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2748 w. Alameda ave., Denver, CO 80129


39.710964, -105.0217453




8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


8:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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The home of the High Times 2016 "Strongest Strain on Earth(ChemDO.G)". The Dab Co. features the highest quality flowers and concentrates Colorado has to offer


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79 reviews for “The Dab

  1. breezylilmeezy


  2. Diva2017

    Great strains and specials! BUT customer service is AWFUL, very disrespectful woman as budtenders and not to mention getting information over the phone!!!!!
    Very disappointed.

  3. lwest2252

    Good costumer service

  4. TraceyBroadwayREC

    When they switched over from medical to recreational they were fined for pesticides and mold.

  5. elopez227

    Great service!!

  6. jfod25

    Smell of flower is the best!

  7. dankterrs

    Best concentrates and prices I’ve found anywhere. I visit 4-6 times a week

  8. JaclynD4414

    This location tops them all in the area! They are so helpful for people with questions! The bud-tenders where so nice and made sure we left happy! Will always go back!! Good prices too!

  9. GnaMarie

    Went in and bought 3 different grams of live sugar. 2 out of the 3 look great. However the 3rd one is practically empty.

  10. SunshinePennie

    Top quality at low prices. The selection of concentrates is awesome! Totally worth the wait, if you get there at a busy time.

  11. ginagonzales

    I like the price n the staff are so friendly .

  12. jasonmmaggard

    very very professional place they follow all the rules according to Bill 64 the staff tol are extremely friendly and happy and the atmosphere is great.

  13. arguello303

    I always come here everybody is so nice. I recommend to family and friends who come here as well.

  14. Cv5280

    No bullshit prices.

  15. isabel213213

    The beautiful budtenders, great daily specials!

  16. Ttap444

    Great staff. Great product. Really good prices. Thank you Dab Co.

  17. skarp33

    Always have the dankness!!

  18. promobud

    Couches are rad

  19. spiritedyouth_

    Amazing prices, bomb bud, and a helpful staff.. What more could you want from a dispensary?! Love this location, it’s my go-to and i have no reason to go anywhere else!

  20. isiahmanchego75

    Decided to stop by after remodeling

  21. Blackrosekiss

    Love it. All the women that work there are the sweetest… and the security gurads are awesome

  22. Fdorado

    Love this place amazing deals !

  23. milehightokers

    I was there for the release of Rapper/marijuana entrepreneur Scotty ATL’s Cloud IX’s strain. I enjoyed the event and pickup some Cloud IX to enjoy. I will be back for more soon

  24. Bambam143

    Best bud in Denver with the best prices and the best service!

  25. gsomtin

    In my opinion, hands down, best specials in town. Nice little place, everyone was friendly enough. And I also think they had a drive in lane. I’m probably wrong, I was stoned.

  26. ddh0720

    I’ve been going here for years bought a quarter of Chem D.o.g. and. a quarter of pineapple express this week (I’m a heavy smoker). No matter who you are I’d suggest this joint for high grade flower with no hesitation.

  27. els1227

    friendly and awesome

  28. loobs07

    Nice place, own parking lot. buds were little pricy but quality was really good. other hand shatter and wax was great price for the quality.

  29. vezed

    Love this place. This is the spot!!! If u haven’t been come………

  30. sixela888

    Excellent customer service and sales as well as quality bud

  31. Edestron

    Always have loved this location, came by today and the quality of the gram of hash i got was 10/10 , it’s either a hit or miss some products for the same price are fantastic or not as good but all have atleast a 7-8/10 quality so never a complaint. – have gone to atleast 20 other different dispensaries and rate this one as one of my favorite for sure.

  32. 420overpills

    Clean place, professional and friendly staff, great concentrate for the price! Currently enjoying a gram of Maui Wowie crumble (very clean taste) I picked up for just under $20. Works better for me than any antidepressants have!

  33. Jdmdude

    I think the dab is the spot to go to for all my smoking needs .im from the atl and it definitely gives me the feeling of that good southern comfort .the security is great they make you feel very welcome.the staff keeps it all the 100%
    They are very patient and friendly and they know their products ,they are very knowledgeable. So if you need anything cannabis .Stop by and see my boy TINO and the rest of the fire staff at THE DAB CO!!! HIT EM WIT DA DAB!!

  34. Dabdaddy101

    If you guys had a better looking store front like the Diego down the way you’d put them out of business! I couldn’t believe HOH diamonds 2 for $55 OTD they’re more expensive than that pre tax down the street.. I can’t even believe people go in there and drop that kind of change. Seriously I can get 2 full melts at the dab for the price of 1 at Diego and most of their budtenders would look at you funny if you ordered it that way cause they don’t even know their own products but they’d be sure to show you the harmony live nectar and anything else they can gouge you in for a hundred a gram! I’m tired of walking into dispensaries and feeling guarded all because I don’t trust what they’re telling me. Never been let down at the dab, they always have great deals that are backed by their social media always. Excellent work ladies and gents I’ll be back!!

  35. Branflakes1000

    Awesome little shop, great selection and deals!

  36. Jdmdude128

    This is my favorite dispo,great staff great atmosphere

  37. kingd0m

    $25 for an 8th of top shelf out the door. Amazing staff would
    recommend 1010!!

  38. daddyogkush

    I do live in Aurora know all of Location smile…. will come down there next time

  39. patco

    Three strains that they listed on Leafly they did not have! ACAPULCO GOLD, Chem D.O.G. and DURBAN POISON. I I had checked the link to their website but it could not be found. The budtender apologized and made a couple of recommendations. But I got a feeling that it was the old “bait and switch”

  40. nellier32

    For my first time here it was not busy!!!!! They were awesome and so so friendly.

  41. ElowSon

    The Dab co is the best in the mile high great ppl all around feel like home

  42. ccgutterboy

    Great location with excellent product and great prices

  43. Codymac28

    Just came here for the first time yesterday. Was instantly greeted when I got in and was given a tray of what I was shopping for instantly. Got the best resin I’ve ever purchased for a very reasonable price out the door. No doubt I’ll be going back just gotta sign up for the rewards program again! Definitely best concentrate I’ve come across in Colorado.

  44. Arb0716

    Loved the vibe felt welcome and lots of selections

  45. rawnando

    Very unprofessional place. No one said hi and everyone seemed very rude when I went in. Items seemed to be scattered and very disorganized. And most importantly I went their on 4/20 and I seen one of the bud tenders scooping buds in one jar to another with out a glove which is very unclean and gross. Won’t shop here EVER again.

  46. jeffneal1953

    They always have what i want & friendly people

  47. daynaguerrero7

    My first time visit but my dad comes here all the time

  48. lexfox624

    The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Great experience.

  49. kunmanz

    Best part is the waiting room and couches. Was actually difficult to find the right entrance. With an average selection of flower at below average quality and above average pricing I was not impressed. Nothing special to see here folks. I actually left without buying anything which felt a little awkward to say the least. There are definitely better deals and product elsewhere.

  50. Brandonv43

    Great store. Service is always at the highest level. Always in and out even when there is 20 people in the lobby. Direct any questions to Tino and he will be sure to get you the answers you never knew you needed.

  51. salcagg

    This is my 4th day in Colorado, I’ve been to about 7 different dispensaries, this is by far the best quality, and ontop of it they aren’t going to empty your wallet! Every other place I’ve been too I’ve felt rushed to make my pick move on and leave, they took the time to explain every strain, and was so patient with me. I’m going back in a little bit!

  52. shiekofhighrul

    Amazing! Great service in both waiting room and back. Helpful and courteous would definitely recommend

  53. wyli

    Good priced wax and great flower

  54. ny2k85

    Best Sativa concentrate. fast and polite.

    Out of the way , but worth it?

  55. CreamCityCannabis

    My favorite place to shop, budtenders are great, love the live resin and the Chem Dog!

  56. AmaniMartinez87

    This location is awesome and has great customer service..a$?i,dY”Y=dY'”

  57. angelinamarie88

    Love it!! Best prices!

  58. Phillyblunt44

    It was smooth and strong.

  59. DROsburn

    Great shop with some of the most HIGH quality flower and hash in town. Bud tenders are like their buds: tasty;~) Shake bags are perfect for rolling good smoking joints with no grinding…al natural if you will.

  60. BriiarRabbit

    Excellent customer ear service!

  61. geonettawe

    have been here once and was pretty happy with my purchases! the quality is there for the price. but I will likely not return any time soon because you don’t put your concentrates menu online. I value my time and don’t want to walk in and only have 2 live resins to pick from. like to know what to expect before using my time to show up. so when I start seeing whats on the menu online, ill start coming in more.

  62. SirAlCapone420

    Legit, some of the best live resin and sugar resin I’ve ever had in my life dY’- top 3 favorite dispo hands down

  63. diegnau18

    Great prices and friendly staff

  64. Storres1616

    Staff and security are quick and friendly!

  65. LrBrown85

    I’ve been coming here for a couple years now. They don’t have consistent pricing. Recently it has gone up again. Forcing me to find another store. I live in thorton and at the low prices it was worth the drive. Now I’ll just have to pay more at a different store. At least the other stores have better quality to go with their higher prices.

  66. cleo26

    Great all the way around.

  67. qbradq

    Best prices on shatter in the city! Top-quality shatter for swag prices. Very knowledgeable and friendly bud tenders and the friendliest security. Plus on-site parking and an atmosphere that feels more like going to a bank than a dispensary. The only down side is a fairly limited selection of edibles, but they are cheep! Definitely one of my new favorite places.

  68. babydoll42oSassy

    I Love absolutely love this place,been to this one and only this one since day one. The prices can not be beat,the staff is friendly and so helpful with everything. Loyal Customer since day one dY~S

  69. BigTouch

    The Dab was actually kind of coo’. They haven’t happened to have the strain I’m always looking for (Acapulco Gold), but their always helpful.

  70. Tygressk

    great, discrete location. polite and friendly staff.
    wonderful waiting room
    was recommended to The Dab by a local friend

  71. AThomas

    Great ppl and the product is amazing!! AStore is ALWAYS clean and professional

  72. angela321

    I really like this place. It’s fast and the people that work here are so nice.

  73. MissJonzy23

    love this place! friendly knowledgeable staff and great prices!

  74. PUREVIBEvape

    You can never go wrong with this shop. The Dab has an excellent variety of quality products priced with the customer at top of mind. The atmosphere is warm & inviting and the staff is fun and insightful. PUREVIBE highly recommends The Dab by Next Harvest!

  75. phishgruvin420

    The budteder did not even give me what I asked for..I did not think I had to check the bag before I left the store.Also the shatter is not Shatter..It’s a lump of ness that hurts my lungs when I dab it…Not worth it even for the low prices.

  76. dukewellington

    Harsh product and unreliable. Not true to advertised hours. Bad atmosphere and lazy staff.

  77. NicoleSanch

    Absolutely ridiculous!! Bought an 8th and it didn’t even weigh out literally wearing out to a gram! They LOST A GREAT CUSTOMER!! This is the third tim this has happened now I’m definitely done aoe… hopefully whom own the dab will fix this situation!! Because I will be reporting your workers

  78. orion9705

    Best store in town!! Great pricing, excellent staff. An all around very pleasant experience. The Dab is my store now.
    Thanks Tino,
    You are the best budtender ever!!!

  79. carlyyyyy

    Great quality and service!

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