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7305 N Rogers Ave, Chicago, IL 60626


42.0137523, -87.6798179




12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


12:00 PM – 6:00 PM


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-Veterans with valid proof who qualify as a patient and/or caregiver
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44 reviews for “GreenGate

  1. sheilamaria7

    I was introduced to this method of pain management by my doctor and now I wonder why I never tried it before. I was dreading the idea of going all the way to the Northside when I found out there was a dispensary on the Southside not too far from me. When I went to the Mission facility, I was surprised (and impressed) at how professional, knowledgeable, and friendly they were. I was not rushed at all by the customer service agent, and with this being the first experience I had with medical marijuana I had a lot of questions. They were extremely patient and encouraging. Not only would I recommend this facility to friends and family, I have recommended it. I have been a few times now, and the service is always the same. I wish I could give this gift to everyone who experiences my level of pain; you’ve helped give me my life back. AWESOME, keep up the good work!

  2. mpent

    I feel so lucky that this dispensary is in my neighborhood because I otherwise may not have chosen it. This place is worth the travel if you are not immediately local. The entire staff is so kind and helpful from the moment of arrival. I am always treated with a dignity and kindness that never ceases to amaze me. The fact that their product line is top notch is merely a bonus relative to the experience of compassion and friendliness that you are always welcomed with. Prices are very fair. I’ve only been to one other dispensary in IL but I have absolutely no reason to go anywhere else now. This is most definitely home. Thank you so much.

  3. mudydg67

    I absolutely a$? every one there, its very comfortable, relaxing, an no pressure. GreenGate is very welcoming.

  4. karenfa

    The staff members of Mission are knowledgeable and helpful. They are quick to respond to questions and to provide information. They will provide information about the composition of the products that they sell which is important to have when selecting the right product for one’s condition.

  5. laurbern

    I recently made the switch over to GreenGate after not falling in love with my first dispensary. And guys, this one is love at first sight. Everyone I’ve met from the security guard to the Owner, Bob Kingsley, has been so sweet and very knowledgeable or willing to ask around for ya if they aren’t sure. The products they have are also fantastic and the pricing is right where it should be in my opinion. Oh, AND they have a parking lot which is like +50 cool points right there! I would recommend this dispensary to any of my family and friends or anyone in the cannabis community. a$?i,

  6. Jerrybeary82

    So helpful!!!!

  7. natenichols

    The staff was very friendly and knowledgable! There was a great selection of products at reasonable prices.

  8. FoxyEddie

    Absolutely the best.

  9. toddgak

    Best product in town and an incredible staff to help you find the perfect fit. Special shoutout to Kevin. The guy knows what he’s doing. He loves talking things through and making sure he treats everyone with respect and care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  10. PrinceAfghan

    #Wonderful #OutStanding #GreatStaff

  11. JayLeon16

    This dispensary is probably the best one we have in our dear city. the staff are friendly, smart, personable and relatable.

    Their prices and variety of selection is phenomenal, not to mention they always have some sort of deal going on. If anyone on the Northside/Rogers Park area hasn’t visited this dispensary yet, I urge you to. you won’t regret it. shout out to Kevin and Chris for making my very first time there the absolute best! -Jay M.

  12. Diori86

    Very nice and knowledgeable staff. Convenient location!

  13. Jdcvox

    Great selection, very nice and knowledgeable staff, easy parking, a big step up!

  14. Jkonkel9

    After being a patient at a few different dispensaries, GreenGate by far has been the best experience. You walk in and instantly feel welcomed by the staff, and bonus points for a beautiful waiting room.

    I recommend asking for Megan, She was extremely helpful with answering all my questions!

  15. Honey_Boy

    *detailed review below*
    New dispensary on the southside of the city
    Friendly Staff
    Clean and modern facility

    Did not see the aEURoeMissionaEUR sign outside. The sign should be bigger for potential

    I am a patient that lives in the southwest side of the city. Thank goodness I came across Mission on Leafly because now I do not have to go all the way up north for my medication. Mission is definitely worth the visit and the stay. I had no problem getting there. Fairly easy to get to through city streets. The dispensary is located on a well lit, commercial, non traffic street. I really like the amount of personal and street parking they have.
    The staff was really welcoming. It was my first time so, I went through the new patient registration. I was dreading that part but it was simple, short and conversational. I did not feel lectured to. They told me they do this to better help understand their patients and their conditionaEUR|understandable! When it came time to purchasing, I felt comfortable enough to ask questions about their products that I was not familiar with. Left a happy customer and look forward to meeting the rest of the staff.

  16. Symyguy

    My experience as a 1st time client of Greengate Chicago was being that of exceptional. We even had a problem with my transfer and they were so ever accomidating and keeping informed as deemed.

    What I thought special was that the Staff there were feeling just as frustrated as their Clients.

    I know we all have several choices as to where we can get 420.

    The sense of service, customer care, true devotion and loyalty is what will be having me tell Everyone and be bacj

  17. Gsg814

    Friendly staff, very clean and comfortable offices. Staff knows what recommendations need to be made and also suggest other products that may benefit my needs. Can’t say enough for these guys.
    Actually liked the atmosphere much better than my previous store. It’s less sterile.

  18. BirdG

    No doubt about it

  19. tinydoglegs

    Awesome staff and product options!

  20. akmason

    You know everyone talks about how friendly everyone is at their dispensary but Greengate takes customer service to a level I have never experience. I am blind and was having a hard time finding the building, they came out and got me, I’ve been registered and a few other dispensaries not one ever even came close to helping me like that. I even got to meet the owner, now it’s no secret there’s a lot of money in cannabis and too many people are only doing it for the money this man actually cares. And I love that their entire menu with prices are listed other dispensaries aren’t doing that and the few that have are doing it on her own websites which often don’t work with voiceover because they’re on I am able to go through the menu and actually decide what I want before I go. I’m lucky I live right down the street from them but I’ll tell you one fact even if I ever had to move to the south suburbs I would still stay with them and travel that distance.

  21. BurnapoundTighteyesAKAChronnieHighler

    Staff are the most friendly and personable of any dispensary I’ve visited (out of 5 so far in Illinois) and their weekly specials, baseline prices, and overall selection kick ass! Truly a great bunch over there in Rogers Park, plus they have munchies in the lobby- come on!

  22. Gabelovesguac

    Knowledgeable, compassionate, and friendly staff provided me with personalized care that made me feel right at home. Thanks Mission IL!

  23. largefather

    First off, this place is beautiful! I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. To match the warm setting, the GreenGate staff could not have been warmer and more welcoming. The menu is robust with beautiful products while not being at all overwhelming. And the prices are incredible!!! It’s safe to say that I’ll be back.

  24. Darryl_so_chi

    Great investment for the south side. Great location and bud-tenders are very personable Great discounts available.

  25. Jacob.Seaton

    My name is Jacob and I work for Mission’s national call center 1-833-POT-HELP. We work with the Mission IL crew on the daily answering customers questions and filling orders. Mission IL are super kind and pleasant people to work with and are always ready and willing to help customers with their needs and questions. They are all very knowledgeable of their stock and full of cannabis 101 ready for any questions necessary! No question is to big or small for the IL team! Working with Mission IL is a pleasure and makes me proud to be a part of the Mission team!

  26. RoddKD

    Megan and Jason were great to work with, they know their stuff. Being a disabled vet what’s important to me is security and they have it all in place at no time will you feel otherwise from the outside parking to being inside it is very secure. And yes I did say the outside parking, because they have their own lot!One more thing they have stools for you to sit on while you’re being helped which is great when your legs don’t work like they did in your youth.

  27. toody8

    Absolutely love GreenGate! Super clean atmosphere and friendly staff! This will be my GO TO dispensary in Chicago!

  28. mustash131

    Best dispensary I’ve visited in the state, hands down (10+)! First and foremost the customer service is EXCEPTIONAL!! Jason and Kevin have looked out for my interests as a patient even when I am not in store; without me asking they even got a hard to get and new strain (at the time) for me when my disease began to actively flare and it did wonders for mitigating my diseases progression into and out of flare. The care and concern extend to the entire staff, they are all knowledgable and humble and are willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have.

    The place is beautiful, the atmosphere is what I am looking for in a dispensary. The knowledge and experience of everyone makes it a great place to be and has been helpful. The prices are on point and they are learning and modifying as they go along. This place has ample parking and is easy to get to. I think this place will be named officially one of the Best dispensaries in the state of Illinois soon enough based upon what I see happening here. Their openness to ideas, suggestions, or questions in general and willingness to think of their patients first are things that have gone a long way to impress me as it pertains to being a loyal customer of Green Gate – Chicago.

  29. mrdonschaefer

    Whenever I am in this part of town, I will be coming to this dispensary. The staff was friendly and they knew a lot about the medicine. I felt safe when I was here. Thank you for investing in the neigborhood!

  30. trextrocks

    Beautiful space. Impeccable staff. Good variety of product.

  31. werbattleborn420

    Love this dispensary! The budtenders are well educated on medical cannabis use plus the discount for disabled is outstanding! Best prices I’ve been able to find so far!

  32. madeinchicago17

    It’s close to home so I go often. Everyone is friendly and answers any questions I have. Good prices and quality products for the area of Chicago it is in. Would definitely recommend other patients to come here.

  33. Maida1953

    Green Gate is a great place. The staff makes everyone feel very comfortable and they treat their patients with much care. They have a deep knowledge for all the products and their recommendations have been spot on.I tell my friends to go there and ask for Kevin.

  34. VanPillowson

    Unbelievable customer service. I am new to this world and the staff not only consulted me on amazing plan, but also made me feel welcome. Thank you to all that this team does to help patients alleviate their pain!

  35. gordonlawson420


  36. freckles15

    Very nice and convenient

  37. StellyLily80

    This is a great place. The staff are super friendly. Most of them seem to be patients, knew about my condition, knew their products. They gave me a lot of information about taking care of my products properly that I didn’t receive at my previous dispensary. They are brand new, so it’s nice not feeling rushed and getting to speak with the patient care specialists as long as I wanted to. Great prices, saved money too.

  38. staylor54

    It’s the happiest place in Rogers Park. Everyone is super knowledgeable and friendly. There’s a huge array of different products which I love because I’m all about variety in terms of strains and consumption methods. Best part, these peeps genuinely care about you as a person and not just another patient.

  39. 57babysnoop

    Great hash, player discounts, and the best dispensary to dip your toes into the market and find yourself medicinally wise. I switched here twice, not just for location but for their mission to bring dispensaries into the south side chicagland area and great products and discounts for qualifying patients

  40. Fuglygolf

    Convenient location for north shore residents. Great quality and knowledgeable bud tenders.

  41. CmpFireGrl

    This is a brand new dispensary. Really bright and fresh decor, friendly staff that gave useful recommendations.
    Thanks Mission IL

  42. MickeyJenkins

    This dispensary took me totally by surprise, it seemed to pop up out of nowhere. I wasn’t aware there was a dispensary on the south side (of Chicago) and I was pleasantly surprised. It was very modern and clean and the staff was pretty friendly. Hopefully this will mean more south side dispensaries are soon to come. Keep up the good job!

  43. jcneda

    Great help to patients low income and disabled Care for doing the best to please customers

  44. Abdula

    They added awesome looking displays which seem to be super helpful especially for new patients! The staff is always super nice and the ambiance is simple but very appealing and warm… Luis, Jondae, Alvin and Rick are very welcoming!

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