you’re ready and prepared to purchase medicine then write down what you want. If you are not prepared then you must meet with someone beforehand. How hard was that? Why is that protocol not already in place? Their prices are high and I’m not spending any hard-earned cash to be treated like cattle.

    Seven Point completely ruined my first dispensary experience.

  30. StroCapone

    This is the most expensive, ABSOLUTE WORST DISPENSARY IN ILLINOIS. Their are PLENTY better places with BETTER, MORE, AND MOST DEFINITELY cheaper. This dispensary gives you the WORST BUD (cresco) for the highest prices. 55-70 per 8th.
    MARIBIS of Chicago, The Herbal Center, or WINDY CITY CANNABIS dispensaries ALWAYS have deals, better prices and quality flower. Do not waist your time waiting on Seven Points approval. Its totally not worth your cash.

  31. Rockartist

    As far as first impressions go, I absolutely recommend Seven Point. I had the pleasure of an intro consultation with Zoe (sp.?) and she was well informed, patient, and made me feel comfortable and welcomed.

  32. GelatoRoll

    The best

  33. babybuttercup

    Great dispensary. Great menu. Switched here from another Dispensary that claimed they would order what I wanted and never did! Free bag of stuff with first time here, which was awesome.

  34. Dragonfly25

    A gourmet shopping experience with warm, welcoming vibes. Brad and his staff are exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I truly feel taken care of. Thank you, Seven Point!

  35. Lucy-in-the-sky

    Informed staff and pleasant environment. Frequent educational activities.

  36. harmonoff

    Best dispensary in Chicagoland, by far! Yas,Nick, Lisa, Teri, Kim, & Paul are all a sincere pleasure to get to interact with on a regular basis. Not only is the vibe relaxed & perfect but prices & specials are always going on & and customer service provided makes it a complete package of a dispensary experience that is truly special.

  37. romerod88

    Loved it. Great service.

  38. MarkRini

    Their customer service here sets the bar, great people with great knowledge and great products. 5/5 on everything 🙂

  39. Mom22smartchix

    Incredibly Knowledgeable staff. Great pricing and easy access.

  40. Nick887

    Friendly and competent staff, they are helpful and make you feel welcome. Wide selection of medication-a variety of both type of product of and of brands. Good, accessibleaEUR< location in downtown Oak Park with a parking garage across the alley

  41. xMisanthrope

    I have been coming to this dispensary since I got my card last August. The staff here know me by name and truly care about me and my misadventures. But it’s not just with me, it’s with all the patients. I have watched the staff grow into a caring, loving family of individuals that are ready to answer any question that we have. They take all the time we need to help us and I never feel rushed. I love this place and I would never go anywhere else.

  42. smrizvi

    I absolutely love my dispensary (Seven Point). The passion and kindness they express is inspiring and warm.
    Hands down, I would hangout with everyone of them if I could.

  43. marwark16541954

    Very special place run by very special people

  44. kennedcm

    I have been coming to this dispensary for several months now. I have to say that the staff is amazing. They remember me by name and always ask how the medicine is working for me. I never feel pressured and they always strive to answer all of my questions. The atmosphere is friendly and so are the other patients. I often find myself sitting at a table engaged in group conversation, usually about cannabis 🙂 The more you visit the more you feel like you are part of a community of cannabis patients and caregivers.

  45. cannayoucanoe

    Friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and a comfortable environment

  46. foxcutter72

    Everyone is very nice and informative. They have a wonderful selection.


    I would first like to thank the two ladies that helped me with the registration process this afternoon (Lisa & Terri) they were amazing and very helpful! The location is very upscale and clean in and outside the building.. I can’t wait to receive my card so I can grab me some Harlequin and Jack Herer strain.. well done Oak Park on welcoming Seven Point dispensary..

  48. flash23x

    Unfortunately I had a terrible experience at Seven Point. It started with speaking with uninformed staff members by telephone and being assured they either had or could order strains I wished to purchase. Based upon this information I switched to Seven Point dispensary, a 45 minute drive away, only to be informed shortly thereafter SP had 2 eighths of the strain I wanted but couldn’t sell them to me and also could not order more. Additionally I was told the strain they thought could be ordered … now could not be ordered.
    Three days later I receive a call informing me they received the strain that supposedly couldn’t be ordered. I call to ensure they have in stock and to have it ready for pick up in about an hour. So I drive the 45 minutes to pick up the 2 eighths. Upon arrival, I Iinform the receptionist I’m in a hurry, and there to pick up an order. Instead I’m delayed 10-15 minutes. I finally get the products I ordered and am ready to check out, only to be delayed another 15 minutes due to computer problems, that didn’t exist just minutes prior. Unfortunately, after 30 minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to leave … without any cannabis!! Over 3 hours of time invested and lost. Not to mention the tolls, gas, wear & tear on my car. A total disaster from start to finish.

  49. Islandsmoke-Raymond

    great location

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