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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


9:00 AM – 9:45 PM


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Welcome to Aurora’s Finest Dispensary! We believe that quality and service is paramount. That’s why our recreational dispensary strives to carry only the finest marijuana products in the state of Colorado. Choose from our hand selected, high potency, Buds, Concentrates, decadent Edible goods, topical patches, salves, and so much more!

Whether you’re a seasoned THC aficionado or new to the world of marijuana, our onsite Cannabis Consultants are here to guide your experience from start to finish. Rocky Road Aurora truly has a little something for everyone!


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74 reviews for “Rocky Road Remedies Aurora

  1. jpk85

    I wish I could remember the name of the guy who helped me but it was about 11 am this past Wednesday, 5/4. He pointed me in the direction of some amazing Chocolope and it was my favorite strain out of my whole visit. He was super friendly and really knew his stuff when I asked for a recommendation. Super quality and super service. Thank you!

  2. Caporusciom

    Good selection!

  3. Purplepuffs

    love this shop been shoping here since i turnd 21. very nice employees, helpful

  4. Tunisman

    I stopped by on a Sunday morning looking for something to enjoy on a hike and selected some Cotton Candy Kush.
    The bud was as described by my excellent bud tender and spot on for my outdoor activities. As a senior smoker I really appreciated the friendly and knowledgeable service. I’ll be back soon.

  5. ShatteredWaxStatue

    Got a push notification for a deal that’s not really a deal. Annoy me with your BS advertising with no real incentive and this is what you get. Everyone has $20 OTD rec grams of wax without even being on sale… If they don’t, don’t shop with them.

  6. jlg068

    this place was pretty cool, they have a ton of edibles, bud and drinks, they also had more rolled joints which I haven’t seen in many places. I definitely recommend this place!

  7. dlbest3

    Stopped in for my monthly medicine. I know very little about marijuana but I am always steered in the right direction. Glad my old dispensary closed,

  8. douglaspeltzer

    Great spot. My regular shop.

  9. Wh4t2D0

    This is a new shop, in a newly rebuilt shopping center, with a a good variety of unique small businesses. The site was clean and professional. Friendly staff, everyone was upbeat and happy to be of service. Showcased well and easy to see display cases. If you know what you are looking for, its a quick pleasant visit. Have yet to ask information seeking questions to gauge staff knowledge. Will return to this location and recommend your curiosity be quenched and you check it out.

  10. CannabisCody

    I was very happy with the wax varieties & prices! First class building with friendly, knowledgeable staff! I will be back for more!

  11. BluGreenSolution

    Great prices. Excellent service. A pleasant experience. Dude hooked me up with Space Cream. I’m in love.

  12. Cadailey76

    Best place so far, the staff is amazing and they have everything you’ll need. Plus a points system for discounted prices. We’ve tried and been to many dispensaries, but this is the only place we go to anymore.

  13. saddiebaby

    I am extremely disappointed I shop for bud concentrates and edibles every week sometimes more then once I’ve been here 6+ times and only 1 time was worth my money this place has average product alright service but what sucks is they don’t honor their own coupons they send out I have argued with 3 People about a 3 Dollar coupon they sent to me and didn’t want to honor which is crazy cause there’s other places that give back much more to their customers and never have I argued with a bystander except here this place is terrible of you live in auroras there are so many better dispensaries worth your time and money after the 3rd argument I will.never go back. 3% cash back is petty and to argue about it is idiotic anyway go to a shop that appriciates your business this place clearly doesn’t.

  14. katybrown

    Love this place, the employees are all so friendly and helpful and they always have the best recommendations.

  15. JFray

    This is my shop for concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls. Each staff member is very nice and knowledgable. Sometimes their flower is too dry, but their reward points system and their great concentrate selection, as well as the superb customer service keep me returning.

  16. ALian5

    Awesome. Really great spot. The bud tender was passionate and knowledgeable.

  17. Slicktalkers

    Good strains and fast service

  18. Nsight22

    it’s an amazing place. great people

  19. DG14x7

    I am a long time smoker and have tried many different strains over the years from many different places in several states. However I HAVE to share that the STRONGEST strain I have had the chance to try came from Rocky Road Remedies Aurora. It was “AR-15”, and it was in stock last summer. I still talk about it to this day, prompting me to write this review.

  20. mrbbutler1

    I love this dispensary .. A.William is always helpful. Please check out their buds n caviar as it’s always great.

  21. smokeweederryday612

    The concentrate selection here is INSANE!!! I’m always greeted by a friendly staff. This is my one stop shop for the best cannabis products in Colorado!

  22. mafacka

    Everyone’s super friendly nice place

  23. krystalcr2005

    Friendly, clean place. I tried the NYC diesel, nice buds, good high. The woman who helped me let me take a look at two canisters and let me pick the best one. Price was good and less than the other place I’ve been to. I will probably visiting again soon. 🙂

  24. Monk3yz

    Front desk lady was awesome. Tourists need to drive in the right lane. Great service was nice. However, I asked if the pre roll was duff I was told no I was told. It still taste a bit Duffy. I purchases AR OG was told it was the “highest thc content available.” maybe it was their strongest available. It tastes funny, the ash is black the “duffy” got me higher. The customer service is great I’m sure it’s not their weed.

  25. LuvinLife125

    Good shop with great customer service, a large variety, and decent prices. Try aren’t my absolute favorite dispensary, but I would go back if I don’t want to drive across town.

  26. Steveosaurus420

    Tamara is uber helpful!! She knew exactly what I was looking for! Every strain here has been a winner, especially this Island Sweet Skunk!!!!

  27. Indicacure710

    awesome staff! came from chicago was very pleased with my visit!

  28. atheistbear7

    Pretty cool place. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Super chill. I’ve only had the cbd strains here and they are banging. Check out the mob boss x Cannatonic if youre into cbd strains. Excellent.

  29. Chrisengland42

    This place has great flower, decent deals, and excellent house concentrates at what I consider a very good price. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and there is almost never a wait. In my opinion this is the best all-around dispensary in Aurora.

  30. Ct2424

    This is my favorite shop. It’s worth the 30 minute drive. The staff is amaaazing and can kick some serious knowladge your way if you ask questions. The shop has new products and promotions all the time and the staff knows when things will be stocked if they are out of a product. Five bright stars for rocky road!

  31. fkgomes

    First time in and experience was great. Bud tender was very helpful and guided me through my first visit to a rec shop.

  32. Charlesn417

    Disjointed Approval. .. …
    Those in the Conversation will know what I mean!!!! Had a Dream like state love the Quality of Help and the Atmosphere was Amazing. Thank you to A Great Budtender named Juan. Will be Back every time I am in Colorado. No matter where I will be going to Rocky Aurora.

  33. Primus420thc


  34. brogreggblues


  35. OnyxGriffin

    Very classy, sleak place with a very friendly, helpful crew.

  36. cb_gsxr03

    The staff was so helpful and it was quick in and oUT I like that.. shows they’re very efficient.. definitely will be back that KS guys for going above and beyond to help your customers !

  37. PoprocksA

    Ever since I first found this location, this is always my first or second stop after getting a car every visit to Denver. Some really good deals, a convenient location. Almost all the employees there have always been top notch. They have some very competitive pricing most of the time. Best bet is the concentrates.

  38. sourskittles

    My new favorite location in Colorado! The service was fast and very professional. Shannon was very helpful! I will definitely be back!

  39. jaymi76

    this is hands down the best dispensary around. the staff is friendly amazing selection on everything.

  40. LotusKai

    If you enjoy taking dabs and/or fancy yourself a connoisseur a cannabis the the concentrate “The Pure” from 710, offered by Rocky Road for a mere $40 plus tax, is something you HAVE to try at least once. My batch had a potency of 95.8% THC in it. Taking a dab 1/4 of the size I normally would put me onto Cloud 9 for about an hour, with a lingering body high of 4 hours or more. The high overall was a body high, remaining clear headed throughout; but the body has was heavy, couch-locking, and narcotic almost (missing the head high.) This is a product I will get again and again and again! Buy some and see for yourself how amazing it is!

  41. jaydwinn

    Rocky road has become my go to place. The prices are average but the staff and product, as well as selection and clean well laid out store it makes rocky road the best. I have never been steered wrong and every staff member is beyond great. Also, tho I only see it in pre rolls, the black eyed Katy sold here is one of my favorite strains. I bring all my out of town friends here. They never disappoint. Keep up the amazing job.

  42. devincanfield4

    This was the first stop for my girlfriend and I, they had a lot of potent selections and they were very kind and knowledgable

  43. Wfltjm1

    This is perfect and love that a new store is pending in Thornton. Love love love this place!!

  44. frickindarn

    I came in to this location because I live in SE aurora and love shopping around.
    I used to shop here all the time and get helped out by a good dude named Luis; apparently he’s gone.

    But! the staff is still SUPER friendaly and the selection on concentrates is FANTASTIC!

    A little small for an open store but there’s still enough room to not bump elbows with other people. This place is always a great spot.

  45. deathblow

    They have a ton of wax to choose from! The staff was so nice to me and happy to answer any questions. Prices were okay but the product is fan-freaking-tastic.

  46. Spaded303

    Bud was not bad at all. Prices are good. Chill, clean environment. Conveniently on the same plaza as Mixdup pipe shop. Def be back for the prices.

  47. christattersfield

    Definitely gonna commit to this dispensary from here on our. Super friendly staff that knows their stuff. I purchased some Mob Boss and Roughneck…..BOOM! Both are delicious and super affective. Thank you Rocky Road. Keep on growing the good stuff.

  48. Hxhjxndidxj

    Alex is the bestdY~–dY~–dY~–

  49. yogilyfe

    Great place! Staff was super friendly and helpful. Coming back for sure!

  50. hotmessof2

    Awesome atmosphere and love the friendly budtenders. Definitely coming back .

  51. vintagegirl7463

    Prompt friendly service with good display system. Wide array of edibles.

  52. Giovanni1210

    This place is EPIC. Christian helped me both times I was in the store and he was incredibly helpful. He helped me whenever I had a question about any of the products and hooked me up with two different types of excellent wax. Not only was I extremely pleased with the product but his description of the quality was spot on. The staff was very knowledgeable.This place was my first and last stop. I highly recommend it to veteran smokers and new comers alike. Also as I was leaving everyone wished me a great day which to me is awesome. nothing but great vibes, great products and amazing customer service. Thank you Christian and the rest of the staff. I will definitely be back.

  53. MikeUnser

    I visited on a Sunday – the day of the half-off promotion. I printed out the page from your website which says, “Spend $30 and get a $10 joint for $5. Sunday through Wednesday” (I think) Words to that effect. I was there on a Sunday and again on Monday. The offer isn’t up on your website any longer.

    I spent $65 and both the clerk and the manager told me that they would NOT honor that deal. If $5 meant that much to me, I wouldn’t be spending it on weed. It was the fact that you Aurora store refused to honor your website’s offer. On both a Sunday and again on Monday.

    You appear to have removed that offer. But it was on your website at the time. And it was on two different days specified as valid within your offer. No restrictions other than the days were given. Just “spend $30”. I spent $65 and change.

  54. Chefsull

    So I went there with a deal from Leafly saying 5 prerolls for $35 got there told the bud tender she said it’s a great deal. Then when we checked out she charged me $57 and said taxes will get you. When I leave I get in the car a look at the receipt and she charged me one j for $7 and the other 4 jays for &10 each the tax was only $10 which I can live with. This place is a rip off.

  55. bassmanseidell

    Clean and professional. Fast service.

  56. Tricomb.troll

    Loved this shop! the only place I found pre rolled joints! they had decent a variety of bud and concentrates! Great service and atmosphere!

  57. Mini6464

    Great staff

  58. Blakevinnie

    My favorite place to shop! Tamara is the best! The only place to go!

  59. MavisGary

    CJ and the staff were very friendly and helpful! The atmosphere is neat and upscale. The location is great too. I will definitely be back. The “Sweet Tooth” pre-rolled rocked!!

  60. bswaks

    great shop with great crew!

  61. Yomomma2019

    They are awesome, in price and the staff always willing to help.

  62. 3r1cka16

    For me being a first time customer I have to say they are an Awesome Awesome store. Price was good and quality was there. Not disappointed at all! dY’

  63. ssheppard

    Small chill shop, great friendly staff

  64. c_lawlz

    This is by far the coziest of any dispensary I’ve been to. Just has a really nice feel on the inside.

  65. Forbin

    Fresh off the plane, stopped in, and Eric showed me the ropes. Couldn’t have asked for a better first experience. He was so helpful and personable it really made me feel welcome.

  66. Sunshine22

    Really great prices and coupons! The selection was also very good. The only complaint we have is the staff–we felt like we were an inconvenience to them…neither of the girls behind the counter smiled once the entire time we were there. How could you not be happy and love your job if you’re working in a fabulous store like this?!? We’ll definitely return though…with hopes of some friendlier folks next time.

  67. jcan77777


  68. gneextracts

    the bud was nice, smelled great and looked good. now the problem is their shatter is greenish brown doesn’t smell very good. if you’re gonna buy something from this place make sure it’s only edibles it seems to be the only sure thing in quality.

  69. Ienjoymarijuana

    Very nice place, and the location is awesome, so many things in that plaza to do and see. Staff was friendly, product was good, prices are fair, going to come back again.

  70. Moxiecat

    I had been getting the same strain at a few different dispensaries for several months and discovered that Rocky Road was closer to my house. That’s a plus, but I was even more impressed that the quality of the flowers I purchased was so much greater than anywhere else I’d been in Denver. Much higher density and overall just a better product. The atmosphere was warm, inviting and the staff was helpful, friendly and I was greeted promptly. This is where I will be going from now on for my monthly purchase!

  71. BrettKBG

    Everything about my experience was good expect for the $30 1/8th of Sour Maui I picked up is realllly dry. Like another person said as dry as it possibly could be. Kind of like cereal…

  72. Imperivm

    I’ve never been lead astray at Rocky Road. They have consistently high quality shatter at a great price. The 3G/$99 is a sick deal. Also wanted to give shouts to Patty & Mary for holding it down and giving a quality, knowledgeable dispensary experience.

  73. boscocat

    I’ve been a customer since the first week of opening. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. The store is very clean, has a comfortable contemporary style and good parking.

    The next door neighbor every device and supplies for enjoyment with your purchase at Rocky Road.

  74. Wiseguy80

    Rocky Road Remedies is my first stop every time I go to Colorado. I love all of the strains and the bud renders are always nice and very helpful. The prices are awesome and I’m a customer for life. Thanks Rocky Road Remedies for everything. Definitely recommend coming here.dY~S

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