3C Compassionate Care Center Naperville



1700 Quincy Ave, Naperville, IL 60540


41.7739754, -88.1911707




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


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Compassionate staff with extensive medical cannabis experience. Amazing product selection in a comfortable medical-spa setting.


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14 reviews for “3C Compassionate Care Center Naperville

  1. Michael_Chicago

    I’ve been going to 3C Naperville for 1.5 years now and I’ve never been inclined to go anywhere else. The people are really cool and helpful and the product selection is always extensive. Highly recommended!

  2. CottonJenny

    3C only carries product from the best cultivators in the state and their patient care is second to none. They are hands down the best dispensary in the area.

  3. nikishere73

    I’ll be honest, I would love to give this dispensary 5 stars but 5% discount for disabled people is not enough .
    I’m seeing most dispensaries do 10%.
    I will not be back if this doesn’t change. which is a shame, because this is a good dispensary.

  4. 3cnaperville

    Awesome product selection. Knowledgeable and friendly budtenders.

  5. cicciofranco78

    I recently switched my dispensary to 3c compassionate care center in Naperville.i was treated great when i was there. The staff was very knowledgeable and helped me with what i needed for my specific situation.i felt at home.It was a private and comfortable setting.I liked that i was one on one with the budtender.no one else was in the dispensing area except myself and the staff member.Im glad i found 3c.

  6. zivad1222

    Great people with amazing products, they only carry the best brands, and are great at getting you the right medication!!!

  7. jvcdenon

    Awesome, Bud tenders are great very knowledgeable not to mention they really care about what they’re doing best place I found in Illinois yet

  8. Libsadie

    Only feel like I’m doing justice to current and future medical marijuana patients if I post every once in while. I am officially off all pain meds. I ran out of medicine yesterday and Mother Nature shut down my dispensary for day. I’m not going to say I had best day of my life due to being out of product. But the THC and CBD buildup in my system got me thru. So the garbage can ate all my pills yesterday. I am living proof thru the wide variety of products that 3c is carrying I will never leave and come home with that feeling of please work for me. I can’t afford it not too. I have been recommended products by 3c staff medicine that will best provide me with chance to help my numerous conditions. I have yet to have to complain. Patients we need to understand and the world that we are not trying to get high. We just want to make it thru a day pain free, psychologically feeling happy enough to not go out of our house without hate due to pain and wanting to rush home. Every patient that is truly sick understands this remark I guarantee that. I was bed locked by too many ridiculously potent and poisonous pain meds for colitis, IBS, back issues, psych meds, etc. I am most amazed and upset that a few dispensaries close to Naperville are still selling limited products, pushing old products off on patients with no knowledge of whether it is going to help thier patient or not. Again this is a business but only Compasion I have ever got has been at 3C. Rest of the dispensaries really are false advertising because thier is no compassion when the staff members do not understand the simple importance of CBD. I literally cried for a patient that told me his ongoing sruggles to find correct product. 3C is doing thier job. Give them a chance. By the way rated #1 Medical Marijuanna Dispensary in IL by many publications so if you do not believe me I understand just read the real professionals reviews. I also believe that the State of Illinois employees that are approving patients are working at a very fast pace to try to get patients that have all thier affairs in order. So if you did change your dispensary it will be approved within 24-48 hrs. I do not care what the State says as far as turnaround. They work faster than the window they say it takes. So if you did change free of charge walk in and try product and are not happy you can always switch back. Give this program a chance it will help more people than it will hurt. Most important go to 3C again I have grown to respect thier employees. Again I do not know any of them personally but if I pass this message to 1 patient that switches and makes them happy, I am happy. Just because I’m getting healthier does not mean I forgot about my fellow man or woman still searching for the best. I have your answer its 3C.

  9. Starnes26

    3C’s customer service is very satisfying and I just love the atmosphere thank u so helpfuldY~S

  10. dadeluna

    This is my 2nd and last dispensary! I know them by name, and they obviously know me back. The staff is great, the water is cold, candy is sweet, facilities are clean, and oh ya, the products are consistently on par. Wide variety, weekly deals, loyalty rewards, don’t hesitate or look else where, this is the place for you too. See you there!

  11. brickie74

    Great selection, great service….Everyone at the Naperville location is awesome. If they don’t have what you wanted they find something similar or even better instead. The only thing they need to do is stock the fridge in the waiting area.

  12. Poetheed

    Long waits in the waiting room with no wifi. One of the staff is a Queen B. They have recently added real time inventory to the website and ability to check out online limited to 3 items. They have work to do on in store and online service but they are closest to me at just under 6 miles.

  13. Tlottes

    Very knowledgeable staff. Helpful and friendly. Well organized and clean. Love the specials.

  14. Kushprincessxx

    3c in Naperville is one of the best dispensaries I’ve been to in Illinois. I’ve never been dissatisfied or left disappointed. I tried the one in North aurora and it was set up very strangely. I love the personal connection I feel with the budtenders here at 3c. They really care about me and my needs. Very clean and the oil diffusers smell nice. Parking lot is plenty big and i like the security guy that checks you in. He really eased my worries and answered paperwork questions when I was new. I love their products. Their deals come out through email on Thursdays. They started online ordering and I love it. I thought it would be complicated but it was smooth and easy. Thanks 3c for recommending products that always help my pain!!

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