The Green Joint Glenwood Springs

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1030 Grand Avenue, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


39.542963, -107.324507




9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


9:00 AM – 6:55 PM


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Welcome to the Green Joint- Glenwood Springs, a family owned-operated recreational shop that serves high quality, locally grown, hand-crafted cannabis in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley. We love our locals and are proud to have been voted Local’s Favorite Dispensary, 5 years in a row! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide excellent customer service in a warm and welcoming environment.

All four of our dispensaries share the same essence of rustic decor and friendly vibes, so you will always feel at home. We are a popular stop for visiting tourists who come to enjoy all the amenities and natural beauty that Glenwood Springs has to offer. Our dispensary is located in a beautifully renovated historic building just a short distance from all the downtown restaurants, shopping, and hot springs.

We have daily specials and an awesome customer loyalty program that allows you to earn store credit towards your purchases or discounts on cannabis and merchandise.

With an ATM and debit card terminals on-site, The Green Joint- Glenwood Springs is located at 1030 Grand Avenue Glenwood Springs, CO. Just look for the big green house at the corner of 11th and Grand just a few blocks from downtown. For any questions, please call 970.384.1234.

Servicing Areas: Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt, Aspen, Vail Valley, New Castle, Silt, Rifle, and Grand Junction.

Whether you’re a seasoned local or visiting Colorado for the first time, our Budtenders will take the time that you need to ensure your experience is all you’ve hoped for. We look forward to seeing you soon!

For live menus and online ordering – check out or website!

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59 reviews for “The Green Joint Glenwood Springs

  1. Sarahbeeze

    What a selection! Budtenders very knowledgeable and nice. Great deals. Will be back for sure.

  2. Mliberto

    Thanks Green joint for such great service and great prices. The second day we stopped in Nick helped us. Giving him 10 stars just like we gave Chelsea. But I have to say all the staff ( don’t know everyone’s name) get very high ratings in customer service.

  3. TomahawkTara

    I have had such an amazing experience here and all I did was sit in the lobby. This is the only store I will go to.

  4. underdog1913

    these guys were awesome super friendly and answered all my ? s better than imagined. Great place go check it out

  5. cernal.jillo

    Overall favorite shop in the roaring fork valley. Even given they are pro-rec, there medicine is the best by far as quality and quantity. You don’t find many shops who still hand trim to insure your getting your money’s worth for your medicinal needs. People to talk to about beneficial qualities of medicinal marihuana or even recreational would be ; Brian, Jason, and Ericka. These guys care about giving you the right strains suitable for your needs. Keep up the good work guys. Dillon Abrams

  6. CynthiaLynneD

    Nick and Kaitlyn are awesome!!

  7. Terplover420

    This place is the BEST quality in the valley, Everyone who helped me ( Chelsea, Kaitlyn, Danielle and Melissa) at the front were so understanding and knowledgeable.
    They understood my questions and lead me to some really great strains… (Headband! )
    I aso met a guy from another dispensary in town who was shopping there because he said they had the best deals and Bud in the valley!
    For anybody looking for a knowledgeable staff who also provides quality product I recommend Glenwood green joint Above All Else!
    Thanks ladies!

  8. 004bees

    great deal good smoke and
    awesome service

  9. dnelly17

    love this place! atm!atm!

  10. bluescholar1

    ok taylor is a straight savage. before i went in, i was all like “bruh i don’t know what i’m doing, i don’t know what i want, i don’t know what’s good”.

    by the time i left, i was like. bruh. now i know. thank you.

    taylor has probably single handedly cured my depression. bless you.

  11. Sarobey

    During my vacation in Colorado, I made it my priority to visit the Green Joint. This is the second year in a row that i have stoped in and will keep visiting every year if i can. Thanks Nick for being one of the best Budtenders in Colorado. Thanks again and lors of love from Florida.

  12. Rb958218

    Sergio helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for. He was extremely informative, patient, and friendly. The passion he has for his profession was very apparent. I have been to this store several times and everyone is always awesome, Sergio just stood out this particular time. We are visiting from KC in search of a holistic approach to battle cancer for my mother. The selection was phenomenal!

  13. Hsmith1095

    Lily and Nick were super accommodating and helpful! Will come back when we visit.

  14. caniff75

    Great flower and large variety of items at this location, I have never not been haapy shopping here. Great atmosphere and friendly staff, Tom, Danelle, Melissa, Kaitlyn to name a few, sorry if i mispelled any. The growers know what they are doing here for sure!

  15. mdhaem

    Always great, Nick and Sergio made my last visit better than ever. Keep on doin what y’all are doing, and thank you!

  16. Beanie801

    Friendly, knowledgeable, Nick was the best! Product on sale too! Reccomend this joint.

  17. outdooress

    I was doing some marketing research throughout Colorado and stopped in. My budtender, Nick, was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions, which was very gracious of him. As a reflection of the friendly atmosphere, some other clients also gave me their input on their favorite items and why. The BEST part, however, is it is a dog-friendly establishment and my well-behaved pup got a nice break from the car and lots of attention. Highly recommend.

  18. ElectricOutlaws

    Great, welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, the Budtender Shaun was knowledgeable and very helpful. I didn’t feel rushed which has been an issue at other dispensaries. Big, fresh buds, I wish I’d bought more when I was there. 5 Stars

  19. Ptward92

    First time buying at a dispensary, the staff was awesome. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. Will shop there again.

  20. JessTrini

    The Green Joint was just what we imagined and more!
    The atmosphere was perfect and the staff were super friendly and funny! Nick was awesome and very knowledgable and helped us choose some bess sativa strains to spice up our trip! It was the perfect way to start our trip, thanks Nick and Chelsea for welcoming us into Colorado the right way 😀

  21. Herbsnspices420

    Really good wax and dank weed! Affordable too!!

  22. Kylewage1

    Great service and polite and very helpful staff.

  23. ygelski24

    Great shop. Shop here all the time. Lilly let me know that shake is offered, but make sure to call ahead to see if in stock! Cards are available now too!

  24. EKeyser

    This was my first time a dispensary and I must say, it was phenomenal! Nick was so knowledgeable, and just an overall nice guy! Simply put, he’s the man! Everything was very professional and organized, and everyone was so welcoming! I left feeling really good about the whole experience. A great model for dispensaries elsewhere – Canada should learn from them 😉

  25. Plah

    Awesome place! Danelle and Kaitlyn were super helpful and nice, I’m definitely going back next time I’m in town.

  26. PMA-Allday

    Clean, comfortable and inviting. The staff was very knowledgable and friendly. They carry some of the best quality strains around. My go to joint!

  27. jbq

    Awesome people and awesome edibles!

  28. Fores

    The bud quality and prices are the best in the valley for sure

  29. GiGi324

    My favorite dispensary!!! The GJ staff is uh-mazing!

  30. Doinksguy

    Arrived in Glenwood Springs 2/21 for a ski vacation, and stopped at The Green Joint to pick up some flower. The place was clean and the girl who greeted me when I walked in was very nice. Upstairs, Chelsea and Kaitlyn were just as nice, and they even gave me some great food recommendations for my time in town. Good strain selection for both sativa and indica as well. I will be coming back here before I leave Glenwood Springs 🙂

  31. beingmefree

    Love the location in the mountains. Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. What was even better, tho, was later, I found out the weed was superior, especially compared to where I come from!

  32. Jetsetgo

    Convenient and easy to find

  33. jamupbullrider

    Went in this shop early last week and still have some of the 1 gram of concentrate I bought from them.. it’s dank. They had some good deals and a good selection. The customer
    service representative could have been a little more friendly. All in all a good experience. 4 out of 5 stars from this guy.

  34. Baconconnoisseur

    Lilly was THE TITS! We like to stock up/see the new products since we are from out of town, and she was more than helpful and super knowledgeable about their offerings. She even helped us decide between cartridge options( we were incredibly indecisive) and helped us get the o.pen app to get discounts. Didn’t know Glenwood had more than medical dispensaries just off the freeway. But due to the customer service and the time and attention we received (even as people were lining up behind us) this is the only dispensary we will patron in the area! 10/10 would do again. Thanks fam!

  35. mrocha7824

    First off.. Hats of to the Owners!! I have been a patient for 2 years now and I have had nothing but amazing medicine,hand trimmed to perfection. I love all the staff very helpful and not such a intimidation on selecting the best for you. The Green Joint has my Heart and Devotion.

  36. Troydunior34

    The green joint is the best Dispensary in The Valley!!
    Kyt helped me get some of the best flower and concentrates I have ever had!! He informed me about Munchie monday and all the great weekly specials!

  37. Mikem4206

    I have been going to this store every week for a long time. What sets this store apart from other stores I have been in is the atmosphere. All employees especally Nick are quick to make suggestions on product and get you where you need to be. They also have an outstanding customer service rate. Thanks nick for another great buzz

  38. ForceKS620

    Nick looked to be training a new lady, Lilly. They were doing great! Nicks always been a cool cat, super knowledgeable, and sometimes get me out the store with more than what I came for. If Lily takes notes she do awesome lol!…dY~–dY”Y=dY'”aoeOEdY1/2dYsEURdYOEOE

  39. bork1420

    kyt was my budtender. very knowledgeable extremely helpful!! found just what i was looking for

  40. Peakbagginprincess

    I’ve lived here for awhile and Green Joint is my go to place. Nick always has the best suggestions and always has a reliable strand that he can recommend. As a local, this is my go to place.

  41. xtoexkneex

    The place is beautiful!! Super friendly staff!! Great selection, was hard to choose!They were a lot of help to us newbies from out of state lol.

  42. Cavelli

    Absolutely awesome place and even better people! Great to talk to, very helpful, and overall just fun! Kaitlyn was very patient with me and knowledgeable about the different strains and how they taste and feel. Would go here every time.

  43. bleddy

    First time in CO visiting the dispensaries. Very comfortable atmosphere. Maybe it helps it was a house? Cool employees, willing to talk about experiences, strains, etc. Best blue dream I’ve had to this day. This places is highly recommended.

  44. Glassmistyss

    Love The Green Joint!!!! It’s the best place in town!!!

  45. MBlackwood420

    Chelsea kyt and Nick were very nice and knowledgeable. Great store

  46. carlpoth

    Lilly was my bud tender and she kicked so much booty. Helped me get the best deal possible with a friendly inviting attitude. Very knowledgeable and willing to show me familiar and new brands. Her personality alone above all else would make me return to this shop in the future. Thanks Lilly!

  47. tn889421

    Best products, best staff, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Hella choices too. 5 Stars BOOM

  48. Viking73

    In from Indiana was my first visit!! Kyt was very thorough patient and knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine a better experience!!! Everybody should come here at least once!!!

  49. mjfarmer14

    This location is clean, has a very relaxed feel, and when I went there I felt I had the same experience as if I was going to my favorite butcher. Nick(longer dark hair, says he’s from SoCal) was my budtender, and it is evident that he appreciates his customers and knows how to set them up with what they’re looking for. He articulated the product well, was a great guy to talk to in general. The prices and quality were fantastic. I was lucky enough to get cut an even better deal than I normally would have, being from out of state, thanks to Nick. Nick you’re the man, thank you! To management, Nick is your guy, he’s doing your business good.

  50. Dkehoe11

    Excellent service, high quality products and reasonable prices. Thanks Nick!

  51. rhuba1

    Great little shop with a big selection and great prices

  52. Makecents24

    If you’re a local, or especially someone passing through that’s new to cannabis this is the place to go. The staff is knowledgeable about all things cannabis and are eager to educate you on the subject with confidence and clarity. The bud is fresh and hand trimmed, and there is a wide variety of products to choose from. So, when you’re rolling through Glenwood Springs you know where to stop.

  53. Carlwinters

    friendly staff, very knowledgeable about there products, great visit

  54. ElDouchino

    great place, the staff is awesome, Chelsea really took some times to explain me the differences between the buds, really good experience, special thanks to Chelsea

  55. stateofsunshine

    Green Joint in Glenwood has always been my favorite dispensary since I moved to the valley. Most welcoming staff around and great product. Lots of natural light and a really nice, warm energy. I’ve been meaning to leave a review, because this place really deserves it!! (the other locations are great as well, I just frequent this one often)

    Last time I was in, Kyt was super helpful and welcoming. I always ask budtenders specific questions because I don’t like some strains and products due to anxiety and he pointed me in the right direction and gave me some good insight. Figured it was worth a review since I use the app a lot.

    Thanks GJ!

  56. SensiChef

    killer staff best donations in town good buds and all around good vibes Much Love

  57. coughycupz

    Best shop in Glenwood springs! I would notgo anywhere else. Its also the only shop the uses real bud for the pre-rolls! Every other shop in town uses trkmNd it tastes like lawn grass. Do yourself a favor, Dont go anywhere else, It’s your 1stop shop.

  58. JeffD69

    My official review: the Green Joint is a pleasant, comfortable, knowledgeable, well-valued library of lucidation.

    My unofficial review: Nick is the Prognosticator of Pot…. the Wizard of Weed … the Sultan of Schwag … Nuff Said.

  59. pambenthall

    The staff are a great group of people. They know their strains.

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