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1011 Ford Avenue, Effingham, IL 62401


39.1421577, -88.554269




11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 6:00 PM


11:00 AM – 5:00 PM


11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


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33 reviews for “The Clinic Effingham

  1. stardust999

    100% spot on!

  2. MedicineMan840

    TCE has the most friendly staff who truly do care about their patients! They have great products and a great loyalty points program too!

  3. MyssiD67

    It’s always a fun day when my dude says, aEURoeLets visit The Clinic!aEUR Yay!!! Great place & great staffers. It always smells so good when we walk in.

  4. JHerbo88

    Nice place

  5. somber-pariah

    Everything about this dispensary screams professionalism. From the staff, to the appearance of the store, and lets not forget there product. I’ve been a patient here since it’s opening day, and one thing that really stands out is how knowledgeable the staff is. These people can help you figure out what strains will work best for your and the best way to ingest them. From vaping to edibles they provide it all. So if your looking for great customer service and an amazing selection of product look no further this is the place.

  6. Thri11

    Awesome Staff

  7. 1GWe77

    Great location. A perfect area for security & convenience!!!

  8. Fugu_Fishtastic

    Amazing! Great staff, great atmosphere, and great product. Staff is eager to help, and extremely knowledgeable. Very professional all around, but still maintaining a welcoming demeanor.

  9. TurboBoxer86

    Wonderful warm atmosphere. Super friendly staff. Haley was wonderful guiding me through my first visit. Great asset to our area and I’m looking forward to future visits.

  10. BorisBlack

    Great place with some great people. Menu was very well organized. Products were well stocked readily available, unlike other dispensaries I visited. I will definitely be coming back and I recommend this dispensery.

  11. Ladulz

    For my first time visit, I had no idea what to do. Everyone was great! Nice, easy to talk to and a bit on the humorous side. I dealt with Josh, who was great! He made the visit comfortable and easy to understand. The atmosphere was laid-back, smells great and was extremely clean. Very well organized and attractive deco. Look forward to many more visits.

  12. DFParker78

    Great upscale and clean establishment. Staff is helpful and friendly, and very knowledgeable. Product selection is hit and miss, but they recently added new strains and products.

  13. Bmillmeduser12

    Very friendly and nice place.

  14. boxerlover99

    Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I always feel welcome here.

  15. lkayrosie

    Very clean and very nice workers , thank you Hayley for helping me understand things on my first visit! Your the best

  16. jratliff1990

    beautiful beautiful store! wonderful and friendly staff that wants to help you. fantastic qualities to choose from as well

  17. Chronic_cricket

    Friendly atmosphere!! Great service!! Awesome quality product. I love going here never have a bad visit.

  18. Wavvvess

    I love this as my local (still 40min drive there) dispensary and have used them for quite some time. The staff, fantastic people, friendly and helpful to all. The only problem I have is that they never have any popcorn, but they make up for it in service and deals.

  19. Lacrez

    Great and knowledgeable staff to help new or experienced people with their medicine.

  20. CatfishJoe

    The staff makes this place enjoyable. Easy to get along with. They are patient and kind(with a twist of humour) if your bud tender can’t answer a question, usually there is someone there who can close by. If by chance they don’t, they will say so. No b.s. The bud is always good. Be picky if ya want but, I have never bought bad weed from here. Overall a great place to get cannabis. I don’t like the decor. Sometimes, rarely, you can get cut off in the waiting room by a staff member buzzing through.

  21. Mgalvin89

    Great location (although its just over 30min away), a very friendly atmosphere and it’s very clean place. The staff is all very nice and has been for the 1+ year I’ve been going to The Clinic. 5 Stars for sure 🙂

  22. rrmm58

    great location easy to find.

  23. Wavvess

    Awesome location, Awesome building, Awesome staff, Awesome products. I would say it’s pretty awesome.

  24. harleygal

    The staff here are GREAT!!! Very helpful and very knowledgeable!!

  25. TheWhiteHammer

    I love it there i’ve had my card maybe 3 months give or take I have always had a great experience. Nancy was the very first person I had, she made the experience feel very comfortable, she was very easy to communicate with she actually listened to what I was dealing with and helped me find the best solution. Since then I’ve had pretty much every customer representative they have and every one of them exactly the same very easy going they make u feel comfortable and listen to what you have to say. Today I had a new hire named josh and the exact same thing comfortable easygoing and listened and knew what to recommend.

  26. RAGuy

    *Medical Review* *5.0*
    So I’ve put this off for a while to make sure that I give a review the truly reflects what it is like. I wanted to go the there several times before doing this review. The staff are super helpful and friendly. The shop is absolutely amazing! For us here in Illinois we have to just choose one, if your shopping around or looking to make a change definitely try The Clinic Effingham! Even if you have to drive further it’s worth it! They have the patients best interest in mind! I hope cannabis will help you!

  27. GodOfTheStoners

    Perfect Location and great people.

  28. Heimer007

    this dispensary truly provides a world-class customer experience. Top of the line strains, new products updated often…and best of all, the staff is knowledgeable and very friendly. would highly recommend!!

  29. CodyRocks

    Recently got my card, the folks at The Clinic help you through the process and answer all your questions. The wait for a card in Illinois is ridiculous to say the least; all I can say is try to be patient. Upon my first visit I had questions that were answered everyone is awesome!! The care package they send you home with is a perfect sampler to keep you busy for a few daysdY~EUR I have been to dispensaries in all of the western states and I can say that yes Illinois is in the same league. The choices are here. The only complaint I have is the way Illinois has the laws set up…. But at least we are making progress. The Clinic is awesome!!

  30. tattoofitz72

    You have no idea how important the staff makes you feel every time you visit.
    Always above & beyond in their efforts to not only make you comfortable, but happy to be there.

  31. stelmobarry

    Outstanding personalized customer service, knowledgeable friendly staff and beautiful relaxing environment. Safe secure location to shop. Two thumbs way up!

  32. FireAuntHil

    Haley, Jeff, Marilyn, Derrick, Ron and Nancy. I know them all by name because they are so friendly and they remember mine every time. Great input and experience. Great advice and the product is amazing. So very happy they’re my dispensary.

  33. jbabbs

    This place is absolutely wonderful! Very very nice atmosphere and very knowledgable staff. Best part is when you are dealing with a rare stomach condition and you find someone there that has very similar issues! Trust me…if your trying to decide between the very few half way local dispenseries choose The Clinic Effingham! You won’t be disappointed!

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