Dispensary 33 Chicago



5001 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60640


41.9726869, -87.6677014




10:00 AM – 3:00 PM


2:00 PM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


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The first and most passionate medical cannabis dispensary in Chicago.

**Product Driven**: We don’t just read lab results, we visit the medical cannabis cultivators to understand how product is grown, dried and cured, and to inspect, touch and smell it on-site. We investigate how the lab results are generated and cross-check those methods against the gold standard at SC Labs in California. We read every medical cannabis study and talk to our friends in CO, WA and CA to constantly refine our understanding of the medicinal effects of cannabis strains on various symptoms and underlying conditions.

**Patient Focused**: We cannot walk in your shoes or feel your pain, but we are passionate about enabling you to satisfy your basic right to medicate as you see fit. And to obtain your medicine in a beautiful, relaxing environment stocked with the best selections of glass, vaporizers, books and anything else we think will bring you relief, pleasure or, hopefully, both.


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54 reviews for “Dispensary 33 Chicago

  1. designid

    The staff are great and very helpful! Thanks guys!

  2. Rosf

    Feel free to correct Dispensery to Dispensary in my last review (or I’ll take care of it if it gets approved). Thanks!

  3. IfYouAintChokingYouAintSmoking

    Awesome new addition to Chicago. The staff is very knowledgable and very welcoming. Feels good to be able to medicate knowing I’m legit. Patiently awaiting the tinctures to arrive.

  4. hokage615

    Great location. Love being able to read and look at the product before purchasing. Great staff! Always a joy to chat with the employees.

  5. johnbl4ck

    TL;DR highly recommend!

    I’ve been going there since their day 1. Always friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection. The only thing that’s taking some getting used to is their hours of operation, but turns out that it’s because the rest of the time they’re on a hunt for great new product.

  6. Newby6

    Spectacular staff – incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and kind

  7. Jman22

    Great quality and staff. I switched to here after a less than positive experience with Pharmacannis in Evanston. This place is tops.

  8. CrohnsPatientA

    Easy and quick entry after checking two forms of ID. The space is clean and open, and a lack of merchandise almost makes the place feel empty. I’m sure it’ll fill up once they figure out what the clientele is looking for — magazines, books, music, branded clothing, etc. — but I will say the already have a nice selection of pipes, glass, vapes, and dab kits. As I crossed the threshold into the product area, I swear I could hear the faint sound of angels singing. Turns out it was just Richard, the friendly and helpful budtender, who asked about my ailments a

  9. Plecomanrl

    Just switched over to D33 about 2 months ago and couldn’t be happier! BT know what they are doing, selection is excellent, and prices are decent.

  10. cbleaf

    Great dispensary. Really knowledgeable staff. Great products with superb recommendations and education. They have a nice selection of accessories, and they are easily accessible in Andersonville. A really great and well run shop!

  11. thisbikeisatardis

    Getting to work with a dispensary that is fully staffed by patients and caregivers is awesome!

  12. easybuddy

    I was able to shop here twice before a dispensary opened closer to me so I decided to switch. First off, beautiful place, great vibe and very relaxed. They always made me feel very comfortable, and they are extremely knowledgeable. They are always willing to answer all questions and take time to really help you find something right for you! I would totally recommend this place, they are very patient focused! (this has not been my experience everywhere….)

  13. Disney61

    Great area SAFE and the staff is out of this world. They know how to treat people with respect and with a smile. Glade to call this my home.

  14. PurpleBurgundy

    Best product selection! Their amazing and wonderful staff makes you feel right at home. It doesn’t get better than this, Chicago!! Check them out ASAP!

  15. bootsnbanter

    I’ve been coming here for about a year now and the service has always been beyond amazing! The greatest example of which I would say happened recently, someone hit and ran my parked car and I didn’t find out until I was on the way to pick up my meds. I needed a restock and they were scheduled to close five minutes before I’d get there by the time I finished filing a report. I called and explained the situation and they kept the store open a couple minutes late for me! 10/10 service.

  16. robmorales

    Love how they only stay with top fresh strains from around the state. You’ll never get a strain that’s too dry or you won’t like.

  17. JayLeon16

    I haven’t physically been to the store yet. Even though I literally work a block up from it. I’ve been patiently waiting for our Govnuh to pass the bull that allows PTSD! I met with some of the staff at this years past Midsommer Fest. Super friendly, really about the people and their work, not to mention that they just exude such positive energy. To know that they are willing to help you step by step through the application process to make sure everything goes accordingly, is just phenomenal. I can’t wait to list you all as my home dispensary. You deserve all the business that you can get!

  18. yobcilrag

    This dispensary is very nearly perfect. Wonderful knowledgable, staff. Fabulous product being sold in a very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.These folks will talk about cannabis as long as you care to. And it’s a corner store! Not hidden away in an industrial park or displaying signage reminiscent of a small trucking company. Bottom line: GREAT.

  19. Detente

    This is a very professional yet laid back dispensary. The vibe is really peaceful (like a spa) and the people are truly nice, caring and very helpful. Have been to other dispensaries which all seem kinda “hippy” like or amateurish comparatively.
    I have a very high recommendation for Dispensary 33, they are a great example/ambassador for the emerging, compassionate medical marijuana industry.

  20. gugggs

    On my first day here to D33 I was feeling very odd about coming here as my first dispensary. I didn’t know nor have I ever been to one. The staff here is so chill, knowledgeable and nonjudgmental. I’ve seen most of the staff in here already and they’re always smiling and cheerful. I never would’ve thought that coming here would’ve not only make my days when I come in, but also leave with a smile on my face from how awesome these people are.

  21. aust311

    Selection of flowers is very limited. Prices are similar to other dispensaries. One thing they can improve on is a customer loyalty program.

  22. SeattleMile

    Friendly staff from owner/operator to budtenders to their security team. Clean & appealing dispensary & esthetically designed layout for ease of shopping & inquiring & purchasing of your quality medicinal medication. Highly recommend Dispensary 33 as for overall appeal, customer service, passion for the patients, & quality products!

  23. EAPPAE

    Finally switched dispensaries back to 33 from MOCA just in time for Labor Day special and let me say THANK YOU CRESCO AND 33 FOR THIS SPECIAL!!!

  24. chefmejia

    Dispensary 33 has the most professional and knowledgeable dispensary agents in the state and country. I’ve been to other dispensaries here in Illinois and other medical states and I’ve always been impressed by their product knowledge and ability to make quality recommendations.

  25. maeiow

    D33 has the sweetest crew of queer friendly folx. I’ve never felt more comfortable being me or more encouraged to share and find out more about what they have to offer.

    Quality over quantity! Their selection keeps me medicated without being overwhelmed by too many new options.

  26. beentheresmokedthat

    Great group of people that clearly want to provide a high level of education to anyone asking. Always willing to spend the time working through different products and helpful in making suggestions based on my needs and past experiences.

  27. Joeygotti

    This is the place to get good solid help with care . The whole staff are great at what they do and take the time to address every issue thank you to the whole staff at 33

  28. chgoguy7

    Always excellent product and service. I’ve been a very satisfied, repeat customer for 2 years.

  29. 00cope

    The employees were very helpful and made the experience surprisingly stress free even though I went on their opening day. They only let a handful of people from the waiting room into the actual shop at a time so that the employees can help you figure out which strains would be right for you.

  30. VTK007

    Amazing location. Sarah was so knowledgable and really helped me pinpoint what I needed to have pain free days and really positive forward driven days. Thank you Sarah! You were incredible.

  31. ChefLarry420


  32. ucanfindme23

    Love this place

  33. jejejejeremy

    Great staff, great facility, great product!

  34. madflav0r

    Wish I could work here!

  35. randb

    Great location Love the people

  36. DabMouth

    Dispensary 33 treats their patients like friends instead of customers. The staff are very personable and really know about and believe in their product. I am very happy with Dispensary 33 and highly recommend it.

  37. Mikey8580

    This dispensary is the best! The employees are very helpful and pleasant. They are also very knowledgeable about all their products. Even the owner is well involved and steps in to improve the customer experience. Overall, the staff is GREAT!

  38. StonerPatriot

    I think this location is good for folks who need to know a lot about their medicine.

  39. gibber10

    D33 is the best dispensary in the northern Chicagoland area that i have visited thus far. Their product is consistently top notch. The fact they only carry a small amount of strains helps guarantee product freshness and quality. They also display all of their product, including flower, in classy display cases which is useful as other dispensaries do not excel in this area. All of the staff i have met to this point have been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They do a great job of keeping the store in a casual vibe while still maintaining high levels of professionalism. Also available in the shop is some beautiful high quality glass.

  40. lorinpet

    Dispensary 33 has a clean, bright and comfortable atmosphere with a friendly knowledgeable staff. My choice of medicine today was ‘Grace’s cookies’ and ‘Holy Grail’. I highly recommend both for pain relief. I am so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this medical cannabis trial. My hope is that it not only continues beyond the trial period but is expanded to help more people. I believe all adults should be able to use marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes without the fear of being arrested.

  41. Belfour30

    Dispensary 33 is wonderful. From the moment you walk in the door, you are treated respectfully and professionally. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, but knows when to give you some space to just peruse the various strains and options. They are compassionate and genuine.

  42. scumbunny

    Staff is very helpful and knowledgable. I learn something new every time I come in, which is important since I’m new to everything and want to treat specific things.

  43. legsdontwork

    Visited this fine facility over the weekend and it was an awesome! It was my first time going to a dispensary and it was everything I could have hoped for, great staff, great product I will most certainly be back.

  44. xonejr3005

    Staff s friendly and knowledgeable. My experience was A+.

  45. kdpatterson74

    Beautiful atmosphere matched with a kind and caring staff.

  46. justaguywithaplant

    My new church. D33 is an amazing place. The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgable and understanding. From day one I felt no pressure or intimidation being there. Everything I have gotten here has been A+.

  47. yzzil

    Finally got to experience Dispensary 33. It is right on a corner in a great little area. The inside is very sparse and packs a nice little variety of flower, books, glass and vapes. The staff was nice. I did feel a little “out of place” but I’m sure it will be more comfortable as I get to know them.

  48. gooserules

    Limited menu but amazing selection. Staff was inviting and knowledgeable. They call you to tell you they receive your paperwork from the state instead of you having to call them which is nice. No wait on a Sunday and I thought tha was rad. I’d recommend it if you live up there or happen to be going up there.

  49. dathappychill

    I was so nervous to go into a dispensary for the first time, as I know basically nothing about marijuana. The staff here immediately made me feel at ease. They really took their time, asked me detailed questions about what I was looking for relief-wise, and carefully recommended a few THC/CBD products for me to start out with. They are extremely knowledgeable about medical cannabis and are happy to educate you at any level of interest. The selection is not overwhelming but does seem to be carefully curated. Can’t wait to go back!

  50. Mr.RP

    This is everything a dispensary should be, and more. I have talked over many of my concerns with many members of the staff: methods of cannabis ingestion and their relative strengths and weaknesses; comparisons between vaping and smoking, etc. Never did anyone there hustle me, push me to spend my money, try to talk me into something that didn’t interest me, or such. And, they are real experts on the topic, which is exactly what I need. I have never had a bad contact with this place.
    What is more, I had a mechanical problem (atomizer) with a vape pen that I bought there, and to say that they made it right to me is really an understatement. They went way beyond what most dispensaries would have done to make the situation right for me, and I am delighted with their generosity in that. This is the place you want to do business with.

  51. kittycath

    Really great dispensary! Love the display cases and wealth of literature available.

  52. jofigaque

    I switched to this dispensary about 6 months ago and my experience has been amazing. The service is top notch, the quality and knowledge about the product is sharp too. I feel like they all take time to really investigate their products so they can always give an excellent recommendation depending on your current needs. Also everyone is super friendly. I always stay a couple of extra minutes gossiping about bud or chatting about life. That being said- I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes for someone to help me out. I feel super comfortable asking questions and talking to everyone. I’m proud to call D33 my regular dispensary and I’d recommend it to anybody starting their medical cannabis journey. Their menu is a little limited, but that’s actually a plus for me. Having too many options is overwhelming. And honestly the quality and variations of strains they have available are perfection. Definitely would love to have them start up a loyalty program!

  53. frillability

    Absolutely wonderful place to be! Sue, Joshua, and the other gentleperson on staff in the sales room were all so accommodating, relaxed, well-informed, patient, and friendly! Thank you all so much for a great first experience!

  54. tborgerd

    These guys are truly the best! Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. And their shop is absolutely gorgeous.

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