Northern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewater



2045 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO 80214


39.7486553, -105.0538064




9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


9:00 AM – 11:55 PM


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Here at Northern Lights we provide a comfortable, professional environment and outstanding customer service for all your marijuana needs and interests. Our budtenders are knowledgeable, well versed in our products and ready to help you choose from our wide selection of Medical and Recreational strains, edibles, concentrates and topicals. Come see why we’re Edgewater’s Finest!


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49 reviews for “Northern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewater

  1. g.kirk

    Stopped in for the first time today for some jack the ripper, The location is really nice, right across from a large lake. kind of surprised that a dispensary got such a beautiful location. My wait time was longer than I expected and a few people (who showed up after me and were rec customers) were taken first. At first I admit I was disappointed but the woman behind the desk was very apologetic. I think they have a little bit of a different wait system from most places I’ve been to, it involves cards and stuff like that. Anyways, all that aside the bud speaks for itself. Top quality. I had pretty high hopes for JTR and Northern Lights delivered. Easily overtook my current dispensary in potency. I also picked up some Dacono Kush which was a great indica strain. If nothing else at least go pick up some Jack.

  2. pln2bs

    love this place great staff and retail selection….

  3. CosiestAmoeba

    Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff! Awesome selection and great vibes!

  4. boqmundi

    Nice place. Good people with good knowledge of there product. Very expensive for flower and run out of certain edibles quickly do too lack of ordering.

  5. frabb

    Great service, very friendly and genuine. This was our first time buying weed legally and I feel it was a little pricey but we didn’t ask for their cheapest grade.

  6. MathanNalone

    The staff was super friendly, the flower, and concentrates are 100% dY”Y= I was in Denver for a week, came back to Northern Lights several times. Great shop!

  7. aluce

    This place has everything you need. Very smart and helpful Tenders. If you want professionalism, come here!

  8. kjgear

    I just visited Northern Lights for my first dispensary experience (retail) and I can’t recommend this place enough. I feel like an asshole for not asking his name (rbozard on the receipt) , but the gentleman who helped me was super nice, very laid back but professional. I don’t have much to base my experience on, but I still would highly recommend this place for your first visit.

  9. brookemariejarvis

    We had high exceptions and Northern Lights delivered in every way.
    Our bud tender, Justin was wonderful. He took the time to educate us to ensure we were going home with exactly what we wanted. Northern Lights selection and variety and overall atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for.

  10. MikeCrownover

    thumbs up

  11. ChiefedOutJay

    It was my first time in Denver Colorado and this dispensary was the best…had great customer service great bud tenders great marijuana had to come back to get more #Skywalker …I had great time and also like the smell bottles and smell proof bags

  12. strawberrycherrypucks

    awesome specials and gorgeous shop without any wait. would recommend to anyone visiting Denver!

  13. left

    great location …..great service

  14. hilps

    The Bubble Hash is my favorite!

  15. klynn128

    The staff was friendly and helpful. The gentleman I spoke to showed me all sorts of options and had more information on the products than I ever expected to learn. It is a little pricier than I typically pay but the products, atmosphere and help make it worth it. I will be back!

  16. TheGreatSquish

    I travel 45 minutes to see these guys, get their advice, and always leave with some great stuff. I don’t get to go often but they’re really great with fantastic deals.

  17. Madurolynx

    This was the first store I went to get 21 legal bud. Went on here to check prices and see what different kinds they had. I was surprised and excited to see a variety of flowers at good suggested donations. But that excitement was short lived when I arrived at the northern lights shop across from sloans lake. Because the prices from the web site were almost half the price that you actually have to pay at the store. Really big disappointment, it doesn’t matter if its the medical patient prices or not. It should be specified clearly so when people show up with a plan they don’t feel tricked. Unfortunately being this shop is fairly close to me I will not be coming back to this store nor do I recommend anyone else to go there.

  18. KweenBrock

    Amazing information, no rush, very good selection

  19. highimscott

    Terrible customer service. Bud is not notable.

  20. nutella_idiot

    Very clean and welcoming environment.

  21. smilebox

    Great products and really professional environment. Love the flower quality, but prices are a little steep, still not bad though. Would totally come again.

  22. zengunn

    After haphazardly trying multiple dispensaries in Denver my husband and I stopped in to NL hoping to try their famous Northern Lights strain. Now six months later we go to no other dispencaries in Denver and in fact drive from Aurora to Edgewater to shop at NL weekly. The staff greats us warmly each time and treats us like friends stopping by for a quick visit.

    I’ve not had a strain there I’ve not liked and have found a many new favorites. Vortex with it’s rich sweet smells and clear peppy head buzz, Nebula with it’s unique stone and fully body soothing effect, Cannatoic T with high CBC and some THC for pain, medical issues, and still a mind tickle, Kaboom bursting with THC and sending you straight to high town on the express train, Jilly Bean’s euphoria blanket high making even the toughest introverts chat happily, Honestly I could probably list every strain they have and tell you about it’s delights. NL grows organically and their tender care for the plants sure shows in huge flower buds with snow like dustings of THC crystals. I’ve seen buds there so big you kind of need to laugh because it feels so obsurd to see a bud as long as my hand. If you’re into the scents of the strains all their bud has rich and powerful smells. I’ve learned to easily identify my favorite strains just from the strong fragrences of their cannabus.

    I can’t recommend NL enough. Stop by, talk to the wonderful people there, enjoy the experience, try some of their bud, and you’ll be going back to them over and over just like us. Also check out their pre-rolls; NL uses the shake from the same strains they sell so the joints are POTENT and strong. I got myself a Vortex/Kaboom pre-roll a bit back and spent hours enjoying a charged up and blissful THC haze.

    Favorite strains:

    Sativa: Vortex – Clear head, uplifting, postive, active mind, sweet herbal scent

    Hybrid: Chernobyl – Happy, relaxed, cuddly, joyful, sweet citrus scent

    Indica: Nebula – Strong stoned feeling, body tingle, content, relaxed, honey scent

    CBD: Cannatonic T – Slightly drunk (as if you’d had one shot), pain relief, soothing calm, earthy woods scent

  23. dannyincolorado

    If it wasn’t for the almost thirty minute wait, this is easily a five star spot. Indicative of the line waiting to get in. A the lobby would help.

  24. darthdabber

    great everything me and my wife loved this place really knew what they were talking about and what they had extremely nice service made the experience on my first day so much better than at the other chain dispensaries.

  25. Lenb303

    Very informative

  26. meganford48

    The staff was absolutely lovely! Super helpful (Dave) and while we waited noticed how helpful some of the other staff was. ATM broke and they had it fixed writhing minutes. Prices so-so , but 4/20 was awesome!

  27. N8tiveCOKush303

    This dispensary is awesome for late night bud pickups if you didn’t make it in time for Denver dispensaries. The price is fair but a lot of the bud I’ve gotten has been harsh. That’s the only complaint because the bud otherwise tastes good and smokes great, but the harshnesh sometimes is too much.

  28. holidazed

    These guys are friendly, knowledgeable, detailed, patient…OK sum it up with just plain AWESOME!! As the industry grows, so will this company. If your looking for good service, great advice and all around reliable info belly up to bars of these budtenders. All they need is a bigger place to hold all the awesome, lol. Find your Rocky Mountain High at Northern Lights… from your visiting Texas Carpenter, Doc.

  29. bigdaddywoowoo2015

    Had a great experience everyone was nice and prices were too I will for sure be back!! Thank you

  30. spearsgary1974

    This is one of my favorite places. Have a puff and then take a walk around the lake which is right across Sheridan.

  31. Kalibudshakti

    Always friendly and really great atmosphere! Our favorites have been their Agent Orange, Strawberry Fields, and Bear dance!

  32. captain32

    Love the selection of medical strains like cannatonic and chemdawg. Definitely recommend. Also large selection of Dixie products


    First time visitor, I had a GREAT experience! The staff was amazing and the quality just as good. Can’t wait to shop here again.

  34. skipper206

    Really pleased! Buds did exactly what i told the budtender that i needed them to do.

  35. COTrueTest420BEST

    Overpriced and limited medical selection. Just ok bud way overpriced and they cater to req side to make maximum profit find a cheaper place and one with better bud.

  36. slwilliams

    Everything a great dispensary should be!

  37. ringoeklund

    I’m very impressed with there customer service & knowledge along with cheap prices best dispensary I’ve been to yet.

  38. StonerMonkeyFo20

    5 dollar preroll on your birthday? Is it like 5 grams or something, or maybe one of them ones with wax in it

  39. danadeny

    Northern lights was my first experience for recreational marijuana. I was pleasantly surprised by the professional a helpful attitude of the staff. Sometimes there is a bit of a line during rush hours on Friday and Saturday. The product quality has always been top notch.

  40. Drendonfey

    Place used to be great but recently the service has been terrible. Budtenders act like customers are inconveniencing them. Been told a couple time that med shoppers have to buy at least 1/2 ounce or more to purchase med. Top shelf flower is indistinguishable from bargain buds. Shame… this place used to be great.

  41. NLNaturalRx


  42. imraylewis

    New to this side of town. Will not go back after my third visit. Bud is not up to par for the price. Especially in the Edgewater area. The word pretentious best describes their bud tenders. No thanks

  43. MrKissnersWife

    Good strains,Great Customer service and really knowledgable so great we came back two days in a row and where not disappointed, they didnt seem annoyed by questions, and they knew their stuff!!!

  44. jmcamacho88

    love this place. everyone was super helpful and so nice.

  45. dagastley

    Friendly staff, very professional. Enjoyed my experience and flowers!

  46. MadScientistSV

    One of our favorite dispensaries. Not the cheapest, but the quality is worth the price. Great customer service. Will definitely return.

  47. Silence1214

    I love their products. Always friendly and helpful in so many ways and they work great with a budget. I’ve brought friends and this is my go to place. I even follow on instagram.

  48. smokeydab

    Great customer service and products…I was acknowledged as soon as I went thru and the place is cool as hell as well as the view outside. Good flowers at good prices. Will definitely visit again.

  49. neoncosmo

    I come here a couple times a week when I can. Great customer service and I really like Northern Lights #5!

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